Bookies place odds on Amy Winehouse

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Amy Winehouse, the sobriety challenged British singer, has canceled so many shows in the last month that bookies are actually placing odds on her showing up to her concerts. Bookies normally stick to football games and American Idol competitions. They generally don’t bet on a person sucking. But it appears that, thanks to the unreliable, alcohol-challenged Amy Winehouse, now they do.

“Following a string of cancellations bookies are now offering stakes as to whether Amy Winehouse will show up at her forthcoming gigs.

Winehouse recently cancelled performances at Oxygen in Dublin, T in the Park in Scotland and Summer Pops in Liverpool citing “exhaustion” – although she was spotted drinking in a North London pub.

William Hill – one of the countries biggest bookmakers– is currently offering odds of 1/2 on Winehouse fulfilling her commitment to appear at the Eden Sessions at the Eden Project in Cornwall on July 17th.

A spokesperson for William Hill said: “Amy has cancelled too many gigs for us not to give out odds. The concert is next week so she’ll have to sort herself out for that and I can’t see it happening,” reports NME.”

[From Gigwise]

According to Perez Hilton, Amy canceled her show at Holland’s North Sea Jazz Festival this weekend. But according to the festival’s website, her concert time was simply pushed back. I’m assuming she did perform (surprisingly) because otherwise there’d be a million articles about it already, and a lot of money would be changing hands.

The Sun is running a “Wino Watch” to keep tabs of Amy’s partying and comparing it to canceled shows.

She then partied backstage into the wee hours with SADIE FROST and JACK OSBOURNE. But my snaps show her the next day, clearly feeling unwell. Amy held her tum as she dashed to use a cafe toilet.

Earlier, she told her driver to pull over as she gagged. Later she was spotted slumped at the counter of a takeaway.

Hardly the way to battle that exhaustion, eh, Amy?

Yesterday Amy jetted out to Holland. Well, I hope it’s a sign she’s fit and well – and ready to entertain her paying fans.”

[From The Sun Online]

Winehouse did cancel a fourth performance last week.

Amy Winehouse has cancelled her fourth concert this week after succumbing to a grueling live schedule.

The soul star was due to play a show in St. Peolten with the Beastie Boys, The Prodigy and The Roots, but that appearance went the way of a show in Austria, as well as festival slots at T in The Park in Scotland, the Oxegen Festival in Ireland and Liverpool Summer Pops, as the 23-year-old succumbed to exhaustion and was ordered to rest by doctors.

[From Sound Generator]

Let’s talking about grueling live schedules for a minute here. Ten concerts in a month? Grueling (I’m told… admittedly I haven’t been on tour in a while). Ten canceled concerts in a month, with a handful still taking place? Not so grueling. You know what is grueling? Drinking too much alcohol all the time. Especially when it looks like you weigh about 98 pounds, and a good 20 of that is your beehive hair weave. Amy Winehouse, listen to me. You are so awesome, but you are also an awesome mess! I don’t think you really understand that people are not going to keep coming back forever, and you only get so many second chances, no matter how much talent you have. Concert tickets cost a lot. CDs don’t sell like they used to, so performance revenue is pretty important if a girl wants to have enough money to buy her alcohol. So think of it like this: if want to be able to keep drinking, you’re going to have to show up to enough performances to get the money to drink. Convoluted logic, I know, but it seems to be the only way to get you on stage.

2007 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

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