Octomom gets a tattoo for all her kids – just like Angelina!


Nadya Suleman – the woman who’s so broke she said she’s applying for WIC federal benefits to pay for her eight babies’ formula, along with food for her other six kids, got a tattoo this weekend, and of course brought Radar along. I’m starting to think they either have a really codependent relationship, or they might have some sort of deal going on. Shocking idea, I know.

Personally, when I’m faced with the conundrum of figuring out whether I should buy a few cases of formula for my eight hypothetical babies or get a tattoo, I generally go with feeding the living, breathing creatures. But that’s just me, and I’m overly-conservative that way. In fact, I have neither a tattoo nor eight babies, so you might say I’m downright dull, at least by Octomom standards. Nadya, however, naturally decided to go with the tattoo. She chose an angel with some important modifications, like “make the nose half the size and make the mouth a little rounder” – there was something about making it prettier, and a girl. She added 14 stars to represent each of her children.

Nadya Suleman has paid the ultimate tribute to her children – she immortalized them in ink! Octo-Mom gets her first tattoo in 16 years at Kustom Kulture in Hollywood and RadarOnline.com gives you the exclusive video of the whole trip — and the finished product!

As RadarOnline.com exclusively reported, Nadya already has seven tattoos, but apparently they are in places where only Octo-Daddy has seen! Nadya wanted another tattoo to celebrate her new babies — and this time she gets it in a highly visible place, and it’s not small!

Watch as Dik from Kustom Kulture gives Nadya an angel tattoo surrounded by fourteen stars, one for each child.

[From Radar]

The strange thing is that while Nadya says she has seven other tattoos – she seems brand new to the process. She asks all sorts of questions that you wouldn’t ask, even if the last one was sixteen years ago. The process hasn’t exactly changed much. And yet she is talking about how it feels like she didn’t know before. Once “Dik” (real name, I’m sure) starts and stops for a moment, she says “that’s it?” about the pain. Later she notes, “It feels like you’re swatting a bee off.” All of this is said with a tone of surprise. At one point when she looks at the tattoo she says, “This is going to go away, right?” about the redness. If Nadya had gotten a tattoo before, she’d know that. Also… common sense would probably be a great indicator as well. How many people do you see walking around with red tattoos?

Sometimes I think she lies just for the sake of lying. I understand why she wouldn’t want to admit to being a stripper or a lot of the other dumb decisions she’s made. But why the tattoo thing? I’m so scared for these kids.


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  1. n says:

    if she’s doing all these picture ops, who is taking care of the babies? in this way, she definitely reminds me of Angelina. phoney mothers.

  2. Rio says:

    I really hope that the artist is a damn good colorist, because based on that stencil, that is going to be one butt-ugly tat.

  3. kat says:

    STATE OF CA: Are you watching this woman at all?

  4. Jane says:

    Wow, that is Hideous! But I suppose this was coming. Degenerates who can’t pay bills ALWAYS get tattoos with the little money they have. Not saying she is totally broke, bc I just don’t believe that. But I’m entirely sure she doesn’t have the money to keep her morbid fantasy family afloat.

    I hope someone in the state fraud department is taking notes.

  5. Codzilla says:

    Agree with Rio. That tattoo is hideous. Even the bargain basement tat I got when I was 18 looks better than that.

  6. valupack says:

    What’s with the boobies on the angel? Looks odd

  7. Because I Say So says:

    A klassy tattoo for a klassy broad

  8. SolitaryAngel says:

    I’m afraid for those kids, too–I’m only hoping it doesn’t take something drastic (as in physical harm to the children) to force the state into removing them from Nutjob’s custody. Hopefully all these small-but-still-significant incidences of her certifiable craziness will be enough to take the kids to safety. How much more proof do the authorities need before they understand that these poor kids are only accessories to this woman?

    I have a question for the state of CA too…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?

  9. Prissa says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen such prominent boobies on a child angel… Mkay. Those stars look like blobs. Ugly tat. This woman is an abberation.

  10. nanster says:

    Amateurish looking tattoo for classless POS. I could have drawn a better angel when I was in third grade. And where are the babies? Hmmmmmmmmmm. I haven’t missed your lack of coverage of this bitch for a second, Celebitchy. Can you make her go away again, please?

  11. Bros says:

    god she really makes me want to throw up. self- indulgent delusional fraudulent narcissistic freak.

  12. BiggieShortie says:

    That stupid tat is as dumb as she is.
    And I agree, she lies for the sake of lying. It’s like she wants to affect a certain demeanor in the moment, but totally dismisses everything else known about her. Treats everyone around her like they are as moronic as she is.

  13. Tess says:

    More and more, I can tell them apart less and less.

  14. HEB says:

    That is a really ugly tattoo.

    Radar probably picked up the tab

  15. OXA says:

    I am glad to see she has the time to go get her tatoo and bond with her camera crew. It would be nice if she was at home taking care of and bonding with her kids.

  16. Wow says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would do that to their skin. Such a huge one, to boot.

    Why is she trying to look seductive while getting her tat? I’m telling you, when I first glanced the picture I thought “Oh no, she DID do a porno.”

    Nadya just sit downand raise the kids. We don’t need to see all of this.

  17. Monkey Fist of Justice says:

    This bitch is on food stamps but has money for tattoos. Can someone in CA wake the F*** up and take those kids please.

  18. L says:

    Why isn’t she with her children??? She has FOURTEEN young children. What mother with FOURTEEN children has time to go out and get inked? And WHY? Why when there are a million other things that should be taking priority in the life of a single mother with FOURTEEN kids?

  19. Canadian says:

    That is a hideous tattoo and as much as I hate this women there is a good chance she may not be lying about having tattoos. I have some and it depends on where on the body the tattoo is for what it is going to feel like and how painful it will be

  20. Nneikha says:

    i DON’T LIKE this woman…she hasn’t got a personality of her own + she doesn’t look like she’d be able to handle her kids…+ she’s doing so much just to be the center of attention…+ SHE’S A BIG SYMBOL THAT REPRESENTS AMATEURISM!!!

  21. wahhh says:

    lol the guy who is doing the tattoo for her looks like Brad in the pic.

  22. Cinderella says:

    I have no doubt this woman will be doing porn if the price is right.

  23. Sarah says:

    ugg.. she’s crazy

  24. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Honest to God, with eight preemie newborns all at home and then six other older kids, even WITH help, you’d be doing nothing but taking care of kids and babies all the time.

    So why is it we always see her out shopping alone and doing things like getting tattoos? Her nails are always done, she’s always got shopping bags in her hands.

    It makes no sense at all. I mean, moms don’t have to be freaking chained to the house and to their kids, but you’d think she’d:

    a) be too doggone busy to even be out doing these things

    b) WANT to be with her kids more.

    I mean she wanted them, right? It’s becoming more and more obvious to even people wanting to give her the benefit of the doubt that these kids were just a meal ticket to feed her attention whoredom.

    So sad. Go home, Nadya, and feed a baby or something. You wanted ‘em, you got ‘em.

  25. cara says:

    I don’t know, I gave myself my own tattoo’s in a halfway house in WI as a kid and although I Know I did them, (and was even the inker to the other girls) I have no idea HOW I did them. I just remember the pin and the india ink. So, sufficeto say, I actually DO believe that she could of forgot how the process goes.

    That said, she’s a BIT off! (** did anyone see the episode of John & Kate +8 where John says, “it’s not like we had 14. 14 would be too much to handle” – funny. It was from a few years ago.) And yes, I would prob watch her show.

  26. Mal says:

    She should have gone to Kat Von D…you should see the tat she did for Jeffree Star of little JonBenet! Poor Octomom! She’s lucky it’s on her back, she won’t have to look at it. But it was a sweet idea.

  27. Carrie says:

    That is one fugly tat. Did she design it herself? It looks like a child drew that Angel!!

  28. MB says:

    Terrible tattoo.

  29. Ned says:

    She has money to get tattoos, nail polish, a new lavish house, but wants the tax payers to pay for essentials?

    Is there nobody watching in the State of California?
    Faud detection? Child services? Anybody?

    She is very much like Angelina. Both “model” motherhood, sometimes.

    Collecting children as props to become richer and more famous.
    Sadly, Angelina is not the only one doing it.

  30. teri says:

    It really ticks me off when morons say that she’s just like Angelina. How? Angie isn’t…….mooching off gov’t assistance, neglecting her children, Angelina doesn’t put the burden of her parents to raise them, actually gives a da** about others unlike this freak. Octocrazy is nothing like Angelina who does have a husband raising their family.

  31. Annie says:


    This filthy, filthy woman!

    Tattoos of that size cost easily 300+tip. And you are on welfare?

    God help her if I ever run into that woman.

  32. Mike says:

    I think he gave her a crappy tattoo on purpose.

  33. Hebba says:

    I count way more than 14 stars.

  34. Dingles says:

    Fourteen stars for her kids, eh. A more accurate rendering would be fourteen dollar bills.

  35. Allie says:

    That tat is nearly as hideous as Nadya is!

  36. Hebba says:

    I see way more than 14 stars.

  37. HashBrowns says:

    Is anyone operating under the delusion that she doesn’t idolize Angelina Jolie anymore?

    Thought not.

    This useless piece of trash needs to go home and take care of her children. Now that they have been born and the focus is no longer on her, she doesn’t want to bother with them anymore. She’s a selfish, attention whoring, lying brat.

  38. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    LOL @ Rio – can’t wait to see what it’s like when it’s done. That guy needs to be way talented with a needle or that stencil is just a joke!

    Has she seriously not got other more pressing things to be doing with her time than getting inked. Seriously, she needs a reality check!

  39. hatsumomo says:

    WOW, Oh gosh thats exactly what I thought when I saw the header pic!!! I wasn’t shocked when I saw it. its only a matter of time….

  40. yadira says:

    This looks like a picture of an angel that you would buy at the 99 cent store. It looks very made in taiwanish. And the stars are so tiny and look so insignificant. Is that what she feels about her kids? Like her kids are revolving around her?

  41. Prissa says:

    Good analysis yadira!!

  42. lisa says:

    You can’t compare her to Angelina. Angelina spends time with her babies and truly cares for children. This woman is a joke. I had one kid and barely found the time to get my hair done, let alone spend hours getting a tattoo and shopping non stop.
    CPS should be all over this loser.

  43. Danielle says:

    So I watched the video and my question is…why in the world is she out at 11:30 pm getting a tattoo? Don’t babies wake up all throughout the night for feedings? And she was out until past 2 am. God this woman is ridiculous…and that voice…ugh!

  44. mE says:

    That is exactly what I thought. She is the “angel” and the children are just faraway stars in the sky, there for decoration.

    Yuck. Those kids need some serious prayer and a heeping helping of some intervention from the proper authorities.

  45. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    Thank you Octomom, for proving absolutely my point about tattoos in the previous thread. How much of a bad a$$ accessory can it be if SHE gets one?

  46. Ggirl says:

    Octomom sure has her priorities straight:

    1. Score public assistance
    2. Get freaky plastic surgery
    2. Become impregnated several times over
    2. Become publicity whore
    4. Issue falsehoods to the public
    5. Get reality show
    6. Shop! Shop! Shop!
    7. Tatoos!
    8. Maybe acknowledge babies once a week, try to learn their names, if she has time

  47. Gistine says:

    Ugly, nasty bitch. The artist should tattoo “do not enter” on her stupid ass.

  48. Jacks says:

    She’s one crazy bitch.

  49. Bellie Epoch says:

    I know this is a novel idea, but this crazy bitch does not care about children AT ALL. Have you seen her handle them? Having a litter was her way of gaining fame and fortune. Leaving the litter at home with nannies is her heart’s desire, not being with her kids. Remember when she said her plan “worked out perfectly”? Little did we know the little in vitro virgin was a pathological liar, stripper/whore, and grifter. How much has she cost all of us at this point?

  50. Ned says:

    “Angelina spends time with her babies and truly cares for children. ”

    Angelina works 14 hours a day and sleeps in a hotel miles away from her babies.

    Maybe she does visit her babies on the weekends, but at least Octomom is home every day, so at least she has the potential of spending time and caring for her babies.

  51. ChristinaT says:

    yeah this situation is so ridiculous… even the quality of her tattoo is questionable… i think she’s cursed lol…

    here’s an idea… why not stop posting about her so less articles will be written on her behalf.

  52. the original kate says:

    she should have gotten a better tattoo. here’s an idea: an octopus with her face on it, holding a baby in each arm while being chased by paparazzi. with stars, of course.

  53. hmm says:

    It’s funny how the Angelina haters use any story to bash her. To compare this woman to Jolie is beyond silly. I mean, hate her if you want, but you sound ridiculous making this comparison. And yes, AJ, like many working mothers is away from her children when she’s working. Silly me, I didn’t know that having a career was child abuse but I guess I was wrong.

  54. I just wish this woman would just go away. Seriously, that is a crap-tastic tattoo, and Radar fails for being so excited for her. Also, I have to believe that she’s never had a tattoo before because even I know the answers to her questions and I don’t have a tattoo (but I have friends and family who do).

  55. HashBrowns says:

    @hmmm: “People” like myself compare the two because there are similarities that the Octomom has created to make herself more like Angelina Jolie i.e. she’s gotten plastic surgery to look like her, performed at a strip club under the name “Angelina”, wears her hair long, dark and slightly wavy, and collects children and wanted a huge family like Angelina Jolie. That’s why people compare the two.

  56. tasteT says:

    Wel I guess she needed a tat to go with her Jimmy Choo sunglasses and non-stop starbucks..so she can fit in w/the stars, she has to be feeling fantastic, since having them babies, she has come up!! 500,000+ plus home, nannies, expensive designer clothes..let me stop I am getting angry.

    but where are the people that normally say:

    Let her take care of her children and live???

    busy sending donations to her site :)

    what a crazy flea bag…
    her face is a horror show in itself

  57. CDot says:

    Does it bother anyone else that she is staring seductively into the camera? Is there no low that’s too low for her…apparently not…ick!

  58. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Besides the fact that this woman might possibly be thinking of herself as a low-rent Angelina, I see no comparison in reality (eg: outside of Octomom’s head).

    1. Angelina has adopted half of her six kids. And she doesn’t have FOURTEEN kids.

    2. Octomom has posed with those babies for a few publicity shots. The end. You see pics of Angelina actually living life with her kids and have for years.

    3. This idea that you can’t work and be a good mom is patently ridiculous and belongs in the DARK ages. My grandmother was a working mom in the 1950s, way ahead of her time and my dad and his brother turned out fine. My mother worked, and I worked (and still do). I’ve had to go out of town for conferences, I’ve had long days at work. Kids definitely survive that horrible offense, LOL.

    4. What kind of example is this woman to her kids? She doesn’t even work to earn their money! Lives off welfare and publicity money, seems to spend no time with her kids, always out shopping, etc.

    I see no comparison, not even physically. I can see how she might be trying to look like Jolie/be like her, but she’s failing miserably. Jolie actually has the resources to take care of her kids, this woman does not and obviously doesn’t care.

  59. yae says:

    You really get a good idea of the insanity of all those children coming from ONE womb when you take a look at ALL those stars. To equate what she did with an angel is just narcissistic.
    She’s not an angel. She might has well have broken all their legs and arms herself with the damage she forced on their tiny bodies with that over-packed pregnancy and early birth. Hardly an angel. More like prenatel Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy. An Angel? I’m waiting for her fangs to show.

  60. Valensi says:

    @wahhh – My goodness, you’re right. Will the madness ever cease to exist?

  61. CB Rawks says:

    This is actually positive, as it reminds the authorities what a demented, selfish, f-ing bitch she is.
    And as so many others have pleaded, hopefully she might soon have those kids taken away from her.

  62. JUSTINE says:

    u know im not gonna be mean but she shouldnt have them kids as far as i know she caant take care of the first child she had so wat made her think sje could take care of anymore children then the thing that really ticks me off is that she was on the news talking about when her kids have kids thtas not something to even think about right now she should wait like when the kids are 28 before even talking about if there gonna have a baby.

  63. I thought the same thing, mE.
    Pretty fucking telling.

    And that fug didn’t come cheap. $350 and up, with tip. That’s all kinds of commitment to narcissism.

  64. amber says:

    I don’t think that she is a wonderful mom but come on here people many of our catholic elders had 14+ kids and it wasent an issue, granted this woman had her children an unconventional fashion. Being a single mother of 14 kids is not a great thing especially considering she does not have the means to support them, unlike crap shoot of a hero Angelina Holeigh. It is really none of our business how many damn kids this crazy woman has or what she does with her money, it is her life. Contrary to popular belife Nadya does have a right to a life outside her kids, if she wasent allowed that she really would go crazy. Just because we don’t like this woman or her actions does not make her a horrible mother. Untill there is actul neglect or abuse we should lay off. I have seen plenty of mothers with olny 1 child who do a shittier job than this woman and the goverment won’t rescue those kids. Just pray for the kids and quit going on about their mother.

  65. the original kate says:

    @ amber: ok, we will quit “going on and on” about nadya when she stops taping her every move and plastering it all over the place. and do you really think it’s ok for her to claim to not have money for food and formula and then go out and spend money on a tattoo? those things are not cheap – this one probably cost at around $300-$400. and bringing sick, premature babies home and inviting strangers with cameras and equipment into the nursery, spreading germs and disrupting the rest of the family? look, if she could actually take care of those kids then nobody would care about her, but the taxpayers in CA are footing the bill for her tattoos and shopping sprees, and everyone is sick of seeing her simpering, duck-lipped face every other day. she brought this on herself through her greed and desire to be famous.

  66. caranina01 says:

    I think everyone ought to m.y.o.b. and leave her alone. She got thrown into the limelight by having 8 babies at once, which probably NONE of you writing in could do…and everyone deserves a day off or so when they have kids. I’m sure you all don’t spend 24/7 with yours! You would be “crazy” if you did that! I know several mothers of 8, 9, and 7 kids. One was divorced and did need food stamps while she went back to school (she had been a fulltime housewife and her husband left her for another woman…) So it can happen to anyone–even one of YOU, especially in THIS economy. The Bible says “judge not lest you be judged…” Why not stop judging and start PRAYING for her and those beautiful little babies. And you who are without sin, can

  67. caranina01 says:

    (for some reason the rest of my comment did not print out) I was saying “And you who are WITHOUT SIN can go ahead and “cast the first stone”!

  68. Codzilla says:

    original kate: Agree in full with everything you said.

    caranina: Where in the bible does it justify using other people’s money (that’s intended to help your children, no less) for plastic surgery and tattoos? Or $8 lattes? Or designer clothes? Or an army of round-the-clock nannies to look after the kids so you can hit the mall every day? This woman is indefensible, so stop trying.

  69. michelle says:

    I would love to know what Dr. Phil thinks about this decision…. he is so supportive of her.

  70. bigmouth says:

    She is looney, immature, and irresponsible. Her kids are status symbols for her because she lacks a sense of identity. That is my opinion.

  71. Green Is Good says:

    That picture is so eepy-cray. Is anybody convinced she’s sane?

    So while she’s making love to the camera with her crazy eyes, who’s taking care of her tribe of future inmates of the CA Dept. of Corrections system?

  72. gg says:

    I cannot think of one reason I think this person should not have the children taken away and in proper homes. This is an embarassment to the USA.

  73. Julie says:

    Leave her alone for God’s sake! She is a mother who had too many kids. So what?! She obviously loves her children and she is not abusive to them! As a social worker I have seen sooooo many other parents in the world receiving government assistance who should not have reproduced; Octomom isn’t that bad AT ALL. People need to wake up, there are so many other problems that deserve attention other than Octomom’s tat! Get a clue America! Who cares?!

  74. CB Rawks says:

    “She obviously loves her children”


    “She had too many kids, so what?”

    Are you kidding me?
    A real social worker would see the myriad dangers in this situation. You are full of *shenanigans*.
    That woman is a pathological liar and narcissist, and doesn’t spend two minutes with those babies per day.
    Apart from the danger she deliberately placed them in by implanting them all at once, with total disregard for their safety and well-being, their lives now are very tenuous and rely totally on social services continuing to monitor them and take an interest.
    If she loses her welfare checks, Octomom will sell the kids to whomever has the fattest wallet, even if that person puts them in a zoo.

  75. chris says:

    i do find it interesting how people who say they can’t afford to take care of their kids can afford to get tattoos and buy the most expensive brand of cigarettes…very interesting, huh?

  76. kt says:

    it says there are 14 stars on there? all i see is a bunch of dots like 26 of them… wtf….

    and i do defend her in the right of she was just trying to have 1 more not 8!!!! she was thinking she was gonna have 7 not 14!! but they shouldnt hav eput all 6 embryos in her at the same time for this! the dr f*ed up!

  77. JUSTINE says:

    u know Julie i agree with the leave her alone part but i dont agree with u saying that she doesnt abuse her children cause she does. not like the spanking kind of abuse but the not taking care of them well enough kind of abuse. where she lives the goverment and just regular citizens have to pay her just so she can take care of her children and bring them to school. people and especially the government doesn’t want to pay. shes not good with taking care of children everyone tells her to change her ways but she keeps getting worse. the people that do pay her are mad because they have to pay for themselves to and now they have to pay for her. and did u know Julie that when she went to the doctor she made a doctor get arrested because he put 6 eggs in her knowing she already had 14 kids. shes not a person to like but she is a person to feel sorry for. Julie shes just not worth liking cause she cant change and thats the way she wants it. she does wrong every step of the way. Julie shes just a girl who wants attention thats it.

  78. CB Rawks says:

    “and i do defend her in the right of she was just trying to have 1 more not 8!!!! she was thinking she was gonna have 7 not 14!”

    That means she INTENDED SEVEN of them to fail and DIE in the womb.
    How sick. I thought she wanted them all to have a chance?
    She cannot have it both ways.
    She is a LIAR.

  79. Grace says:

    That tatto cause like four hundred dollars. I wish people would just let her fall to her knees. And stop giving her money. She just lives in a fairy tale world just like her tat. And angels are all males.

  80. Anita says:

    None of this is important except for the fact that it puts a whole new slant on “it’s my body—it’s my life” in regard to abortion or pro-lifers. What she has done is set a prescedent which rocks both right and left out into space. She decided it was “her body,” and it was “her life,” then she decided how many “lives she was going to carry.”
    I am not entirely sure this is what Roe vs Wade wanted originally, nor am I certain that all pro-life movements are thrilled with her choice of giving birth to a “quantity” of babies, instead of showering her others with “quality” love. I wish I had never heard of her. It won’t go away, until we stop looking. I’m leaving now.

  81. iced hearth says:

    Nazarene, what can you offer?
    Since the hour you vomited forth
    from the gaping whomb of a woman,
    you have done nothing but drown mens’ soaring desires
    in a deluge of sanctimonious morality.
    I was conceived of a jackal.
    Your pain on the cross was but a splinter
    compared to the agony of my father.
    I will drive deeper the thorns into your rancid carcass,
    you profaner of Isis.
    Cursed Nazarene,
    I will avenge thy torment.”

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