Does David Beckham want another child to compete with Gordon Ramsey?


Above is a picture of David Beckham in Notting Hill doing an Adidas ad. Is he is running from his inner turmoil? According to a few tabloidy outlets, David wants to expand his brood from four to five – but why he wants to is the best part. Apparently, upon hearing that Gordon Ramsay is about to become a father for the fifth time, David went into full competition mode that gave way to Baby Fever. Succumbing to the taunting by good pal Ramsay, Becks is pestering Victoria for another but Victoria is serving up a big plate of NOPE.

David Beckham is reportedly “so broody” after being told his pal Gordon Ramsay is set to welcome his fifth child into the world.

The former footballer, who already has four children with fashion designer Victoria, was allegedly one of the first people Gordon and wife Tana told when they found out she was expecting.

A source told Heat magazine: “David and Victoria have known for five weeks and Gordon’s been bragging non-stop about how he’ll soon have enough for his five-a-side football team. He’s told David to get a move on with his.

“The 40-year-old hunk has previously revealed he would love to add to their brood, telling Jonathan Ross: “We might have one or two more, you never know. If it happens, great… It’s always a thought.”

But Victoria ruled out having more children in an interview last year, telling “No. I’ve got four. I feel like I’ve done my bit.”

Insiders claim the 41-year-old star, who has Brooklyn, 17, Romeo, 13, Cruz, 11, and Harper, four, is now torn as David continues to try and persuade her and Gordon winds him up.

The source added to Heat: “It’s really brought out his competitive side. It doesn’t help that Gordon’s been teasing David, saying, ‘You’re not so ‘Golden Balls’ after all.’

[From The Mirror]

If you know that this is not true please don’t tell me. I need a world in which Ramsay told one of the greatest football players, “You’re not so ‘Golden Balls’ after all.” I have friends like this; every time their “babies” hit a certain age, they start talking about wanting another. I’m fairly certain the only thing Becks is hearing from Victoria on this subject is the waning clicking of her heels as she walks away, although she was feeling awfully romantic about her hubs at Eva Longoria’s wedding so we’ll see. I don’t think it’s Victoria’s permission he is going to need, however. I imagine Harper is looking around her kingdom thinking, “There isn’t room for two on this throne, Pops.”

Taking three of the kids he does have to lunch the other day, Becks boosted his karma points by buying a homeless man some lunch and exchanging a few words with him, which I think is really sweet. I can’t help but like Becks and Victoria, as you all know. Maybe they’ll consider adopting me for their fifth?

“Okay, is that my right or your right?”



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  1. jsilly4e says:

    OMG this has to be the most ridiculous made up gossip I’ve ever read. LOL

    • Tiffany says:

      True, but it is still funny as all get out.

      I watched when Ramsey announced it on James Cordon’s show. He was ecstatic and it was adorable.

  2. ClaireB says:

    I’m surprised Victoria doesn’t want another little girl to play dress up with. (I say that as a mom of two boys who desperately wanted a girl, so don’t think I’m really criticizing!)

  3. Mia V. says:

    I just pictured Gordon yelling “You’re not so Golde Balls after all” to David in a kitchen and I loved.

  4. qwerty says:

    I thought Ramsay was in compeition with Jamie Oliver

  5. CharlotteCharlotte says:

    I can see there being a fair bit of truth to this, actually. Maybe not in a serious way, but as part of friends joshing each other. And David has always loved having his kids around and made no secret of the fact he’d welcome more.

    I really like the Beckhams too. Victoria is a riot and gets so unfairly trashed.