Malia Obama might have smoked a joint at Lollapalooza: no big deal?

A few weeks back, First Daughter Malia Obama was celebrating her high school graduation at Lollapalooza in Chicago. There was a really cute video of Malia on stage with a group of girlfriends, and she was being egged on to shake her thang, which she did, briefly. And it was adorable. Of course, I’m sure that Malia-dancing-to-Mac-Miller-at-Lollapalooza probably gave both of her parents heart attacks, but hey, she’s got Secret Service protection and if that’s as bad as it gets for an 18-year-old young woman – a young woman headed to Harvard next year – then the Obamas are in pretty good shape. Unfortunately, dun dun dun, it got even worse!

Yesterday, a video came out of Malia Obama allegedly smoking what looks like a joint. We don’t know for sure if this is a joint – it could be a hand-rolled cigarette, I guess. It looks like she’s just taking a quick hit, which… let’s be fair. One hit of a joint isn’t going to mess you up too badly. It’s not like she’s taking three hits off a gravity bong. This seems like a Snapchat video that someone copied? Meaning… her friends need to be careful. Or Malia needs better friends.

Here’s the thing… the politics around marijuana have changed so much since I was in college. If this had been Chelsea Clinton in the 1990s, the conservative media would have been talking about this for months and months. But given our current political climate and given the ever-changing politics around marijuana, I don’t think this is a huge deal? <NSFW for language and pot-smoking.

Not surprisingly, all of the potheads on Twitter were all “LEAVE MALIA ALONE!” I agree. Let Malia be Malia. She’s having fun, she’s taking a hit off a joint at Lollapalooza, she’s dancing and being 18 years old. Let her enjoy her youth!


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  1. Jenns says:

    NBD. At all.

    And I don’t want to hear sh*t from conservatives on this considering Cheeto Mussolini is their pick for president.

    • Amelia says:

      Cheeto Mussolini …… 😂
      That’s the best one yet!!

      • Bluebelle says:

        Cheeto Mussolini, that’s brilliant. He’s got worse friends than Malia Obama, good friends don’t let each other spray tan like that.

    • Tash says:

      + a million

    • Bearie says:

      There is a mom who is doing 25 years for giving her epileptic child pot. As chief executive he can actually tell Justice not to appropriate money towards marijuana enforcement, but he doesn’t. He has chosen to NOT use his power. Now that its his kids…its just more of the political elites having one set of rules while we have another. Also, more black males go to jail just for having pot than any other crime. This is hypocrisy from them.

      • Fiorella says:

        Since he has pardoned many drug offenders I would assume he would sign / pass a bill regarding marijuana if he could
        It’s decriminalized here in Canada/Vancouver and I don’t like how the shops are everywhere. And people smoke it shamelessly on the street. Good to be careful how you decriminalize anything

      • MerlinsWife says:

        Pot is not decriminalized in Canada. Trudeau has promised legalization but has not decriminalized it in the meantime. It was the NDP that was running on decriminalization rather than legalization.

      • India Rose says:

        He’s pardoned more people than the last several presidents COMBINED. Over 500. Most pardons were for people of color who committed low-level drug crimes and are disproportionately more likely to be serving long sentences. The man is doing what he can.

      • Eden75 says:

        Actually, pot for recreational use has not been decriminalized in Canada. The Liberals had said that it may happen before the election and now they have decided that it will not happen at all. It will be an all or nothing decision if and when it ever gets legalized.

        As for Vancouver, it has always been a pot friendly city, at least in my lifetime. People walk down the streets smoking it because no one really cares anymore if people smoke it. I would rather that then deal with drunk people wandering down the street.

      • Saras says:

        I agree with you that a majority of people of color get popped the first time for possession or paraphernalia. Then the slippery slope of future arrest starts. This is ridiculous and needs to stop. If he cared he would make marijuana decriminalized nationwide so no kid had to go to jail. The elites never get in trouble for pot. I lived in WA where its legal then had to go to WI for family and you go to jail here. Not fair and moving out of here asap.

    • Fran says:

      Genius, just genius. Cheeto Mussolini. Class.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      I swear to God I just read your comment as saying “their prick for president”. I like my interpretation better than your actual words.

      And, yes, who gives a flying f–k if Malia toked a doob. Frankly, the world would be much better off, possibly even at peace, if all the world leaders got together and burned a fatty.

    • Pants says:

      I should just not read this site at work, considering I just cracked up at my desk. Love it!!

    • LaMaitresse says:

      I’d be too shit scared of Michelle as a Mum get caught smoking a reefer, (or what ever that little Rollie was) in my room let alone in public! You are in serious shit girl lolz!

    • Abby says:

      OMG he is forever Cheeto Mussolini to me now. THANK YOU.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      I think I love you, Jenns.

    • Jwoolman says:

      Noah Trevor on The Daily Show keeps calling him Cinnamon Hitler.

  2. littlemissnaughty says:

    I’m much more concerned about the girl in the foreground licking … the air? She seems to be the one we need to worry about. We don’t even know if it’s a joint. If it is, who cares? It’s not like she has access to the nuclear launch codes while high. This is such a non-story but let’s count the seconds until Drumpf explodes and calls a teenage girl nasty names.

    • Tris says:

      Ha ha – yes, licking-girl deeply disturbing.

    • Sabrine says:

      Leave the kid alone. Can she not have any semblance of being a normal teenager without a camera covertly invading her every move? Dad’s going to be out in a few months so why would anyone really care this much what a teenager does when out with her friends….taking a quick toke is not that big of a crime surely. If it is, then the U.S. needs to quit being so rigid and ridiculous. Throwing people in jail for smoking weed is beyond stupid. Go after the real criminals.

  3. Escondista says:

    It is a big deal because it’s illegal not because it’s pot – is what id tell my child. Go to Colorado.

    • Margo S. says:

      It’s actually decriminalized in Illinois.

      • Megan says:

        IL has legalized medical marijuana and has moved possession of 2.5 grams of weed or less to a misdemeanor that is punishable by a fine. Smoking weed in public is still illegal.

        That said, we have moved so far forward on the conversation about weed, I am really surprised this is even a story. Such a NBD thing.

      • Anna says:

        She should cast her vote for Gary Johnson, the only candidate who will decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. Her dad, Clinton, and Trump have/will not. Hmm.

    • Tate says:

      Seriously? She is a teen. This is so not a big deal.

      • ohdear says:

        Because she is a teen, it might be a big deal, medically. I’m not jumping on Malia for this at all, but there is very strong science that links pot use prior to the complete maturation of the brain to schizophrenia. The science and research is well described in a documentary called “The downside of High” by David Suzuki. I’m for legalization, but wish teens were more cautious because of the potential long term risks.

      • Mieke says:

        Ohdear: Yeah, not after one use. She doesn’t strike me as the average pothead.

    • Amanduh says:

      “It’s only illegal if you’re caught…” :)

    • H says:

      I went to Colorado last year on holiday and bought some pot. The legal pot there knocked me on my a*s. Nothing like the pot I smoked as a teenager.

      Teenagers will be teens, you explore in your college years. And hey, the kid got into Harvard. She’s on the right track so one hit off a joint? NBD.

      • Dani says:

        Yes! My husband went to Denver for a work thing and brought home weed (how ILLEGAL!!!) and I can usually handle a good smoke but three hits from a bowl and I was like what year is it and where am I??? They do regulate how much they sell to people who are from out of state, which I commend.

      • PimmsCupInAPimpCup says:

        I’m an ass. The family kids went to the Colorado 4:10 Festival, too, and I asked if they would test taste some candies and bring back the best for my mother who suffers migraines.
        All that extra effort and she turned up her nose at the lot of it, because it’s ‘bad’, because it’s illegal.
        She can be such a Hyacinth, sometimes.

    • Katie says:

      And even in states where recreational weed is legal you have to be 21 to legally smoke it.

  4. shannon says:

    So silly. Go Malia, enjoy yourself, this is nbd. I would side-eye the ‘friend’ though!

    • Megan says:

      Total side eye to the “friend.”

    • Janetdr says:

      At least you can see who the “friend” is so everyone knows she is not to be trusted.

    • Ellie says:

      Right? That sh-t was intentional.

    • Looty says:

      Yes, the “friend” looks sneaky to me.

    • Esmom says:

      Agreed. And yes about the friend, as that tweet said she is shady af. Total frenemy.

    • Sayrah says:

      I don’t know that I’d blame the friend. This is a screen shot of a snap chat video. Someone got the video of this girl dancing around loving looking at herself and caught a shot of malia in the background. This pic makes it look like the friend is being shady. I doubt it was intentional. Regardless, this is a zero on my GAF meter. Of course, I smoked a bit of pot as a teen too. Thank goodness I was in high school before MySpace and Facebook and whatever else is out there now.

      • Betti says:

        Its because the friend is being shady. The video is pretty obvious that the girl was deliberately trying to get Malia in the shot, she clearly moves the camera to get it.

    • mia girl says:

      Sayrah – From the Snapchat video it looks like the girl dancing could herself be taking the video and even if it is another person, she moved ever so slightly to the side to provide an opening to film Malia. It was SUPER shady.

      But like Mama Obama says:
      “When they go low, we go high”
      (I couldn’t resist!)

      • Lucky Charm says:

        Malia took what her mom said literally, haha! Hey, at least she was listening. :-)
        When my kids were teenagers, sometimes they would deliberately take what I said literally just to provoke me, as teens are wont to do from time to time.

  5. greenmonster says:

    I’m quite sure Donald Trump will find words for this.

    She is a young girl/woman, daughter of the President – not THE President. So yeah, no big deal.

  6. Caitlin Bruce says:

    The girl who toke the snapchat is shady AF.

    • Pinky says:


      Freudian slip!


    • mia girl says:

      Completely shady and she looks like an idiot too with that posing and tongue thing.
      I’m sure she’s received backlash on social media for her obvious B.S.

      Pinky – so funny!

      • Lynnie says:

        Her original account got draggggged on insta, so she made a new one and the bio was, and I quote,

        “Idc what you say I’m not a snitch” 😂😂😂

    • Nadine says:

      Malia smoking weed and hanging around some guy who sounds like a drug dealer is more shady.

  7. Belle says:

    so what? The media and blogs will over react as they have already started doing and put unnecessary scrutiny on a teenager.

  8. Talie says:

    She went to private school with privileged, wealthy children…they tend to have access and be wild. I feel sorry for her because she will be sold out at every opportunity when she is at Harvard, and I would be surprised if she made it through. With modern technology and this new generation of narcissists, it’s impossible to live normally if you’re well known.

    The thing I resent is everyone defending her by saying “we all smoked weed as teens”…um, no we didn’t. And it doesn’t make me a loser because I chose not to do drugs. Ugh.

    • Margo S. says:

      Talie, no one called you a loser for not doing drugs. But in all honesty, most (not all) teens have tried drugs.

      • Talie says:

        It’s a figure of speech. But that’s the narrative all over Twitter. Like we all smoked up…uh, no we didn’t.

      • Brittney B. says:

        Yeah, that sure escalated quickly… she probably got defensive for an unrelated reason. Let’s hope it’s not projection that WE (those of us who used drugs as teens) are actually the losers.

      • Shambles says:

        Marijuana is a plant. Can we call it, like… An intoxicant or something? I don’t like to see it looped in with “drugs” because that implies it’s on the same level as stuff like prescription pain killers and worse, which can harm your body much, much more than an herb.

        Also, Talie, I hope you’re enjoying your high horse. I’m sure it’s nice to feel like you’re better than everyone else because you’ve never tried pot. You’re missing out though.

      • Arpeggi says:

        Well Shambles, I’m not sure that the fact that it comes from a plant really makes it less dangerous than any synthetic drug. Alcohol causes far more damages to your body than many drugs out there and it’s a fairly natural concoction, opium comes from poppies and is damaging and addictive as hell, cyanide is also very natural… Substances can cause damages whether they are synthetic or plant-based.

        But still, weed is no big deal, and it’s definitely not a “drug” for the privilegeds (it’s accessible to all!). And while we know that not everyone has tried it in their youth (or later), let’s face it: most of us did at some point. All this talk of weed now makes me want to make brownies once the heat wave goes away, time to make some special butter!

      • says:

        Eh I’d rather see cigs and alcohol classified as drugs, rather than weed not.

        It is a drug and it does cross the blood brain barrier. Combine that with the lack of real research (NIH only funds negative marijuana research, the UK has I think one registered researcher) and there is a real risk that consistent use before your brain is fully developed will cause permanent changes. Also there is a risk of shortening the prodromal period in certain cases of psychosis, especially in the case of teenage boys.

        It is definitely safer than alcohol though and I definitely think there is a lot of unfounded rhetoric regarding risks.

        I would love to see law based on risk, rather than politics and feelings.

        @ Talie
        Girl, chill. No one is calling you a loser for not smoking up. You may be a tight ass though, especially with that response.
        As someone who did not partake until the very end of university, you can choose not do drugs and not be an ass about it. All you need to do is stop judging those who do. It’s pretty easy. Your choice is valid, and fine. So are other peoples. Don’t give one choice a greater moral value, that’s when you get judgey.

      • Mae says:

        @Shambles But there are so many plants/herbs that are very harmful to humans. It doesn’t make sense to classify things as natural/plant =less potential harm. Maybe, maybe not, but these things have to be decided case by case.

    • mytake says:

      You should try it.

    • grabbyhands says:

      You are reading way too much into it. No one has implied that anyone is a loser of they didn’t get high as teens. You however seem very judgmental about those who did.

      I can’t speak for Twitter, but what I am seeing here is vocalization that many, many teens do experiment with getting high and that maybe taking a hit off a joint isn’t anything to freak out about.

      • Bros says:

        I didn’t use drugs as a teen even though it was legal in my state (Alaska) way back when, but I could give two sh*ts about Malia taking a toke at a concert. it’s only a matter of time before every state in the country decriminalizes it because of its last vestige of our puritanical roots status.

    • FingerBinger says:

      @Talie You’re reading too much into it. As teens most of us did things were weren’t supposed to do. That’s the point you’re missing.

    • Wren says:

      The message isn’t that “we” all did it, because not everyone did, it’s that so many people did and it didn’t ruin their lives. It’s not wrong to never have tried drugs just like it’s not wrong to have tried them. The vast majority of people who experiment have a bit of fun and then move on. No big deal.

      Just look at alcohol, a legal drug. Most people who “try” alcohol don’t become alcoholics. It doesn’t ruin their lives and some people drink quite heavily in college and then more or less quit after a time. And again, there are plenty of people who don’t drink and never have, and that’s fine and normal too.

    • Talie says:

      Some of you are rationalizing. There’s plenty of evidence that you shouldn’t even partake in it until after the age of 25 due to brain growth issues. I support it for people who have serious illnesses. But I’ve seen too many people do it and go on to harder drugs…different perspectives, I guess. That’s me on my high horse.

      • detritus says:

        You could say the same thing regarding ‘going on to harder drugs’ about alcohol though. Or aspirin. OR coffee. All drugs.

        You are using a feeling (people who use weed are going to get hooked on something harder) to justify a moral stance.

        If you want to base if off of damage done, then hate on alcohol which has the same issues and is overused at a much higher and socially acceptable rate.

    • MinnFinn says:

      By the time they graduate high school, 56% of teens surveyed by the National Institutes of Health, said they have never tried pot.*

      In other words, the fact is that most teens have never tried pot.

      And I agree with you Talie on calling out the facts. Because kids are so vulnerable to peer pressure we should not be normalizing it which we do every time someone claims ‘all teens try it or do it’ just because my friends and I did therefore most people do.

      Pot is not a zero harm activity. There are no details on the degree of harm caused because there aren’t enough studies. It’s just common sense that inhaling smoke or vapor produced by burning a plant is not free of harm. The question that needs to be answered is not if it harms, but how much.

      *That statistic is from 2010 study by US government National Institute for Health.

    • Trashaddict says:

      Knowing said school, that’s a pretty blanket call. By my recall there are all sorts at Sidwell, a pretty fair number straight-and-narrow, some not so. And you probably won’t find any meth heads there. We are talking pot-smoking here. That being said, a couple of things: it does show poor judgment. She is, like it or not, representing her family and her parents, and people will be scrutinizing her and in her scenario it was illegal to be smoking it. Two, one hopes she got it from a trusted source because it’s a crap shoot what’s mixed in with whatever happens to get passed at a venue like this. And yes, it is stronger than it used to be and messes you up more. Three, if she were drinking booze, we probably wouldn’t be reading about this, But alcohol causes more morbidity and mortality than marijuana. Four, some perspective: George Bush’s niece, a governor’s daughter, was arrested for trying to pass faked oxycodone prescriptions in 2002.

  9. Scal says:

    Wait you mean a 18 year old soon to be college freshman is acting like a 18 year old soon to be college freshman?!?! The horror!!
    *grabs pearls*

    This is so not a big deal. A one time thing at a rock concert when celebrating graduating and getting ready for college. But yes-she needs better friends for sure or needs to be more aware of who has a phone.

    • grabbyhands says:

      Exactly what I was thinking.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      I kinda think it is a big deal. If you Americans are going to make such a big deal about the First Family, they they have the responsibility to act as model citizens, at least while Obama is still in office. If this was illegal it is a big deal. If not, its just inconvenient. After november she can do what she wants.

      • Lindsay says:

        The Bush girls broke the law and got a pass. I don’t think anyone other than the POTUS, FLOTUS and Joe and Dr. Jill Biden (who I love. I am really going to miss all four of them) have a higher responsibility to the public. Their only job is to grow up as well adjusted as possible in the public eye and listen to their protection officers. They don’t hold public office. I don’t know that “we” make a big deal of the first family but when a President has kids in residence during his presidency naturally they are seen more. They get to go amazing places with their mom but MO is serving as the representative of the United States, the girls go as private citizens.

      • Matomedah says:

        +1 Locke lamora. If it’s no big deal, why is the friend shady? If it were the other party, would it be no big deal? And the bottom line is its still generally illegal overall. So yes- it is a thing. It might not be a big deal to one particular person or persons in the public, but if a first child does something illegal, then yes, it is notable, and its hipocracy to say otherwise. They’re not perfect humans- it’s ok to admit this is a slip up for them.

    • tracking says:

      Although I do think it’s normal teenage stuff and not a huge deal, I’m a little disappointed. It is a great privilege to live in the White House and, even if you did not choose it, for better or worse you are a role model for other young women and girls and should behave accordingly imo. That said, I can tell you her elite private school peer group is a fast crowd and it is not easy to resist peer pressure to be “cool” at that age.

      • Timbuktu says:

        my thoughts, too, tracking. It may or may not be a big deal, but the girl grew up with immense privilege and should know better, at least for a few more months.

      • pk says:

        I feel the same as you tracking

  10. Taiss says:

    Malia needs to pick her friends carefully. That girl intentionally posted that video to embarrass malia and her family.

    • Belle says:

      Indeed! She needs to be more aware as any celebrity as there are opportunists EVERYWHERE.

    • pikawho? says:

      That girl had better prepare for a lifetime of jury duty notices, random checks at the airport, and getting pulled over anytime she is on the road. Obama still has a few months left and probably already has her name, the names of her entire family, her grade point average etc. You don’t fuck with a President’s kid.

      If it was me I’d accidentally put her name on the do not fly list. A clerical error you see…

    • InvaderTak says:

      That’s the real story here. She needs better friends. This has to be the worst way to learn that though.

    • Dani says:

      I read somewhere they’re not even friends. She just so happens to be another girl at the show who saw Malia and found her chance to get ‘famous’.

  11. Snarkweek says:

    In a few more months her dad will have earned the right to join her.

  12. Margo S. says:

    First of all, in Illinois weed is decriminalized so there’s nothing against the law happening here. Nothing wrong with that. I started smoking weed occasionally at like 13! Most teens smoke weed. Are people really freaking out? I’ve seen most articles be like, who cares?

    • Pinky says:

      Actually, most teens don’t. Those aren’t the statistics. It’s about 20%: 1/5.


      • Margo S. says:

        Oh pinky…. of course the article will say most teens don’t because if you go up to a 15 year old and ask “do you smoke weed?” They lie and say no. Teens don’t always tend to be truthful.

      • Betsy says:

        Margo S., most teens really don’t smoke pot. And with what it does to growing brains, thank goodness.

      • Mae says:

        We did a survey in highschool during some sort of addiction awareness presentation (or something along those line), and it was about 1/3 of the class who had experimented. The number probably goes up in college, but I know many people who never did and didn’t see the enticement. Many teens will reveal things in class and to teachers or scientists that they wouldn’t to their parents. Also, if the survey is anonymous and the questions are worded well, the number of truthful teens will increase.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      Decriminalized and legalized are not the same thing.

      • Margo S. says:

        I know that. Decriminlized means you can have a small amount for personal consumption and it’s not considered criminal, so no record or jail time. But it’s not legalized, which means you could walk around with a huge bag of weed, in front of a cop station, put it in a pipe and smoke away. That’s the difference.

      • Jay says:

        Margo, I don’t think decriminalization means you can have small amounts for personal consumption. If the cops catch you with a small amount they take it away from you and you get slapped with a misdemeanor rather than a felony. Still illegal, just less illegal.

      • OGBklynGirl says:

        Goats on the what?! Love it!

    • aurelia says:

      Oooh, I was wondering why the hell the Prez’s daughter was sucking on weed whilst her father was still in office. Hell, it wouldn’t have done it.. Hit it in 2 months time. Now I realise she was in a state where it was decriminalized. But still, I wouldn’t have. Couldn’t bear the greif from the parents.

  13. Sixer says:

    No big deal. Although probably unwise to toke in public when your dad is the president. That’s teenagers for you!

    In any case, who doesn’t puff these days? I’m literally the only person I know who doesn’t and that’s only because it sends me to sleep. Even my 79-year-old father vapes a bit sometimes for his arthritic joints.

    • Amelia says:

      You can vape weed? That’s a thing?
      I tend to steer clear of smoking weed because the tobacco it’s usually rolled with makes me feel super queasy, but vaping . . . that’s an interesting development for sure.

      • Brittney B. says:

        I *never* smoke weed with tobacco — straight out of a glass bowl is my favorite.

        But yes, yes, yes, there are SO many ways to vape weed! All these vape shops and commercials crack me up, actually, because for most of my life “vaping” was a word used exclusively for weed consumption.

        My 50-year-old stepdad had back surgery, and I got him a portable vape for Christmas. It’s handheld and it vaporizes at three different temperature settings. But my boyfriend, who HATES the burning feeling of bowls (and could never, ever do it with tobacco), actually enjoys using vape pens. They’re all over Denver and Seattle, and they come with little refillable cannabis oil cartridges. Very, very smooth.

        *The more you know…*

      • Sixer says:

        You can. A lot of people do it with oil but my dad doesn’t. I can ask him for the specifics if you like!

      • Amelia says:

        Oh my God, Sixer and Britnney you heroes, this is amazing info.
        I have nerve damage in my legs and all the prescription meds I’ve tried from my doc work for the pain, but in terms of functioning like a normal person it’s a bit hard to do work when I’m half asleep.
        On the few occasions I’ve smoked or had some of the second hand giggles, I sleep ridiculously well. THERE’S HOPE!

      • Sixer says:

        Amelia – I live in a little village in the back end of beyond. Half the oldies in this sleepy little backwater of England vape a bit of weed for their various aches and pains. And it’s not even been decriminalised here! Seriously, seriously: it seems to be fabulous for all sorts of chronic pain.

      • Brittney B. says:

        Oh Amelia, I really hope you’re able to get your hands on a vaporizer! It sounds like you’re the perfect candidate. Edibles are also a nice way to get relief without any tobacco or smoke involved.

        I have the Flowermate, and it cost about $80… but the pens are $25ish. The Volcano is the grand master supreme, though… it fills a bag with vapor for you.

      • Amelia says:

        *scribbles notes furiously*
        This is all gold, you guys, for real.
        I like the idea of edibles, but I’ve heard it’s much harder to control the hit you get from them.

      • Uglyartwork says:

        There’s also the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer which is like the volcano but much less expensive and you can use it with a bag or a whip(a long tube to toke directly from the machine).
        You can see reviews and demos for these kinds of things on YouTube as well!

    • Betsy says:

      I don’t. So there are two of us. :)

  14. Yeses says:

    As a mom with sons who are 18 and 21, Malia smoking pot didn’t even faze me in the least. This country is going to hell in a hand basket with a toupeed oompa loompa, missing a chicken nugget to make a happy meal, trying to get in the driver’s seat and people are worried about an 18 year old acting like an 18 year old……ugh!!

    • Megan says:

      “Missing a chicken nugget to make a Happy Meal”

      I love it. I am definitely working that into a conversation today!

  15. daisyfly says:

    Look, even if the joint never touches your lips, you’re already stoned AF from the contact high. It’s Lollapalooza, not the Dove Awards.

    • Syko says:

      No kidding. My first experience with being stoned was not from smoking pot, but from attending a Bob Dylan concert in 1978 where the other 29,999 people in the audience were smoking it.

    • Esmom says:

      Ha, yes. I once got a blinding headache, the worst of my life, at a Grateful Dead show and chalked it up to just that. Along with the nitrous oxide fumes.

  16. Naya says:

    She needs to keep her inner freak in check until January, if she doesn’t want this stuff haunting her forever. There are too many phone cameras and she is the too high profile to expect this stuff not to hit the headlines. And she may find that she is too black and too female for this stuff not to affect any future ambition for public service. Just a few more months, Malia.

    • everlyB says:

      Exactly. This non-story is bad timing.

    • Iknowwhatboyslike says:

      I’m surprised she wasn’t more circumspect at Lalapalooza. Don’t forget her visit to Brown university. Someone took a picture of her at a party where the kids were playing something-or-other pong. She did not have a cup in hand, but it was widely speculated that may have been drinking.

  17. Nicole says:

    Lol the same people outraged were probably bending over backwards to make excuses for why the Bush twins were falling over drunk at Malia’s age at bars. So yea have a seat y’all. Homegirl is trying to live but yea she needs better friends.

    • roses says:

      I thought the same thing but you know how people have a selective memory. So they definitely need to take a seat and leave Malia alone.

    • Insomniac says:

      Honestly, I always thought the fuss over the Bush twins was way overblown too. They didn’t do anything I didn’t do at their age; I just didn’t come from a famous family, so nobody cared.

    • lizzie says:

      right? the bush girls were H.O.T. messes and got caught regularly. it was NBD when they did that (they were in college! they were raised by alcoholics – no duh) and it is NBD for Malia to smoke a joint.

  18. pikawho? says:

    I was dying at the tweets that went like “Conservatives freaking out about this probably smoke meth…WITH their teenage kids” and people dragging up receipts about those posting negatively like “You are struggling to finish your GED, TrumpSupporter8373 You posted some sad ass photos of an algebra book 2 months ago. Malia is Harvard bound…” Twitter is so fucking petty. LMAO

    The only controversy to me, is her dance moves. You can tell she didn’t get out much when she was younger :(

  19. Nancy says:

    I see nothing wrong with smoking weed. However, she is the daughter of the President and it is still illegal, unless medically prescribed I think??! She is probably living out her teenage angst and showing her independence. Quite sure Secret Service was right by her, so it was hardly something that would have gone unnoticed. Gives Trump one more stone to step on, although I doubt his spawn haven’t been under the influence.

  20. Ecl0891 says:

    I know I am in the minority when I say this, but I actually take this stuff seriously. A lot of lives are lost in Mexico due to the drug wars and and I don’t think we can just laugh illegal drug use off. Not making an argument for or against decriminalization, but until that situation looks different, Americans are contributing to a very terrible situation.

    • Brittney B. says:

      A lottttttt of weed is grown right here by legitimate growers, who only do business with legitimate dispensaries. I feel awful about my teenage/early 20′s coke use, and about the weed our college dealers may have sourced through pipelines with death tolls. But Illinois has medical marijuana, and I have family in Chicago who get weed from Colorado too. I get what you mean about the serious impact of the illegal drug trade, but it’s very possible she is smoking something domestic.

    • Mousyb says:

      Who says she got it from Mexico?? I think youre getting this confused with hardcore drugs…most of the people i know buy stuff from local people who grow it in their basements or greenhouse (in America).

    • Betsy says:

      This. I recognize that we have dedicated growers right here in the USA, but it annoys me that so many get their drugs through ways that cause violence in very poor countries. No, it’s not just pot, but let’s not pretend that buying drugs – even fairly innocuous ones like pot – doesn’t have consequences elsewhere.

      • Jay says:

        Tell that to the government. If they just legalized and regulated pot, we wouldn’t have to go through sketchy channels to get our innocuous drug. Of course, the cartels push much more than just pot, but the point stands.

      • elle says:

        @Jay…. sketchy channels are alive and well in CO. Legal pot costs $$.

      • Betsy says:

        You can tell them yourself. I don’t smoke pot, have never smoked pot have zero interest in doing so, so in this instance, my concern is with the people of Central America who are being needlessly killed and terrorized so that Americans might get high. Forgive me if your recreational times are of little concern to me.

      • wolfpup says:

        The case against pot seems to be only that it’s illegal. Humans have been doing drugs since the beginning; for millennia – the desire for altered states seem to be wired into the human brain. My last favorite book, “Inside the Neolithic Mind,” suggests it is the desire for the experience of immanence and transcendence – {Philosophy of Religion}…induced by chanting, clapping, drumming, electrical stimulation, ingestion, hypnagogia, intense, rhythmic dancing, flickering light, meditation, etc.: the stuff of myth-making for the shaman who explains All, in a neurological generated, religious experience. There are so many shamans explaining our deepest experience – ((Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed…the vigilante next-door!)

        I love that science informs my neurological experience, because the truth of it, is that pot has been a friend to me. I attend to the shamans – but I am Ultimate in this Experience- this life, all my Own.

  21. Kate says:

    I wouldn’t be happy with my child for doing this but she is just a teenager. Teenagers push limits and explore boundaries. It’s what they do. Making a huge deal of this because she is the part of the First Family really isn’t fair. Sure she is in the spotlight because of her dad’s job but unless we are going to scrutinize every single action of every single child of every politician or candidate, leave her alone. She’s a good kid.

    • Nona says:

      There. You said it. She’s a good kid. Her overall teenage “record” is outstanding. She doesn’t have a pattern of questionable behavior, just a couple of normal teenage blips. I know this sounds hypocritical, given that I’m posting about this topic, but only three people should be talking about this today: Malia, her mother and her father. And I’d bet they are. And I also bet that her parents are stressing the potential personal ramifications of drug use to their daughter, not the political cost to themselves.

      • Kate says:

        I think you both are spot on. I too would be extraordinarily displeased with my daughter, but there are lessons to be learned here and it is all part of growing up and parenting. I don’t agree with Obama politically on a lot of things, but I’ve always perceived that he and Michelle are decent, honorable human beings who, by all accounts, take their parenting duties very seriously. Nona, I suspect your last sentence is 100% accurate.

    • pk says:

      My son is in college and I would not be happy at all to find out he was smoking pot.
      I do feel for poor Malia, having the whole world watching her.

  22. Ariel says:

    The girl who took that snapchat/picture sucks. What a shitty thing to do. I hope the secret service slashes her tires.

    • Nancy says:

      Hahahaha….for some reason that cracked me up…..slashed her tires. Carrie Underwood? JK….funny post….these girls probably can’t wait to get out of the public eye and that big white house. No difference to me smoking a dube or like the Bush daughters getting smashed. Pot is safer imo

  23. Tash says:

    *yawn…not a big deal. But I bet old man wasn’t too happy…ooops :)

  24. OSTONE says:

    No big deal if she does it in private, but smoking a joint in public is a dumb move from her. Granted, she is a teenager, and they make mistakes. But now there’s going to be pearl clutching everywhere, scrutinizing her family and her. And the “friend”, totally did it on purpose.

  25. Maude says:

    Liberals made a big deal when the Bush twins were drunk and falling over. Conservatives will make a big deal over this.

    Both groups are hypocrites.

    • Arpeggi says:

      While I’m a bit younger than them, I remember making fun of the Bush twins because they kept trying to use fake IDs in order to get drunk, not because of the actual drunkness! I mean, they were the Texas Governor’s/POTUS daughters! Of course people knew who they were AND how old they were, a fake ID was completely useless and yet, they kept trying. And kept getting busted. But then again, being from Quebec, I also made/still make fun of the US legal drinking age, no one who wants to drink will wait until 21 to do so.

    • Jenny says:

      I am a liberal and I didn’t get worked up over the Bush girls getting falling down drunk on numerous occasions. I do believe, however, and statistics show, that regularly getting falling down drunk is much more serious and damaging than taking a hit from a joint.

    • kori says:

      I’m a liberal and I defended the Bush twins–or at least the coverage around it. You shouldn’t break the law but how many college age kids get fake IDs or at least partake in underage drinking? I didn’t do pot or anything else but I shre drank my share. I’m sure many who didn’t do drugs can at least relate to drinking in college. And I think presidential kids should be off limits at that age (under 21) anyway.

  26. Maire3 says:

    LOL! At Chris Rock’s tweet. Might just be my favorite

  27. Rhiley says:

    For any other teenager it would be NBD, but since she is Obama’s daughter it can easily be made into a fairly BD. I remember when she was accepted to Harvard so many people wrote into the newspapers’ comments sections saying the most awful, racists words. I believe the President and First Lady are very hands on parents and that they do teach their daughters to rise above the hateful language that some use to try and define them. But if this becomes a story, there are going to be so people who are going to spew their vitriolic language and try to seize this as a moment justify their hate towards the Obamas.

  28. Iknowwhatboyslike says:

    When I saw the video of Malia, my first instinct was to clutch my pearls and say, “no, baby, no.” I couldn’t help it. We’ve all been introduced to these beautiful intelligent girls, and to see them so grown-up, wearing cut-off shorts and tube tops, made me realize how old I am. Wasn’t she just 10 years old? I’m guilty of looking at the Obamas and thinking of them as an example of how to be as husband and wife and as children. They’ve set the bar so high that we forget that they are normal people like the rest of us – The girls especially, being so accomplished and bright. No one could have made me believe that Malia smoked weed or would dance provocatively without showing me the receipts. I’m sure Miss. Malia has gotten a long “talking to.” No matter how average she’s acting, no parent wants to see their child acting like that – unless you’re Pimp Mama Kris, that is. I hope the talking to she receives, includes choosing better friends. That friend posted that video with no regard for Malia. That friend knew what would happen if anyone saw one of the First daughters smoking weed and she posted it anyway. i would kick her butt.

    • idontknowyouyoudontknowme says:

      Why would their accomplished/bright selves be compromised just because they smoked week or danced provocatively? I do agree and understand the point of being amazed that they are so grown up already (they are still 10 in my mind as well lol ), however I don’t feel any disappointment or that they are any worse than they were before(bar set high).. if anything this is a great example that You are still a grounded, normal and intelligent person, and smoking weed or dancing provocatively doesnt de-value You or make You dumber :)

  29. anna2222222 says:

    I’m not worried about her smoking weed, but I fear for that girl when Michelle gets her hands on her. She is gonna be in some trrrrrrrrooooouble!

  30. Sarah says:

    What is wrong with people attacking the girl who snapchatted this? She’s a teenager too. She’s experimenting and being a teenager too. Like wishing the secret service would slash her tires is stupid shit Donald Trump would say. I doubt this friend was like OMG I’m going to ruin the Obamas by snap chatting Malia. I’m guessing this girl was like I’m having fun with friends and duh snap chat deletes everything. Both girls were being teenagers and figuring out life. Not everyone has an alterior motive. That girl more than likely is just a teenager being a teenager.

    I don’t care if Malia is trying pot. Nothing is going to come from it.

    • Lindsay says:

      I think so too. I am willing to chalk this up to teenage stupidity. If it was malicious she would have made sure she wasn’t featured. If it was opportunistic she would have sold it to Fox News and shown more proof it was weed. One of her friends was savvier than her, recognized Malia (probably doesn’t know her/isn’t actually friends with Malia) and decided to copy their friend’s video and get a little attention for themselves (or revenge for not being invited).

      The comment suggesting Obama abuse his office to make this girl’s life hell was also worrying.

    • Wren says:

      I don’t know, teenagers are generally smarter than adults give them credit for. They also like to prank each other, especially if there’s jealousy or bitterness involved, and maybe this was something on that line. Tee hee, I’m going to get her in trouble tee hee! It’s not really malicious, but it isn’t nice either. I can’t help thinking that there’s no way she would not have known that this would get tons of attention and tut tutting, even though snapchat deletes stuff.

    • G says:

      Because the girl posted a video of someone else partaking in substances without their consent. Doesn’t matter who the person partaking is, that’s wrong and gross. If she had been my friend and had done that to me, she would have gotten her ass handed to her (I never let people film me drinking nor did I let them back when I did smoke. Not cool.) These social media posts can and do come back to haunt people. If the girl is going to do that to another, she’s going to face consequences for it.

  31. Aang says:

    I feel like the “partying is no big deal” message comes from a place of privilege. For some kids being caught could ruin what few chances they have. Or worse lead them into a violent reaction from law inforcment. My husband failed the drug test at his first post college interview. His parents sent him back to school for a graduate degree. Privilege. He was busted with pot and trespassing, a few times in his teens. Never even arrested. The cops took the pot and ran the kids out of the fields. Privilege. It’s not the same in the poor, mixed race community in which much of my family still lives. I’m greatful for his privilege, it’s why I’m lounging in bed reading Celebitchy. But seeing it in action always makes my chest a bit tight.

    • Lynnie says:

      Oh it totally does, but it’s not very surprising. Money and perceived status have always done wonders for people and the criminal justice system. I don’t know how you could get that to change without calling for more impartiality from law enforcement/officials and that’s going to take a longgg time/might never happen. Social media might help as an equalizer in that regard though. Many colleges/employers are taking away opportunities/acceptances from the heavyy partiers who choose to share that aspect of themselves.

    • Mieke says:

      Now you assume that people don’t wish the same mentality (partying is no big deal) for everyone.

      Using weed is still illegal in most of the US, getting busted therefor is a probability. Using weed and having a smaller chance of getting in trouble is being privileged. With or without knowing it.

      Having an opinion about the use of it, says something about how the policy is perceived. Many have tried it once and know the use of weed is no big deal. This says nothing about what someone knows about your situation and/or how they feel about it. So even if it is someone in a privileged situation, they could still be aware of the serious bs some less privileged people get over this. Privilege does not exclude compassion. So why would you feel like this?

      This discussion is not about how minorities are mistreated, it’s also not about how priviliged Malia is, it’s about how much trouble you are going to give a teenager for trying whatever comes her way.

  32. capepopsie says:

    Smoking (weed) is ALWAYS a bad idea.
    No matter who does it.
    It surprises me, so many feel differently. . .

    • H says:

      It’s not a bad idea for people who have cancer (to stimulate their appetite) or people with glaucoma. I could go on and on about medical marijuana usage and the pros of it. There are legitimate reasons why people legally use it.

      • capepopsie says:

        Medical use is not what is being discussed here.
        I have never ever heard of anyone improving their health by smoking.
        Just saying. . .

      • Erinn says:

        “Smoking (weed) is ALWAYS a bad idea.”

        Pretty sure you were the one to state that any case of smoking weed is a bad idea … just sayin’.

        Smoking in general isn’t good for you. But the benefits outweigh the harm with these kinds of cancer patients. When you’re miserably sick, and can’t keep anything down and just aren’t interested in food, stimulating your appetite so that you can get some nutrients in your body IS going to improve their health.

    • Shambles says:


      I have ovarian cysts and am in crippling, nauseating pain every time I’m on my period. Sometimes when I ovulate as well. Marijuana is the only thing that is instantaneous relief, which anyone with lady problems will tell you is all we can ever ask for. I have also had anxiety since I was a child, and marijuana (and little yoga) is the only thing that puts me back on the wavelength I need to be on.

      Take that judgmental sh!t elsewhere please and thank you.

      • QQ says:

        ^^^ THAT and Thank You same here though different reason ( my Copper IUD experience has been Actual Factual Hell from day 13-10 onwards I just get period level pain nearly daily, so I DEF use weed/ is that or an unseeming daily amt of pills and the subsequent shot stomach behind it, I feel you and see you Shambles!)

      • Shambles says:

        Always feelin’ and seein’ you QQ, especially your surpreme advocacy for the protection of carefree black girls. Xoxoxo

      • Birdix says:

        This makes me wonder about its use for migraines. I have the prescription meds for migraine and they’re great, but take up to 90 painful min to kick in and frankly make me feel like someone kicked me in the chest (still better than the head pain). And sometimes they freak me out because my heart starts racing.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Been thinking of trying some to ease my menstrual pain. Not cramping or nauseated right now but the lower pelvic pain and back pain is next level and I’m tired of popping pills to try and manage it.

      • Betsy says:

        @ Birdix – are your migraines the kind that can be prevented by magnesium supplements? I think I heard that it’s the migraine with aura (which I get) that can be prevented by daily mag sups.

      • Eleven says:

        @Shambles If you’ve got anxiety problems, weed is the last thing you should be using.

    • Frey says:

      There’s this wonderful thing called Google. It’s not hard to look up medical usage of marijuana. Good job, ignorance.

      Smoking can be bad for health, no matter what is being smoked. Did you know marijuana can also be consumed? It can be used as an oil, in butter, as long as it’s made with a fatty substance, it can be used in virtually anything. It also adds some flavor if you want it to ;) having ptsd, it pretty much saves my life as opposed to taking Xanax, Ativan, oe Clonopin, which causes short term amnesia for me. Weed is at least natural, if it’s organic and not sprayed with chemicals. Asshole drug dealers are the ones to blame for that. Legalization also would more than likely decrease usage amongst teens due to the allure of illegalization being gone. Not for everyone however, some people and weed don’t mix. It is definitely not always a bad idea.

      Check it out, unwash your brain.

      • JustCrimmles says:

        @Frey I replied to you earlier but I guess mods deleted that novel. Yeah, pot isn’t for everyone. It’s good for people who need it, for people who can use it and not become dependent, but there are some who should just avoid it totally. But no one talks about that, for some reason. It’s a mixed bag, like any other substance.

  33. lilacflowers says:

    By the age Malia is now, both Bush twins had been arrested three times each for underaged drinking. They survived. So will Malia.

  34. Kk says:

    This actually makes me like her even more- it’s just such a normal teenage thing. I think it’s good timing though- good lesson to learn before college about cameras everywhere. I think this is pretty akin to the bush girl who tried to use a fake id or something like that. I don’t even remember the details. She moved on.

  35. M.A.F. says:

    I’m more annoyed with the girl taking the video.

  36. Betti says:

    After watching this clip it was deliberately taken as the girl ‘posing’ was clearly trying to get Malia and the splif in shot. I don’t have an issue with the joint as we’ve all done it at that age – she’s a teenager of course she’s going to try it.

    Malia needs to get new friends, ones who don’t sell her out to the press for a quick buck.

  37. racer says:

    I didn’t do drugs when I was a teenager and I didn’t drink until my freshman year at college- age 18. And I was surrounded by users, highly sexual children and a few teenage parents. Choices are personal regardless of parenting or environment. Some will, some won’t.

  38. Stardust says:

    Please don’t start throwing the Obama kids at us. We don’t care.

  39. Cara says:

    Well, it’s illegal and thus a poor idea to be filmed partaking. And these girls WILL be held to a different standard…they have led amazing lives financed by the American people. Same for the child of diplomats etc…you aren’t living a normal life and your expectations aren’t normal, either.

  40. QQ says:

    Instead of worrying about Malia and Sasha these people that tut tut about weed and twerking really REALLY need to worry about their lives and whatever is going on with their eyebrows and innards that makes em keep tabs on young girls going about their lives ( there are truly not enough eyeroll emojis in creation available for clutchy pearlying about weed, you can ALWAYS not smoke booboos!)

    I want Malia to have better and blacker more discreet Non-*sshole friends and also all the fun and adventure and Carefree Black Girl Magic Moments she can possibly bank in her young Life

    Im in the #ProtectCarefreeBlackChildrenAtAllCosts squad eff this even making the news, eff Radar and NYPost and all them old salty white Obama Hating folks trying to make this into a thing and reporting like is some Lurid Goings On, Also GIGANTIC F*ck You to people recording these girls out there, like they can’t have a normal chill teenage young adult dance vulgar drink experiment try stuff without gawkers and braggers giving them the courtesy of not minding their business, it makes me furious tbh

    • wolfpup says:

      Quoting you, QQ, “I want Malia to have fun, and adventure, and Carefree Black Girl Magic. Thanks for that! Me too – - – for All of Us. Something about, “Girl’s just want to have fun!”

      “Judges”, think of visions of hell for everyone who doesn’t believe as they – which is frankly, disgusting to the extreme. “Hater’s-hating” belong in Hell – IMO – They made it Up!!! – Very, very, very, nasty wishing on other’s who do not share the same point of view.. Hell exists only as we allow their hate to infect our minds.

      And then they tell us what love means….

  41. Whatwhatnot says:

    As a person on the outside IDGAF. She’s 18 and most people I know tried weed at least once in HS /College. I did at around 15. Never liked weed and don’t ever smoke it but I tried it (several times). So did my “goody two-shoes-nerd” best friend when we were seniors. No Big DEAL!

    As a mom, I’d probably have some words with my daughter (even if in my head I would be laughing over it) and let her know that it’s still illegal to get caught smoking it in most places and to be more responsible about it. Michelle probably had words with her too, because she is Malia Obama and she is under a microscope and dumb ish like this is blown out of proportion simply because of who she is.

    The world needs to get over it. Jenna and Barbara Bush were hot messes as well, a lot of underage drinking, and Jenna even getting photographed fall-down-drunk. It’s a rite of passage for most teens, regardless of who you are. As long as the parents handle their business and talk to their kids about doing things legally and responsibly, it’s really no one else’s business.

  42. dana says:

    Didn’t the Bush twins get arrested for Drunk Driving? Yeah, this screams Malia get new friends… this girl is Wack.

    • Dirty Martini says:

      Did they? Don’t recall this. Is there a link?

    • Lindsay says:

      They were cited for underage drinking more than once. A DUI would have been a scandal because if nothing else the SS should not have allowed it.

      • DIrty Martini says:

        Yep. Underage drinking is one thing, Drunk driving another. And I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen. If it did — it completely escaped my memory. Happy to be proven wrong but think it (DD) is a serious crime and it’s wrong to be false accused of any serious crime. Even if it’s a republican.

  43. iom says:

    Well I think it’s a HUGE deal, and I thought it was a big deal when the Bush sisters would get drunk. They are not regular teenagers, they are the First Daughters. That is a ceremonial role that requires certain sacrifices – if you even consider abstaining from pot or underage drinking a “sacrifice”, which I don’t – in order to maintain a respectful public image that represents the country, and reflects well on you and your family. This reflects very poorly both on Malia and her parents, who have clearly failed to impress on her that being part of political public life comes with responsibilities in addition to its extraordinary privileges. Seriously, can’t we maintain high expectations – no pun intended – of decorum for the children of the SITTING PRESIDENT? Is not doing drugs really too much to expect from her??

    • gradybridges says:

      Um it’s a position they didn’t ask for. Pot isn’t a big deal-better than a beer

      • iom says:

        Drugs or drunkeness are a big deal for a person in a ceremonial political role. I’ve known teens who were not in the public eye yet had parents in public service like the police, military, or politics, and they wouldn’t DARE do drugs in public the way Malia did, out of basic dignity and respect to their parents and what their jobs stood for. The First Daughters have certainly reaped the benefits of the position, yet we can’t hold them to higher standards of behavior and decorum than regular teenagers? There are countries where you don’t even know what the spouse and children of the PM or president look like. but The First Lady and First Children are part and parcel of American political public life.

        A single beer is actually no better or worse healthwise, probably better actually, but I hold Malia and the Bush twins to the same standards of behavior. As for its harm, people can react adversely to pot, depending on their genetic makeup, and there are increased risks to teenagers, because they haven’t fully developed cognitively. In addition, its production isn’t fully regulated so you rarely know quite what harmful substances are in it, not even in places like the Netherlands, where it’s been legal for years. Clearly I’m in the minority, I wouldn’t want my highschooler getting high OR drunk.

    • Arpeggi says:

      Why should we expect high expectations of decorum from kids who never asked to be in such a ceremonial position in the first place? They were kids when their father became POTUS, they have sacrificed a normal childhood for their parents’ ambitions, I think it’s enough. Despite their very public upbringing, they seem like well-rounded smart teen/adult, that yes, might hit a joint at a music festival as many other will do, and I think that reflects nicely on how their parents raised them. And used to think the same way about the Bush twins too; I used to think it was laughable that they’d tried to use fake IDs because everyone knew who they were, but I never blamed them for acting like teenagers. They did not choose this life.

      • aang says:

        First kids don’t choose it but they sure as hell benefit from it. Our tax money and our votes provide potus kids with incredible privilege. These kids will have every door opened for them. They need to respect that until their father is out of office. The idea that anyone feels entitled to break the law because their position protects them from consequences is sickening. Even if the law is stupid. I feel this way about all first kids not just the current ones. If behaving for a few more months is such a sacrifice I have little sympathy.

      • iom says:

        Exactly, it is a position of extraordinary privilege that they did not ask for, that they did not earn, or have to work to keep in any way. Very little sacrifice in relation to what they gained, not to mention they are set for life, with all doors open. They mostly enjoyed private lives these last 8 years; the only thing required of their ceremonial role was to behave with a certain decorum when in public. Not smoking pot when your father is the President is simple, and yet Malia couldn’t meet even that very, very low standard. Either her parents failed her by not managing to instill a sense of dignity towards public service in her, or she’s going through some rebellious phase to piss them off, not realizing how lucky and blessed she is. Either way it reflects very poorly on both her parents and her.

      • JenB says:

        @iom-The Obama girls have shown so much grace, decorum, and maturity over the past 8 years. I take issue with the comment “Malia couldn’t meet even that very, very low standard” and insinuating her parents failed or she has no dignity because of this one video, that isn’t even fully clear. Or that she doesn’t realize she’s blessed. That’s harsh, unfair, and unfounded judgment.

    • JustCrimmles says:

      This young woman is headed to Harvard, and this is the worst we’ve heard about her in nearly eight years. She’s having fun during her last summer which coincides with her last few months in the White House/public eye. If that reflects poorly on her parents, then I shudder to think the reflection I’m giving mine. Poor judgment, sure, but let’s put down the stones and reserve judgement for someone who truly deserves it, like Cinnamon Hitler, ok? Jesus H, and don’t act like civilian kids of supposedly moral adults are somehow above this sort of thing. All the children of preachers I went to school with were either heavily into drugs, pregnant, both, or raging alcoholics before graduation. No one of us is an angel most of the time, and just because of who her parents are, doesn’t mean she should be demonized. If anything, this is creating a prime opportunity for parents all over this country to talk to their kids about this. So, thanks Malia! 😉👍

    • Neil says:

      Sorry, it isn’t a big deal and certainly isn’t a “huge” deal. You need to have some perspective here. A “big” deal is Bristol Palin having children out of wedlock when she is a spokesperson for abstinence. A “huge” deal is HABITUAL SELF-DESTRUCTIVE behavior by ANYONE.

    • The Bad Mood Kanye says:

      @Iom you have a very real, serious problem. Please take your hatred of the Obama Family elsewhere. I never saw Malia’s name on the ballot when I cast my vote in 2008 or 2012, so I don’t hold her to any “expectations.” Give us all a break.

  44. Shambles says:

    “I wanna hear one more Republican parent complain about Malia Obama like their son isn’t doing lines of cocaine in a frat house before church,”

    Is the best tweet I’ve seen so far, and all that really needs to be said on the matter.

    Good for you Malia. Good for you. Just choose your friends and toke spots wisely.

  45. Cinderella says:

    Malia is smart, but hopefully good judgement will tell her where to draw the line.

    Either way, I bet Michelle handled that business for real!!

  46. Dirty Martini says:

    It deserves the same attention as when Jenna Bush was served alcohol under age with a fake ID.

    College aged kids doing what college aged kids do. Meh.

    • mia girl says:

      I didn’t agree with the pearl clutching when the Bush twins were living their college lives and I don’t think we should make a big deal about Malia Obama attending and toking at a musical festival either.

  47. Neal says:

    Eh. It’s not the smoking weed that bothers me; it’s the smoking in general. As a long time former smoker (of both!) it’s just such a bad idea. Weed is super fun but man, it scorches your lungs.

    However, if it’s needed medicinally, no one should be made to suffer when they don’t have to. If smoking weed helps, it helps.

    Anyway, this just seems like regular kids’ stuff and her camera happy friend sucks.

  48. mellie says:

    Coming from a fairly liberal typically democratic voter…this is no big deal, but then let’s remember this when we throw shade at Jenna and Barbara Bush for their drinking ways when they were teens in the White House. Kids are kids no matter what political way their parents lean.

  49. Ennie says:

    If it is marijuana…
    To get the drugs to the USA there dis huge competition, competition that means deaths. I live in Mexico and I have never ever tried drugs, even when I have been tempted, and when I see younger people talking about it like it is nothing. My niece tried marijuana and stopped smoking at all when she saw that traffic meant real, terrible violence in her hometown and state, she was supporting this by using.
    The illegality of it makes it a dangerous business that kills innocents on both sides of the border, not just people involved in drug traffic. I hope that those who consume drugs would consider this.

    • mellie says:

      That is a really good point and I’m ashamed to say that I have never thought of it that way.

      • Ennie says:

        It kind of makes me think how many women do not use this or that makeup brand for testing on animals, or not buying brands that use international sweatshops, some people going vegan and all the philosophy behind it, but many others everywhere use drugs.
        I see that for many poor people it becomes kind of a escape, but it is fundamentally a choice, and in that choice many things go behind it. What kind of market and producers are you supporting? Just in my always peaceful hometown things have gone down south in the last seven years. Things is, in my small state we have an important seaport. Control of marketing national and international routes, etc., not only production elevates violence. Tnx for considering it. You should really check who you buy from.

      • Ennie says:

        If you are going to use, I think that you should better either grow your own or buy from those who are legal. Any other way you could end up supporting crime. Any other illegal drug money can end up the same. IMO.

    • Erinn says:

      But you’re assuming that all pot is brought in from Mexico… which isn’t the case. Most of these kids get it from small time dealers who are growing it themselves. I get that there is more to it than that – but chances are this isn’t some sort of border smuggling activity.

    • Arpeggi says:

      I tend to agree with what you are saying. I usually have no big problems with any type of drugs (I wouldn’t risk trying meth or heroin, but to each their own and addiction is a health issue, not a crime), but I have a hell of a problem with drug dealers. It’s one of the reasons why I’m for legalization of pretty much everything: it’d cut the drug lords profits and power if there were legal facilities that grow/transform/sell all that stuff. Getting high can be fun, but there’s no fun to be had if it costs the lives of kids, women and anyone who dares to stand up to a very corrupt system.

      Marijuana however is often locally grown. I never had to purchase weed, I’ve always had someone around that was growing some and would share their stuff with friends. I know it’s not always the case, but from where I’m from, it’s not unfrequent, you just need to know someone who grew up in the country side. I’d expect that now that Washington and Colorado have legalized it, it’s even easier to have access to weed legally grown in the USA, even if you’re outside of those States. But I agree that buying weed to from a dealer can encourage a very nasty business

      • wolfpup says:

        THIS IS SO SIMPLE – i’M ALMOST EMBARRASSED. Why can’t we grow, what we love to ingest, in our own back yard?

        I remember a small article in the newspaper – that farmer’s wanted to grow Marijuana on their farms, for grazing, because “Happy cows make more milk. Of course, this was politicized – and it’s only about Milk.

        Who is is that wishes to restrict me? Particularly for something that doesn’t impact the world – except a deeply deceptive one of crime.

  50. Bethany says:

    To me it’s not a big deal. I tried it and I know my son did. But I gotta feeling Michelle is going to have a hissy fit.

    • me says:

      Of course Michelle is going to have a fit. She is the face of “healthy America” and constantly talks about putting good food and things in your body. No way is she happy about this.

    • Nadine says:

      Michelle seems like no-sense type woman. I have a feelings she will go through the roof. Malia should have known better to be honest.

      • Justjj says:

        I don’t know, I think Michelle is cooler about this stuff than the public would believe. They are still empathetic to the fact they’re raising teenage girls. Weed when you’re college aged is really not a big deal at all. I would say it’s even more acceptable to smoke weed in high school and college than to smoke it when you’re an adult. It’s a once or twice a year thing for a lot of adults and the vast majority of people in this country support decriminalization. It’s legal in several states in different capacities… I don’t think it’s that bad. Now if it were cocaine or a seedier setting than Lollapalooza she might be upset. But she’s just a teenage girl the summer before college at a music festival for goodness sake.

  51. Carmen says:

    And the heavens fell.

  52. abbie normal says:

    Is it possible this is a blessing in disguise? A good life lesson for Malia that, because of who her father is, to have more LOYAL friends in your circle.

  53. Juluho says:

    Kids, don’t do drugs during the day, surrounded by people with iPhones. Do drugs like old timers, in your basement after you get home from school and before your parents get home from work. Smdh.

  54. kibbles says:

    I’ve always been the good girl. I’ve never smoked pot or tried any type of drugs, but I got drunk maybe twice in my life and made a fool of myself. I cannot imagine if those two moments were filmed and put online. I would be mortified because it would not have been a true representation of who I am 99.9% of my entire life. Even the best of us have made ill-informed decisions as young adults. I don’t see anything wrong with smoking pot, but would I ever smoke a joint in public? Probably not. This isn’t a big deal but I’m sure Barack and Michelle will have had a conversation with Malia about whom she can trust and what is better off doing behind closed doors.

  55. Bettyrose says:

    Ivy League bound 18 year old has first taste of adult freedom, behaves just like everyone else. #who cares?

  56. Milo says:

    Were we not all really mad at Miley Cyrus and Michael Phelps for smoking weed though?

    • Guesto says:

      Can I assume the ‘we’ you’re speaking on behalf of were/are Americans?

      Because the idea of getting mad at some random celeb for having a toke is just too ludicrous for most of the rest of the world.

      • Milo says:

        I was more so referring to commenters on this sight because I remember many commenters being totally up in arms about it, which is a huge difference from the no big deal responses currently being stated.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Nope. I went through the archives relating to Phelps. About five in total and most people were saying it was no big deal. In fact there were quite a few proponents for the legalization of marijuana in those threads. His DUI was generally considered to be way worse than his toking up at a party with friends.

      I can’t stand Miley so I won’t bother with her posts.

  57. Reece says:

    NBD at all. But hopefully she’ll watch out for “Friends” vs Friends from now on. Even after they leave The White House, she (and her sister) will still be a target.

  58. Neil says:

    It IS a deal, just not a “big” deal.

    • wolfpup says:

      Why do I have to “deal” with a plant that grows happily in my own back yard? I’m dealing with other folks – and their judgement of right/wrong.

  59. Justjj says:

    As a responsible, tax paying, adult… I love weed. Smoke up kids! Enjoy getting high purely for fun while you still can instead of getting high to escape the crushing weight of society’s hopelessness and the memories that have jaded you and caused your ongoing existential crisis. Pot is fun for everyone. No big deal ever. Everyone had that “friend” in high school or college, lets be honest. Hands you the schnapps… Shows your passed out half dressed picture to your crush by “accident” or as “a joke”. Stay away from those girls Malia!

  60. Marianne says:

    I’ve never tried pot and Im 26, but I honestly dont think its that big of deal.

  61. Mieke says:

    She came to Amsterdam. We messed her up. Sorry, not sorry.

  62. moo says:

    it could be a cigarette – - – but no!!! let’s just blow this incredibly lame picture completely out of proportion like the rest of this stupid political year… why not?

    • Nadine says:

      If that was a ciggerate, I will be shaking my head even more. That stuff causes cancer. I seriously hope she wasn’t smoking a ciggerate.

  63. Nadine says:

    I am sorry, but I don’t like this one bit. I really like his daughters and this breaks me heart that she is into this. I thought they were raised better.
    And all those who are saying we can’t criticize Malia, you all know that Malia wants to work in Hollywood right? An industry where both your professional and personal life are up for criticism?
    I am very curious, are you gonna accuse people of hating/racist/hates women on her if she makes a bad movie, acts poorly in a role or even acts out like how Miley, Selena, Bieber do?
    What if Malia was doing other drugs? I am a bit shocked at how the Secret Service didn’t interfere.

    • Veronica says:

      Doing drugs does not mean you are a fundamentally bad person. The mindset that drug addiction is equivalent to immoral character or criminally dangerous behavior is one of the biggest pieces of propaganda this country has created in order to justify the “War on Drugs,” which is by far one of the most economically and socially damaging legislative movement our government has ever forwarded.

  64. Kate says:

    My parents would still kick my ass if I got caught smoking anything. And I’m in my 30s.

  65. sarah says:

    Me thinks if ivanka was puffin hashish, some of yall would suddenly care a whole lot

  66. khaveman says:

    Only barely caring enough to type this. Pot in 2016 = who cares. Donald Trump asking “why can’t we use the nukes” is what gets my attention, FFS.

  67. Veronica says:

    I don’t personally view pot as a major deal, but where it may be problematic politically is that we do live in a country where Nixon’s drug war has now been verified by former aides as the political weapon it was always suspected to be. There are a lot of economically disadvantaged and non-whites who have spent their lives behind bars for crimes as equally minor – something that Malia, in a position of immense economic and social privilege, will never have to face.

  68. pandacookie says:

    No problem with her smoking pot. Gigantic problem with her and her president father smoking pot while others rot in jail for this. Not okay to play all cool with the pot while it’s illegal for most other people. Had he done something about this, it wouldn’t faze me and I’d think it a great opportunity to de-stigmatize what is no worse than alcohol which is somehow still glamorized.

  69. rudy says:

    No Big Deal.
    Leave the girl alone.

  70. gene123 says:

    Honestly, I am happy to see her acting like a “normal” american teenager. I always feel awful for the children of presidents because its so much pressure. She went to Lollapoolza in a crop top with her besties and smoked some pot…like literally every other teenager there

  71. Lauren says:

    For those defending Malia, she is in the public eye. She is the POTUS daughter. She should have kwon better then to smoke drugs in public. And with all the hatred her father gets thrown at him, she has no idea what she has done to her family image. The Obamas will need extra security I feel because people hate them so much in the US, its not even funny. How does she know that the weed she smoked isn’t laced with something? When she goes to Harvard, there were be lots of people who want to take advantage of her. She needs to be careful. Also, others kids her age get charges or jailed for doing what she did, yet she gets a free pass on it. Its unfair in reality.

  72. Tiki says:

    Who really cares? Get a grip, people. Gah. This young woman has survived scrutiny that most of us can never truly comprehend.