Brad Pitt wants to spend millions of dollars on new artwork

Brad Pitt has always liked the finer things in life – he lives in gorgeous mansions, stays in the best hotels and resorts, wears the best suits, and collects the best art. “Best” being a relative term, I suppose. In the past, Brad and Angelina have shelled out money for art that I would consider cheesy or overrated, like stuff by British “artist” Banksy. Brad’s style has always been iffy (to me) because he seems to have a real love and affection for cold, sterile modern pieces rather than something more homey or kid-friendly.

This latest news could be nothing, but it has the ring of truth to it. Brad Pitt has set aside millions of dollars, in the hopes of expanding his extensive art collection. Art dealers are trying to woo him, in the hopes of a huge commission. But there has to be controversy, right? So, The Sun is saying that Brad is going to purchase all of this art behind Angelina’s back. Shocking!

Art lover Brad Pitt is setting aside millions of dollars to update his collection.

Dealers are trying to seduce him with various pieces but he knows what he wants — works by names in big demand.

He has his eye on a drawing by American Richard Serra, a painting by Japan’s Yayoi Kusama and another drawing by Canadian Marcel Dzama.

The three are due to be sold at auctions in New York.

But Brad has to keep things quiet from his missus Angelina Jolie, who doesn’t share his passion.

I’m sure she realises he has an eye for the finer things in life.

From The Sun

I really doubt Angelina cares how Brad spends his money, especially if it’s for the art that he adores so much. But in this economy! Actually, if Brad has the cash, it’s probably a really good time to buy art. The art market’s bubble burst at the same time the economy flatlined this past fall, and wise investors are picking up major pieces by major artists for millions of dollars less than they would have two years ago.

As far as the actual artwork, I had to look up the artists. Richard Serra is mainly a sculptor, creating huge outdoor pieces in steel. Marcel Dzama works mostly with drawings and watercolors, and his work looks a little blah. Yayoi Kusama works with a lot of color for her paintings and other art pieces, and she’s by far the artist I could see the Jolie-Pitt kids embracing.

Brad Pitt is shown shooting a commercial for Softbank on 4/29/09. Credit: INFphoto.

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  1. Nikole says:

    Banksy is awesome.

  2. Tess says:

    The house he and JA were redoing ended up looking cold and inhospitable and he was the primemover in that project.

    Sounds like his taste in art is similar to his architectural style.

  3. geronimo says:

    Banksy, extremely clever artist and subversive social commentator. Not overrated in my book. Not in the least surprised his work is fetching millions. I really like Yayoi Kusama’s dot obsession stuff, her website’s very interesting. As for Pitt, really could not care less what he spends his money on.

    (Kaiser, for info, the Banksy link is incorrect, the Marcel Dzama links to Yayoi Kusama and the Yayoi Kusama goes nowhere.)

  4. kiki says:

    He is smart
    artwork always hold its own. better than real estate and over priced cars or bling jewelry.
    about Brads taste. yes cold and stark I read where Jen A said after her divorce that she can finally sit in a comfortable chair

  5. Patrice says:

    Who cares? I’m so bored by “stories” like this. It’s his money, he can do whatever he wants with it. Lets also not forget, that this is a man who has commited 1/3 of every dollar he makes to charity for years. As for the “in this economy” comment, he is worth hundreds of millions! He is hardly effected by it the way most of us are. Let it go.

  6. n says:

    not so sure he donates a third of every dollar — i’m from the “show me” folks. where’s the proof on that one?

  7. NJMDPS says:

    I totally agree with “n”. Brad and AJ always crying about taking care of the less fortunate…….well, here is their opportunity. Put your money where your mouth is……not hanging on your walls in your mansions.

  8. lisa says:

    His money he can spend it however he chooses. Why is this news anyway.. I am sure many celebs spend their money however they want.. Why is the focus on Brad…

    Gosh can we move on already.. And he he does not donate ANY money.. then he is in good company.. Some of you need to turn your investigative eye on the celebs who have millions and help no one.

  9. n says:


    do you work for Brad?
    tell the truth.

  10. Sauronsarmy says:

    The fact that Banksy makes millions of his “art” is proof that some people don’t deserve money.

  11. Fat Elvis says:

    lisa/debra: Turn off the computer and get thyself to therapy. Although, I have to admit I’m impressed that you’re able to access the internet while perched in a tree outside Brangelina’s window.

  12. breederina says:

    i think it’s great when anyone supports the arts. if you were to trace the money that goes toward buying a piece of art you’d find it ends up in many pockets. lukewarm on serra but the others mentioned are all fantastic. own a print folio of marcel’s. his drawings are subtle and wickedly charming. kusama is amazing and bansky is the best.

  13. AlaskaJoey says:

    Those of us who work for galleries and auction houses need to keep our jobs, so I’m all for celebrities buying art!

    At least he’s not buying a Hirst or a Koons.

  14. Your Friend says:

    Jack Nich did the same thing when his was Brad’s age and is now sitting pretty with a collection worth 100s of millions…

  15. the original kate says:

    at least art is an investment, as well as something that you can enjoy. if i had money i would buy art, too.

  16. kiki says:

    Dennis Hopper and Steve Martin are theee celebity art collecctors especially Hopper who started buying art in the 1960’s and has seen the artist apppreaciate $$$$$ over his lifetime

  17. bros says:

    who in gods green earth is that enormous man!!!

  18. someone says:

    I don’t really like his taste in art..But its his money,he can spend it any way he chooses… Angelina shouldn’t have anything to say about how he spends his cash..they are NOT married.

  19. and... says:

    Some of you may want to take a look in the mirror… You are the last ones to call anyone a stalker..

  20. Amy says:

    I don’t understand why this is news. It’s a known fact that Brad loves art and has already spent millions on it. Angelina has talked about Brad’s art and seems supportive. I doubt she’s against it. I haven’t heard Brad say that he donates 1/3 of his income. Angelina definately does and has for years. Foxnews hates Angelina so they always investigate her finances. They always say that she donates 1/3. I don’t think they do that with Brad.

  21. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Like it’s really my business to say what Brad Pitt should spend his money on? I know he gives a lot to charity, that’s where my interests end.

    I think the richies who give nothing are the buggers.

  22. orion70 says:

    Banksy is SO not overrated.

  23. Patrice says:

    n and NJMDPS: Are the two of you honestly implying that this man and his girlfriend (who are multi- millionaires many times over) are not entitled to luxuriate themselves in thier favorite thigs from time to time? So instead of collecting a piece if art that he is excited about he must be bombrded by guilty feelings and instead hand over the money to other people each time? Give me a break. No one, whether rich or otherwise should be made to feel obligated to give away a cent of the money they earn. Brad and Angie do it (very often) becuse they want to, out of the goodness of their hearts, but I guess for SOME people, that still isn’t enough. Greed is a dirty monster.

  24. Lillifee says:

    What’s happens to his face. He looks different and very unhappy…