Rami Malek: It’s harder to talk to new people in LA than it is in New York


I really do listen when you guys request more coverage (or to start covering) new or interesting dudes. I’m still looking for an excuse to write more about Matthias Schoenaerts, who is my latest major crush (and who never gets pap’d). I’d also love to write about Aidan Turner or James Norton, but honestly, we rarely get photos of those guys and there are never any stories about them. Seriously! We’ve had requests for MOAR Rami Malek, and more general love for Mr. Robot over the past year. The first season of Mr. Robot was dark and weird and disturbing, and many believe the show is one of the most interesting things on TV these days, and that Rami Malek, the star, is the Next Big Thing.

One of Rami’s biggest fans is Robert Downey Jr. RDJ has name-checked Rami in a few interviews, and RDJ also cited Mr. Robot as one of his favorite TV shows. So guess who interviewed Rami for Interview Magazine? RDJ, of course! Mr. Robot Season 2 just started last night, that’s why Rami is chatting. You can read the full piece here. While it’s a nice read, there’s not a lot of noteworthy stuff here. Malek seems like a nice guy, but he also seems to be living the job, or he just plays his personal life very close to the vest. Some highlights:

On RDJ visiting the set of Mr. Robot: “That was amazing. You turned me into a hero when you came to set. I’m not kidding. They were like, “You know him?” “How do you know him?” I knew it was very cool to know you, but the world started paying me more attention on that day on set. Maybe I elaborated on our relationship too much and started fantasizing it was more than it actually was. No, I just told them how close we were and that we hang out, we celebrate holidays together, we watch movies together, all of which is true!”

He’s an honorary New Yorker now:
“I’ve always felt like I belong there. Growing up [in L.A.] and having a family here was something that I, of course, adored because I was surrounded with that unit. But from the first time I went over there, I felt connected to the way things move, the pace, the ability to strike up a conversation with anybody. I know that people often say it’s hard to talk to people in New York. I think it’s harder sometimes in L.A. But I like the neighborhood vibe, I like getting on the train and going anywhere with that type of speed, having everything at my disposal. The culture, the pace, all of it. I like feeling like I’m in that concrete jungle.”

Whether he’ll be typecast because of Mr. Robot: “It’s something that I think about daily. I don’t want people to look back and think, “This character was entirely in his wheelhouse, and he’s probably going to end up playing a bunch of paranoid guys who have conspiracy theories.” Which could easily happen! I’ve had my fair share of 1970s conspiracy movies delivered over. I would love to turn around and do something polar opposite, and that might actually be happening soon. If the right people are involved and the script is just as powerful, I’d like to make some even crazier choices.”

[From Interview Magazine]

True story: I really did try to get into Mr. Robot during the first season but I just couldn’t. It was too dark and I kept losing track of the evil characters. Maybe I’ll give it another shot, because there are some hardcore devotees. As for Rami being typecast… one of my favorite pieces of trivia about him is that he was in both of the Night At the Museum movies. And he was in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2. He won’t be typecast!

Rami also has a new profile in GQ – go here to read.


Photos courtesy of Josh Olins/Interview Magazine.

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  1. Alex says:

    Love him and the show. Just binge watched the first season on Prime and yea its great

    • KB says:

      Same here. I knew the second season was coming up and it’s been on my “to watch list” since it premiered last year. They had a marathon this weekend on USA and then I realized it was on Amazon Prime in all its uncensored glory. So good. So, so good.

    • QQ says:

      Same here I LOVED Mr. Robot and actually the creepy couple! those two intrigue me

      Rami’s face is one the Camera Loves.. extra bonus on his twin being just as sexy

      • pru says:

        Mmmmmm…..now I got sexy Egyptian twins on my mind…..

      • I Choose Me says:

        Didn’t know he’s a twin. Couldn’t quite get into the show but I love him. Have loved him since I first saw him in Night at the Museum. Yes, the camera loves him. He has such an interesting at times enigmatic face and yet his eyes are so damn expressive. Sigh.

  2. Luca76 says:

    I used to go a lot to one of the restaurants used in the series frequently. The owner says they are the nicest people. Can’t wait for season 2.

  3. L says:

    That’s because people in New York are much more authentic!!!!!

    • HH says:

      LA has the weather, but NYC has the culture.

      • Mikaila says:

        Oh, please! Los Angeles has lots to offer culturally. Let’s stop with the dragging. The superficiality comes from the entertainment industry and most of those people are not from L.A. Come hang with the locals, visit the old missions, take a tour of the old jazz scene off of Central Ave.

      • M.A.F. says:

        LA has culture. As for weather, we have two seasons- warm and hot.

      • HH says:

        That wasn’t dragging. LA has lots to offer culturally, very true. I’ve been been multiple times because I have family out there. It’s a nice place, however, NYC is still my preference by a large margin. Not strictly in terms of “culturally” but the culture of the city as in the energy and mentality, the pace of things, etc.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      LA has a great vibe and fascinating history AND New Yorkers are friendlier than their reputation. As has been said a lot lately, those thoughts are not mutually exclusive!

    • Carol says:

      I am from LA and I’ve lived in NY, and I find NY to be way more exiting, people more accessible/authentic and appears to have more culture. Yes, LA has lots of culture too, but in NY its all condensed in a 12 mile island instead of spread out all over LA. And NY has seasons. Too bad you have to be a millionaire to live in NYC, otherwise you live in a shoe box.

  4. rosalee says:

    Rami was remarkable in The Pacific..his eyes captured the insanity of war

    • Kitten says:

      His eyes and his face are so incredible. He’s a really special actor with so much screen presence.

      • KB says:

        He is downright mesmerizing to watch. I’ve had The Pacific on my watch list for years, I’m going to finally watch it because of Rami.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I have this show on my “to watch” list, so I haven’t seen him in action yet. But, oh my goodness, that face of his is amazing. Very intriguing and hot at the same time.

    • Kyle says:

      Oh my god, yes! He was the best thing about The Pacific. And I loved The Pacific. I saw him in a hotel lobby shortly after The Pacific aired and I was dying a bit inside with joy at seeing him in person. My friend, who didn’t watch The Pacific, just didn’t get my joy. The same weekend I also stood next to Jason Statham in a different hotel elevator. It was a really great weekend :)

    • Chris says:

      The Pacific is where I first saw him and I thought he was amazing. I found him to be such a scene stealer. I always hoped he would get more attention and roles and now it’s happening!

    • Locke Lamora says:

      He was incredible on The Pacific. When I first saw him I couldn’t believe that Kenny from The War At Home could be so different.
      Contorversial opinion, but I prefer The Pacific to Band of Brothers.

      • Rosalee says:

        @Locke Lamora – both were incredible – but I have to agree with you..the characters in the Pacific were more real – capable of inhuman behaviour but still vulnerable young men the scene with Rami’s character Snafu casually tossing stones into the soldiers skull was powerful and mind blowing

  5. Lynnie says:


    LOVE this man and this show. 😍😍😍

  6. pikawho? says:

    There are some church group scenes in the newest episode that reminded me of his brief role on Gilmore Girls as a member of Lane’s youth ministry. I was way too amused by the idea that it takes place in the same universe, haha!

    • Erinn says:

      Whaaaaa… I don’t remember him on Gilmore! So many people have been guest stars on it.

      I only see him as the night at the museum character haha. I keep meaning to watch Mr. Robot.

      I also support the idea of more posts about interesting maybe less known but awesome guys. It’s a nice change.

      • KB says:

        It was like a 30 second scene, they have the clip on YouTube. He had like two lines.

      • pru says:

        It looked like such a baby in it – it would have been easy not to recognize him.

        Also, I second the request for more diverse coverage of men.

    • Angel says:

      “assistant pastor Eric!”

  7. Lbliss says:

    He does crazy so well though. Season 2 part one last night was amazing! It was 2 hours. 2!!!! The whole series leaves you with more questions than answers. Can’t wait to enjoy the new season!

  8. NeoCleo says:

    I really like looking at him.

  9. Matomedah says:

    I can’t decide if I’m attracted to him or not?! Lol. Sometimes he looks so gorgeous, other times not at all. I suppose that’s good for his profession- he can change for his roles. He seems like a really nice person from interviews ive read, and a good actor.

    • KB says:

      I was attracted to him like ten minutes in to Mr Robot. He’s better in motion and when he’s speaking than he is in photos.

  10. KJ says:

    Adore him! Last night’s season premiere was every bit as creepy and inscrutable as Season 1, and I loved it. Usually, it frustrates me to watch a show and not have any clue what’s happening, but that seems to be the appeal for me with this show. Plus Rami’s performance is breathtaking. I’m so excited for this new season.

  11. Mrs. Darcy says:

    He is very good in Mr.Robot but I also was flummoxed/occasionally bored by it. I mean, I get it…but then I’m all “Do I get it though?”. Will see how season 2 goes.

  12. CornyBlue says:

    I love him so so much. He is such a huge flirt but is sweet …ugh !

  13. amilu says:

    We just started watching season 1 of Mr. Robot for the first time. We’re up to episode three, and we’re into it — my bf moreso than me, I think. But I really do appreciate the cinematic style and look of the show…if not the Christian Slater of the show.

    Rami’s look is so interesting. One minute he’s adorable, and the next he’s a bug-eyed creep. It’s kind of amazing.

    • I Choose Me says:

      One minute he’s adorable, and the next he’s a bug-eyed creep. It’s kind of amazing.

      An interesting way to put it but I think therein lies his appeal. It’s a kind of multifaceted-ness of expression that he seems to be able to turn off and on at will. It’s a wonderful trait for an actor to have.

  14. Lilacflowers says:

    Rami! Rami! Rami! And that’s THREE Night at the Museum films, although I can understand wanting to forget there were three.

    And yes, definitely more Matthias. I volunteer to get him papped with me doing something scandalous in some landmark location or something. As tribute.

  15. JA says:

    I enjoy Mr. Robot and love/lust Rami. I would just love to spend the day trying to make him smile and we can just mock ppl & not be excited about things together! ;-)

  16. annaloo. says:

    Thumbs up

  17. eto says:

    Official request for more Domhnall Gleeson!

    • pikawho? says:

      I love Domhnall Gleeson but I kind of don’t want him to become the kind of guy who gets talked about on gossip sites, though. He’s a great actor and I don’t want him to get over exposed. He managed to be in damn near everything in 2015 without wearing out his welcome. I hope he continues not to get much coverage here and elsewhere unless he’s at a premiere or something.

      • gene123 says:

        Domhnall is the love of my life. I saw him in “about time” and then quickly watched everything he was in. 2015 was the year of Domhnall and I was LOVING it

      • lilacflowers says:

        Domhnall was in quite a few movies in 2014 too.

  18. Samtha says:

    I adored the first episode of Mr. Robot but it kind of lost me by episode three. It just seemed to run out of steam to me…should I try picking it back up? Because I really did like the premise and the cast.

    Reading this made me miss NYC so much. It’s easier to connect with people in NYC compared to Los Angeles because LA is so centered on cars and driving everywhere.

    • KB says:

      Omg you have to at least finish the first season, trust me when I say it will be worth it. I binged on it this last weekend. It’s been a long time since a tv show made my jaw drop, but this one did. Stay away from spoilers and finish the first season ASAP! You won’t regret it!

  19. KB says:


  20. pru says:

    So excited to see some love for Rami! He’s so talented and such a nice change to the genetic white guys leads I’m getting so bored of. Praying for an Emmy nod for this guy!

    Mr Robot was so good last night. I thought the first season was perfection and was apprehensive about the second season, but it didn’t disappoint!!

    • KB says:

      I’m going to watch the nominations live in a few minutes solely because I want him to be nominated so bad lol

      • pru says:

        RAMI & Mr. ROBOT!!!! ;)

      • KB says:

        I KNOW! That made my week! Luckily, Rami was the second name announced so I didn’t have to hold my breath too long.

        When they were announcing the best drama category I was like “Mr Robot, Mr Robot, Mr Robot” with every nominee they said and was getting a little nervous/ready to be outraged lol

  21. Kilo Tango says:

    Ah Rami is so beautiful. Those cheekbones! Loved him in Mr Robot, very dark but I thought he played the character with real sympathy.

    Totally HONKing for more Schoenharts too. He is lovely – loved A Bigger Splash!

  22. me says:

    I love the show Mr. Robot. It’s probably one of the best shows out right now. It’s smart and interesting.

  23. kri says:

    It’s all brilliant. And Rami is so unusual. I know I will catch the poo for this, but in some ways he is similar to Cumberbatch in that he is so riveting onscreen, so smart at merging onscreen character and real life characters-I’m blown away. Also, you can see how clever he is and how sympathetic he is in his portrayal of a flawed genius. I’m smitten.

  24. DesertReal says:

    The dude & I love love loved season one.
    The twists, the social commentary, it’s creativity, & it’s spotlight that it shines on the characters duplicity.
    So good- could not be more ready for season two. As far as Rami is concerned…
    Two words:
    That. Mouth.
    I want to touch it, bite it, & do unspeakable things to it.
    But back to the article at hand- I lived 13 years down south, 5 years in NY, & I’ve only visited the west coast once- but I’m picking up what he’s putting down about the varying convo vibes.

  25. ZeeW says:

    OMG have y’all seen his twin, Sami? Lawdddd …. *faints*

  26. bonzo says:

    I’m just now watching Mr Robot on Amazon Prime and finally realized where I’d seen Rami before… Short Term 12 — Brie Larson’s critically acclaimed film. I recommend it for both of their performances.

  27. Ayra. says:

    I really just love how unconventionally attractive he is..

  28. raincoaster says:

    My friend is actually in the Season 2 premiere; he’s a “recovering hacker” who consults for tv shows like House of Cards, Mr Robot and so on. He’s the one at the store who tells the woman he’s in a hurry. He was also the first person in the world arrested for their activities with Anonymous, back in the day.