Nicole Richie’s new flapper hair: cute or hopefully it’s a wig?

Stella McCartney Collection Event
These are some photos from the Stella McCartney Autumn 2016 Presentation, which took place in LA. I guess this is a new thing for designers, to have their shows in LA instead of NY and/or Paris. Stella got a very good turnout and Kaiser will have some more photos for you shortly. We can assume everyone is wearing Stella, because I haven’t found otherwise and the dresses are sufficiently bad and poorly tailored. Stella describes this latest collection as “celebrating the rejuvenation of a woman’s wardrobe,” with “pieces that go from day to evening… Lots of prints, lots of cats, lots of leopard.” You can definitely see what she’s talking about on some of the attendees.

First off is Nicole Richie with a blunt cut bob with bangs. This is how Nicole’s hair looked the last time we covered her. This is probably her real hair but if that’s the case I feel bad for her. She’s got those piecey bangs and it just looks goofy, like a toddler took their scissors to a doll’s hair. Still, it will grow out. She’s wearing that muppet coat too but at least you can immediately tell that it’s not real fur. This cut ages her a lot but I think it’s mostly her copper makeup and lack of lipstick.

Stella McCartney Collection Event

Pamela Anderson is also suffering from bad hair and hers looks particularly fried. At least her makeup is a little toned down. (She’s making that horsey face but I’ve seen her in much worse makeup.) Imagine how much better she would look with decent eyebrows. Anderson was there with her son, Brandon Lee Thomas, who is 18. He’s so tall! I like how he’s wearing a cowboy hat on the red carpet.

Stella McCartney Autumn 2016 Presentation

Demi Lovato was in a short basic black dress with three buttons down the front paired with a black jacket. This entire look is underwhelming, but again that’s Stella. Her eye makeup is so heavy that it makes her look squinty.

Stella McCartney Autumn 2016 Presentation

Stella McCartney Collection Event

I would like this dress on Lake Bell if it was just that cool contemporary top half paired with a black skirt or other solid color skirt. As a short shift dress, this doesn’t work. I like her makeup but her extensions are just too long. Also, look at her chunky shoes.

Stella McCartney Autumn 2016 Presentation

Stella McCartney Autumn 2016 Presentation

Joanne Froggatt was in a perfectly ok white long sleeve dress with a flare skirt that would have looked decent with pumps. Instead she paired it with too long black boots, giving her a kind of 60s vibe which doesn’t work. That’s her husband of three years, James Cannon. He’s a cutie!

Stella McCartney Collection Event

Melanie Griffith was rocking an 80s black power suit with a leopard wide collar shirt underneath. If anyone can wear this suit, it’s Melanie Griffith. She’s wearing loafers! Did Stella dictate footwear or put the word out to wear really fug shoes?

Stella McCartney Collection Event

Stella McCartney Collection Event

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45 Responses to “Nicole Richie’s new flapper hair: cute or hopefully it’s a wig?”

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  1. Sayrah says:

    It’s ok. Very Daisy Buchanan.

  2. QQ says:

    LOVE it, she is so petite and delicate in her features!!! Love Love love it

    and Demi’s Earrings and only that, the rest of the fashions in this post need a burning trash fire STAT

    • WTW says:

      I love Demi’s earrings, too. I like Nicole, but the cut and the thinness appear to be aging her.

      • ISO says:

        Aging was my first thought. Hello, her hair is thinning -and- grey. Her stylist hates her.

      • Wentworth Miller says:

        I don’t like it. Because she’s so tiny, the short blunt cut just makes he look old.

      • BRE says:

        I’ve thought her hair was thinning for the longest time. It seems that all the coloring and flatting she does to it (who knows what else) is taking it’s toll. As I’m nearing 40 I’ve notice my hair just can’t take the abuse it use to.

  3. suzanne says:

    WOW, that is a wholllleee lot of bad…Nicole Richie looks like she’s pushing 50. She and Pam are really working the “unhealthy living” look.

    • LadyMTL says:

      It really does age her, doesn’t it? And I say this as a woman who’s 70 year old mother has basically that same hairstyle (just in a different color)…lol.

      • Pamela says:

        It really does age her…but I think it is a combo of that color / that cut/ that low weight. I think a change in color would warm her up and she’d look lovely.

    • manda says:

      Was just gonna say, “getting a little too old to be that skinny there, nicole…” And I don’t think she’s that old, is she?

    • Sarah(too) says:

      No kidding! I didn’t recognize her from the thumbnail on the home page. Goodness! She is giving Lilo a run for her money.

    • swak says:

      Don’t think Nicole’s is a wig as if it is, it’s an thin wig. Looks like her real hair. Don’t like the cut and thought it aged her also.

    • clarencebeeks says:

      Terrible! I agree, it makes her look old. She has had some great hairstyles – this is awful.

  4. Tifygodess24 says:

    A little moroccan oil would do wonders for Pams ends! And yeah…yeah….she could stop bleaching it, but if it’s what she likes and what she’s comfortable with, she can just work with what she has. Trust me the oil does wonders.

    As for Nicole , gurl please tell me that’s a wig. Its not cute in any capacity. It reminds me of an updated cut one of the three stooges would be wearing.

    • Kitten says:

      When my hair was blonde, no amount of oil could bring it back to life. Now that it’s a chocolate color, I do hot coconut and castor oil treatments periodically and it HAS done wonders for my hair.

      If she has grey hair, I understand why she goes blonde because it’s lower-maintenance than dark colors. But as someone who has had my hair every color imaginable, I can say that my hair is unequivically happiest at its natural color.

      • Tifygodess24 says:

        Oh yes coconut oil is amazing, that’s another one that can bring life back to problem hair. Plus the shine is awesome. I have heard that coconut oil is amazing in general but I’ve never used it for cooking or anything. I’m naturally blonde but I like to go way lighter than my natural color (plus I’ve been greying since 19 boo!) and the only thing that seemed to help my hair was the oil. I slather it at night- on just the ends, and wash it out in the morning and voila! I also add a little in after I’m done styling my hair and it adds a nice shine. Of course it doesn’t work for everyone but it’s always worth a try especially on crispy ends! 😊😉

      • WTW says:

        Hot coconut oil treatments do work wonders. I’m a black girl, so at first I was going to say that my hair can’t compare to most people’s on this forum, but Nicole is actually part-black and has naturally curly hair. She should probably stop coloring her hair and go darker and embrace her natural hair texture when she’s not working. The key to healthy “ethnic” hair seems to be a low maintenance routine–avoiding heat, washing it too much and chemical processes.

    • kri says:

      Argan oil is proof that god exists.Just sayin.

  5. oliphant says:

    good god nicole looks like a little old lady

  6. Karen says:

    It’s definitely a wig. But she looks like a 85 year old NYC socialite with that color hair/makeup.

  7. Eleonor says:

    I think Nicole could look better if she changed makeup and colour of the hair.
    I like Pamela dress.

  8. clooki says:

    NR looks like my best friend’s divorced grandma who goes to zumba every day.

  9. Lucy2 says:

    I think it REALLY ages her. If I didn’t know better I’d look at the first photo and think she was a well preserved 60+.

  10. San says:

    Pamela and Joanne are great examples of how NOT to do Strip Lashes.

  11. Crumpet says:

    Wow, except for Demi, that was the night of bad hair.

    • Elle says:

      And that doesn’t look like Pamela’s son Brandon. I once saw a photo of them and thought he looked a lot like Pamela.

  12. Pamela says:

    Lake Bell looks like she’s playing “Sally” in a live action version of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Patchwork dress, long red hair and lithe figure.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      All I see when I look at her is Amanda Peet.

    • Yup, Me says:

      I was thinking that in that first picture she looks like she just got zombified, is now craving brains, and can smell that the person behind the camera has them.

  13. StormsMama says:

    Lake Bell looks good. I like her.
    (Did she recently have a baby?
    Did anyone see her directorial debut about voiceover artists?)
    Pamela looks amazing like if I ran into her in my town, MA., but for LA she looks pretty fried. Her hair needed a lot of help. The styling, the color, maybe the cut. And brows need a fix up as someone mentioned above. Still, she really has a gorgeous face.
    I think Demi L and Melanie G both look age appropriate for their respective ages and gorgeous at that!

    • Yup, Me says:

      Lake Bell- In a World (I can’t even think about the title without hearing her voice saying it). I liked it. Not feeling the beetle-browed look, though.

    • lucy2 says:

      I think Lake did have a baby not too long ago. And I did see In A World – she not only directed it, but wrote it and starred in it as well. I thought it was a good little movie.
      I heard an interview with her a little while ago and she was in talks to direct something else, hope it pans out.

  14. Darlene says:

    Pam is wearing a lace front wig. You can see it in the closeup. Why wear a wig if it’s going to make your hair look fried like that?

  15. Marianne says:

    I think it makes Nicole look even older.

  16. JenniferJustice says:

    Do we really think she had her hair thinned or has her hair fallen out due to health issues? I’m veering toward the latter.

    The blinds are saying she and her husband have been having troubles, Diaz and her husband are having troubles, and Drew Berrymoore is about to announce her split from her husband. It was a triple blind. I feel bad for all of them, but dang it! Why do they marry somebody they hardly know so quickly and just start having babies as fast as they can? I worry most about Nicole. I have a soft spot for her. She’s just so damn real!

  17. Velvet Elvis says:

    Pam looks super strange here. She’s has had something done to her mouth…reminds me of Britney’s weird new look.

  18. LAK says:

    I think the decision to show in LA during awards season is because of award season…..

  19. Keriann says:

    Brandon is 18? His facial skin looks like a man in his 30’s or 40’s…lines around the eyes and down into his cheeks. Growing up on the beach in Malibu really had an effect, I’m assuming.

  20. lile says:

    Not flattering…at least not in that pic. Love Nicole, tho.

  21. Sara says:

    Sorry, the hair makes her look like she is 70.

  22. Anare says:

    More fug clothing by SM on this post. Ugh. I can’t say one nice thing. It’s all hideous. As an aside, when my daughter was about 4 yrs old she cut her own hair right before preschool picture day. She ended up with a short bob just like Nicole Ritchie. We still laugh about that hair cut but it had to be done to cover up the self chop job. Maybe Nicole Ritchie got gum in her hair or some other catastrophe that explains that hair style. No disrespect to flappers in the 1920’s.

  23. JB says:

    I think it’s cute. My grandmother is rocking the flapper cut, and I find it absolutely adorable.

  24. raincoaster says:

    That IS real fur, though: it’s Mongolian lamb unless I need bifocals.

  25. bored_01 says:

    I think Nicole has very thin hair, especially since having children. I have the same problem. Horrible at the front and temples. Hard to find a flattering hair do.