Wiz Khalifa says Kanye West called him & apologized for Twitter tantrum


Twitter tantrums aside, I like that Kanye West is back to tweeting with some regularity. Kanye used to be big on Twitter, #NoDisrespectToBenAffleck, and he was fond of caps-locking his dramatic thoughts. But then he stopped tweeting for a while and he became an enigma (lol, not really). I guess he’s back to tweeting regularly now because he’s promoting his hot mess album, Waves (or Swish or whatever he’s calling it this week). Anyway, following his hissy fit towards Wiz Khalifa last week, Kanye tweeted this yesterday:

Not to be a Kanye Apologist, but I kind of think he tried to call Wiz in the middle of his Twitter tantrum last week. He even tweeted something about how Wiz changed his phone number. They could have hashed this out last week and saved everyone a lot of drama (and hilarity), if only OG Kanye had Wiz’s correct digits.

While Kanye would never do anything so gauche or peasanty as to actually offer an apology on Twitter, Wiz did tell a radio station yesterday that Kanye did apologize during their phone call:

Wiz Khalifa opened up a little more about what went down with ‘Ye during an interview with Angie Martinez for Power 105.1 earlier today.

“So were you surprised by Kanye’s reaction that he took it so crazy,” Martinez asked the 28-year-old.

“I think everybody was but it’s cool, everything’s cool, we spoke it’s all good,” Wiz explained, which prompted the radio host to ask if Kanye apologized for what he said “cause he went far with the kid thing.”

Khalifa reassured everyone that West did, in fact, apologize for what he said, and added, “I accept his apology.”

Speaking of making amends, Khalifa’s ex-wife Amber Rose also met up with Kim Kardashian to clear the air and whatever tension there was between them today, as well. And the twosome made sure to ruffle the Internet’s feathers by posting a selfie together.

“Her and Kim spoke and they’re all good, too,” Khalifa told Martinez. “They spoke and it’s all good.”

When Angie stated what most of us are thinking, which is, “That’s kind of amazing, Wiz,” the rapper responded with the perfect answer—”I’m like the Bob Marley of this.”

[From E! News]

I have to say… Wiz kind of IS the Bob Marley of this. The only thing he did was offer a mild criticism to Kanye about the name of his album, and that’s what started this whole mess. Even after Kanye’s epic tantrum, Wiz wasn’t engaging. He only tweeted: “I been smashed the idea of that album even existing. I got joints to roll @kanyewest.” Of course, Wiz did yell some obscenities about Kanye during a show, but if it wasn’t tweeted, it does not exist!



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  1. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    We’re surrounded by idiots.

  2. Loopy says:

    I love the fact that the K Klan got a little shook and huddled together to bring Amber and Wiz in their corner, but I hope Amber has more self respect than that in continues to be true to herself and not allow to get bought by the Kardashians.

  3. lisa2 says:

    Now I really wonder what Amber is holding back

  4. Squiggisbig says:

    #fingersinthebootyassbitch clearly scared Kanye.

    • The Original Mia says:

      This! One tweet and they all got their ish together to show her some respect.

    • Lizzie McGuire says:

      #fingersinthebootyassbitch will live on forever! I think Kanye is scared that it’ll affect his album debut & sales. Also his image as a tough act God-like rapper that he believe he is. So now he’s apologizing left & right to everyone he can, you know to show he’s a better man.

  5. Sammy says:

    I imagine when Amber got the offer to have her own line of sex toys featuring her magic finger Kimye knew they had to hustle to squash the beef. No one would ever be able to forget #fingersinthebootyassbitch if the planet had its very own “Amber Finger”. It probably cost them a pretty penny too.

  6. Nancy says:

    This is hardly newsworthy. These people know how to stay on the entertainment blogs. Sad and pathetic but the new normal in our society.

  7. OSTONE says:

    amber’s hashtag will still be a top moment in gossip for 2016.

  8. catwoman says:

    “Her and Kim” and “Me and Wiz”? Did these people not get past kindergarten??

    • Mojoman says:

      English is my second language so I make sure to speak it correctly but when I hear people speak sometimes, I just shake my head.

  9. AnneR says:

    Just goes to show anyone can be bought for the right price.

  10. Aarika says:

    Wow Kanye got shook. He enlisted his whole family to squash the beef. Next we will get confirmation that Sebastian and North when on a play date. Nothing to see here folks, Kanye avoids “that area” altogether.

    • I Choose Me says:


    • dawn says:

      His whole family or Kim’s? Let’s remember that KanYe’s father is alive and kicking it in Atlanta and I doubt he was happy with his kid and they way he mouths off. I remember KanYe saying his father called him and told him to keep his mouth shut if he should be asked about Ferguson and so that is what he did. KanYe will be 39 this year and it is about time he mans up some.

  11. Adrien says:

    Kanye’s explanation on that fingersbooty-gate was like that Austin Powers Swedish penile enlarger scene.

  12. trilby227 says:

    Good. Now I can sleep at night.

  13. Josefina says:

    I’d be laughing my ass off so hard if I were Amber. A tweet about assplay has never been more profitable.

  14. Alex says:

    MUVA got Kimye real scared. LOL its honestly hilarious because Kanye tries to degrade Amber and he’s clearly scared of her. One tweet and its a KO.

  15. Ennie says:

    I get the feel that KW acts the way Eminem rapped “Stan”.
    You know, Stan’s letter=Kanye’s thinking process, a mess.