Why is everyone slamming Jada Pinkett Smith over her Oscar boycott?


This week is the first time in a long time that I’ve actually felt sorry for Jada Pinkett Smith. My usual feeling about her is one of ambivalence – she’s not the best, but far from the worst. It all started when Will Smith was snubbed for an Oscar nomination for his work in Concussion. Will was always on the edge of not being nominated anyway – his performance drew critical praise, but it’s a crowded year for lead male performances, and Concussion wasn’t standing out that much. But Will’s snub came within the larger story of #OscarsSoWhite, so Jada chose to speak out about the issue in a Facebook video on Monday – go here to see. She was one of the first people to talk about boycotting the Oscars, and the idea that African-Americans entertainers need to sit out the Oscars until their work is rewarded with the same consistency as white artists.

Jada got a ton of pushback for the video all week. Many believed that she was just mad on Will’s behalf because he didn’t get nominated. To that I say… “and?” Why wouldn’t she be angry on his behalf? But I do think the point of her video was a lot larger than “Wah, I’m mad about Will!” One of the people dragging Jada was Will’s old Fresh Prince of Bel Air costar Janet Hubert (Aunt Viv). Hubert spoke to mulitple outlets throughout the week, claiming that Jada was asking “other actors to jeopardize their careers” for something that really wasn’t “that deep” and it’s not like anyone in Hollywood is curing cancer. She also said Jada was a “pretend freedom fighter” and:

“I was annoyed because it dilutes the movement when you only stand up for yourself. I’m a real freedom fighter. I’m not a pretend freedom fighter. I stand up for other actresses, other people. The Smiths just irked me because they are such pretenders, and everything is a photo op. It’s just self-contrived because her hubby didn’t get a nomination… Everyone is struggling to get to where Mr. Smith and where Mrs. Jada Pinkett Smith are. I have more respect for her because she’s come through the ranks. [But] y’all are at your mansion in a gilded cage standing up there with billions of dollars in the bank. You could do more for the industry and for black Hollywood than anyone could.”

[From The Wrap]

So, Jada sort of responded. Outlets were referring to this as “Jada pushes back against Aunt Viv!” but Jada doesn’t even mention Hubert by name.

“Considering that Alabama had its highest recruitment for the KKK for Martin Luther King’s birthday, I hope that we as African Americans can find a way to get along and step together. Here’s the deal: This whole Oscars controversy isn’t really about the Oscars. Really, it’s my plea to ask our community, people of color, to take back our power so that we can use it in all sectors of our community, and right now, specifically with African American people, we have some very serious issues that we as a people have to move together on. I’m hoping that we can find ways to step together in this, instead of finding ways to fight each other. I got love for everybody.”

[From Us Weekly]

So… is Jada faking it? Is this just some exercise in Smith family narcissism? Is Jada just pissed off because Will was snubbed and she’s trying to make it into a movement? Eh. Say what you will about Jada, but she has talked about diversity issues, racial issues, respect within the African-American community and more for years. I think it’s more than possible she has multiple motivations, as in she’s got a personal beef because of Will’s snub, but she’s also engaged and willing to talk about larger issues too.


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  1. Leah says:

    Aunt Viv is wrong. Telling diverse stories is deep. maybe not for auntie but its essential for the younger generations who ARE racially diverse and needs to see the society they live in represented. This is what older people don’t understand. The make up of society is changing wether one likes it or not, that means its not natural to tell the same old stories from a white males perspective while billions of people worldwide don’t necessarily relate to those stories.

    • Lirko says:

      Excellent point. Isn’t it in twenty years of so that caucsasians will no longer be the majority race in America? There is no excuse for this. The Oscars are a joke anyway, but it’s the only system we have to call out remarkable performances now, so…

    • minime says:

      I stopped watching most of the so called Hollywood films years ago…It’s not only that there’s no diversity and representation of the actual society, it’s also that they always use the same people! Always the same actors, playing the same kind of roles, doing romantic partners with the same people. It’s just boring! No matter how great of an actor/actress someone his, if the same person plays a strong role after the other it ends up looking and feeling like “make pretend”.

      Someone said it yesterday and I have to agree: in this aspect TV series are doing way better! There are so many good series out there with diversity on their casts like The Wire or OITNB, that brought to the public a lot of extremely talented actors/actresses from different backgrounds.

      About Jada and Will, I don’t know if they are sincere but they brought the bigotry of the Oscars to the spotlight, so props to them for that.

      • PrincessMe says:

        I’ll just tack my name on to what you wrote because I agree wholeheartedly with everything you’ve said.

    • Lizzie McGuire says:

      I like what Jada said, whether she said it because Will didn’t get nominated or not. I doubt it was because of the nomination because everyone knew that Will was a long shot at getting it. Instead of Aunt Viv talking about the grudge she holds against them, she should’ve put it aside & talk about the real issues here. She only looked petty & ridiculous insulting them. Yeah, the Oscars shouldn’t be taking that seriously but the film industry matters not being represented in movies & white washing them is important, & that for two consecutive years all the films only have white actors. That’s the issue & not holding a grudge against Will Smith.

      • supposedtobeworking says:

        I read the message from Aunt Viv a bit differently. I don’t think Jada is wrong, but I do think she is being an opportunist. Lack of diversity in the nominees was an issue last year too, I think, and I don’t recall her being this vocal.
        I think aunt Viv is saying that taking this stand this year seems suspect. Will and Jada are very successful (financially, name recognition, their network), so they have the opportunity to make a difference by making or supporting films that represent deeper stories that represent communities outside Anglo or gang communities that are usually represented in hollywood.
        I can’t find my succinct words, but I think the message was this: Instead of being upset by the lack of diversity, go out there and cultivate it with the power, resources and network you have built.
        edited to add: What @JenniferJustice said.

      • supposedtobeworking says:

        Agree with so much. I don’t watch the Oscars because I feel like they just promote the same films that already receive studio and hollywood promotion/support. I’d be more interested in being introduced to new talent, directors and films (or at the very least actors who take risks in storytelling of stories that haven’t been told a hundred time) through focus on art, not financial backing and name recognition.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree with you – it’s easy to dismiss movies and TV as unimportant fluff sometimes, but these mediums, television especially, can have a big impact on society. A sad example now, but the Cosby Show is one that had a social impact beyond just being a sitcom. Ditto for Will & Grace, and a number of other shows.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      The reason she is being called out is because she and Will own/run their own production company. Every one of the directors for Will’s movies are white. Jada has some diversity among the directors of her movies, but it is the fact that Will has absolutely no people of diversity in his that is peeving people and making Jada appear insincere. People feel they should both practice what she’s preaching. I do think the only reason she brought it up is because Will did not get the recognition she felt he deserved – an award. Because if it’s really about the race issue, why doesn’t Will, who is in position of power, do more to diversify the directors of his own movies.

      • Kitten says:

        I just looked at his production company’s website and it largely features PoC. Granted, many of them are members of his immediate family lol but still..

        Overlook Entertainment helped produce the Annie reboot with Quvenzhané Wallis, The Secret Life of Bees, and Queen Latifah’s show for a few examples.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        But aren’t all the shows you mentioned Jada’s? I’m talking about Will’s movies. He does not have any directors of color. Jade does, but Will does not. They work under the same production company, but their work is seperate.

      • Kitten says:

        Ooooh ok. Maybe you’re right. I didn’t check to see who was at the helm of each, I just assumed it was a shared thing.

      • 40winks says:

        Thank you.

      • Bridget says:

        There are a lot of things that I’d call Jada out on, but this isn’t one of them. Will on the other hand… is staunchly as uncontroversial as possible, and that includes not getting involved in any issues having to do with race.

  2. Lama Bean says:

    Aunt Viv can hold a grudge forever. I understand, though, because the rumor mill consistently says that Will basically ruined her career and had her fired from The Fresh Prince.

    She also talks about how she approached Will Smith with the idea of collectively getting pay increases for all the actors on The Fresh Prince (like Big Bang or Friends). She says he told her “You get yours and I will get mine”. Hence the “pretend freedom fighter”.

    • Don't kill me I'm French says:

      The fact that Will never was directed by a black director ( even on his own productions) doesn’t help to believe on her sincerity .

      I have the same problem with Clooney’s comments

    • Bridget says:

      There is some very serious, personal anger behind Aunt Viv’s words. And it must be very frustrating.

    • Denisemich says:

      Aunt Viv took an issue that is global and made it personal. She helped no POC.

      How did it help any POC to slam the Smith’s because she hates Will Smith?

      Jada and Will have produced a few tv shows with black casts including the Queen Latifah show and Hawthorne. None of them have been very successful.

      Aunt Viv turn down the crazy.

      • nic919 says:

        I would say that Will Smith made it personal first if he refused to help her and the rest of the cast get pay raises. He had the power then to make a difference and chose not do. Of course it is personal for her because this was her career that he derailed and look at how many millions he has made since and she has not.
        If you are going to pretend to be about the rights of persons of colour, then you do it when it can help everyone and not just yourself.

  3. sigghh says:

    The fact of the matter is from a black cultural standpoint they have moved themselves away from “traditional African-American values” such as the scientology stuff, the open marriage, the free wheeling gender bending kids.

    Jada isn’t going to get blind vocal black support due to those factors.

    • cakecakecake says:

      Exactly and well put…

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Agree with SIGHH. She is perceived as a hypocrite for being closeted gay and closeted Scientologist. My impression of Jada is that she cares about Jada the most, so suddenly taking up this cause doesn’t pass the smell test.

      • H says:

        The problem is Jada only does care for herself, or so I’ve heard over the years from people in the rap community. As I’ve said in other Will Smith posts, I’ve hung out with him years ago. I knew him with the first wife and later when he dated Jada, because a good friend was married to a famous rapper back in the day and Fresh Prince opened for my friend’s husband’s group.

        Word on the street was Jada was a social climber, friends who went to high school with her told me that as we share the same hometown. If people here hate Alicia Vilkander for her fame whoreness, then if CB had been around when Will and Jada hooked up, the hate on Jada would have been huge.

        Most of Will’s rap buddies fell to the side once he married her as she steered him to become more “mainstream.” The Will Smith persona of today is a Jada and team creation, he’s not the guy I hung out with on tour and ate cheese steaks with, or got invited to his birthday parties. THAT guy was so down to Earth and amazing.

        So, from personal experiences I’m not buying Jada’s recent pronouncements. Maybe she’s changed, maybe not. I’m erring on the not side and take everything she says with how it benefits her, not the overall community, or the important issue being discussed.

      • chick b says:

        THIS. Jada has always struck me as seriously shady since the first profile I read in In Style magazine of all places. I don’t care for the way she tries to present herself and her family, including speaking for Will’s first marriage & child.

        Like Maggie Gyllenhaal mentioned during an awards show last year, these things aren’t a meritocracy. Personally, I only see this Oscar Boycott as rich people complaining about not getting enough accolades from an industry where they’re already worshipped & rewarded. There are a lot of smart movie fans who will always look for new or less promoted talent. Something that would be more meaningful to me would be TCM or BET showing a month of lesser-known films from black directors and/or actors. Or any kind of program promoting black book authors that eventually may inspire more new films. Anything that shows stories originating from people of color are stories that benefit all of us who appreciate good writing and good filmmaking.

      • supposedtobeworking says:

        @chickb My frustration with the Oscars (I never watch) is that it is the rich people with a lot of recognition who take up the airspace. I am all for less of them and more of the artist community on the fringes of the big production films.
        There must be hundreds of amazing performances in really well written, directed and produced movies who are not recognized because the same people continue to be nominated/promoted, etc. People in small films making less money cannot take the year to self-promote and travel to all the self-promotion events. They need to keep working. I hear what at you are saying about rich people complaining if you referencing Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee, but I hope the end result is better representation of incredible talent.

      • Mltpsych says:

        Agree with H – I dated a guy who grew up with Jada and he said the exact same things.

      • H says:

        @Mitpsych That part of Baltimore City is small, community tight, word about Jada has not changed since then. High school classmates never forget. :)

    • Talie says:

      They also live in a glass house, which is a very badly kept secret. They seem to serve their own self-interest and like Cosby, want black support when they don’t get their way.

    • Betti says:

      And also because as Aunt Viv says, they CAN do more to help performers of other ethnicities. Will has the clout in HW to push for black directors etc.. in his capacity as a producer. He has already proven that he is willing when he remade the Karate Kid even thou it was a vanity project for his kid. He could produce more movies where the lead isn’t him but another black/asian etc. actor who needs a break in the industry (I know he did this in Annie but lets face it his daughter was too old for the role). Everything with these 2 is about what they can do for themselves and that includes shoving their kids in our faces. This is why no one is taking her seriously about this – its a shame i know as she makes valid points.

      Will has always come across as a nice guy – Jada has always given me opportunist vibes.

  4. Mia4s says:

    Part of the problem with the Smiths is how disingenuous and downright odd they’ve come across the past few years. See: their kids, the Scientology school, their kids, interviews about “patterns”, their kids, the “treat children like adults” nonsense, their kids, constant over sharing,…did I mention the shoving their kids down our throats?

    Even when the cause is worthy it is really hard to take them seriously anymore.

    • GreenBunny says:

      One point that stood out to me in Aunt Viv’s rant was the fact that the Smith’s have a production company, and instead of using that as a vehicle to promote and introduce minority actors, they use their movies as vehicles to promote their own children.

      • clarencebeeks says:


      • lucy2 says:

        They have done some non-family projects that do have diversity in the casts, but yes, primarily it seems to be to produce Will’s movies and give their kids film careers.

      • AlmondJoy says:

        OR they make movies like Annie, choose Quevanzhane Wallis as the lead actress and face an uproar from people who say that they should have chosen a white lead.

      • Bridget says:

        Did I miss something? Are the Smith children not considered black?

      • Jess says:

        So? If they have the means to promote their own kids work, why would that be an issue? as Bridget posted above me, are the Smith children not considered black?

      • nic919 says:

        Will Smith’s kids will have opportunities that other non-white actors won’t have by virtue of their father. And it’s not like his kids are that talented anyway. People aren’t impressed with the nepotism because there are kids and young adults out there that are actually talented and are not getting the opportunity to show that talent.

        Idris Elba mentioned how his dad was a mechanic and that it was the Prince’s Trust that gave him a chance to get into the industry. I think we can all agree that Idris Elba is extremely talented, but had he been born in the US, he would not have gotten the chance to break into the industry.

        Will Smith has the ability to do that for others, but he is only focusing on himself and his kids. He is a talented actor when he chooses to be, but his kids are not. They wouldn’t have careers but for their famous parents.

      • Jwoolman says:

        And their untalented children to boot….

        I watched the Original (and best!) Aunt Viv’s video and she didn’t sound crazy or bitter to me. She made some good points. And the story she told about Will shooting down the idea that he could be influential in getting raises for the rest of the cast – that didn’t sound like a grudge, it was quite relevant to the matter at hand. Will was interested in only promoting himself, not helping the others get appropriate pay for a hit show. It may not have been envisioned as an ensemble show, but it certainly moved into being one. It wouldn’t have been very interesting without the rest of them. There were some very talented actors on that show. He needed them to make him look good but just didn’t realize it.

      • Aren says:

        This is a very good point. They are using their money and influences for their own benefit, and even if it wasn’t a bad thing, it’s makes it harder for others to empathize with their discrimination claims.

    • minime says:

      LOL you’re right. I think if it was someone else talking about it it would come across as more genuine.
      Still they stirred up the pot of controversy and even if it was for egoistic reasons (it was…their kids) it seems to have started a great discussion on the topic.

    • Tarla says:

      I agree. I not only side-eye Jada but also George Clooney, Lupita and Spike Lee too. George has directed some movies but has never put a black actor/actresses in them at all. If he feels the Academy is racist, then why didn’t he speak up when HE was nominated for the awards too? Why does he speaking when he is NOT nominated?
      As for Spike, he was given an Honorary Oscar this year yet acts like nobody appropriates him. If he wants to boycott the Oscars and call them racist, then give back your award.
      As for Lupita, she got an Oscar on a fluke and it was her first acting role. She has not shown any real acting talent to me and all she does is roam around in expensive designer clothing and going to parties.
      Clooney and Lupitas should also giveback their awards if they feel the Academy is racist to blacks like they said.
      Its know thing to call an industry you work for racist, but if you have earned millions of dollars and awards from that industry too, then you are apart of the problem as well.

      • FF says:

        So if you’re black with a long HW career and didn’t get a nom this year or an Oscar previously and speak: you’re salty and suspect.

        Black with a long HW career and already have an Oscar: you lack credibility because you “didn’t give it back”, so are suspect.

        Black with a short HW career, and already have an Oscar: you’re a fluke and suspect.

        So who according to you isn’t suspect and impeccably presented to speak on it? And why does anyone have to be beyond suspicion to credibly highlight an issue and not want to be seen as finding it acceptable for a second year running?

        They spoke on one valid issue and an issue within their sphere of influence, and that issue hasn’t changed, just as any of the individuals who commented being ‘suspect’ hasn’t changed the point made. So I still don’t get why the conversation keeps becoming about their motives and not the industry-wide problem they’re highlighting.

      • Bridget says:

        I can’t believe someone would ever side-eye Spike Lee and try to say he doesn’t speak out enough about racism, especially racism in Hollywood. The man who made “Do The Right Thing”? Who has spent decades making sure to hire black crews as much as possible for his movies so they can qualify for guilds? Who has consistently spoken up on the subject for as long as he’s been a filmmaker?

      • Tarla says:

        @ FF @ Bridget
        You can’t cry racism and then turn around and go to a fancy Oscar event to get your award. It makes no sense.
        Its hypocritical either way. When Clooney is after an Oscar, he doesn’t speak out against it. Same with Lupita, who won an Oscar for her very first role( plenty of established actors don’t even have a nom even) and she complains about the lack of diversity?
        If Spike Lee feels the Academy has wronged him and are racists, then give back your Honorary Oscar. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.
        Also, Will has be nominated for Best Actor in the past. If he feels the Academy are racists, then why didn’t he speak out back then? Why now when he is not a nominee? You all have double standards.

      • Bridget says:

        Thanks for explaining how people are supposed to speak out against racism. That’s very enlightening. And it’s also nice to see someone using the phrase “cry racism”. It totally gives extra weight to your point.

      • Tarla says:

        @ Bridget
        If people want to speak out against racism in Hollywood, then they should refuse the Oscars and the all of the other awards they have received if they truly feel its a racist industry. Give it back to the Academy if you don’t like what they are doing. They are crying racism but have no problem taking the golden little man in the process of it. Hypocrisy at its finest.
        Don’t bite the hand that feeds you or helps you get your career going.

      • Original T.C. says:

        @ Tarla

        So should the many, many White actresses who have spoken up about sexism in Hollwood and Oscars also give back their awards? Are they also shady? Because I find it interesting how people keep saying the same old tired line of “Black people complain too much when they already have so much” and now “give back your awards for pointing out an OBJECT FACT about the academy awards”. But have some white women call out sexism or complain about white older women not getting roles and you will have a chorus on CELEBITCHY cheering her on.

        I guess we will have to keep fighting for another 100 years to be heard like every other White person. And yeah it’s Blacks leading this with no support from other minorities though they too benefit from our struggles. Keep attacking the messager and the Smiths will just get more support for being attacked on the message of calling out racism.

      • M.A.F. says:

        @Tarla- he received the Honorary Oscar in NOVEMBER. And the way it was shaping up prior to last week, there would have been a more diverse group of actors being nominated. So no, he didn’t cry racism then turn around & go to a fancy party.

      • Wendy says:

        So you are essentially saying they should shut up and cash those checks. That somehow there is not a valid issue unless those complaining are willing to destroy any future career by speaking out.
        Activism is by its nature spurred by personal experience. Your position seems to state that none of the above have a right to change, see the light or react when something becomes personal.
        This attitude is EXACTLY why the lack of diversity continues to this day.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Agreed. I have a bad taste in my mouth anyway because the only reason Will Smith was not included in the Independence Day II or whatever they’re calling it, is because he demanded a role for Jaden – demanded! He gave them an ultimatum and they called his bluff. Hence, no Smiths in the new movie. That, to me, is beyond arrogant. It was a power play, so now I know how they roll when it comes to their kids’ careers….and I don’t like it. What’s worse is Will has played the sad man that got the shaft re his not being in that movie. Funny, he doesn’t mention that they wanted him very badly, but he played dirty, so they went in an entirely different direction. So he’s not only arrogant, pushes his weight when it might benefit him or his family, but also deceitful by trying to play on the public’s sympathy when it was actually him that was being a jerk.

      • Me45 says:

        Didn’t he demand that Jaden play Viveka Fox’s son in the sequel?

      • Wendy says:

        And this is relevant to the lack of diversity overall in Hollywood how?

        I ask because it seems like a ‘reason’ to dislike Will Smith, who has been silent on the subject.

    • funcakes says:

      The way they threw their children out in the public really makes me furious. They did a sh%tty job of protecting them from the wolves. Both should concentrate on their family. Try to make their lives for private.
      But I guess its hard to stay in the public to broadcast your authentic love story.

  5. Tiffany27 says:

    Jada has made noise and people are now talking about it because of the noise she made. GOOD FOR HER!!!!! She’s getting pushback because she made people mad. I love it.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I agree, and I also think people are lazy or apathetic or whatever, and it’s easier to just roll your eyes at her than to actually do something to support this cause. The fact that movies are entertainment and Hollywood isn’t curing cancer is a long way from the point, imo.

      • Tiffany27 says:

        EXACTLY! It’s also wildly dismissive. Yes, it’s not curing Cancer, but to act like the Oscars mean nothing (they’re the highest achievement for people in that profession) is ludicrous.

        OT: I would like to nominate you, QQ, and Kitten and Almond to be my Internet girlfriends. You guys are awesome lol.

      • Kitten says:

        @Tiff-I’m honored to be selected and among great company I might add. :)

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        It is my honor to accept your adorable nomination. We could have a blast! I promise I won’t be bossy. ❤️

    • whatthe says:

      People are talking because Jade is a hypocrite.

    • lilacflowers says:

      People are talking about Jada and not the real issue.

  6. Tammy says:

    It’s like I stated on my friend’s post on Facebook: people are missing the point here. It’s the second year in a row that the nominations for Oscar have been all white. There has not been any performances by nonwhite actors or movies directed by nonwhites that weren’t worthy of a nod? Most of the movies nominated for Oscars are crap and I wouldn’t even watch on a bored binge watch.

    • Mia4s says:

      Just a correction but the directing nominations are not all white; Iñárritu is Mexican and won last year for directing and is nominated again this year.

      That doesn’t mean there is no problem obviously, but it does mean things are not so simple.

      • Pinky says:

        For acting!!! All white for acting, two years in a row. Does that clarify her point for you? (Oh, and no black director nods, but that’s beside the point because there’s a Mexican. Quota filled! Academy absolved!)

      • Mia4s says:

        @Pinky her comment including the following; “or movies directed by nonwhites that weren’t worthy of a nod?”

        That’s my point. There was a winner/nominee director of colour and that informs the discussion about solutions. Also the concern should be overall diversity, not just Black nominees and films. (Del Toro for example)

      • jonij says:

        so , i understand all from mexico are … no white? even if is white? and you are entitled to tallk about this ? “And if you insist on continuing to make assumptions about, I’ll advise you only this: assume you will always be wrong.”

      • FF says:

        Okay, so what I’m getting is that he’s a PoC who most don’t recognize as a PoC who the Academy can remind everyone is PoC to ‘prove’ inclusion but who could pass enough as white if not highlighted so that he doesn’t stand out enough to rectify the problem of visible non-whites’ non-inclusion?

        Amazingly, the core problem being addressed still stands. But he’s in a good position to comment on the situation as a PoC.

      • Cee says:

        Yes Jonij, to most people here Iñárritu is a person of colour because he is Mexican regardless of his ethnicity. That’s the way it’s considered in the US.
        I’m a white south american (german and celtic) however I can not say I’m “white” when I’m in the US.

      • Bridget says:

        With Inarritu, it depends on your definition of “white”. Ethnically, he’s European, but he’s from Mexico. It’s such a sticky argument, because he very clearly identifies as Mexican and is very, very proud to be Mexican.

      • M.A.F. says:

        People of Color includes any one who isn’t Western European and/or white America. So Hispanics across the board & Asians across the board are considered POC.

      • Anne tommy says:

        We had this discussion as to Mexican ethnicity on another thread. My views: as with The U.S, the UK and every other country, some Mexicans are PoC, some are not. It’s ridiculous to badge all Mexicans as PoC because they are from Mexico. Is Oscar Pistorious a PoC because he’s from South Africa? Greeks are PoC? It annoys me to even get into this debate because someone’s ethnicity is irrelevant to my view of them. But to say there’s a PoC nominated because of Innaritu seems very odd, whatever the bureaucratic definitions may be, and dilutes – a little- the argument about lack of diversity

    • Livvers says:

      Yes, after all the talk about diversity last year and the Academy’s (or Cheryl Boone Isaac’s) careful but public attempt to open up the academy to be more diverse, I feel like the 2016 nominations are a _very deliberate_ push-back from the Old White Man’s Club to say they are having none of it. They got called to the carpet last year, so this year the purposely decided to piss on it.

    • mila says:

      black people do not get good roles, that is the problem. oscar is just a stupid award, but the real question is why is that while males get the most wanted roles…

      as for Jada, she is a nobody. In a cult. Do not think I ever saw her on big screen.

  7. mia girl says:

    I believe two things about Jada Pinkett-Smith can be true at the same time:

    1. There is a real issue with the Academy structure and how it causes underrepresentation of meritorious work from minorities across all categories. I am confident that she agrees with this.

    2. If Will Smith had been nominated for Concussion, JPS would still believe #1, but would not have made this video or called for a boycott.

    Her personal message does become fuzzy because of Point 2 and the fact that many people (not referring to Aunt Viv) believe the Smiths to be fake, cooky and kinda disingenuous.

    I am one of those “many people”, so I just separate the message from the messenger… Point 1 is true, with or without Jada bringing attention to it.

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s how I feel about it too.
      My first gut reaction was she’s just pissed because Will got snubbed, and that has a lot to do with the opinion I have in general of the Smiths these days.
      But like you said, that doesn’t mean her point is wrong, that she doesn’t also believe what she’s saying, or that it didn’t need to be said.

      • Jwoolman says:

        Lucy2- yes, people are allowed to have mixed motivations. On the one hand, if her husband had been nominated, she probably would have kept quiet. But on the other hand- this is their industry and they certainly have the right to raise such issues. We all have to do what we can, where we can. They work in movies, so that’s their area of expertise and where they can have the most influence.

    • Kitten says:

      You’re probably right, mia girl.

      Still, I don’t get the hate for these two and never will.

    • SnarkySnarkers says:

      I’m with Mia girl. That was very well put! I don’t like the Smiths because of all the annoying, smug, showboating they do but I don’t hate them. I also don’t need to like Jada to see that there is a big diversity problem in Hollywood and I don’t disagree with her choice to boycott the Oscars. Isn’t that what people do when they don’t agree or like something?

    • Goodnight says:

      I agree. She’s doing the video because she’s salty about Will but she has some fair points. She’s just… not a likable person and because of the Will connection it comes across as contrived, which damages the argument.

  8. Erinn says:

    Honestly – I think people just don’t like Jada. If it was someone else at the helm of this, it’d probably be getting a lot more positive attention. Which is a shame, but I don’t know. I suppose, as a celebrity it’s a risk you’re taking. Good for her for bringing attention to the issue, but if people don’t like you, and don’t think you’re the most genuine person around… well, it might flop.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      I admit I don’t like Jada. I also don’t like when people don’t get directly to the point but meander all over it. I found her video and the repeated “I’m just asking a question” to be meandering and self-indulgent. It was all about Jada.

      Samuel L. Jackson was snubbed. Idris was snubbed. Benicia del Toro was snubbed. Ryan Coolidge was snubbed. Mya Taylor was snubbed. Oscar caliber actresses like Taraji and Viola had to switch to television. Women of color, any color, are not hired for decent roles. There is a serious problem. Say it instead of putting on a ton of makeup, posing with an elephant tusk in soft lighting and soft focus, and meandering on about “I have a question, just putting it out there. I’m not going to watch a television broadcast.” If she had made it less about her and her husband and more about the actual problem and possible solutions, I would agree with her, even though I don’t like her, but all I saw and heard was Jada talking about Jada.

      • Erinn says:

        Yeah – I think that’s where I would be too. I don’t like Jada either – but if it all didn’t come off as ‘The Jada Show” I think it would have worked out a lot better. I feel like she’s only interested in this as an issue because she feels angry that it effects her now. Last year there was a problem with diversity as well – was Will up for anything then?

      • Lilacflowers says:

        And people were talking about the problem the second the nominations were announced. But now, they’re not talking about the problem, they’re talking about: Jada; Jada’s motives; Jada’s views; What is Jada doing; what are people saying about Jada; why are people reacting like that to Jada. Jada. Jada. Jada. The way she did this took focus of the issue and put it on herself. There were other ways to make a valid point if she had one.

  9. lexx says:

    It’s hard because Jada has points but Aunt Viv has points too. Before this both Will and Jada had been in press saying nonsense like Black people need to put Charlize Theron on the cover of Essense, and Will had said that the diversity problem in hollywood wasn’t a problem. So then for both of them to sit up and now say BOYCOTT in the face of their movie not getting made is not good optics. That’s what the backlash is about, from black people anyway.

    • Pinky says:

      Thanks for this perspective. Very interesting.

    • FF says:

      I’m sure where they stand will come out in the end but is it not possible that they said that nonsense and got told how wrong they were and learned a thing? (I know, shocking because tbf they’ve said a lot of nonsense.)

      If the Academy thinks they can avoid this mess by throwing the Smiths a nom, they’ll do it next year and we’ll see but for the moment they have a point and if they’d chosen to attend this year they’d still be getting clapback – so they can’t win.

      I just don’t get how supporting the issue now is so terrible, if they’re full of self-indulgent, image-fluffing motivation it wiil be obvious in a very short period of time. Why not go in on them then?

      Or are we really upset they haven’t fucked up yet enough to ruin their standing/careers?

    • Wendy says:

      Not to nitpick but it bears pointing out. At no time have either requested a boycott, she said that she will not attend. Sensationalism sells.

  10. Mar says:

    Why does Will Smith look like a wax figure in the second pic? Yuck
    I think Jada has a valid point but she is biased because she woukd like validation for her husband’s work from their community. Maybe she needs to understand that her husband is not that great of an actor or his performance wasn’t as good as those nominated?

  11. anniefannie says:

    I was surprised at the measured and thoughtful way she expressed herself. It came across as being hurt rather than defending her husband.
    I was however, disappointed that in the video it appears she has an elephant ivory tusk in the background. If it is, that’s horrifying to not only have one but display it in such a gross manner. Please say it isn’t so….

  12. Miss M says:

    I honestly think Jada only said what she said because her husband was not nominated. Where was she last year?

    • MI6 says:

      @ Miss M: correct. Someone said this before, but if WS had been nominated, she’d be calling for a stylist instead of a boycott.
      That said, if WS HAD been nominated, the Oscar whiteout wouldn’t be quite as egregious.

    • Shaunna says:

      It appears the academy president has a plan to change the make up of the long sitting members. That is where the solution to this problem needs to be addressed. Not with Jada asking actors who have worked their entire careers to boycott the recognition of their films. I saw every movie which had a best actor nomination as well as Concussion. Will Smith’s performance was good but not on the same level as those nominated. Those nominated were phenomenal.

      • FF says:

        People keep saying that, and all I keep remembering is Natalie Portman got an Oscar for Black Swan, and people are literally saying Leo should get one this year because it’s his ‘turn’.

        Merit is highly subjective and him being thought of as ‘just good’ doesn’t obviously take him out of the running until one realises he’s a black actor and thereby held to a different standard and expectation.

        (And people who speak on his wandering accent in Concussion baffle me because before Winslet won other awards, and was nominated for an Oscar this year they made the same complaint about her accent in Steve Jobs.)

  13. Nancy says:

    I believe the things she says come from heart and I give her credit for having the balls to say them knowing she will receive backlash. However, If with a capital I, Will had been nominated for an Oscar which she obviously believes he deserved, would she have said anything. Would she have put on her prettiest dress and smile and supported her husband. Again, while I believe her angst, I also believe Will’s lack of a nomination really got her boiling. Was he snubbed? Perhaps, I didn’t see his film, but I sincerely doubt he wasn’t nominated because he was black. If Leo hadn’t been nominated, what would the war cry be, too many good actors to choose from…..Very difficult times we’re living in folks……

    • AG-UK says:

      I saw the film and I see lots of films and it wasn’t awful he was believable as the character not sure about his accent but it was far better than Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman ( woo ha or whatever he kept saying)

      • Nancy says:

        Whooah! They only threw that Oscar at Pacino because he was so blatantly ignored for all of his Oscar worthy performances in the past. They like who they like I guess.

  14. lovemesseg says:

    Let’s be honest.

    People are threatened by an intelligent black woman speaking her mind.


    • Tiffany27 says:


    • K says:

      Disagree- people applauded Viola Davis for what she said at the Emmys, people support the words of the head of the academy, and no one is attacking Lupita. This is coming to her because her motives aren’t pure.

      There is a huge problem with the academy, the fact of what she is overall saying is true but why she is saying it has zero to do with diversity or social justice but completely to do with Will not getting a nomination. Had will been nominated they would have called the uproar offensive and silly, and we know this because they have gone on record saying Hollywood doesn’t have a diversity problem.

      They also own a production company and don’t produce diverse films or projects!

      • The Original Mia says:

        I’m sorry, but people did attack Viola on twitter the night she made her comments. People have made similar remarks about Lupita. The Smiths’ production company has produced diverse films, such as Annie, and diverse tv shows. Now what?

      • K says:

        One people attack everyone but overwhelmingly Viola was praised, as has been Lupita. Twitter lives to get butt hurt. Wills company makes projects for his kids, which is fine he owns the company and can do what he wants. But he hasn’t hired a black director and he made Annie which is great but he could be looking for new talent and he isn’t. This is again his perogative. The issue is there were major snubs last year and they remained quite, she isn’t doing this because of a serious issue (which is real and needs to be delt with) she is doing this because Will wasn’t nominated, and he shouldn’t have been. He didn’t deserve it.

        The Smiths are being called out all over Hollywood for this and there is a reason, and it isn’t to play nice it’s because they are in a position to change things and don’t.

        Look I love will smith and think he is a great actor but he didn’t earn it this year. And seriously if they really cared about these issues where were they last year?

      • FF says:

        Erm, people did comment negatively on Violet and Lupita. The former as dragging unnecessary stuff up in the wrong place when there was ‘no need’ and creating feminist divisions. And the latter as not equipped to speak on it when she’d already accepted an Oscar. There are always complaints, they certainly weren’t some magical exceptions.

        Jada has more clapback because resentment of the Smiths has been growing on both sides for a while and critical mass still hasn’t come, i.e. because they’ve been successful for so long and brought children into it.

        If Viola was younger and both she and Lupita had family in the business who had a degree of their own fame or successful careers they’d get the same level of clapback eventually, no matter who they hung out with.

        The Smiths seem to be the most visible black family whose next generation (whether you like them, think they’re overrated, talented or not) might have credible fame of their own and have already had some degree of success to build on career-wise.

        A lot of people don’t see why they should have that and can come up with just as many reasons why they shouldn’t.

    • Wentworth Miller says:


    • Mark says:

      Just like this site,it’s why only white people get blogged about here.

    • al_111 says:

      Sorry, but she doesn’t come off as smart to me.

      She comes of as bullish and opportunistic! I am really disappointed in her and her husband. They are using scare-tactics and threats! How is that acceptable?

  15. Aarika says:

    Conscious or not A LOT of people still have issues with people of color standing up for themselves, and cannot stop themselves from silencing them in every possible way(see Alexis Arquette). And most activism has an element of personal gain in it. Most activist are not completely altruistic, they are doing it because it touches them on a personal level as well as for the greater good.
    As for Aunt Viv she’s been raging against the Smiths for years because of what Will did on Fresh Prince.
    On another note, how come people are not outrage at Alexis Arquette for “outing” the Smiths the way they normally are about other outing stories? Hmmmm…

    • funcakes says:

      Yes, but are they being authentic? Do they have a hidden agenda? Where was Jade when Viola made a speech about diversity in Hollywood? Why not ask for a boycott then?
      Its angers me to no end that Asians, Latins, and anyone of a different race are severely represented in Hollywood. And when they are its the usual stereotypical roles. After all these years are we still going to not be disgusted that Asians play the owner of a Chinese food restaurant. Lantins play the domestic help. Women always are mothers and annoying girlfriends waiting to be save by their man. The list goes on and on.

      As for Alexis she’s just a hot mess.

      • FF says:

        People have expressed annoyance at various stages over a long period of time.

        Though why aren’t other groups adding their voices to this now, it’s an opportunity to be heard and they’re just as excluded? This isn’t about just black actors but non-whites in general.

      • funcakes says:

        So true.

  16. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    Aunt Viv came across as bitter but besides that it really bums me out because frankly it feels like people are taking the easy way out.

    For all the bitching and moaning Jada was the only one to make a video and put her name to it. People act like the Smiths are untouchable but they’re still a black acting family in America. If you want to call Will Smith a new black, a safe black, what have you, fine. But he’s STILL black. When I look at and judge people like Raven Symon and Stacey Dash I don’t do it without realizing on some level they’re like someone suffering from PTSD (if you believe they’re genuine). Being a minority in this country is HARD, being one in an industry that is largely ruled by old fashioned white men must be a special kind of terrifying.

    We all deal with these struggles and for many POC I’m sure we all know at least one person who has adapted to this daily horror by going ‘safe’. They become the model ideal of a non-threatening minority. They don’t speak Spanish. They name their kids American names. They laugh at the jokes and blend in with the crowds and do everything to assimilate to some level of ‘whiteness’. They mock everything of value to other members of their race not because of intellectual disagreement but because it reminds them and those they try to appease that they ARE different.

    Jada isn’t Will. Will hasn’t said a peep about this and maybe he never will. Maybe he’ll keep his lips zipped because when he does the math it’ll be safer and better for him to keep his head down and keep trying to win at an acting game that grows tired of its black talent and pushes them aside. I don’t have to like that, but it’s not about him. It’s about Jada owning an issue that deals with her work and her role as a black woman.

    All the pot shots and complaints won’t change or improve that.

    /end rant.

    • AlmondJoy says:

      Love this comment

    • The Original Mia says:

      Excellent comment. People just don’t realize the struggle POCs go through to make it in this society.

      • AlmondJoy says:

        And then when you try to explain these struggles, people just don’t care. Or they deflect from the issue at hand.

    • lucy2 says:

      This morning Will himself said he won’t be attending, because he wouldn’t feel comfortable saying it’s OK.

      Thank you so much for this perspective. Someone upthread mentioned Will previously saying diversity in Hollywood isn’t a problem, and I just read that interview, where he’s basically saying his career is great and he can make whatever he wants, and doesn’t blame the old white guys for making stuff that appeals to old white guys. It bugged me, but then I read your comment, and looked at his words in a new way. In his experience of rising through the industry run by those old white guys, maybe that is simply his way of staying “safe”. As someone who has not experienced that particular struggle myself, it’s something I will try to keep in mind.

      • FF says:

        Well it’s the same need to be ‘safe’ that has white actresses climbing around definitions of feminism and the issue of equal pay.

        And sometimes I get him saying it because that’s the wall statement he’s being faced with when these same old white guys only want to give access to more white guys. It’s because they don’t want a power shift but it’s also good to recognise they are free to do what they want because the same applies when the shoe’s on the other foot – even if it is difficult to apply because those same old white guys control everything.

        I get it in part.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:


        Exactly. When you see actresses do everything in their power not to mention feminism they might have those beliefs strictly on their own but they might also be reacting to a fear of the ruling class. Sadly there’s s lot of ugly politics that goes into just trying to get a job in Hollywood.

        Yeah, hence why I mentioned Raven Symone and Stacey Dash. I fully get being frustrated with Will but I’ve come to realize that is a man who since the Fresh Prince of Belair intelligently did everything in his power to be a star and have a successful acting career. As annoying as it can be when he doesn’t speak up I also realize for his part he’s following a game plan that so far has worked for him better than nearly all other black actors. It’s a double-edged sword but like I said it’s his way of staying safe.

    • ab says:

      this comment is everything!

    • Marty says:

      You’re always my Queen Eternal, but especially today. This comment 🙌.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        Aww, thank you, when I’m not too dumbfounded I try to speak on things. Some days though…some days are too much.

    • I Choose Me says:

      This is why you and me will always go together Eternal Side Eye. Amen and amen.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        You all are amazing, without your comments beating back ignorance I’d tear my hair out some days.

  17. Kelly says:

    I think it’s a message undermined by the messenger. I can’t stand Jada as she portrays an elitist, the rules don’t apply to me attitude.

  18. K says:

    Ok here is the thing Will wasn’t snubbed. He didn’t deserve a nom, and she is Only speaking out on a huge issue because he wasn’t nominated. Also where was she last year? Why didn’t she get up in arms when Fruitvale was snubbed for best movie, actor and director, that movie was the best movie I’ve seen in decades and delt with issues that should matter to her. They matter to me and I’m not a minority.

    This year Idris Elba was hugely and disgustingly snubbed, Michael B Jordan and Ryan Cooldge were again snubbed, the movie Straight out of Compton, and Beast of No Nation were snubbed. I also can’t believe that not a single woman of color (doesn’t have to be black) didn’t give a better performance then Jennifer Lawerence in Joy because that is laughable. But will smith was not snubbed, he gave a wonderful performance but like Leo not Oscar worthy.

    The other issue with the Smiths is they own a production company and like many have pointed out they aren’t producing diverse projects. They aren’t out there finding new and interesting talent, they are casting their friends and kids. I will listen to Quincy Jones, Spike Lee and Ryan Cooldge (yes I know I’m spelling his last name wrong) because they are trying to make a difference.

    Jada is just mad will didn’t get a nomination, if she really cared about this she would use her power, influence and company to make it better.

    • radio active says:

      I think that the boycotting is just not that serious. You’re still going to act, still going to make money, and if you enjoy what you do and who you are, forget everyone else. An award shouldn’t stop you from continuing to be great. If you need an award to validate your awesomeness…I guess.

      I’m with Aunt Viv. She made some good points. I question Jada’s motive for the video. The other issue I have is that instead of asking actors to boycott….what are the Smiths doing to change the game?

      Also, I hate it when people misuse the word diversity. A diverse environment includes all races, genders, sexuality, age, etc. Doesn’t just mean black.

      • me says:

        I agree with everything you just said. The Smiths have money and power. They are in a position to actually do something and help make some changes. Will they though? Does she think posting a video on fb is enough? Why should the general population care about the Oscars when real people in real life aren’t getting jobs because of the color of their skin? People who went to college/university, did unpaid internships, took jobs way beneath them, and still can’t get a break or a promotion. What about them? No let’s focus on rich folks who will be just fine if they never work again. Yes, and I also agree that diversity means ALL ethnicites, genders, sexualities…this is not just an African American issue.

    • K says:

      Jada made valid and important points, what she said needed to be said. It just feels like she isn’t saying it because there is real problem and she is upset but because she didn’t get nominated.

      I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I agree with Whoopie Goldberg we get mad now and then we forget about it the rest of the year, we should be mad now this is outrageous but we need to be mad that POC, and women aren’t given more opportunities to act, direct, produce and write films being made all year so this can’t happen. I shouldn’t easily be able to name the snubbed actors because there should be so many options (although Idris was so brilliant it would be obvious snub no matter the demographics of film). the academy has to be more diverse but the films made have to be more diverse- they need to reflect society and the Smiths owning a production company could help and don’t.

  19. lovemesseg says:

    Alexis arquette and Aunt Viv (can’t bother to look up her name) clearly have personal grudges against the Jada and Will.

    Just another distraction

  20. SJO says:

    I don’t think that Jada is wrong, I just think that whole family has become such an eye roll in general that nobody cares.

  21. kinta07 says:

    I have to admit that I have not seen the Concussion. And I agree that the problem of #oscarssowhite is big and outrageous. But maybe in this special case Will Smiths performance in the movie was just not that oscarworthy? Again, I have not seen it and I think it is very suspicious (and in my mind wrong) that not one African-American entertainer is nominated. Any thought on that?

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Will Smith’s performance in Concussion was good but not Oscar-worthy. The performances of Idris Elba in BONN and Samuel L. Jackson in TH8 were. Michael B. Jordan’s performance in Creed was far stronger than Smith’s.

  22. Wren33 says:

    While I understand what Janet Hubert is saying, I also think when someone finally is standing up and saying something “you could have done something earlier” is not a productive response. But yes, like with Clooney, I think it is appropriate to say “I am happy to hear you say that, what concrete steps to you, with industry power, think you can take?”

  23. isabelle says:

    Jada is right but it is very suspicious they suddenly protest the Oscars when her husband was in a supposedly good film this year. An Oscar bait fell good type of film. Do think they were upset about it. That is what makes me suspicious of their sudden protest. It’s not like this is the first time this has happened. Oscars have been white washed since its inception. Haven’t seen Concussion but it got mediocre reviews at best and some of my friends that saw thought it Was OK but not Oscar worthy. Not in the fan club of movies being nominated only because of who is in them versus the quality of the film.

  24. Squiggisbig says:

    So I actually like Jada for the most part but I do think that Aunt Viv was mostly right. The thing that kind of bothers me the most is that why would she encourage a boycott this year when Chris Rock is hosting and there are no black nominees rather than last year when there was also no black nominees for any other reason than sour grapes for her husband? Who exactly is going to get blamed if the ratings are terrible? My guess would be the black guy….

    • K says:

      Exactly if the ratings are bad then Chris Rock will be blamed. Also if we actually want changes in how are films are made and what they look like (which I do) then the real boycot should be at the theater! Don’t pay to see a movie unless the cast is diverse and a real representation of society that will make them listen. Not watching the Oscars well they will just say people don’t like Chris Rock (which is untrue he is hilarious)

      • Kudzuqueen says:

        THIS THIS THIS! everyone seems to forget this is not about creating opportunity for everyone or being fair. It is all about making money. Unfortunately, unless it is felt at the box office, nothing will ever change.

  25. anne_000 says:

    Even Will Smith told Robin on GMA that he thinks Jada’s motivation is probably partly based on his not getting an Oscar nom, but then quickly added that even if he had been nominated, they would still not show up to the Oscars – which I doubt. If he had been, I’m thinking they would have found an excuse to go.

    The video of the interview is over at the DM.

    • whatthe says:

      If Will had been nominated he and Jada would not need an excuse to attend the event, they would be front and center, grinning ear to ear. Frauds.

  26. nches says:

    Here’s the thing. As a black woman, I know lots of Auntie Vivs. The people who can’t let you be simply because they see you as richer and more out of touch and just don’t want you talk about diversity because they think you can’t relate. What some black people fail to realize is that even as big as he is, Will and Jada are still not where they ought to be if for instance they were white. Jada champions a lot of similar causes and saying she’s pretending is a stretch. The Smiths have never been liked for many reasons mostly because they are rich and successful. how do I know this? cause I’ve heard someone say “They’re rich now. They fine with the white people” and this guy said it in such a way as if to blame Will and Jada for his situation.
    You know who else goes through similar nonsense? Beyoncé and JAYZ. Being called sellouts because they dared to be rich and successful. I’ve had people say “Beyoncé and JAYZ should give out all their money to bkack causes. they have it and they’re millionaires
    It’s basically;
    B&J, Will and Jada: *meets governor of New York to discuss police brutality and efforts to reduce conflict* *also puts Sean bell’s kids through school.
    Auntie Vivs of the world: *crickets*
    fox news: “former Crack dealer meets with governor
    Beyoncé: builds 7 million dollar homeless shelter in Houston, goes to Haiti with the UN with her BeyGood foundation to support humanitarian efforts, meets with the families of Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin and Walter Scott.
    Auntie Vivs: Photo op! not genuine. it’s about time she did something. it’s not enough. They got a billion dollars they can give it all up
    B&J, Will and Jada: *remains quiet*
    B&J, Will and Jada: *speaks about issues*
    These people cannot win. It socks that after a certain level of success, your own people will tear you down and critique your every move

    • AlmondJoy says:

      This + 1000. They literally cannot win.

    • J-Who says:

      Great analogy! It’s like that with everyone though. Black or white, If you’re in the public eye as a celebrity or tv personality, no matter what you’re color is, this is exactly what happens. you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. There was a great Eagles song back in the 70s called Dirty Laundry ( kick ‘em when they’re up, kick ‘em when they’re down) that speaks volumes and to this day, is very relevant. Jada has always rubbed me the wrong way, though. Love Will but Jada……I dunno…

      • Kitten says:

        I’ll always love Will Smith. I totally get the point about him being “safe” but to me he’s just a really talented dude. As far as Jada goes, I like that she doesn’t take shit.

    • The Original Mia says:


  27. Bridget says:

    Wow, you’d think Jada got up and announced she was pro-making puppies into fur coats.

  28. Irene says:

    Let’s not pretend Hubert is lashing out at Jada for any other reason than she’s married to Will Smith, at whom Hubert is still so, so very bitter.

    As for the rest of the people slamming Jada for her stance, I would assume it’s just another flavor of the whole ‘accuse the black woman of being angry and over the top emotional’ that people tend to do, so they can dismiss whatever she’s saying. It’s not like Jada is the only person calling out the Academy Awards for their lack of diversity, but she’s the only one married to Will Smith, so it’s easiest to focus on attacking her.

    • AlmondJoy says:

      🙌🏾 thank you

      • nches says:

        you said it better. Now can you imagine a scenario where Will and Jada kept quiet and said nothing at all. They would be accuses of eating off the white man’s table and would be called hypocrites etc.

    • Aarika says:

      Yep. Seeing people of color stand up for themselves make people very very uncomfortable. It’s sickening.

  29. taxi says:

    I think that Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, et al, have enough money & juice to produce movies with plenty of p.o.c. actors and writers. A plot-driven story ( Flight) appeals to many more viewers than depictions of rappers, hip-hop, & gangs. Movies about specific musical genres or groups generally appeal only to fans of those genres, be they classical (Amadeus, Red Violin) country (Walk the Line) or hip-hop/rap (Straight out of Compton.)

    • J-Who says:

      Thank you! I made that point yesterday and got whacked for it. Good luck! :-)

    • Lilacflowers says:

      I enjoyed Amadeus, Ray, Walk the Line, and Straight out of Compton.

      Separate is not equal.

      • word says:

        I don’t like country music at all…but I just recently watched Walk the Line (it was on TV for free) and I was pleasantly surprised. It was a good movie !

  30. J-Who says:

    Someone above made the comment that they were surprised this issue hasn’t come to light sooner or something because white people won’t even be the majority in 20 years. She just made the entire point. Maybe it’s not about skin color and it’s actually about acting, as it should be! Maybe there just weren’t any Oscar-worthy performances by any black actors this time around. It’s not as if no black person has ever won and why get so worked up over a stupid awards show anyway? The Oscars is just so they can pat themselves on the back and say “Good job!” and high five each other for being great at being nothing more than a bunch of crazy douchebags. If they want to get rid of “racism in Hollywood”, why not start with getting rid of BET awards or letting white people be involved in that show, too? They gripe about not including enough blacks in the Oscars and turn around and include zero whites or asians or hispanics or any other race in the BET awards. I call foul and ask they look to boycott something else for more important reasons such as black youth killing each other for a cigarette or for the color shirt they wore to the corner store. JMO. I would rather not see such division with everyone. It’s needless and mindless.

    • Irene says:

      It’s like you condensed every single Fox News opinion on the issue into one comment. Good Job.

      • censored says:

        LOL , yep seriously THATs the problem here right The BET Awards, I mean why arent there are WET Awards ? Im amazed nobody has got a jump on this yet ????
        Come on , we all know that white people are lacking representation in TV , film and the entertainment industry in general

      • Kitten says:


      • whatthe says:

        She made her point so why do you have to bring her down by bringing in Fox News? Is she not allowed to have an opposing point of view or do you have sole possession of the truth?

      • J-Who says:

        I don’t watch Faux News, LOL! I’m just saying that giving awards based on performance and/or merit is the only reason an award should be given. Perhaps there just weren’t any good performances by any black artists this year. I would like to bring up one issue and that is in the music industry, most of the artists that win the big awards are black so I’m not sure why the entertainment industry is saying that not enough blacks are recognized for their works. The Oscars aren’t the only awards show out there and yes, I understand we are talking about the Oscars. But still, they are all the same in my opinion, but………would you rather get an Oscar because you earned it like Denzel and Whoopi and SIdney Poitier or would you rather get one because of your race?

    • AlmondJoy says:

      So so much wrong with your statement. Not gonna address everything. But I would just like to point out that the BET Awards have featured a handful of white nominees like Eminem (nominated 6 times, won once), Justin Timberlake (nominated 8 times), Robin Thicke (nominated three times), Macklemore (nominated 5 times, won once) and Sam Smith, who literally JUST won at the last BET awards.

      • J-Who says:

        Now, see, I did not know that ( I don’t watch TV). I appreciate the heads up.

      • word says:

        @ AlmondJoy – very true. The BET Awards are actually more inclusive than the majority of award shows. Other shows should use this as an example of inclusion. Even many of the shows on BET had actors of other ethnicities as well.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      There is no denying the lack of diversity in the Academy and Hollywood, but it isn’t solely about not enough black people. It’s that there are hardly any Hispanics, Asian, or Arabic people and they are the next highest populations in America. There will definitely come a time, soon, when whites are no longer the majority, but that only speaks to general population. The problem with little diversity goes beyond how many people of each race live here. To me, it’s more about people of all races getting an education and acquiring positions of power. We could have 100 African-American’s, and 100 Hispanics, 100 Arabic to 1 white person, but it won’t make a difference in how things are run unless and until the Hispanics, Arabic community, black community, Asian-American communities get the higher learning and positions where they can leverage.

      • Cee says:

        I don’t think the number matters. If power is still in the hands of the white population (regardless of their number compared to other populations) then IMO this issue will persist.

    • Asiyah says:

      How do you propose somebody boycott black youths killing each other over a cigarette? Who do you boycott? What do you boycott? Please, enlighten us because for the most part, you make absolutely no sense, J-Who.

      Thanks for playing.

    • K says:

      Except there were brilliant, actually beyond brilliant performances by POC this year that should have been recognized and the fact that there is no front runner now is because of the nominees there wasn’t a stand out brilliant performance so it makes zero sense to not nominate actors of color who were brilliant. If you need help I will name the actors snubbed and truly snubbed this year!

      Idris Elba- I mean for the love of God are you kidding he should be finding space in his house beyond clear winner.

      Samuel L Jackson- brilliant

      Michael B Jordan if anyone gets a nom for acting in Creed it’s him.

      The young star of BONN.

      And what does the BET awards (who have given to white and non black performer) have to do with this? that is a nonsensical argument.

    • Cee says:

      Hey J-Who! They main problem, as I understand it, is that white actors/directors/whatnot have way more opportunities than other minorities, this case in point, the african americans employed in the film industry. If there are no quality parts available/offered to them then how can you deliver an Oscar-worthy performance? Viola Davis was very succint about this. Gina Rodríguez did the same last year (about Latinos always being stereotyped in media).

      And let’s not even get into the white washing of roles, another major issue related to #OscarsSoWhiteAgain

      This is white privilege all over the place.

  31. Saks says:

    So, who are we calling “people of color”? I’m honestly asking because that has lead to some discussions in the last couple of days. The notion was that POC is everyone who isn’t white, right? Or is it just another way of calling black people?

    I’m confused because I’ve seen people calling brown Latinos (morenos, who are definitely not white) POC, but others resenting that Alejandro González Iñárritu was called POC, and that Steve McQueen lost to Cuarón and now Jada saying this: “I hope that we as African Americans can find a way to get along and step together…our community, people of color…” And I just want to get the term right.

    • Cee says:

      Depends on the country. Where I’m from I’m considered as white as Princess Charlene of Monaco (she’s from Zimbabwe, raised in South Africa). In the US I’m not white because I’m Latin American, regardless of my very white skin (I lived in the US and this is the explanation I got)

      To make it simpler: My mum is 100% of spanish descent (she’s French Basque and Galician-Celtic). However in the US she’s not white while Penélope Cruz IS (and they have the same ancestry).

      • Saks says:

        Thanks Cee! That is why I hate that “poc” term, it is so ambiguous, and leave brown people in a weird place (we aren’t white enough and we aren’t black enough).

        In my personal point of view, I think it is a bit unfair to put all Latinos (and probably is the same with Arabs, Asians, etc.) as POC, mainly because we come in all shades of colours and we identify more with the culture of the place of our heritage than to the colour of our skin (I’m not saying there isn’t racism but thats an entirely different topic). Thats why I like the best the term “diversity”.

      • Cee says:

        ITA Saks. If someone referred to me as being POC I would laugh in their faces because I am clearly not and takes away from other ethnicities. The same thing when someone blasts me for not being Latin enough. I can’t alter my ethnicity or cultural heritage.

        Of course there is discrimination – where I’m from most of the population is of European descent but with the new wave of mass inmigration we received from other latin american countries, Africa and easter europe, our colours are changing and some people are not OK with that.

    • dana says:

      POC is non-white. So latina, asian, black… also this is a diversity discussion and should include lgbt, and so forth

  32. Dirty Martini says:

    I think the pushback on Jada is multi factorial . I do agree she has been commenting intermittently on the black experience for many years — this isn’t new territory for her. She has even acknowledged that WS suggested in the past she might need to modify her language and approach to have a more successful mainstream career. So Aunt Viv’s comment that apparently her man couldn’t speak for himself did make me guffaw — because yes I think that in part this time it was pique over a perceived nomination snub for WS.

    But pushback is likely coming because Jada just isn’t likeable and many may not want to be associated with her. Add in the hypocrisy of living a somewhat inauthentic life. And I saved the controversial statement for last………..this concept that this Boycott is a bandwagon all African Americans in Hollywood must get behind is stilted. It’s putting undue pressure on each other (Chris Rock as host) and it also is forcing people to pick and choose in a way they may simply not want to. An “all or none” approach over a freaking award show when your professional livelihood is involved — that’s going to make some people damned uncomfortable particularly when they don’t think Jada is their choice of spokesperson (or someone to blindly align with) anyway.

    • taxi says:

      The only acting I’ve seen from Jada was in her hospital-sited TV show. I didn’t think she or the show were as good as the other medical shows. I think she was the producer, so clearly intended to show her perception of her own talent. It didn’t last long. Has she had any significant film roles?

      • me says:

        I’m not sure how old you are, but I remember the show “A Different World” and I really liked her character. Hey whatever happened to the band she had? She was touring just a few years ago, though I was not a fan of her music.

      • Dirty Martini says:

        She has had smaller supporting roles in many films–The Women, Matrix Reloaded, Menance II Society just off the top of my head. Significant as in starring/major supporting and/ or huge blockbuster hits? Nah. And that was part of what I remember reading in an interview……..Something to the effect that she was angry over Hollywood racism and wanted to focus on smaller, racially meaningful roles, and that Will had advised her that to make real change she needed to do it from within and focus on movies or roles that were more mainstream and less personal statement driven in order to built a portfolio of work that gave her more of a platform for change in the future.

        EIther way — much like Caitlyn Jenner — for a variety of reasons lots of people may agree with her in theory but not support her in the moment because she really just isn’t that well liked as a person or that respected as an actor.

  33. The Original Mia says:

    I’m not a fan of Will Smith. Haven’t been for years. I can take Jada in spurts. Jaden works my last nerve and I feel for Willow. And you know what? It still doesn’t mean that Jada or Will is wrong to stand up to what is a well-known problem with the Academy and Hollywood. People say…but Will wasn’t good in Concussion he didn’t deserve the nom. Well, decades of white people have been nominated for roles and movies that were deemed mediocre and I don’t see anyone bringing that up when they are being lauded and awarded year after year after year. People of color know…KNOW they have to be 10 times better and smarter than their white counterparts to even be noticed and even then, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be acknowledged for it. That’s not just in Hollywood. That’s everywhere in this society. So, yeah, I applaud Will & Jada for finally waking up and realizing that no matter how much money and status they have in Hollywood, injustices can still happen to them, to all of us.

  34. JenniferJustice says:

    I don’t think Jada is disingenuous. She just isn’t anybody people want to hear anything from because she is not liked or respected. Why is it that every time the issue regarding the lack of diversity in Hollywood is raised, it’s always about having more African American actors/actresses/directors/award winners? It’s true that in about 20-30 years, white people will no longer be the majority race in America, but people are mistaken if they think black people will be the majority. The highest population off non-white Americas are Hispanics – by a long shot. Then African Americans. But that won’t last long either because the populations of Asian-Americans and Arab-American’s are growing rapidly – super fast. So, if we’re going to talk about diversity, we need to make sure it’s not just about black people. It’s about ALL races in America.

    • word says:

      I totally agree. I get frustrated when people talk about “lack of diversity” but only mention African Americans. Helloooo there are many poc not being represented. Let’s include ALL shall we?

    • censored says:

      What or who is preventing Hispanics , Asians , Arabs etc from speaking up for themselves ???

      • word says:

        Power is in numbers. Why should each “group” have to singly fight for equal rights? All poc should work together on this, as well as those White people who also feel the same. In that case, why should anyone who isn’t Black care about the horrible hardships Black people have gone through? Shouldn’t we all be upset when poc are left out? Do you really think every person on here who is commenting with outrage is Black? It’s not about “speaking up for themselves” it’s about having others listen !

      • whatthe says:

        Non AA POCs always ride black coattails because, you know, non-black people of color have all suffered as much as the real thing (sarcasm). Again, let the Asian, Latino and Arabic actors make their own cases.

      • censored says:

        Doesn’t that Power in numbers mean that we should ALL use our voices ?
        I agree that everyone who is standing up for diversity here isnt black similarly it isnt fair to say that when a black person says diversity they are thinking of themselves alone and not all POC/genders etc.
        it is one thing to speak up anonymously on the net but in general the “good Minorities ” need to be more publicly vocal as time and time again as even on this site its the Black populace is attacked for “whining ” when in fact historically in this country when there is a win for diversity everybody benefits

      • Ennie says:

        … Just like Will Smith said to the Aunt Viv Actress “your deal is your deal, my deal is my deal”.
        That is not the way, IMO.

      • word says:

        @ whatthe – see it’s this way of thinking that is the problem. Ok if you want Asian, Latino, Arabic to make their own cases, then don’t get mad when no one other than African Americans care about their cases. Just yesterday people were saying how white actors in Hollywood should speak up on the lack of diversity, but if we’re going by your way of thinking, they shouldn’t have to say a thing right? That is not going to solve anything.

        @ censored – yes, like I said we should ALL use our voices for the sake of ALL.

        ” isnt fair to say that when a black person says diversity they are thinking of themselves alone and not all POC/genders etc.” — but who said that? I didn’t. I’m talking about in general how it’s been so far with this Oscar’s talk. News outlets, etc. are only talking about the lack of black actors being nominated…but it’s not just black actors.

        Who is saying the black populace is whining? That’s ridiculous. We should all be upset with the lack of diversity.

  35. Tallia says:

    Jada’s entertainment company at least hires women directors and directors of color, so she practices what she preaches. Anyone care to take a peek at her hubby’s company? White, White, White, Man, Man, Man. Will’s performance is Concussion, was good, not great and certainly not Oscar worthy. There were several other performances passed over that I felt deserved a nod over who was nominated. Was it a color issue? I don’t know. I think it is more a good old boys issue, the Academy sucks issue and the process is ridiculous issue myself. I will not be watching the Oscars. The whole thing is a farce. If the actors and other industry members who do the best work are not nominated consistently, who cares about the Academy? Not I.

  36. BobaFelt says:

    I just assume people are wondering why she wasn’t vocal last year (when Will wasn’t a possible nomination), but this year she’s very vocal and upset (when some think he was snubbed). Unfortunately, it comes off as self-serving or at least self-focused…which stinks because everything she’s talking about needs to be discussed more and the status quo changed. If major nominees did boycott, I think it would force the Academy to change, but that would take a more coordinated effort.

  37. Lucinda says:

    I’d really like to ask anyone who says the timing is suspect, when is the right time to speak on any issue. This past year has been especially turbulent for people of color, not only black people. Muslims have been under attack as well. Focusing on Jada is skirting around an important issue. It just so happens that the issue is at the forefront about because of the Oscars. Let’s focus on the issue at hand, DIVERSITY!!! Focus on the message not the messenger, no one is perfect. Criticizing Jada because the haven’t said anything before this, I guess she should continue to say nothing then.

  38. Jayna says:

    I watched Beasts of No Nation last night. Idris was amazing and deserved a nomination, as did the director, Fukunaga. But what I want to know is why the little boy Abraham, who played Agu, hasn’t been nominated. The movie is told from his perspective and he has the biggest part, and everyone talks about how amazing he is in it. But has he gotten a nomination from any of the award organizations so far? I was haunted by the end by his performance.

    • FF says:


      1. I doubt they’d nom Attah without nominating Tremblay (the young actor in Room – I note nobody called that kid a c___ and then tried to play it as ironic humour. Wonder why?).

      2. Attah is a sympathetic PoC in that role, and one unattached to any white saviour figure characters. So, no. As they see it they already gave a boost to Lupita as an unknown.

      3. Idris was playing the Scary Monster PoC trope the Academy likes to reward (see Bardem and Whittaker) and he’d be more likely win a nom in a film with no white characters if any recognition was going to be given. (As we saw, it wasn’t. So maybe it’s not Netflix but the director and all the actors being PoC and Cary and Idris having too much potential career longevity. They are handsome, talented, and people love them already…?)

      Yes, I can sense the whining about my opinions already. *sigh*

    • nic919 says:

      I saw Beasts of No Nation at TIFF and it was a great movie. Idris is excellent as usual, but it really was Abraham Attah who carried the movie and he was really good. I find it irritating that we are only hearing about the kid from Room, when he did not have a role as complex and compelling as that of Attah’s.

      Some people are blaming Netflix, but I suspect the subject matter of an African kid being taken as a child soldier is what stopped the Academy from giving Beasts of No Nation more love.

      • Jayna says:

        I agree. His role was so nuanced and very complex like you said, never overacted, and carryinig that movie as far as it being from his perspective through a child’s eyes. The boy had never acted before except in the acting workshops they put the local kids in and he was the star it soon became evident. That scene towards the end with him with the psychologist and him narrating his thoughts and his expression kicked me in my stomach. There is no way the Room kid even came close to Abraham’s performance. It’s not that I want Abraham to win. I think he’s too young and it would be maybe bad for him to win in the long run. But that kid deserved to be nominated. What a performance. He was brilliant in the movie.

        An Idris’ part while not as big, he was so powerful in the movie as far as disappearing into the character. That was a dark role to take on and he just became that character in a fearless way.

        It’ s not an easy movie to watch, and Fukunaga did just a spectacular job not flinching from such hard subject matter but not going too far in how he depicted certain scenes. I went on Reddit and read a whole discussion on the movie because it makes you think so much after it’s over. It stays with you.

  39. funcakes says:

    I’m sure Aunt Vivo has every right to feel the way she does. She knows all the back stories that the public is not privy to.
    She obviously was not willing to kiss his asks back in the day bad she paid the price. Now crap about Will is coming out year after year and his persona is melting away. Trust when I say that I bet all his other cast members have stories to tell but they’ll only tell them as soon as he is finished completely which should be soon.
    Jade on the other hand should just take a seat. She never made a big stink before this over anything. This is just her being opportunistic at best to prove her marriage is authentic.
    But everyone has known the deal with these two already.
    She should just shut the hell up to let Idris fight the fight. He’s Oscar worthy.

  40. Tiffy says:

    I wonder how Jada feels about Obama’s older daughter getting fancy internships in Hollywood without truly working hard for it, just like her children. The problem in Hollywood is not race but nepotism. Jada and Will have no problems shoving their talentless kids down everyone throats or don’t speak out when other kids get ahead in Hollywood through connections but is angry and bitter when deserving, hard working people like Leonardo DiCaprio or Brie Larson are nominated?

    If you want to see more diversity in movies, I suggest you stop giving the roles to celebrities or privileged children like The Smith kids or Emma Roberts, Lily Colins, etc and start hiring some real talented folks!

    • K says:

      First how do you know the work Malia Obama put in to get her internship? You don’t so while of course she has an advantage so did every presidents kid (you think Jenna Bush would be on the Today show this young if she wasn’t a Bush). That being said we don’t know these girls didn’t work for it and don’t work hard at their jobs and it’s rude to imply otherwise. Especially when Malia isn’t acting so we don’t see her work, I’d stick to speaking with what you know.

      There is clearly a diversity issue in Hollywood or we wouldn’t be able to name all the India Actors who have staring roles, or women directors who have won awards. We wouldn’t be able to tell you the exact number of POC in any movie, but we can.

      Also Leo is hardly deserving of his nomination, or hard working. He is a good actor not great and knows his range and stays in it. He doesn’t deserve the award above Allah from BONN, or even Michael B. Jordan. And honestly do you really think he has ever given performance on the same level as Tom Hanks, Jared Leto or Idris Elba because he hasn’t.

  41. iheartgossip says:

    Jada is part of the 1% and came out swinging without a back-up plan. What have Will & Jada done to promote black actors/directors/P.A.’s, etc. Will seems to have Latina or white women as his love interests. Plus, they have a messy private life.

    • me says:

      Well it is hard to feel sorry for someone sitting in their mansion filming a video about the damn Oscars. I wish her and her husband would comment on what is going on in Flint, Michigan right now. That is much more important. We should all be worried as sh*t like this could happen in any of our cities…but not Beverly Hills, as they get the best water of course.

      • The Original Mia says:

        They sent 100,000 bottles of water to Flint. Did you know that? It certainly wasn’t mentioned in the MSM. I heard about it on Black Twitter and FB. Wow, look at that. Being concerned about more than one issue at a time.

      • me says:

        @ The Original Mia

        I don’t use twitter so how was I supposed to know that? I watched Nightline last night and they spoke of those celebs that had donated water and the Smiths names were not included. If they did send water, it’s a shame their names were not mentioned, and it’s a shame Jada didn’t mention that in her video which has now been seen by MILLIONS. As my original comment stated “I wish her and her husband would COMMENT on what is going on in Flint right now”.

      • The Original Mia says:

        The point is that people can be concerned about a variety of issues. Jada can care about the people in Flint and can care about diversity in Hollywood. She doesn’t have to choose one to discuss or be vocal about. By throwing up Flint or any number of other issues facing POC/women in this country and the world, you throw up a distraction and lessen the value of what is being said. That’s like those who like to throw up AllLivesMatter when people are discussing BlackLivesMatter. Why does she have to say something about Flint when she did something for the people of Flint?

      • me says:

        @ The Original Mia

        I never said people couldn’t be concerned about more than one issue. Of course they can. I just thought that Jada had an opportunity to bring awareness of what is going on in Flint (something much more important than the Oscars). Her video was viewed millions of times and it could have helped get the word out as some people don’t even know where Flint is on a damn map. ALL celebs should use their position to help or at least spread awareness.

    • dana says:

      Again, why are people determined to think so small on this issue and make this solely about Jada’s personal actions in order to say, “we need more diversity up in here”. You’d feel better if it was Robert Redford or Jessica Chastian. Do they need a background check of all their personal history to say – the lack of roles and flms and POC in hollywood makes it hard for us to thrive. It closely mimics Viola’s Emmy speech which is why I’m baffled again why the need to drag vs look at the bigger message. OPPORTUNITY is what Jada is asking for. Can we concern ourselves with her work history later and get to the main point first.

      • lilacflowers says:

        I would feel better if Jada had dropped all the long-winded, self-serving “I’m just asking a question …” rambling while wearing lots of make-up in soft lighting in front of a soft-focused camera and issued a very simple, direct and to the point, one-three sentence statement on how she found this to be a problem, similar to what Lupita, Whoopie, Idris, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, and Spike have done. Jada made it about Jada.

  42. Sofia says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this and read comments and some articles of film critics about this matter. My conclusion is this:

    - This isn’t Oscar’s fault. Nominations are a symptom of the lack of roles not defined by race played by POC. Studios should look at what TV shows are doing about diversity, because it just works, people want to see those shows because these characters are interesting and are being played by amazing actors and actresses. Talent is there and opportunities should match.

    - Using the Oscars as a scapegoat of a race issue distracts us about the conversation about what Oscars are about: power and popularity. This is a disservice to cinema and harms the awards’ reputation. It shouldn’t be a likability contest where the best campaigners with their resources use it to charm and influence… a win and it shouldn’t be about giving awards to someone who should’ve won in the past or is due an award.

    I think there’s a problem but using the Oscar’s media attention and implying that academy voters are racists when the problem, as I see it, precedes the Oscars, seems unfair to me. People who know the studio system inside out shouldn’t wait for the Oscars to speak up, specially if they are in a position of power like the Smiths and Spike Lee. I wonder if Idris got a nomination we were talking about all of this. Because even if he got one and even win the award, the problem inside the system would still be there. Unless people are more interested in what looks good and bad and not really into making a difference beyond these boycott statements about taking care of their community or something along these lines.

    Hopefully this conversation, even if misguided as I see it, will make people think and bring some changes. But let me add something else, look at films on film festivals and you’ll see how the Oscars are far from celebrating cinema. There are tons of interesting projects out there that just don’t become mainstream, they just have no power to compete with huge studios. That doesn’t mean these projects don’t exist, but naturally they don’t have a Hollywood status attached and we have often to look for them.

    And I would like to know what Viola Davis has to say about this, in her judgement I trust.

  43. Josefina says:

    Will Smith’s and Michael B. Jordan’s snubs for acting Oscars are definitely not the biggest crime commited against black people in American history. And I’m pretty sure their noms wouldn’t have made a racist white cop think twice before shooting an innocent black boy. However, it is a reflection of how powerful people in Hollywood think.

    Wanna know why no black actors were nominated this year or the year before? Because they didn’t play thugs, slaves, maids, or any other stereotypical role in a big Hollywood production. This is the entertainment industry. The Oscars award their best achievements. Doing a logical and empirical analysis of the situation, the Academy is sending the message black people are their best playing maids and slaves. They can’t nominate David Oyelowo for playing a major character in American history and an internationally recognised fighter for peace and integration, but they are glad to hand an Oscar to Lupita Nyong’o for playing a tortured slave or Octavia Spencer for playing a sassy maid. AKA, black people are most entertaining playing stereotypical roles. Don’t aspire to big things, black kids! Submissive and attentive, we love you the way you are!

    • dana says:

      The issue should be People of Color not just black. Its goal is Diversity, in race, sexual preference and gender. Its not a black issue but a diversity issue of topics, people and who’s helping to drive the message.

      • FF says:


        So why are no other PoC speaking on it now that the discussion has opened up?

        Seriously? I’ve been waiting.

    • Ennie says:

      Same happens to Latinos:maids, gangsters, sicarios, narcos. Just watch most movies with Latinos, particularly Mexicans and come and tell me they show a positive portrait , and other ethnicities have it bad, too, stereotypes here, there and everywhere. Russians=gangsters, Asians: ” nerdy” people, native americans, Irish, etc.

    • FF says:


      And to my observation it kicked in the hardest since Obama came to term.

      It’s as if they got scared that after some high profile black presidents appeared on TV and film, an actual black candidate became president, and then it’s sassy maids, butlers, warlords, SBG tropes, despair/death narratives, and slaves that get nods.

      The anxieties on display are pretty transparent tbh but then so is the denial.

    • mialouise says:

      Preach! Morgan Freeman “Driving Miss Daisy” Halle Berry “Monster’s Ball” Michael Clarke Duncan “The Green Mile.”

  44. Pondering thoughts says:

    A bycott or a strike makes a difference if you can stop certain “functions” entirely. The french farmers can stopp traffic on main roads by parking their heavy vehicles there. That way they make the traffic stop. They destroy the functioning.

    But I am not sure in how far non-white actors boycotting the Oscars would have a heavy impact as in “it stops the Oscars from functioning”???

    Better go there and say a few distinctive and memorable words on discrimination on camera.

  45. K2 says:

    I get that a lot of people don’t like Jada. I get that it may be justified. But I think it’s remarkably interesting that the huge explosion in vocalised hate on the woman comes when she says something that shouldn’t be either unlikeable or controversial, after years of apathy and muted grumbling over some weird/shady behaviour.

    The Oscars reflect Hollywood. The fact they are as vanilla as possible this year should worry everyone, and the fact a black woman raising the topic is getting reamed for doing so is, I think, telling. This should be the single least controversial thing she’s ever come out with, if we lived in a world that didn’t institutionalise and internalise all sorts of privilege, and prejudice.

    I’m white. I didn’t even notice the Oscars were solely white, not until it was pointed out. I should notice. It matters – as Miss Representation says, the media is the medium and the message. It shapes our interpretation of the world we all inhabit. So why is the story shifting to the likeability or otherwise of this woman, and not remaining squarely on the unlikeability of the colour blindness displayed by white people like me?

    Some very rich Hollywood wife may have built her career around marrying up, and may have done some shady things, and may now be trying to bandwagon. Who cares, when the bandwagon available to her is systemic and institutionalised and invisible (to those of us not disadvantaged by it) bigotry? Her personality is so trivial in the wider scheme of things, yet it seems to have begun to be the story.

    • dana says:

      I agree with you 100%. Now isn’t the time for Drag Jada day. Like her or not, what she’s saying isn’t a lie at all. While a boycott IMO isn’t the answer, the fact is – the conversation needs to be had. Constructive criticism of the entire system needs to be discussed and agree or disagree with the particulars of Oscars vs NAACP awards… the big issue is over the course of the past 20yrs our images have slowly disappeared from mainstream film, independent or otherwise – not that they ever had a significant place but the volume of films where we have a prominent POC have gradually diminished in the face of status quo. So, while i may not agree with a boycott – preach Jada because change needed to come. What we didn’t need – is revenge tactic of who should drive the change.

  46. dana says:

    Honestly at this point, i want the whole matter to go away because its clear whoever sticks their neck out “we” plan on attacking. Will nor Jada’s personal career history should be brought into the matter. No one can stay on topic because the reality is – this controversy needs to be had and the change needed for hollywood execs in questions is a tall order. Its easy to attack Will & Jada’s personal motives but they shouldn’t matter at the end of the day. Why they did it vs it needs to be said.
    Also the argument that we as a collective people have bigger problems so lets drop this or by shaking things up puts our jobs at risk is basically saying we know its bad but stay status quo. Take the minor roles/films they give because we deserve no better. And since when did the arts not have a significant impact on social culture and identify abuses in our community. So by diminishing our place or taking only whats given is not asking for too much. Change needs to happen, today, tomorrow or 10yrs from now. Its not the award that matters as much as opportunity and access to roles, positions of power and budget to make content ourselves and stay within the bubble. Jada’s comment should at least be given some respect on a basic level. All that clap back/dragging just tears down the entire position for us all.

  47. karen2 says:

    ….personally I still dont understand why the completely bog standard whiney spectre ballad won the golden globe over wiz’s c u again….some people just get no love….like for instance Cruise should have won an Oscar for something…anything years ago considering the work he creates….but thats never gonna happpen now…also I watched a fairly entertaining Chris Rock/Rosario Dawson movie that made no money nor was it directed by anyone special and aske myself how was it any worse than Birdman

  48. al_111 says:

    Oh, and one more thing:

    I HATE and strongly condemn the use of the word ‘POWER’.

    That, to me, flat-out proclaims looming and premeditated violence, conflict and gang-mentality. I hate that word: White Power, Black Power, Christian Power, Moslem Power…

    It enforces a concept of intended animosity, divisiveness, and certain discrimination. If this is the way you choose to approach these issues, as Americans, we will never resolve a single issue related to race, ethnicity or minority representation.

  49. al_111 says:

    I am a man of color who became an American citizen when I was 25, and I will say Jada Smith DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME. I vehemently disagree with her stance and sentiments; flat-out advocating gang-mentality to strong-arm people and institutions so she will get whatever she wants. She is a disgrace.

    Are you asking for integration… or segregation and racial quotas? Is this a personal vendetta for Concussion? Because the industry that you are debasing here is the same industry, audience and nation that have been giving your husband hundreds of millions of dollars to reward his talents, and praising him any chance they get.

    She throws around the world ‘DIVERSITY’. Let’s face it; she only cares about the representation of African-American population, yet will not say that out loud since that would be too transparent.

    As a bisexual atheist man of color who became an American to escape crushing severe religious oppression and threat, I will say that this spoiled, ungrateful and belligerent woman DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME. And if she go about these issues in this fashion… she never will.

    I fully support the Academy and will be watching the show. I celebrate people in the arts; they bring so much joy to the rest of the planet. Needless to say, I certainly hope for more diverse racial representation in movies myself; not just black, but also Asian, Latino, Native American, Middle Eastern.

    You know why? Because why not!

    But I strongly condemn some clueless and tactless people trying to get to that point through intimidation, animosity, and cheap scare-tactics.

    • Ennie says:

      You make good points.
      For some people diversity = their own minority ethnicity, my business, other etnicities=not my business.
      I hope this’d change.
      Kudos to you for being able to be free and live your live how you see fit.

    • Tiffy says:

      I agree with you 100%. Jada is only speaking up because Will didn’t get a nominated this year. How come she did not say this back when he was nominated 2 times in the past?
      I feel sorry for the nominees because they are being made to feel bad by racists like Jada and her supporters that they are only nominated because they are ‘white’. No they are nominated because they gave great performances and directed fantastic movies.
      Will smith got mixed reviews for Concussion, wheras Leonardo DiCaprio, Bryan Cransten, Brie Larson,etc all got really good and glwoing reviews. SOC was not that great in my opinion and the issue with BONN is that its a Netflix movie. Otherwise it was have gotten in.

    • Original T.C. says:

      “She throws around the world ‘DIVERSITY’. Let’s face it; she only cares about the representation of African-American population, yet will not say that out loud since that would be too transparent.”

      Al if you are a bisexual man of color it’s really puzzling that you don’t know that because of Blacks taking to the streets [while being shot in the back, hanged, bombed in homes and churches along with their children] are the reason all other minorities can drink from any fountain, sit anywhere on the bus, attend universities and a whole lot of rights to dignity. Unlike other minority groups who are too scared to upset the ruling race but happy to benefit from our wins, Blacks will always be the canary in the gold mine for this country. Whatever rights or privileges they fight for, other minorities also benefit from it next.

      What you SHOULD be asking is why are they the only ones out there fighting and taking the Internet and real life hate? Why aren’t Hispanics/Latinos, Asians, biracial people etc adding their voices to ours? Whatever the reason, if most Black people see discrimination against other minorities they are more likely to support that person but that rarely happens in the opposite direction.

      If other minorities can pass as White, they do and join the masses in discriminating against Blacks. Study your American civil rights history if you immigrated to this country and didn’t do US high school history. But again the topic is Jada speaking out for “OscarsSoWhite” and people being uncomfortable with that topic so finding a million reasons to undermine it. Which you kindof are doing too.

      • al_111 says:

        I respectfully disagree with many of the sentiments which you have shared in your post.

        I do not believe anyone advocates blatant racism in Hollywood and I do not think anybody wishes to see brutality inflicted upon innocents executed or utilized by governments, armed forces, or random civilians.

        It is always heartbreaking when you witness that.

        But you wake up and decide that you should be pissed off about something that day; then drag an entire institution and industry that have been increasingly welcoming and accepting toward minorities every single decade; the industry that placed you among the 0.1% of the entire human population financially; praised you and your family any chance they could get; and you say “now I am pissed because this time around I did not get what I surmised I deserved!”

        This is the situation here.

        Sorry, but life has been too kind to Jada and Will. This is a smear campaign against all the worthy nominees this year. What a despicable thing to do! I do not respond well to these types of threats, ultimatums, and thuggish/bullish M.O.s.

        It is tactless, reprehensible, and unbecoming.

        Would you prefer quotas? Like “every year there must be 2 black nominees, 1 latino and 1 misc. from this day on”??? You think every year there MUST be at least this amount of black nominees so that Jada will not throw a hissy fit in her 50 million dollar estate?

        That is RACIAL SEGREGATION – pure and simple.

        I did not become an American citizen for that. This country is better than that.

  50. Trixiebelle says:

    Jada, (1) you are not the dignified, female spokesperson for Black Hollywood; (2) you’re an OK actress, at best; (3) You’re husband has been nominated TWICE so I don’t know what you’re whining about; and (5) your kids are ridiculous. Sorry, but they are.

    It’s kind of hard to feel sympathy for someone like you who is ROLLING IN DOUGH, is famous, can afford anything and lives like a queen and who is lucky enough to do work you love while the rest of us have to work 9 to 5 for people we don’t like and our paychecks do not contain six zeros. So sit down and SHADDUP.

  51. mollie says:

    I just want to know why she did what she did to her face.
    So sad.

  52. Daneen says:

    I read every single comment on this post and one thing jumped out at me… Ryan Coogler wrote the screenplay and directed one of the best movies of the year (Creed). He was snubbed by the Academy this year, despite the film being a critical and box office smash. Coogler successfully revived the Rocky franchise for a new generation and put Sylvester Stallone in a position to earn an Oscar nom after a 40 year hiatus. But in every comment in which he’s mentioned on this post, he’s referred to as Ryan Coolidge. Ryan COOGLER is a 29-year-old African American film prodigy. Realistically, he should have been nominated this year, and for Fruitvale Station a few years back. He should be (at the very least) a two-time Academy Award nominee by the time he turns 30. Yet he continues to be overlooked and people can’t even get his name right. Damn shame.

    • al_111 says:

      Kirsten Dunst was snubbed for MELANCHOLIA – the BEST piece of acting delivered that year! She had won the highest prize over @ the Cannes festival, even after Von Trier’s off-color anti-semitic comments which publicly marred the integrity of his movie.

      A lot of people get snubbed for whatever reason – EVERY YEAR! The very consummate Gary Oldman never received a single nom, as far as I know.

      Even if they do get the nom, they sometimes get snubbed afterward! Julia Roberts won her Oscar over Ellen Burstyn’s Requiem role! Cher won over Glenn Close!

      This sort of thing happens all the time.

  53. FF says:

    I can understand Jada getting slammed, she’s an easy target – and thankfully she knows that. What I don’t get is people taking an opportunity to validly point out the lack of roles being given to non-whites in the industry and the manner in which the projects that do occur often aren’t recognised, and turning it into an issue of whether they like Jada, her family, their received motives or their past behaviour – actual or speculated.

    It’s not about the messengers it’s about the message. How I feel about her is irrelevant, it doesn’t change that what caused her comments is still an issue and now is a good time to shine a light on it.

    Nevermind how silent most of the acting community is. lol, Only Ruffalo, Clooney, and Moretz? Okay. Will be noting who suddenly wants to talk after they pick up an award.

    Let’s not forget this the second year running.