Pete Doherty and friends egg photographer, post video of it

Pete Doherty and his friends posted a video on YouTube of them egging a photographer through a fence near Pete’s new apartment. You only see Kate Moss’ ex at the end of the video smiling maniacally as he’s behind the camera most of the time.

It seems like they sent one of their friends out to talk to the photographer and the guy is shown grabbing him through the fence and hitting him with an egg.

At least junkie Pete isn’t living in a trailer park any more, but you can see the sad state of his life if he gets such a kick out of egging paparazzi that he posts a dumb edited clip of it on YouTube. It’s probably Pete or one of his friends’ accounts as the user posted the earlier videos of Pete and Kate singing and lounging around.

The description of the video says “papple Nazis: pre-teens being killed in he area of late and these leeches from the pond of celebrity culture are creeping around after junkie characatures- f&*# off”

Here’s the video:

Thanks to The Mirror for the link to the video.

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