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Former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland collapsed on stage during the ThisDay Music Festival in Lagos, Nigeria on Sunday. Her rep, of course, claimed it was due to dehydration. The number of celebrities who suffer from dehydration and exhaustion compared to the rest of the population is just astronomical. Do you think it’s something about the California sun? The smoggy New York City air? Maybe something the Screen Actors Guild puts in their swag bags? The world may never know. Videos of the collapse are floating around YouTube, and it’s one dramatic crash. Rowland appears fine seconds prior, then she’s just down. She was taken to a hospital and treated, and returned to the US on Monday.

Rowland’s spokesperson Yvette Noel-Schure confirmed that Rowland did suffer a fainting spell as a result of dehydration.

“She was taken to an undisclosed local hospital for a check-up and is in good condition at present,” she said.

Schure said the 26-year-old singer is on a plane flying back to the US today and plans to continue the promotions for her new project.”

[From Black Voices Blog]

AOL’s Black Voices blog insinuates that something bigger might be going on with Rowland by comparing her to other celebrities who were diagnosed with dehydration or exhaustion, but later admitted or were strongly suspected of having eating disorders or substance abuse problems.

Rowland isn’t the only Grammy Award winner to suffer from dehydration.

Her galpal Brandy Norwood experienced a bout in the 1990s on the set of her TV show ‘Moesha’ and later admitted to having an eating disorder.

Chart-topping R&B heart-throb Usher also suffered a from dehydration and exhaustion.

Top selling diva Mariah Carey was hospitalized [at] Massachusetts General Hospital for a few days in the spring of 2000. Hospital spokeswoman Georgia Pierce said Carey was treated for dehydration and other side effects of food poisoning.

More recently, tabloid sensations Britney Spears and Nicole Richie were treated for “dehydration.”

[From Black Voices Blog]

Kelly Roland’s always seemed like one of the more together celebrities. She doesn’t get a ton of press, but in interviews she comes off as intelligent, and several of her songs actually have really great messages. I tend to agree with most people and believe that the “dehydration” diagnoses are pure bull, but I’m more inclined to believe it from her than others. She doesn’t have a history of canceling performances, and I’m no weatherman, but I’m under the impression Nigeria can be pretty hot.

Here’s the video, thanks to Rhymes with Snitch for linking it (sound is loud if you’re at work)

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