Colin Farrell makes Salma Hayek sick

Sala Hayek at the Oscars with her cleavage showing and the caption Brrr I'm so cold
While filming an ocean-set love scene with Colin Farrell in their upcoming movie “Ask the Dust,” Salma Hayek got hypothermia:

She reveals, “It was very cold to the point where we had to stop doing the [love] scene because they took my temperature and I was in trouble. “We had to take some special liquids to endure the cold and we were on a special diet because there was a risk of hypothermia. “I got a little sick… I pretty much got pneumonia.”

When the filming wrapped, Farrell gave Hayek a first edition of the novel that inspired the picture, but it made her so emotional that she couldn’t read it:

She explains, “Colin gave me a first edition of the book Ask The Dust by JOHN FANTE. I got so involved with this character and I was so sad when the movie was over that when I got home and I tried to read the book I got really emotional and I started crying. “It was almost painful because it was too recent from playing my character, CAMILLA. I think it would be really cool to read it eventually.”

Hayek is quite intelligent, so I won’t make a crack that she thinks it would be cool to read any book eventually. With most other actresses, that joke would fly.

Update: Supposedly Farrell didn’t even look at a naked Hayak during their sex scenes. What’s wrong with that guy?

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