Gillian Anderson on David Duchovny: ‘something will always remain between us’

Gillian Anderson has a new interview and profile in The Edit, Net-a-Porter’s online magazine. They almost always get the fashion and styling right in The Edit, and this is no exception. Anderson looks incredible in the editorial, in gorgeously tailored black, white and red pieces, some by Victoria Beckham, that make her look every bit the screen icon. She’s making great expressions and just models so well. I don’t want to oversell it, so check out the article and photos if you’re interested. In the interview, Anderson talks about her role in The Fall, for which she’s receiving renewed fan interest as well as her role as Dana Scully in the X-Files, of course, which is returning on January 24 for a six episode run. They also point out that she’s single now, but she sort-of dismisses the rumors that she’s sleeping with David Duchovny. She talks around it though.

She’s asked why she’s adored as an actor
I like women a lot and I champion them. I tell people when they are beautiful, I tell other actresses when I think their work is amazing… So I think women feel relatively comfortable in my presence. Also, because I’m not perfect, you know? I’ve got flabby thighs, I’m aging and I’m 5ft 3in. I talk about my failing in contemporary society in terms of gyms or food or whatever. I think there’s a polite appreciation that I’m honest.

On playing Scully again
I struggled in the first week. I was trying to find the Scully of the past, rather than accepting time had passed. She and Mulder aren’t together and she’s carved out a world for herself, in medicine, working with a particular disease, with children, assisting surgeons. You get the sense that she goes to work, she goes to her apartment and that’s her life. There is something missing and, of course, the thing that’s missing is Mulder.

On rumors that she’s getting it on with David Duchovny
People know we are good friends now and that we’ve found our way into an adult friendship. But there is something that will always remain between us, a kinetic energy that is tangible when you see us in a room together. So, no matter what’s happening, if I’m at his concert or we’re having a meal together, people love adding that to the excitement of their obsessions.

[From The Edit, headers added]

The Edit also has a video with Gillian with some quotes that aren’t in the piece. She said that it took her about three seasons to feel believable in the role of Dana Scully, because she started when she was just 25. She also explained that she worked to bury the character since playing her, which probably explains why it took her a while to find the character again.

As for her dismissal of the claims that she’s with Duchovny romantically – she was acting like a giddy teenager with him on Kimmel! That was a good burn that people are “adding [a romance between them] to the excitement of their obsessions,” but I tell you we’re just noticing what’s going on and it’s obvious.

David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson during an appearance on ABC's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

THE X-FILES Premiere Event

Premiere of 'The X-Files'

photo credit: WENN and The Edit

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  1. Maum says:

    I am currently re-watching the whole series in preparation for the 24th (halfway through season 5 at the mo) and I’d forgotten just how awesome Scully was.
    My motto should be WWSD- what would Scully do?

    On a shallow note I prefer Anderson as a redhead. That shade of blonde is too harsh for her. She has the same complexion as Nicole Kidman and like her darker warmer shades suit her better.
    And Duchovny’s aged a lot all of a sudden.

    • Maude says:

      I came to the show for Mulder, I had a crush, and discovered she really was the best thing about the show. I was shy and insecure, and I wanted to be as bold and brave as her. Very good role model for a young girl.

      Completely agree about the red hair vs the blonde. I know her natural color is blonde, but I feel the red really suited her skin tone, but that was probably something that she felt had to go when she was trying to shake Scully off. She’s just so beautiful, and he isn’t aging as well.

    • aha says:

      Agree 100%, Hulu has all the seasons, I forgot how much I loved that show and how many episodes they would do in the old days, this is going to take a while

    • SloaneY says:

      Yes! She’s a wonderful redhead. It suits her better than the blonde. At least the blonde that she currently dyes it. I don’t imagine that is her natural color.

      • Gauchita says:

        Just like Emma Stone and most white-as-f- folks, they’re blondes; and like most blondes, they look better with dark toned hair.

      • Emily C. says:

        Actually most white-as-f folks I know, including myself, have naturally dark brown or (rarely) red hair. I’ve never known a blonde as pale as many of the brunettes I’ve known — and I’ve never irl met anyone as pasty as my brunette self.

    • Josefina says:

      I agree, though I think she’s really pretty as a blonde too. I think she looks like she could be Anna Gunn’s sister (who I also find gorgeous).

      There’s such an elegant, mature and feminine beauty to her. That’s exactly what I wanna look like in 2 more decades.

    • SamiHami says:

      I’m halfway through season 6 and am loving rewatching it all. Can’t wait for the new series!

  2. Jade says:

    ‘Something will always remain between us’.

    *cue X-Files opening

  3. I Choose Me says:

    Nope, not sexual tension just good ol kinetic energy. 😉

    Now I’m not saying a deep, non-sexual connection between a man and a woman isn’t possible, I know it is but like CB I’m skeptical that’s the case between the two of them.

    • GreenieWeenie says:

      Pretty sure kinetic energy=friends with benefits.
      They’re “just friends” still!

  4. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    That top photo of her is gorgeous. She should wear her hair up more often. I think that photo and way of being sexy is so much sexier than the typical see-through cut down to the navel and up to the bum stuff you see everywhere these days.

  5. Teatimeiscoming says:

    She’s has said a few times that she herself is the exact opposite of Scully: kinda goofy and spastic. That might explain the giddy teenager feel of that tv appearance.

    Not that I wouldn’t totally love it if Scully and Mulder were together IRL.

  6. Patricia says:

    She’s so lovely. Scully was a rare example of a strong, powerful, smart woman who’s mind was her greatest asset for me to look to in my youth. Seriously, there wasn’t a whole lot of that around and it’s still a rarity. She played it so beautifully with a quiet strength and believable spirit. I’m thankful that there was a Scully on TV when I was growing up.

    And of COURSE there’s a chemistry! It’s always been there and it lit up the screen.

  7. Lucy2 says:

    I love that they’ve ended up good friends after all these years.
    I wish she was in more things, as I’ve always enjoyed her work. I actually didn’t really enjoy the Fall, but kept watching for her performance. Looking forward to the X-Files!

  8. Pinky says:

    She is falling all over him, flirting like there’s no tomorrow. That’s not just a casual friend reaction. Skeptical Scully is trying to throw us off the scent!

    • TQB says:

      Not to mention how he’s rubbing her arm, etc. If they are friends they are EXCEPTIONALLY HANDSY friends!

  9. Eleonor² says:

    My girl crush. Sigh.

  10. AmyB says:

    I will always love the idea of Mulder and Scully!! The original series was awesome.

  11. Kara says:

    I’m 17 and quite dissapionted at the lack of teens who know what the X Files is, let alone Scully. Hopefully this revival will change that! Scully remains to be one of the great role models for women everywhere, and I’d hate for my generation to not learn from her.

  12. I want to believe says:

    Huge fan of the site but never commented before …
    Just want to say THANK YOU for all the X-Files / Mulder / Scully coverage! I love these two, love the show, and I’m so excited for its return. Can’t wait. I also believe very strongly that Duchovny and Anderson are in love in real life but I don’t think there would be that overt tension, flirtatiousness if they were already together … what we’re witnessing is the excitement of the unknown, unconsummated relationship. I think she purposefully won’t sleep with him because of the whole sex addition, multiple partners, don’t want to ruin the awesome dynamic thing. But, obviously, I just want Mulder and Scully to get it on on-screen. Anyway – THANKS again for the awesome info and stories on the X-Files!

    • Lou says:

      I’ve never really looked into the Gillian/David shipping part of the internet…. seems like theya re just as fanatical (and possibly deluded) as larry shippers…..

  13. Hejhej says:

    I really love her and it’s so nice to have grown up (literally) being able to look to her as an example. Both she and Scully are great role models and it’s great to see Scully and the X-files back.
    Duchovny and Mulder are nice too, if for no other reason the way he makes her laugh 😀

  14. Mia4s says:

    I wanted to be Scully when I grew up…still do…

    OK minus the abduction, cancer, experiments on my person, multiple monster attacks, having to give up my baby, and family deaths…

    But the rest? Hell yeah!

  15. Grumf says:

    My forever crush!She was phenomenal in Streetcar.Can’t wait for the new X Files.And whatever is going on between them I’ll doubt we’ll ever really know as she seems quite private.

  16. Maude says:

    I don’t care if they are playing up a relationship for the cameras. I’m all for anything that helps me picture the two of them having sex. That’s all.

    If they are actually together, so much the better.

  17. Gg says:

    I thought they said they were living together a few years back?

  18. browniecakes says:

    We’re up to season 3 at my house, and it is refreshing that the guy was the sexy one and the woman the smart practical one. If you can ignore the now ancient tech – cell phones the size of shoe boxes, computers that take up a whole room, literal file cabinets to store the Xfiles – the show holds up. Writing strong women characters is possible. Scully is a good role model and I hope Dave and Gillian are together. They’re cute together and have been for years.

  19. Nia says:

    She is gorgeous and reminds me so much of my high school friend. She looks great.
    Can’t wait to see it.
    But surprised to see she is only 5’3″, she looks like 5’7.

  20. Incognito says:

    That top photo of her is GORGEOUS. I want that turtleneck so bad. Although it would not look nearly as good on me. I have a short neck. I love her styling- her hair looks great up.

    I loved the X-Files and my family would watch every week. There was great chemistry between Scully and Mulder and I liked that she was such a positive role model for young women. I’m looking forward to the new episodes.

  21. Cindy says:

    She is so beautiful it’s ridiculous.

  22. shannon says:

    I was not an actual fan of the show until my then-boyfriend dragged me to the first movie. Loved it. I only saw parts of the second movie (not a fan of Amanda Peet), but I’m guessing that S&M got together at some point because they were in bed together in the scene I did see. It was really cute too because Scully mentioned something about Mulder’s “scratchy beard” and he promptly got out of bed to shave it off. Mulder gave me the impression that he knew Scully was the smartest person he ever met and he was in awe of that. It just seemed to me that he was always trying to impress her. In reality, I think DD knows that Gillian would never put up w/his antics…..there may be a slim possibility of a casual physical relationship, but I do think they truly care about each other and are great friends.

  23. Sarah01 says:

    i love her in the fall – love the show. It’s been transformative.

  24. iheartjacksparrow says:

    One of my favorite scenes of all the shows was at the end of Post-Modern Prometheus when they are dancing together and look so happy.

  25. kri says:

    She is so intriguing. I love her face in photos and onscreen. Very excited for Jan.24!

  26. Ari says:

    I had such a blast seeing her on Hannibal for the last 3 years I really need to watch The Fall and I cannot WAIT FOR X-FILES its killing me lol

  27. iheartjacksparrow says:

    At the TCA interview this morning David said this about his chemistry with Gillian:

    I’m not saying we don’t have chemistry. We have chemistry and history, we’re going to try to get biology too.

  28. Eru says:

    Love her

  29. Paige says:

    Gillian gets better with age. She’s stunning and I love her sense of humor. I recently watched a clip for the revival. Scully calls Mulder, while investigating in another room and I got chills. THEY’RE BACK!!! The best duo in television history.

  30. Mira says:

    The top photo is gorgeous! Stunning woman!

  31. Goodnight says:

    Scully is a massive part of why I’m a woman in science and also why I’m in my particular field of science. As a kid I worshiped her (and had a massive crush on Gillian) and she took my already present interest in studying human remains and made the idea of doing it as a career viable for me. She was a huge role model for me, and still is even after all these years.

    • Brittney B. says:

      That’s awesome!

      Scully made a huge impact on my first girlfriend, too. She was in school to be a forensic scientist, and she credited Scully (along with Kay Scarpetta and Clarice Starling) with shaping her identity as a young, awkward lesbian growing up in rural Texas in the 1990’s.

      This is exactly why media representation is so important, and why we should continue to make a big deal about the quality of our TV and movie characters. The way we write and cast characters — and the frequency with which they are women and people of color — has a direct impact on the lives of people who watch them. Especially kids who are still forming their identities and learning how to perceive themselves and others. It’s not “lazy parenting” that makes TV a defining force in kids’ lives; it’s a reality of the media’s powerful influence over all of us.

  32. d says:

    I think they had a thing for a little while, and maybe still do every now and then but also she knows and he knows that he’s a dog and they’d never work as a normal ccouple in a healthy adult relationship. I think he also knows how awesome she is and I think she’s accepted him for what he is and they’ve worked it out…but also they’ll never be together. Hence the easy feeling with each other…they know their feelings na d genuinely like each other but know it’ll never really work. They’ll never marry.
    I agree she was a GREAT role model, the same way I loved Olivia Dunham on Fringe. God, I miss that show.

  33. Cranberry says:

    I saw the Kimmel segment with Gillian and David. It was funny. She couldn’t stop cracking up when she was trying to explain a theory of why she and David did NOT get along on the show for several years. They seem to be passed that now.
    Go find it somewhere, it’s funny . . and moist.

  34. Emily C. says:

    They’re flirty friends. If they’d ever had a physical relationship I doubt they’d be so comfortable together. I also SERIOUSLY doubt Anderson would put up with Duchovny for a minute as anything more than friends. By Hollywood standards he’s a great guy in that he only got caught cheating with an adult sex worker in a fully consensual situation, but by actual standards… nah.