Drew Barrymore explains her tongue piercing: ‘I’m a good time gal’

Drew Barrymore, 34, was on the Late Show last night promoting her new HBO movie Grey Gardens. The actress came out in a tight black dress with poofy sleeves and her hair up in a tight bun. She was super flirty with Dave as usual. Barrymore famously flashed her breasts to Letterman (link leads to video) on his show in 1995, standing on his desk and turning her back to the audience to quickly lift up her top. She was more subdued in this appearance, but kept up the sexiness until it came time to talk about her film, when she got serious and you could tell she really cared about her role. Dave called her performance as Little Edie in Grey Gardens “stunning.” They had a lot of fun banter before talking about the film, with Dave asking Barrymore questions written in from fans.

At one point Barrymore explained her new tongue piercing, sticking it out to show Dave when he asked about it: “You know I’m a good time gal… I directed a film about a roller derby team. I play a charater named Smashley Simpson. I got this [the tongue piercing] cause they all have like, alter egos, they’re all mini super heroes. I got this to play her and I haven’t taken it out is all.”

Letterman jokingly warned her “it will get infected, it’s painful, and you may lose most of your tongue.”

Toward the end of the show, Barrymore thanked a NY city police officer who saved her from men who were chasing her, most likely paparazzi. She said she pulled over and rolled her window down and asked a cop “Sir, will you please help me, these mean awful scary men are chasing me. Will you save me?” and he answered “I love you, Drew Barrymore, I’ll rescue you.” She added “OMG, and you’re cute to boot?”

Dave joked, “that was me and Paul.”

Drew’s new HBO movie, Grey Gardens, airs on HBO on April 18 and also stars Jessica Lange. It’s about the women behind a real 1975 documentary about a mother and daughter who happened to be an aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The women lived delusional lives of past grandeur while they were trying to make due in a run down old mansion in East Hampton, New York. Here’s the trailer:

Photos of Drew outside the Late show from WENN.com. You can see her Late Show appearance in two parts on YouTube:

Drew Barrymore on Late Show With David Letterman Part 1
Drew Barrymore on Late Show With David Letterman Part 2

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  1. geronimo says:

    Saw the original 1975 Grey Gardens doc a couple of years ago, just fascinating. Beautiful and bizarre. Looking forward to seeing this.

  2. Sunnyjyl says:

    I was so hoping this would be released in movie theaters. Now I’m going to have to call around to see who I know with HBO.

  3. Mme X says:

    Wow, she looks fabulous. Good for her!

  4. suede says:

    i love her

  5. Wonder Woman says:

    I love her but she seems a little full of herself now :/

  6. Wow says:

    Umm, when you have to say you’re a good time girl, it sort of negates the fact. Let others call you that.

    Other than that, love this look on her, as well as the one she wore to her first premier of this.

  7. StaN says:


    After the original Grey Gardens there was another re-lease ‘The Beales of Grey Gardens’.
    It contains lots of unseen footage. I haven’t seen it yet, but have read that it is worth viewing.

  8. KateNonymous says:

    She looks great, and I love how much fun she’s having with that dress. I’m not a big fan of hers, but she seems nice enough, and I’m interested in how she’ll play Little Edie.