Jennifer Lopez: Dancers are better in bed, ‘musicians are too self-absorbed’


Jennifer Lopez’s W Magazine profile just gave me the perfect term for why I love her so much: she is “the people’s diva.” Like, the people’s princess, only in multi-hyphenate diva form. Anyway, I sort of hate Jennifer’s W Magazine editorial – you can see the slideshow here. It’s sort of awful, and they made Jennifer wear a terrible blonde mullet wig in half the pics. As for the interview, it’s longer than most W Mag profiles. It reads like a day-in-the-life piece, and Jennifer is really, really busy. You can read the full piece here, and here are some highlights:

The people’s diva: “I’ve been in the grind and the game for a long time. At a certain point, people respect you when they see you fall down and get back up. The more you’re in this life, the more they celebrate your triumphs. When it comes to work, I never get tired. But with personal failures, I have thought, This is too hard. When my marriage ended, it was not easy to find forgiveness. It wasn’t the dream that I had hoped for, and it would have been easier to fan the flames of resentment, disappointment, and anger. But Marc is the father of my children [8-year-old twins], and that’s never going away. So, I have to work to make things right. And that is, by far, the hardest work I do.”

She’s fine-boned: “When I first came to Los Angeles, someone told me I would be a star because of my tiny ankles and wrists. They said that was the key to it all.”

She’s constantly being swarmed by fans: “It’s been like that since Selena. I never thought about fame until then. After that film, I would have panic attacks. I remember walking down the street, and someone yelled, ‘Jennifer!’ and I didn’t know who it was. I ran home. From that point forward, I realized I couldn’t be alone in public. I don’t think I’ve been alone on the street in over 20 years.”

Who is better in bed: “Last time I was here, they asked me who is better in bed—dancers, musicians, or actors? I said, ‘Dancers!’ Musicians are too self-absorbed. They are too concerned with themselves to be great in bed.”

On Marc Anthony: “I hung in there for seven years. I knew very quickly that it wasn’t the right thing.”

On Casper Smart: “We got together and broke up and are now together again. I still think about getting married and having that long life with someone. I love the movie The Notebook. A dream of mine is to grow old with someone.”

On being more accessible after her stint on American Idol: “It has been easier. People may now think I’m ‘nice,’ but they still act surprised when I’m smart. It’s a man’s world, and, truly, people in a business setting do not value a woman as much as a man. I feel like I’m constantly having to prove myself. If a man does one thing well, people immediately say he’s a genius. Women have to do something remarkable over and over and over. And, even then, they get questions about their love life. People underestimate me. They always have, and maybe that’s for the best. It’s fun to prove them wrong.”

[From W Magazine]

I do think J.Lo is smart… in almost every area of her life. She’s dumb in love, but smart everywhere else. And she’s right about people undervaluing her simply because she’s a woman, just as she’s right about constantly being underestimated. I love the bit about her thin ankles and wrists, I love the shade she has for Marc Anthony and I’m absolutely astonished that she hasn’t been alone in public in 20 years. She’s also wrong about dancers being the best lovers – swimmers are obviously the best lovers!

Meanwhile, there’s one thing I’d like to mention – last week, there was a controversy about J.Lo’s new single, “Ain’t Your Mama.” The song is awful, full-stop. But it was written by Meghan Trainor, and there were widespread reports that the track had been “produced” by Dr. Luke. Jennifer got a lot of online hate and shade for that. But E! News reported that Trainor had written the song several years back and her version was produced by Dr. Luke back then, before Kesha’s lawsuit. Then Trainor gave the song to J.Lo and J.Lo didn’t know Dr. Luke had ever had his fingerprints on it. Trainor confirmed that version of events this week, calling the backlash against Jennifer “ridiculous” and “not fair on her, not at all.”


Photos courtesy of W Magazine.

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  1. Esther says:

    did she just diss herself in the headline?

    • Cranberry says:

      Well she first compliments herself and then diss’ herself. So I guess that let’s her off the hook if she ever has a bad night.

    • BangersandMash says:


      She exposed herself big time.

    • Naya says:

      Jlo cant sing worth a damn so I assume she is complimenting herself.

    • V4Real says:

      She didn’t diss herself; remember she was a dancer for many years before she became a singer.

    • Colette says:

      To me a musician is a person who plays a musical instrument.

      • Vizia says:

        My (guitarist) husband says jokingly, “Singers aren’t real musicians”. Then I sing lead at a gig for 3 hours, and could keep going, and he sings backups for the same amount of time and has a sore throat and needs to stop. 🙂

      • Triple Cardinal says:

        Musicians consider the voice a musical instrument. Vocalists *are* musicians.

    • amilu says:

      I always considered her a dancer before anything else. Dancer, then actress, then…singer. But I wouldn’t really classify her as a musician — regardless of whether you consider a singer a musician or not.

  2. Birdix says:

    That was not so veiled dis of Mark Anthony and shout out to Casper, non? Otherwise it makes little sense.

    • TheSageM says:

      Her second husband also was a dancer, wasn’t he?

      • Denisemich says:

        Yup. So she is in a relationship with Casper for the Sex. SHOCKER!!!

        LOVE is not SEX and SEX is not LOVE.

        I think for all her success, she has a low self esteem. What could her relationship be like with Leah Remini?

        If your bestie is married to a habitual cheater, you have to hear that crap all the time . Unless you are in the same circumstance that crap is a drag.

        Why does JLO constantly go with men that aren’t faithful and why does she put up with it?

      • JenniferJustice says:

        I do not beleive he cheats on her. I do beleive he is bisexual and in the closet about it. She knows but she doesn’t care. She has the control in that relationship so it’s safe. He is at her beck and call. Everything about her and her career comes first. He’s okay with it because it’s boosted his career just being with her, she buys him everything he could possibly want, and he gets fame and fortune from her.

        BTW, that plus for Casper and dis on Marc was also a plus for her – she’s a dancer, so she’s basically saying she’s great in bed.

    • qwerty says:

      This explains why she’s still with him. Kinda.

      • JFresh says:

        As if there was ever any doubt tho. I’m sure he worships her. (Casper that is. Marc Anthony was too busy worshipping himself. Which perhaps he should. I would worship him if I could…)

      • qwerty says:

        He texts other people tho…

    • crtb says:

      I thought is was shade to P Diity and Mark and kudos to her second husband and Casper. And in her cases, both of the musicians are self absorbed, self centered, cheaters with huge egos. I would imagine that men like act in bed the way they are in the world. Dancers have a lot of stamina. I had a friend who was a ballet dancer and she always said dancers were great lovers.

  3. Emma33 says:

    I’m a musician, and I agree. Dancers are also self-absorbed, but at least they’re athletic. 😉

    • Cranberry says:


    • JenniferJustice says:

      Yes to this. Every dancer I’ve ever known was flakier than a Pilsbury southern bisquit. Into crystals, oils, and gurus, but mostly into staring at themselves in mirrors. Singers tend to be artists – creative, thoughtful, pensive.

  4. Nancy says:

    Take that Marc and Diddy. Dancers are the best in bed…..explains Casper the Ghost I guess.

    • NeNe says:

      She should be kissing Diddy’s a**. If it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t be where she is right now, and I firmly stand by this!!!!

      • Mimz says:

        Really? She should be kissing his ass? Why? Just because someone helped you in the beginning of your career – whichever it is – doesn’t mean you have to be forever in debt?! He might have opened some doors, but her hard work made her a star, nothing else. She busts her ass off, and she gets to be where she is now.
        Besides, she’s never said really nasty things about him (that I can remember anyway).

      • TheOtherMaria says:

        Diddy helped her music career, her acting career catapulted after Selena, that’s a fact.

      • Nameless says:

        No, she should be kissing that Versace dress.

      • Lizzie McGuire says:

        @Nameless yeah that Versace dress was everything, & it will always be remembered.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        No she shouldn’t. He gave her some exposure because they were in a relationship but she took her ticket and ran with it. That is her. Her work ethic and talent is her. She’s still here and he’s where?

      • Mimz, says:

        Magnoliarose I agree with you, but just to clarify, Diddy might not be soaring in the music business, but he is filthy rich and his businesses are very successful.
        So he is not struggling – at all. He apparently IS richer than her. So, success has many faces. And I’d say that Diddy also profited greatly from dating her, he was no longer seen as just another Rapper, urban, and he became hollywood elite with JLo. It was a win-win situation IMO.

        “Amazingly enough, Dre is not the richest man in hip-hop; that honor goes to Diddy, who clocks in at $735 million. The news may come as a surprise to many, but while Dre’s wealth derived from a single jackpot idea, Diddy’s is the product of his interests in a slew of companies (…)
        Diddy has a deal with Diageo ’s Ciroc vodka that guarantees him a split of the proceeds if the brand is ever sold, an event that would surely land him a nine-figure check. He also owns a controlling stake, or close to it, in clothing lines Sean John and Enyce, alkaline water brand Aquahydrate, new tequila DeLeon and multimedia network Revolt. Diddy founded the latter as a sort of next generation MTV with a renewed focus on music. ” Forbes

    • Colette says:

      I would classify Diddy as more of a dancer than a musician.

      • crtb says:

        Diddy is a rap artist who writes and produces music. He may dance in his videos but I would never classify him as a dancer.

      • WTW says:

        @crtb I wouldn’t classify him as a rapper either. He sucks at that. He’s a producer who tried to venture into rapping. No bueno.

      • Moneypenny says:

        Diddy originally was a dancer. In his Behind the Music (or E! True Hollywood Story), he said that their dance pasts was one of the big things he and Jennifer had in common.

  5. ell says:

    idk if i love the ex husband shading tbh, he’s the father of her children after all. i prefer how jen garner did it.

    • qwerty says:

      There were some abuse allegations so maybe she’s actually being nice.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        Yes and that he was insanely possessive. He had been obsessed with her before they even got together.

  6. NewWester says:

    She never answered the question about actors? Ben Affleck is neither a dancer or musician …….

    • Jayna says:

      I imagine Ben was the best because she was over the top in love with him more than anyone she’s been with, and sex is the best when mutually crazy in love. And both of them were. And I bet part of that white hot attraction to Ben was she was dictimized.

  7. Cranberry says:

    I can agree. Dancers are better in bed than musicians. That makes sense to me because musicians can’t dance either.

    • Dangles says:

      What about porn stars?

      • Cranberry says:

        What about porn stars? They’re neither musicians, dancers or actors. Plus they look ridiculous in bed too. I don’t know what they’re good at except getting paid well.

  8. NeNe says:

    She’s one to talk about being ‘self-absorbed’. Give me a break!!!

    She’s a fake a** biotch!!!!

  9. Jayna says:

    Jennifer sure is changing her tune. Before it was a good marriage that towards the end wasn’t so good. She now is the long-suffering wife who knew from the beginning it was wrong. She was too embarrassed to admit it was a rebound marriage over Ben, and she wanted babies. How noble of her to get married fast yet again but stay and self-sacrifice. LOL

    So now she’s dissing Marc. I saw him in an interview and he was so gracious about Jennifer and her book also, and said she had a right to tell her story. He said she was the mother of his children and wanted her to be happy..

    Now the diss about sex. Well, her 20-something boy-toy is following her around everywhere for all of her gigs. He seems to have the job of assistant, adult minder, like on set with her shooting her show and her other gigs. My friend once called guys like him mimbos ,because sex was the only thing they had to lead with.

    I love Jennifer. She’s beautiful and driven and funny. But take some of the blame, dear, for at least some of the problems in your failed relationships, because we all know how this relationship with Caspar is going to end after you marry him.

    Plenty of very famous people walk the streets alone and deal with it. Jennifer can’t be alone is the bottom line.

    • Christin says:

      Your last paragraph is what jumps out to me. She cannot be alone, to the point she hasn’t walked by herself in public in 20 years.

      Independent, she really isn’t.

      • JFresh says:

        Few of us are truly independent though. Nor should we be. We all need and want relationships. I don’t see this as a negative at all. She’s someone who has been struggling to get her needs met over the years in various ways. Very human it seems to me.

      • FingerBinger says:

        @JFresh We don’t all need or want relationships.

      • Kitten says:

        What FingerBinger said.

        I agree with you, Jayna. I think J Lo is gorgeous but she seems like a huge pain in the ass in terms of relationships and yeah, she clearly cannot be alone.

      • Lady D says:

        So much what FingerBinger said.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        And this relationship with Casper benefits her way more than it does him. We may think he’s a knob, but you’ve got to admit, dude has no real life of his own because he is expected to be her escort, butler, make-shift father to her kids, arm candy (in her mind), but not at all his own person in any way. He has no real career of his own, no life outside of her’s. In some ways I see him as a paid mate much like Eddie Cibriani. He may enjoy the trucks and vacations and living the high life, but I have to think when he’s thinking about things by himself, it’s sad and degrading…even though it’s his choice. Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy.

      • Mika says:

        I saw her carpool video with James Corden and I have to say, she’s kinda lovable. She has a great personality. But she did confirmed/said that she’s the type of girl who always needs to be in a relationship. Go watch that video!

    • TheOtherViv says:

      I once worked with her on a charity-related project and was stunned how she was never ever alone- even when meeting privately with real life survivors/victims for the project in her hotel room to hear about their experiences – she had to have someone there, at all times. The victims were happy to meet her but were in awe that an assistant/manager was ALWAYS there. They asked us: “But is she never ever alone?” I thought JLo was lovely but if that had been me I would have felt weird to have such a private delicate conversation in my hotel suite asking a survivor of abuse about their story with no “real” privacy. It seemed odd and could have been an ideal moment to ditch the constant companion for a minute or two, but it didn’t happen. Besides that she was sweet, though she didn’t really address anyone directly- no conversations unless absolutely necessary. Not a small talker like some other celebrities. It was all about the hair and makeup posse – normal people were of little interest.

  10. paolanqar says:

    I really really try but I can’t hate her. She is harmless.
    Especially after I watched the car karaoke with James Corden.
    She seems so much fun and genuine. And she is incredibly beautiful.
    How can a human being be so damn beautiful from every angle????
    But she has the WORST taste in men.

    • Snazzy says:

      that car karaoke episode was pretty great 🙂

    • Jayna says:

      The worst. I think Caspar is the bottom of the barrel for her. The boy-toy couldn’t even stay faithful.. How humillating is that when you are the person paying for the bulk of everything?

      She was so stunning on a talk show the other week in an orange dress and her face was natural and stunning. I wish Gwen Stefani would look at Jennifer’s face, the same age, and see how beautiful her face is being able to be animated, and stop the overuse of filler and botox.

      • WTW says:

        @Jayna Yes, but Jennifer Lopez is a darker skin tone, which has advantages when it comes to wrinkles and aging.

      • Naddie says:

        Not fair. Gwen has never been really beautiful, unlike Jennifer. She needs fillers and all.

    • qwerty says:

      She loves fur and performs for dictators. She’s not harmless.

  11. Dangles says:

    What about artists who are triple threats?

  12. lucy2 says:

    I’ve never found her talented, but she is a hard worker and smart when it comes to business. I also think she’s really pretty, but those photos and the styling are terrible.
    I wonder why she’s suddenly negative about Marc.

    • Christin says:

      Haven’t followed their story very closely, but when someone suddenly shades an ex like this, envy or regret comes to mind.

  13. Jaded says:

    Well Jennifer, my boyfriend is a musician (drummer) and he’s great in the sack so I tend to disagree ;-]

  14. Esmom says:

    Hmm, I have small wrists and ankles. Too bad I didn’t head to Hollywood, sounds like I coulda made it to the A list!

  15. SilkyMalice says:

    I actually love that photo of her with in the wig crawling on the floor.

  16. Hadleyb says:

    Someone got new fillers….

  17. lila fowler says:

    Well, where do actors rank? She conveniently omitted that one and that’s the one most of us actually care about. Because who the eff is Casper Smart besides her little coat and purse holder? No1curr.

  18. Alarive says:

    She is so smart at playing the game, and so ingenious about how to maximize her potential to its limit. All I see her if I think about her relationships is how stunted she is from the fairy tales. So many women are, which is so frustrating to see. I bet she is very high very fast in a relationship, just so she can get the happily ever after.

  19. Colette says:

    I agree with her about dancers,better rhythm.

  20. J-Who says:

    she really needs a new facial expression. Looking like your hammered with your mouth half open isn’t a good look.

  21. kri says:

    I do not want to live in a world where I have to think what Casper Smart is like in bed. Going to bleach my brain now. Anyone have one of those zappers from Men In Black?

  22. iheartjacksparrow says:

    The cover photo is the worst photo I’ve ever seen of her.

  23. fwozbo says:

    Best comment ever about swimmers in bed!!!

  24. Tig says:

    That cover is horrible. She was so cute and funny with James C in her karoke episode. Really is odd her dissing Marc A so bad in print- something must be in the works.

  25. Georgia says:

    she is gorgeous with a capital G….i hate this photo shoot though

  26. Magnoliarose says:

    I don’t blame her for wanting a light relationship without a lot of complications at this point in her life. Casper seems like a companion only and I don’t think it’s all that serious.
    I couldn’t stand her since around 2000 or so but recently have come to appreciate her more. Carpool karaoke was funny and she was charming.

  27. nemo says:

    J.lo calling other musicians “too self-absorbed”?! HA. good one.

  28. Naddie says:

    I’m always on repeat on this one but I’ll say it again: she is a much better actress than critics give her credit for, mainly when she plays sweet characters. Having said that, there’s no reason to think she’s clever, when her music is beyond shallow. It’s not about sexism, at least not in her case.

    • siri says:

      I agree about her acting, she’s a natural in this regard. And not just sweet charcaters, she was also very good in Angel Eyes, or Out of Sight. Can’t really say that about her music/singing. I like her, and I think she’s really beautiful, but she talks a lot of (harmless) nonsense here. Hope she finds the right man one day, because it’s obvious that Casper guy isn’t.

      • Naddie says:

        Her music is beyond rubbish, just like her voice. I also have no idea why people think she’s too good for this Casper guy. I mean, is there anything I’m missing about the person she is? Because up until now, she’s a Kim K who dances well.

      • siri says:

        @Naddie: I don’t think she’s ‘too good’ for him, it just doesn’t look like big time love to me. He’s basically following her around, like an assistant or something…

  29. Georgia says:

    Her book was good and she does admit she has had low self esteem issues which makes sense when you consider she’s back with her cheating boy toy…sad