People: Athina Onassis & Doda Miranda have been separated since March


Even though Sunday’s story about Athina Onassis was terrible (terrible for Athina), I have to say that I’m pleased that so many people were interested in gossiping about Athina. I find her fascinating! And very gossip-worthy, even though she’s not particularly scandalous. The people around her are scandalous, from her douchebag father to her now-estranged husband Doda Miranda. Doda began romancing Athina when she was still a teenager, and they got married in 2005. They’ve spent the last decade focusing on horses and Athina’s equestrian career. They are both very horsey people, meaning that “loving horses” is a full-time thing and they only seemed to hang out with other horse people. Reportedly, Athina’s security found Doda in bed with the sister of one of those horse people a few weeks ago. And now it looks like Athina and Doda’s marriage is over.

French-Greek heiress Athina Onassis de Miranda and her handsome husband Alvado “Doda” de Miranda Neto have separated, the Brazilian Olympian’s spokeswoman confirms to PEOPLE.

“Anyone who has been through a separation knows how painful it is,” the spokeswoman said, adding, “Doda Miranda and Athina Onassis were married for eleven years and on this journey they shared a life, a love for horses, for sports and for family.”

A source close to the international equestrian tells PEOPLE that the split was caused by Miranda’s alleged cheating.

“When Athina learned of Doda’s cheating in March, she left Wellington, Florida, and has not returned,” the source tells PEOPLE. “She initially fled to Belgium.”

Miranda’s spokeswoman slams reports of an affair, however, telling PEOPLE of the couple, “They maintain a cordial relationship and would like to be able to go through this painful moment with the maximum privacy and respect and not be the victims of any more defamation and dishonest news.” PEOPLE’s attempts to reach Athina Onassis were unsuccessful.

Other sources in the equestrian community are still not sure, though, if the 11-year marriage will end in divorce.

“Doda has been dating the sister of another equestrian as well as engaging in a series of casual relationships,” a source tells PEOPLE. “He has a reputation and their marital issues were the talk of the winter jumping season.”

The heiress, 31, and Miranda, 43, spend winters show jumping in Wellington, the tight-knit equestrian community west of Palm Beach, Florida, where Jessica Springsteen, Georgina Bloomberg, Hillary Dobbs and Jennifer Gates also participate in the sport. Although they live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the couple spend portions of the summer jumping in different cities of Europe. They have also lived in Belgium with Miranda’s two children from a previous relationship. They bought a $2 million winter home in Wellington last year, and have a great deal in common, especially their passion for horses, riding and being around stables, barns and other horse-loving people.

[From People]

So, the confirmation of the split comes from his spokesperson, who I can also assume is the source for the quote about how the rumors of his infidelity are “defaming.” What’s also interesting is that while the elite horsey community is insular, there’s always a lot of gossip within the group. My guess is that all of Athina and Doda’s friends in Europe, America and Brazil knew all about his alleged affair/affairs. Meaning someone will talk soon enough, especially if/when Athina files for divorce. My gut says that Doda probably has a mistress on the side already.

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  1. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Such a shame for his children to lose her, but I think she would be wise to just move on. He’s a total sleeze from all reports, and men like that don’t change, in my experience. They just get more careful.

    I didn’t like that they said she “fled” to Belgium. She caught him cheating and she left.

    • jsilly4e says:

      Totally agree GNAT. I dated a man like that for years. I wasn’t shocked to hear how he cheated on his wife openly and recently got remarried to someone else he’s going to cheat on. They don’t change.

      And I absolutely agree about her fleeing to Belgium. She left him, end of story. Like she has to be humiliated or something. It’s he that should be humiliated.

    • Embee says:

      Agree on all counts. And while I appreciate that everyone’s taste varies, I am confused by the narrative (not in this piece) that she was somehow physically inferior to him. He looks like a bland, potato-face/head with an uninspired physique. Other than his coloring (my personal preference) there’s nothing remotely attractive about him.

      Meanwhile, I find her to be a handsome woman, with an enigmatic and therefor compelling demeanor.

    • mayamae says:

      It would be extremely foolish if she did not adopt the child whose mother committed suicide. If she’s the legal parent, she should have equal rights to the child. I hope she doesn’t just walk away like Halle Berry did with her second husband’s daughter.

      • delorb says:

        Do we know if she walked away or if that sleaze held his daughter as a bargaining chip? I can remember her staying with him solely for the sake of his child. But at a certain point, enough is enough.

    • This Face Believes You says:

      I would be shocked if Athina just walked away from the children’s lives. If allowed I’m sure she will be part of their lives in some fashion. After Christina Onassis died, Athina was raised by her father and stepmother. Her stepmother was her father’s mistress for years and was in fact pregnant when Athina’s parents divorced. Building a relationship with her couldn’t have been easy, but Athina came to appreciate the relationship and to rely on her for maternal support. She personally understands how much a positive relationship with a stepmother means to children who’ve lost their own. I don’t see her abandoning the kids because the father cheated.

  2. T.Fanty says:

    It’s like Jilly Cooper come to life!

  3. Jegede says:

    So sad, like her mama’s situation.

    Doda’s ex wife claimed early in their relationship Doda constantly referred to Athina as ‘elephant thighs’ obsessed with him. Athina had lipo on his insistence.

    They seemed to find equilibrium eventually and have been together for a long time.
    Though word is after her miscarriage Athina has been unable to get pregnant since.

    • INeedANap says:

      One of the many reasons I side-eye grown ass men going after much younger women. That kind of power differential works completely in the man’s favor, and I hope that if some dbag tried that on her now, she would laugh in his face and ride into the sunset.

    • amilu says:

      Ugh. What a pig. I think Athina has a hot body, and I’m sure it was just as hot before lipo. :/

  4. Erinn says:

    “their marital issues were the talk of the winter jumping season.”

    I know this is all horrible, but how much fancier does that make this all sound. “Oh yes, everyone was all a twitter about Mr. Miranda’s dalliances this winter jumping season”

    • Esmom says:

      Ha, I know, that jumped out at me too. No pun intended. Also, who is Jessica Springsteen?

      It sounds like Athina will be much better off without this guy, so shady.

      • Jensmom says:

        Jessica Springsteen is the daughter of Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa. She has been in the equestrian world for quite a while now. Her parents frequently are seen at her jumping events and she is quite good from what I understand.

      • Esmom says:

        Cool, I knew she had to be related to Bruce in some way but wasn’t sure how. Thanks for the info.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Yes, all said over a splash of something in a baccarat glass.

  5. Trin says:

    He’s handsome?

    • Zimmerman says:

      My thoughts too. If handsome were the only criteria to choose a mate, he wouldn’t be my first choice.

  6. NewWester says:

    Interesting that the name of the woman who Doda was found with has not been mentioned. The name of her sister” a fellow equestrian ” was not mentioned either. Must be someone well known in that community or there is more to this story that will come out. If Doda has a mistress I would bet she has money

    • PHD Gossip says:

      They slyly drop names in the People story. Take your pick.

      • NewWester says:

        Just read the article again, People is dropping some major hints. This could get messy

    • ashipper says:

      Hmm, that’s weird, because I think she’s very pretty. She’s just not tarted up like a Kardashian.

    • Jen says:

      Equestrians area bunch of gossipy mares, and yes, it’s a pretty known fact who it is. At least who he was caught with, word is she was one of many, and I don’t quite travel in the circles that would know all of them.

  7. Margo S. says:

    He looks like such a sleeve bag. But sorry to say, athina is not an attractive woman. Obviously he was just in it for the money! It’s sad but true.

  8. OG MJ says:

    “Poor Little Rich Girl.” Does anyone else remember those headlines back in the day?

    • Nancy says:

      Yep. It is estimated she is a billionaire, not m, but b. She has the curse, just has her mother and brother and even father had who said Jackie O brought bad luck to the family after his son was killed. I disagree with the poster above, I don’t think she’s unattractive and she is accomplished…..but has that inherent sadness about her. I hope things change for her….

  9. Bishg says:

    Athena is my age. I remember looking up to her when I was a child, I was very envious of her lifestyle, of course I was too naive to see beyond the appearances of wealth and happiness. I can see now in her face that she has been going through a lot. She’s only 31 but she might as well be 40 or more. She carries the look of someone who is tired of one too many struggles. I wish her the best..

  10. dolphin7 says:

    I feel so bad for Athina. I don’t know her personally but know people who do, and she is supposedly a very nice person who is very motherly with Doda’s daughter. The separation will be hard on that girl, especially because her own mother committed suicide. I am one of those horsey people, if you go to some of the horse gossip sites like horse show diva or gossip extra you will find more details. The name of the woman is there too. I wonder what will happen to all the horses they own? I feel especially bad because Athina lost her best horse after a bad fall in a Grand Prix last year or two years ago I can’t remember. Hoping that she finds strength and can find a man who deserves her. He always seemed very shady to me.

    • Nicole says:

      That was my first thought yesterday, what about the horses? Ok, was it you who said the girl was Canadian on here the other day?! I found her, thanks for those sites.

  11. Rachel says:

    Reading this makes me so happy in a strange way. I must go back and read Jilly Coopers book Riders!

    Poor Athina, hope she is OK, but she probably knew what she was getting into when she agreed to the marriage.

  12. Zimmerman says:

    It has got to be hard for Athina. In her situation, how can you ever expect to find true love. Yes, there is probably someone out there who would love her for who she is and not what she has, but how can she ever be sure who that is?

    Not knowing her, I can’t be 100% sure, but I’d think it would be enormously beneficial to take an unexplored route, away from her estranged father and her ex and learn about the language and culture of her grandfather. The Greek people would love, respect and appreciate her for coming and she could gain a kind of true love and admiration by doing something great like opening an equestrian school or camp for the many children affected by the crisis or just giving them opportunities they would otherwise not have.

    • dolphin7 says:

      I completely agree. Everyone says she has been wonderful to Doda’s daughter and is great with children. A riding school for children in Greece is an awesome idea. Complicating this somewhat is the Olympics this summer. Doda has won medals before for the Brazilian team. Athina wants to represent Greece, but she has spent such little time there. Also they own AD Sport Horses, I think together, and Doda is the primary rider. Athina rides too but like I said she lost her favorite horse. I guess it comes down to how much she wants to travel and compete. The mother of Doda’s daughter always said he liked to spend a lot of money. I really hope Athina can find some peace, and it sounds like Doda is trying hard to get her back.

  13. Fire Rabbit says:

    I’m so glad I’m a peasant.

    • sills says:

      Amen to that! The one good thing about not having a penny to your name is that you know your SO is not in it for the $$$. Bless this girl, all the money in the world doesn’t make a betrayal like this any easier.

  14. QQ says:

    Don’t Lowball him.. I put him at more than one side piece… does she have kids with him? did she have a prenup? I Hope so… She needs to like spend a few years being foolish, young and alone

    Also I Love that the Bond Is Horses, In fact I love that there is a high falluting Horsey angle to all this, fascinating really

  15. A says:

    Of course DBag wants her back. I truly hope she finds love and has the chance to be happy away from people who want to use her.
    A riding school for children would be a great experience and very fullfilling too.

  16. dolphin7 says:

    They have no kids together, it is rumored she had a miscarriage in 2013. I think she wanted kids but it’s complicated with riding. I think she really wants to ride in the Olympics, Doda is also her coach kind of too. Plus George Mortis, who is the ultimate horse/rider trainer guru, isn’t training the US Team this year, he’s training the Brazilians. She almost needs to find a new trainer to work with, but what about the millions of dollars worth of horses they own? I have no idea about a pre-nup or how way AD Sport Horses is structured. I have a feeling she will wait until after the Olympics to do anything official. If the horses do well they will be worth more money if they want to sell them. Also winning a medal means a lot to these people. A lot.

  17. dolphin7 says:

    Excuse me typo George Morris. I also wanted to add I think Athina is too much of a horse person to pull an Olympic horse from Doda even if she is the exclusive owner. But I don’t know how they have their company structured. He also organized a big horse show in Europe named after her that they host every summer. I just feel bad for her that there is so much complicating her leaving him. Also what an ass he is to cheat on the woman who bankrolls his horses and is a wonderful caring stepmother to his daughter. I hope he gets snubbed at all the shows.

  18. dolphin7 says:

    The Monaco princess? No I don’t. Only what was said at WEF. I’m a little older than Athina, but when i was growing up I remember reading she really liked horses. After all the loss in her life I hoped she would find happiness but Doda always seemed shady, he was so much older, I think he was originally her coach when she was still young, the ex-fiancee’s comments about money, etc. Athina is still young, hoping she can move past this. It just seems sad to me because she wanted a ‘normal’ life, with her horses and family.

  19. delorb says:

    If you know the guy is married, why sleep with him? If you’re friends with or you run in the same circles as the man’s wife, why sleep with him? Was it dipped in gold? Sometimes you just have to say ‘no’ to the dick. I hope this makes it through the censors, LOL.

  20. CharlotteCharlotte says:

    Athina’s story really affected me when I first read it – years ago, in a magazine in a doctor waiting room. We’re about the same age and I felt so much empathy for her; my mother had gone too (she abandoned us), but I at least had a dad who was devoted to his family.
    I remember reading years later that she was with Doda and he had *encouraged* her to get liposuction, and people were concerned that she was marrying a man just like her father.
    Eurgh. This isn’t shocking, but I still really feel for her. Hopefully she has a support network or friends she can turn to, who don’t want anything from her except friendship.

  21. Kay says:

    She married a man just like her father Im afraid……who married her mother for money and had a mistress (his present wife) on the side. Unlike her mother I hope she has a long happy life!

  22. lisa says:

    millions of males out there don’t waste you money and time chicky

  23. Therese says:

    Always been FASCINATED with Christina Onassis and the family history. She was terribly tragic. Hard to get past not being loved by your own mother. I thought Athena’s father was shockingly opportunistic, but oddly enough, under the circumstances, I think he gave the little girl more stability than her mother would ever have been able to. I think he gave her a glimpse of what a real family is. But of course they had conflict over his continued greed, and I think that precipitated Athina’s running to someone else for love and security and normalcy. She does look sad. I hope she runs to her Greek family, who I feel really would protect her. But what do I know. My mother used to say, if you have money, there’s always someone who wants it. Shockingly, a young bank clerk stole 55K from my mother’s account. What the what? (It has been returned, and the young woman, who has four children, is now in federal prison).