Kimora Lee Simmons & Djimon Hounsou throw themselves a baby shower


Kimora Lee Simmons plucks everyone’s nerves, right? It’s not just me? It’s the combination of her attitude and her voice for me. So here’s the question – how in the world did she land Djimon Hounsou? That man is fine. She’s not only with him, he got her pregnant! And he’s sticking around! Does Djimon have a thing for high-maintenance women? If he does, he should try me.

Anyway, Djimon is sticking around, even when Kimora throws herself a baby shower and invites OK! Magazine along for the ride. Apparently, the birth of the baby is “imminent”. Both Kimora and Djimon feel strongly that the baby is a little boy, but they haven’t had the sex confirmed.

Kimora Lee Simmons left her baby shower until the last possible moment. “I’m about to have a baby,” says Kimora, who’s due in June. “I’m ready to go, so it was kind of last minute and low-key,” she tells OK!.

The model and Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane star, 34, invited OK! to her L.A. home on April 19 to herald the imminent arrival of her third child (her first with actor Djimon Hounsou, 45).

Among the 50 guests were Stevie Wonder and his wife, Kai, Holly Robinson Peete, and Kimora’s daughters with ex-hubby Russell Simmons, Ming Lee, 9, and Aoki Lee, 6.
Kimora hasn’t had the sex of the baby confirmed yet, but she confides, “We’re leaning heavily toward the blue team!”

Crazy cravings: “I’ve been eating a lot of spicy food. I put jalapeños in everything.”

Shapes and sizes: “With the girls I was wider in the belly. Now I’m narrower, but if I turn side-ways I can’t fit through the door!”

Dream dad: “Djimon is a spiritual person, and it’s a big deal for him to have a baby. When he first saw the heartbeat at the ultrasound, he said he felt very humbled.”

Big sisters: “The girls say, ‘We’re going to dress the baby up!’ Djimon’s like, ‘No, you’re not going to be pinning tulle to the boy!’ ”

[From OK! Magazine]

I’ll buy that Djimon is a spiritual person. So what’s he doing with Kimora? The most interesting part, for me, is that idea that women carry differently depending on the sex. Some people say that’s an old wives’ tale, some say it’s absolutely the truth. There might be something to it if Kimora is carrying differently now than she did with her daughters. I’m also a little surprised Russell Simmons didn’t show up – yes, his ex-wife is having a baby with another man, but Russell and Kimora are still really close, and I bet he’s totally happy for her. I wonder what Russell sent the baby? Ten bucks says it’s a statue of Buddha.

Here’s Kimora Lee and Djimon Hounsou grocery shopping at ‘Bristol Farms’ in Hollywood on April 13th. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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  1. lisa says:

    I can’t stand that girl. She’s such an irritating snot.

  2. SixxKitty says:

    “Kimora Lee Simmons plucks everyone’s nerves, right? It’s not just me? ”

    Nope, not just you, in fact I am yet to find anyone who genuinely likes her as a person…

  3. Lem says:

    poor thing it’s really her neck rolls I can’t get over.
    Does that make me shallow? oh well

  4. cara says:

    I L O V E KLS….not her clothes, her as a person. I think she’s great. And the man she has just proves that the woman has got IT!

    ****I did have two girls and a boy(in the middle) and boys ARE carried differently. For me, lower, longer and narrower for my boy.

  5. smith says:


  6. Dolkite says:

    Uchh…I hate people who describe themselves (or others) as “spiritual”.

    Since when is this women considered attractive?

  7. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Yeah, because they NEED so much, they’re so POOR, right?

    Sheesh. And they MUST know the sex if they are announcing it and all that stuff. Otherwise, that’s just stupid.

    There’s nothing to the way you carry thing. Gender doesn’t determine that at all.

    And she’s a twatwaffle. He’ll get tired of her drama and insanity.

  8. Persistent Cat says:

    Two breaches of etiquette:
    1 – She’s throwing her own shower. You might as well say, “come bring me gifts.” Which is what a shower normally is, that’s why the bride or mother-to-be don’t host it; and
    2 – Only the first baby gets a shower.

  9. the original kate says:

    why is this wildebeast* dating my boyfriend?

    *apologies to wildebeasts everywhere.

  10. hatsumomo says:

    I think you can have a baby shower for each new baby. my sister had two- a pink one for my niece and three years later a blue one for my nephew.
    And she ended up having two showers the first time. The first one we rented a hall and was pretty massive for a shower and the second one was at mom-in-laws’s house for just the “immediate” family.
    (p.s. it could be because she is the only one having babies in our family right now)

  11. Ally says:

    Since she’s otherwise a slim and fit person, the neck thing is, I’m fairly sure, a classic symptom of a thyroid disorder (I forget whether it’s a symptom of an overactive or underactive thyroid).

    Hopefully after the birth, she’ll have that looked into. Untreated thyroid disorders cause serious mood alterations, behavioral changes and physical problems.

  12. yadira says:

    Surely she must have at least one friend out there who would have offered to throw her a baby shower. It’s tacky when you have so much money and throw yourself a shower.

    Other than that, congrats to the happy couple.

  13. Moore says:

    I don’t find it tacky to have a third baby shower since the sex is different. As far as throwing her own, as long as there was no “buy me this” involved since she’s wealthy, I have no problem with it. I see it as a party to celebrate the baby.

  14. Annie says:

    I think you do carry differently depending on the gender.

    I myself, have not had any kids,(thank god, too young) but I can ask my mom who has had 3 girls and a boy. lol.

  15. wendy says:

    I can’t stand Kimora she is just nerve racking and I don’t know of anyone who love her but I will admit her show is a little entertaining. If himjo or whatever his name is is so spiritual then how come he didn’t marry her before knocking her up.I don’t see how anyone can be with her and she does have a big fat neck and she has no hips her body is straight up and down she is not the bomb. She does have a pretty face but it’s just your average everyday pretty face you see a lot of girls who looks like her.

  16. Meimei says:

    “If himjo or whatever his name is is so spiritual then how come he didn’t marry her before knocking her up.”

    spiritual =/= religious

    Although I think the whole “this and that is sooo spiritual” ridiculous… No matter who says it.

  17. NJMDPS says:

    Love Kimora………..miss her on TV.

  18. anti idiot says:

    While Kimora can be annoying I am happy for her. Kimora nd Djimon got married in Senegal, where he comes from. This is for the goat that bleated that if he is so spiritual, he should have married her first, goggle it beckywhateveryournameis

  19. Jill says:

    meh, i’ll laugh my ass off if she has another girl.

  20. Jo says:

    I think it is perfectly fine for another shower if 1) the baby is not the same gender as his or her sibling(s) and 2) if it has been over 4 to 5 years since the last child was born. Kimora may just be a different person with her man or maybe the whole “diva” persona is an act. Who knows? I hoping for a healthy happy baby for the two of them and a smooth delivery.

  21. j. ferber says:

    I think it’s ridiculous not to have a shower for a second or third baby, no matter the gender. It’s like not having a wedding for a second or third marriage. Each one is different and your friends or family would want to celebrate the happy event. Yes, it can get pricey, but each guest is free to decide the cost of his or her own gift.

  22. Patricia Ann Johnson says:

    I like Kimora Lee Simmons.

  23. Divatude says:

    I think some of these comments are the side effect of “haterism.” It’s a sad disease that is preventable/curable by GETTING A LIFE!

    1. Who is the authority on how many showers a person can have? There is no law/rule that establishes that. The birth of EVERY child should be celebrated as each is unique and worthy of it.

    2. Having a shower is not limited to “the poor.” When did having money disqualify a person from recieving gifts from family and friends, or celebrating special moments in life surrounded by loved ones who care?

    3. When did Kimora become beautiful? When her man set eyes on her! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…. who’s beholding yours? Anybody???

    4. I am not certain if they are married or not, but being spiritual does not necessarily mean Christian or that one considers themselves bound by any other religious ordinances. It means….get this….. “sprititual.” If he is Christian, please note, ALL Christians have sinned since becoming a Christian…. doesn’t make them non-Christian or less spiritual regardless of what a hating nay-sayer may think. It makes them human. Please stop trying to define how people should be based on the gospel according to “you.” If you want to prove me wrong, try walking the walk yourself without error!

    Lastly, My congratulations goes out to the couple and my prayers for a healthy baby!

  24. Ok first off : who is anyone to say how many baby showers you can have? (Or throw in Kimora’s case)

    I love Kimora, she’s beautiful & i think her & her new man look great together. Maybe she need a humble, calm man to balance out her crazy, busy lifestyle.

  25. JackieSA says:

    I love Kimora! She is hilarious and her girls are adorable!

  26. yolanda perkins says:

    you are beautiful ! god bless you and all that you love.

  27. lala says:

    kimora is a gold-diggin’ woman-she married russel simmons for the money and left him, there must be some reason for this new man… hmmm… we’ll see!

  28. Dee says:

    I have been watching the show, from what I have seen she definitely has a thyroid condition. My neck looked just like that when I had a thyroid problem. I wish there was a way to let her know. She would lose weight and feel so much better. The pregnancy might have triggered the problem. I hope someone tells her

  29. Justice says:

    – I honestly love Kimora. she is my hero.! i admit she is strict and bit mean. but she lived in the fast lane of fashion. who is nice there. I would be like her to if i was in her shoes. you have to be mean to get what you want done. one thing gets messed up and it’s on her head and her line. (or what ever she is going for not that baby phat is no longer with her) all i know is you may say she is up tight or what ever, but she get work done and she is successful at it.