People Magazine has pics of Amber’s earlier injuries; her 2015 income was $51k

The full filing of Amber Heard’s request for a restraining order had an income and expenses statement attached and People Magazine has details. She made considerably less money last year than I would assume. While she grossed about $260,000 in 2015 her earnings after expenses totaled around $51,000. That’s not the same as earning a $51,000 salary by any means, because when you’re self employed you can take a lot of deductions for everyday things like your phone bill, cable bill, business-related travel, etc. I would assume Amber has a great accountant too. By Hollywood standards she’s not making much money though, and that puts her request for $50,000 monthly spousal support (which was denied) into a different light. Of course some people will use that as more evidence that she’s seeking money and setting Depp up, a scenario which seems even more ridiculous and unlikely the more we know. Johnny Depp made $30 million last year. Here’s part of People’s report:

According to court papers obtained by PEOPLE, Heard earned a total of $259,876 in 2015 from projects such as The Danish Girl, which paid her $31,112 and Paranoia for which she earned $45,314. She also received paychecks from high-end companies Tiffany ($120,000) and Bulgari ($50,000).

But the papers also show Heard’s long list of expenses including agent fees, auto payments and union dues. After all is said and done, the actress took home a total of $51,461 last year.

In a request for a restraining order filed on May 27, Heard asked for spousal support in the amount of $50,000 a month along with protection for her dog Pistol and sole access to the downtown L.A. home where she and Depp have lived since getting married. She was granted the restraining order and sole access to the apartment, but a judge declined to order any temporary spousal support pending the next hearing, or to order Depp to stay away from Pistol.

[From People]

People also has more photos from December, 2015, after the incident mentioned in Amber’s restraining order request where she feared for her life. As Kaiser reported earlier, a friend of Amber’s told Page Six that Depp tried to suffocate Amber at the time and that the friend “got to her apartment to find her with a cut and bruised lip, a swollen eye and a chunk of hair missing from the top of her head.” People’s photos support this, and it was hard for me to look at them honestly, they made my stomach flip. Amber has a split lip and visible bruising around her eye.

Finally E! has a think piece about the online response to Amber’s accusations and how commenters are trashing her and claiming that she’s a manipulator framing Johnny. This reminds me so much of the initial reaction to Denise Richards’s divorce filing against Charlie Sheen. It took years for people to accept that Denise was telling the truth. It’s worth noting that we’ve had many new commenters, and people commenting under multiple nicknames, coming in to defend Johnny on these posts. Some of you have noted in the comments that there are what look like copy and pasted comments popping up on other blogs. While it’s true that Johnny has devoted fans and that many people are taking his side, it’s interesting to me that some of those comments are parroting his team’s talking points about Amber.

BFI London Film Festival - Black Mass - Premiere

40th Toronto International Film Festival - 'The Danish Girl' - Premiere

This photo is from September, 2015. Look at her arm. The injuries we saw in the April, 2015 photo are still there, just faded.
72nd Venice Film Festival - 'The Danish Girl' photocall

photos credit: and People Magazine

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  1. QQ says:

    UGHH this is just worse and worse by the day seriously I shudder to think all the same how many people have been knowing and covering this mess

    • Capepopsie says:

      I agree!

    • BritAfrica says:

      IKR? The bodyguards for one, their friends for another.

      What I don’t understand is why he would marry someone young only to beat her up every chance he got. Was this the plan all along? Is this just ego?

      Is it a case of ‘this time I’ll end up with somebody I can control who will not tell me how to behave or will be too young to walk away’? To come home for her birthday, just to beat her up in front of people and then storm out, seems like a statement of sorts. An insecure one, but still a statement….

      • Raquel says:

        That’s what my dad did.

      • CornyBlue says:

        I feel like people who have huge age differences with the older person being more wealthy etc is a big red flag. Like I am sure there are some people who marry for love and all but it is just so icky.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        His mother? Doesn’t her hatred of Amber and the railing against her all make so much sense now?

      • Miffy says:

        Agree, the older I get the more I think that there’s a massive power divide in couples with a large age gap. Of course there are exceptions, my friend is very happily married to a man 20 years her senior, but in a gross generalising way big age gaps do not make for a union of equals.

        I doubt a woman his own age would have a) been swept off her feet in a whirlwind relationship and quick marriage or b) tolerated abuse in a relationship that new. Which he knew, so he goes for younger and younger.

    • SW says:

      It is sick. When it first came out, I had doubts. I do not have any now. For me it wasn’t even all the shocking pictures. It was the picture that Depp’s people tried to use against her- “look, she was out right after that!! I couldn’t have done anything!” He hair strategically covered her eye. That was telling, as this was taken before anything came out. So.. Yeah. The picture his people used against her is what made me believe. Then all the scary pictures.

    • Greenieweenie says:

      This is just sad, now. Really sad. There’s no defense and it’s appalling the lengths people will go to construct one.

    • Alex says:

      I’m sad beyond sad.

    • Miran says:

      God this keeps getting worse and worse. How many people have been covering for this dbag, and all that shit about Amber just ‘gets’ him and hes potentially been abusing her the whole time.

    • bunny ears says:


      I went on DM’s site and almost threw out my computer after reading those comments.

      A guy friend defended Depp and I started pointing out court docs, the photos, etc. And IT SCARES ME so so much that a regular person who suffers from DV sees this, this makes them less likely to come out because of how people treat them.


  2. Clucky says:

    “It’s worth noting that we’ve had many new commenters, and people commenting under multiple nicknames, coming in to defend Johnny on these posts. Some of you have noted in the comments that there are what look like copy and pasted comments popping up on other blogs. While it’s true that Johnny has devoted fans and that many people are taking his side, it’s interesting to me that some of those comments are parroting his team’s talking points about Amber.”

    Thank you for writing this!!

    • minx says:

      CB is the only site I click on for this subject…the others enrage me.

      • Green_Eyes says:

        Minx, I had enough earlier today.. Just sickens me some of the things they say. Never stopping to think what if it were their daughter, sister, or mother..

      • mila says:

        i tried to visit some other more famous ones. but no. i cannot understand that much hate towards her. she cannot win. Depp fans would not believe her even if she was a body bag.

      • pinetree13 says:

        I agree the other site’s comment sections are so disturbing and upsetting on this whole issue. It makes me so sad that women as a whole are still seen as something to be valued only for their looks and not to “ruin” the lives of “good” men by “selfishly” reporting things like rape and domestic violence. It honestly makes me so, so sad. Will we ever beat this? Will the world be a caring place one day?


      • Rebecca says:

        Thank you again for being the only site to publish the whole story from the beginning and not being entirely influenced by Depp’s people.

        I think it is interesting that now that these new pictures and the texts between Johnny Depp’s manager and Heard have come out, TMZ has stopped all together writing about Johnny and Amber. They came out hard pro Johnny in the beginning and now they have nothing to say. This whole situation and the way the press has portrayed it is infuriating.

      • qwerty says:

        I went to the Daily Mail. All the top comments say she’s a liar who wants his money. All of them.

    • CornyBlue says:

      Yeah best would be to not engage the pro Depp people unless it is someone who you know comments regularly( I am guilty of of falling for trolling myself and it is making me mad)

      • Saks says:

        This. And I’ve fallen for that too, but it just make me so mad to read those kind of comments

    • Insomniac says:

      I’d noticed that the pro Depp and anti Amber comments were coming from names I didn’t recognize, and wondered if that was coincidental. I’m not the CB hall monitor, but I thought it was fishy.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Thanks CB for this. I’m a regular, and the responses are really …. interesting.

      • Birdy says:

        me too. I mostly lurk because sometimes someone says something I was thinking

    • Flowerchild says:

      I like said in another post this happens when ever their a big scandal we’re a Powerful celebrity/reality star is involved and it has to do with Rape and DV.

    • lisa2 says:

      This happens all the time.. even here. I’m shocked that people are just noticing it. I see it all the time on JP threads people posting with an agenda.. but fans get called loons for pointing it out. And I will say I am not surprised or shocked by the comments nor the hypocrisy. I see it all the time.

    • byland says:

      I’m a random commenter at best these days, but I’ve said nothing about this case at all here yet. It’s hard enough to organize my thoughts in my head, let alone in text.

      I work as an emergency sexual assault and domestic violence counselor for an amazing non-profit organization. I see cases like this all the time. It never stops making me angry.

      Women go back to abusers, don’t report assaults to the police, make less money than their husbands all the time. They also leave immediately, go right to the police, and are the main breadwinners too.

      There is no one archetype for a battered wife.

      This attempt to venerate a criminal in the name of the all mighty dollar? Well, it will just make it all the harder for myself and other workers like me to convince women in disadvantageous positions to report their abuse, to make the leap and finally free themselves. Why should they, they think? Look at all the people who don’t believe a pretty, young, rich, blonde girl – the very things our society tends to hold up as ideal. Hopelessness abounds yet again.

      F@&k Johnny Depp for helping to set our society back a step, yet again.

      Now I’m off to yell, then cry, into a pillow.

      • pinetree13 says:

        On Byland I know exactly how you feel. I could cry too.

        It’s also a weird feeling to see this actor, who I have enjoyed for so many years, and now knowing this about him. Knowing he is actively fighting to smear his victim. It makes me feel physically ill.

      • susanne says:

        Thank you for your thoughtful comments, and for the work that you do.
        I won’t read any of the nasty comments at other sites, nor respond to trolls. Best we can do is continue to speak the truth and refuse to keep silent.

      • isabelle says:

        Depp is an abuser so don’t expect him to be sensible or do the right thing. What is really the most disappointing in all of this, is the people siding with him automatically and vilifying her. Even with proof, she is guilty, not him. Its pure out misogyny and seems women are the biggest perpetrators of it.

      • Miffy says:

        Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do. Your job is hard and disheartening for the most part but so, so badly needed.

        Abusive relationships are a bowl of emotional, mental and physical fishhooks and untangling even one survivor makes you a hero in my eyes.

      • I Choose Me says:

        it is heartbreaking just how far we still have to go as a society when comes to issues such as rape and or domestic violence. Thank you for the work you do. It may not seem like it now but you are making a difference. *hugs*

    • arabella says:

      What sucks is this is the kind of stuff that happens in real life too. The victim bullying is why so many victims don’t come forward 🙁

    • isabelle says:

      Yep…remember when the Cruise and Holmes thing went down? A lot more new posters showed up suddenly and you could easily tell some of them were Scientologists because their sentences were distinctive. Same thing is probably happening here. A few of their paid interns or PR people go to each entertainment website and shill.

    • Cindy Lou says:

      Oh frabjous day! I am so pleased I could just spit!

      The Celebitchy statement above about the strange influx of new posters posting madly away under many names just tickles me. I like that a CB long time poster noticed that these posters often had a partner or two immediately agreeing with their nasty comments right below. The same pattern of names and/or slightly rewritten posts with the same replies were artfully scattered throughout the various Depp threads here at CB.

      Can I just say dear friends and do not be offended, the best way to recognize these posts is the well organized precision and perfection of form these messages have. As well as the utter vacuum of feeling, passion, humanity. For sooooo long I wrote just those types of blurbs and press releases. I could literally do it without engaging my mind in any way. I was highly compensated for being able deliver on the spot. Of course my soul shriveled and died, but that is a different story.

      Give me instead the typos, criss crossed grammar, the meandering story line, the pain that cannot be disguised and the full to brim heart that reaches out to all us while losing the main thrust. We KNOW what you really mean.

      Oh, and have you noticed? On this AND the next Depp thread up, those types of posts are com-pel-leet-tell-ly gone.

      I could just spit jelly beans.

      • Lady Amalthea says:

        @Cindy Lou – “Give me instead the typos, criss crossed grammar, the meandering story line, the pain that cannot be disguised and the full to brim heart that reaches out to all us while losing the main thrust. We KNOW what you really mean.”

        Love this.

    • MMRB says:

      If only Vanessa will talk…..

  3. CornyBlue says:

    This is really affecting me now. I cannot believe there are still people doubting her.
    Also 50K is a reasonable amount for a B/C List actress. Her earnings will be more this year with Justice League if WB does not drop her that is

    • Amide says:

      For a movie actress its low. TV actors earn more than that.

      • CornyBlue says:

        She earned around 260K but had to pay other fees. She was in 2 movies what would one expect

      • Goldie says:

        People think that film actors make more money than tv actors. The A-list movie stars probably do, especially with their backend deals. But if you’re a b/c actor, tv is more lucrative.
        That said, I was reading about her earnings and they listed several films, but not Magic Mike. I would think that her biggest paycheck last year came from that.

      • Mira says:

        In hollywood thats pretty low. She had a small part in the danish girl, in paranoia she wasn’t the lead she was the love interest. She isn’t an actress that puts bums on seats. She is more of a celebrity which is why she made more in endorsement then actually acting. I know about Djs who make more money in a month than she does in a year.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I’ll be very honest (and I know I might get yelled at) but at first I doubted her, because it all seemed to escalate so quickly and I used to be a big Johnny Depp fan so had trouble wrapping my mind around the idea that Edward Scissorhands was an abuser.

      That said, as soon as I saw the pictures and read the reports / details, all of my doubts vanished. Anyone who tries to claim that she’s “doing this for the attention” or money or whatnot really needs to wake up.

      • Flowerchild says:

        I don’t see why you would get yelled at your being just being honest. It hard to find out some your a fan of, a family or friend is capable of doing such a thing.

      • mia girl says:

        I believe Depp abused Heard and it is a tragedy. F*ck him – he should be held accountable and his whole PR game is just gross.

        But here’s my “I’ll be very honest (and I know I might get yelled at)” statement. Regarding the comments here and on other sites that are defending Depp and painting Heard as a liar…I can’t shake the thought that as a part of a gossip commenting community, I have a bit of responsibility for the fact that many can turn some women/celebrities into characters so manipulative it is more plausible to believe these women would make up abuse for their own means than a famous man would actually do this. This is especially true in the case of Amber Heard who many of us here and across the internet had all collectively pegged as an opportunistic gold/fame digger from the start. I know I made several comments to that effect.

        And while most of us here know that abuse is a game changer and the abuser deserves all the blame regardless of the character of the person being abused, there are obviously many others who can easily take the mental leap from this “opportunist” character and believe them to be someone who would fake abuse. I feel gross about the fact that Depp’s team is using Amber’s opportunist internet narrative and exploiting it to try to make her the lying villain through their PR and their PR comments in threads. And then obviously many real commenters believe it.

        You know, recently Lainey has referred to Jennifer Garner as “Amazing Amy Garner” or “an Amazing Amy”. I am no fan of Garner, but I wasn’t’ sure why it made me uncomfortable at the time. Now I think I understand why. While I get that Lainey is just being provocative and speaking to Garner’s skill in perfect manipulation – that fictional character from a massively successful book did make a bunch of crap up, faked her disappearance and physical abuse. So if someone on a respected blog can characterize a real human by using a manipulative character (who did these things) should we all be so surprised that many out there find this narrative more believable or dare I say, enjoyable in the case of Amber Heard?

      • Guesto says:

        @Mia girl – an excellent and very thought-provoking post. There’s a whole lot of uncomfortable truth in there.

      • Kitten says:

        Great post, Mia Girl.

      • cd3 says:

        Agree with you @mia girl – you said “This is especially true in the case of Amber Heard who many of us here and across the internet had all collectively pegged as an opportunistic gold/fame digger from the start.”

        I’ll just add that being a gold digger and being abused aren’t mutually exclusive.

        And, if we are calling out Amber as a gold digger let’s not forget the flipside: highly doubtful Johnny would have married her if she was old and ugly.

      • Shambles says:

        Thank you Mia girl. Posts like yours are the reason I read CB. Every aspect of this situation is uncomfortably thought-provoking, and those thoughts produce a lot of pills that are hard to swallow. Thank you for articulating it all so well.

      • Starkiller says:

        I doubted her at first, too. I didn’t really have an opinion on Derp, could take or leave him…but she seemed like such a gold digger, and the whole thing seemed like a grab for cash and/or attention.

        I’ve totally revised my opinion. There’s no way this is a cash grab. She must realise that going forward with this means she will be blackballed. It’s entirely possible she’ll never work in Hollywood again. At this point, it doesn’t matter what her initial intentions were–in fact, I actually hope that she was/is, in fact, gold digging. I think Depo is a monster and I hope she bleeds him dry.

      • Miffy says:

        mia girl, Great post.

        However, I don’t believe we should be feeling guilty for pegging Amber Heard as a gold digger because she turned out to be an abuse victim. The narrative here needs to be regardless of why you got into a relationship (legitimate love, career advancement, financial security, whatever) no one, absolutely NO ONE deserves to live in physical and mental fear at the hands of a partner. Absolutely NO ONE!

        For that reason alone, I have not changed my opinion on Heard whatsoever. I believe she got swept up in a relationship with Depp’s fame and clout as much as she did with him. Whatever, no judgement, as my grandad used to say ‘If you marry for money, you earn every damn penny’.

        However, her original intentions aside, she did not deserve this. No one on God’s green earth deserves this despite whatever possible media characterization they’ve been loaded with. The message needs to be made clear, regardless of public opinion of a person not a single soul deserves domestic violence.

        I feel no remorse for not liking and continuing to dislike Heard but I feel nothing but sympathy and horror for her and any human who suffered like this.

      • K2 says:

        Thanks, Mia.

        When all this first came out, I posted that I felt terrible for having given this girl a character, as if I knew her, and such a negative one. Because those assumptions, which I shared in creating, are being used by Depp’s team to harm her now. And so many are buying it, and so I feel complicit. Like I need to say not only that I believe her, but that I apologise in helping create a persona that allows her abuse to be perpetuated by a bunch of online savages,

        You’ve articulated it so well. I wasn’t even sure why I felt guilty until I read your words. She’s probably never read anything I have said, but I have contributed to the hostile climate that his team are so deftly exploiting now. And it revictimises her, that they do.

    • Jenna says:

      Warner Bros would never dream of dumping her from JL. It would only add to the amount of bad press they’ve had this year. If anything it would be a great thing for them if they publicly defended her in some way, considering how much the rest of Hollywood is doing to try and discredit her.

    • Jenna says:

      Also, I’m always so surprised when you read about the actual paychecks of famous people. It’s like we all expect them to be enormous millionaires when their take-home is generally pretty low considering their profiles. And it’s interesting that actual acting work pays so much less than brand endorsements. It’s what bugs me when people slam actors who sign up to shill products — when it’s truly the only place where the actual money is nowadays.

      • CornyBlue says:

        Yeah anything except franchise movies dont make money. I am surprised she got paid that much for Danish Girl tbh

      • Ican't says:

        Yes only A list actors bring in the big pay checks, and that list is actually small when compared to the number of actors out there. Like some people consider Jen A an lister,but she not bring in those big pay checks and hasn’t since “Friends” as someone said above is were it’s at.

      • ida says:

        the other day I read or heard something interesting. that the amount of money the (top) actors get is often not true. sure the contract says 20 million but the same contracts say that they have to pay 13 million back or so. can’t remember were I got this info from but I found it very very interesting. in the end actors might not earn as much as it is often transported.

      • K2 says:

        I remember an interview with the actress who played Trinity in the Matrix films, and she said that she wasn’t paid much at all for the first one and didn’t work for some time before it came out, and that a friend helped her out because she realised she was going to have to waitress with this huge movie coming out, otherwise, and that it wouldn’t do much for her profile if that were discovered. She said that the sequels set her up for life, because she had a percentage of the box office for them. It’s paid for her family life since. But I was just amazed that the main supporting star of a huge film like that (and the first was a big studio movie, too) could be broke inside a year of making it, without living extravagantly.

    • Miss S says:

      I’m also sure the net worth values online are totally wrong. I don’t see how she can have 15 millions on her own. Money is also security and now I wonder how is she going to pay for the lawyers and PR people she needs. Just by being logical I don’t see how someone who is such a vulnerable position who decide to fight Depp if they didn’t have enough proof.

      • CornyBlue says:

        It also clears up why she was asking for spousal. Specially with Depp making her travel with him.

      • Samtha says:

        I truly hope the judge orders Depp to at least pay her legal fees, because there’s no way she can afford the kind of representation she needs on that kind of income. Lawyers, GOOD lawyers, are horrendously expensive.

      • Miss S says:

        If she gets in some financial trouble, maybe someone rich from the system will help her, someone who believes her and probably knows more about Depp than most people. Just because rumors are shut down doesn’t mean people within the hollywood structure don’t know.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        I’m hoping an ambitious attorney with lime-light in his eyes will take her case pro bono or on a contingent basis. I can see an up and comer taking representing her for the chance to take on big bad Johnny Depp. Both lawyers will get fame and recognition – meaning whomever takes Amber’s case and represents her will get just as much attention as the attorney who represents Depp. Waiting with baited breath….

      • FF says:

        I also think she needed the restraining order: half of her work is going to be about her face and she has made statements of him hitting her there, besides medical bills he could be damaging her income by damaging her looks.

        Also he seems to turn up at random and scare the crap out of her at various intervals.

        I hope the TRO gets renewed/is seriously lengthened.

        And all this crap about ‘gold-digging’. I am surprised this man who earned tens of millions last year is being so petty about the spousal support, it is literally small change to him, and at most given their short marriage he’d be paying it for 9 months max.

        He is trying to hold on to her and punish her while smearing and dragging her and saying she’s the one doing it. It’s creepy. And worse, it’s his breakup MO.

    • HeatherAnn says:

      I completely understand. I’m deeply troubled by it too. It just reeks of injustice to me how he is slandering her all over the place.

  4. Angelica says:

    I already can’t deal with the Twitter comments this early. Allegedly she’s trying too hard and needs to get a job.

    P.S. I’m another commenter who believes her. Just a small Celebitchy community of support but I’m onboard with everyone else here saying that this is one of the only sites that’s mostly PRO Amber and isn’t victim-blaming. For the most part. I’m gonna keep reading the updates here because other sites are much too hard to read because of the heinous reactions from the commenters.

    • paleokifaru says:

      I glanced at two other sites and was so sick from the comments that I had to stay away from all stories about this for a couple days. I just can’t handle mobs with pitchforks, virtual or not.

      • Angelica says:

        It truly is disgusting. I hate that this is a big popularity contest where the most loved is also the most honest in the eyes of the public. So sad.

    • Miss S says:

      I believe her not because I think no woman lies or because I dislike Depp but because of logic and paying attention to human behaviour, motivations, DV studies and their backstory…
      I’m not emotionally engaged with any of them, Amber was never that likable and Depp never made my kettle sing.

      What we are seeing now, how she is portrayed is very sad and worrying.

      • pinetree13 says:

        I agree. However, as soon as you say you believe her you get “YOU BELIEVE HER JUST BECAUSE SHE’S A WOMAN AND YOU’RE A WOMAN!”

        When really, it really, really, really, REALLY seems like a lot of men choose to believe men just because they are men! Just because they have bizarre “Gone Girl” -esque nightmares of “being framed for domestic violence or rape.” I feel like it has to be some sort of weird fear of this that makes them so quick to assume every victim is lying. Not to say that women aren’t calling her a liar too, because many absolutely are. But that doesn’t surprise me, I’ve even had close friends shock me by saying things like, “Oh I hope when I have kids I only have boys…girls are such a pain!” Or another friend, “I was so relieved when I found out we were having a boy…because we love quading and camping!” Which really boggled my mind. I said to her, “YOu love quading and camping and YOU ARE FEMALE! Why do you think a child would magically be into the same thing as you, or not be into the same thing as you, because of their sex?!?!”


      • Miss S says:

        @pinetree13, That kind of mindset is even present in how some people define marriages, like women are always the demanding bitches because guys suddenly become helpless or something. Or they get pregnant to trap them (yes, some do) but they never assume their own responsibility, it’s like they didn’t have a choice or ever heard of condoms or vasectomies even!

        Independently of political ideologies have you noticed how Hilary Clinton seems to yell too much and generally just a pain? Like Bernie and Trump are these sweet angels?!
        I can’t stand that and it’s such a pervasive mindset!:/

      • Wilma says:

        I absolutely believe her. I used to be a huge fan of Depp as an actor and I really don’t get why his fans are so eager to dismiss her. He has always spoken of his mood swings and bouts of rage. He has even cultivated this image of darkness. We might have come to see him as a lovable rogue like Jack Sparrow, but he went full method to portray Hunter Thompson and was unable to shake this character for the longest time. Depp has always had serious problems and he always talked about having serious problems. You just hoped he would get the better of them and it turns out he didn’t. He has not worked on himself but wanted other people to talk him down instead of doing the hard work himself.

      • Miss S says:

        @Wilma, apparently Paradis was able to talk him down until she got fed up. Maybe that’s why it lasted for so long. Also, when she wrote that letter defending him, their divorce was always sold to us as amicable, like there was no drama, but that’s not true. He even postponed the beginning of a film to deal with personal issues. A smear campaign against Paradis happened when some info about how his addictions and distance from the family were behind the divorce reasons was out.

  5. Miss M says:

    She was silently showing her injuries on the red carpet 🙁

    • lisa2 says:

      That was so sad.. like cry for help..

      goodness.. I just don’t know. This is so sad.

    • Santia says:

      Yes. 🙁 I said that on the other post. She was documenting the abuse and no one noticed. Poor woman.

    • Saks says:

      I said this before but she has earned my respect.
      She has everything to lose and yet she is fighting her super rich and powerful abuser with almost everyone against her. I hope she finds justice and peace.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Her eyes. Maybe I’m reaching but I’ve gone back in the archives here to look at their photos and at some point you can see that the light in her eyes is just gone.

      • Miss M says:

        I noticed that too! The other day I said I did not like her and I thought she was more interesting before JD . But I could not pinpoint why…She lost her spark in the past few years. WOW!

  6. CornyBlue says:

    Eh can I say you put in some kind of warning before the pic ? It is very very jarring.

    • cd3 says:

      It is jarring… and I can’t help but think Amber’s injuries are probably mild compared to what other abusers have done to other women. Not belittling her injuries; but just imagine what else is out there.

  7. Sam says:

    One thing that keeps amazing me was that Amber had the presence of mind to document injuries and incidents. Having been in that situation, I can attest that such a thing is often very far from one’s mind. It’s good that she had enough sense to do that. But of course, that means that she’s conniving and was planning the divorce the whole time, according to some people. But I’m kind of amazed by her ability to do what needs to be done to protect herself.

    • Angelica says:

      It IS amazing, isn’t it? I understand the thought She had. When something like this happens, your mind tells you it’s wrong and you don’t deserve it but your heart screws you. You love this person so you want so badly to forget it immediately. I used to write mine down because I KNEW I’d believe that it would never happen again until it did. It’s a strange thought process because we don’t give ourselves enough credit for our internal advice. Kudos for documenting it because I’d imagine she wanted to bury the evidence straight away when she thought it would quit on its own.

    • LAK says:

      OT, but related. Nicole Brown Simpson documented her injuries during the later part of her marriage. IiRC, it came out in trial that she gave the evidence to a friend in case of future trouble.

      To this day, i’m still mad that they did nothing and she wound up dead.

      • Michelle says:

        She did. She put photos and a diary detailing the attacks in a safety deposit box because she feared that one day he would kill her.

      • Sam says:

        OJ always had people willing to make excuses for him. And when she finally was killed, a judge ruled that the previous DV stuff wasn’t “relevant” to the murder.

        And also, OJ was able to produce testimony from his first wife stating that he was never, ever abusive towards her and treated her great. Kinda like how Johnny can drag up Vanessa now to say the same thing?

      • cd3 says:

        Ugh. I feel sick. There’s special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Yes, Nicole’s diary entries and letters to OJ regarding abuse were considered “hearsay” and weren’t admitted into trial. Nicole’s letter to OJ that was loving was NOT considered “hearsay” and admitted into the trial. So wrong.

    • Green Girl says:

      Keep in mind this is an era of documenting everything, and then it makes more sense.

    • Miss S says:

      And she always called a a friend, so maybe even if she didn’t feel like it, probably her friends felt it was better, just in case. But just like it was said before, EVEN IF she is a master manipulator and “made him do it” (ugh, just writing this makes me nauseous) he still did it and that’s not ok.

    • Nilber says:

      I made this comment yesterday that it was hard enough being abused by a small town “great guy” I cannot imagine being in her shoes. Of course, I believe her Dad is a lawyer so that may be a part of why she knew to collect evidence. She also knew that without it she wouldn’t stand a chance. Heck, with it she is having this hard of a time.
      It is a sad, horrible situation. I hope she gets the justice she deserves and he gets help. They are caustic together and I can imagine that “passion” (ugh I feel dirty for using that word) could be mistaken for something more at first. The arguing to make up concept but this…this is reprehensible. I promised my son we would see the new Alice movie. After I briefly told him what happened he decided for himself that he didn’t want to go anymore. I’m glad because I would have hated to go see it but I would have kept my promise.
      *My son also said that Depp was a poster child for Just Say No. That drugs don’t just hurt the person taking but it changes them and it hurts everyone who cares about them. (That kid gets it so well sometimes it’s scary. Especially to be 12)

      • amilu says:

        I looked up her father, David Heard, last time I read that he was a wealthy attorney and contractor, but I could only find that he is a commercial contractor.

        Vogue AU says, “She described her father, David Heard, as “a six-foot-two, handlebar-mustached, Wrangler-wearing, hat-sporting cowboy” to Teen Vogue. His real occupation is a commercial contractor, though he was an extra in ExTerminators. In 2009 she said, ‘people still call me about roles for him in Austin.'”

  8. KBee says:

    Having recently left an abusive marriage myself, it horrifies me to read what people say about Amber. The idea that a victim of domestic abuse has to act in a certain way in order to have her be taken seriously is just an extension of the awfulness of abuse that goes on in the marriage. When I finally filed for a restraining order against my ex-husband, the judge initially wouldn’t grant it because he didn’t understand why I hadn’t asked for it sooner — the latest incidence of physical abuse had been three months prior. Of course, I had fled my marital home for my own safety to live with family until I found an apartment and got back on my feet, so it seemed ridiculous to me the judge couldn’t see that. All to say, being made to explain or justify your behavior after undergoing abuse rather than the focus being on the abuser makes you feel ashamed, embarrassed, and it makes you wish, at times, that you hadn’t come forward at all, it just isn’t worth it.

    But of course talking about abuse, seeking legal protection, and most importantly leaving an abuser are the most important things for a woman to do. It’s helpful that there are so many wonderful people here sticking up for Amber, refusing to engage in victim blaming, and by extension, supporting all victims of domestic abuse. Thank you all.

    • capepopsie says:

      I´m so sorry for you!
      Good for you that you finally found your
      way out. It takes a huge amount of courage.
      People don´t understand that.

      Also, what works for one person doesn´t
      automatically work for another. You have to find your own way to

      I hope you are doing well now, and I wish you the very best!

    • says:

      I think a lot of the almost-negative comments went from the whole “she maybe/probably/certainly is a victim of domestic abuse so she has never been a gold digger”.
      I certainly was irritated by this narrative.
      1- One wrong doesn’t negate the other.
      I believe that JD place is in jail, I also believe that she did not enter this relationship out of pure love. Still, as I said, her being a gold digger does not exonerate JD for his violence. Rules works both ways.
      2- One should not have to be perfect to have the right not be be abuse.
      Yep, flawed people, including but not limited to gold diggers, cheaters, even prostitutes and thieves are human beings.

  9. Jenni says:

    Amber is the new Heather Mills. There is too much contradictions and holes in her story. BTW they were married for a year and together in general how long two years. I have a lot of doubts about this whole mess.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Oh good, another pointless Heather Mills comparison. Enjoy your doubts.

    • Cherry says:

      ”It’s worth noting that we’ve had many new commenters, and people commenting under multiple nicknames, coming in to defend Johnny on these posts. Some of you have noted in the comments that there are what look like copy and pasted comments popping up on other blogs. While it’s true that Johnny has devoted fans and that many people are taking his side, it’s interesting to me that some of those comments are parroting his team’s talking points about Amber.”

    • LAK says:

      I’ve seen this ‘Heather Mills’ talking point several times now. From pro-depp commentors i’ve never seen before.

      Simon says? TROLL!!!

      • Green_Eyes says:

        I agree funny how she keeps being compared to Heather Mills. Think Johnny’s PR team really is trolling this site hard.

      • Flowerchild says:

        The other day it was “Gone girl” was the name they were trending for her. It would make it less obvious if the people didn’t all jump on the same name at the same time.

    • ernesto says:

      i agree with you, Jenni.

    • CharlotteCharlotte says:

      I have tried not to comment in this because it is way too close to home, with details I don’t want to get into; but anyone coming on here to pick holes in Amber’s story or defend Johnny Depp, just, shame on you. Shame. On. You.

      You make me sick.

      And then another woman dies of DV because “women lie about abuse”.

    • Flowerchild says:

      Heatwher Mills had no pictures to back it up nor do I believe she had any witnesses.

    • Lola says:

      Long time reader but don’t comment much (if at all). Commenting finally because the pro JD comments are driving me bonkers.

      I keep seeing comments on other sites mention that Amber’s story keeps changing or is inconsistent.

      Say Jenni, can you tell me how Amber’s story is inconsistent? From what I’ve read, it seems pretty darn consistent.

    • stinky says:

      (you have doubts about a bloody lip???)
      (ok then)

    • pinetree13 says:

      Jenni, you are clearly part of JD’s PR team. How do you sleep at night? Like does your PR firm only hire sociopaths incapable of empathy or does money just trump everything for you guys?

    • cd3 says:

      @Jenni “There is too much contradictions and holes in her story.”

      Examples? No, nothing? Not even one?

      “BTW they were married for a year and together in general how long two years.”

      Excellent point! …. Nope, wait, actually there’s no point in your statement whatsoever. They were together 3 years. So? Is there some kind of ideal abuse window that maxes out at 3 years? Like it’s only if one is abused in the first year that they aren’t lying?

      Basically Amber isn’t conforming to your version of a perfect victim and therefore she must be lying.

    • isabelle says:

      #gonegirl, there already did it for you so you don’t need to waste your energy. The Scientologists that posted after Cruise divorce were a lot more amusing than these PR hacks.

  10. Squiggisbig says:

    So I totally believe her. And I think she should get half of their earnings made during the time they were married since CA is a community property state. But does anyone know if it is standard to receive spousal support for such a brief marriage? Also is she seeking permanent or temporary support?

    • CornyBlue says:

      She will get supprt for half of their marriage so about 350K. Its not a life long meal ticket as some individuals have made it out to be.

    • Talie says:

      She’ll make bank if his team shuts this down before court, which they should do. She probably wants a one-time settlement — and at this point, doing an NDA wouldn’t faze her since she has gotten her side out there.

    • kibbles says:

      Whatever her intentions were going into this relationship and marriage with Depp, after knowing the abuse she had to endure, I hope she makes out with a ton of moola. Since she has never been a big star and likely never will after this divorce, she better have good lawyers who will ensure her tens of millions of dollars from a settlement +NDA.

      • amilu says:

        I hope at least a few prominent (female AND male) filmmakers rally around her and allow her to work continuously as an actress despite Depp doing his damnedest to have her blacklisted. I’ve always been in the “I like her” minority since I saw “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane” years ago (before Depp). I don’t think she’s a terrible actress (especially for B movies since that’s mostly what I’ve seen her in) — no more terrible than some other working mainstream actresses.

  11. Pinky says:

    Wow, Celebitchy! You just called people out! Impressed!

    Also, hell yes, regarding Denise Richards. That woman was vilified. She too was just after Charlie Sheen’s money. She made up the stuff about him looking a child porn of both sexes, trolling for strange peen and poon, calling her disgusting and racist names, threatening her life, etc. People overwhelmingly supported Charlie and even years later went to see him in his concert rant. Where are all those Internet DV experts now? (Hint: Team Depp)


  12. ReineDidon says:

    Why didn’t she filed for divorce since December 2015? I was shocked to see her swallen lips and bruised face. Plus she says he tried to suffocate her with a pillow. I cannot understand how an intelligent educated woman accepts to stay married to the same guy after such threatening and dangerous behavior.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Then educate yourself about domestic violence. There are good books and documentaries; some titles have been named in articles and comments here.

      The only thing battered women have in common is that they are women. Otherwise, they are smart, stupid, rich, poor, working, not working, old, young, all colours, all religions, no religion.

      Then the only other thing battered women have in common is the psychological process of denial and submission, because that’s how the human psyche responds to torture.

      And make no mistake, this is torture.

      • AnnaKist says:

        Great comment, WATP.

      • Miss S says:

        Thank you*

      • Colette says:


      • Giddy says:

        You are so right about the psychological torture. First there is the shock that the one you love would hurt you. Then he apologizes and says it will never happen again. But the next time he hits you, after he apologizes he says it was your fault and why did you drive him to that? The time after that, he doesn’t bother with an apology, just repeats that it is your fault that he had to hit you. Then he’ll maybe add a few refinements, like scaring you so often that you are in a constant state of hyper vigilance that is exhausting. If this sounds familiar to anyone, please leave him. It will never get better, and the next target will be your child. Please talk to someone; your family, your priest, or go to a woman’s shelter. We all deserve to live without fear and to live with love.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Another insightful comment I need to copy and paste. Thank you! to all of you with experience for sharing your painful truths. It’s been very educational to me.

      • Ryllis says:

        What Giddy just described. That was the kind of abuse I also suffered. I’m still suffering the after effects several years later. Except my domestic violence wasn’t partner-related. My own mother is exactly like that. Somewhere deep down, when I was small, I kind of knew other families weren’t like us (absentee workaholic fathers regardless). By the time I was a teen, my self esteem was so very low, and I believed no one would believe my side of the story, because my mum presented a very charming persona to other people.
        It takes a little bit more time after initially “getting out”, but the relief that your life is truly yours, as it should be, will come. I truly hope Amber finds her peace.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Because abuse breaks you down mentally also, to the point that you believe that you did something to deserve it and do not deserve anything better, and if only you could do or be better the person you love would stop hurting you. I mean abuse happens to other people you know, not you that happy, smart person with all those friends and from a nice family. No you could never be abused until one day you are that person and you feel you have no way out.

    • embertine says:

      Please don’t do that. People stay for a lot of different reasons, but one of them is fear of being disbelieved or having their behaviour picked over in the courts. The comments on this whole fiasco prove that fear is justified – Amber has pictures and corroborating statements, sufficient to convince a judge, but she is still being utterly vilified in the press.

    • Mich says:

      It happens all the time. I had a friend who was severely abused by her husband. I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t leave so I went for counseling at a women’s abuse center myself to learn more. There is a lot of psychological abuse that goes with the physical. Women not leaving has nothing to do with their intelligence.

    • Daisy says:

      I always supported abused women, but didn’t understand why they didn’t leave. After all, it’s so easy, right? Just walk out the door! Well, now I have a verbally abusive boss, and I COMPLETELY understand. Abuse is really insidious, and it works.

      Don’t worry about me: said boss is the manager of another location in our chain so only swoops in to our location once every couple of weeks, and once I figured out what was happening I can now roll my eyes, ignore the digs, and commiserate with the rest of the staff. And this situation is so ridiculously minor I’m embarassed even comparing it to the extremely serious situation of domestic abuse. But if it was my partner, and there every day, and I had no one else in the marriage seeing it… yeah. Women get trapped through no fault of their own, and they need our support, not our criticism.

      • pinetree13 says:

        Daisy, my boss is also verbally abusive…but he’s very smart about it. He’s extremely passive, aggressive and so he manages to get his little criticisms in towards me in a way that won’t be obvious to others. He also goes out of his way to cultivate an image as an extremely nice guy. I truly believe he is a psychopath.

        I am documenting every thing he says to me so that one day if it should come to it, I will have it all written down, and organized by date. I would encourage you to do the same. Even if you think you’ll never act, it’s a really good idea.

    • Tastykakes says:

      Speaking as someone who is familiar with DV/abuse, I actually thought quite the opposite and that the timeline was very *short*. I feel relieved for her for the moment, but worry that now things will become worse for her mentally and emotionally. Anyone familiar with this type of situation will know why.

      • Eleonor says:

        Probably because her girlfriends were around and supported her, who knows.

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        In her favour at this precarious point: He has to watch his public image. He has Disney breathing down his neck. She has lawyers who seem to understand the scenario. And she is not isolated – she has friends and resources. Internet trolls are gross, but in her actual life now, serious people are taking it seriously.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        Me too Tasty. The average number of times a victim of domestic violence leaves and comes back is eight (8)! Yes, 8 times on average before the victim leaves for good. Amber’s timeline is quick, but I think it’s because her father is an attorney so she probably knew it was time to leave and not go back sooner than most victims. I would guess the moment she told her father what was happening, he was ON IT!!!!

    • Flowerchild says:

      Alot of times abusers isolate the victims from family and friends and making them dependent on them emotionally and financially. They’re also the emotional breakdown when victims believe they are nothing without the abuser and that the victims needs them to further their career, or that they are worthless and will never get a job. Not to mention emotional blackmail abusers telling the victims that they will kill themselves if they leave and how much they love them and will change. Victims are also made to believe that no one will believe them, and society for the most part proves them right.

      The saddest part is the self blame when the abuser makes victims believe it’s their fault they are hit, it was something they did wrong. Look at Ray Rice, wife apologizes to him after he knocks her out and dragged her like she was a sack of potatoes.

      • Saks says:

        All of this and also the threats. That he will harm your love ones, that he is going to make your life a living hell (which already is), etc. A lot of victims don’t gather evidences because of pure fear the abuser finds out. Even after finally break out of that situation, you tend to become a bit paranoid.

        The people who are saying “oh I don’t believe her because she didn’t left sooner”, simply are trolls, or completely naïve about domestic violence, people would be surprised how many “I would never thought that could ever happen to me, until it did” stories are out there.

    • Lady Amalthea says:

      @ReineDidon – Congratulations for never being a victim of DV, and I hope you never have the misfortune to be one.

      The people who understand are the people who’ve been there. And the people who’ve been there don’t want to tell their stories because other people don’t want to understand.

  13. Jayna says:

    I think she married him for the lifestyle, money, and fame, trying to help her career. I think she was trying to stick it out long enough to get a great settlement and his behavior escalated and had to get out. She is far less successful than I thought. I believe the reports his family saw through her and didn’t like her.

    None of that takes away from the fact he was abusive to her. I think Johnny is drugging and drinking and out of control and was violent in the relationship and she didn’t deserve it.

    She doesn’t have to be a saint in the marriage or likable for the domestic violence against her to still be true. He married her without a prenup. What he should do is pay up and stop the mudslinging, and then he needs to go into a treatment facility for addiction and anger issues.

    These are only my feelings about their relationship. I’m not telling anyone it’s how they should view them.

    • Talie says:

      That’s the thing — there’s no “perfect victim.” Two things can be true.

    • Luca76 says:

      Exactly Jayna her self interested motivations in no way excuse his behavior.

    • SilkyMalice says:

      Or maybe she loved him, and got caught in the typical abusive cycle of being told that no one else would ever love her except Johnny because she is such a f*ck up.

    • Amide says:

      @Jayna – Agreed with all your points

    • pinetree13 says:

      I find it so weird that women are shamed and vilified if they pursue men with money , yet men are not shamed if they pursue much younger women for their looks. Who cares if a woman goes after a man because he’s rich? My mom always said, “If you marry for money you earn every penny” Marrying for money and not love will come with its own regrets. You get talked down to, you’re expected to never age, people assume you’re stupid, and you don’t have the pride that comes with earning your own money, etc. I wouldn’t want that life so I didn’t marry for money. But I feel it’s wrong to demean other people that do…some of them were raised to think that was the only way they could ‘get ahead’ that they weren’t smart enough to make it on their own.

      • JIll says:

        Sooo true. there is a bottomless pit of double standards with men and women.

      • Marie says:

        “I find it so weird that women are shamed and vilified if they pursue men with money , yet men are not shamed if they pursue much younger women for their looks. ”

        Yep, they are applauded for being sugar daddies. Women are just seen as commodities to men like this and if she doesn’t stick to the narrative then she should be punished. I mean, how dare she leave such a successful movie star. She’s ruining the dream for a lot of “nice guys.”

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Or maybe she thought if she left she would be bringing to fruition all the suspicion around her getting with him in the first place – that she would be proving everyone’s slant that she was just a gold-digger.

    • what's inside says:

      I am of a similar mind about this. There are several sides to this story and none of them are pretty.

  14. Tara says:

    I’ve little doubt some of the comments here, and on other sites, are Depp’s paid team, but many of them are real. I don’t know which is more depressing. I guess the real ones. Anyway, as a real person, and a woman, I am happy she got out alive and hope she survives emotionally. She will have to withstand a tremendous amount of further abuse going forward. This the world we live in. Never forget, if he had beaten his dog, he’d have very few, if any, defenders. Think about it.

    • Amy says:

      Sadly, I think the majority of them are not Depp’s team. In fact most are from fans who are angry someone has poked holes in their idealistic image of him. And many if not most of them are women.

    • Venus says:

      I find the paid team more depressing. It shows that Depp has no remorse at all for the damage he’s done, which disgusts me. And it’s a page out of Russia’s book, which is to have paid trolls change the conversation and sway public opinion. I’ve had a crush on Johnny Depp forever, but no more, and never again.

    • Sammy B says:

      Humans have many different believes and viewpoints…you don’t have to be paid by Depp to have questions about this case. As I said in the previous post I believe he was abusive and I also believe she isn’t a saint and I don’t have to take everything she says at face value. Of course she has motives to make herself look good as does he. I will wait until more info comes out on this case

      • Katja says:

        You say you believe her that she got abused? What more info do you need?

        It doesn’t matter why she did marry him or why she does seek financial support from him. She got abused. She’s the victim. No more info needed.

    • TheOtherSam says:

      Some of the posting is trolls, and some is just plain ignorance. People don’t want to believe that their fave Johnny Depp – Captain Jack, the sweet Mad Hatter – is capable of such awful things. They can’t make the distinction between the actor and real life person and the characters he plays. It’s a weakness that many have and is playing out in the blogosphere.

      You bet if it was their daughter, sister or mother in Amber’s place they’d be screaming to the hills for justice to have the abuser stopped. It’s the celebrity obsession angle affecting their judgment and playing out here – people can’t live in reality.

    • pinetree13 says:

      Tara I’ve always found it odd how people will scream from the roof-tops and be outraged if a dog is abused (which I would agree with) but will not do the same for a HUMAN CHILD! Whenever I hear about child abuse (or any abuse really) I get really upset and angry at the perpetrators…and those people do get internet-hate but not nearly the amount of internet-hate that animal-abusers get. BOTH deserve our disgust.

  15. Talie says:

    I am fascinated by this expense report. It’s amazing to me that the bulk of her money comes from appearances like $150K from Tiffany & Co. God, no wonder people couldn’t care a less about making it on talent these days — the Kardashian/Jenner crew probably make $51K for one tweet.

  16. meme says:

    I believe her. I don’t think she and her lawyers are foolish enough to make all this up about a very big movie star. And People magazine is not known for extensive coverage of fake stories.

    • Green Girl says:

      MTE. I am also surprised and impressed that People Magazine is reporting this, too.

    • Lady D says:

      “People magazine is not known for extensive coverage of fake stories. ” Two words for you, Kelly Rutherford.

  17. Marty says:

    I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse. This is really sad y’all.

  18. Coco says:

    I lived in DTLA with an emotionally abusive ex. We were absolutely toxic for each other. We both threw things around the apartment, something I had never done in any prior relationship or since. One night it escalated to a physical altercation while I was on the phone with my Mom. I locked myself in our bedroom while she called the police. He climbed his desk and over the low wall separating the bedroom from the rest of the loft. When the police arrived, it was my word vs his. The bruises that showed on my body the next morning weren’t visible yet. The only proof I had was his shoe print on the desk that he had attacked me while I was barricaded in a separate room. He went to jail and I packed up my stuff and moved the next day. I found out he had been abusing prescription pills and sneaking booze, stopping at bars on his way home from work every day when he told me he was working late. I thought I had been going crazy, and I was from the situation. I’m also pretty sure I’m the only relationship for him that turned physical, we really did bring out the absolute worst in each other, drove each other crazy yet couldn’t stay away because of our “connection”. It took a physical assault with the police involved to understand how bad we were together. I didn’t press charges because I was embarrassed and I also felt responsible because my actions had contributed to the escalation. It was a huge wake up call for me to get my shit together and get the help I needed to regain my self confidence and never put myself in that type of situation again. I can fully believe there were no visible physical marks on Amber when the police arrived and that she was weighing what to do. It is an awful feeling having someone you care for arrested, even if it does protect you.

    • SilkyMalice says:

      Thank you for sharing that. I’m glad you are OK.

    • Lady Amalthea says:

      @Coco – “I thought I had been going crazy, and I was from the situation. I’m also pretty sure I’m the only relationship for him that turned physical, we really did bring out the absolute worst in each other, drove each other crazy yet couldn’t stay away because of our “connection”.”

      *hugs* Oh honey, I have been there, too. I’m so glad you got help and are rebuilding yourself. It gets so much better. Keep asking the tough questions of yourself, keep learning about yourself, and never forget how strong and special you are. <3

  19. Dragonlady Sakura says:

    The way the media/tabloids portray it, domestic violence only occurs from the common folk, and that celebrities don’t batter their mates. Every time a woman (or man) leaves, she is immediately labeled a gold digger and that’s it’s all an evil plot to undermine the other person. It’s disgusting. 😡

    • Green_Eyes says:

      This… Hero worship it’s crazy!

    • pinetree13 says:

      Oh don’t worry, there’s plenty of people that think it’s “rare” amoung the common-folk too and that most women are liars who claim DV to get money or child custody.

      Yep, sexism and misogyny aren’t exclusive to any class it seems. :S

  20. Mich says:

    Johnny Depp is a bastard. As far as I am concerned, he is continuing his abuse by trying to destroy her publicly. There is no excuse.

    Just stop, Johnny. Take responsibility and get some f’ing help. You look like hell and have turned into a monster.

    • Venus says:


    • Guesto says:

      Agree, no excuse whatsoever. It seems like he’s so lost in power-hungry, addiction-fueled rage that all objective sense has completely gone out the window. His continued, unrelenting, deeply callous attempts to discredit/destroy her say something so grim and bleak about the state of his mind.

  21. Green_Eyes says:

    The abuse also explains the dead look in her eyes in some photos as if she were somewhere else & so over it.,

    • Amy says:

      Once there was a really big deal made out of the fact that she was with her mother at an event and she yelled at/told her mother not to make eye contact. Please don’t make eye contact! Now I see all these paparazzi pictures of her with her head and eyes down and I wonder if those were orders from Johnny Depp and she was afraid.

      • Green_Eyes says:

        Amy, could very well be. I never made eye contact with my dad TIL in my 30’s. Always was afraid I’d set him off.

      • Miss S says:

        I wrote somewhere else that looking now at previous events it does make one person wonder. She does have an “attitude” but that “don’t make contact” may have been a defensive reaction not knowing what her mother could say. That’s not the reaction of someone who is relaxed, but more controlling than anything else.

    • Livvers says:

      This. I was one of those people who thought she always tried too hard at red carpet events, just levels of pretentiousness that had me rolling my eyes. Then we heard about her relationship with Johnny, and yeah, some of that try-hard may have been ambition, but now it seems clear a significant amount of it could have been about getting it ‘right’ so that Johnny didn’t get upset later.

    • Abby says:

      This. I feel bad for my perception of her this whole time she was with him. Dead eyed for a reason.

    • Lauren II says:

      The disgusted expression on JD’s face in the 2 pics is very telling. JD looks angry and Amber seems checked out. Zero chemistry.
      JD will carry on as always, and Amber’s future is definitely damaged. Very sad and destructive.

  22. Rocío says:

    I feel for Amber and every woman who has suffered and is suffering DV. Next friday in my country we are organizing a demostration like the one we did last year #NiUnaMenos against gender bases violence. Women and men united against violence.

  23. FrenchChiGurl says:

    I feel sorry for her because she is young but I only have one question.

    They were toxic for each other and I am sure there were signs “Why marry that man”?
    I have friends who work behind the scenes of some events for the red carpet and they even said that you can tell those 2 don’t belong together. He never did in the past or maybe he has I don’t know but this is sad…

    Amber will need loads of support when this is said and done. She is being dragged through the mud because people don’t want to believe her even with the pictures.

    How is she going to recover from this when its all done.

    I don’t think those 2 should of gotten married>> They don’t look compatible at all.

    Johnny should be ashamed of himself for even doing this because as a human being he should control his anger or better yet get some damn help.

    • Erinn says:

      They don’t “look” compatible.

      I suppose the bruises and scratches tipped you off to that one, no?

      Sitting around saying ‘well why would she marry him’ isn’t helping anything. It’s putting blame back on the victim. It’s never as simple as ‘they don’t look compatible’.

      God, if you saw photos from my SIL’s graduation I suppose there’d be people saying ‘well they’re not compatible’. ‘Look at their body language’ – but it’s based on a second in time captured by a camera. In the photos we’re turned away from each other in a group. But in reality we’ve been together since we were young teenagers and adore eachother. Those photos don’t show that. Because it’s just a quick flash of a moment.

  24. hey-ya says:

    …but I havent posted under any of my multiple names in the same way I wouldnt comment on any of the posts about children ie Jaden & Rocco…(I hope)…but it doesnt help when the site positively trolls for comment on one side or the other…just sayin…politely…

  25. Pam says:

    I don’t get him, he looks like he needs a bath all the time. He just looks smelly. I’m sure she thought he might be a step up in her career, but was it worth it? And he looks like anger issues, I’m sure there is some validity to her accusations.

  26. SusanneToo says:

    She had auto payments??!! Johnny earned $30 million and couldn’t let go of $30,000 to buy her a car?

    • cd3 says:

      Actually maybe the fact that she had car payments shows that she wanted to keep some independence for herself, and not be beholden to his charity.

      • Livvers says:

        Or that he refused to share finances with her so she would have less money to do her own thing, and would be more obliged to accommodate his interests.

      • Anna says:

        Or maybe it was nothing so nefarious. Paradis had her own money, Moss had her own money, Winona did as well. He’s probably never had to pay the way for any of his partners in the past. We tend to forget that Depp wasn’t getting huge paychecks until the Pirates films and even then probably not until the 2nd one. Both Moss and Paradis (until POTC) may well have been outearning Depp and not paying his way either.

        Personally, I’m trying to imagine what she spent 10k a month on rent for. Can’t have been for housing, she was living with Depp. An office?

  27. Luca76 says:

    There is no perfect victim. Such a shame so many have to whitewash Amber into a saint completely unmotivated by selfish interests in order to have compassion for her.

    • ernesto says:

      in these people’s defense, it’s hard to have compassion for someone when deep down in your heart you KNOW they’re up to no good.

      • CornyBlue says:

        It is not at all hard to have compassion for an abuse victim no matter what. Some people just dont want to.

      • Kitten says:

        It’s really not that hard though.
        There are people in my life–acquaintances, coworkers, etc– who I don’t find to be good people, but I don’t think any of them deserve to be abused. Nobody does.

  28. Josefina says:

    I don’t intend to question Amber’s legitimacy with this at all, but I do wonder if she pulled a Ronan Farrow with the time this was announced. Obviously, doing this amidst the premiere of the new Alice movie will hurt Johnny more than it would have, say, a couple months ago.

    • CornyBlue says:

      No one was checking for that movie anyway.

      • Josefina says:

        Except for Disney, Johnny’s biggest ally, who decided to spend a measely 200,000 (aprox) on it.

      • CornyBlue says:

        Do you mean the budget ? Because I meant none of the general populace care about this damn movie. If she had wanted a scandal she should have done it before Pirates 5 or whichever number the new one is

      • Josefina says:

        And I never talked about the general populace but Disney, Johnny’s most powerful ally. I doubt Mickey Mouse and friends will want to hire a well known abuser, especially with the (deserved) outrage this incidents provoke nowadays. People could not be talking about Alice, as it was predicted to happen, but instead they are talking about the Mad Hatter beating his wife.

        Just to make absolutely sure – I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this at all. But Amber WORKS in this industry, she knows the game better than any of us. I doubt she’d pull this against Johnny, a much bigger and more powerful star than her, without trying to find the most convenient conditions.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Or, more likely, he was extra strung out between his mother’s death and his movie premiere, went on a bigger bender, and had a violent episode. All of which timing was beyond her control. Tell me – when someone threatens to kill you, are you going to pull out your agendas and try to find a mutually convenient time?

      • Josefina says:

        Well news are this wasn’t an isolate incident. Who knows how many death threats she has actually received.

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        Then this was the one too many. If he abused her multiple times, was she suddenly supposed to be “considerate” of his feelings?

    • Colette says:

      Did you read reviews and box office projections ? The movie was predicted to be a flop weeks ago.
      Also I really doubt she would file for divorce three days after his mother died if he hadn’t attacked her a day after his mother died.Also she wanted to keep this stuff on the DL based on the email her attorneys sent to his attorney.

  29. Hazel says:

    I’m reminded of all the Enquirer stories of Nicole Brown Simpson. Again, good for Amber for getting out now.

  30. Joannie says:

    Two seemly very nice people can bring out the absolute worst in one another. I don’t think it fair to pass judgement on either one at this point since we weren’t there to witness what went on. However I do think the lawyers are rubbing their hands together in glee just thinking about the $$$. There’s a reason they are referred to as “bottom feeders”.

    • CornyBlue says:

      I hope you thought the same thing when Amber filed for divorce 3 days after Depp’s mother died.
      Also Depp is the farthest from very nice.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      I would think his lawyers, maybe. I would think her lawyers have some tools to protect her and obtain some court-ordered relief and recompense. They’re not all bottom feeders.

    • cd3 says:

      @Joannie: you say “I don’t think it fair to pass judgement on either one at this point since we weren’t there to witness what went on.”

      NO we weren’t there, but you know – there are pictures. And probably video too.

      The you follow your admonition not to judge with: “However I do think the lawyers are rubbing their hands together in glee just thinking about the $$$. There’s a reason they are referred to as “bottom feeders”.”

      What exactly are you doing if not passing judgement on lawyers? What an extremely offensive and narrow minded thing to say. You sound like you don’t have any comprehension about the justice system and a lawyer’s role in it. The lawyer’s role is to provide a vigorous defense of their client in an adversarial system. I would certainly be surprised to find a (female) lawyer rubbing her hands together in glee and rejoicing at another woman’s alleged abuse.

      • Joannie says:

        Oh please. You don’t think HW lawyers aren’t thinking about the $$$? I’d say that is very naive thinking. If you’ve ever dealt in divorce you would know the lawyers are capable of making things quite ugly and dragging it out only to fill their own pockets. Bottom feeders is a very commonly used term. At least where I come from.
        Don’t take it personally because there are some very respectable lawyers as well. I’m from a family of lawyers and judges. I know only too well.
        As for the video and photos, I’m not going to judge either party considering there are conflicting stories. Some from the police who said there was no evidence.

      • cd3 says:

        I have no idea what the “HW Lawyers” are thinking, just as you don’t either, unless you know them personally. It’s hilarious though that in one sentence you say “don’t judge” and in the next breath you do nothing but judge. A term like bottom feeders is rife with judgement. If it’s commonly used term where “you come from” – boy I’m glad I’m not from there.

        Women may be commonly referred to as b!tches and wh@res in some places – does that make it acceptable? POC may be referred to by horrible derogatory terms in some places – does that make it acceptable? From someone from “a family of lawyers and judges” you sure don’t argue very well.

        As for the police saying there’s no evidence, have a read through some of the other comments on this site. It wasn’t the police, it was some BS TMZ “source” at the police dept. Also it’s been pointed out extensively that bruising doesn’t form instantly. The physical traces of his alleged abuse may not have been visible until later. The “police” also didn’t comment on the past photos from December, etc.

      • Joannie says:

        Cd3, I’m not here to argue. This is a gossip site not a court room. And you’re correct. It’s “alleged” abuse. Im not accusing or defending either party considering I wasn’t a witness to a crime and all I know is what has been reported on gossip sites which have proved to be full of BS in the past.

  31. ernesto says:

    she should exit the marriage with what she came in with since she claims to be so independent. there are people that would love to be making that $51,000 a year.

    with the release of amber’s personal expense report by her people i saw elsewhere this morning, amber lives FAR above her means – johnny shouldn’t have to pay for her excessive spending habit.

    independent means not wanting his money nor to live in a house that he owns because that person no longer wants to be around the person whom, in this case, ALLEGEDLY abused her.

    just to be nice, johnny should give her $100,000 a month for the entire time they were married and the range rover total before washing his hands of her, though. i think that would be more than generous on his part.

    • Guesto says:

      CB, thank you for posting your note re the Depp shills.

      This is one of the very few sites covering this ongoing story that I’m continuing to read, precisely because of the objective, responsible reporting and the reader community who, for the most part, reflect and appreciate it.

      • Tara says:

        Also glad CB chose to address the potential sock puppets supporting Depp’s narrative. A friend of mine once had a temp job for a PR firm, posting comments online in support of the firm’s clients’ stances… Usually as several commenters at once. He didn’t last long… Said the job literally turned his stomach.

        Can’t find much info about that particular type of job but found this article on dark PR:

        The Online Anonymity section near the bottom probably best describes it.

      • Miss S says:

        @Tara, this is really interesting. I didn’t know it was so organized in terms of taking advantage of social media. What a f*cked up word we have:/

        “In the United States in 2013, the documentary “Blackfish” aired on CNN. The content was critical of SeaWorld, in Florida, claiming the entity mistreated dolphins, whales and other animals. Sometime after the film was broadcast, the Orlando Business Journal polled its readers, asking whether the documentary had changed [their] perception of SeaWorld. The result was quite unusual, with 99 percent of respondents stating that their opinion of the theme park had not changed since “Blackfish” aired. Upon further investigation, the Orlando Business Journal discovered that 54 percent of the responses came from a single IP address — an address owned by SeaWorld.”


    • Katja says:

      Totally agree.

      Then she should sue him for abuse and get millions for every time he hit her as compensation for her injuries. This way she should end up with far more than the measle 50,000$ a month she wants.

    • Colette says:

      He should have had a pre nup,then.

    • cd3 says:

      $100,000 would be “more than generous on his part” when he made $30M last year?
      She should get $100k for each time he (allegedly) hit her.

  32. Shaboo says:

    I’m going to retract my previous statement about Amber. I had thought that had thrown a phone at her and that was that. Johnny had a furious temper and maybe it it was a one off incident, which in my mind was not the same as a punch or direct violence.

    Now its clear to me that this was not the case. Strangulation and a split lip. I was wrong.

  33. marymoon says:

    Am I alone in thinking that Depp may not return to the States (unless/until court-ordered)?
    I can’t shake the idea that once his “rock band tour” is done he will just stay (hide) in Europe.

    • Flowerchild says:

      It’s odd to me that instead of making his self available to the police and lawyer he’s out of the country touring, It makes it very hard for the police or anyone to get a hold of him. I would think would have put the tour on hold and be in LA or at least in the U.S. trying to clear his name instead of having his PR team do a smear campaign. I mean musician have put tours on hold for far less.

  34. Izzy says:

    @Celebitchy: Thank you for calling out the trolls. HONKS FOR THE CB TEAM!!

    To the regular posters, lurkers, and those looking for sane coverage, thank you for the sensible discourse.

    To the Depp trolls: WE SEE YOU, and we ain’t swallowing any of your nonsense. Go shill somewhere else, and be sure to report back to Team Depp that your trolling on CB is an EPIC FAIL because we are too smart for you.

  35. Abby says:

    I’ve read all of these posts and I just feel sicker and sicker about it.

    I’ve always like Johnny Depp and never could stand Amber. Until I saw those photos–then it was game over. No one deserves abuse. No one. My heart goes out to her.

    Now, I can’t stomach him at all. I hope she gets the compensation she asks for and I hope he’s blacklisted. So many times there are no consequences for abuse. Hopefully this is not one of those times. I’m glad she did what she had to do and I don’t doubt that she was terrified.

    • Lady Amalthea says:

      @Abby – The world needs more open-minded and compassionate people like you.

      I would say I can’t imagine what it was like …but I can all-too-vividly imagine what it was like…and my heart just breaks for her. I am so glad she kept her close friends, despite Depp’s jealousy, because she obviously has a strong support system to help her through this hell. I hope she’s proud of herself for being strong.

  36. Nikki says:

    I had a different take on it than most of you, and I will say I have both been a victim of rape (by someone I completely trusted) and also was once accused of sex abuse by a girl who later admitted to the police that she had made the whole thing up (to get attention from her boyfriend!!). Both incidents, obviously, left me mistrustful of people, and I don’t accept many things at face value. At FIRST, I felt like Celebitchy readers were branding anyone who questioned Amber’s story as an anti feminist ignoramus domestic-abuse enabler, which I thought too quick. People HAVE injured themselves to get someone in trouble, so I wanted to read all the evidence and try to
    piece it together. I was dubious, because I never knew him to be accused of violence toward a person, while she would gain from smearing him. and she’s an actress. But having read everything so far, I think he probably was violent, and I would like to see Depp’s “security” team subpoenaed for testimony, vile cowards, and hope he is arrested if a case could be made.

    • Miss S says:

      I’m sorry for what you have been through:/

      I don’t think people here will dismiss anyone defending Depp IF the arguments are good, and not just the “she is a gold digger bicth so she is framing”. I believe her, but I’m not sided with anyone, I’m just looking at the facts, human behaviour, motivations and back history.

      People lie all the time, and women also lie, but the probability specially when they have so much to loose and so little sympathy to start with doesn’t make much sense to me, it doesn’t seem logical in this context.

      Also, many say that something isn’t right about all of this and I agree, but for different reasons. We are being fed bits of info with an angle that’s not innocent, it’s hard to get just the facts and most people haven’t done any research or read old interviews or articles, it’s just a superficial feeling considering the simple and easy (also lazy) narrative.

  37. anon says:

    Years ago, back in school, I was sexually assaulted by one of the popular kids. When I tried to speak up, everyone circled around him, so I backed down immediately. I’ve never spoken about it since. It was incredibly upsetting to have school kids gang up on me; I can’t imagine how much harder it is for her, living this out so publicly.

    I commend Amber for having the strength to stand up, speak out, and be brave in a way that I (and so many others) never could.

    • Lady Amalthea says:

      I’m so sorry you went through this, anon. You, too, are strong and brave.

    • Sophie says:

      I look around here and so many women have a story of abuse to share that wasn’t reported that I get scared just to think about how common it is and how our numbers about effective abuse may be so off.

      I’m so sorry:/

  38. Lara says:

    I have never been a fan of Depp or of Amber. Kind of think they deserve each other. I know women who cry “abuse” to get back at their husbands/boyfriends so I am always wary in situations like this. However, I also know many woman who actually have suffered greatly at the hands of their partner. The more I read the more I believe that Depp is an out-of-control ass who did abuse her. He should be in jail. And she should be thankful that she got away from the jerk before he killed her.

    • Odesa says:

      Really? I’ve never met a woman who lied about being abused. That’s pretty damn rare and not very likely.

  39. BFDL says:

    I can understand people not being able to imagine Johnny doing this because no one could imagine my ex doing the abusive things he did to me.

    I was the “crazy” one who was just so difficult and he was the angel. I’m reserving all judgment until more information flows out but I’m not surprised by the attacks Amber is facing.

    As women we are taught to behave properly or the men in our lives will have “no choice” but to punish us in some way. Women are not allowed to speak up without being labeled psychotic or money hungry, a slut or any other vile thing society can conjure up.

    This is not necessarily a woman vs man situation and I don’t believe all women should blindly believe her but it is shocking to see some of the things women say about one another with very little evidence.

    I will say, when I heard he moved so quickly in the relationship it was like watching my own life. Abusers move swiftly and lay on the charm and the declarations of love to trap you emotionally.

  40. Cheyenne says:

    Well Johnny Depp’s side continues to smear her horribly and try to make her the villain, so she’s fighting back with actual evidence.

    What we’re seeing in other commenting sections is a bunch of people who feel they know Johnny Depp because they’ve watched him in movies all their lives. That combined with the rampant sexism perpetuated by men and women. Amber may have married Johnny for her career and money. So he didn’t leave his wife and family for a young, hot thing? It goes both ways. Regardless of the intentions, it doesn’t mean she wasn’t abused.

  41. Zut alors! says:

    I am so glad Amber documented what Johnny did to her. I also grew up in a household where my stepfather abused my mother. Two of my sisters went on to also be abused by their significant others. It is a vicious cycle.

    I’m thinking with the release of these pics, Depp’s team will now move on to smear and discredit her friends as well.

  42. Sophie says:

    I’m so sorry for anyone who had to deal with sh*t like this. There are just so many of you, it makes me so sad, it really breaks my heart.

    My abuse came from a narcissist who never hit me but who used many tactics of emotional abuse to break me and even today I haven’t forgiven myself because it’s like I let him, I was smarter than that, how could I accept to be treated like that?! I was crying every night trying to fall asleep, feeling guilty for something I couldn’t really explain. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, somehow I felt that I was the problem or at least also responsible. Standing up for myself would always get me into trouble, he knew how to create self doubt in me, I didn’t know what to believe anymore. But no one would guess what was going on, he was a good lier charismatic and charming.

    Abuse is always very nuanced, it’s easy to keep it hidden because that’s part of how it works. Partners can be all lovely and nurturing in public and show you another facet in private when frustrated or challenged. When I didn’t pretend that erveything was ok I was seen has the girl with a bitchy attitude, who didn’t smile, so my “poor” boyfriend had a lot a sympathy to put up with me.

    It makes me sad to see that so many are totally ignorant about how these matters work, how it happens, how it keeps hidden, why the victim doesn’t leave… The fear of being judged as someone who was somehow responsible for it, as someone who doesn’t fit into the “perfect victim” or who brought it to him/herself is not encouraging at all. Some may lie, but the evidence shows that most don’t, many never even talk about it.
    I will always give an alleged victim the benefit of the doubt because these man and women who come forward will have to deal with shame, humiliation and judgement. I don’t understand how most people (let me reinforce the “most”) would want that if not being a real victim seeking for help and justice.

    Hope the truth comes out and maybe this can teach something to some.

    • Lady Amalthea says:

      @Sophie – “Abuse is always very nuanced, it’s easy to keep it hidden because that’s part of how it works.” This is so true and so important to remember.

      I’m sorry you went through that. *hugs* In my experience, the emotional and psychological abuse was far worse than the physical abuse. The deepest scars can’t be seen.

      I hope you’re able to forgive yourself. Many, many victims of abuse are strong, smart, loving people. The common denominator is vulnerability of some sort – and people who spend their whole lives manipulating others know perfectly well how to best exploit vulnerabilities in strong, smart, loving people. You did not fail yourself by getting into an abusive relationship. You have nothing to feel shame or guilt about.

      What helped me forgive myself and ultimately become a much happier person overall was looking at what made me vulnerable to that manipulation. I did this in a very non-judgmental way, like a medical examiner conducting an autopsy. The self-discovery that followed was hard, sometimes painful, but more than worth it. I learned to forgive and love myself.

      You deserve to forgive and love yourself, too. I wish you the best of luck. <3

  43. Patricia Gonzalez says:

    I fall on the fan scale w. Johnny Depp of “Yeah, he’s ok.” Neither rabid, sometimes an admirer of certain performances. I’m a longtime reader of celebrity gossip and Depp has never been on my radar. For a few years I’ve been vaguely aware of Amber Heard’s reputation as a gold digger. W/ her filing of the divorce, and report of dv in the relationship, I’ve been following the comments which lead me to IMDB and The Rum Diary. Look at the stills. Johnny Depp was still a beauty not the shipwreck you see in photographs these days. Why is it hard to believe the still handsome and I expect charming movie star would not attract Amber Heard? I would think it would be a dream come true to draw the attention of this beauty of a movie star. So for what its worth, I believe Amber Heard’s account of dv and think the gold digger scenario is total rubbish.