Dean Sheremet: ‘It was all about her, all the time, with no room for my needs’


As we discussed yesterday, LeAnn Rimes’ lawyer sent a threatening letter to LeAnn’s ex-husband Dean Sheremet. Dean picked up the pieces of his life pretty well after the divorce – he moved to New York, graduated from cooking school, fell in love and remarried. He’s currently promoting a cookbook called Eat Your Heart Out. In the cookbook, Dean apparently mentions LeAnn and the life-rebuilding process he went through post-divorce. And that was enough for LeAnn’s lawyer to throw a hissy fit. So just what did Dean write? Some excerpts, courtesy of Radar:

“She cheated, I got dumped, and we divorced,” Dean Sheremet begins his book’s introduction, throwing a reference to Gwyneth Paltrow’s favorite phrase. “I’d like to say it was conscious uncoupling, but the truth is, I got knocked on my a**.”

Initially, Sheremet says, he blamed “her” and “him,” but ultimately blamed himself. “I had been the one who was foolish enough to get caught up in a lifestyle that was so different from my own upbringing, a world where Ferraris, Porsches and private planes were the norm, where dinner parties were populated with more stars than the Billboard 100.”

Sheremet says the marriage began its downward spiral when he became “obsessive” about helping Rimes’ singing career, “even to the point of insanity… I loved her more than I loved myself, and that’s where I went wrong.”

Yikes: Sheremet says he was a “father figure” to Rimes, now 33, more than a “lover… It was all about her, all the time, with no room for my needs and my hopes,” he writes. When the chef finally left his cheating wife, he says it was just a “bluff”— but he finally went through with it. “We fought, we cried, and eventually I forced myself out the door for fear that I would cave,” he recalls. After the split, he claims he was “a footnote in someone else’s history…I realized that none of my hard work would ever really matter.”

Sheremet moved with close friends in Nashville in order to heal from the divorce. Without a wife’s singing career to support, Sheremet finally followed a dream, and enrolled at the French Culinary Institute in New York City. “I hadn’t felt that exhausted, respected, and fulfilled in a long time,” he says. “I was on my way to happiness.”

[From Radar]

While there’s more detail and shade here than I was initially expecting, is there anything here that we didn’t already know? We knew LeAnn cheated. We knew that Dean and LeAnn had a dysfunctional relationship. We knew that Dean had been a big part of several of LeAnn’s biggest career successes, and we know her career has been in the toilet post-Dean. My point? Why is LeAnn so upset about this? WE KNEW THIS ALREADY. So of course LeAnn has to make Dean’s book all about her drama and threaten a lawsuit because Dean is telling us that LeAnn makes everything all about LeAnn. Logical!

And here’s an absolutely true story: Brandi Glanville will be interviewing Dean on her podcast today.

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  1. Dlo says:

    Team dean

    • gwen says:

      …all the way.

    • Alex says:


    • Bettyrose says:

      Personally, I find him more physically appealing than Eddie. It goes without saying he’s a better human, but if I met both at a bar, no lie, I would prefer Dean.

    • robynsing says:

      This is sooooo funny. Brandi and Dean. There must be smoke coming from the Squints house today and it ain’t commin’ from the fireplace y’all. LMAO #karma. Leeann has no career and they are massively in debt.

    • Pinky says:

      The real issue for LeAnn is the title: Eat Your Heart Out. Dean’s moved on, is handsome, successful, and happy–all things she and her husband are not. She can’t stand it and it’s eating her heart out, which is why she reacted the way she did. She’s proven Dean’s point. What a maroon.


      • starfish says:

        Telling the truth about your own life has nothing to do with a washed up country singer. Leann is very cruel to herself over everything for attention. Why would you promote negative attention unless you are not healthy mentally. Eddie needs some coin, he is her husband so he needs to take the blame also.

        So glad for Dean and his marriage and future.

    • SydneySnider says:

      And the book title…gold. I don’t get her beef, either. Isn’t he entitied to express his feelings about his life with her? As stated, it’s not like he’s saying anything that isn’t already public knowledge. But of course, it’s all about her. Does she know about irony? She’s such a pork chop.

  2. Kelly says:

    Poor guy.

    I went to Amazon and checked some of his recipes out; they looked pretty good. He has the book laid out almost like a how-to for beginners.

    • Birdix says:

      I’m glad someone’s paying attention to the content! The pizza looks delicious.

    • Wren says:

      I may have to buy it if the recipes are good! I cook a lot but I do like clear instructions. Sometimes the recipe author leaves out steps and I have to look up a similar recipe to figure it out, which drives me bonkers.

      • tweetersagainstcheaters says:

        This book is great for the novice, wanna be, cooking challenged! I love it, the pics are beautiful and the recipes are very easy to follow. He even has a part in the front about tools you need for your kitchen, and things you dont. I love watching Dean on cooking shows, he is funny, smart, and very easy on the eyes ☺
        Hands down, Dean is a better person than Edna, and his wife is gorgeous and stands on her own merits, clearly a different/better relationship than his with LeAnn was, he is def. the winner here, too bad he still has to deal with her jingle jangle bullshit tho. He wished LeAnn well when you latest Christmas flop came out, would it have just killed her to wish him well instead of calling her lawyers? Guess all that bullshit with her chalktalk, inspiring words-messages, is just another act.

    • claire says:

      I checked out his Twitter and Facebook. I am absolutely loving those time-lapse short vids for various recipes and cooking basics.

      • tweetersagainstcheaters says:

        Did you see the pic where is was making his wife hot chocolate? Like from scratch? With real chocolate? Did I mention he was shirtless? He has abs for days, Made me forget he was making it with real chocolate!!! lol, Cutie Pie all the way

      • claire says:

        No! I’ll have to go look it up! 🙂

      • aurelia says:

        Indeed, this ex husband will be on his way to having a best selling book. Whilst leanne will continue to buy Moissonite fake diamonds for herself, call another womans children her own, owe thousands of $$$ to her friends, put out more music flops, go “on tour” to gigs played at Native American Reservation Casinos and various truck stops alone route 66. Eddie continues to be a liability and useless man whore. As for the ex husband = looking good and doing well is the best revenge.

    • holly hobby says:

      I already have it on my library’s hold list! I usually like to sample a library book before buying the book itself.

  3. Sayrah says:

    Oh man. If I knew anything about podcasts I’d love to hear what those two have to say to each other. Please update!!

    • Naya says:

      Lol. We were thinking the same thing at the same time. Brandi is a queen troll with this move and I’m loving it.

    • LAK says:

      I’m posting from my phone which make links impossible, but simple google / Brandi Glanville unfiltered.

    • Christin says:

      If there is ever a time to go unfiltered, today is the day. Brandi supposedly has no NDA.

    • lucy2 says:

      I love podcasts, but have never listened to her (don’t care for her). I will check this one episode out though.

  4. Naya says:

    Brandi always knows how to put a smile on my face. I seriously cant wait for tomorrows review of the podcast. Happy listening Kaiser.

  5. Nev says:

    It’s amazing how not one person in this saga can let it go.

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      Well said.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      I think it’s because there are 3 narcissists and 1 poor guy who didn’t know what hit him in this epic. The 3 morons have not much else going on and are probably addicted to drama and this guy really sees this as the big catastrophe of his life. He’s probably still figuring out how he didn’t see it coming.

      • paleokifaru says:

        But if Dean has genuinely moved passed it why include anything about her? Just talk about rebuilding your life. We all know the story. And why do an interview with Brandi? He’s actively courting the drama with these moves. Wouldn’t he get enough publicity on his own?

      • MichLynn says:

        No, two people made lemonade out of lemons, and the other two are still stuck with sour.

      • Tate says:

        Agree Michlynn

    • Kitten says:

      It’s understandable, really. Without this feud, they’re all a bunch of irrelevant nobodies.

      • paleokifaru says:

        True. I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part that one of them would fully walk away.

    • lucy2 says:

      Ideally he would never speak of her again, but in a way I get it – he’s trying to promote this book, and knows what will bring the most publicity.

    • starfish says:

      Well, Leann went to all the rags and did interviews, crappy show, made a album about it and you call that ok? Someone finally said enough of your lies and bs and she was called out from the inner circle . Good for Dean. If Leann can blow her nasty mouth to the world, I would too. Maybe Dean should sue her? It shows how a mentally ill person can be in what she does to others. Instead of knocking Dean, her fans should encourage her to seek help.

      Leann put out that she takes 40 pills a day, and you call that normal?

    • Emily C. says:

      I agree with you, Nev. And I still think it’s all a big publicity stunt and that they’re all in it together. No evidence for it but my gut. But I don’t like any of them.

  6. Grant says:

    Is it bad that I really want to listen to Brandi’s podcast now??

    • AmyB says:

      I am right there with ya! Can’t wait to hear this two dish it out

    • funcakes says:

      Hell no! We all know that Brandi is going to say something to make LeAnn head explode. I haven’t looked at LeAnn’s social media today, but when she like to pretend Nothing is bothering her she loves to pull out the happy, happy, joy, joy!(Shout out to Ren and Stumpy)

      • Lady D says:

        …or the Rimes won’t be mentioned at all, which would also piss the spiteful child off.
        OT: My shout out for ‘happy, happy, joy, joy,’ is from a Sandra Bullock/Sly Stalone movie.

  7. Nancy says:

    I hate when men cry in their beer. It’s been awhile dude, get over it.

    • jojo says:

      meh, men or women, crying in their beer is never attractive. But he’s hawking a book, and this is a no brainer in terms of garnering media interest- everyone loves dumping on Leann. She deserves it though most of the time, she’s creepy.

    • lisa2 says:

      Well women get away with talking about their break ups all the time..for years. and even writing songs about it. So why not the guy.

    • Lola says:

      He was silent for many years. Leann has written songs and an entire album about the affair, and done countless fluff piece interviews about her affair while posing with Eddie. Brandi has written an entire book on it, and made it a pivotal point of her storyline that got her on RHOBH and has almost always mentioned Leann in every interview she does.

      So, my question is, if all the above can make bank on it, WHY NOT a man? Why is he supposed to suck it up and accept the others talking about it to make bank, but not him? What is this sexist nonsense about men crying in their ‘beer’. Why not women crying into theirs? Or is one acceptable and the other isn’t? smh

    • Wren says:

      But he isn’t, and he is over it. Telling the story of your journey moving on from a significant and painful time in your life isn’t “crying into your beer”. He’s not asking for pity, he’s relating his experience. And this is simply a forward to a book, not a whole damn book (or album).

      • claire says:

        Exactly. He’s given one interview with any juice on this in 6 years. He’s the only one who’s reacted with any dignity and kept quiet on it. Mentioning it to explain his transition and journey to this life as a chef as a foreword in a book is so freaking minor compared to the others.

      • Miffy says:

        Exactly this. It’s not ‘crying into a beer’ or shilling your breakup to simply discuss where you’ve come from. Plus he doesn’t even play victim, he openly admits where he could have played a healthier role in their relationship before any affair even started. That’s f*cking adulting at its finest right there! He’s not self victimising, he tries to see if he has any accountability in it at all and has grown from it. Impressive.

        The podcast is a sh*t stirring move however… Not that we won’t all tune in or wait for a review but I guess the view gets boring on the high road.

      • Jwoolman says:

        Yes, he’s explaining why he shifted gears to a new career. It’s part of his story. He doesn’t say anything about his ex that isn’t public knowledge but just focuses on what he was doing and where his own mistakes lay. So he hasn’t revealed anything confidential. Even the bit about it being all about her isn’t really an indictment of her (true though that is as a description of her approach to life), but in context he was the one who made it all about her. He says he was obsessed with promoting her career, which wasn’t good for the marriage.

    • Deanne says:

      He’s not “crying in his beer” in any way. She cheated and it hurt him deeply. He has moved on and rebuilt a happy, fulfilled life. He was married to her for almost 8 of his most formative years. He’s been very dignified and continues to be. It’s part of his history and part of what propelled him to become a chef. LeAnn’s not the only one allowed to tell ” her truth” about the affair. She’s given dozens of interviews playing victim and crying dry tears. She even wrote an album dedicated to it. Dean’s not exactly dishing intimate details. Being over someone and the fact they’ve hurt you doesn’t mean never speaking of them again. That’s more like being in denial.

      • funcakes says:

        And if LeAnn would have moved on with dignity to focus on her dead career there would be nothing to talk about.
        She is the only celebrity that I know of that has really put her business out in the street. Its usually gossip sites that spills everyone secrets, but thanks to LeAnn we can go on her social media to read up on this circus.

      • paleokifaru says:

        I really liked that he wasn’t saying anything. He is of course entitled to his own truth and telling it. But I am not a social media person and I prefer people not share everything all the time. I think since everyone knows this story, thanks to the rest of the folks involved never shutting up, it would have been pretty easy to edit that portion down further or even out. And he certainly doesn’t need to court the drama by doing an interview with Brandi. Just not my cup of tea. I also felt that way about Leann’s horrible album and Brandi’s book. I don’t think it’s being in denial to keep your mouth shut about very personal things for public consumption.

    • Nancy says:

      He didn’t write a tell all, I don’t think, If he’s been silent like most above say, then this was probably cathartic for him to get his feelings out at long last and to probably sell a few more copies of his book. Good for him…..sure there will be responses from the rest of the foursome which will sell a few more, so as I deem him to be weak, maybe he is smarter than I’m giving him credit for.

      • Christin says:

        I give him a pass, because he’s never fully explained his journey to a culinary career. I read a different except that talked more about his childhood influences. And, it is a cookbook.

    • Kitten says:

      ITA Nancy. Not that I don’t have sympathy for the guy but my instinct is to roll my eyes.
      Can’t help it. I wish only the best for this dude but I also wish the other three would disappear forever. Invoking The Annoying One’s name is just giving her more attention and by extension, giving Brandi more attention.

    • starfish says:

      Yep, that’s what Leann does, cry poor me all the time. Her few fans left cry with her, they are sick, struggle to get money together to travel to her back alley concerts, buy her garbage , Leann uses people. Do you see other singers post on their twitter or fan pages all the crap she posts? She is over 30, she needs to quit social media and get her life together. The sad thing is other stars mock her and she is not smart enough to get it.

      • funcakes says:

        I like how she tags every one with a new cd. Like Beyoncé would give her the time of day. Ha!

  8. LAK says:

    I seem to recall an interview he a few years ago in which he said pretty much the same thing above.

    He didn’t trash talk LeAnn at all. He blamed himself for allowing the imbalance. He also mentioned how his GF now wife had helped him work out a normal relationship without need to parent th other person or check in with them every 5mins. He mentioned how hard the checking in part was for him to let go, but his GF now wife didn’t need it, and it wasn’t a disaster if he didn’t check in all the time a a had been used to doing with LeAnn.

    The interview was very sad, and the words above are more or less from that interview.

    At t time, I guess LeAnn was too busy tormenting Brandi to sue Dean. It was the halcyon days of that album of songs about how she met and slept with Eddie that was going to make her lots of money.

    And IIRC, she wrote one line on her twitter in response to the interview which basically called him a bitter Betty.

    It’s curious that she’s offended now at this repeated interview which isn’t saying anything terrible about her except that she needs taking care of.

    • AmyB says:

      Exactly. I remember reading that interview and he was very honest about placing blame on himself for neglecting himself in the relationship w/LeAnn. He never trashed LeAnn, but rather spoke to the unbalance in the relationship. Overall I thought he came across very mature and honest about the whole situation.

    • Pinky says:

      Agreed. And now LeAnn Streisands herself by calling attention to something most people would have glossed over. She’s such an idjit and has no one to blame but herself…and Ed…and Darrel and his husband. But not Dean.


    • whatevers says:

      And we all know that she does need taking care of. He actually makes himself look pretty bad and like a total nutter with how messed up he was about how relationships were supposed to work. Glad new wife straightened that mess out.

    • Lola says:

      The interview was last year. Not years ago. He was quiet for 4 of the 5/6 years. It was the pre-cursor to the cookbook.

    • Wren says:

      That was a great interview. I remember reading it and really feeling for him. It also explained a lot of LeAnn’s crazy behavior and what she’s really like. Explained the manic sooo happppeeeee front she desperately puts up and what drives her to do all the weird crap she does. He humanized her, and actually made me feel very sorry for her. He easily could have just said she was a crazy bitch and thank goodness that lunatic is someone else’s problem.

      I think he’s well within his rights to talk about their marriage. It was his marriage and his life too. He always manages to make it about himself and his feelings instead of dragging her and talking trash. I wish him every success and might even buy his book if the recipes are good. That pizza on the cover is selling it to me. Yum!

      • aurelia says:

        Leanne has narsicisstic personality disorder. This is what they do. Everything is crazy. You have to parent and entertain them 24/7 too. My sister has it and they put you in the bloody twilight zone. People thought she was manic depressive or a drug addict, anything to explain her intolerable behaviour. No, she had NPD!

    • funcakes says:

      Whether she likes it or not Dean was a big part of her sanity. As we have witness for the past six years is a woman who desperately needed structure. He had her on a health regimes were she was healthy, glowing and pretty. He had control of all communications to weeds out the unhealthy people in her life.
      Dean said she never wanted to deal with anyone else.
      Even when she was interviewed LeAnn had a low key manner about her where she wasn’t loud and manic with her hands flying around like she does now.
      Now its obvious how lonely and lost she is because she constantly looking for validation anywhere she can get it.

      • MichLynn says:

        Fun cakes, well said and totally true. Dean was her rock and now Ed’s just dead weight drowning her career and mental health.

    • starfish says:

      Yep, Billy did the interview, I would have blasted her azz for what she had done to everyone around her. He was mature about it, and Leann thought everyone was going to continue the stupid interviews that she put others down. How many times has she said this is my journey, the love of my life, my sons, my blah, blah, blah. She screwed a married man, really she bought him, that’s why the others she dated ran fast.

  9. Jess says:

    Dean seems like such a nice guy, and he’s working hard and doing something with his life, and he’s absolutely gorgeous! LeAnn traded way down there, Eddie is living off of her and making a completely fool of them both, god it must suck to be her. She’s so jealous and bitter, along with Eddie, you don’t ruin two marriages then spend years taunting the ex’s and flaunting your love then get to cry victim, pathetic losers!

  10. Locke Lamora says:

    She did him wrong, but I had so much respect for him for keeping his mouth shut, but this leaves a sour taste in my mouth. He is using her to sell his cookbook. I mean, he has the right to do it after what she did to him, but still.

    He is very good looking, better looking than Eddie, in my opinion. I just started rewatching Third Watch ( I love that show so much), and there is something skeevy bout Eddie, you could see it even then.

    • HeySandy says:

      I agree, I think Dean sounds like a very mature and thoughtful individual, but his using his former marriage drama in his cookbook is a little much. All he really had to write in it was that he went through a bad divorce and found solace in cooking. Going into detail and appearing on Brandi’s podcast seem pretty calculated to me. Hustling is hustling, I guess.

    • Erinn says:

      I don’t really see it that way. It’s an intro where he explains how he got into cooking. It’s a very brief mention, and then on to business. It wasn’t a case of “I sat around eating icecream for four months, and my ex did this, this, this, this, this, this.” it was much more self reflection and showing the growth he’s had. I don’t see it as using her to sell the book – in fact – nobody would even know that was in there (outside of those buying the book) if Leann hadn’t lost her shit over it and released the hounds on him.

      • Tara says:

        @Erinn: I see it that way too. At first I didn’t get the point of talking about the relationship in the forward of a cookbook. But when I read it, it made sense in terms of owning heartbreak and misfortune and choosing to learn, make healthy choices for yourself and create a more fulfilling future. I actually bought the book because the recipes looked good and I like that he’s trying to empower people with practical, tasty advice.

      • paleokifaru says:

        I’d be more inclined to believe this if he wasn’t also doing an interview with Brandi.

      • Jwoolman says:

        Paleo- Brandi must have asked him for the interview. Authors with new books out don’t usually turn down such opportunities from anybody. It lets them reach new groups of people.

      • paleokifaru says:

        @Jwoolman, I do get that he wants publicity for his book. I just wish it would have been done in a way that attempted to keep the circus out of it. Speaking from personal experience, if you’ve gotten out of the crazy and over the trauma then you just don’t step back in it if you can avoid it. He didn’t have kids with her so I kind of feel like it absolutely could have been avoided on his end. I get he can’t avoid the nutsos trying to make it about them but this seems like courting it. Which is just a bummer because I thought he was free!

    • d says:

      I would bet money that his publishers/editors asked him, if not told him, to say something about his time with Leann as a kind of hook. Not a lot, just enough. It’s typical of them to do so for all kinds of authors. And he may not have wanted to, but had to give in to get the publishing money. And you know what, for the time and stress and whatnot that he got from his time with her, I’d say he gets a pass from me on this.

  11. anniefannie says:

    Kaiser pleeeeeze keep covering this and I love that Brandi is giving him and his book press.
    I predict a Leann meltdown in 3,2,1….
    Living well is the ultimate revenge indeed…

    • Lady D says:

      Well if anyone deserves a miserable day or two it’s her, besides there is no such thing as bad publicity where this ditch pig is concerned. She’s probably secretly thrilled right down to her hooves.

    • gwen says:

      …or yet another story out today whether or not Leann is pregnant…how predictable can a person get?

    • funcakes says:

      The way LeAnn likes to garner sympathy is to put other problems on her social media. Every time a story comes out that is not in her favor she put up stories of despair and ask that we pray for those people.

    • starfish says:

      Can someone answer the question why Leann’s house is listed in her lawyers name? Does she owe him so much from lawsuits that he holds the title until he is paid? She has a huge mortgage, but maybe he is holding the house for what’s left .

      Leann, keep trucking girl. Please advise your few fans that you are NOT in the Hall of Fame in the Opry. After the last few meltdowns, if Nashville ever touches you again, a storm will brew.

      • funcakes says:

        Nice catch! I had no idea he did that. I would love to know the story behind that. But we all know LeAnn is one step away from living in her RV if its not repossessed first.

  12. Hejhej says:

    Her loss obviously. I’m a bit surprised he’s talking about it still though.

    • starfish says:

      Rubbing her insecurity in her face is the reality check this chic needs, she needs mental health stat. It’s sad Eddie let her spiral , but she pays the bills so he feeds it.

  13. hey-ya says:

    …or you could ask without her where would his show biz career be…

  14. Cici says:

    I don’t really understand what she’s so upset about either. I read the foreward to the book and there is nothing shocking there. LeAnn is too stupid to realize that Dean has humanized her more with his interview and the few things he says about her here than she’s been able to do for herself with all her “truth” spewing over the last 5 years. Dean gives her a point-of-view that is very thoughtful. Left to her own devices, LeAnn only makes herself sound like a complete asshole. She should have saved the money she spent on that stupid letter, and simply wished him well.

    • anne_000 says:


    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I think she goes nuts any time she feels like she’s losing control of the narrative. Not that anyone believes anything she says, but she’s delusional enough to think they do.

    • funcakes says:

      Dean was suppose to write that he is lost without her and that he will never marry or date again in life. He was suppose to wander the streets talking to himself and wonder what he could have done to make her stay. How dare he exceed her in life.

      • Cici says:

        Right. and Brandi was supposed to hand over her family, go work at McDonalds and generally just disappear. That’s the thing about LeAnn that I cannot stand. It’s not the act of the affair, it’s the way she decided she wanted Eddie and thought everyone else needed to get out of her way. Dean and Brandi were just supposed to go away and never say anything. It doesn’t work that way!

      • claire says:

        Deep down, penetrating through her layers of delusion and narcissism, there is something telling her that she’s a terrible person and her life sucks. A well-adjusted, stable sane person does not need to pin hundreds of inspirational quotes a day to assure themselves that it’s everyone else, not them. Granted, that could just be narcissistic frustration that everyone else isn’t believing the delusional world view. Either way, whatever the cause, whether awareness or a narcissist’s frustration, it’s a huge red flag that she is not even remotely happy or stable.

      • Josephina says:

        Specifically, she just wants him to keep her name out of his mouth. And that’s it.

        And I agree. He IS using her to slyly promote HIS cookbook. ANY mention of LeAnne gains attention for him if not only to further chastise an already well-chastised series of past events. And yes, this is a selfish motive. He is currently married with children..the beauty of your current quality of life, let it be and let it shine. Stop looking back. Now his private pain (because he stated he was in pain) is once again for public consumption… once again.

        Not one of you would really know about his cookbook nor would BUY it if it were not for his connection to LeAnne. And yes, he is using his PAST association of his ex-wife, who IS a celebrity unlike himself, to gain more attention, and hopefully financial profits, for the LAUNCH of this new cookbook.

        ANY explanation, cathartic or not, about a past divorce keeps the dialogue current, especially as in this case where the ex REMAINS a celebrity.

    • starfish says:

      He was very kind to her, everyone knows she has a very evil side to her, ask her Dad, the Smilely’s, the Dentist, the housekeeper Her 73 old lawyer likes her money, he probably laughs every time he sends her a bill.

  15. Yepisaisit says:

    Why rehash old news? Why not talk about how happy (and straight ) he is with his new wife? Oh right, that won’t help sell anything. Of course trash bag Brandi had to get involved.

    Dean, Brandie, Leann and Eddie = publicity stuntin’ trashbags

    • whatevers says:

      LMAO. Um what? Seriously? Dean more than any of the four you mention (and also it’s Brandi not Brandie) has pretty much peaced the heck out of the drama that was Leann. And if she really wants to pretend she didn’t have an affair and break up two marriages maybe she should stop writing songs about it.

    • starfish says:

      The only REAL money Leann makes is when she calls the pap for a stroll or sells a story. LMAO!

    • jenn12 says:

      What’s with the gay crack? What do you mean by he needs to talk about how straight he is?

  16. jojo says:

    Leann is a headcase.

  17. ok says:

    He needs to get over it. It’s been 10 years already. Leanne’s biggest career peak was when she was a teen star singing How Do I Live before she even met this guy. Her career simply ran it’s course as most child star’s do. This would’ve happened with or without him sticking around. Time to move on and I’m saying this as somebody who’s not even a fan of hers.

    • Lola says:

      5 years, I think. Not 10. Also, why the hell shouldn’t he say one thing, when Leann has made bank on it even creating an album on it and doing fluff interviews posing with Eddie? I don’t understand why people think *he* is in the wrong. What the? Maybe he got sick and tired of Leann exploiting their divorce and maybe decided to tell *his* ‘truth’. It seems all 3 of the 4 of them can, but NOT Dean. WHY NOT??? How about saying Leann should get over it? Along with Eddie and Brandi? Dean has been silent for 4 years. Why shouldn’t he have HIS TURN? Its about bloody time he said SOMETHING! Everyone else has.

    • Erinn says:

      It ran it’s course, but she was still a decent name while he was with her. She wasn’t getting the hits she had, but she was working steadily enough, and making decent money. He prolonged the career, gave her the ‘look at my happy marriage’ schtick, and did what he could to keep her image good. I definitely believe he was a middle man between her and bookings and meetings – look at her now – you can see such a difference between Leann then and Leann now. She can’t keep her own image even somewhat in check.

      I definitely believe that he exhausted himself making her feel like she was still a star, and making sure she kept up appearances, and made it to shows. When your life revolves around that, it’s going to take a toll – and it’s going to be hard to get out of that habit. Everything he said seems valid enough to be mentioned, to me.

    • starfish says:

      I love when the dirt flies back in the face who has been evil to the other two. Don’t like, go hold the babies hand, she needs a new fan. I never was a fan of hers, she was a cheesy singer when she was 12, now she is a washed up cheese. You don’t say nasty things about others in the business and put everything on social media. She needs someone to put her on lockdown. Ask others in Nashville what she said about other female singers?

  18. lisa2 says:

    I’m going to say that when he said “It was all about her, all the time, with no room for my needs and my hopes,” he writes. I don’t know if he is saying that LeAnne made that decision or more that he put her before his desires and needs.

    I just think that statement can be read in two different ways.

    she cheated and he is lucky that he got out and found happiness.. Enjoy your life and let the past go.

    • Ennie says:

      In the same writing he says that he allowed it. I think he blames himself.
      It takes two for a dysfunctional, codependent relationship. He was an enabler. Good that he overcame it.
      I am undecided, a part of me wants him to move forward and really do not mention her, other part knows that for his book to sell he needs to mention her. I think she deserves the backlash, even if it’s 10 years later.

  19. Nicole says:

    Is it me, or does there seem to be a huge influx of “new” commenters never seen before that are saying “he needs to get over it” here and on other gossip sites covering this story?

    • hey-ya says:

      …Im not new I bought a new cell though…

    • Cici says:

      It’s not just you. I have noticed it too. LeAnn, Darrell and Darrell’s husband are also going bananas all over twitter. If Dean’s intent was to strike a nerve, he has done so times 1000.

    • whatevers says:

      Yeah I noticed it. I read the foreward, nothing in there we don’t know and he was actually more about blaming himself and not her. Heck I would have scorched Earth his butt. A really good cookbook that I am going to buy in hardcover (I always buy my cookbooks in hardcover so I can mark them up) and I hope it sells well.

    • funcakes says:

      Oh you’re so right. I remember one time I pointed out a couple aggressive posters. it was during the Brandi story where she asked LeAnn not to post pictures of her kids during the holidays.
      I mentioned no one in particular but they replied to my comment.
      I knew who was behind those post like everyone else does.

      It was funny because if you have no agenda why reply to the comment? Why go out of your way to prove you’re a regular commented?

      • paleokifaru says:

        Personally I, and other posters I’ve seen, find it kind of rude to accuse people with a different opinion of being paid or a front for a celebrity. At it’s best this site can provoke some really interesting political, cultural and personal conversation. I prefer it to feel like a dialogue and it doesn’t when people are constantly alluding to or outright accusing people of trolling. Just my own feelings on it.

      • funcakes says:

        There are posters that disagree with the majority then simply move on. These two particular posters would reply together in an aggressive manner to every poster that didn’t agree with LeAnn.

      • Nicole says:

        I think differing opinions is just fine, and builds for great conversation. My comment, and I believe Funcakes comment, is directed towards those individuals that literally first time commenters that seem to only aim articles about a particular subject. In this case, Leann Rimes. For instance, I am sure there are many people that know Holly, whom is an avid fan of Leann’s. I actually enjoy her upbeat nature, and am impressed with her loyalty. I like her, though I may not agree with what she says, I can respect it. However, I have seen as I lurk across sites, exactly what funcakes has stated on both sides of the camp. There are some Anti-Leann people that I feel are just as nuts as the crazy Pro-Leann ones. Stupidity doesn’t discriminate, that’s for sure. However, I am observant enough to know that there are many “new commenters” that have very similar verbiage and typing idiosyncrasies used on multiple gossip rags, that give way to theory crafting on my behalf, and others, that they are ‘trolls’. Having differing opinions is fine, but when it becomes so obnoxiously aggressive, it’s hard not to jump to conclusions.

    • Maria says:

      It’s Leakann’s typical reaction when any truth about her ugly behavior gets out. She and Kiki and Barrel go manic on the gossip sites trying to trash the person. When it doesn’t work she tries to sue them: her own dad, Brandi, Brandi’s dentist, Kim Smiley, now Dean.

    • starfish says:

      Yep, the smelly fish are all over this today. LMAO!! Wonder how many free I-pads and concert tickets are promised.

      • Cris says:

        Speak about manic. Barrell’s hubby has been going nuts on Twitter with veiled threats to Dean and his sister Candice about spilling all their dirty little secrets. Candice just laughs. These two are old enough to be grandparents and are acting like six graders with all their sleazy innuendo. I remember seeing something a bit ago from another person in the music business asking Barrell why he was getting involved in this small time silliness. It’s gotta be hurting his career to be acting so unprofessional.

  20. Teebee says:

    Give the guy a break. His history, his past, his new career. So many others have been able to tell their stories from diapers to diamonds and back and no one says boo. The only reason he followed his dream is because his life (that I’m sure he didn’t think would collapse) was turned upside down. Now he’s on to a new chapter, and to deny that LeAnn was a part of this chapter would be disengenuous. I went back to culinary school in my mid 40s, and I share so many different aspects of my life (no divorce, just discovering my bliss) when people ask me why.

    If you don’t like that he’s talking about what happened with LeAnn, blame LeAnn. She’s the one that has turned ALL their stories into a circus. And she keeps the train wreck happening with her passive aggressive presence of “truth” online. I despise her for the mess she has made, but get satisfaction now that her bed is too messy to sleep in.

    • Josephina says:


    • Dlo says:

      Slow clap to standing ovation

    • ya says:

      All of them have turned their stories into a circus, and Brandi has benefited the most from it – good for her, more power to her. But I wonder if they’re all conspiring together to keep this in the press – at least Eddie, Brandi and Dean anyway, with Leann being too dumb not to play into it (like by calling her lawyers).

      it’s Leann’s career that’s ultimately suffered the most – and obviously that’s her own fault for not realizing what’s going on around her.

      For Dean, this has completely deflected the rumours of what his marriage to Leann was like back in the day (with them bringing in extra men in Nashville and having a more open situation, etc.). He’s also got a huge payout.

  21. lower-case deb says:

    for a split second there, in the main page, i thought he was Nicholas Hoult… and felt creeped out a bit.

  22. HONEYB says:

    She even looks better when she was with Dean. Massive downgrade.

    • SleepyJane says:

      That is what I have the biggest problem wrapping my head around; why did her looks change so much? She was cute then. Now…well…I don’t know what it is. She just doesn’t look good. She looks manly.

      • meh says:

        Her looks changed because she tried to morph into Brandi. She was much better looking as her natural self.

      • ya says:

        Ya – it’s the wanting to look like Brandi thing – she completely changed her hair and makeup style into something that doesn’t suit her.

        She also changed her teeth – she had huge veneers back when she was with Dean. I think her new teeth are an improvement, but they do change the shape of her face a bit.

    • jm says:

      I think she looks happier. Now shes “won” the prize, but he doesn’t care about her and deep down she knows it, Dean actually cared

    • jm says:

      I think she looks happier. Now shes “won” the prize, but he doesn’t care about her and deep down she knows it, Dean actually cared

    • starfish says:

      Eddie wanted a Brandi, not a Leann. She was so much better looking before the knife happened. Eddie should be so proud of himself, he made her do this, it started as soon as she bought a house by them, she stalked and manic called him for months. Glad Brandi and Dean got away from this creepy people.

      • Josephina says:

        Pfffft. At some point, you are going to have to STOP CODDLING Brandi/Dean or anyone else that has a very bad breakup where they are angry that their partner has moved on in life without them.


        Let these people GROW and MOVE ON!!!!!

        Shadowing your life or still trying to stay tied to a past love, especially when you have new loved ones in your life, is really PATHETIC.

  23. LadySays says:

    my biggest problem is with the cover of his book. Does not look appetizing at all. Was that the best he could do?

    • Birdix says:

      wow, you’re right. I posted above that the pizza looked delicious, but didn’t realize it was the cover of the book! His (new) wife is an amazing photographer–surprised she wouldn’t have vetoed this.

    • Cici says:

      I didn’t really think about that until you said something. It does seem like he should have chosen something more colorful. In any case, I have bought the book and am looking forward to trying his recipes.

    • claire says:

      It looks okay to me. Though I had the same thought about another recent celeb cookbook: Chrissy Tiegen’s. Compared to all the beautiful photos she was showing in the lead up to its release, the cover shot is awkward and sucks. Dean, also, has better and more beautiful shots than what ended up on the cover. What’s the deal?!

      • paleokifaru says:

        Chrissy Tiegen has a cookbook? Man, I missed that.

      • claire says:

        She does! I haven’t gotten it yet but will. It just came out. It looks awesome and I’ve tried a few things off her site, before she even went down the cookbook route. You know how much Chrissy freaking loves food. It’s going to be a smart purchase, I think.

      • paleokifaru says:

        Ooo please share on a post somewhere after you try it out! I’m actually pretty interested in Dean’s recipes since he’s trained but seems like a pretty normal guy.

    • Jayna says:

      I’ve never understood who okayed such a bland cover as far as color to draw your eye in.

    • Esther says:

      i like that, food gets too much work and make up in advertising. this looks more realistic. also nice if you are cooking something and it looks vaguely like the cover.

      • Christin says:

        I think that’s it — making it look achievable. The inside pics appear more staged (photo worthy, so to speak).

        It looks better than burned frito pie in a tinfoil pan.

    • Jwoolman says:

      It’s PIZZA. For many of us, that’s the best way to get our attention. We want pizza and are even willing to make our own…. It’s actually a good hook for his potential readers, who may not be into cooking fancy things. But PIZZA is an exception. If you’re not a pizza fan, you may not find this attractive at all. But pizza fans and people who live with them will zero in on this cover even if they don’t think of themselves as cooks.

      • gwen says:

        I have to admit it was the picture of the pizza that got my attention…then I wanted to run out and have a pizza.

      • paleokifaru says:

        Are there people who are NOT pizza fans?! I’m not sure I want to know them.😉

  24. emmyb1608 says:

    I get him wanting to tell people what she’s really like like, but he’s just feeding her ego… You know she’ll be like “Everyone’s talking about me, they’re so jealous”

    • starfish says:

      Leann is jealous, Brandi and Dean moved on to have some success, and she is back in the trailer where she came from. People are laughing, isn’t that sad that Leann hasn’t figured this out yet.

  25. JenniferJustice says:

    I’m totally Team Dean, but why did he have to mention her at all? I only care because he’s put his book and success at risk now and because it does make him appear somewhat catty. The past is the past. If you’re over her, why ever mention her again? It only feeds her ego and THAT is what bugs me. Don’t feed that woman’s already ginormous ego!!!!

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I wonder if his publishers made that a requirement because they thought it would sell more cookbooks?

      • paleokifaru says:

        That’s a good point GNAT. If it was a requirement then I get that. Would they have a say in his interviews too? I guess I wish he had said no way or cut a different deal still…but if a cookbook was a dream then that would be difficult to do.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      Seriously, let’s get real. You are trying to sell a product, and you have an important connection that can bring publicity to your product. This is your livelihood. You aren’t going to use that connection to help your sales? Come on. Let’s all take a reality check. I say more power to him, and I hope he is sucessful.

      • starfish says:

        I cringe that he was ever married to that loon, she proved him right in everything he ever said. It ruined her own career, he was stuck, young, and she must have been hell to live with. Kudos for getting away from all of that. Now her and Barrel can finally hold hands again along with the outsiders in the wings there.

    • vauvert says:

      Team Dean here and I can imagine several reasons:
      1. It was cathartic. For years he went and did his thing, respected everyone’s privacy. Now he has a great chef career, a book – he has come into his own. What better time than now to say “I went through hell and came out on the other side”?
      2. People were going to ask him about it. That marriage, the divorce, they weren’t LR’s monopoly. He was half of it. Why wouldn’t the media pose questions and why wouldn’t he answer? This way, by putting down in the foreword whatever he was comfortable sharing, he got out in front of them. Now he can say that all he wants to say about his past is already written and over with.
      3. Sure, maybe there was a small financial motivation behind it, whether from the publishers or himself, although I personally can’t imagine that cookbook buyers will purchase this for the minimum amount of gossip. The book will stand on its own. But even if they are right and a bit of press comes his way, why should all the parties to this mess have the right to benefit from it financially, yet he should never ever do so? He has already proven he can stand on his own two feet, emotionally, financially, career wise… If he wants to say a few words about what had been a quarter of his life, why exactly shouldn’t he?

      I will borrow the book first – not for the stupid gossip bits, which we all knew very well already, I mean LR has over shared every second of it….Sadly it sounds a bit too beginner level for me, but I hope I am wrong. I would love to support him by buying it if the recipes are good.

      • Josephina says:

        The people who will financially profit from this, Dean included, are hoping that there ARE many emotionally charged people, like yourself, thinking only about finding more dirt on LeAnne to buy cookbook.

        You are not buying the cookbook because of its own merit, you are either buyinh the cookbook because you feel sorry for him or to read ANYTHING about LeAnne’s horrible character, as if there is not enough already out there for public consumption.

        Dean IS adding a new layer to the sh*t, real or not, that is already out there. He wants to get paid just like Brandi did— exploit her hurt/pain/sorrow/embarassment for financial gain.

        Dean is now a sellout, hope the extra money should quiet him about being dumped.

      • Dlo says:

        Perfectly put this is spot on and so intelligent this is for vauvert @josephina wow glad u think u know everyone’s motives must be nice to be a mind reader

      • Teresa says:

        To Josephine, I am buying the cookbook because love I to eat clean and healthy, and his cookbook is for foodies who want delicious healthy recipes. The bonus is, I want to support him for what he went through, and he has every right to tell HIS life story in whatever context he wishes. She thinks she can control everyone. She’s a bully, a narcissist, and needs to allow others to freely feel and express themselves as they wish. She’s an ARTIST, for Christ’s sake. Artists EXPRESS themselves in their work from their life experiences.

  26. DEB says:

    She didn’t deserve Dean 🙁 He truly loved her. I’m so glad he has moved on, and how!

  27. Betti says:

    I always thought he was too good for her – he came across as a nice guy, too nice. As for mentioning her in the book, he would have to have known how she would react to that and its not as if what was mentioned isn’t already out there in the public sphere (which she put out there) so it does seem he’s done it for the publicity but I really don’t blame him. I hope his book does well.

    LeAnn, well she’s also doing it for the attention and the possibility of getting money off him. She has no career now and has a leeching husband to support.

  28. anne_000 says:

    Can you imagine all the lawsuits she’ll file against Eddie if he ever leaves her and says anything about her, even if it’s as innocuous as what Dean’s said about their relationship? She’ll sue Eddie until he passes away and then probably sue the sons if anything of his estate goes to them. There’d be no peace ever, especially considering that she’s more emotional about Eddie than she seems to have been about Dean.

    Like the others said above, there’s nothing new in this excerpt that wasn’t said in the previous interview Dean did about his former relationship. So why send lawyers after him now?

    I wonder if she wants Dean to give her some part of his book sales in order to settle this non-issue?

    • Cici says:

      I think potential lawsuits will be the least of Eddie’s problems if he ever leaves her. Can’t you see her thinking “If I can’t have you, no one can”? She’s a bunny-boiler for sure!

      • Maria says:

        Exactly. Eddie, Brandi, and the kids and pets will all have to go into the witness protection program to get away from psycho-stalker. How you stalk him is how you lose him and then try to kidnap him back!

      • starfish says:

        I wish he would leave her, Eddie can have the sniffing coon dog on him.

    • claire says:

      I think I speak for everyone when I say: EDIOT! Don’t sign an NDA when you get divorced!

    • funcakes says:

      When Eddie leaves its going to be EPIC. By then she will be unable to afford a lawyer. She’ll type out the C and D herself.

    • aurelia says:

      Life has a funny way of working out. You end up with a partner you deserve.

  29. just me says:

    Team Dean….Wewe, GO AWAY! Keep your opinions to your twitter feed, nobody likes you here!

  30. jugil1 says:

    I looked at the book on Amazon & it looks good. I ordered his book yesterday just to support him. Way to go Dean! Leann should be worrying about how few people are even talking about her instead of worrying about the few people who are!

  31. Tanya says:

    LeAnn seems like a textbook narcissist.

  32. ZombieRick says:

    He needs press to promote his book so he drags up their history. It’s his history too so fine, but don’t act like he is taking the high road here.

    • MeAnnWhines says:

      Considering he’s hardly mentioned her all these years, and when he did, he was more gracious than he had to be, I think it’s ok. He’s telling his story & how he got into cooking. He’s not divulging any gross little secrets, and I’m sure he could.
      The fact that “somebody” put out into the press that he was gay to try and excuse the immoral actions is reprehensible, and he’s a saint for the way he’s dealt with this disaster. He even wished her well when she put out her last failed Christmas album, and she sends him a letter from a lawyer.
      She’s so deserving that her place on the Most Hated Celeb list each year!

    • 90sHasbeen says:

      For those saying he should have excluded her from the book, ummmm, did you actually read the first page posted on Amazon? Before judging, at least read and not selectively. He’s telling a story about what lead him to start cooking which started with his Grandmother. He then explains what lead him to chef school which was his divorce. Why shouldn’t he talk about his past? LeAnn wrote and album, participated in several interviews and even had a fake reality show based on her cheating.

      He doesn’t need her name to help him with sales. I follow him on Twitter and will tell you he’s such a beautiful, humble man with a body to salivate over (shirtless pic). LEANN is a has been who is reduced to singing at podunk casinos in the middle of nowhere. She barely can get seating for 200 ppl and is broke trying to take care of a jobless, lazy pig.

      Dean is happily married to a lovely woman and has a successful career as a chef and soon author. I hope it is a NYT Bestseller. I will support him.

    • starfish says:

      Whatever, go support the loon. Most hated listed is NOT something to be proud of. Leann takes the honor right along with that gold thing she has sitting on a shelf. Blue was recorded by someone else first, she just sang it like a 7 year would.

    • Jayna says:

      I think he’s telling his story briefly of how he ended up where he did and rediscovered himself and a whole new career. I think for many it will be the first time hearing it and give them an understanding of the person putting out a cookbook. And I think it would be inspirational for many who find themselves at a crossroads in their life from maybe a divorce or other personal reasons and realize you can begin again and live a better version of yourself in your next chapter.

      My friend got divorced and didn’t know who she was without her husband. She found a new passion for photography. She also took up hiking with girlfriends and realized she really loved the outdoors and felt healthier and more alive than she had in years compared to the draining last years of her marriage.

  33. Insomniac says:

    Meh. I mean, here I am reading this, so I’m part of the problem, but this feels like Dean is re-entering LeAnn’s downward spiral of suck after he’d successfully moved on from it all. Yes, he has the right, and yes he has a book to sell, but still …

  34. Esther says:

    please cover Brandis podcast when its out.

  35. Jack Daniels is my Patronus says:

    And you know, if she didn’t say anything, who knows how much attention his book would be getting…. She thrives on drama, and it’s boosting his sales. Sounds like a winning situation for both of them

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Yes. This has heightened publicity for his book and that pleases me. LeAnne has once again shot herself in the foot.

    • Jayna says:

      Well, it brings attention I guess to write the forward and LeAnn react. But he gets attention anyway as LeAnn’s ex without writing anything and as having built a solid reputation as a chef. He’s got some recurrent gigs on some morning shows with cooking segments. But I have looked on his twitter and he seems to have a lot of promo lined up for it and already being mentioned in newspapers in write-ups for the book. He’s retweeting a lot of stuff. He even has promo lined up in England. He’s on the Talk tomorrow for a Valentine cooking segment.

      I think his publishing company is solidly behind this book, and he’s going to be really out there promoting it. . And I also think his aim has been to one day have his own cooking show. If this book is a success, it gives him another step up towards that goal.

  36. Giddy says:

    Imagine Leann living with Eddie and his shenanigans, while she also knows that Dean would never have cheated on her or caused her pain. So good for Dean! The nice guy wins! And he will continue to look handsome as Eddie continues his downward slide. Going to order the cookbook now!

  37. spidey says:

    How undignified

    • starfish says:

      Yep, playing in the gutter with Leann is always fun isn’t it? If Leann would have shut it down and never said a word, it would have never been a issue.

      • Josephina says:

        His excerpts about her yet a happily married man with children IS the issue,..

      • gwen says:

        @Josephina Dean and his wife DO NOT have children…yet.

      • Josephina says:

        @ gwen–

        Thanks for the update. I thought I read that he had children with her.

        But my point is “Don’t Look Back Keep Moving Forward.” LeAnne has to grow as a person WITHOUT him. His journey has been separate from hers for a while now. He gave out a lot of intimate detail about their marriage, i.e. ” I was the emotionally stable one and I did everything for her.” That is way too much and taking too much credit. My point is she LEFT. Whatever he thinks he contributed to his marriage , at that time, was not enough glue for her to value, protect and stay in her marriage to him. Which is why it is pointless to talk about spilled milk.

        People leave relationships for a REASON. And no, it will never make sense to an outsider, and that is what we are. The lot of you do not agree with her decisions – but be clear, it was her decision to leave her marriage and start a life with Eddie. Dean can bellyache all he wants, she still ended her marriage. She regrets hurting him, as she has stated, but she does not regret leaving him.

        It is a very tough pill to swallow, but damn, people, please let this go. Eddie is clearly what she wants and desires in her life, so I do not see any reason for comments when two willful people break every rule to willfully be together, stay together, marry one another, going against all of these odds (trashed in the media). As flawed as their journey has been, Eddie and LeAnne have made it clear that THEY want to be together. The media outcry has only made them tighter and stronger than ever. These two are like velcro now.

      • puravidacostarica says:

        Josephina is cracking me up! Tighter and stronger than ever? Alrighty then. Wave hello to someone in LeAnn’s inner circle.

      • Maria says:

        Uh, no. Eddie has been cheating on Leeann since they got together. He was cheating for a while with one of the waitresses at The Cantina, a restaurant in Calabasas. That was why you saw Leann wacked out on drugs/booze during her American Idol performance. She can barely make it to her concerts half the time because she knows he goes out with other women when she leaves town.

  38. funcakes says:

    One of the people from the inner circle in fighting with the haters again. This person is also fighting with an ex family member of LeAnn’s. And its not even his family. Wow, this person oeared absolutely nothing from the last posts he made.
    This person must have a lot of time on their hands considering they are in a business where Valentines day is the busiest time.

  39. Snowpea says:

    Awwww I like this dude. He’s very considered and intelligent and measured, unlike the other three. But I do sense a slight air of avenging past hurts, albeit done in a very clever way.

    ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’ is the aphorism that comes to mind…very apt, considering.

    He kept his trap shut all these years and now it’s his turn. Why not throw in a few references to old mate Rimes to drum up some free publicity? The other losers have milked this thing to death and made good money out of it.

    I just think he’s very clever and classy to boot. Oh and Leann? You gave up this good, committed, loyal, gorgeous bloke for that slimeball you married? You lose Leann.

  40. Jayna says:

    I’m ordering it to support Dean and also because the book looks good.

    I like what he had to say here. His twitter has always been about his passion for food but lots of variety also. He’s infectious in his love for food.

    It’s cute on there when he said he’s excited about his book but posted a photo of his wife as who is the most important. Looking at his twitter, he tweeted he was supposed to be doing food prep but instead is going to make hot chocolate for his wife and there’s a photo of him shirtless in his jeans in kitchen his wife took I guess. Wow. His body is insane.

    “It’s not a revenge cookbook,” says Sheremet. “It’s more about eating real, nutrient-rich food rather than dieting.”

  41. anniefannie says:

    Wow! After all the references to her twitter I looked Leann’s up! I can’t believe she continues to post on Instagram and Twitter given the mountain of negative responses she receives. I’m mystified why anyone would want to subject herself, she must be a creature for punishment …# baffled!

  42. PamelaJudy says:

    Go check out the Amazon reviews for the book. All give 5 star, super positive reviews except for “Cindy” who gives 1 star and pretty much accuses him of still being in love with his exwife. Coincidentally, the only other Amazon product Cindy has ever reviewed is the crappy Xmas album that LeAnn released. She gave it 5 stars…

  43. P says:

    None of that probably needed to be said in a cookbook. That said, Rimes got off pretty easy. The kind of person she appears to be, stuff like what’s in his book just feeds that narcissism. Honestly, it would probably get under her skin more if he made a point to never make mention of her or their marriage again. And I’m sorry, but he should make it a policy to stay well away from Brandi Glanville. No WAY that’ll end well.

    • starfish says:

      I think B and him probably have talked over the years, Eddie needs a wife to pay his bills, and D lived with the nut. I’ll bet their stories are funny!

    • Nana says:

      Their is nothing wrong with Brandi. She’s tough, she’s strong, at times she’s loud and she cusses, and OMG she drinks wine, WHO CARES. She’s a great mom. I wish people would realize the RH show is just that a TV show, they are paid to create drama. She’s done nothing to anyone, to be given the hate she gets. It’s mind boggling.

      • Deanne says:

        It’s amazing that so many think reality shows aren’t completely orchestrated to have villains and saints. The same people who think that Brandi is “trash” are the ones who think Lisa Vanderpump is classy and a good person. Lisa’s the fakest, most arrogant woman ever. She’s one of those people who has a specific use for each person in her circle and once they stop being useful to her, she makes it her mission to take them down. She’s also one of those people who demands others beg for forgiveness, with no intention of forgiving them. Narcissistic to the core. Even her animals are just accessories. She has a closet full of fur. Animal lovers don’t wear fur. Maybe if Brandi got a pair of really awful fake eyelashes and spoke with a British accent, she’d start winning people over. It’s certainly worked for Lisa.

      • Ariadne says:

        Thankyou; people get way too sanctimonious where Brandi and her behaviour is concerned.

      • P says:

        @Deanne, Ariadne

        Brandi Glanville was snorting cocaine and slashing tires well before Bravo came into her life.

        And yes, I will get good and “sanctimonious” about someone who thinks child sex abuse is funny. Every goddamn day, twice on Sunday, and I won’t be apologizing for it anytime soon.

      • P says:


        Yeah, I always wished my mom would regularly make an ass of herself on television, get falling-down drunk in public repeatedly, joke about child molestation, get sued every other week because she couldn’t keep her dumpster-mouth closed and tell the world what an asshole I was. When I was SEVEN.

        I guess I’m just jealous.

      • jenn12 says:

        Do you know her personally, to make such accusations? She definitely says and does some dumb stuff, but you’re a little overboard. People joke about their kids all the time; are you this angry at Louis CK over his similar remarks towards his kids? It’s just gallows humor. Haven’t seen her drunk since the tampon incident. And she’s been sued by one person.

  44. Jess says:

    I just stalked Dean’s Twitter and Instagram and good lawdamercy his body is a fkng work of art, and the fact that he works hard and stays faithful to his women makes him even more attractive. LeAnn majorly screwed up there, for many, many reasons. She ruined her career and image over a douche like Eddie, who doesn’t work or have an ounce of real respect for her, or any woman, unbelievable the difference in the two men.

    She of course posted some throwback lovey picture with Eddie calling it a perfect moment, but it’s obviously staged and the Photoshop is strong, she’s so predictable!

    • Ming says:

      Dean’s adoration for his wife is such a turn on..and the fact that he is so vocal about how important she is to him.

    • Jayna says:

      Did you see that shirtless photo of him in jeans making his wife hot chocolate? Wow.

    • AmyB says:

      LOL @Jess I did the same thing. Dean seems so sweet, obviously into fitness, clearly adores his wife, and I applaud his journey in becoming an accomplished chef. I am also in the fine dining restaurant business (first as a server, now as a general manager). I can appreciate the hard work he was required to do in order to rise through the ranks to become a great chef. I have checked out his cookbook on Amazon and it looks amazing. I will definitely buy it as I love to cook at home on my days off. And his devotion to his wife is adorable….they make such a great couple. As many have said, LeAnn f**ked up leaving Dean for Eddie. Team Dean all the way 😉

  45. Kori says:

    I’m side-eyeing going on Brandi’s podcast because she’s crude and crazy and bitter. (Maybe understandably but I watched her for years on RHOBH and she’s horrid. Opinions may differ of course). I rank her #3 still on the chain with Eddie & Leann tied for #1 and Dean a distance #4 though. But I don’t blame him for this story at all for several reasons. 1) he kept quiet for years when he coud have capitalizine on the story then 2) he tells nothing personal ie about her childhood, how she was as a wife ,their sex life, her shopping habits, nothing. 3) he is still kind about her even shouldering a share of the blame (more than he deserves probably) even though he was the injured party because that was some-highly public cheating 4) PR is needed for his book and I think he’s handling the need to capitalize on the story for book sales well and graciously–not too pimpy but aware of the fact it’s needed. 5) he seems like a decent guy with a stable career and a happy marriage–no reason for him to dwell on the past and I don’t think he does past times like this.

    • Jayna says:

      I, honestly, wish he wasn’t going on Brandi’s podcast. If she handles this interview with class instead of trash, you can color me surprised. I wish she would. Hopefully, he laid down some ground rules before agreeing to go on it.

      • funcakes says:

        This is Brandi Unfiltered not Brandi The Well thought out individual. He probably laid down ground rules but who says she has to follow them.
        But thanks to one member of the inner circle attacking Dean’s sister on social media, again, all bets may be off.

      • Lady D says:

        It would be great if neither of them mentioned their ex’s on the air at all.
        Wonder how many people the luck dragon is going to force to listen to this?

    • starfish says:

      I think Dean is smart, what better press for himself to wag the tail and bite the loon who went to the press and called him many things. I think Brandi and him probably have a good laugh watching the Shitfire melt down. If someone crapped on you like the 2 losers did, it’s your journey, your story, your life. I am buying his book, heck I don’t need another cookbook, but for the purpose to support a kind person who got dumped on because his wife couldn’t keep her legs together and screwed a married man in a trailer. People that call Brandi trash, only needs to look at the bigger trash who put Brandi’s life and her son’s life out in the public.

  46. Ming says:

    Of course an article came out this week interviewing leann about her upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend show…

    “her EMPATHETIC heart” is what allows her to relate to others and write music.

    Are you fist me?

    Empathy is the ability to feel with another persons emotions, as strongly as if their feelings were your own…

    Leann is the complete opposite.. She shows zero empathy. Case in point:: Brandi begging and pleading to refrain from happee holiday pics as it breaks her heart. Leann’s response:: me, mine, my story, I do what I want.

    Team Dean.

    • starfish says:

      OMG, she really is stupid, the comments will kill the show. People tweet to whoever is paying her, boycott the business, etc. She needs to shut down the info on what she is doing. Instead of her manager and his wife fighting on twitter, they should be helping her.

  47. Deanne says:

    LeAnn looked really cute and happy with Dean. Her hair and make-up look good and her clothes actually suit her body. They married at a very young age and it isn’t unusual for people to outgrow each other. The thing is that her career is now in the toilet, she looks awful and she spends 24/7 on social media, plagiarizing quotes and trying to pretend she has an amazing, love filled life. She’s unhinged and it shows. Eddie isn’t “”there” for LeAnn. Dean was. Eddie doesn’t work and from the amount of time LeAnn spends trying to keep up the facade that her life is so much better now, he can’t really be paying very much attention to her. She sometimes tweets for hours at a time. Eddie is there for the lifestyle and because he has nowhere else to go. Dean seems to have sincerely cared about her well being. He’s handsome, super fit and obviously devoted to his new wife. She dowgraded in a major way.

    • Tate says:

      I don’t think it so much for the lifestyle any more and completely about having no where else to go. He is perpetually unemployed and that is not going to change anytime soon.

      The lavish vacations are gone. Ed is stuck with crazy ATM of a wife and their RV.

      • Deanne says:

        You’re right about the trips to Cabo and Denver being a thing of the past. She really lavished him with trips, cars, toys and gifts, in the beginning and lured him with the promise of a luxurious lifestyle. He probably thought it would help his career too. No wonder he looks so hagard and depressed when he’s sober.

      • Tate says:

        Ed was a sucker and deserves the life he is living now.

      • Lady D says:

        If they split, Ediot will end up moving back in with his parents. Plus, not being much of a father, he is going to need someone to watch the kids.

  48. funcakes says:

    Starfish noticed that LeAnn’s lawyer name is on her house. Can anyone answer why this would be? Does this mean she in debt to him? Is this a way to avoid bankruptcy?

    • Sapphire says:

      Nope-her house is actually owned by a trust, which requires an agent for legal purposes. Her attorney does not have an interest nor could he have a financial stake in the house. This, of course, doesn’t have any impact on the loan extended by Ediot’s best buddy.

  49. My Two Cents says:

    Kudos to Dean on achieving his dream! He has every right to talk about a big part of his life and it being a turning point for him when marriage ended. You can just tell he is a great guy and would be a great partner. What disgusts me even more about Loser Leann is that in all her ridiculous interviews she has never once given Dean any credit, even when they were married, for being so supportive of her. The only decent songs she wrote then were with him.
    So what if he wants to appear on Brandi’s podcast. It will put his name and cookbook out there to people that listen. Many listening will buy it in support.

    • Christin says:

      He wrote a bit more than I originally realized, but I didn’t think it was negative. As others noted, he basically criticizes himself.

      His comments just fill in the blanks as to why she appeared more put together during their marriage. He was the anchor. When the anchor was yanked away, things went adrift.

  50. Spike says:

    Great title and cover. As a cookbook title it’s clever. I don’t make an instant connection from his name to hers. Addressing the elephant in the room was a solid play to get it out of rhe way.

    Will it help sell more books? Probably. He went to school and busted his ass studying; he’s got fantastic training. He’s applied time to learn a craft and practice it. That says more about him than the toxic trio’s actions since the split.

  51. msw says:

    Cheater donuts. “How cauliflower helped me get over LeAnn Rimes.” LMAO. Dean is milking this, I think, but I don’t care. LeAnn doesn’t deserve his silence.

  52. Speaking My Truth says:

    I like this guy. He’s sincere. Leann’s a loser and out of $$$$ looking for a quick cash deposit through a possible lawsuit, hence the lawyer threat. I’m going to buy his book to help make him successful. Once he’s really successful, Leann will be more bat s**t crazy than she is now! LMAO

  53. Deanne says:

    LeAnn’s jeweller friend went mental on Twitter yesterday. He insulted Dean, Dean’s sister, said Brandi had been living off of LeAnn for 6 years, and LeAnn resented having to pay her child support, blah, blah, blah. He also had the nerve to say that both Dean abd Brandi owed LeAnn for their success. Like they were so much better off being betrayed and having their lives ripped apart. He talked about Mason and Jake too. Seriosly, the man is unstable and the fact that he and his equally deluded husband are around the boys on a regular basis, is disconcerting. If LeAnn is so unhappy about having to pay Eddie’s bare minimum child support, she shouldn’t have married him. He has two kids, an ex-wife and no income. Somehow she and her idiotic enablers feel that this is Brandi’s fault. They are just digging LeAnn a deeper and deeper hole.

    • puravidacostarica says:

      Yeah, that guy is an unhinged Roid rager. He and his “team” (Darrell, LeAnn, and her other minions) need to stay off Twitter permanently. LeAnn ruined her life all on her own. She didn’t need help doing it back in 2009 and she doesn’t need help trying to patch it all back together. Her career is deader than a doornail. The proof? She’s singing to a Rotary Club tonight.

      • Deanne says:

        His husband was tweeting about how much power LeAnn has in the industry. With who? Nashville hates her. She has been without a record contract for two years despite many, many meetings with various labels. Hollywood certainly isn’t exactly knocking her door down. I guess the Rotary Club gig is just the first of the ” amazing” things that she has going on.

    • Maria says:

      That loser is just one small example of how toxic the environment is that Eddie and Leann put the boys in. They surround them with crazies like this who constantly trash Brandi, calling her a slut and a whore and a b!tch. They make online memes about her, threatening her with death. Leann constantly copies everything Brandi does, wears and tweets, and posts it online as her own idea. This online stalking and bullying of Brandi has been going on for the last six years. All because Leann is a spoiled brat narcissist with millions and when she broke up her own marriage and The Cibrian family, she expected that Dean and Brandi would fade away. When they refused to play into her delusion she started a campaign of stalking and bullying of both of them trying to buy or sue them into silence. Barrel and his boyfriend encourage the crazy behavior because she pays them well.