Prince’s new passport photo is basically the most flawless thing ever

People love Prince. I love Prince. Prince is always fabulous. Did you know that Prince is on Twitter? He is. This is his Twitter. He posts wonderful and weird tweets, thoughts, promotional stuff, fan art, photos, and much more. And he also posts official passport photos, like the one above. Prince needed a new passport photo and THIS is how it turned out. What else would you expect? Perfect eyeliner, perfect lip-glossed pout, perfect brows, perfect lashes, perfect afro, PERFECT PRINCE. We should all be so #flawless for our passport photos.

I actually have this thing where, whenever I’m being photographed for something official, like a driver’s license or passport or an ID card, my resting bitchface morphs into “I’m going to kill you” face. Seriously, my driver’s license photo looks like I’ve just murdered everyone at the DMV. My passport photo looks like I just slapped my way to the front of the line.

Photos courtesy of Twitter.

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  1. AntiSocialButterfly says:

    Is it wrong that I snorted?

    He looks a bit like his face is made of Silly Putty, and someone stretched it longitudinally. Was his face always that long & narrow???

    • LadyMTL says:

      I snorted but that’s because I was laughing…he’s basically looking super fab-u-LOUS in that pic, and I’m jealous. He’s wearing more makeup than I do!

      My last passport pic made me look like I wanted to punch the person behind the camera; I think I’m like Kaiser and have a serious resting bitchface / murderface.

      • Diana B says:

        Same. I’m always getting called, fist-faced which is our version of resting bitch face. My passport photo looks like I want to end the whole world.

    • isabelle says:

      He has always been small in body and face but that bone structure is still solid.

  2. aims says:

    His bone structure is flawless. It looks more like a head shot than a passport photo.

  3. COSquared says:

    That is like, #Afrogoals. I’m too lazy to comb every morning. Braids or relaxed for me: they take a few moments.

  4. HK9 says:

    My god that looks fabulous!

  5. Rachel says:

    I just had my passport photo taken yesterday… it doesn’t look like that. And when I tried to smile the woman told me I can’t show my teeth. You’re not allowed to smile in passport photos? Because traveling is so miserable, they want your passport photo to match what you look like in the airport??

  6. I Choose Me says:

    I love it. Wish I could get my mascara applications to looks that good. I either look smirky or sleepy in all my official photos.

  7. trishy says:

    You forgot #contour. This photo is everything.

  8. Snazzy says:

    He really is very good with his makeup! And I mean that as a compliment – he looks great!

  9. QQ says:

    We’ve been blessed with this unf*ckwithable pic and the knowledge that it is on his official Passport!

  10. Lindy79 says:

    I can’t express my love for this enough.
    Its just amazing

  11. celine says:

    He’s just sooooo pretty.

  12. morc says:

    Normally this wouldn’t be accepted as a passport photo because of the shadow on his left cheek.
    I got my photo taken today and I look like a toad on it.

    • TwistBarbie says:

      Yeah, it’s pretty annoying that apparently the standards don’t apply to everyone. Every time I see I celebrity’s passport photo I get pissed b/c I guess they get to just look however they want while the rest of us are forced to get retakes until we look completely cadaverous. I actually had a lady at the passport office almost reject my photo (after I had stood in line, missing work, for 2 hours) b/c of a perceived light ray on my shoulder (which would have been cropped anyways). I told her it was a tan line (it was in the middle of winter) so she asked if I had been somewhere hot (obviously not, I don;t have a passport yet) so I lied and said it was from a tanning booth which I utilized to treat psoriasis. No way in hell was I going back for another photo.

      • morc says:

        It might be that he/the photog added the shadow in Photoshop specifically for instagram.
        The rules are so ridiculous. I bet you felt like choking someone after waiting for 2 hours.
        Luckily I don’t have to go to a huge municipal department but can go to my town hall to get it all don, 5-10 min, no wait.
        Your tan line fib is hilarious!

  13. Laura says:

    Prince is everything.

  14. Sam says:

    The biggest shocker to me: He’s 57 years old! If ever an argument existed for clean living, this has got to be it.

  15. Jayna says:

    Flawless, ageless, and a true original.

  16. Alex says:

    Prince is the definition of flawless

  17. Gorgonia says:

    He looks great!

  18. isabelle says:

    Took my passport picture last week. Lets says I didn’t photograph as flawless as Prince. Mine looks like a prison photo.

  19. rianic says:

    I always have my DL photos (and my passports the few photos I’ve done) made after a trip to the salon for my regular cut and color. I ask for a little help touching my make up….

    I still look like I’m about to go boil someone’s rabbit, but at least my hair looks nice.

  20. bcgirl says:

    the title for this post is the second most flawless thing ever.

  21. Reece says:

    Fabulous? Yes!
    Photoshopped? Yep.

  22. DeadlyKitten says:

    Blue Steel !!!

  23. JFresh says:

    Lol “slapped your way to the front of the line” — good one.

  24. WhatamIlookingat says:

    His facial hair looks like a porn star’s carefully coiffed crotch.

  25. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    Yup! It’s my just you. I look murderous & all around old. As in 20-30 years older than my every day pics. It’s truly frightening 😳