Eminem talks about pain & addiction after his best friend Proof was murdered

Eminem is freaking me out on the cover of XXL Magazine. His eyes look photoshopped on from another photo in which his face was at a different angle, his muscles seems enhanced and he generally looks menacing. XXL is trying to show Eminem as comic book character The Punisher so I guess the effect they were going for worked.

Inside the magazine, Eminem opens up about his drug addiction and deep depression after the murder of his best friend, Proof, in the spring of 2006. Eminem took a break from music for nearly three years afterwards. There were rumors that he gained a lot of weight in the interim, although no photos surfaced that showed him looking heavier and he’s certainly as fit as ever now. In this latest interview, the rapper admits that he was going through a very tough time after Proof’s death, and calls the depths to which he sunk “a little bit selfish”:

On Proof’s Death
“Everyone felt his loss, from his kids, to his wife, to everyone. But, for some reason, in hindsight, the way I felt was almost like it happened to just me… Maybe at the time I was a little bit selfish with it. I think it kind of hit me so hard. It just blindsided me. I just went into such a dark place that, with everything, the drugs, my thoughts, everything. And the more drugs I consumed, and it was all depressants I was taking, the more depressed I became, the more self-loathing I became… By the way, I’m just now at the point where I’m better talking about it. It took me so long to get out of that place where I couldn’t even speak about it without crying or wanting to cry… Proof was the anchor. He was everything to D12. And not just the group-for me, personally, he was everything.”

On T.I., Lil Wayne & Hip-Hop
“I stayed up on the music, and obviously I watch TV and saw what was going on. And without naming any names, it just felt like hip-hop was going downhill. And it seemed like kinda fast. You know, in them three years, it was like everybody just cares about the hook and the beat; nobody really cares about substance. But with this new T.I. album, with this new Lil Wayne album of recent, it seems like things are looking a lot better now. You can appreciate Lil Wayne using different words to rhyme and actually rhyming words that you know. Or T.I., where you hear shit and you’re like Whoa, ah, I wish I would have thought of that! You know what I mean? Or you hear all the compound-syllable rhyming and all that. It just seems like now the craft is getting cared about more.”

[From XXL Mag]

Many of you said you don’t like Eminem’s new single “We Made You” in which he rips on pseudo celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, and Sarah Palin. I found the video funny and I enjoy the song, but I talk about these people for a living so I’m biased. I think this guy is incredibly talented. He obviously has his demons but it’s nice to see him back. Maybe he’s figured out enough about himself in these past few years to have a healthy relationship for once without fantasizing about killing his girlfriend.

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  1. Bodhi says:

    I think “we Made You” is genius! I’m not really a hip-hop fan, but I can appreciate it. I totally agree with Em about Lil Wayne; he is brilliant!

    His comments about his grief are spot on. People can be very selfish when it comes to grieving. I’m glad to see him back to doing what he loves

  2. Wonder Woman says:

    TI is a deep rapper if you ever hear his lyrics, your like wow this guy has substance, I still cant see whats so great about lil wayne. Everything he says doesnt make sense, i dont know , never was a lil wayne fan and even less since I heard a song from him trying to get into rock. eww ugh blah
    Welcome back eminem, the rap/hip hop industry desperatly needed you

  3. meowbea says:

    why does he looks soooo unatractive? – yuck really gross *evil*

  4. dizzybenny says:

    i have a picture that i got from this site January the 18th 2008 showing how fat he had become.under the header eminem looking more and more like an m&m.

  5. Mommy says:

    So….what happened to his face? He looks like Neo from Matrix. What is that guys name?

  6. Texas Gal says:

    His face is creeping me out too!

  7. L says:

    ew. has marshall mathers had too much botox or something?

  8. gg says:

    Very sad. But I do hope he understands that we all reap what we sow.

  9. cherryblossom says:

    I was so happy that he was gone. So happy.
    His music was…eh, okay but now he sounds like everyone else: Computerized.

  10. Dana Da Designated Hata says:

    Sometimes you just got to step back. He’s human after all.

  11. beauty says:

    wow he looks older and his fore head looks like it has a bump on it. But maybe we should be praying for his hurtness about losing his friend.

  12. thanks !! very helpful post!