Jamie Foxx apologizes for rant on Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus
Jamie Foxx went on a shocking and unprovoked rant on Miley Cyrus on his Sirius radio show over the weekend. Along with his co-hosts, he ripped on Miley for getting offended after Radiohead refused to meet her at the Grammys. In a clip of the show posted on YouTube, you hear a female DJ telling Miley to “go make a sex tape” and Foxx agrees saying “go make a sex tape,” the female DJ adding “with your daddy.” Foxx then takes it farther “Do like Lindsay Lohan and start being a lesbian… put some crack in your pipe. Catch chlamydia on a bicycle seat.” He want on to suggest that Cyrus try heroin.

Foxx has publicly apologized to Miley for his obnoxious comments. On the Tonight Show last night he initially gave the lame excuse that he’s a comedian, but then told Miley he did apologize to her directly and said he would call her:

The Oscar-winning actor appeared on Tuesday night’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno to admit that maybe… just maybe… he might have been a bit too harsh on the 16-year-old Hannah Montana star.

“I am a comedian, and you guys know that whatever I say, I don’t mean any of it,” he tried to explain to Jay. “And sometimes, as comedians, as we do, we go a little bit too far… There was a situation with Miley Cyrus, and I just want to say, I apologize for what I said. I didn’t mean it maliciously.”

As if that weren’t enough, the actor looked directly into the camera to beg for mercy from the teen superstar. “Miley, I apologize, so I’ll call you,” he said. “I got a daughter too, so I completely understand.”

Of course, the real test will come next weekend, when Jamie’s new film The Soloist, co-starring Robert Downey, Jr., hits theaters and goes up against the current box-office champ, Miley’s Hannah Montana flick.

[From OK! Magazine]

E! Online’s Marc Malkin reported yesterday that Miley and her dad were disappointed by Foxx’s comments, particularly since they’ve met him and are fans. Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus are said to have made the decision not to talk about the controversy in an attempt to let it die down. Now Miley looks like the wronged party for once instead of just a teenage girl making careless comments and offending people. Foxx and his radio buddies should have known better than to say such incredibly rude things about a 16 year old girl, but at least he apologized. A little more contrition would have been appreciated like “I was entirely in the wrong,” instead of just “I didn’t mean it that way.”

I’m really looking forward to seeing The Soloist as it looks like an incredible film. This controversy should blow over by then, and hopefully Foxx’s stupid comments haven’t affected people’s willingness to see his film.

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  1. lilred says:

    See, here’s the thing comedian or not most things people say when they are “joking” are what they really feel.

  2. vicsmith says:

    Miley may be obnoxious but she is still a child and this is inexcusable behavior from a grown man. I hope his movie tanks. More and more people just say what the hell they want and then apologize. Someone also called her a white bitch. Where’s Reverend Sharpton?

  3. Jazz says:

    I hope it doesn’t affect people’s willingness to see The Soloist either, as I love Robert Downey Jr and want to see the film do well.

  4. geronimo says:

    I’m definitely going to see The Soloist – love the look of the trailers and Robert D-J is in it, that’s enough reason for me.

    But Foxx is still a major asshole. Wonder if it’s hit home with him how pathetic and sad he is to be 41yrs old and forced to apologise publicly to a 16yr old girl?

  5. Tia says:

    I have lost all respect for him.. what a FN AHOLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! How about he loses how ugly he is, and get some braces with his old ugly ass.. give me a break.

  6. waaaahh says:

    its pretty sad that he was picking on her but she IS such a brat.

  7. Marie says:

    I agree w/ Vicsmith… Miley may be a spoiled brat but what Foxx said we could expect from a 15 year old, not from a grown man!! Its just shows how ridiculous someone with little fame can be. He´s a great actor (just loved RAY) but his personal acts are just terrible!

  8. guest says:

    despite my love for RDJ and my dislike of that hick Miley, i REFUSE to see anything with Jamie Foxxtard in it. she’s a KID and he’s an ass.

  9. Leah says:

    What a pathetic apology. That wasn’t an apology. Pretty sad when a grown adult has to get attention by abusing a teenage girl. How would he like it if someone did the same to his daughter, and then claimed it was just a joke??!! Bet he’d have Al and Jesse on the airwaves defending his little girl then. He’d better watch out, that good ol’ country boy just may teach him a lesson.

  10. Dan says:

    Most of you are big women babies

  11. daisy424 says:

    Agree with Vicsmith. Using the excuse that he is a comedian, is lame. Injecting race in to the attack is offensive. I see a double standard here.
    But he has the first amendment behind him.

  12. Enonymous says:

    What a fine message to sent to young men about the humor in disrespecting young girls. First we had the whole Rhianna vs Chris Brown fiasco, were hardly anyone defended the victim, yet more people in Hollywood (especially the men) were more then willing to support Christ B (they just did not because the were afraid of the public backlash) giving young girls and boys the impression that violence is no big deal in a relationship or otherwise and now we have grown ass men who wish grotesque things to a 16 year old young girl while call her derogatory names in public and no one real pats a eyelid.

    Jamie Foxx should choke on his own spit, the loudmouth fool.

  13. Blondie says:

    People on these blogs kill me. They’re so wishy washy. Not two weeks ago, there were people on here blogging about how they HATED Miley and Billie Ray Cyrus. She has been called white trash and all kinds of other offensive names…NOW, these same people are up in arms about Jamie Foxx talking badly about her. The only difference is that Jamie said it in a more public way. Were the comments extremely offensive? Yes Were they immature? YES Were Jamie and his crew wrong? ABSOLUTELY But, my dear fellow bloggers, please don’t be the pot calling the kettle.

  14. Blondie says:

    Just to reiterate…I’m not saying that Jamie Foxx wasn’t wrong. I agree that he behaved like a pompous immature A-hole! But it’s like people just have to have someone to hate. They are transferring all the negative energy they had for Miley to Jamie. And what the HELL do Chris Brown and Rihanna have to do with this? Where did THAT comparison come from.

    BTW, The Soloist definitely won’t tank because too many people love (the sober-for-now)Robert Downey Jr.

  15. CosVis says:

    Totally agree with Blondie. The hypocrisy is astounding.

  16. Alaina says:

    I’m not a big fan of Miley but it has nothing to do with that. No one should say those things about someone…yet alone a teenage girl. Jamie is a classless punk. And his apology was more of a justification and public relations move. I just didn’t buy it. His excuse is that he’s a comedian? So what? Freedom of speech and comedic license doesn’t give you the right to say something without consequences. People are outraged and they should be. His words were vile and disgusting. No one should be treated that way. And he wasn’t trying to be malicious? What…his comments were supposed to be complimentary? What a fool. I feel bad for Robert Downey Jr. but I hope people don’t go to his movie. Foxx doesn’t deserve it.

  17. Blondie says:

    Boycott the movie…see if he cares. He’s already gotten paid! People, how bout we find a REAL cause to be passionate about. Finding a cure for Cancer, fighting for animal rights, hell- boycott Octomom’s reality show (jk) something….not the “I Hate Miley, but no one can talk bad about her” movement.

  18. J-Lin says:

    Most of you are assholes. Jamie has his Oscar and will be successful with out you. Miley is a hot tail heifer that that has taken things way too far. Jaimee and Claudia Jordan (or the female DJ as mentioned in the lame reporting) made fun of her backwater ass. That’s what radio talk show hosts do. If you don’t like it, keep it moving. Jaime didn’t say anything most folks haven’t thought. You know this tramp is working on a sex tape.

  19. Sauronsarmy says:

    Blondie: Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU. Its hilarious to me that the very same people that were saying the same, and worse things then Jamie are now “outraged”. Please.

  20. Texas Gal says:

    My thoughts exactly, Blondie. I dont think I’ve ever read anyone on this blog say anything close to what J.F said but on another Miley news day 90% is negative towards her. Suddenly we understand that she’s a 16 year old? The girl is a ‘brat’ no doubt but sometimes I read the comments & I just thnk, jeeezz just chill & let’s state the obvious, had he “entirely apologised” as you suggest, the complain would then be that he doesn’t really mean it.

  21. I Choose Me says:

    Jamie Foxx is talented, you can’t take that away from him but his words speaks volumes about his character. I don’t think he was joking, I think he’s just doing damage control cause he’s got a movie to promote.

  22. I Choose Me says:

    ^^ I get what you’re saying Blondie but not everyone who’s not a fan of Miley has slagged off on her.

  23. Tia says:

    He also shouldn’t say that about Lyndsey Lohan, what the hell does being a lesbian have to do with anything.. what a complete idiot to say that.. I mean he sounds so uneducated and ghetto. Yes, Miley is a wierdo, but Jamie sounds creepy and like a fool.

  24. hatsumomo says:

    does anyone honestly believe m.c. is really as innocent as she would like us to believe? Remember when Britney first came out she was what 16 or 17? and in her bio, she freely admits to sex and heavy drugs. The wide eyed innocence was just a marketing ploy for her young fans to keep buying her shit..

  25. L says:

    i totally agree, celebitchy, adimitting he was entirely wrong would have been more appreciated than saying he went too far and didn’t mean it.

  26. HashBrowns says:

    I really do not understand how most of you are soooo offended right now. Do you live in a world of sunshine and rainbows? Where no one jokes about race or stds or entitlement or general annoyingness?

    This is REAL LIFE. The “attack” (aka a series of jokes) was NOT “unprovoked”. If you actually listened to the tape you’d notice that a CALLER brought up Miley Cyrus. Someone called in to talk about Miley Cyrus and Radiohead. They didn’t just bring her up out of nowhere because they are jerks.

    Beside that, Jamie Foxx’s show is ridiculous in that way. He says “outrageous” things and nonsensical stuff and is a general prick on his show. He made fun of friggin Terrance Howard and how Howard talks and said some hilariously wrong things about him.

    Miley Cyrus, while 16, is definitely not a child. She’s been around entertainment industry people her entire life. There is a big difference between a 16 year old who lives in BumbleF*ck, Nowhere and Miley Cyrus. I’m sorry. By the way, 16 is not a little girl or a child.

    Comedians, in their own element, are often extremely vulgar and inappropriate. They like attention so they go that extra mile to get it. This was Jamie Foxx’s own show on Sirius radio that you, by the way, have to pay for, so it’s not like he said it on the Disney Channel or anything like that.

    And there is no need for him to apologize. He said what he meant, and you’d think that this group of commentors would appreciate honesty. He’s sorry that she may have taken what was very clearly a series of jokes seriously and didn’t mean any harm by them, which he most likely did not.

    So many people are so quick to get their pitchforks when someone says anything that isn’t a pleasantry.

    Not all people are nice. Not all people shop at Whole Foods and enjoy fine wines. Not all people like dinner parties and living near water and sushi and ugly sweater parties.

    Get over it and start living in the real world.

  27. Marie says:

    Actually was my first time writing here… I don´t like Miley or her father… and the way that she acts is the way that a 16 year old spoled brat acts…but you got to realize that what mr. Foxx did its something that you could see from a 16 “air-headed” year old..not from a grown man! I´m not defending Miley at all.. But I can´t say what Jamie Foxx did was good. Is just wrong to say waht he said to anybody. and the apology was lame!

  28. HashBrowns says:

    Sorry about the rant…I just get heated when people overreact to things that make no real sense.

    And if Jamie Foxx had said he was sorry, he would be lying and I find that more offensive than him being honest and saying that he was sorry she may have taken his comments the wrong way.

  29. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Meh, she’s a complete and utter twat and so is he. All you people who were crying and tearing at your hair cos she was being a f*cktard and racist are now up in arms cos someone said mean stuff about her? At least have the courage of your convictions.

  30. Annie says:

    Not all people shop at Whole Foods and enjoy fine wines.

    *puts down her fine wine from Whole Foods and walks away whistling nonchalantly*

  31. cherryblossom says:

    -_- I loathe this man. He’s not funny (not that I’ve ever heard at least) and he made me feel bad for Miley. That’s just…oh I’m pretty sure that gave me an ulcer.
    I think he should have said something like “Hey, I’m a shithead, this is my fault entirely.” And let it be that. Not this stupid “Oh, I made a funny but I didn’t mean it that way.” Guess what? I don’t give a fuck that you’re a “comic” you slimeball. How would you feel if someone said that about your daughter?

  32. Enonymous says:

    I don’t particularly care about Miley Cyrus specifically, what bothers me is the fact that some grown ass men verbally abuse/insults a 16 year old to a mass audience, especially when that same 16 year old has a large, very young fan base herself that (unfortunately) looks up to her. What he did was not just insulting to Miley but to her fans as well.

    And lets cut Miley Cyrus some slack, if some people can forgive the rude behavior of a 40 year old dumb ass like Jamie Foxx who should definitely known better and is also a father no less, then we can give a pass to some childish actions or comments of a overly hormonal teenagers still going through an awkward stage.

  33. CosVis says:

    Ok so it seems to upset the GROWN ASS people on this site who regularly slag of The Cyrus that another GROWN ASS man did the same thing as them. I’m sorry but I had no idea that everyone here was under the age of 17 and thus “allowed” to bitch about Miley, everyone else be damned. Geez. You would all make fantastic politicians.

    Jamie’s “joke” struck me as a poor attempt at satire/sarcasm. I highly doubt he really wanted her to do all those things.
    Some of the outrage is just amusing. Poor Miley and her fans who no doubt listen religiously to Foxx’s show and were so hurt and insulted they know not what to do. Oh please. It just bothered some of you that he did exactly what you do and made you feel guilty about it.

    And nice use of the photos, celebitchy. Miley looking all cute and innocent while Foxx looks like he’s about to eat his mic. Nicely done.

  34. Bah says:

    Miley is a kid.


    She is an annoying, no-talent kid who is shoved down my throat by the Disney marketing juggernaut. If she is out there, we have a right to comment on her.

    What he said about her face is completely true. What he said about her possible future–I wouldn’t be surprised. Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan anyone? Jamie Foxx rests his case.

  35. Enonymous says:

    CosVis, you make no sense, why are you criticizing other bloggers? You need to chill out and get off your high horse and then you might get your point across better. And for your information, as someone who has never really comment about Miley Cyrus before (because I never particularly cared about her), I, for one, am in no risk of contradicting myself by defending her now.

    Oh and as for her fans, they might not listen to Foxx’s show (I don’t think anyone does, I did not even know he had a show before all this), but they can read about his lovely comments in various other gossip websites.

    Jesus people, some of you need to put away your bitterness towards her, in the end of the day she is just a young girl.

  36. Ceenitall says:

    “And there is no need for him to apologize. He said what he meant” – Then why did Don Imus have to apologize for his comment? Do I see a double standard here? I really don’t care what was said or who said it, but if one is going to lose because of what he said then the other should get the same treatment. Or is it some how different?

  37. Francesca says:

    Let’s just say I really really don’t get Cyrus’s appeal, WHATSOEVER.

    Nonetheless, sadly, frighteningly, what he’s suggesting seems to be how young girls become famous anymore.

    I understand the radiohead snub. Miley is beyond tacky and overrated beyond all comprehension. However she seems nice and polite, too. And she has been so gracious until now in not getting offended.

  38. Lina says:

    I have a sister the same age as Miley and (even though he says he was only joking as a comedian & many people say that it was ONLY just a joke) if I heard a man his age say something vulgar and out of line to my teenage sister I would have turned around and punched him in his f***ing mouth.

  39. Miss C says:

    Miley’s a stupid teenager. Nothing more than that – sure, she takes slutty pictures, but that isn’t uncommon with girls her age. And how many teenagers do you know haven’t said things that are obnoxious/rude/disrespectful? I don’t know very many. I’d also like to comment that for people who are saying that we’ve all said worse things about her… Not true as I’ve always had the position that she is a stupid teenager who is doing things a lot of other girls her age are.

    Jamie Foxx shouldn’t have said those things about her as it makes him look horrible.

    I still wonder why people aren’t freaking out over the racist comment on that show of Miley being a “white bitch”? Racism is wrong, in ANY form, whether it be against whites, blacks, Asians, etc.

  40. CosVis says:

    Enonymous, it sounds like you’re the one taking this way too personally. If you feel my comments didn’t have anything to do with you then jog on. Simple. To say I make no sense is ridiculous. There are plenty of bloggers here (if that isn’t you, congratulations) that have criticised Miley and then blast Jamie for doing the same thing. How is that hard to understand? Why does it upset you so much that I’m pointing this out?
    When did anybody actually agree with what he said? I said it was a poor joke and don’t agree with it. But neither do I agree with people being hypocritical about it. Why are you allowed your opinion on it but everyone else is being high and mighty? Perhaps you should take your own advice and chill, Enonymous, it’s not that serious. I don’t hold any feelings negative or otherwise towards you personally so please get off the lame “you make no sense” gripe and completely side step the perfectly valid comment I and others have made. Our points came across just fine, thanks for your concern. It seems you took particular issue because I used the term “grown ass” after you did. I would like to point out that if you scroll up, plenty of other blogs have also used this term.

  41. HashBrowns says:

    Ceenitall: Don Imus had to apologize because he made a really bad racial comment about a girl’s basketball team being a bunch of Nappy Headed Hos. Do you remember that he said that?

    Nappy. Headed. Hos.

    Jamie Foxx didn’t call Miley a “white bitch”. The female dj did. I suspect you didn’t actually listen to that bit or any of the tape. Jamie Foxx has nothing to apologize for. And his apology was exactly what his thoughts are on the subject and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  42. Enonymous says:

    CosVis don’t worry, I didn’t take any of your comments personally, I just did not get why you got so worked up about people choosing to defend Miley Cyrus. It was just bizarre to me.

  43. larawinn says:

    Go see The Soloist! Steve Lopez, the writer and main character (portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.) is my neighbor’s son, and they are wonderful people! This looks like a wonderful movie!!

  44. JennH says:

    Don’t break my Achy Breaky Heart! Seriously. Jamie Foxx has nothing to apoligize for. I personally can’t stand Miley Cyrus and feel like she acts like an adult, makes adult decisions, but still wants to play the kid card when she’s insulted. Continue to take slutty pictures of yourself, date a guy to old for you and pose half naked in magazines and you’ll continue on the same path that so many celebs have taken. Brittany to started out cute and sweet. Lindsey Lohan adorable. What do people think of them now? Coke whores and sluts! Act like an adult and get treated as such.

  45. Samantha says:

    He shouldn’t have to apoligize. Okay yes it was a little mean and kinda wrong to say make a sex tape with her dad, but she mocked Asians. Serisouly look on Google and she took pictures of her making fun of another culture. I honestly can’t say I like anything about her, and she just isn’t a mature role model to me. I saw what Billy Ray said about what Jamie Foxx said, but what I find funny is that he was mad about this, but noone cares or is saying anything about her dating a boy over 18. What type of role model is that? She is a child, stay in a child’s place. Yes, Jamie was wrong. But, there is a woman in the background cursing and saying the really rude things about Miley. oooooohw =( poor daddy should start crying.
    and miley…common! what did she say about Radiohead?!?! “if u can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” – come on! what the hell are u talking, little girl?!

  46. anonymous says:

    sorry, no matter what miley has ever done or said does not mean she deserves someone telling her to have sex with her father and to smoke crack! since when is that ever ok? i thought we are part of a society where we dont want our kids to do those things. and jamie being a grown man should know better. if someone had said these things about his daughter he would have had an uproar. also its not fair to miley when every little thing she does ends up blown out of proportion. we all go around slanting our eyes like asians just like we all know they make fun of americans too. and no i don’t go around wishing these kinds of things on anyone. enough with the whole racist crap..jamie is way out of line. theres a differnce between poking fun at someone with a harmless joke and making sexual and vulgar jabs at her.

    do you not have any regard for all the teenagers who have been sexually assaulted by their family members?

    whoah miley is the worst person on earth for showing a bra strap, slanting her eyes, and having a good relationship with her family. if that makes her low, then jamie just stooped below her level. she may be a brat, she may not but what has she truly done to deserve those kinds of remarks? jamie should not be praised for acting like a child in this situation. you may hate miley but she has never said anything like that to anyone. 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

    if you actually condone these vulgar statements from any grown ass man to a teenager then i hope you don’t have kids!!!!

    shame on those of you who think sexually exploiting a girl and telling her to do drugs is ok!

  47. Bill says:

    I CANNOT believe some of the morons on this thing defending this middle aged turd. Let me see. Foxx is 41. Miley is 16. Foxx does UNFUNNY, LAME “joke” that is just low-class ghetto humor and his half black/half white side-kick, Claudia Jordan- who is hot- but can’t get married… what a shock- was the one saying “white bitch” despite her being half white.. Issues, Claudia?
    As for the moronic comment that Foxx “got paid” for this dumb movie with Downey Jr.. you have NO IDEA how the structure is worked out. You have no idea if Foxx will get more based on people going to the movie. Point: DON’T GO. You are a total idiot if you do.

    Stop “respecting” guys who tell filthy jokes because they are rich. WE all know money does not measure a person’s worth.. Hell, half the people with money are either rip-off CEO’s, dumb as shit ballplayers, drugged-out do nothing actors, and of course a handful of “let me hit jail a million times” rappers. That is reality. Of course the society is not fair in terms of pay. IF it were, we would see the real people to respect- police, firemen, doctors, airline pilots, etc. get more. But anyone with a brain knows big money is all about SELLING SOMETHING… anything. That is it. Don’t find false gods in people with money. You will be disappointed every damn time. You want to be rich? Go sell something. A product, a movie. Ballplayers are selling themselves. Foxx is selling himself. That is all. He is going to die like everyone. Personally, I ADMIRE the people who created running water, the toilet bowl, the auto, things like that. Not some dumb-ass clown. I guess half of you “admire” drug dealers, too, since some make a lot of money? Morons. Don’t see his movie and get on Sirius to get Claudia Jordan suspended at least. She has her own show on Sirius on Mondays and Tuesdays 10 AM Eastern Time. Some BS show about relationships.. which she can’t get right though she is good looking. But with her racist temper, we see why. Just jealous of Cyrus.. BOTTOM LINE.

  48. daisy424 says:

    I seriously doubt that anyone who has commented in favor of Foxx’s remarks has a 16 year old daughter themselves. If he said those remarks about my daughter, I would have bitch slapped him.

    I don’t give a shit if she is in the public eye or not, that is not the point, she is a minor. Being a parent of a daugher himself, he should have shown more restraint, he knows better.

    What Foxx & his cohorts say, are nothing more than a sophomoric nah, nah nah. He was acting like a stupid teenager himself with his remarks. What makes this worse is that he did it on live radio. Chicken shit could say it to her face, yes, he’s a real man.

    And, Hash Browns, I whole heartedly disagree with your analogy.
    Although the white bitch comment didn’t come from Foxx’s lips himself, he should have said; ‘Whoa wait a minute there,….’ and try to defuse the hatred when it was obviously heading in a dangerous direction. Didn’t you write on a JA thread that you were a teacher and didn’t like seeing kids get bullied?

    In my opinion, the female who called her a white bitch, made it racial.

  49. triple d says:

    What if somelike Howard Stern called Beyonce (a black bitch) I bet jamie Foxx would be mad as hell. His crew is nothing but a bunch of thugs.

  50. jamie is a loser! says:

    I’m surprised no one commented on the damage Jamie Foxx has just done on Miley’s teenage confidence.

    The comment about her gums and needing surgery to fix them (as if he is the hottest thing alive)… that’s just nasty and a comment that Miley will never shake off until her adult years. Her confidence has severely been battered.

    She on you Jamie

  51. gb says:

    Jamie Foxx = disgusting looser, he should quit and his new movie should be removed from distribution.
    He is just jealous that Miley is booming, while his black supremacist movies are down the toilet. I never watch his movies anyways. Miley is adorable, Fox = lost soul

  52. Whataboutourdaughters? says:

    You guys are hypocrites, yes Jamie was horribly wrong, but he is often horribly wrong. I wonder why nobody gets up in arms when these black comedians call young, black girls hos on a daily.

  53. Amazing work you did here, I’m happy I’ve found this site!