Will Tom Hiddleston & Taylor Swift break up before the Emmys?

Tom Hiddleston was photographed hours ago in Australia, but it wasn’t by Taylor Swift’s favorite photo agency. He was stopped by a fan and he posed for this ^^ social media photo with some children. It’s good to see him smile, and it’s interesting to hear that he’s been going out alone in the evenings, right? By all accounts, Taylor Swift is still in Australia and they’re still at the same hotel together. But Tom has been taking some breathers over the past few days, going out for runs and making solo trips outside after work.

A few days ago, Vulture posted this sad/funny story about how Tom’s chance at playing James Bond is all but done now. I always doubted the gossip, months ago, about Tom being up for the role of James Bond. There were so many stories though, and maybe he sort of believed them at one point? But that dream is dead. It was dead the second he made out with Taylor on a rock in Rhode Island in front of a photographer. It was dead the second he put on the “I Heart TS” shirt. And now it’s absolutely dead now that Swiftmas In July has happened.

The Hollywood Gossip had an exclusive story this week too – their source claims that Tom and Taylor were set up by Taylor’s PR people and Tom went along with it because he knew the relationship would raise his profile and perhaps help him secure the Bond role. And the source – who claims to be a friend of Tom’s in London – says that Taylor is acting crazy and already talking about marriage and babies and Tom is really starting to “freak out.”

Are we going to place bets on when Tiddles calls it a day? I say it might happen before the Emmys, actually.

And will someone buy Tom some new workout clothes?

Photos courtesy of social media.

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  1. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    ‘Swiftmas in July’

    This is why they pay you the big bucks to do this work Kaiser, that brought a proverbial tear to my eye it was so good.

    I think any person who gets in a relationship with someone and sees this much sh*t hit the fan has to be looking for an exit. It’s just human instinct. He didn’t anchor his boat to her just to have it sink and capsize the whole crew.

    Dude wants to work and still have a good image, not be tied down to Backstabbing Barbie tm.

    • Kaiser says:

      I didn’t make it up! I wish I did, I think I saw that on Jezebel?

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        Don’t worry according to Donald Trump it’s all Hilary Clinton’s fault anyway Kaiser and “NO ONE OWNS WORDS”

        You have the best words Kaiser, love ya.

      • Bonzo says:

        Didn’t Swift coin “Swiftmas” as she coined “Taymerica”? God, I know too much about this insufferable narcissist for a woman my age.

        I saw tweets referencing “Christmas in July” when the snapchats came out, so “Swiftmas in July” is perfection.

      • LB says:

        I saw it first on ONTD. Whoever coined it, it’s good.

        I’m also particular to This Is What We Came For ’16.

      • Naya says:

        @The eternal side eye. That post killed me dead. Kaiser does have all the best words. Tremendous. Incredible. Huge.

        @Bonzo Who does she think she is, Chang? The dean? I miss Community.

      • Bonzo says:

        Naya, “Consider yourself Chang-ed!”

      • dana says:

        Yeah, it’s from ONTD – derived from the name they gave a previous scandal: “Kristmas in July” (KStew’s cheating pictures).

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Good wherever you found it, Kaiser. So…if Hiddles is looking for an exit from TS, what should we call it? Hexit?

      • Solanaceae (Nighty) says:

        Someone has already called it Thexit..

    • Londerland says:

      “I think any person who gets in a relationship with someone and sees this much sh*t hit the fan has to be looking for an exit. It’s just human instinct.”


      I picture it like this: I can actually buy that the relationship is genuine, or started that way – two attractive, over-eager, immature, needy types bond over their desire to be pretty and perfect and adored while acting out pages from the Land’s End catalogue for the benefit of sympathetic paps.

      But now his Twee Princess is raging round the hotel room yelling at publicists down the phone, hurling Bon-bons at her staff, sobbing into her pillow because nobody will believe her – and he’s suddenly feeling every minute of his 35 years, numbly patting her shoulder and thinking, “but you clearly did lie, FFS” while she howls at the injustice, a rich white princess who is simply not accustomed to not being believed. Even her friends (sorry, squad 🙄) eat up her BS with a spoon. Even when she knows they don’t believe her, they pretend to, they humour her – isn’t that what friendship is?

      But he’s a grown man and he didn’t sign up to this high school bullcrap, did not sign on to be an extra on KUWTK, cannot bring himself to participate – and she’s poutily saying, “why won’t you stick up for me on Twitter, Tom? Calvin would have stuck up for me.”

      And he’s listening to that sucking sound his credibility makes as it whirls away, looking for the exit….

      I can’t help it. It’s golden. 😄

      • Grace says:

        Hilarious comment.

        Love ‘The land’s end catalogue’ and want to steal it for future use? Please?

      • Londerland says:

        Grace – 😀 it’s all yours!

      • Wren says:

        I love it. I love it so much!

        On one hand they really do seem perfect for each other and on the other you really gotta wonder what he’s thinking about all this right now. He can’t have expected anything on this scale, even if he knew it would be super public and dramatic.

      • Evie says:

        Omg, this is glorious! I literally lol’d!

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        God the imagery on that is glorious. Thank you! Thank you!

      • sunny says:

        “Every minute of his 35 years sounds about right”. It must be exhausting to deal with.

        Also that line about the Land’s End Catalogue is pure gold.

      • Christin says:

        The US article that had such a brief description of his sympathetic ‘be calm’ tells the tale. He probably cannot get more than two words out of his mouth between sobs and griping.

        Tiddlesbanging has taken on a new meaning. She’s probably hitting things and he’s ready to bang his head on a wall.

      • Dlo says:

        @londerland, please write a book! This was epic!

      • LadyLoo says:

        His credibility isn’t making a sucking noise. It’s whimpering and begging to be put out of its misery.

      • TreadStyle says:

        This narrative is perfect…I bet you are pretty spot on!

      • Abby_J says:

        @Londerland – Can you please link me to your fan fiction, or Amazon where your original work is being sold, because I would read the hell out of it. This was genius.

      • jammypants says:

        “Tiddlesbanging has taken on a new meaning. She’s probably hitting things and he’s ready to bang his head on a wall.”

        Cyring! 😂

      • K.C. says:

        Hilarious comment. Particularly the “hurling bon-bons” bit.

        He never could’ve anticipated he’d be coming home to this after a long day filming Thor 3. Not in a million years. Even those of us who follow celeb gossip could not possibly dream up the drama triangle of Kim-Taylor-Kanye. Kitaye. He must be puzzled beyond belief.

        When things are normal and calm, they’re the perfect match. But this is drama even excessive by Taylor’s standards. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in their apartment. I hope he’s journaling this experience.

      • Miffy says:

        BON BONS!!! I lost it!!!

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Brill, Londerland. I read yr post twice, just for the word-boner.

      • Sunsetsnow says:

        Bravo! You said it all.

      • Christin says:

        This entire spectacle could be the next ‘Bowfinger’ type script, if Tom decides to bail and become an actor/screenwriter.

    • Alex says:

      It really is Switfmas. Can’t wait for the Swifties who are all “Calvin sucks Tom is a prince” to completely lose it when this ends (and it WILL). I feel like Tom may have been able to drag this out but this last week and a half just turned her into a backstabbing barbie and Tom into a loser. So he’s jumping from Taytanic

    • cindy says:

      Yeah, he’s 35 for gods sake. This is a lot to take, A LOT. An adult mind cannot abide this, he needs to run for the hills and put this all behind him. He will be teased mercilessly for years, best to start getting it over with now.

      Can I just say I am not looking forward to seeing her brush this off. She makes Goop look like an angel.

      • KatM says:

        I agree completely. Why would any self-respecting thirty-five-year-old man with a pretty good career in front of him involve himself in this mess? I am sorry, I just do not get it. Yes, she has a lot of money and influence I suppose, but it just still blows my mind that these two have much in common at all.

    • Maria says:

      i agree. they are together for about a month. its not like they had marriage vows and he leaves at the fist sign of trouble.
      turn the tables and Taylor would be long gone. probably in the arms of someone else.

      • LittlestRoman says:

        Exactly. If she had dated a megawatt movie star back before VMA-gate and that movie star got themselves into this type of quagmire, her ‘people’ would have yanked her out of there PRONTO.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      Add that to “Taytanic” as one of my faves!

    • Tara says:

      I would BUY a Backstabbing Barbie!!

    • I Choose Me says:

      Hats off to whomever coined Swiftmas in July. Edges too.

      Seriously this whole mess has been a glorious gift from the gossip gods. So many new words/phrases to love.


      Think I’ll change my ring tone to McDonald’s jingle. Tanatattattana. I’m lovin’ it. ♪

      • PimmsCupInAPimpCup says:

        There is need for a like button- I’m loving your written interpretation of the McD’s jingle.

    • KatM says:

      Yes, thank you so much for this, because I laughed my a** off today after reading this…

  2. Loopy says:

    Damn Swift hasn’t been seen in days, wonder if she will sell her pics when she first emerges.

  3. Monie says:

    Maybe he should sign up for Fabletics.

  4. Melly says:

    I once thought that Tom Hiddleston was so hot, but he has really lost his looks.

    • Tobbs says:

      Me too. The final nail in the coffin for his sexiness was the I <3 TS shirt. I can't look at him in a sexy way ever again.

    • TIFFANY says:

      Thirst can do that.

    • Bros says:

      He clearly looks like Bert from Bert and Ernie. never saw the appeal.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      …I…I think I was starting to think he was attractive but um, that photo cooled those dying embers pronto.

      • I Choose Me says:

        I’ve been ignoring remarks about his hairline I mean so he’s losing his hair, it happens big deal. But looking at that photo above, is like yikes! I’m comparing it to photos of him taken just a couple of months ago and that doesn’t look gradual. That looks like stress-related hair loss. The sun damage to his skin is not helping matters either but but but I still love him. I’m not ready for him to not be my Internet boyfriend just yet.

      • jammypants says:

        I think it’s just the lighting. His hairline’s been like this for a while.

    • Bonzo says:

      I lost my ladyboner back in RI. Men who lack real-life smarts (ie wisdom) have no appeal to me.

      I enjoy laughing at him though now that he’s made an ass of himself.

      • Sixer says:

        My ladyboner was always sporadic. So I don’t really miss it.

        But I loved him in RI and in Rome. That was everything I want in an internet boyfriend: the at least occasional ladyboner and fertile mocking opportunities.

        But now it all lies in ruins, I tell you, RUINS. It’s all gone Pete Tong with ugliness. Thirst can be funny. Ugliness never can.

        I might declare a day of mourning for all the lost joke opportunities that LEGS has thrown away. SIGH.

      • Bonzo says:

        Yeah, I’m hoping his trip to CA will provide some comic relief. I’m done on my high horse judging silly celebrities. Maybe I’ll watch a Scandi drama instead.

        Anything good on the BBC that you can recommend?

      • Abby_J says:

        You weren’t asking me, but I’d recommend the first season of Broadchurch. David Tennant will never steer you wrong. The second season wasn’t as good, but was still worthy TV. 🙂

      • Sixer says:

        I think I’m at saturation level. I couldn’t even be bothered to crack a joke today, you know?

        There is a period drama called The Secret Agent (with Toby Jones and other good cast members) but I haven’t got around to watching the first one yet. Don’t watch that thing with Colin Morgan in it. Bloody awful ghost-y thing. I was disappointed. Otherwise, sod all as we’re heading into an Olympics summer. BBC4 has a new series of Beck starting on Saturday, but that’s the only Scandi offering.

        Oh! But if you want a science documentary series, the latest Brian Cox, Forces of Nature, is up to his usual standard. The Sixlets have been boggle-eyed in wonder and good old Brian: he writes the most poetic script for a physics and chemistry subject.

      • Bonzo says:

        Abby, I’ve seen Broadchurch as well as a few other British police dramas (Luther, Shetland, Hinterland). My favorite is Happy Valley — Sarah Lancashire is THE BEST. If you like that sort of show, I’d recommend Marcella and Spiral. The former can be hard to follow (look at Guardian recaps) but the latter has lead characters that are easy to invest in emotionally. I should warn you… if you develop a crush for Samy, back off. HE’S MINE.

        Sixer, I wondered about Secret Agent when it popped up on my Twitter this week. I’ll download the first episode and check it out.

    • Carol says:

      I always thought he looked like a cartoon character. Like a minion. Too happy for my taste. LOL!

    • Wren says:

      I’ve always thought he looked better in motion than in still photos. He’s aging a bit too, which this drama won’t be helping. Stress is never flattering.

    • Syko says:

      She has drained all of the cute right out of him.

    • FW says:

      lol confession time? I lost it when he dragged his mum, his elder sister, and his niece out for a pap walk. before we didn’t even have a clear picture of his sister Sarah. this is too much.

      • LittlestRoman says:

        Same here. The pap strolls with Mama Hiddles and the niece just ruined him for me. All credibility gone. It’s one thing to want fame, but Lordy Lord…

      • mary s says:

        That was bad. And the child, too! Remember that?

      • Evie says:

        +1000% on this. Everything we’ve seen since mid-June is a 180 degree reversal of Hiddleston’s stance for the last 5 years to keep his private life “sacred.” I always felt that his keeping his dating life on the down-low was all about him preserving his public status as a heartthrob to his legions of Internet fans. But I truly felt that he wanted to protect his family. The pap-walk with his Mom, sister Sarah and five year old niece was gag worthy! I’m sure his Mom went along with it because Moms will do anything for their sons. But Geez…it was bad news. Once TommyAnne did that I knew all bets were off and he was all-in and there were no depths to which he wouldn’t sink in the name PR.

        I agree with @Sixer; I’m out of snark. There’s no way he can work AND keep up with her the Circus Maximus levels of drama and intrigue that is Taylor Swift. He’s aged a few years in just the last five weeks. I can see why. I’m exhausted just reading the headlines since mid-June. It seems like we’ve been reading about TnT for five years NOT five weeks. TommyAnne looks awful. His hairline is now receding to the top of his head. And he looks stressed. In the video where he donned the Loki wig, he looked positively old and craggy. The only way the Thor showrunners will be able to disguise how much he’s aged is if Thor and The Hulk smash Loki’s face in the first scenes of the movie.

        BTW, does anyone else notice t hat when he’s with Tay-Tay he never wears his glasses. I notice when he’s on his own these days, he’s wearing his glasses more frequently.

        If the last five weeks of “Taylor Swift and I are together and we’re very happy” is Hiddleston being happy, then I don’t want to see what he looks and acts like when he’s unhappy.

      • Bonzo says:

        Evie, I noticed that he wasn’t wearing glasses when he was pap walking with her. I presumed that wasn’t the “look” he wanted to present when out together. While I like the specs, they do make him look even older than he already looks.

        When he pimped his mum, sister and niece out for the True Love Promo Tour any remaining respect I had for him vanished. That’s when I realized that he’ll do ANYTHING to advance his career. Anything.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      His “sexiness” is over. But it is not too late for him to go back to being a Mr. Serious Actor if he can just put aside the nonsense.

      And yeah. Man, poor Sarah. Poor Ma Hiddles. Poor little niece. Whatever he signed up for, they did not deserve this.

      • Isobel says:

        I see him as a poor mans Adrien brody. You know without the Oscar and brief A list status.Allegedly brody downfall was leading mans ego in character actors body. The story is he signed up with a big agent after his Oscar, agent was going to make him into the new Brad Pitt. He kept pushing hard for leading man parts in blockbusters when he was always more suited to character parts. Hiddles suffers from the same vanity imo. Brody had his embarrassing romance with patkay almost as embarrassing tiddles catalogue photo shots across the globe,

    • Secret squirrel says:

      I don’t care if Tom is wearing the same work-out clothes every day as we all know Taylor is hand washing them in the bathroom sink each evening and hanging them over the balcony railing to dry overnight. Sweeping away the beach sand carried inside on his shoes every morning must be a bit tiresome by now and has probably be relegated to one of the bodyguards…

      I will say that the two kids posing with Tom in that pic are super cute though. By this stage Tom is probably glad to pose with kids who are too young to understand the drama unfolding around him.

      PLEASE let his London source be JArthy!

    • Isobel says:

      Tbh hiddles is one of those men who had a short window of attractiveness. Like prince William. Ca 2011-2012 hiddles was quite attractive. Before that he was a funny looking nerd he came into his own around 30. Unfortunaly since then hes been ageing in dog years . I honestly don’t think he’s been good lookiing for a few years. He had crafted a nice persona for himself though. Intellectual, serious actor, gentleman and all that. Imao that’s a large part of why he appealed to certain women. With the Taylor shenanigans that’s gone to the dogs too. Imao.

    • jammypants says:

      I don’t think it was ever really about his looks (which I like personally). It goes to show you. A person is only as attractive as the choices they make. I still find him attractive, but Taylor zapped some of that away.

    • PimmsCupInAPimpCup says:

      A lot of the faux-hot came from the crazy stare/smile when we first saw him Avengers. He didn’t make waves in the first Thor, but recall, our first big glimpse of him is when he appeared via tesseret in the first Avengers film, with an expression he swiped from McAvoy.

      And in the Avengers, he didn’t have Lambchop hair.

      It was all a ruse, an actor’s ploy. Let’s all remember the first time we saw a photo of the actor that played Loki, and also remember the pull of our quizzical brows when we asked ourselves, “That’s him?” Make-up, costume and McAvoy Swiping can do a lot to make an actor into a charactor.

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        See, I don’t find him hot as Loki but do find him very hot as himself. Different strokes, etc.!

  5. HH says:

    RE: And the source – who claims to be a friend of Tom’s in London – says that Taylor is acting crazy and already talking about marriage and babies and Tom is really starting to “freak out.” >>>> I hate when people paint women as the marriage-hungry, family-crazed, enforcer of settling down. Particularly when the guy is also moving fast as hell. If he’s not cool with it, bow out. Don’t keep doing the extensive photo ops. Even if he’s doing it to raise his profile, that makes him look worse. He’s willing to string someone along for good PR? Whatever that story is about, the undertones of the narrative don’t exactly spin in Tom’s favor.

    • Capella says:

      The Hollywood Gossip story is ridiculous and utter rubbish. The “source” claims they did it for PR and if that is the case, why on earth would Taylor start talking about marriage and babies. All of this insider crap is made up … but the tabloids make money off of it and it will never end.

  6. CidySmiley says:

    For a moment can we imagine what it would be like if someone asked him about what’s happening?

    “Hey Tom! What do you have to say about Taylor boldface lying about Kanye West, and then denying it for three months, and then using her lily white vulnerability and her white woman feminism to make us all fall back in love with her and feel bad for her?”

    Tom: *stutters, shuffles, says something in a different language* *dies*

    That would be hilarious. But I don’t know I can’t tell if this is a PR relationship or not? Part of me thinks yeah totally, it’s all in the machine and part of me is not so sure. I think him splitting with her would benefit her more than him, he would be drug in the media (although that’s happening anyway) and she would have ‘poor Taylor swift, woe is me’ – so I don’t know. It’s a lose, lose situation.

    • CidySmiley says:

      Although now that I think about it he does have an angle, he could pull a “when people show their true colors..” And sink her further, but I don’t think he would do that. IF this is a PR relationship he’s hiding in the bathroom eating a chocolate bar whispering to his PR agent on the phone.

      • Bros says:

        lol great mental picture. more like swigging from a bottle of tequila. you’d have to medicate yourself halfway to comatose to be able to deal with this sh%tshow.

      • I Choose Me says:

        LMBAO. Dying at this mental image.

    • Melly says:

      Comments like yours are the reason i love this site. Hilarious!!

    • Margo S. says:

      Taylors fans would probably throw a hiss fit if tom left. Be all like “how could you leave her during this?!” But the rest of us normal people would be all “heck yeah tom! Ada boy!” I assume he’d rather have the support and praise from a majority of the world then swiftnatics.

      • ElleBee says:

        He can’t leave now unless he has a safe house built 100ft below ground somewhere in Siberia. Taylor Shift would set her flying monkeys on him in no time. She’ll probably say “Fly my pretties”off key though

    • Elise says:

      If he got into this relationship without realizing just how crazy it was going to get, and if now he’s trying to figure out how to get out of it with his skin intact–which is a big IF–one of the things he’s got to be thinking about is what TS’s reaction is going to be, and what it’s going to cost him if she turns on him. This is not, I think, what he signed up for.

  7. Runcmc says:

    I’m thinking he keeps wearing the same clothes to lower the value of pap photos? Or is that silly?

    • CidySmiley says:

      That’s actually smart.

    • LB says:

      Not silly. Daniel Radcliffe claimed to do the same thing when he was hanging around in NY.

    • Bonzo says:

      While Tom is known for having a limited wardrobe, I think that’s the main reason he wears the same thing each day. The photos are interchangeable and lose their value on the market.

    • Lynnie says:

      Yup. Daniel Radcliffe did the same thing when he was acting in a play, and eventually the pap just got so annoyed he didn’t bother taking photos.

    • Gingerly says:

      Actually no. It’s simply his habit and has nothing to do with pap. He wore the same blue linen jacket repeatedly while he shoot in Vietnam, and on Crimson peak set, he wore a black cardigan everyday. Literally everyday.

      It may discourage paps, but in fact it doesn’t untill yesterday. They took his photos anyway. I bet he ran this morning with his black Legendary T-shirts and dark navy shorts.

      • Wren says:

        Some people just do that. My husband does if he’s allowed. He’ll just wear the same outfit all week until it’s disgusting. And even if he does wear a new clean shirt it’s hard to tell because his clothes all look the same.

    • Browniecakes says:

      I’m thinking he’s taken to sleeping on the beach

      • Lilacflowers says:

        I thought that too. Anxiously waiting for the flight to SDCC where he will don his storm trooper costume and disappear into the crowd after tossing his phone into a fountain

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        He’s probably been at the airport gate for his SDCC flight for the last couple of days. “So sorry darling, but with longer security lines these days, they are recommending that you arrive at the airport at LEAST three days before your scheduled flight time.”

      • Aussie girl says:

        Browniecakes and lalacflowers you both maded me laugh😂 Add ennui as well.
        Now I’m looking closer he is squeezing those children tight in that pic. Almost like he’s smiling but talking through his teeth, begging for their address and a couch to sleep on😂😂😜

      • mary s says:

        @Brownie, @Lilac, @Ennui, @Aussie reading your comments in a row made my day! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😜
        I went back up to observe the desperate hug. Yep, he’s hanging on for dear life.

      • Tara says:

        You guys are hilarious 😝

      • KatM says:

        This is hilarious. He probably has. This has been the best day of posts and comments. Swiftmas in July really is the gift that keeps on giving.

    • Kate says:

      No Daniel Radcliffe did the same thing. I’m certain that what he’s doing.

    • my3cents says:

      Or maybe he’s like certain men who just buy identical sets of the same clothes (my husband if I let him).

  8. Gingerly says:

    The photo was taken on Sunday, NOT “hours ago.” Daily Fail didn’t check the fact, again. The chidlren’s mother said she took it and he was sweet with the kids.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Exactly, the picture was taken on the way in for the takeout food.

    • Karina says:

      Daily Mail knows exactly when the photo was taken but they don’t care – if they don’t have nwe photos to milk, they’ll make cheese out of old milk.

      Interestingly, no-one is talking about the fact that a reporter at Sun, the tabloid who released the first Hiddleswift photos, has indicated that the photos were not staged, but they or anyone else don’t want the speculation and the circus to end.

      Since it’s as good a guess here as any, this is my own speculation: Hiddleston and Swift were determined to love like no-one is watching, but it has cost them dearly – the world can’t take it. Bad and expextable is better news in this moment than something so bold and unexpected.

      “How dare they?? We didn’t see this coming, and we don’t approve of this!! This doesn’t fit the image we had of you! If you don’t keep it inside your own four walls, we’ll tear you apart and eat you alive.”

      Why should it bother anybody that they are in love and don’t want to hide it? Taylor lives in fishbowl where she’s monitored all the time anyway. What if she just wanted to live more freely for a change, with a man who finally shared her views?

      • Mira says:

        The reporter ( if you can call him that) at the Sun is not a credible person. He’s one of the worst tabloid ” reporters” in the UK.

  9. Aussie girl says:

    First, cute pic with Tom and the kids. Second I believe this set up and swifty gone crazy thing. I also believe that there is no way in hell she is letting him go atm. She needs this or him too much. I feel like he is stuck in a hotel with her while she has turned all gone girl on him. But Tom is a big boy so no sympathy for him.

    • Phoebe says:

      Hahaha- I thought about Gone Girl in relation to this situation the other day- hope he’s read it and is looking for signs!!

  10. LadyMTL says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he did bail within the next few weeks. I doubt even he knew what kind of life he would be in for when they got together. Everyone has a limit, after all.

    • jammypants says:

      He got to see the fun glamorous side and now he’s seen the nightmare side. If we are to judge his past feelings on overexposure, I’d say he will bolt sooner or later.

    • Sue says:

      But he´s not living on a desert island. The internet is full of proofs of her love life and behavior, this is nothing new. He could do some research first 😉 This is what I´m not able to process about this pairing – how could he even think about it that this is a good idea to even try something with her in the first place…

  11. Rachel says:

    I wear the same workout clothes twice – sometimes twice in a row- before washing them. Who wants to do that much laundry? Granted, I’m sure he’s not doing his own laundry, but I would think when actors are traveling for work, many wish to travel light. Which includes not taking a ton of clothes. So I’m not going to side eye him on that one.

    • LizLemonGotMarried says:

      I also buy the same workout clothes in bulk-if I like it, why not own several?

  12. QQ says:

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHHAHA Sure We could all swallow this ridic SHowmance, even believe they would get engaged and Preggo Lighting fast BUT THIS POSSIBILITY??@!!! This Is Too Freaking HILARIOUS

  13. Tobbs says:

    I kinda hope they stick together till after the Emmys just so that we can see their antics on the red carpet.

  14. Naya says:

    I cant sympathise, he did willingly sign on in spite of what she did to Gyllenhaal and others. Now he is stuck with her until her PR crisis dies down. You can just feel his desperation to escape in those jogging pics.

    • jammypants says:

      I actually think Tom is naive on how much of a trainwreck dating her would be. This is a guy who watched her music videos after he met her. I doubt he did that much homework when he could talk to her directly. In that sense, he’s naive and stupid.

      • Christin says:

        I think this is possible. A co-worker whose on-off girlfriend wrote a self-published book completely bashing her two exes. They had silly pseudonyms as names, and were painted as deceptive men taking advantage of her. Imagine a TS song in book form — it was badly edited and printed in 14-16 point font to fill the pages.

        The new beau (usually a responsible person) trusted her and never read the book, despite gentle suggestions that he really should. He didn’t, married her and they divorced in six months.

      • jammypants says:

        Sounds similar. I’m pretty sure he’s aware now of what’s going on, purely by people constantly asking him. Maybe he’s hashing an exit strategy. If I was super attracted to someone and they got exposed for being attention seeking and a hypocrite, I’d lose the sexy glasses I had on quick.

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        I do think he was probably naive. If I may take a moment to psychoanalyze someone I’ve never met, I get the sense that he tries to see the good in people to almost a Pollyanna degree. Not because he’s a perfect sparkly unicorn, but because he’s a charming attractive man who’s led a privileged life and probably hasn’t been kicked in the teeth very often. She has her schtick of being the dorky but beautiful, charming and gracious girl who will get up and dance with you at the MET gala when no one else is dancing, and I’ll bet he bought it at face value.

      • Gingerly says:

        I always think he is sometimes reckless, overconfident, impulsive, and naive, sometimes calculating and careful. Whatever the nature of this relationship is, he does not seem to be well prepared for it. To be fair, this mess is not the thing many have expected. On the other hand, I suppose that he was vaguely aware of what happened between TS and West, and CH. That might not be his priority anyway, and he (and his team) did not have sufficient experience and knowledge to judge the matter.

  15. Goldie says:

    A lot of people think the Kimye drama will send Tom running for the hills, but in a weird way, I actually think it helps him. Taylor has now been forced to go into hiding, and thus, they can stop doing their cheesy photo-ops, and just be a normal low key couple.

    • LadyLoo says:

      Taylor Swift does NOT do ‘normal, low-key couple’ – whatever the circumstances.

      • Evie says:

        Taylor Swift – low key? Normal? Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…

    • Karina says:

      Low-key is impossible for them, because wherever Taylor is, people immediately start taking pictures of her and posting them to social media or sending them to tabloids. They don’t even need paps anymore. There is literally no place she can go. Should she stay inside in her house and hotels and never go out?

      Now it applies to Tom too. When he steps outside for a run on the beach, instagram immediately explodes with pictures. Then the comments start rolling in: “He is such a fame whore, isn’t there a gym at the hotel?!” So he’s not allowed to run outside, is that it?

      And when he walks 200 meters outside to get their takeout meal, people immediately ambush him. Instagram full of pictures again. And the comments: “Why didn’t he just send a body guard?” Well, I’m afraid next time he will.

      I feel so sorry for them, not only for not being able to do anything normally, but also for getting hatred for literally everything they do or don’t do.

      • Dara says:

        Karina – yes, I think the paps are probably outside their place 24/7…and yet they’ve still managed to come and go a few times in the last few weeks without being seen/mobbed/photographed, so maybe it is more possible than you think.

        Taylor made a trip to a Children’s Hospital in Brisbane with no one knowing about it until she had left. She, Tom and assorted Thor actors went to a Ghostbusters screening at a major local mall and there were no photos. There is a rumor of TayTo going to the Hemsworth’s for dinner, but no photos of that either. If the situation warrants it, they seem to manage to stay out of sight. Funny that.

      • Karina says:

        Dara, sure, of course it is possible for them. But that’s not “normal & low-key”, that’s being forced to hide. It’s very tiresome and far from anything normal. And if they aren’t specifically hiding, people scream “shameless, staged photo-ops”.

        I can understand that the fans notice them everywhere, but I cannot understand how the tabloids and gossip sites ruthlessly feast on their private lives. Countless sites post a new (usually mean) speculation of their relationship practically every time there is a new photo of them going to a restaurant (!) or running on the beach or something else of the same level of importance.

      • Elise says:


      • Gingerly says:

        Dara, I think she had to control her hospital visit really carefully because it can be easily viewed as hypocrisy, and as Ghostbusters screenings were managed by Hemsworth and no photos of anybody were taken at that event, the particula event cannot prove that she can hide easily if she wants to. It seems to me sometimes she succeeds to hide, someimes she fails, and sometimes she does’t care, and sometimes she wants to be seen. I don’t think we can say the same thing to Hiddles, because his photos are not so valuable and he doesn’t seem to care about paps before TS.

      • Dara says:

        Gingerly, I guess what I was trying to say is that I disagree completely with the assumption that Poor Taylor simply cannot go anywhere without being hounded when that simply doesn’t seem to be the case. It probably takes a little advance planning for her to avoid photographers, but I really don’t think her security people are stuffing her in a plastic bag and sneaking her out of the building in a garbage truck under cover of darkness. Simply leaving from a service entrance in a different car probably works pretty well most of the time.

        And yes, you’re right, living life in the public eye is usually a combination of being successful at avoiding photographers but sometimes not, sometimes not caring one way or the other, and on a few occasions giving photographers exactly what they want. There’s nothing wrong with any of those things, but in my mind the “Poor Taylor is always being hunted” comments are just as far off-base as the “these fame-whores are staging every photo.” Neither of those positions seem reasonable to me based on what we’ve seen – or not seen.

      • Gingerly says:

        @ Dara, Right, neither assumptions would be true. And I guess, being in Austrailia might, she may have more difficulties in controlling paps. Anyway, I laughed when I imagine TS in a plastic bag. Thanks.

  16. Lucy says:

    He’s been absolutely desperate to be an A list celeb and to be Bond since he was a teenager at least. Desperate. I don’t know if he was ever actually under consideration for Bond but he certainly tried his hardest to make it look like he was, and to lobby for the role.

  17. Jus says:

    There is literally no way that she will let that happen. Going to the Emmys with him would allow her to be front and center, which is what she lives and breathes for.

    • Bonzo says:

      Taylor’s not the only one. Tom wants an A-lister media magnet on his arm. I have little doubt they’ve been planning their Emmy’s red carpet debut for months.

    • grabbyhands says:

      God, I can see it now-they walk in, her looking all delicate and afraid and he heroically shields her (but only a little so we can all see how brave she is) from intrusive cameras and then they sit down, eyes only for each other. If he wins, the camera will pan to her, tears of joy in her eyes as he dedicates his win to her love and dedication. Shortly thereafter they announce their engagement and plans for a fairy tale wedding.

      She would much rather be the one with the glory, but I’m sure she’d be willing to ride his coattails on this one.

      • shelly says:

        Yes and if he doesn’t win the Emmy, they will have practised their good natured losers faces, and he can whip out an engagement ring, and steal the winning actors thunder…

      • Pinky says:

        But when he loses to a black man–Sterling K. Brown for the People v OJ Simpson–that director fool will come out with how Hiddiot got stabbed in the back like Ron Goldman and poor Taylor can’t catch a break or divorce herself from “that family” and their scary, angry black men. F them both. Merry Swiftmas in July, everybody!!!


      • Naya says:

        I fear this is probably an accurate prophesy. And outlets that should know better will tout it as the new Brangelina. God help us all.

      • PGrant's Girl says:

        @Pinky DYING at “Hiddiot”! 😂😂😂😂😂

      • Bonzo says:

        “Hiddiot” need to be added to the TIDDLES lexicon, along with Taytanic, THexit & Swiftmas in July.

  18. Tulip Garden says:

    For whatever reason that he’s not going to be Bond, good! I just can’t get onboard with that casting. I seriously doubt it was ever a great possibility anyway. The guy seems nice but nothing is Bond-like about him, imo.
    Unless they are really into each other, I don’t see how the relationship can survive its rocky beginnings (see what I did there? *snort*). Seriously, on a regular week I think being with someone of Swift’s fame would be difficult but this week would be a real fast eye-opener. Who wants to live like that? I mean, exposure is one thing when you want it but all the time? The thought makes me nauseated.
    I have often wondered how any of the partners of truly famous, recognizable people deal with their partners fame. I know Swift courts it and that makes it worse.
    My last deep thought on this: if it’s not over by the Emmys, I’ll bet they (and definitely I) will wish that it had been at some point.

  19. Betti says:

    For the sake of his career he needs to back away as soon as possible. In a way even if he walks away tomorrow, the press won’t be too hard on him as its out about how she lies and manipulates people/leaks stories to TMZ. If he walks away and her camp try and rip him apart, it will blow up in her face as no one will buy it this time. She’s the girl who cries wolf!

  20. LAK says:

    Just a thought. Given that Taylor Knew about the Kimye recordings months ago and has been trying to shut it down, does anyone feel like the Tiddles OTT pda was to distract from it?

    Might it have worked if it weren’t for that pesky Calvin and his inability to rise above anything?

    • Bonzo says:

      HELL to the YES, it was timed to distract from Kim’s GQ interview, which hit newsstands the next day.


    • Dara says:

      @LAK, I forget which in which publication I read it, but someone did theorize exactly that way back when those pictures first surfaced, even before the True Love World Tour started up in earnest. The beach PDA was the day before Kim K’s interview in GQ appeared where she called out Taylor for being a liar, and the romance effectively buried that news under an avalanche of pretty, pretty photos. Same with Kanye’s Famous video.

      So it did work for a while, and then Calvin went rogue and Tay’s team had to focus on taking him down. It’s hard to fight a PR battle on two fronts and Kimye used that to their advantage.

      ETA: thanks @Bonzo, I’d forgotten where I’d seen that.

      • Bonzo says:

        No only Calvin going rogue but she could no longer use pap strolls to distract from the accusations due to Tom’s having to go back to work. Calvin’s twitter rant was a gift from the PR gods and Kim knew just when to drop that video and nail Tay’s ass to the wall. It was a perfect storm of events that Taylor had NO control over.

        It was glorious.

      • iralagi says:

        @Bonzo, I recalled it was Taylor who start this mess with Calvin. If she didnt drop information acknowledging she’s also the writer of TWYCF, there would be no perfect opportunity for kim to jump in.

      • Bonzo says:

        Iralagi, I wrote this on another post but, yes I agree. She is the one provoking her own feuds online which leaves her victims the choice to either to hunker down or defend themselves. She’s a mean girl and a classic narcissist who never sees herself at fault for the crap that comes raining down on her.

    • NoName says:

      I agree that the first photos were probably staged to deflect from Kim’s GQ interview. I also think that is why he is not likely to leave her over this – to get him to go along with the publicity push, she must have told him some version of the story that he believed, yes? Close enough to the truth since she knew it would come out eventually (she knew they had the footage after all) but shaded to reflect well on her and make him feel protective. He did her one better by following her to Nashville, then inviting her to meet his family. I think he is probably a good guy who believes her version of what happened (likely some explanation about how she got played).

  21. Margo S. says:

    We always knew this was a pr relationship. What’s funny is that Tom thought that he would be so much more famous after this but instead, Taylor got served and he looks like a fool. It’s actually so funny because they both thought they wee being so cute and clever. Hahaha.

  22. LinaLamont says:

    “And will someone buy Tom some new workout clothes?”

    I’m sure he either has multiple versions of this or he launders it every night.

    Also,  I appreciate a man who isn’t so caught up in his looks. To me, that’s sexy.

    • Bonzo says:

      The real reason is that it devalues pap photos.

      • Naya says:

        This. I thought everybody knew that repeating wear makes the photos harder to date and generally less interesting to publish. I guess to his credit he isnt looking for attention ALL the time.

      • KatM says:

        Wow, that makes a lot of sense now.

    • Angel says:

      I’m with you about the clothes, he gives it to the laundry everyday. He’s really not a clothes horse, why would he pack several changes of just gym gear?

    • Secret squirrel says:

      I think he had about 20 paper-thin blue t-shirts (or so it seemed) when he was rehearsing for Coriolanus , so repeating the same outfit isn’t unusual for him.

      • Dara says:

        Damn, I miss that shirt. I think the committed relationships he has had with certain articles of clothing may last longer than Hiddleswift does *fingers crossed*.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        I too miss the paper thin blue t-shirt, which was fraying at the neck when last we saw it. I don’t think it survived the Crimson Peak experience

  23. Grace says:

    Like the glasses; hate the hair. His current hairstyle makes him almost unrecognisable.

    For what it’s worth, I always thought him the kind of guy let the ‘girl’ (this time the emphasis seems appropriate) make that kind of call. He might distance himself, play emotional unavailable, but ultimately he doesn’t pull the plug until she does. Would she would do it?

    • Bonzo says:

      Grace, I see Tom as emotionally unavailable regardless if he’s happy in a relationship or not. He likes to keep his cards close to the chest and has always struck me as guarded. I suspect few people know him well.

      I do think as the stress piles on, he’ll distance himself emotionally from her (physically too) and needy woman that she is, she’ll suffocate him trying to pull him back towards her. That will mark the beginning of the end as no couple can last with that dynamic in place.

      Million dollar question is, how much can he take before he shuts down and pulls away? It’s anyone’s guess since there’s a lot at stake professionally speaking. He may have a high tolerance for needy, demanding women and will remain for much longer than we think anyone can stand it.

      • Christin says:

        He should be thankful he’s working and on location. Her own ‘sources’ have labeled this a ‘vacation’ (ha). What if they had moved into a home together and this storm started?

        He has every opportunity to deem ‘vacation over’. Let me work* and you go handle business elsewhere. (* Work = Purchase new phone, change e-mail, etc.)


        You’ve nailed it again, Bonzo. I think he may try to hang on at least until the Emmys, he’ll still be wanting/needing all of that high-profile PR, even if it’s negative. Anything to keep his name out there in front of the Emmy voters.

        At least he can escape to work during the day. I was afraid she would insist on going to the set with him. But she’s probably calling and/or texting him every few minutes.

        I think it would be smarter for him to cut his losses and exit, stage left.

      • Bonzo says:

        I think if he wasn’t working it would be over sooner than later. He can escape, focus on other things and be away from the drama. God knows how he’s handling herself hunkered down in a hotel room with her staff with bad PR all over the webs.

        It’s not just the Emmys, it’s the Globes and Skull Island that he’s got on his mind as well. I can’t see this relationship ending until sometime after that.

      • jammypants says:

        She sure is not helping his work schedule, clinging on 24/7. Imagine working 18 hours then coming home to that kind of drama.

      • MI6 says:

        Nailed it, Bonzo.
        Except I think this is going to end sooner rather than later. The old adage “any press is good press” doesn’t apply in the era of social media.
        And he strikes me as a guy with a short fuse. I think he’ll crack and pull away.

      • Evie says:

        The Emmys are on September 18. That’s two months away. If TnT are still together, Tom’s going to look like the CryptKeeper walking the Red Carpet.

      • bonzo says:

        Ahh MI6… where’s the fun in that?? We need TIDDLES to get fun again. I need a laugh. It’s gotten too serious and my ass hurts from riding my high horse the past few days.

        You see him as having a short fuse and I see him committed to his cause. I guess we’ll know in the coming months, huh?

  24. amelia says:

    Finally found who he reminds me of. Tintin. Or at this point, Snowy, with no clue what to do with his bone.


  25. MI6 says:

    If this doesn’t cure his infatuation with fame, nothing will.

    • shelly says:

      He needs to come home and limit himself to the odd appearance on Midsomer Murders. He’s been out thirsted and he needs to accept it.

    • Betti says:

      He’s thirstier than Bendy who was finally cured of his fame infatuation with the whoopsie pregnancy and subsequent car crash losing Oscar campaign. Bendy got burned and learned his lesson so he stays away from the limelight now – thank god.

      Hopefully Tom learns that its his acting talent we want to see.

      • Bonzo says:

        I don’t think it cured Bendy, he’s just been busy with Hamlet, Dr Strange & Sherlock. What little downtime he’s had has been family-focused. I think we’ll see the same thirsty Bendy when Strange promo ramps up.

        Tom appeared to have “matured” when he spent nearly two years working on Coriolanus, Crimson Peak, High Rise, ISTL and TNM and yet here we see him thirstier than a houseplant.

        I agree with MI6. Nothing will cure him of his craving for fame if attaching himself to Taylor’s insane PR roller coaster doesn’t.

      • Christin says:

        Maybe it will teach a lesson on pining for women in relationships and trying to play knight in shining armor once said relationship ends. (If that happened here or with E. Olsen…)

      • lilacflowers says:

        Bendy has not been cured. He just hasn’t had any work that would put him in the limelight for a while. He’ll probably be back this Saturday to promote Dr. Strange at SDCC.

  26. Trixie says:

    Can we get over the fact that Tom only has one workout outfit? I only have one workout outfit, too, that I wash all the time and rewear. It’s not that weird.

    • Erinn says:

      Yeah, I have like… two maybe? I just rewash a ton… I’m not going to buy like 10 different outfits that I only wear for like an hour or so at a time.

    • Naya says:

      He probably has multiple of the exact same shirt/shorts. He is trying to discourage pap shots during his run and the way you do that is by making yourself an uninteresting as possible and making the photos difficult to date. The photos fetch less money progressively and eventually no magazine will pay for more identical photos of Taylors bf running on the beach when they could reuse something on file.

    • KatM says:

      Yea, I am not a clothes horse and I wash stuff all the time too. So it is not all that weird to me. Also, now that I read the comments above about it devaluing the photos, I think I understand it more now too. I honestly was not aware of that. I guess I need to read Celebitchy more often!

    • lilacflowers says:

      He gets back from his run, puts the workout gear in the hotel laundry and it is ready for him the next morning. Really easy.

  27. grabbyhands says:

    I want to feel sorry for him, but I can’t-he went into this knowing what he was dealing with.

    Having said that, he’s screwed no matter what he does now. If he walks away, he looks like a jerk and if he stays he looks like an oblivious fool.

  28. Browniecakes says:

    She’d get to play the victim – her favorite role – if they break up. TnT will do whatever her PR team tells them to do. Tom working in AU till Oct is the perfect ‘we drifted apart due to busy schedules’ excuse though. I’d run with that. I’d run, period.

  29. OhDear says:

    My theory is that Legendary (which produced Skull Island and Crimson Peak) wanted him to do this, and he agreed. I mean why wear that shirt again and again and again and again and again? And someone in a previous post said that Swift’s label was involved in producing the soundtrack for Skull Island, I think?

    TBH, he’s going to look bad no matter what he does with this *cough* relationship *cough*, so IMO he/the studio might as well cut his/their losses while he can.

    /adjusts tinfoil hat

    • LadyLoo says:

      I’ve seen this theory floating around a few sites, most recently on DL. I’d go for it at first sight, but on closer inspection: SI is going to be just fine without TayTo. It may struggle in the N. American market, but it will make back its budget and more overseas. Tayto was and is about TS and TH.

      As for the shirt. Nah. If he wanted to promo SI, he wouldn’t wear a Legendary shirt as most people don’t connect the studio to the actual film. If it was about SI, he’d have a SI shirt on…and he’d be running in a gorilla costume.

  30. Livvers says:

    I think this could go two ways. One, he walks. On the other hand, he doubles down. Tom and Taylor’s relationship reminds me in two main ways of Tom and Nicole (minus the cult) and makes me think the latter is possible.

    First, I’m thinking specifically of the staged romanticism that having tonnes of money (or a cult that can create a wildflower meadow for you) can create. It’s like on The Bachelor – that stuff can really get into your head and twist reality, and you get caught up in it. Second, remember that first in-depth interview Nicole Kidman ever gave that touched on her relationship with Tom? She talked about how being two celebrities under the public eye created this intense “us against the world, only you can understand what I am going through” mentality that cemented them really solidly together, the implication being that under normal circumstances things might have played out differently. I actually think the more we crow about Tom losing credibility and roles thanks to the Taylor connection, the more likely he will see her, also under ‘public siege,’ as the only person who can understand him.

    • anon123 says:

      That is a really good point. A long time ago I read research which talked about the same thing – going through adversity together makes people really close.

    • Bros says:

      maybe, but that was a totally different era. practically Mesolithic by now. pre social media, pre celebrity gossip websites, etc. the whole definition of celebrity was different then.

    • The Understudy says:

      I think he is more likely to double down, they will indeed have bonded over how people have judged them, not so much over Kanye, that’s her drama but over the whole media opinion on Hiddleswift. They know they are being watched like hawks and every move they make will be analysed. What better way to forget the mean folk than going full steam ahead with the fairytale romance regardless, her money has allowed her to get almost whatever she wants in life.

      It’s a slow news day for Hiddleswift, I think they are lying low because of the PDA mockery, otherwise I would expect her to be proving how unaffected she is with all the Kanye drama by going out like its business as usual. Hiding away makes her look like she can’t face the predicament she is in and if she believes she holds the moral high ground she should own it. Maybe she is planning her next move or maybe Tom is keeping her calm by softly whispering his inspirational tweets of yesteryear in her ear.

      The circus will go in to overdrive when they leave Australia and land in LA. I would lay money they are dreading that journey. I predict some kerfufle with press very soon with Taylor looking very victim like, it about time those body guards did some real work.

      I am certainly looking forward to the next episode as there are so many ways it could go and I hope it happens before the Emmys which will be a fabulous event. Will they hold hands all night, they are bound to be the butt of a joke or two, imagine if they don’t go together and he has to suffer alone? No they have to go together, or he does not go at all so therefore they simply can’t break up!

  31. Mira says:

    Taylors little fans are waiting outside for Taylor but get a photo with her always camera ready new boyfriend instead. Superstar by association.

  32. anon123 says:

    No way. He didn’t start it to break up. There all these billions to think of, and his very own production company.

  33. M.A.F. says:

    Doesn’t Comic Con start this week?

    • Betti says:

      Yes and wanna takes bets that she show up. There is no way she will pass up that opportunity plus she’s a Kate Middleton level clinger,

  34. mee says:

    Tom is thinking, “Baby, this is NOT what I came for…” Hilarious all these stories. This is one gossip story that might have some truth or maybe Tom’s side is now leaking to test reaction to his stage exit. What a cautionary tale about getting what you want – he went to the fame palace and all he got was a lousy t-shirt that says he hearts TS!

  35. HeyThere! says:

    How come woody Allen can not ‘be over’ after the terrible things he has done? But Tom dates TS and is finished?? Weird Hollywood for you.

    • Aren says:

      Woody has a lot of power. All pedophiles in Hollywood do.

    • CornyBlue says:

      Tom has never done anything that has been special except Loki. Woody Allen has had a long ass career with beloved movies. Why can you not see why one of them is more disposable ? ( though i do not think Tom is over and Allen should definitely be stopped)

      • Elise says:

        I don’t agree. I think there’s a tendency to equate the worth of an actor’s work with how much money it pulls in. Hiddleston has done some very, very good work–look at Coriolanus and Hollow Crown and Night Manager as just three examples–but they haven’t pulled in a ton of money, so they’re not “special”? Don’t think so. Money doesn’t necessarily equal quality.

        It may also be that Hiddleston is stuck on the gentleman’s rule that it’s always the lady’s option to end a relationship. One option I DON’T think he’s got is to “lay down the law” to TS or tell her to change what she’s doing. I don’t think ANYONE has that option. And if he didn’t know that before, he knows it now.

    • silverunicorn says:

      Yep, I was thinking the same. We’re speaking about people who lied or are famehungry, but Allen/Polanski (add Johnny Depp now) careers were never over despite the harm they’ve caused to other people.

  36. FW says:

    I think the breakup would be now or never. Breakup now is like loss-stop. TS stans will tear him apart no matter when the breakup happens. He can announce a good project, focus on Thor3 (+ Avengers 3 perhaps), work very very hard and stay away from limelight.

    Otherwise, best he proposes and marries TS and gets fame and money, by association. Maybe TS will buy him a movie production company or he can start his own chicken-soup-ish blog.

    but, for my personal entertainment, I hope they show up to Emmy’s together:)

  37. moon says:

    I feel bad for Tom. I know he can come off a little needy and desperate, but he is genuinely a really talented actor. As for Swifty, she scares me.

  38. Luca76 says:

    I still see them going long term.. Whether they are real pr (or as I believe) a combination of both just like many, high profile celebrity couples.

    • shelly says:

      I tend to agree Luca76, a beneficial relationship, but a real one at the same time.
      And I think Tom will stick it out as well, I think he’s got more to lose by walking away at the moment, and if he really does like her, he might be trying to get her to dial down the drama, and try and salvage her reputation.

      • Secret squirrel says:

        Maybe the old “we tried it your way and look where we are, so now we try it my way” speech is needed from Tom and he can take charge and bring a little more maturity (and dare I say dignity) to the relationship.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        @Secret squirrel

        Assuming it’s a real relationship… I think the more interesting question is, if he laid down the law with her to stop the nonsense, do you think SHE would stay?

      • Noname says:

        I agree shelly and secret squirrel… he probably is working over time to keep her quiet, though. She’s only posted on twitter in response to this and allegedly her sources are talking to TMZ…

    • LadyLoo says:

      But what’s ‘long term’ in the world of Taylor Swift? It was 15 months for CH, but they were hardly with each other time wise, and there wasn’t the drama and madness of TayTo.

      Long term with TS means about 3 months. So, yeah, I can see this going long term.

      • Bonzo says:

        She was flirting with Tom at the 14 month mark and touring for 7 of the other months she was dating CH. So really, that relationship only lasted about 6 months. 😉

    • silverunicorn says:


  39. EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

    Goodness knows I hope he jumps ship with as little collateral damage as possible. Unfortunately I don’t think he will for a while. He will feel obligated to support her in her hour of need, I think. I’m just so glad he didn’t publicly tweet that support.

  40. kittenhotel says:

    This TS vs KK feud really shows all the things wrong in the world:

    1. Kanye obsession with taylor
    2. How weak Kim and Kanyes relationship is. She bends over backwards to please him.
    3. Taylor attempt to spin the narrative to public opinion. Own what you said then explain why you changed your mind.
    4. Recording someone’s conversation is sick. How many women are secretly recorded in order to unmind them.
    5. How really insignificant this is to regular people.

    • Cathy C says:

      1. I agree he’s obsessed but probably still miffed (he should learn to let things go)
      2. I think in a way it’s strength in she won’t give up on him (because he gives her credibility, that she desperately craves)
      3. I have seen Taylor do this for YEARS so this doesn’t come as a surprise
      4. I don’t think that only WOMEN are secretly recorded (men have also had this happen to them)
      5. It is VERY insignificant unless you’re a stan and you can’t let this go (obsessive in a sad way)
      Great analysis I really enjoy your comments 🙂

  41. lucy says:

    Isn’t this the story that was made up by the girl/guy on Tumblr to show how quickly it could spread, and that the facts wouldn’t be checked…? It backfired though, and they got so much hate for it they deleted the account, but it was all over tumblr, and twitter too with the screen grabs, i think back last week, or the week before.

  42. EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

    Regarding the Hollywood Gossip story, isn’t that the one for which a young woman on tumblr pretended to be the source? To “prove a point” about the media’s willingness to use sources with little or no verification?

    • lucy says:

      I just posted the same thing, and i think we’re right.

      • Beach girl says:

        Re Hollywood Gossip- yes it’s the same site, different article. I don’t think she would do it again but that doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t. Unreliable.

        I think they will still show up at the Emmys together; he’s got too much to loose and she needs to save face. if she has a new engagement ring then the focus will be on her, not his accomplishments.

      • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

        Jinx, buy me a Coke, @lucy! 🙂

      • Sophie says:

        Yes, the same story,. This is completely fabricated.

  43. K.C. says:

    I mean, this obviously isn’t how he expected to spend his summer, eh? He must’ve come home from work Monday like, “WHAT HAPPENED?” I think they’ll stay together, though.

    He looks cute in that fan pic.

  44. Fa says:

    I’m still expecting a red carpet debut at the Emmy to save face & after that the break up

  45. Miss Jupitero says:

    Has Tay Tay been seen in public this week? Or is she in lockdown mode?

    • Secret squirrel says:

      No reported sightings that I have heard about. Surely she would be going crazy locking herself away 24 hrs a day in a hotel suite? What kind of holiday is that?

      I’m truly surprised at least one of her squad hasn’t made the trip to Oz to console her.

      Maybe she is going to the set with Tom to keep distracted (but every time Tom looks over at her she is nose deep in her phone madly texting her peeps).

      • shelly says:

        She may have snuck out of the country undercover of night, knowing how much she hates publicity *ahem* And be back in her lair plotting her next coup against the Kardashian/Wests.

        Or she may be busy writing a whole new album on the back of this weeks dramas.

    • Bonzo says:

      She hasn’t been seen since the hospital visit a week ago… same day the Calvin rants hit, I believe.

      She’s gotta be going a little crazy holed up like that without her usual bf and pals to validate her. I presume we’ll see her on the flight back to CA this week.

      • Noname says:

        The hospital visit was at the beginning of last week and she was seen shopping either the day or at night when the twitter rants hit but keep in mind there is a 14 hour time difference between the Gold Coast in Australia and the eastern US, 9 hour time difference from London, 17 hour time different from west coast.

      • Browniecakes says:

        I agree but have you seen THAT hotel suite?!

      • Bonzo says:

        No, but she seems like a woman that is not comfortable in her own company. I suspect she needs people around her to make her feel special. Bodyguards and assistants don’t adequately replace bf & squad.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        She was last seen Wednesday, July 13 (US) when she went shopping. The pictures seem to be nighttime. Those pictures started appearing on Instagram Thursday morning before the Emmy announcement. The Ghostbusters outing was that Wednesday night too but her attendance is in dispute.

      • lilacflowers says:

        Correcting myself, the Ghostbusters outing may have been Thursday night, forgot to factor in time difference with the date line.

  46. Smd says:

    Taylor ramp it up girly. Gotta do some more children’s charity events, a couple of animal group charity events/fundraising and lay low for a while. Perhaps a makeover with a new hairstyle and more mature “outlook.” I’m imagining her teams meetings as we speak..
    Any predictions on her next moves? It ain’t over folks, we know that!

  47. Bread and Circuses says:

    Dude, I wear the same workout clothes five times in a row. That’s why laundry exists. I only need one set of specialized clothes but that doesn’t mean I have to stink.

  48. sauvage says:

    If this relationship is fake and all for PR, Tom Hiddleston and his team are planning his graceful exit as we speak.

    If this relationship was real, which I still have a hard time believing, then Tom Hiddleston is probably sending her packing as we speak, because all of this over-blown drama is killing his concentration on set, and he’s being paid to do an actual job. At least that’s how I see it happening in the real world, but what do I know…

  49. Guesto says:

    “…Tom went along with it because he knew the relationship would raise his profile and perhaps help him secure the Bond role.”

    *snorts* Yes, because a rock-posing, ‘I <3 TS' wearing, ocean gamboling, slide-sliding, hand-kissing girlyman is exactly what Broccoli would be looking for in her new Bond.

    *snorts again*

  50. Saks says:

    No, he wont leave her (at the moment). All these weeks he has proven he is no better than her, especially in this famewhoring game.
    She keeps on giving him a lot of exposure and this impass in her career will pass (public forget fast), I dont think it was never Bond but to make him a A lister box office star, and he hasn’t reach that

  51. Anon says:

    Anyone who feels attracted to that blonde barbie look a like should get checked by a doc, specially when you are a 35 years old, educated guy….

  52. Hannah says:

    He looks good for 45 years old!

  53. Isobel says:

    Lol! I bet she expects him to defend her on Twitter. Bet she misses Calvin now he would have done.

  54. Alex says:

    Did anyone see that blind about how Katy and Taylor submitted songs for the Olympics and people said Taylor’s wasn’t up to par.
    So its REALLY been an awful time in her life…she must be going crazy that things aren’t going her way

  55. koko says:

    Maybe if he is looking to break up before the Emmy’s and can’t seem to get out, he could send us all a sign…like wearing a black “Legendary” shirt and black shorts next time he runs. Then will know to send a squad in and rescue him.

  56. Abby_J says:

    I have no idea what is going on in Tom HIddleston’s head, or if this is love or a really long photo-op, but if he wants out, now seems like the time to leave. Yeah, the Taylor Swift fans will say mean things, but they are gonna do that anyway. Yes, Taylor will write hit piece songs about him, but she was going to do that anyway. Ultimately, does it really matter? His audience seems to be people like me, older fans (no, I’m not talking ancient here, people, just not 15 year old Swifties) who are most likely side eyeing the relationship anyway, so getting out would only make them love him more. He can deny all the leaked stuff in the press about marriage and babies. Most sane people would believe it was a load of bunk anyway.

    He can send her home, move into a sensible living situation and hunker down on the set with only photos of him dressed as Loki acting his ass off. Bonus, when he loses the Emmy in September, he can chalk it up to the drama hurting him, at least in his own mind. This will be LONG forgotten as a source of drama by Skull Island, and again, I don’t think Taylor’s fans were the ones going to see that movie anyway.

    Alternately, if this really and truly IS love, then she should return to the states immediately and announce that she doesn’t want her drama to overshadow his work. They both stay out of the spotlight until he is done filming (if that is October, then she skips the Emmys), and she can time a brand new record of songs about her love for him to the end of filming. The KK drama will die down by then and they can get back together after “realizing” that they were meant to be.

    Of course, that second paragraph may be way too grown up for either of them.

    • FW says:


      “His audience seems to be people like me, older fans (no, I’m not talking ancient here, people, just not 15 year old Swifties) who are most likely side eyeing the relationship anyway, so getting out would only make them love him more. He can deny all the leaked stuff in the press about marriage and babies. Most sane people would believe it was a load of bunk anyway.”

      I qualify as an older fan (same age as TH). I don’t side-eye the relationship. I side-eye the shameless publicity. Can’t say for others, but even if TH gets out now, I would not love him more. I wonld not love him any more. He lost his credibility. (UNLESS he tweets to support Kanye to out TS ;))

      • sauvage says:

        I absolutely refuse to qualify as an “older fan” and I’m one year older than Hiddleston, lol! Apart from that, I completely agree with everything you said.

  57. Will Tom break it off with Taylor before the Emmy’s………or ever?
    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  58. Elle says:

    To take such delight in someone’s supposed downfall says A LOT….a lot more about the state of our society and some people’s lives than about Taylor Swift.

    From a reputable news outlet:
    FICTION: Taylor Swift knew about the lyric, “I made that bitch famous.”
    FACT: The aforementioned footage does not show West and Swift discussing that particular lyric. While there’s conversation about being “famous,” there is nothing in the clips that addresses the “that bitch” part of the song.

    Of course if you read the transcripts, you can figure that out. When/IF the conversation is ever released without editing and in order, then we (might) know the truth. Until then, sounds like she has reason to be angry!

    As for her relationship with Tom….Two attractive people spending time together? I hope it’s real and I hope they’re happy and I hope it lasts!

    • Isobel says:

      It goes ‘i made that bitch famous’ . How could she know about the famous line and not know about the word bitch? It makes no sense.

      • Elle says:

        She apparently DID okay the “Taylor and I might still have sex” part which I think was ridiculous :/ ….I think she was trying – for whatever reason – to be agreeable. Then she was insulted when the song came out by the line you quoted (that he did NOT run by her) because he had nothing to do with making her famous. She took exception to it because she’s worked hard to achieve what she has.

        If you haven’t read the transcripts, you should. Just google it. And the fact/fiction part I quoted was from GossipCop. They just kind of validated what I’d already read.

      • LadyLoo says:

        GC as an impartial source? No, no, no. GC is in the pockets of certain celebs. And TS is one of those celebs. This was the same site that reported – about 4 times – that TS hasn’t had a boob job, when anyone with eyes can see she has.

        GC only knows fact from fiction when a celeb tells them.

      • Isobel says:


        She actually talks about the famous line in the transcripts.

      • LadyLoo says:

        Isobel, there’s a saying about a brick wall we should both probably recall at this point.

    • Abby_J says:

      Even if she didn’t know about the word bitch, how can she be shocked that a rapper used a bad word (specifically a word derogatory to women) in a rap song? People keep saying that she isn’t stupid, so I’m gonna assume that she knows what most rap (right or wrong) is about.

      Besides, Miss “I’ve made millions dragging ex-boyfriends and ex-friends through my songs” really have a leg to stand on when someone else does it to her?

      I’m not buying it, and apparently no one else is either.

      • anon123 says:

        “Even if she didn’t know about the word bitch, how can she be shocked that a rapper used a bad word (specifically a word derogatory to women) in a rap song? People keep saying that she isn’t stupid, so I’m gonna assume that she knows what most rap (right or wrong) is about.”

        it is off topic but maybe we should all be offended about the kind of language used in rap. I refuse to listen to rap/ hip-hop of this reason. So much of it demeaning and offensive.
        Granted I don’t know exactly how much since I don’t listen to it unless it is by accident at some dance function where I can’t just turn it off.

      • Elle says:

        Abby, you make a valid point about rap songs. She should have declined to have any association with it at all.

        Regarding her music – She writes from her life experiences just like most other artists. It’s the media and people who make a big deal out of attempting to dissect each and every song and then turning it into a huge FEUD.

        As for no one “buying it”…. She still has her supporters.

      • Valois says:

        Yes, most artists write from their life experience. But do most artists directly adress the person they are talking about? Do most artists use clothing they wore when getting papped with their exes in music videos to make sure everyone gets it?

    • LadyLoo says:

      Elle, no one is taking delight in her downfall – that is ‘fiction’. Most here are in ‘fact’ predicting that she will recover in one way or another.

      What we are delighting in – and, yes, poking fun at – is that she herself dug the hole that she later tripped into. She said that she didn’t have a conversation with Kanye about the song, released a statement about it. That was a lie. She lied, and she got caught.

      I personally am also calling her out for that Grammy speech. Miss Goody Two Shoes insidiously suggested that Kanye had done her wrong with that speech. That he had released a song which aimed to insult her without her knowledge. In fact, he did not. She stood up in front of that audience and lied in an attempt to belittle Kanye and aggrandize herself and her feminist credentials. It was low. It was conniving. It was wrong.

      For these actions, and others that are coming to light, she deserves the criticism we and others are leveling at her.

      Relationship. Two attractive people spending time together?: Yes. Real?: On some level. Lasts?: (Raised eyebrow).

      • Elle says:

        I appreciate someone articulating their viewpoint without going on the attack. 🙂 Thank you!

        I don’t think it’s fiction though that people are celebrating her ‘demise’. It’s “Christmas in July”. People are thrilled! But you are right on the prediction. I think that she will bounce back. I hope so. I think she’s got a lot more to contribute.

        Her rep never said that she had not talked to Kanye. They bounced around a couple of ideas and WHY she ever agreed to the “sex” line is beyond me…. I’d like to hear the rest of the convo and see if indeed he offered to let her hear the song prior to release. The argument that he didn’t have to…..well, no, of course he didn’t, but once he called her and they discussed it…. I believe that does become relevant.

        I think that she’s a young lady who tries to do the right thing, and yes – be a good girl in a very tough, hard industry. Does she have a persona that has been tweeked for the world to see. I don’t doubt that. Every entertainer has a “persona”! But for Goodness sake, the woman was even criticized when she contributed $250,000 to Kesha’s defense fund! And here’s the thing – She should have declined to be involved in any way with the song or Kanye, – I think we both know he would have recorded it anyway! – but she would have been vilified for that too.

      • LadyLoo says:

        “Kanye did not call for approval, but to ask Taylor to release his single ‘Famous’ on her Twitter account,” said Tree Paine, a representative for Ms. Swift. “She declined and cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message.” She added, “Taylor was never made aware of the actual lyric, ‘I made that [expletive] famous.’”

        This was her statement after Famous dropped. And now it’s come to light that: He DID call and ask for approval. She DIDN’T caution him about releasing the song; she supported it, was going to be in on the joke. And while we’ve yet to see if they have proof that she okay’d ‘bitch,’ she did okay the ‘famous’ part because it’s very much implied at the end of the second part of Kim’s videos when TS herself is talking about fame.

        She doesn’t have a leg to stand on, Elle.

        And please don’t give me more credit than I deserve. I’d be happy for her career to end t.o.d.a.y. I’m petty and mean like that…it’s the only thing Tay and I have in common.

    • Grace says:

      Your cry of morality rage would’ve carried much more weight if Taylor Swift wasn’t the author of her ‘downfall’, as you put it. It wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t make a big deal in the first place. It wouldn’t have happened if, how many months have been in between, she opened up with a little bit more honesty than she intended and clarified the matter, yes, the phone call did take place but she wasn’t comfortable, blah blah blah.

      No. She didn’t do any of those things. Instead, she was busy feuding with her ex, treating the U.K. and Europe like scheme parks in the wake of Brexit. Yes, Tom brought her to those places, I have been vocal in the past threads already, so no, he doesn’t get a pass for it. I guess she was just that cocky, she was so convinced no one would believe a Twitter nutter and his wife who could barely keep clothes on during the day over her. But she miscalculated, didn’t she? This bore of a soap opera drama has been carrying on for too long. The problem isn’t this version of event or that version of event, she okayed this line not that word. The problem is people are sick and tired of her changing goalposts. That’s what happens when someone cries wolf way too many times.

      Besides, how is this her downfall anyway? She’s young, rich, famous. She’s been given pass for awful behaviours before. She will live this down because she’s Taylor Swift. Any other person wouldn’t be as lucky. So really, when you cry social injustice on her behalf, I am sorry I find myself unable to sympathise.

      • LadyLoo says:

        Yes, the butter wouldn’t melt attitude grated as well. She honestly thought that her lawyers, her goodwill, her public persona would win out over the truth. And then just to make sure, she came in with her ‘totally not fake and the greatest romance that has ever been’ relationship to overshadow both Kim and Kanye.

      • LadyLoo says:

        Grace, on another site, some Swiftie was crying rivers of sadness and indignation on TS’s behalf. She ended her comment with ‘I just really feel bad for TS.’ In response another commenter posted:

        ‘Me too.’ – Darfur orphan.

        That about sums up my sympathy for TS. She’ll get a pass for this, as you said. And she’ll have her money, fans and success to console her. Hopefully, she’ll have learned a lesson from all this, but that’s wishful thinking.

    • Londerland says:

      You’re right, it does say something about my life. Specifically it says I’ve known waaaay too many Taylor Swifts in my time. Spoilt girls who never left high school in their heads, who become grown women who are happy to act the victim so that their friends rally round at the first sign of trouble – but who never return the favour when their friends need them.

      Women who don’t care if other people are having problems, but cry foul the minute the game goes against them. Women who scoff at feminist issues right up until they are challenged in the smallest way, and then they cry “sexism!” and “slut-shaming!” and demand the sisterhood rally round. I’m tired of those people.

      She’s still got an army of obedient fans, and more money than God. This is not her downfall. This is her next album. She’ll have her revenge when we have to hear it on the radio every day.

  59. KatM says:

    I think it is really bizarre that she never goes out with anyone who is not famous. I suppose the “man-boy” from the Kennedy clan would kind of apply but for the most part, all of her significant others are well known. It makes me think she really does do everything with exposure in the back of her mind.

    • LadyLoo says:

      She took a hit on his fame levels – and age – because she thought she was going to be the next Jackie. It was all going to be the second coming of Camelot.

      Can you imagine what goes on in her head?!

      • KatM says:

        Hahaha, I am so glad you are here, Ladyloo! You are so right, I can only imagine what goes through her mind. The fact that she bought the house literally NEXT to the Kennedy compound and Ethel Kennedy’s home is so bizarre.

      • holly hobby says:

        I’m sure if JFK Jr. was still alive and divorced from Carolyn, she would sink her hooks on him too.

      • KatM says:

        HH, yes, oh my gosh, she would be obsessed with him. Never even considered that. When you start purchasing property next to an 18-year-old’s family you are dating, that is truly strange. Apparently, she really likes Ethel Kennedy. And even if that is the case, the fact that she purchased the property next door is so weird. I am sorry, that is really off. Can you imagine if you were eighteen and dating someone who is twenty-two, and they said: I am going to buy the property next to your grandmother. It is honestly off the rails ridiculous and I find it very funny honestly. And yes, I know that she sold the property and made money, but it is still incredibly bizarre. I am sure there are many other properties available to invest in, in order to flip, which are not located right next door to your eighteen-year-old boyfriend’s grandmother.

      • Christin says:

        There was speculation that Patrick S was her first intended target, but he wasn’t interested. Which (if true) is interesting, considering he later dated another singer/tabloid fixture, Miley.

        Buying the house seemed more bizarre than the 1960s themed hair and outfits. I never bought the “investment” aspect for the same reasons KatM mentions. I think Conor’s aunt and her daughter met TS at a concert, and she glommed her way from there.

        Now I’m imagining what if Taylor had been around in the 1980s / early 1990s. Jackie would have shut that down faster than a Daryl or Madonna.

      • KatM says:

        Christin, wow, you are so right. Jackie would have been very leery of her. Jackie actually valued her privacy, which is a foreign concept to Taylor Swift. I agree, that whole investment aspect was pretty far fetched. I did not know she wanted to go out with Patrick. I can completely see that. I also was not aware of how she actually attached herself to the Kennedys, so I am glad you added that. Remember when Kathie Lee talked about her crashing her stepdaughter’s wedding? I found that to be fairly funny. Of course, her rep spun that as well. Her pr people must be very well paid.

      • Christin says:

        Full disclosure – John Jr was my teenage crush in the 1980s. Nothing Tiger or Teen Beat magazines ever featured could match People’s photographs of him starting in his college years. Therefore, I actually understand her interest in the family (though it would have made more sense in the 80s).

        I just briefly entered a rabbit hole, googling articles on TS, Patrick S and Rory (the aunt). TS was thought to be cozying up to Patrick at first, at least by DM’s coverage. And, there were rumors she might have ‘cheated’ with Patrick that fall. In December, some of the older family members presented her with an award.

        I’ve never understood the house buying. If I had the fame and money to have done the same with John back in the day, I would never have been that blatant (at least not at 22, which was her age in summer 2012).

        I have to go back and revisit the wedding crashing. 😃

    • Browniecakes says:

      She is in a stratosphere of popularity few share. Would she better with a music bf? I guess not if we cannot collaborate well with others

      • Lilacflowers says:

        She would be better with someone in the music industry. The business side of it, behind the scenes.

      • KatM says:

        I agree, she would be much better off with someone who is behind the scenes because she would not receive so much flak and she could probably actually enjoy her life without as much press intrusion. She does not seem to mind though. Hence the giant inflatable slide.

    • Elle says:

      We tend to date in the realm where we travel….. I’ve been married for 23 years to a man I met at work! Stars date, fall in love and marry stars….

      I don’t find that odd. And I’ve often heard celebrities say that only other celebrities can understand and PUT UP WITH what they go through! I get that.

      There is NO WAY I’d put up with the ridicule and public scrutiny….for NO amount of $$!

    • Veronica says:

      Don’t most people in Hollywood do that, though? You have to think about the power dynamics inherent to that kind of celebrity and wealth. Most people marry in their class for similar reasons, regardless of what social category to which they belong.

  60. I can picture their actual first argument or disagreement which who knows, may be their last. With Queen Taylor expecting to have squad members come to her defense in social media, she has to be wondering and/or asking Tom to defend her in some way, shape or form on twitter or in an interview. Right? Wouldn’t you want & expect your boyfriend you’ve been saying you can see yourself marrying and he’s ‘done everything right so far to impress Taylor’ come to your defense after these awful Kardashian/West people exposed you for the liar you are to the world? I would. She has to be pissed he hasn’t jumped into this at all. He’s supposed to worship her 24/7 and do whatever she wants.

    • EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

      Don’t do it, Tom! I will be so mad at him if he gives in and tweets.

      • Beach girl says:

        He will never tweet directly about the situation, getting that one awkward comment confirming their relationship was probably difficult enough. No, sometime in the future we’ll get some lengthy, rambling article about the perils of being swayed by social media instead. That’s his style.

      • Browniecakes says:

        Imagine how much traffic she could give his Unicef interests if she tweeted about them?

      • jammypants says:

        I don’t think he will. He’s THE definition of anti-conflict. This is a proper hurricane.

    • @Browniecakes
      I know, right. How decent & unselfish of her if she were to tweet about his Unicef projects. Not going to happen. It takes all of her time to think about herself and plan her image and manipulations and albums and take-down songs and enemies and squad collection and boobs and bangs and………poor girl must be exhausted.

      • Browniecakes says:

        Despite how happy TnT look in SOME pix this is where I step off. If my new love was promoting a good cause and I had 10x the followers he did on Twitter I would get behind it. She could post a school photo on his post at least

      • Gingerly says:

        Well, I hope she never tweets about UNICEF. It will make his long, commendable commitment to the cause look like another PR show by HW celebrity. Actually one thing I like most in this relationship is that she never posted anything about him yet. And I think it is a part of her stratgy, whatever it aims to.

    • Gingerly says:

      I don’t think he will and I don’t think she expects him to do it. She and her team must have reviewed his online activity before.

  61. holly hobby says:

    I’ll respect you again, Tom, if you jump off the Taytanic right now!

  62. KatM says:

    He kind of resembles Buddy Holly in that photo with the two little kids.

  63. seesittellsit says:

    Man, his hairline is really going out with the tide . . . I never doubted he was on some list for Bond, or that he would have loved to have gotten it, but I doubted he had a strong chance. He’s just missing something, and since July 4th, that chance has also gone out with the tide, and add another “something” he’s missing is any remaining dignity. I keep thinking of the b**** from “Muriel’s Wedding” saying to poor Tony Collette, “You’ve – got – no – dignity – Muriel.” (Love the film btw.)

    I’m sure he’s being seen out alone to separate himself from the tawdriness of the Tay Tay-Kim-Kanye garbage, but I don’t see him getting out of this any time soon.

    “. . .says that Taylor is acting crazy and already talking about marriage and babies and Tom is really starting to “freak out.””

    Really? Well, what’d he expect when he brought the girl home to meet Mum on the family estate WITH the paps outside?! What does he think girls think when you suggest with a photo op that she’s about to become one of the family, Wellies and all . . .?!

    Even if he HAS woken up with a shock, he’s gonna have to wait AT LEAST till after the Emmys, and give this farce what they used to call “a decent interval” after dragging Mum into it.

    Nah, I don’t see a breakup any time soon. That’s my bet, anyhow.

  64. lucy says:

    One can hope. Hiddleswift can’t end Hiddleswiftly enough for me.

  65. Jeanette says:

    If Lindsay Lohan can keep a man, there is always hope for Taylor.

  66. Barbara says:

    It won’t be long before he is pretty much bald. His hairline recedes as we speak.

    • jammypants says:

      Balding is a natural aging process for a lot of men. I commend him for just letting it be.

  67. Andrea says:

    Only if there is a God…..And Bwake break up by then too. LOL

  68. I'm With The Band says:

    The same workout gear every day? Quelle horreur! Maybe Hiddles should subscribe to Kate Hudson’s ‘Fabletics’ range. Or subscribe to Kate Hudson. Now there’s a PR relationship made in athletics heaven.

  69. Maya says:

    team hiddleswift forever 😀

  70. Pegacorn says:

    I actually want Tom to be the next Bond, just because I want to see what kind of monster Taylor would be. Taylor would probably lord over the peasants that’s she’s dating James Bond. It’s gonna be a castle or a cabin in the English countryside.

    With the leaked phone convo, i hope all bets are off now. I’m waiting for a Kanye/Ricardo sextape. And since Kim is a yatchclub whore, pretty sure there’s some dirt there. Heard it was 6figures a pop .

  71. Lia says:

    He knew she was ridiculous when he hooked up with her. I’m guessing he just didn’t comprehend HOW ridiculous until he got into her den.

  72. Ninks says:

    I never thought Tom was in with a shot for Bond, and it was him (or his people) who started those rumours because he wanted to raise his profile. Even if he himself had no interest in the role, he loved the attention he was getting from all the speculation. Be careful what you wish for.

  73. cakecakecake says:

    Now THIS is what I am talking about!
    at first I was not on board but now I am on full fledge watch, LOL!!

    Save yourself Tom, ummm, are there any major holidays coming up?? I don’t know when… but I think the end would be announced while everyone is pre-occupied w/something else media wise, then given as “had been separated for months” kinda thing. They won’t make it to xmas though. heehee

    I watched him in the “Deep Blue Sea” the other night and it was good-dramatic movie. I say he portray himself like he did in that movie (don’t want to give it away)

  74. Fan says:

    He is probably having a second thought not unless he is financially motivated.


    I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me before, and it may have already been discussed and I missed it… but:

    LEGS said they were together and very happy. But love was never mentioned by him, was it?

  76. Beach girl says:

    Tom MAY already be in LA. Bryan C and Olly iG in LA yesterday. Beyond the Velvet Rope tweeted that there is a live stream interview today at 3pm for TNM and suggested Tom will participate.

    Lots of #EmmyTalk about @NightManagerAMC #TomHiddleston will chat about it on 7/21 #BTVRlive streams from @RKRmedia!

  77. Lisa says:

    Hmmm I hope they never break up. I think they’re perfect for each other.