Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez got into an Instagram beef this weekend


This is complicated story full of a ridiculous amount of back-and-forth, so let me just do the basics. Justin Bieber has been on vacation and on tour with a 17-year-old “model” (cough) named Sofia Richie. As in, RICHIE. As in, she’s Lionel Richie’s daughter and Nicole Richie’s half-sister. She’s like the Kendall/Kylie Jenner of the Richies. Sofia turns 18 in a little more than a week, but would you allow your 17-year-old daughter/niece/sister to go on vacation with Justin Bieber? No. You would not.

So, Sofia and Justin have been living it up. Justin started posting a lot of coupled-up photos of himself and his new girlfriend, and his fans, the Beliebers, were not happy about it. Some say butthurt Beliebers flooded his Instagram with comments about how much they hated Sofia. But most of the comments I saw were pretty positive/cloying? But sure, there were some bad comments. So Justin posted this message: “I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate this is getting out of hand. If you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to people that I like.” This caused a backlash against Justin for some reason, with #RIPBeliebers trending on Twitter for hours and hours. Beliebers were upset that Justin was trying to tell them what to do, what to say and who they could and could not hate. I personally think Justin was trying to remind people they should try to be civil to his 17-year-old girlfriend, not to defend Baby Biebs or anything.

But the real drama came when Selena Gomez decided to comment on the same photos that Bieber had posted his threat to privatize his account. Selena wrote:

“Funny how the ones that cheated multiple times, are pointing the finger at the ones that were forgiving and supportive, no wonder fans are mad. Sad. All Love.

If you can’t handle the hate then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol – it should be special between you two only. Don’t be mad at your fans. They love you and supported you before any one ever did.”

[Via The Daily Beast]

Ouch. Selena then deleted those comments, but of course she only did so after everyone had seen them. Bieber then responded (without mentioning Selena directly) by writing: “It’s funny to see people that used me for attention and still try to point the finger this way. Sad. All love.” Ouch. Um, Selena was already doing her thing before she started dating Bieber, remember? And then he wrote: “I’m not one for anyone receiving hate. Hope u all can be kind to my friends and each other. And yes I love my Believers.”

So now Justin and Selena are beefing again because OMG STAHP. As for those Beliebers… it’s long past time for you kiddos to abandon Baby Biebz. He’s not a good person.



Photos courtesy of Justin’s Instagram.

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  1. Ms. Turtle says:

    I feel dumber now for having tried to follow this situation at all.

    Selena interjecting herself in his fan drama proves she’s as narcissistic as he is.

    • Taiss says:

      Right, Selena mind your own business. Beliebers are so childish, it’s one thing to have crush on Justin, but insulting his girlfriend, that’s just crazy.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      Selena has a career she has because she dated Bieber and is friends with Taylor. If it wasn’t for them she’d be barely a C-lister, like Ashely Tisdale. And that’s debatable, because she has no talent. She can’t sing, she can’t act, all she has going for her is the fact that she’s pretty and knows how to attach herself to the right people.
      And Bieber treats his fans horribly. They should both just shut up.

      • Squiggisbig says:


      • Roundbelly says:


      • Fiorella says:

        Some of her song are ok. (Not that that’s related to her own talents), I noticed her videos are never that compelling. Her songs need better videos. Hands to myself is especially meh

      • Nicole says:

        Yep. She was on tv at the time but don’t deny that JB gave her career a MAJOR boost. I don’t even like JB but I won’t deny that he was the bigger star of the two when they started

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:


      • We Are All Made Of Stars says:


        Dating Beiber (and clinging loyally to ThirsTay) was clearly a strategic career move for her. Any high school kid could see that one. She would have nothing if not for them.

    • Mika says:

      Yep. I always thought Selena was harmless until she made angry comment about her stand in Black Lives Matter. Now it’s getting more obvious that she’s just another narcissistic fame***re just like the rest of her Tay squad.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      Yeah. Even though I dislike Bieber and usually don’t have a problem with Selena Gomez, it was kind of an asshole move for her to make excuses for whatever nasty comments this girl may be getting and blame it on them being public with their relationship just because she wants to get back at a douchebag ex. She wouldn’t like it if somebody played the ‘that’s what happens when you’re public with your relationships’ card with her.

  2. Sullivan says:

    Toddler drama.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      This! Snacks and juice followed by nap time for everyone.

      • Amelia says:

        I disagree on the snacks. It’s straight to the naughty corner for these two, then a nap.
        Once they’ve woken up and no longer cranky, cookies and milk followed by apologies and total removal from social media.

  3. RhoSue says:

    Statutory rape.

    • Tate says:

      That seems to be an ok thing in some circles. First Kylie and now the Richie girl. These parents should be ashamed of themselves but they probably aren’t.

      • Nina says:

        yeah Lionel Richie sure is never going to win Dad of the Year.

      • Amanduh says:

        At 17/18, I’m pretty sure I had to be home by 11pm on weeknights (if working) and whatever time (before 2am!!) if I phoned my parents and let them know where I was and with whom. Simpler times and places obviously, but poor parenting is still poor parenting.
        Would then drop acid and then head to a friends’ house -whenever she wanted!-whose parents couldn’t give two sh!ts where she was.

    • Wren says:

      How old is he? If the age gap is less than a certain number of years and/or the younger party is above a certain age it’s not legally considered statutory rape. I can’t remember the age of consent or statutory rape laws in California but it may not actually be illegal in any way. Just gross.

      • Stella Alpina says:

        Justin is 22. Sofia is 17. If they are having sex, it IS a criminal offense (misdemeanor) in California.

        Of course, celebs often get a slap on the wrist for breaking the law, so he’ll get away with it if their relationship goes beyond friendship.

        I give a huge side eye to her absentee parents.

      • swak says:

        Also, thinking someone has to make a complaint. If they would charge Bieber and she and her parents refuse to cooperate, the charges would probably be dropped. I could be wrong. I wouldn’t want my daughter dating Bieber (no matter what age), just because he is a douchebag.

      • teacakes says:

        @swak – I agree.

        About Bieber, my 21-year-old cousin put it very succinctly when she said he has the kind of face from which no girl should ever accept a drink at a party. I think she was right.

      • Amanda DG says:

        Wasn’t he prancing around naked with her last week while on “vacation”? Yeah, they are totally having sex. Disgusting and shame on her parents.

    • Matomedah says:

      I thought that was weird because he’s been running around with people his own age and older. But then I realized he’s a huge d-bag and apparently (somehow) getting more and
      more rude and d-baggish, and I’m sure only a teen would put up with that. Grown people are going to keep moving- especially those with their own careers/lives/plans.

    • pikawho? says:

      Not only that but its not her first statutory rape situation. The other guy she was linked to was 27! Considering how wild and unhappy Nicole was as a teen as well, I think Lionel Richie is a shitty father attracted to women who make shitty mothers.

    • FingerBinger says:

      Statutory rape depending on the state. In some states the age of consent is 16 or 17 .

    • We Are All Made Of Stars says:

      Ummmm….did you peep through his windows and see something? Calling someone a rapist is a big deal, y’know?

  4. Patricia says:

    OK I know Biebs is ridiculous on a regular basis and like you said he hasn’t grown up to be a good person, by all appearances. But why is Selena engaging like this? Selena should move on and be happy, and not poke the overgrown child. She was looking for a reaction and it makes me think she’s miserable and carrying a torch for Biebs. It’s kind of pathetic. Why is she even looking at his insta anymore? Move on, woman!

    • Tulip Garden says:

      For whatever reason, I believe Selena is having a hard time letting go of their past relationship. Maybe, she finds all his instagrams post with woman after woman, a little bit of a sting and, perhaps, she feels/is the main audience for these “I’m so happy with all the girls” shots. Of course, the answer to that is not to follow him, definitely don’t engage with him, and, lastly, do the best she can to ignore his continual press coverage.
      Now I’m not sure why I thought about this so much🙄
      I do have a soft spot for Selena, admittedly.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      Seriously, my only thought is why was she on his Instagram in the first place? Then to post a collage of how her fans are her ‘everything’? She sounds desperate.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I think the “fans are my everything” is a serious case of pandering to her fans while dissing him. It’s not a good look for anyone. Also, newsflash, fans aren’t supposed to be your “everything”. Maybe, for her the fans are everything right now and that is a part of why his life is bothering her so much.
        I still feel for her and really like her.
        And once again, too much thought given😊

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        Exactly. It’s like the opposite of the fans who obsess over their favorite celebrities and make them their whole world.

        Fans are great for their support and appreciation of your talent, but they shouldn’t be your ‘everything’. You’re right that she used those fans as a prop just to diss him, but it’s pretty sad that she probably feels that way too. Like her life must be pretty empty without that adoration from unknown masses.

    • als says:

      Come on, you guys, seriously? Why was Selena on his IG?
      Raise your hands if you haven’t creeped on an ex’s social media. And if you haven’t, kudos for you but social media was invented for this. To show off your new girlfriend/ boyfriend, to send hidden messages to the ex or to a potential new love interest, to provoke the ex with sexy pictures of the new one.

      Granted, most have the self-control to just walk away after they see their ex displaying the new ‘crop’, but Selena is young and Bieber is a total jerk. What is really sad is that after all his rotten behavior, he still has fans.

      Anyway, when it comes to social media antics, any reason must be abandoned IMO.

  5. Becky says:

    While I think Selena is an idiot for even posting that comment (and dating him in the 1st place obviously) she does have a point.

  6. wendy woo says:

    “I hate this person, they deserve awful things, pls troll them ALL LOOOOOOOOVE!!”

  7. PatriotsPower27 says:

    Let’s not forget that Sophia is a very messy person. She dated her friends’ 29-year old boyfriend — some French soccer player who is equally messy. Apparently, this is her thing: dating her friends’ boyfriends. This is childish on so many levels but it’s keeping me entertained.

    • Zuzus Girl says:

      “Let’s not forget that Sophia is a very messy person.” Seriously? She’s 17! How slutty can she be? Maybe she’s “childish” because she’s an actual child. Nice way to shame a teenager though. Congrats. (Maybe she could use some good parenting.)

      • Wren says:

        She’s almost an adult. How much of a child did you feel like at 17? Not your opinion now, your opinion then.

        Dating your friends’ former partners is a messy thing to do, especially if that’s all you do, and you don’t need to be an adult to do it. Actually it seems exactly like what teenagers do. I know I remember a fair bit of that going on in high school. I’m not slut shaming, and I didn’t get that from the original comment, the number of boyfriends she’s had isn’t the point. The messy part is the dating of her friends’ exes.

        Yeah she could have used better parenting, but honestly at this point that ship has long since sailed. This behavior didn’t just suddenly become okay with her parents; it’s always been okay more or less. It’s really sad, they’ve allowed her to be preyed upon by an older man (if she really was with that soccer player), but let’s not pretend that this is some new freedom she’s been granted.

      • Santia says:

        Um, she never called her “slutty” – you did. She said she was messy and, yes, that does seem like a messy thing to do (crapping where you eat, so to speak).

      • Lynnie says:

        She’s also highly rumored to be a yacht girl. She was the unanimous pick for a blind about an underage girl going wild and “self-discovering” herself on these boats 😒. She never really had a chance

      • Adele Dazeem says:

        Calling someone messy is not slut shaming. When is the overuse of this phrase going to end?.

      • KiddVicious says:

        @Lynnie – I was wondering about that. In the first photo it looks like she’s giving the “code” for being available to big money men who are into that sort of thing. Could be a coincidence. Then I remembered the yacht girl rumor so maybe not a coincidence.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        If she did date a friend’s 29-year-old ex, that’s a messy situation but not because he’s a friend’s ex (to me, her dating a friend’s ex is something questionable, but not automatically off-limits. It depends on the circumstances of the break-up- some relationships just end quickly without any drama just because there was no real chemistry between the two people who dated. I’ve seen some friendships fall apart because of someone dating a friend’s ex, and other friendships didn’t because the other person was really ok with it and had moved on from a short relationship that didn’t work out). Him being 29 is the problem, but the blame for that lays mostly on the older guy and Sophia’s parents if that happened. I don’t know if that actually happened though, because with famous people it doesn’t take much for the rumor mill to link someone to another person. I don’t know anything about this girl.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      Messy or not all she did was pose in these pics, if Selena didn’t know Justin would be posing with randoms by now..:

  8. Farah says:

    She’s mad he never defended her to his crazy fans. And they used to (some still do) write some insane things to her. Like mocking her lupus, her mom’s miscarriage and joking about deporting her.

    Still pathetic of Selena to make this public. She spent all of last year saying she was done talking about Biebs.

  9. AlleyCat says:

    I normally would agree with Justin’s first message but he does treat his fans like sh*t. I don’t understand how anyone can like him, considering he says no to fan pics, threw back a gift someone gave him on stage, walks off stage of a concert…all things that I can remember just happening this year. Justin, go home. You need a break.

    • Lucy says:

      I was reading through the tag yesterday, and one of the tweets had a list of conditions for his meet, and greets before he cancelled them . So for $2000 dollars they warn you that it may only last 30seconds, or something ridiculous like that, but the one which nearly made me choke was only speak when spoken too…

  10. grabbyhands says:

    Loathe as I am to defend him, he and his girlfriend should be able to post pictures of themselves without his nutjob fanbase going crazy and lobbing personal attacks.

    Selena sounds like she has a lot of unresolved anger (which may be entirely justified-I didn’t pay a ton of attention to their relationship or breakups) about him, but posting something so childish about a picture that had nothing to do with her was foolish-she’s been reading too much of Taylor Swift’s Handbook for Inserting Yourself Into Things That Aren’t About You.

    • me says:

      We don’t know whats going on behind the scenes. Justin may have been texting Selena behind Richie’s back lol so Selena had to mention “cheating”. Who knows? I think Justin would get back with Selena in a second if he could.

  11. Nina says:

    seems like Selena is not over Justin, she certainly owes her career to him and Taylor Swift but she really needs to distance herself from him. he cant loose he reputation was always crap, so dont engage.

  12. Moonstone says:

    Is he a male escort? cause it seems to me that all these girls from the same circle are just passing him around, it’s really gross if you think about it.

  13. Cara says:

    The people here who deserve the most scorn are Lionel Richie and his wife. 😒

  14. YupYepYam says:

    This Richie girl looks like Selena.

  15. MissMerry says:

    Gomez needs to get a life.

    seriously, girl.

    the fact that you took time out of your life to acknowledge this…

    grow up.

  16. Kate says:

    Er, he’s 22 and she’s 17. Why isn’t the conversation about statutory rape?

  17. YupYepYam says:

    And whats with the finger covering mouth pose? Is that a thing? Did she have a tooth/gum ache?

    • Fiorella says:

      Hahah it looks like a “thinking” pose to me!

    • Jackie says:

      Ugh, those fingers by the mouth poses just look dumb to me. They were talking about Kylie Jenner on the TV one day & said that’s her go to pose. Apparently there’s a name for it, “finger mouthing’.

      • YupYepYam says:

        Eww. As Nicole Richie’s sister she should’ve invent her own stupid fad and try to make it fetch instead of following another stupid fad made famous by another stupid instagram celeb.

    • The DEEEH says:

      The finger over the mouth is a subtle way of advertising that you’re for sale, it means that you are telling potential clients that you can keep a secret, so bring cash offers. Justin sells himself, and he’s helping Sofia do it as well. Google that ish.

  18. QQ says:

    How Pressed for Attention is Gomez? why she keeps inserting herself where no one sent for her?

    What the F*ck and Lionel and his wife thinking? or is it that hanging with Kardashians and that whole set have normalized this sh*t?? cause I’m sorry but at that age they still have a say, his maturity level and size notwithstanding ( which im sure they are both equally spoiled and childish) the power balance in this is horrific

  19. bria says:

    I don’t care about messy beiber relationship stuff but I can tell you their is a 99% chance that he is as high as a kite and it wouldn’t suprise me if lil Ritchie is too. It’s all in the eyes in these photos…those pupils.

  20. bria says:

    And why does she keep covering the side of her mouth like that?
    Beiber herpes?

    • Little Darling says:

      All the teens do it and I really can’t stand it! If it’s not the finger covering the mouth, it’s the tongue out. I find it so ridiculously unattractive!!

  21. Shelly says:

    Several sites suggested that Sophia is a yacht girl or began this summer. She was hanging out in France with older models and no supervision, going from yacht to yacht etc.
    No conversation about statutory rape because Justin is probably one of the youngest guys she dated.

  22. Mieke says:

  23. Michelle says:

    Selena never should’ve said anything. Obviously she’s salty that her ex moved on. If anything, she should be laughing in his face because he’s a 22-year-old dating a 17-year-old girl. If he really has anything in common with a 17-year-old, that isn’t the kind of guy a 24-year-old woman should be worrying about anyway.

  24. Squiggisbig says:

    Man, I’m not a parent so maybe I don’t understand….but Lionel Richie does not seem like a good dad! There’s no way this is a good situation for his daughter and I would have thought he would have recalibrate his parenting after Nicole had so many struggles when she was younger.

  25. Mika says:

    Selena should just shut the f up. I can’t believe I’m defending the biebs but I’m pretty sure she’s just annoyed that Bieber had “officially” moved on with another celeb child (who kinda look like her too lmao!).

  26. Dani says:

    Ugh I hate saying this about a kid but I cannot stand little Richie and her entitled ass. She’s only a model for Ford because of who her father and her sister are. She is even more less-than Kendall Jenner in the looks and talent department. I don’t remember being such a little asshole between the ages of 16-22. WTF.

  27. Almondjoy says:

    No clue as to why Selena inserted herself 🤔 I’m guessing she’s still not over him

  28. lisa says:

    the only story here is why doesnt lionel come get his child?

  29. Ninks says:

    There are screen grabs on Twitter of Serena posting a second response after Bieber accused her of using him, that imply he cheated several times. Are they real or faked? I don’t wan to go too deep into that cesspool to find out.

    I actually think that of everyone involved in this affair, Bieber comes out looking the best. His fans are awful; they are so nasty to any girl he gets involved with and completely entitled. All he has done (in this instance) is ask that they not bully his girlfriend. Of all the things he has done and said in the past, to his fans and to others, they thing they are upset about is that by trying to protect her from the nasty comments she gets he has apparently ‘chosen her over them’ and that he he called them fans and not beliebers. Fan culture has become so toxic.

    I don’t want to be judgemental of a 17 year old, so I won’t say anything about her. But where the hell are her parents?

    Selena had no business saying anything. I don’t know if she deliberately used him, but she has certainly benefited hugely from her association with him. Now she’s pandering to his fans, (sorry, beliebers). It feels like a move from the Taylor Swift playbook.

    Bieber is a douche, but a douche can be right sometimes.

    • zozigr says:

      the comments after Bieber accused her of using him about cheating and Zayn was photoshopped, fake ones.

  30. Lynnie says:

    I don’t get what Justin thought blocking would’ve done. The beliebers who already follow him would still see all his new posts. It would only affect new beliebers who hadn’t followed him (which seems highly unlikely if you call yourself one), and the rest of the normal population who don’t follow him. He needs to go home and take a break

  31. pikawho? says:

    I feel bad for Sofia Richie, she’s going to end up in rehab like her big sister. The partying, the lack of self respect, letting herself get used by older men etc is going to take a toll on her.

    As for this squabble, it wouldn’t surprise me if it weren’t a little bit of calculated messiness to get everyone involved some extra promo while summer winds down. He could spit in his fans’ faces and they’d still follow him. They tolerate his lateness to concerts and rudeness in meet and greets already. This isn’t going to affect any of that.

  32. Sarah5 says:

    It feels like Tyga got way more negative press for dating an underage girl than Bieber. I don’t like this double standard.

    • sunny says:

      Only because the Kardashians are more famous or more covered by the media.

      • Ninks says:

        … More famous than Justin Bieber?

        I think that maybe it’s because Tyga is older, Kylie was younger when they started and he has a child. Plus maybe we’re not really collectively aware of old the Biebs is, we still tend to think of him as a teenager and forget that he’s legally an adult now. Which is hardly surprising because he acts with such maturity at all times.

    • pleaseicu says:

      I’m not saying Beiber is remotely right for dating a 17 year old girl at 22 years old. He’s not. That said, I think Tyga got more flack because he’s almost 8 years older than Kylie, he started with Kylie way before a couple weeks before her 18th birthday (there were stories floating around that she was still 16 when they first hooked up), was engaged and cheated on his fiance with underage Kylie, he’s a father and busted up his child’s home, and he’d known Kylie since she was 12 years old. And, after Tyga/Kylie went public, IIRC Tyga released a song with gross lyrics about sleeping with underage girls pretty much bragging about it. Then most of the K family stepped in and tried to rationalize the situation and relationship as perfectly normal and acceptable.

    • Flowerchild says:

      Tyga situation got more negative press not because of the big age difference or because Kardashians are more famous. It boils down to the fact that Tyga got called out for being 24 and dating a 17 year old by a “celebrity” on a radio show. Let’s not for get that Tyga was seeing Kim 2.0 when she was 15/16 . Traveling with him with the cover from PMK of learning the ropes of the music business, even though having a brother in law with a successful career wasn’t good enough to learn from. Lol

  33. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    What happened to ‘Kill Em With Kindness’ Selena?

  34. me says:

    If he is so worried about people “using him for attention” then why on earth does he hang around the Kardashian/Jenners? They are the biggest users. Also, he pursued Selena if he cares to remember.

  35. Bluebelle says:

    Update this article, please!!

  36. chaine says:

    I can’t be the only one that gets Selena and Demi Lovato mixed up… I was reading this thinking, “why is she worried about Bieber, didn’t she just break up with Wilmer?”

  37. elns says:

    Oh Selena, why can’t you just snicker in the corner with your girlfriends like the rest of us snarky folks? sigh. You could’ve been better than that, lady.

    As for the Richie & The Biebs. I actually think she thinks she’s an adult. I am guessing parents of celebrity culture, think it’s normal to run in circles that are exposed and go away with boys whose growing pains on blast are just par for the course.

    I appreciate Biebs reminding people to try and behave with some semblance of decency and civility if you will. No you dont have to do what you’re told, but you should be behaving anyhow. So many of us grown and young I think, “Where’s your Ma?” What happened? Surely she taught you something better than THAT.

  38. thaliasghost says:

    I’m so out of it and in it at the same time. I actually thought this WAS either Selena or….get this, Neneh Cherry’s daughter (Mabel McVeigh). I guess it is because she seems to style herself like Neneh at the height or her career??

    Btw, if this site includes focussing on the offspring of famous people, I just discovered there is a whole gaggle of children of “credible” musicians coming of age right now wanting a piece of the fame.

    My thought to Bieber: I would never ever ever consider being with a person who thinks it is ok to buy a human being for sex. How did everybody already forget about this? Selena hasn’t, I think. Sofia is an idiot.

  39. Lucy says:

    Selena should have stood out of it. And Beliebers need to let him go already. He really is a bad person.

  40. Elle says:

    And I saw he tweeted about her cheating with Zayn. I didn’t know she was ever linked to him?. They sure seem to like airing out their drama publicly.

  41. Sarah says:

    I’d say the trend of the last few years I HATE the most is fans giving themselves a collective title – it’s so bizarre!
    Cumberidiots and Selensadcases and Lovatolosers


  42. Pmnichols says:

    I read they are just friends. Selina needs to rise above. She’s only making herself look desperate. If she’s “indifferent” about him, then stay out of it. Silence is the best reply to a fool.

  43. Loca says:

    Selena whines to the press about always bringing up her ex however she made this public and she can say no comment when being asked. I noticed when Bieber posted her on his Instagram there was no complaint from her. She is clearly jealous and hurt Bieber is moving on and looks happy posting pics of his new girl. She should have just left it alone there is really nothing she can do. It seems like she wants a reaction because he has remained quiet since the Orlando incident. She also plays games herself.

  44. dAsh says:

    I read somewhere that it was Sofia who posted the photo and captioned it on Biebs IG because he was performing on stage or some shit when the post went online?

    Idk why his fans are so mad about this new girl though. Doesn’t he get a girlfriend every after 2-3 months? Baldwin? That chick in Maldives, those models he got naked with a few weeks ago? And now this kid? They all need to go grow up!

  45. Matchday says:

    One meaningless fart attacks another meaningless fart on social media. It’s like the dying seconds of a bad middle school fight. Everyone, walk away, there’s nothing to see here.

  46. hogtowngooner says:

    I wish these two would grow up.

    Also, is this Richie chick angling for an “Insta-model” job like the Jenner & Hadid girls. Since it seems the only qualification is to have been born to a celebrity now.

  47. Erica_V says:

    The quotes are printed out of order in this article. The order they are above makes it seem like she said everything before he said anything back but it was more of a back and forth.

    He posted the picture. Then updated the caption about making his IG private. Then she left the comment about “If you can’t handle”. Then he posted the comment about being used. And then she posted the comment about him cheating. To which he replied on Twitter about her cheating with Zayn.

    • me says:

      The tweet about Zayn wasn’t by Justin, it was done by a fake unverified Justin Bieber twitter account…and that’s why Selena never replied to it.

  48. Mark says:

    That woman should grow up, find another man or woman and get over him. Such stunts are consider childish.

  49. AG-UK says:

    Her stylist is the woman who had that short lived affair with Scott Disick and they do that S of France yacht thing as she was on her IG. The others in the photos were mid 20’s. I guess they don’t go to school in those circles.

  50. Otaku Fairy says:

    I’m not against someone who’s almost 18 dating someone who’s 22, (but that’s the limit. For 16 and 17 year olds once the older person is more than 5 years older or it’s at the point where you can’t say “they could have gone to school together” I see it as a no-no) but because of Justin Bieber’s track record, I’m going to have to side-eye Lionel and his wife for allowing this.

  51. JRenee says:

    I really wouldn’t want my 17 year old traveling around the globe with a 22 year old, especially one that has been exposed to and has so much “craziness “.

  52. JustVisiting says:

    1. She looks like selena.
    2. That those moments should be private point is very true. Unless you need validation from others. That your moments together aren’t good enough unless others know and praise you on them. That never made sense to me.

  53. jenn12 says:

    Not a Bieber fan, but in this case, he was simply asking people to stop being nasty to his girlfriend. Selena did not need to insert herself into the drama, and lecture him on keeping his relationship private. It’s not for her to tell him what to do, and then try to turn his fans against him. She doesn’t appear to be over him.