Nick Nolte’s two hour rest on airport floor

Poor Nick Nolte. He can’t even lie around drunk on an airport floor without people snapping his picture and spreading it all over the Internets. At least he’s a friendly drunk. Onlookers say he happily posed for pictures in the moments he was able to lift his head up to enjoy a treat from the vending machine.

Nolte was in the airport in Hawaii for a couple of hours while his flight was delayed. Unlike other celebrities he cares about the environment and flies commercial.

Nolte was probably dog tired. According to IMDB he’s been surprisingly working on a lot of projects. He has one film coming out this year, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh with Sienna Miller, and three next year.

Surely these pictures will soon replace his mug shot as the top google image results for Nolte.

Thanks to TMZ for this story and pictures.

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