Iggy Azalea thanks her surgeon for ‘fabulously perky boobs’


Iggy Azalea is not going to let her breakup to Nick Young get her down. While confirmation of Keonna Green’s pregnancy by Nick hit the press, Iggy decided to pop into her plastic surgeon’s office for a platelet rich plasma treatment, otherwise known as a Vampire Facelift. Unlike most celebrities, she is happy to tell you all about it. On Monday, she posted this picture to her Instagram:

To which Dr. Ghavami reposted the same picture with the caption: drghavami#repost • Always great seeing the beautiful @thenewclassic who came by today for a little pampering! Also, with our #FlashRecoveryBreastAugmentation she recovered in less that 24hrs and was able to DANCE with #JLO at the #AMAs just 4 DAYS POST OP – Only by #DrGhavami of course! • #SpaDay #BeverlyHills #LA #iggy

OMG – I have never had my breast done but the idea of dancing four days after surgery makes the ones I do have hurt! Her skin does look amazing.

Credit where credit is due! Iggy Azalea took to Instagram on Monday to give her plastic surgeon a special shout out. The Australian rapper, who has been very candid in the past about her various procedures, posed with Dr. Ashkan Ghavami for a pic.

Azalea got a breast augmentation back in 2014, which Dr. Ghavami explained in more detail on his own Instagram account.

The “Fancy” emcee has always been open about the work she’s had done. In March, she dished about her plastic surgery on Watch What Happens Live!

“I think if you’re going to do something that obvious and everyone’s seeing what your nose looks like before and then it magically pops up,” Azalea explained on why she’s been honest about it.

[From ET]

I am not opposed to plastic surgery. I’ve always believed that if I did get something done, I would say that I did it. Once a friend commented on how I looked like I had lost weight and I gave them the name of the foundation piece I was wearing. As long as you are complimenting me, I don’t really care who gets the credit. Iggy told E! Online in March that the reason she admitted to breast augmentation in the first place is because, ‘I love them so much I had to talk about them.’ I love that she gives her doctor a shout out. How many plastic surgeons have to sit back and watch their beautiful work be denied in public?

As for Nick’s latest affair, Keonna says she asked Nick to come clean with Iggy about their relationship and Nick’s response was, I don’t want to hear it. After which, Keonna completely absolved herself of any wrongdoing because she had asked him to be open, after all. When Iggy was asked if she had a message for the happy couple on their baby news, Iggy offered up her middle finger, saying, That’s my message for them, not you.

After the split, Iggy’s friends covered her dressing room in flowers. This would be one version of my heaven, I love flowers:




Photo credit: WENN and Fame/FLynet Photos and Instagram

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  1. Bobo says:

    …But they ruined her face.

  2. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    Lord that black and white outfit…that’s a whole lotta no.

    You know what, good for her for being honest about her boobs. I kinda wish she’d cop to her face though because when I saw pre-plastic surgery pics of her she looked like an entirely different person.

    Plastic surgery scares me a little and I can’t imagine looking in the mirror and seeing a major change but I’d love to get in on some of these crazy dermatological procedures stars have access to. I too want baby soft skin and to resemble a sexy vampire.

  3. Kris says:

    I’m not sure if I admire taht she is open about it or if I am ooposed to it.

    I like that she doesn’t deny having had procedures done, and it’s a nice gestures to her doctor. It’s certainly much better than denying something so obvious (like many people do) and thereby setting completely unrealistic and unnatural standards for young people.

    On the other hand – this gives off a bit of a “loo, I just bought new shoes” vibe, only in this case it is a “look, I just bought a new face” vibe, and that also sets unrealistic beauty standards, doesn’t it? Plastic surgery shouldn’t be something you “just buy” because you feel like it. It certainly siN#t something anyone NEEDS. All people are much more beautiful the way they naturally are (and I mean ALL people, even the “ugly” ones), because there is nothing uglier than the plastic, dull, uniform face of plastic surgery.

    Oh, and btw, there is also nothing weirder than touching fake boobs. Most men I know prefer natural boobs, in all their different sizes and forms. They are boobs, after all. Why wouldn’t you like them?

  4. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    Oh as for Nick Young and his baby momma…I don’t care for Iggy, I don’t particularly like her, but no woman should be cheated on.

    That being said from Tyga, to Nick Young, to even Taylor Swift I’m tired of people having OBVIOUS and very well known relationship issues and people STILL dating them and when it goes predictably wrong suddenly feeling shocked.

    Did you miss the blaring sirens, red flashing lights, and neon signs that said ‘Stay Away!’ Iggy?

  5. Tifygodess24 says:

    Dislike or love Iggy, it’s refreshing that she actually admits to having work done. Everyone in hollyweird has had a tweek, more so than others and will still look you dead in the eyes and say “oh no this is natural, I’ve never had work done” , even though Google pics proves otherwise.

  6. iheartgossip says:

    Well when that’s all that will keep you in the news, you’re life has sunk to a new low.

  7. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    I know this probably isn’t the spot for it but could we pretty please get a post about Third Eye Blind trolling the RNC?? I just read about it and the story is hilarious!

  8. mrspanda says:

    I think she does the classic deception strategy of admitting to some things and getting credit for being authentic, in order to hide other things. (e.g. she still says her butt is completely natural!). She got called out some obvious other stuff so now has the ”all honesty” policy with selective surgeries. Her whole face and body is entirely different but she was naturally really pretty and I think she’s still pretty & unique looking, despite having obvious face work. Also I think it’s clearly a promotion for her surgeon? She probably got a discount by endorsing him.

  9. Isa says:

    Well, now I will be down the Instagram hashtag rabbit hole.
    I wasted way too much of my life on looking at microblading.
    I want a boob job so badly! I can’t wait to be able to fill out an A cup! 😩

  10. Joni says:

    I ain’t even mad, at least she’s honest about it,

  11. Antigone says:

    I don’t like breast implants and even though I’m a small 34B I’d never get them unless it would be reconstruction secondary to a mastectomy. That being said, I give her a lot of credit for being honest about it (unlike Taylor Swift and many others who would like you to believe they suddenly grew obviously fake breasts). I’m not against plastic surgery-I just think people should be honest. I get Botox every now and then and while I don’t broadcast it to everyone when the topic comes up I admit it and share my experiences.