Caitlyn Jenner: The GOP is our best hope at getting a ‘constitutional government’

Caitlyn Jenner attended events adjacent to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week. She announced that she would be going to Cleveland ahead of time, almost as if she was hoping for a speaking slot at the RNC. Which isn’t going to happen on Mike Pence’s watch, you know. So Caitlyn just had to be RNC-adjacent at an American Unity Fund Q&A session, where she talked about her long-standing love of all things Republican, even though the GOP would much rather refer to her as Bruce and discriminate against every part of her life. Some assorted quotes from Cait’s Q&A session.

Coming out as Republican: “It was easy to come out as trans. It was hard to come out as Republican.”

She’s a Republican because her dad serves in the military: “And if my dad knew what was going on in this country when he fought so hard, I think he’d be very disappointed. Because of that, I feel like our best hope to get back to a constitutional government… is a Republican Party… I’m not giving up on this country. I’m not giving up on this constitution. I want jobs for everybody.”

North Carolina’s bathroom laws: “I haven’t used a men’s room in a year and a half. I follow the rules. I never flush a feminine product down the toilet.”

How she came out to her kids: “God said, ‘Let’s give this one the soul of a female and see how he does.’”

Changing hearts & minds: “I think the Republican Party needs to understand. They need to know people who are trans.”

What she wants to tell Trump: “I would tell Donald that there are people out there that have been marginalized for so many years… It’s about the next generation coming up. We have to provide a safe environment for them.”

[From USA Today]

I know Caitlyn is a Republican because of the way she talks about why she’s a Republican. It’s the same vague, illogical, superficial, uninformed way that many die-hard Trump voters talk about why they’re voting for Trump. Because “freedom” and “my dad was in the military” and “making America great” and “the Constitution or whatever” and “you know, like, freedom.” In what way was George W. Bush’s administration MORE of a “constitutional government” than Barack Obama’s administration? Do Republicans believe that no active-duty military personnel or veteran has voted Democrat, ever?


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  1. CidySmiley says:

    The GOP thinks you need mental help and are policing where you p*ss

    Girl, bye.

  2. Tiffany says:


  3. Saras says:

    Ugh there is so much wrong about Jenner and trans is not one of them. Those people would stone you in the street if they could but your rich white privilege saves you from considering that at all!

  4. Tate says:

    I agree, Kaiser. She sounds just like my highly uninformed friend who spouts the very empty rhetoric about why she is voting for Trump. I can’t stand Caitlyn.

    • Suzy from Ontario says:

      That’s the trouble with so many people out there… they repeat all this rhetoric that isn’t isn’t factual and don’t bother actually investigating the truth. SMH

      • Tate says:

        It is so frustrating and scary. These people are willing to put a very dangerous man in the most powerful position all while living in their uninformed little world. For The love of God, Trump hasn’t hidden how vile he is. He has been shouting it from podiums for months now. How are people blind to that???

      • Naya says:

        She really is just regurgitating rhetoric. If she had investigated she would know that when Republicans moan about “unconstitutional” they are usually talking about what they believe is federal government or supreme court overreach on issues like fair pay for women, gay marriage and even the recent executive order on trans equality. She has a personal stake in all these issues but here she is still regurgitating like she were still a seemingly cis straight wealthy white dude. Idiot.

    • Lindsay says:

      I was looking over at a few conservative sites to see what they were saying about Trump’s VP pick and his speech and some of the reasons people gave for liking him were insane. They were like “I am sold because he is a great dad. Like he said you ‘can’t fake your children!'” and “I can tell he really loves America.” First of all, he said the kids thing about Trump I’d wager that they know almost anything about his kids/parenting skills. Second of all, so?! Those attributes don’t qualify you to be “the most powerful Vice President in history” which he would turn out to be. The only thing that qualifies you for is writing a parenting book and hosting the neighborhood 4th of July party too. Not to mention Chelsea turned out well and she had a rough go of it during her dad’s presidency. Being called ugly as a nationwide “joke” would hurt at any age but during the teen years, yikes! The Democrats love their country as well and say so in their speeches all the time. Loving America is not a bold political stance. It’s possibly even dumber than ‘I could grab a beer with him’. It is just bizarre to have so much faith in someone because of what they told you in a prepared speech. Lordy…

  5. G says:

    In my experience, celebs who say they want a constitutional gov don’t have a clear understanding of the consititution, so I side eye that (not saying everyone who says this is uneducated, because there are plenty of people who are. But many celebs who proclaim this don’t even know what that means).
    I really wish my trans siblings had a better public representative than her. She really doesn’t get how most of the world lives.

    • Lynnie says:

      Besides the obvious reason why isn’t Laverne Cox given more of a representative platform? Everything I’ve seen her say has been far more eloquent and substantial than Jenner, and she actually walks the walk.

  6. minx says:

    She’s nearly incoherent. “I’m not giving up on the constitution. I want jobs for everybody.” WTF? This is a person who has obviously spent very little time actually thinking about these issues. She’s narcissistic; everything revolves around her.

  7. doofus says:

    yes, Caitlyn, and they’re YOUR best hope at being sent to conversion therapy, and being ostracized from society. good luck with that.

    oh, one more thing. if you support the military, vote Dem as the Rs are the ones who constantly cut funding for veterans.

    • Betsy says:

      It’s a clever play on words, that, isn’t it? “Supporting the military” seems like for Republicans it means opening bases, building planes and carriers, paying for soldiers at the time of military engagements, but it really doesn’t say anything about supporting vets.

    • H says:

      Speaking as a retired disabled veteran, you are spot on. The Republicans have voted against every single bill funding the military and veterans for the past 4 years. Democrats have tried to get things through but no go thanks to Republican-held Congress. For that reason alone Caitlin should be voting Democrat according to her logic.

    • The Old KC says:

      Ditto. My husband is a U.S. Army Veteran AND a Democrat who, during his 20’s, voted Republican. After seeing firsthand how poorly the U.S. Government under Republican leadership has treated not only my husband but also other war veterans, I’ll never vote Republican again.

  8. Rhiley says:

    If you want some happiness in your day, watch Michelle Obama’s carpool karaoke. All the hate and anger that is swirling around, especially during the poopshow that has been the convention, is forgotten at least for 15 minutes. Michelle, Missy Elliot, and James Corden, so fun. So fierce.

  9. Chaine says:

    Vomit. Someone hasn’t rethought the 65 years where she got to take maximum advantage of white male privilege.

  10. Suzy from Ontario says:

    So what is she saying? That everyone that served in the military is Republican? Go away Caitlyn Jenner! You are such a hypocrite!

    • Deedee says:

      She is saying, I don’t want to pay higher taxes.

    • Jwoolman says:

      If there’s a new military draft, does this mean registering as Democrat will get you out of it?

    • Lama Bean says:

      Recall when she first had the sit-down interview with Diane Sawyer that she was a republican and Diane sawyer was shocked. Caitlyn’s response? “Well yeah, I’m a Christian. ” so you must also be a republican if you are Christian.

  11. Squiggisbig says:

    Caitlyn is 66 years old. What feminine products could she possible be flushing down the toilet?

    Also, the cognitive dissonance here is remarkable.

    • Wren says:

      That, I’m pretty sure, was a joke. Since being a trans woman and all she would not need feminine products regardless of age.

    • holly hobby says:

      No kidding! Plus I doubt doctors can make a biologically born male menstruate! I don’t think Caitlyn has all the inner parts to make that happen! Ugh her comments are so disingenuous!

      Ugh, please stop talking about politics, Caitlyn!

  12. Nancy says:

    I’m glad Caitlyn Jenner follows the rules and doesn’t flush feminine products down the toilet. Wtf is she talking about, tampax……isn’t she like 65. I’m so confused. One more day and they will leave my city where we can just be happy about the Cavs championship a little while longer, bitch about the heat and air our the Q.

    • Norman Bates' Mother says:

      The bigger problem I have with her answer is how is she following the rules by doing something that is forbidden? She was asked about North Carolina bathroom laws, which forbid trans people like herself to use a bathroom of their choosing and she follows it by saying that she uses women’s bathroom, so she doesn’t break the rules? Idiotic. It was probably meant to be a joke on her side, but the subject is too serious to just laugh it off and continue to praise GOP. She probably hasn’t been to NC recently and as a rich, privilaged celebrity, she doesn’t face any consequences of similar laws, so it’s not her problem, but where is the empathy? She’s a 100% Kardashian at heart.

      • HH says:

        I’m glad someone pointed that out. Like if you break a law (even in the name of moral justice), you’re still not following the rules.

      • Lindsay says:

        She probably hasn’t broken the law. What government building in NC has she been in in the last year and a half? It doesn’t apply to privately owned businesses and locations. I am pretty sure she meant the “rules” when it comes to bathroom etiquette.

    • Dirty Martini says:

      It was a joke. And it was cute.

  13. Deedee says:

    What it comes down to is that she doesn’t want to pay higher taxes. I think she does care about LGBT rights, but she’s got it so easy, it really doesn’t affect her.

  14. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    And right after she said all that Ben Carson came out and said ‘trans’ issues were nonsense and sickening. She’s as uninformed and desperate as every other person who clings to a party that actively works against them. She doesn’t really know what she wants or means, she just wants to believe she’s still invited to the country club events.

    She and the Log Cabin Republicans should form a support group, much like the Republican woman who herself was gay and went on the floor to plead with her own party to stop taking such a hard and ugly stance against the LGBT community and was voted against within 10 minutes of speaking. These people don’t want or care about you.

    Their ‘family values’ are one bread wining man, one subservient woman, and two.five little flag waving American kids.

  15. FingerBinger says:

    I’m a bit confused. What does the constitution have do with jobs? There’s nothing in the constitution that guarantees anybody a job.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I commented similarly. Her comment illustrates how she and her mental ilk are so thoroughly uninformed, unintelligent and incurious… and they are what is driving the Donald Rump movement. Willfully ignorant, intellectually lazy masses.

  16. Deanne says:

    She’s such a complete idiot and I really wish she’d shut up. Her beloved Trump has chosen a running mate who would deny her basic human rights, who hates the entire LGBTQ community and who hates women. The rich, white, male privilege she’s enjoyed her entire life, continues to cloud her thinking, it’s nauseating.

  17. Neelyo says:

    “I think the Republican Party needs to understand. They need to know people who are trans.”

    Oh okay, so until you know someone personally, they don’t deserve rights? That’s the typical Republican argument about everything: if it doesn’t affect you, it doesn’t matter.

  18. Lilacflowers says:

    I am so sick of this “it was hard to come out as a Republican” crap. Bruce Jenner was a Republican for decades, proudly so, and we’re supposed to believe there was opposition or difficulty involved in that?

    And sure, Caitlyn, being a woman is all about knowing how to dispose of tampons and Drumpf, Ryan, Pence, and McConnell will help you with that.

    • Lindsay says:

      It means she got a lot more flack for being trans and Republican then she did for simply being trans. As a rich, white guy belonging to the GOP made sense. There was an interesting interview with the first openly gay member of the platform committee and she said something similar. She said she got a lot more disgust from the LBGT+ community for being a prominent Republican compared to how the members of the GOP reacted when they found out she was gay (at least to her face.) As Eternal Side Eye mentioned their response was to simply ignore her.

  19. Kiki says:

    I can’t stand Caitlyn Jenner. Just go away. You money grubbing person

  20. HiMyNameIsRose says:

    Sharon Needles does a far better Caitlyn than Caitlyn herself. Also she’s a damn idiot.

  21. jlee says:

    Caitlin should sign herself up for some conversion “therapy”. It might better help her understand what our VP hopeful thinks of her female soul/male body epiphany. Support your community you empty headed, vapid idiot!

  22. Anotherrandom says:

    Am I misinterpreting the NC law? I thought you had to use the restroom of your biological parts. I thought Caitlyn still had man parts, so wouldn’t she have to use the men’s restroom? If so, then she’s not following the rules…

  23. Bridget says:

    She is the worst.

  24. Ruyana says:

    I do believe Caitlyn should have gotten a brain transplant. They don’t pay any attention to the Constitution now, why would that change? She’s a freaking idiot.

  25. K says:

    Everytime this person speaks (she doesn’t deserve to be called a woman sorry as a woman I’m not letting her be one; doesn’t deserve to be a man either) I become more and more offended! what the hell was that crack about the feminine products, I mean that is beyond sexist, discriminatory and degrading. This is on the same level of trump taking about Megan Kelly bleeding!!!

    Sorry but Caitlyn is a disgusting human and how dare he reduce me to a bilogical function and a serious discrimatory law to a joke. GO AWAY LOSER!!!

  26. iheartgossip says:

    Jenner needs to stop already. The attention has dried up and yet STILL reaching to be relevant. The GOP has no room for anybody like Jenner.

  27. Angelica says:

    Most times, I think Caitlyn is the worst example of a female trapped in a man’s body who finally found her true self. I’m in the south and while I’ve only met a few trans people my entire life, they’re minds seem so much more open, in some ways they’re smarter than us all having lived two lives, so to speak, and that experience shines through, regardless of which sides they’re on. Caitlyn is not that. She says she’s #willingtolisten but she obviously isn’t listening to the projectile ignorance coming out of her own mouth. I’m not saying she’s ignorant for not going full blown Dem, I’m saying her reasoning for staying Republican isn’t based on Republican values, it’s based on her inability to change anything but her identifying gender. I hate that she’s this way because I rooted for her last year despite her vapidity. She needs to learn herself a thing or two because she sounds so stupid.

    • Christin says:

      I went to school with a trans individual who has lived as a woman since her early 20s, and she is very open and vocal (has been for 20+ years). That’s a gutsy thing, because we live in a very conservative region. I trust her opinion, and she has said not one word about Caitlyn, ever. Laverne Cox, yes. Her silence speaks volumes to me.

  28. Ariel says:

    Translation: I’m a wealthy white person and I don’t want my taxes to increase, and while trans issues are obviously important to me, they pale in comparison to how I feel about my money.

    And this bullshit about its hard to come out as a Republican galls me.
    Trans women die at the hands of bigots, bigots vote republican.
    Republicans don’t get murdered by trans women.

  29. LinaLamont says:


  30. LAURA says:

    Instead of supporting Trump it sounds like she should be supporting Gary Johnson who is the Libertarian candidate. He’s fiscally conservative and socially liberal. i don’t see how she can vote for someone who’s running mate tried to make it a law that his state can refuse service to gay people.

  31. Grey says:

    Serious question… I know that this is not a “political” site, but I am asking my question here because I feel safe and from a year of reading comments, there are many commenters here who I look up to as being educated and I have learned a lot about life in general.
    Lately I have been reading how the Democrats are a “threat” to the Constitution. Is this a real thing? Is it based on the gun control argument? (I am not from the US so I am just curious where this argument would be coming from)

    • BendyWindy says:

      They feel threatened by gun control, yes, but also think Democrats want too big of a federal government and less states’ rights. Also gay rights, trans rights and racial equality are a impinging on their freedom of religion, because Jesus. Also, something about Muslims.

      • Tate says:

        Meanwhile they are the ones who want the government to have a front row seat to all things concerning a woman’s uterus.

      • BendyWindy says:

        @Tate. I read somewhere that Republicans want a government so small it can fit inside our uteruses. I laughed, but it’s really not funny. :-/

      • Tate says:

        Lol, it is funny but not funny because they really want to rule our decisions in regards to our bodies. This Pence guy is a real monster in that respect.

    • anon33 says:

      Absolutely 100% not real. Repub talking point which says the complete opposite of what reality is (which is their entire platform.) THEY are the ones that are threatening the constitution, full stop.

      ETA: see Bendy’s comment below.

    • lifeiskickingmy says:

      It’s political laziness in my opinion, it’s easier to spout the same talking points that have been around for 20-30 years than really examine your party’s platform and come up with new ideas or challenge them. I think both parties are guilty of this but I see it more from our US right wing than the left wing.

    • Grey says:

      Thank you, everyone. I am so interested in everything that is happening (and sometimes slightly horrified, etc.) I appreciate hearing from everyone.

  32. BendyWindy says:

    It seems to me, that Republicans who want a constitutional government have only read the second amendment. They certainly don’t seem to give a fig about what’s in the rest of it (free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of (and from) religion, due process under the law, cruel and unusual punishment, etc).

    Have these MFs even read the damned thing?

  33. lee says:

    Caitlyn and Jennifer Garner look exactly alike to me.

  34. greenmonster says:

    So, just to understand:
    Caitlyn Jenner, the trans woman, supports horrible people who would strip her rights away in a heartbeat if they could – totally makes sense.
    Caitlyn Jenner supports horrible people who are a bunch of racists, depite the fact that one of her stepdaughters is married to a black man and has kids with him – again, it makes sense. Absolutely.
    Caitlyn Jenner supports people who would (probably) look down on her other stepdaughter who has three kids with a man, whom she is not married to. Yip, of course.

    How can anyone be this dumb? If the Republicans could do as they please, it would hurt her whole family – beginning with Caitlyn herself. How can she not realise that?

  35. Rubber Ducky says:

    What an imbecile.

  36. Ann says:

    I can only give my opinion due to my own past experiences…. but the Democrats that I know…. sadly…. are apologetic for our country…. would never shed a tear while listening to any of our patriotic songs and the pledge…. would never be caught dead wearing a flag pin…. or flying the flag in their yard…. and the list goes on. Not sure why…. but it’s such a different mind set with my Republican friends/family. It’s just an observance. But the truth.