Elle Fanning in peacocky Valentino at the Cannes amfAR gala: stunning?


I wasn’t expecting Elle Fanning to be one of my favorite people at the Cannes amfAR gala, but that’s exactly what happened. She looked amazing in this Valentino, and the dress itself is pretty great. I wish the top part had been peacocky like the skirt though.


Bella Hadid in a simple Dior gown. Bella wasn’t just at the gala as a guest, she also took part in the fashion show. This year’s Cannes has been good for Bella – she’s really gotten her name out there and her dead eyes and the Leg of Sedation are now widely known.


Maybe this is totally my problem, but lately everything Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wears looks basic as hell. This Galvan doesn’t look fashion-forward or special or anything. It just looks like a really cheap pageant dress.


Jourdan Dunn in Dsquared2. It’s dramatic, it’s big, it’s drama. Good.


Barbara Palvin in Armani. I don’t know… I’m not feeling this. She’s a pretty woman, but this is a snooze.


Karolina Kurkova in Armani. I like this even though I don’t think it’s fitted correctly. I guess I just like the idea of it – a minidress with a bubble skirt, done well. Or it would have been done well if it didn’t look so bulky around the waist.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, WENN.

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  1. LannisterForever says:

    I ADORE Elle’s look! She looks like a medieval forest fairy, like something out of GoT. So ethereal!

  2. Mimz says:

    Elle’s dress is magnificent. I just don’t like the fact that it blends so much with her skin tone? Or maybe that’s the point. That’s probably the point. And I don’t think the peacock detailing would look nice on the top, it would probably cheapen it and make it look too “boho”…
    I love Jourdan’s look.

    • Tris says:

      I love how it blends with her skin. Makes it look like it grew out of her. She looks like an ethereal fairy.

      • Dorien says:

        ^This. Not very many people could carry this dress off. She’s pretty and young enough to work it.

  3. poppy says:

    rosie’s dress makes her figure look terrible -quite an accomplishment in the worst way. satin hipped nightmare.
    elle’s dress isn’t cut well at the top, looks to be fitted for someone at least 6″ taller. the dress is beautiful in and of itself.
    jourdan, wow. the fit is phenomenal as is her figure. not sure @ her hair style for the dress but she looks sexy and elegant.
    the rest is meh.

    • amilu says:

      Haha. I was just marveling at how nicely the satin was hugging her hips. If I dared wear satin on my abdomen/bottom half, it would look like a topographical map. But her satin is relatively smooth. It’s not a great dress by ANY means, but I’ve seen a lot of people wear satin a lot less successfully than this. But you’re right — her figure is much better than this photograph would indicate.

  4. Tressa says:

    Elle looks like a statue whose head is about to roll off.

    And Jourdan is sensational. That’s how you do a thigh high split and still look elegant and comfortable!

  5. lower-case deb says:

    wow Jourdan! so fierce and regal.

    Palvin’s look might be better in another color? it seems like it wants to be a cloud burst. perhaps the black needs some glitter to make it more starry nightish. because at the moment it just looks like chimney ash burst with extra black fungus when your chimney gets swept.

  6. Patricia says:

    Elle looks amazing. I like that the peacock is only on the lower half. The top half looks medieval, or Renaissance inspired. Amazing. I would love to wear that dress.

  7. Maude says:

    I normally can’t see it when people say models have dead eyes, but my goodness, it is literally all I can see when I look at Bella Hadid. She looks like she doesn’t feel anything. It is unnerving.

  8. Mike says:

    Bella Hadid looks like she could play a Russian villain in a film but for some reason I totally doubt she’d make a good actress.

    • ChocoChipDstryr says:

      I get the feeling she talks in a slow monotone like Tiffany , Quinn’s fashion club fiend in the cartoon Daria.

      • Neverwintersand says:

        Ha! True, that! Or maybe she talks like Roz, the undercover agent from Monsters inc:

        Roz: Hello, Wazowski. Fun-filled evening planned for tonight?
        Mike: Well, as a matter of fact…
        Roz: Then I’m sure you filed your paperwork correctly, for once.
        [Mike smiles innocently]
        Roz: Your stunned silence is very reassuring.

  9. Shutterbug99 says:

    Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley wears basic, is basic.

    Bella Hadid. So bland, apart from those dead-eyes-of-a-psychopath she possesses.

    Elle looks beautiful.

  10. Kaye says:

    Not to jack the thread, but seeing Elle Fanning makes me wonder what ever happened to Dakota Fanning? I haven’t seen anything about her for ages.

    • Stephanie says:

      Shes not as good actress as elle. Everytime i see Dakota act, she seems too self aware.
      I love elle and im rooting for her lol.

    • Aquamarine says:

      I think Dakota is quite busy with school right now – she’s attending New York University/Tisch School if I remember correctly. But she went to the Charles Finch Pre-Oscar Dinner in February and just recently the Met Gala; I’ve seen a bunch of pictures of her with Kristen Stewart (they’re best friends) at both events. Hope that helps : )

      • Kaye says:

        Thanks! Now that you say that, I do remember reading that she is in college and involved there.

    • Flowerchild says:

      Dakota has been doing a lot of Indie films nowaday.

  11. serena says:

    Elle looks good, even though she choose another pale dress that washes her out (and orange make up.. mmm).

  12. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    Not a big fan of Elle, but she looks ethereal in the first pic with her head tossed back. Wow.
    The top/bodice of Rosie’s dress is just gorgeous, but that’s all I’ve got.
    Palvin’s dress evokes images of the Peanuts Pig Pen character, with his ever-present cloud of dust.

  13. CornyBlue says:

    Barbara Palvin is so damn pretty.

  14. Chaucer says:

    Elle looks lovely. Does she have a love for pale colors or am I just not paying attention? I sometimes wish she would do a jewel tone, purple or green would look lovely on her.

  15. kri says:

    That Valentino is divine. Please let me be wearing this when I meet Prince Harry.