Lindsay Lohan wants a cut of Samantha Ronson’s future earnings

The tabloids are full of news about the Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson split this week. The National Enquirer reports that Lindsay was so heartbroken when Sam split up with her that she asked her to marry her. Star Magazine also claims that Lindsay wants Sam back, but adds that she’s trying to get a cut of Sam’s earnings, which she feels she’s entitled to as the more famous person who helped Sam increase her DJ fees several fold. Lindsay is also said to be partying and doing drugs to cope with the breakup and is thought to be in a bad place, which we’ve been hearing for a while now.

For Lindsay, the only one who can stop her freefall is Samanth, and she’s been obsessively trying to track her ex’s every move. “She called one of her friends at 3 a.m. the other night because she heard Sam was out and she wanted to know where she could find her,” says an insider. “She’s totally stalking Sam, she’s so obsessive and desperate!” Lindsay showed up at three different L.A. clubs on April 9, hunting for Samantha…

When Lindsay’s not chasing after Sam, she’s bombarding her with phone calls, begging the DJ to take her back – but to no avail. “Sam’s not budging,” says the insider. “She’s hurt by the split too, but being with Lindsay was just too much drama all the time. She’s had enough.”

One of the problems Sam has with Lindsay is that she always paid for everything. And now, even though they’re broken up, Lindsay thinks she deserves the same treatment and is demanding palimony from! “Before Lindsay, Sam was making $10,000 a DJ gig,” notes an insider. “Now she makes $100,000. Lindsay wants a cut, like 10 percent of her future earnings for the next five years.”

Perhaps in an effort to derail her palimony plans, Samantha gave Lindsay hope for a reunion during one call, urging her to check into rehab and hinting that when she completes treatment, “we’ll see” about getting back together, says a source.

[From Star Magazine, print edition, April 27, 2009]

Breakups can be incredibly painful and hopefully Lindsay will be able to pull herself out of this downward spiral and move on. She’s been boozing and doing drugs according to many reports and will need to get sober in order to get her head cleared and recover from her addictions to both substances and drama-filled relationships. I don’t want to keep reading about her for the next few months and years and would rather know that she’s in a better place emotionally.

Lindsay Lohan is shown out on 4/15/09. Credit: Fame Pictures


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20 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan wants a cut of Samantha Ronson’s future earnings”

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  1. Tiffany says:

    If this is true … ZERO respect for Lindsay. They DATED for a few years … Focus on your own career, get sober and MOVE ON! Leave Samantha out of your drama.

  2. Roma says:

    You know, when they mess up the basic facts it makes it hard to take anything in that article seriously.

    I love how they’re claiming that Sam makes 100k a gig – which is beyond ridiculous. She dj’d our club about 2 months ago and like DJ AM, their fees are usually 10-25k. Even with all of her expenses like airfare and hotel plus fee, she’s still looking at around 25-30k tops.

  3. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Ha the Lohan Delusion Train grinds on.

    Those shoes are vile.

  4. HEB says:

    I don’t think Lohan has the $$ to afford the type of lawyer who would be able to win this case for her.

  5. Patrice says:

    I can’t berlieve that I’m about to say ths but, I do believe that Lindsay should be given at least SOME sort of comensation from the gigs that she attended with Samantha in the past (not now). Although Sam did have quite a bit of a following already, Lindsay no doubt helped her reel in more big bucks when she was guaranteed to appear at events with her as well.

  6. Tia C says:

    And the jeans are an ’80s nightmare!

    I don’t think rehab will do this chick any good. She’s already been to half a dozen. I’m guessing at this point a psychiatric hospital (if they still exist) with some good ol’ electroshock therapy.

  7. Wonder Woman says:

    from a recent personal experiance of braking up with my ex of almost 5 years i know its tough. you still worry where their art, who are they seeing, its normal feelings when you loved a person. But seriously wanting alimony? at first I felt truly sorry for her, but now its getting pathetic. get a hold of yourself girl

  8. Codzilla says:

    That whole outfit is vile. Lindsay sucks.

  9. Dingles says:

    If this chick overdosed today, I would not even blink. What a waste of oxygen. Maybe instead of spending what money she has left on drugs and partying, she could…oh, I don’t know, invest in an education and elevate herself above the status of a used-up junkie who peaked at age 17. Maybe? But I guess that would be too much to ask since she seems to be above working for a living.

  10. Jazz says:

    She needs some serious court ordered lockdown rehab.

  11. geronimo says:

    And some equally serious reality check time.

  12. Bodhi says:

    Yeah, good luck with that Lindsay

  13. KittyKate says:

    Why can none of these chicks dress themselves? Jeeeez. Lindsay. It’s called a mirror. Invest in one.

    And NOT the one you use for drugs. Oh, maybe she can’t see herself ’cause all her mirrors are covered in ‘dust’?

    PS. Edit is back? Score! Thanks CB, we loves it!

  14. Blondie says:

    She looks horribly gaunt in these photos, she has serious issues, addictions and emotional stuff. Agree rehab prob wont work, think is really sad but can’t see how she’ll be able to mend. I dont think she thinks the drugs, drinking and non eating is wrong. Sounds as though she is delusional

  15. Tia says:

    Yeah likes Sam’s new partner would go for that. Face it Lindsay you messed up. Sam can do so much better. She dumped you because of all the drama. Nobody wants to fight 24/7. Get with some dude who treats you like shit and then you will be comfortable being as dysfunctional as the home you grew up in..

  16. lilred says:

    Her shoes look like those orthopedic lace up ones my grandmother has.

  17. cherryblossom says:

    But Ronson’s Djing sucks. Her fees will be in the toilet long before the five year mark.
    I wish that Lohan would just get better…where’s Papa Spears when you need him?

  18. loldongs says:

    She’s garbage.

  19. JaundiceMachine says:

    I think that outfit alone makes the case for rehab.

    And didn’t she get new extensions, like, last week? When she made a big show of reverting back to a redhead? Damn girl! When your week-old extensions are looking rough, time to pack it on up to Promises!

  20. skeptical says:

    Ok they DATED, they were not married in ANY sense of the term.
    A relationship defined by nuclear arguments and busted glass.

    hopefully Star mag is being its usual lying self…

    If this is true.. NO respect for lindsay now. Whatever Lindsay may claim she “helped” Sam make needs to be put beside what she cost Sam in terms of broken windows and God knows what else.. the gas involved in driving her around, and Lindsay’s shopaholic tendencies.
    And possibly the emotional stress and upset of the constant fighting and drama lindsay attracts like mosquitoes.

    Face it Linds.. being Sam’s hanger-on WAS your job. Your last wrapped movie didn’t even make it to theaters.

    I am hoping this is NOT true. Really wanted to be able to respect Linds again.