Katy Perry in Marchesa at the Cannes amfAR gala: ridiculous or great?


Last night’s Cannes amfAR gala definitely felt sort of light on the glamour? So I’m actually glad that Katy Perry came out and tried to take it over with this costume-y Marchesa gown. Anyway else, to any other event, I would have absolutely loathed this. But at the moment, I kind of like it. It’s big, it’s silly, it’s ridiculous, it’s totally Cannes. My one problem is that her hair is way too severe. She didn’t need to do a slicked-down center part.



Karlie Kloss also wore Marchesa and I honestly think this looks great on her. I only wish it was a tad longer. And again with the center part! Ugh.


Chanel Iman in Marchesa. This is my least favorite of the Marchesa dresses. She was pretty exposed from the back too, but she liked it – she kept giving photographers her back angles.

Doutzen Kroes in Tom Ford. I love Doutzen and I love Tom Ford, but I’m not feeling this look. The dress is too ‘80s, the hair is too whatever, and she looks more like she’s about to attend a yacht party than the amfAR gala.


Eva Herzigova was one of the few (perhaps only) women in Dior. I like the cape and I like the minidress. Neither is the best thing ever, but she looks good.


Sonam Kapoor in Ralph & Russo. If you had told me this was Marchesa, I would have believed you. It has that costume-y flair. I know a lot of you have been enjoying Sonam’s Cannes style but I think she’s looked overdone.

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  1. UCatwoman says:

    Katy should have accessorized with a pair of castanets and a bull. Then I’d be into the look.

  2. alexc says:

    Doutzen is insanely beautiful. She would look good in a potato sack.
    Marchessa = hi-concept gimmick.

    • Kitten says:

      She reminds me of the supermodels from the 90s. I think that’s why I like her so much…

    • Mgsota says:

      Doutzen’s legs = wowza

    • Carol says:

      Doutzen is gorgeous, better model than all those other ones now. But I don’t think she’s the best dresser of this bunch or any other. She needs a new stylist.

  3. PunkyMomma says:

    Katy needs some fruit on her head to complete the full Carmen Miranda💃🏻. 🍓🍐🍎🍋🍇🍏🍍

  4. Mimz says:

    I think the slick hair was a good option for the dress shes wearing.
    Eva looks great but that cape is AMAZING!!

    Yeah… nothing else to add.

  5. LannisterForever says:

    I actually really love Doutzens look (but it might be because I attended a party wearing a long-sleeved black minidress and a wide black choker recently, so it’s obviously my personal style)!

  6. Kitten says:

    Katy looks consistently awful so nothing new here.

    ITA about Doutzen’s outfit. She is such a stunning woman that she really could wear anything and make it work–which is why I’m miffed that she went with this dated outfit.

    • Ican't says:

      Wow someone doesn’t like Katty.

      None of the models chose the dress they were wearing, sadly Tom Ford chose that boring 80’s dress for Dountzen. I’m guessing since there was so many Marchesa dresses at this one event, it makes me think that Katy dress was chosen for her also.

  7. Bridget says:

    Karlie has looked terrible at Cannes, everything she’s worn has really aged her. This doesn’t really seem like her scene to begin with.

  8. mia girl says:

    I think Katy looks great here. Would I ever wear this (no), do I think this could work at any other occasion (no), but the color really works for her, it fits her beautifully, flatters her figure, her makeup is great and I think the hair was actually a good choice.

    • Calcifer says:

      Love the sleek hair on Katy too, it almost makes her look classy… Almost.

  9. susiecue says:

    I like Katy’s dress, actually, but DEATH TO THE CENTER PART UPDO!!! It ruins every look and fills me with rage.

    • Calcifer says:

      That’s funny… I am on the exact opposite from your view! As long as a woman can carry it off (has to do with the shape of the head and face) I really love a sleek center part updo. I think it almost always adds a classy note. It’s minimalist and sleek and really shows off the face without taking away the attention from an outfit.

    • amilu says:

      I agree. This is probably my least favorite hairstyle. From the front, Katy looks like Alfalfa from Little Rascals (minus the cowlick)!

  10. serena says:

    Oh, how I remember Eva Herzigova era! I liked her a lot too!

  11. Myrna says:

    Someone please tell me.
    WHAT is wrong with a center part?
    Anyone? Anyone?
    I must be old…I don’t get it.
    I’ve always believed that a center part pulled back was a classic – timeless.

    What is wrong with the 80s look?
    80s FOR EV AH!!

    • Starkiller says:

      It’s just not flattering on anyone. You need pretty much a perfectly shaped face/head and perfect features to pull it off (if your face/head is even slightly oblong, you look like a horse; if your features aren’t perfectly symmetrical, it draws attention to that) and even on women with a perfectly round face, it doesn’t really complement or add anything to their beauty, it’s just…there.

  12. Aysla says:

    Normally intensely dislike Marchesa… and all the other looks/dresses look incredibly basic, but I think I might love Chanel Iman’s dress. She looks gorgeous, I am really feeling the mesh-net type of fabric.

  13. Naddie says:

    I don’t get the hype over Doutzen here. She looks like thousands of blonde, gorgeous models we see everyday. Karlie, or even Cara are way more distinguishing.

  14. Starkiller says:

    Katy looks like the 💃🏻 emoji.

    If Eva’s dress was a few inches longer, she’d look just like my 90-years-old nana going to church on Sunday. My nana looks very nice, but I can’t imagine that’s the look Dior is going for.

    I’m aware I’m the only person on earth who feels this way, but imo 90% of Tom Ford designs are fugly mall trash, and this dress on Doutzen is no exception. He should stick to directing.

  15. Redd says:

    Katy must have finally shot and killed her stylist. Or HIRED one!
    For the love of GOD, she has looked a mess these last few years. She is SO pretty when she’s not dying her hair purple or wearing ferris wheels for a bra *rolling my eyes*

  16. Clairej says:

    Love Katy, Karlie and Eva. So lovely to see Eva looking awesome