Barbara Walters to replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck w/ Carrie Prejean?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is on her way out from The View – whether it’s just for maternity leave, or a permanent change, only Barbara Walters knows. According to Mike Walker’s column in The National Enquirer, Barbara is so sick of Elisabeth’s “shrilly-silly views” and her “looney-toon responses” that she might hire someone else for the “conservative” seat on The View.

I have to say that Barbara lacks imagination. It’s like Barbara has a “conservative = ditzy blonde” equation in her head, because she’s really not stretching out the criteria for Elisabeth’s replacement. Barbara is thinking about… Carrie “Miss California” Prejean! Yes, fresh off her spokesperson deal for the National Organization for Marriage, Prejean is now being mentioned as a possible replacement for Hasselbeck. Not cool, Barbara.

“Adam and Eve… Not Adam and Steve!” That loud scream you heard was terrified Elisabeth Hasselbeck wailing that Baba Wawa – aka Barbara Walters – keeps plotting to bounce her from “The View” because of her shrilly-silly views.

But this time, “Elisabeth really has something to worry about,” said a show source, who revealed that while Dizzie Lizzie’s on maternity leave, Walters will audition, as her fill-in, the right-wing babe on the block – Miss USA runner-up Carrie Prejean, who made national headline with her “no gay marriage” bombshell during the pageant.

And it could turn into a permanent gig for the controversial beauty queen, say show insiders, because Barbara’s seriously fed up with Elisabeth’s coo-coo-conserva-babbble – and her looney-toon responses to co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd.

When Joy asked, for example, why she kept defending Mel Gibson – refusing to admit he’s a hypocrite for divorcing, despite his much-avowed Catholic faith – the exchange got reeeally ugly.

Said Joy: “Listen, Elisabeth, there’s a self-righteous-ness to the guy.” Shrilled Elisabeth: “Isn’t it self-righteous to call someone self-righteous?”

Groaning like an embarrassed granny, Barbara quietly gasped: “Oh, Elisabeth!” Stay tuned.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, May 11, 2009]

That replacement would not only be cheap, it would be… dare I say it… ageist. Torpedoing the “aging” thirty-something Hasselbeck for the 21-year-old beauty queen is just wrong. Now, it wouldn’t bother me at all to see Elisabeth replaced, but Barbara should actually try to get a conservative voice of some authenticity, education, and sense. There are some conservative women out there that would fit the bill. How about Dana Perino, former Bush White House press secretary? She’s got more sense than Hasselbeck and Prejean combined.

Carrie Prejean is shown at a press conference for the National Organization for Marriage on 4/30/09. Credit: Elisabeth Hasselbeck is shown out in NY on 1/8/09. Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. HEB says:

    I kinda wish there could be two conservative seats on The View, its annoying for a moderate–like me, and the majority of middle america, to have to see Elisabeth constantly getting ragged on

  2. Mackenzie says:

    I wouldn’t mind the switch, and in fact, I think it’s a good idea. Bitsy Hasselbeck is a moron and gives the GOP a bad name (not that they don’t deserve it *wink wink*). She’s shrill, gets emotional almost immediately, and is incredibly inarticulate. They need to replace her with SOMEONE, and I was impressed by Prejean’s interview with Matt Lauer the morning after the pageant. Even if I totally disagree with her, she at least gets her point across in a manner that suggests she’s educated. That would be something different on The View, eh? Do it, Barbara! Kick Bitsy to the curb!

  3. ash says:

    Perez is going to throw a hissy. Can’t wait.

  4. Michelle says:

    …people actually watch The View?

  5. Embee says:

    Good point, Kaiser. If the show is aiming to represent mulitple viewpoints it has an obligation to do so with authenticity. Even Megan McCain is a better choice than Prejean. Isn’t there someone NOT blonde who could do this? What about that chick from Everybody Loves Raymond? She was vocally conservative and seemed to have put some thought into her position.

  6. raven says:

    Great, I wonder if she thinks the world is flat, too, like Sherry? Actually, if BW thinks they need a conservative, Dana Perino would be a better choice. I think Sherry is plenty conservative and the show could use someone more thoughtful.

    BW is going with a younger person because that slot has always been held by someone young and just starting out their career, who has the post-college or very beginning career perspective. Lisa Ling, who filled that slot earlier, is a great example of the type of person who should be there.

  7. not_a_strawman says:

    If Dana Perino was on the view i wouldn’t watch it anymore, when I’m home from work. That would seriously piss me off.

    Also, HEB, if you think Elizabeth gets ragged on all the time I got news for you. You’re NOT a moderate.

  8. kiki says:

    Elizabeth – SURVIVOR contestant who ended up on the VIEW.. now she thinks shes all that. she is the best Ra-Ra Cheerleader for the conservative right the woman fasincates me in her fevor and totol devotion/allengenace to her beliefs its must be really cramped in her little world.

  9. Ben says:

    It’s funny how Perez Hilton made this big drama attacking her for her answer to the gay marriage question, and essentially tried to ruin her and he’s done the opposite; he’s provided her with a spot light and ultimately some success (even if it’s only 15 minutes). If he just kept his mouth shut and she lost without scandal, she wouldn’t be on this site right now.
    I hate Perez so I’m kinda glad it’s backfired on him.

    As far as her opinion on gay marriage goes, I don’t care. I don’t care if they do get married or if they don’t.

  10. anon says:

    Thought I don’t watch it, I agree, they need to get a conservative woman on there who can actually argue a point and do it without resorting to crying. (It’s almost as if Barbara picks a twit on purpose, to make the conservative side look foolish.)

    what about Mary Matalin?

  11. vicsmith says:

    I think the women you guys suggested are great but there is a certain amount of fluff on this show too. I can’t see them doing fashion shows and cooing over male guests.

  12. kiki says:

    you have a point that Babs picks conservatives who are nitwits when the View has women audtioning for that seat there are intelligent women but they never get that job.
    watching Elizabeth get all finger pointing and high shrill voice defending her viewpoint is hilarious as heck thou.

  13. judy says:

    up that is what the show needs,between Elizabeth and this one they share half a brain cell. Why not just have Jamie Fox on there ? He is stupid as they are and instead of tears he can just call people filthy and racist names..same thing another one with half a brain cell.

  14. michellle says:

    Although a liberal I prefer a more balanced group. By all means get rid of Hasselbeck, she’s unbearable, for that matter so is Joy. I too would like to see both Perino & yes anon, Matalin would be great.

    How about they ditch Sherri, keep Whoppie, bring on Perino & Matalin, bring back Lisa Ling & keep Walters busy in the back ground. She’s almost as bad as EH & JB.

  15. Tia says:

    Elizabeth has to be one of the most annoying people on earth. They should replace her with Megan McCain. She is the future voice of the GOP, and she isn’t a total creep like most conservatives. If you read sites like Huffington Post, or any other site, people can’t stand Ms. California, it is only the freaky right, which is now only 21% of Americans CNN reported.

  16. kiki says:

    Yes Megan McCain !
    Everyone Loves Raymond Patricia Heaton is a total whackjob.

  17. Obvious says:

    @HEB-they aren’t ragging on her so much because she’s conservative as they are because she’s dumb. She has no sense and can’t come up with one reason to support anything she says-note i didn’t say logical or reasonable-just one period.

  18. Ashley says:

    What about Meghan McCain? Shes an awesome, 20 something, right winged down right cool chick… shes got a blog thousands follow everyday plus her twitter account people really listen to her as a young republican and she knows the world as we know it is in for a change and is willing to bend without changing her morals, faith and slef.

  19. aw! says:

    The View is boring. Here’s a quick solution: cancel the program and get rid of everyone!

  20. lisa says:

    I totally agree, Michelle and aw!

  21. Codzilla says:

    She looks cross-eyed.

  22. aleach says:

    how about angie harmon? wasnt she just bitching that she couldnt get a job because shes a conservative? (ahem, and def. NOT because her acting is HORRBLE…cough, cough). this would be right up her alley. im sure she doesnt have too much else going on these days.

  23. Lori says:

    So lets trade one dumb blonde for another? I feel bad for Whoopi and Joy!

  24. Ned says:

    I absolutely agree.

    How much of a “perspective” can add a 21 years old who has no education or any interesting life experience?

    Dare I say, if Barbara had been a man, people would have said that there’s some chauvinism here?

    Replacing a 30 something pregnant woman with a ditzy 21 year old (“Miss California”! are we in the 50s again?)

    I am sure there are pletnty of professionals in their 30s and 40s who are educated that can contribute more.

  25. HashBrowns says:

    I highly doubt this is true, but it would be an interesting choice. She’d show just how dumb the far far right are and hopefully some of their followers will get a grip and move more center.

  26. Kelly says:

    not so sure she could handle eating shit as much as elizabitch can

  27. OXA says:

    She was on Greta Van Susteren and she couldnt string a sentence together.

  28. Sauronsarmy says:

    One in the same really.

  29. jim says:

    i suggest monica crowley, she is smarter and more articulate then hasselbach. but walters will never do it, her agenda is to make conservatives look bad. on the liberal side the closed minds of whoppi and that shrill loudmouth [i forget her name] is enough to turn anyone into a conservative. put ann coulter out there and we could see a ‘catfight’.

  30. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    This dummy is the real flavour of the month isn’t she? Hopefully it’ll blow over. I have no idea who this Elizabeth woman is or what The View is but anything that gives this daft no-brained bigot any air-time is bad idea. I’m not for balanced conversation when balanced means letting a bigot who can’t make her own decisions into the fray.

  31. Katharine Jaynes says:

    Although I agree someone like Dana Perino would be a more qualified and authoritative conservative voice for the View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Carrie Prejean both represent a very specific demographic that tunes into the daytime show. Many of the women watching the show can identify with the views (even if they are shrill and might I add, often ridiculous) of Elisabeth and Carrie. Think Orange County. These women are the wealthy, bleached blonde, well-married, young Republican housewives who have the time to tune into a mid-day talkshow!

  32. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    a) why does there HAVE to be a token conservative on the show?

    b) I like that the token conservative is an idiot who resorts quickly to crying when she’s called out on her BS

    c) who even watches this show, anyway? How about just remove Hasselbeck, remove that spot on the show and go on? There are too many voices at once, anyway.

  33. becca says:

    Honestly, I’d like to see someone who was an ECONOMIC conservative, but more open-minded on the social issues, so they would at least be willing to look at the other side of the coin – maybe a libertarian? I know one who supports gay marriage.

    Although I’ve always been mad that Gay marriage and equality was considered right wing vs left wing, when I feel like it’s more of a…human right issue, I guess.

    Anyway, if Baba Wawa just INSISTS on there being a token conservative, I LOVE the idea of Dana Perino. She’s got a great sense of humor. Perino appeared on the Daily show quite a few times, and she’s very sweet and courteous.

    If you take a look at the clips from the Daily Show from around the time Obama was inaugurated, there’s a small thing at the end of one of them (I think from the day before Obama was inaugurated actually), where Dana is sitting in a chair with glasses on, saying hello to the audience and thanking them for their time and patience with them (Bush Administration) or something like that. Then she pulls out one of those mind erasers from Men in Black and goes, “Now if you could just look right here…” It was great. 😀

  34. Nina says:

    Barbara is, unfortunately, out of touch. I would love to see her retire while she’s still, quasi, on top of her game. Some of her own comments over the last year have been far more dingier than that of her staunch republican counterpart. She seems strained getting around on stage. It’s all just a sad thing to watch. I grew up on her, adored her, but when it’s time, alas, it’s just damn time.

  35. Gretchen says:

    My vote is for Meghan McCain!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Casey says:

    I like Elizabeth and hope she’s back after her maternity leave. That’s not to say I always agree with her, but she’s always getting ragged on by that arrogant bitch Behar who thinks her shit doesn’t stink. I’d love to see Joyce go bye-bye for good. She’s a pain in the ass.

  37. Amy says:

    I doubt Barbara would replace Dumb with Dumber. I don’t think Carrie is intelligent. A lot of people think being anti-gay marriage cost her the crown but I think it was the way she answered the question. She sounded confused, jumbled, and caught off guard. She didn’t show poise or intelligence.

  38. santacruz says:

    I like Elisabeth.

  39. M Miller says:

    Megan McCain isn’t a conservative so couldn’t be the token conservative on The View. She only joined the Republican party when her dad ran for Pres. Now she acts like she’s an authority on how to be a republican. Elizabeth actually does a pretty good job making herself heard while the other three looney tunes constantly try to drown out everything she says. It’s almost like they’re afraid for anyone to hear an opposing view.

  40. becca says:

    ^^^That’s because NONE of the women know how to have a calm objective debate. And no one stops it because the producers think it makes for good tv.

  41. Joyce Iannaccone says:

    If Elizabeth goes, I stop watching the show. As it is, it’s almost totally ONE view. If that’s what they want, then why not get one of them a soapbox and they can rant on and on. They are pompous, self-righteous, nitwits, talking about how Darwinism is fact. They should have Ben Stein on and they should watch his video “Expelled”

  42. ann o'brien says:

    i stopped watching the view because i could not stand the stupid comments by hastlebeck . since she has been on leave, the show is once again interesting. why not have a new guest co’host every week?

  43. Hoboken1 says:

    EH just needs to not be so yappy and defensive. If you’re going to go up against hard core liberals, be hard core yourself and don’t get so emotional. That’s what they’re paying you millions for.

  44. starlightdb says:

    Please replace that hateful, hate-filled woman.