Chris Evans does the 22 pushup challenge, gets interrupted by his friendly dog

There’s a new viral challenge and while the issue is a serious one that is in need of coverage, I’m so excited to see all of the celebrities who are going to complete it. It’s called the 22 pushup challenge, and is to raise awareness of PTSD in our service people and the sobering number of soldiers who commit suicide a day, which is an average of 22. Similar to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014, this is a simple completion of 22 pushups (or as many as you can do, every one counts) on video followed by nominating friends. The movement was started by and has so far been completed by multiple celebrities including Chris Pratt, The Rock, John Krasinski and now Chris Evans. What’s more is that there’s this trend to including their dogs in the videos, so not only do we get to see them do pushups, their dogs are in the videos kissing their heads and licking their hands and it’s awesome.

I think that Chris Pratt started this celebrity round (although I can’t be sure) so here’s his video with Anna Faris, and they have a really nice message of appreciation for veterans. I’m like Anna, I would have a hard time doing 22 pushups and I would feel bad challenging anyone, but the rules do say you can do as many as you can, including modified pushups and air pushups! I think we need to get the word out about that or only the buffest people will be doing this.

So Chris nominated The Rock (yes!!), Vincent D’Onofrio and John Krasinski.

D’Onofrio did it! His dogs were there wagging their tails and looking cute. He challenged Dax Shepard, Matthew Modine, Robert Downey Jr. (can’t wait to see that one) and Hawk D’Onofrio, who is his nephew.

The Rock did it with his adorable french bulldog there licking his face and arms. I love covering this story so much. He challenged JJ Watt (he did it!), Kevin Hart and Simone Manuel! Kevin Hart is on his honeymoon now but I bet he steps up soon.

John Krasinski did it with his chill dog, Vin, by his side. I swear Vin is smiling at the end! Krasinski challenged his trainer, Jason Walsh, and also Miles Teller and Chris Pratt, the subject of our story.

And Chris Evans is here! I swear he does about 26 pushups as he gets distracted by his cute dog licking his face. His is my favorite so far and his athleticism is impressive (like all these guys) although I’m sure we’ll see some great submissions to come. These are truly a joy to watch. I love seeing hot guys do pushups and this was an incredible idea.

Like the Ice Bucket Challenge, this is hopefully going to explode and raise a lot of money and awareness for the organization. Did you hear that the money that was raised for ALS research helped discover a new gene? I hope that this movement does similar things for our service men and women and for this important cause. PTSD is too often discounted, neglected and ignored until its too late.

Thanks to HuffPo for featuring this story

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  1. Mewsie says:

    I watched the video from his Twitter a few minutes after he posted it and I am still not recovered. His dog is so cute! And the way Chris looks at Dodger and how he talks to him is the most endearing thing I’ve seen this year. I also discovered that I too can do push-ups. 22 for Chris and 10 more for how adorbz Dodger is.

  2. Melody says:

    HONK for D’Onofrio!!! Good to see him. I was worried about his health. Talented guy.

  3. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    I love this! John telling his dog to be cuter was hilarious and Dwayne looks like he could do 1000 push-ups. (Probably can!) plus has the best helper dog with all those kisses!

  4. Evie says:

    What an amazing cause! PTSD definitely gets overlooked, and I hope this not only brings more awareness to the issue, but helps develop treatment strategies/plans for those who experience it. (All of those dogs in the videos were TOO CUTE! I’m a sucker for adorable puppies crashing their owner’s vids)

  5. Lama Bean says:

    Just when I’m at peak Chris Evans hate, he shows up looking adorable in a ball cap with a cute dog licking his face.

  6. Nicole says:

    I have been watching my friends do the 22 push up challenge on the Facebooks. I think its supposed to be done for 22 days, but I’m glad its getting exposure.

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, that’s what I’ve seen, too, 22 pushups for 22 days. It is a nice way to bring this tragic situation to light.

  7. Nina says:

    arent you supposed to do push ups slowy like other exercises? most of them seem super rushed.

    • Incredulous says:

      Not necessarily. Pushups are basically just weight-lifting (your own body weight) and arms get tired very quickly when you are not at either the top or bottom.

    • Rachel says:

      Whether you do any exercise fast or slow depends on what you’re trying to achieve. With any type of weight bearing exercise, the higher the weight, slower the rep, and less reps, you build a bulkier muscle. The slower you go, the more you’re putting the muscle under strain. Lower weight, faster reps, and more reps, you’re building a leaner muscle. Also depends on how good your form is. If your form is sloppy and you do an exercise quickly, odds are good you’re not doing it right and you’re going to hurt yourself.

      Plus these guys are constantly in training for their roles, so 22 pushups is a drop in the bucket compared to what they do while training.

  8. M says:

    This must be done for 22 consecutive days.
    lol Chris bring his dog in a week of drugs rumors among his fans. Boy is obviously playing PR game these past few days.

  9. HH says:

    This is pretty cool. Even if it doesn’t raise money, it certainly raises awareness, and shows appreciation. Also, I appreciate The Rock challenging a woman. Hopefully other people do so as well.

  10. tealily says:

    Ha! Dog. This is me and my pooch every time I exercise. Stars: they’re just like us!

  11. lower-case deb says:

    i also appreciate that they remember to include the reason why the challenge was conceived in the first place.

    though most of the ALS challenge videos did also include info/explanation of the organization/intent behind the challenge, there were also a lot of ALS ice bucket challenge videos that failed to explain the reason for the challenge in the first place. in fact the very first 5 videos i watched on my facebook feed of the ice bucket challenge did not include any explanation, and they just seemed like one of a million other non-reason (we’re just daring each other aren’t we cool) type videos.

    btw, i read it in a blog (not this one) and again in the Rock’s instagram, that Simone Manuel is not just the first Black American to win the gold in swimming, but Black full stop from any country in the world. is this true?

    if this is true, then it is even a bigger accomplishment and cast an even worse light at the pathetic reporting around her achievement.

    or maybe in just one of her categories? or all of her categories? i’m trying to click through all the links in wikipedia and i’m still not done ๐Ÿ™ so many people to click through!!

  12. JeanGenie says:

    CB, please keep posting videos of hot men and strong women working out with their cute dogs for a good cause.

  13. Annie says:

    The second Chris you mention is Chris Evans, not Chris Pratt. When you have a chance, it’s worth correcting! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Betti says:

    Aww @ poor john, Finn did not look impressed. Seemed bored. Animals are great.

  15. Ninabina says:

    I like Anna, and am still dissapointed that Mom is not quite popular there (it seems so). There was this promo i saw of her and Allison Janey, tackling American Ninja Warrior obstacles. While Janey breeze through, Anna comically cheated. This pushup video reminded me of that.

  16. MrsClincy says:

    This is amazing. I love that people are finally shedding light on this subject. My father is a Navy Vet who suffers from PTSD and my 10 year old son suffers from PTSD as well. Its scary dealing with PTSD the depression, mood swings, suicidal thoughts, etc. The scariest part is knowing that the medicine they are on to help control it can stop working at any given time. I’ve had bruises from my sons outbursts and we don’t know the trigger because whatever is triggering his PTSD he black outs and can’t remember what happened same with my father. That helpless feeling you get as a daughter and mother knowing that there is so little you can do to help the ones you love is enough to send you into depression and knowing that your child may not be able to lead a normal life. I grew up with a strong appreciation and respect for our soldiers. I’ve passed out poppys and placed flags on the graves of our fallen soldiers including my family members. I hope this gets the attention is deserves because our soldiers deserve so much more.

  17. Ange says:

    So this challenge annoys me – and I say that as the wife of a veteran. Raising awareness does what exactly? It makes people aware, good for them. Now what? There’s no organisation being supported, there’s no active fund-raising and there is not a shred of specificity about the activity. It’s attention whoring at the expense of veterans. People are aware of PTSD, what they need to be aware of is who they can donate money to, what organisations need support and who they can lobby for better support for those who are struggling.

  18. lilacflowers says:

    Chris Evans has had a rather busy week as far as activism is concerned: the push-up challenge for PTSD awareness; a visit with Anthony Mackie to Christopher’s Haven at Massachusetts General Hospital (a home setting for seriously ill kids receiving pediatric care at MGH); and an announcement of support for MA Attorney General Maura Healey’s enforcement policy on MA assault weapons ban.