Octomom nearly drops baby during media outing to the park

Nadya Suleman went on a family and nanny outing to a park near her home yesterday. It was more of the same for Octomom, according to some of the paparazzi capturing the incident. The unmarried mother of 14 chatted on her cellphone, posed for the cameras, and handled her babies in a way that was clearly meant for the cameras. At one point she pulled a Britney and nearly dropped one of her newborns on a picnic blanket, her blue-tipped manicured hands scrambling to catch the infant before it hit the ground:

Los Angeles mother of 14 Nadya Suleman has been under scrutiny over her mothering skills and the exploitation of her children for the sake of her celebrity status. Her actions Wednesday afternoon did little to squash those suspicions and only furthered speculation that she is trying to be a celebrity first and a mother second. Suleman returned to her La Habra home with groceries and quickly handed the bags over to her children and two nannies to put away while she prepped for a family visit to the park. With a videographer close by to capture every moment for Suleman’s alleged reality show, the primped and manicured “OctoMom” lumbered down the street with her brood.

At the park, she spent much of her time chatting on her cell phone, fixing her hair and juggling her babies in a rather precarious and careless fashion. Suleman divided her time so she could bottle-feed, change diapers and show some love to each member of her expansive baby army before handing the kids off to her nannies, but there was a suspicious air of detachment and disinterest behind Suleman’s actions. With the camera rolling, it was hard to believe that her affection toward her little ones was genuine or just a great staged photo op. Is Suleman a misunderstood struggling mother under a media microscope or is she an exploitative fame seeker who only sees dollar signs and opportunity when she looks at her children?

[From BARM/Fame Pictures]

Maybe Gloria Allred is right and Suleman doesn’t care about the babies when the cameras aren’t around. All of those children are just a means for her to copy Angelina and achieve the fame and fortune she so desperately seeks. She’s got help, though, so at least she is surrounding herself with people who care about her children’s well being more than she does. I’ll definitely watch this show when it comes out. Suleman is predictable in her fame-seeking, truth-twisting, and narcissism, but she’s still interesting to watch. I’d also like to see how producers present her and if they attempt to make this much-hated woman into a sympathetic figure. They might not even try.

Photo credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. Victoria says:

    I guess we should just be grateful she’s not using them as hood ornaments.

  2. JackieSA says:

    She does seem to love her children.

  3. HEB says:

    I have never seen a celebrity bring a baby that young out in public. Unless they’re in one of those slings on a walk.

  4. nanster says:

    In those photos Nadya looks awkward with the children – not like an any experience mom I’ve seen. And what’s with the older kid pulling the baby’s hair? This whole scenario is an accident waiting to happen.

  5. dgirl says:

    when will people stop adressing babies as IT!!! Ugh I hate it!!! anyways nadya needs to stop being a camera w—e POOR BABIES

  6. Sara says:

    I weep.

  7. Kait says:

    @HEB – and I’ve certainly never seen a celebrity bring out a baby that is most likely medically fragile from being premature.

    I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt and believe that she actually loves these kids but more and more she’s looking like a crazy attention whore.

  8. sissoucat says:

    Newborns are hard to carry. They have a low tonus. I wouldn’t trust myself in carrying two at the same time. Unless I were right above a soft blanket just in case… which is right what she was doing. So no fault.

  9. YoMomma says:

    Every time I see videos of her holding her children it looks so awkward.

  10. photo jojo says:

    I think she’s a nutjob, but I almost dropped each of my kids at least once as well… they are not the easiest thing in the world to handle, esp at the age when they cannot support their own weight even a little. But yeah, she’s still a nutjob. 🙂

  11. Alesia says:

    All the attention she is getting is giving her star attention. The people following her are hoping to make money off the situation so they are also whores. If every one stop following her and filming her then her popularity will go down then we may see her true colors.

  12. cersmi says:

    She didn’t almost drop him, his head flopped to the side as she picked him up. Happened to me at least once w/all 3 of my kids.
    The park thing is a good idea but smarter to break the kids up into mini groups for some semi individual time w/mom.
    On the nut factor side of things, I think I’m off my rocker for having 3 within 40mths so anyone having 8 at once…… Hmmmm

  13. jess says:

    she must have had a lot of surgery after birth to look that good after having 8 babies. she’s thinner than most people after one!

  14. Annabelle says:

    If i could hiss at her, I would.

  15. yadira says:

    She makes me so mad! I get mad at myself for checking out her thread!

  16. Obvious says:

    *sigh* this is so depressing. I hate her, and I hate that she’s living on my money (i.e tax payers in CA), but I want to see the best for those children-all 14 of them. I tried to put aside my animosity for this creature and give her the benefit of the doubt-but between her lies and her constant posing for the cameras, and buying make-up I can’t even afford, I just can’t do it anymore.

  17. Wow says:

    She didn’t have a Britney moment with her kid. looks like his head just moved over to the side as someone pointed out upthread.

    But boy have those little babies grown! How adorable they look.

    I agree with whoever said she should have broken them up in pairs or something for time in the park. Its not like she doesn’t have enough time in the day to do it that way.

  18. KDRockstar says:

    I’m with you, Yadira. No more reading about this horror of a mom.

  19. Jenna says:

    At least the babies looks somewhat healthy.

  20. CB Rawks says:

    You’re supposed to support the head or you can do serious neck damage. Which means the stupid cow should not have been holding two babies at once like that.
    Hate her guts.

  21. stephanie says:

    To me, she is just trying to get $$$ off of those kids. They need to be taken away. Guess who is paying for all of this?? We are!!! She does not deserve them kids at all! She is a crazy loon!!!

  22. Michelle says:

    That’s right, two preemies, who more than likely have health complications stemming from their mother being batshit insanse, let’s just lay them on a blanket on the ground!!! That’s a TOTALLY safe and heathly thing to do for the wellbeing of them!!! Wow, Nadya is a shining beacon of wisdom, virtue and selflessness. FINALLY, someone on par with the awesome parenting skills of Dina Lohan.

    Good god, she makes my blood boil. I feel so horrible for all 14 of her brood.

  23. Al says:

    I simply cannot stand the sight of this woman. There is no reason that she is allowed to have these children. This woman deserves to be hit by a bus!

  24. mom2three says:

    She clearly has no clue what she’s doing. I feel so horribly for those poor, poor babies. Their “mother” has no idea how to hold them or even hold their bottles. She has PREEMIES out in public during a public health crisis, preemies that by virtue of the circumstances of being born 10 weeks early, are germ magnets and not well. This was nothing but an attempt at a photo op, likely hoping she’d come off looking competent. Too bad for her it’s backfired. She hasn’t got a clue. Seems like her mother was correct when she said that Nadya never took care of her first six children a day in their lives. If she had, she’d know how to care for a newborn, preemie or not.

  25. Samantha says:

    C’mon…I know she is a horrible horrible person and blah blah blah, but can we cut her a LITTLE slack here? Everyone, whether they admit it or not, at some point or another has almost done something like this. Whether you almost dropped the baby, (and notice the height people…its not like she was pulling a Micheal Jackson), or accidently clipped your babies finger while clipping nails…Oh God, I would hate to see that article, I’m sure that would be on the cover of all magazines: OCTOMOM INJURES CHILD CLIPPING NAILS! “CPS said to be investigating the incident”
    I’m just saying…we have all, every single mother at one point or another has done something to this effect and cried our butts off at how we were going to be horrible horrible horrible parents. Now just imagine someone was there to take a picture of it and verify, “Why yes, you ARE horrible!”

    I’m just saying, lets stick to one of the 100 other things she does to pick on her with, not this.

  26. coocoo says:

    she just sucks
    she is so desperate for attention at the cost of her kids.

  27. Joe Mahma says:

    I can’t believe this stupid bitch is profiting from this.

  28. L says:

    She is not supporting either of those newborn babies’ heads in any of the photos, except the photos of her feeding them (specifically the one where she is holding the baby’s head with one hand and props the bottle with her boob so that her other hand is free to hold her cell for that oh-so-important phone call) . She’s careless and ignorant. The sun is shining brightly in both of the newborns faces as she holds them up, with no head support at all. And her toddler appears to be rubbing the soft spot on the head of the newborn.

  29. modianos says:

    whats the weather in ca like? theirs is usually similar to ours (tx) and its been way too hot to hang outside with an infant here. i hope its cooler in ca. how does she find time to get her nails done?? i only have 2 and when they were that little i was lucky if i had time to shower.

  30. cherryblossom says:

    I’ve dropped a baby before. They can just squirm so much…but to be fair, I was 12 and I dropped her onto the couch-a distance of maybe 2.5 feet, so no harm done. But I understand how such things happen.
    But she looks really akward in these photos, like a new mother. You’d think that after the other six kids she’d be able to deal with infants.

  31. CB Rawks says:

    “I’m just saying, lets stick to one of the 100 other things she does to pick on her with, not this.”

    No, I’m going with this. You can have the tattoo.

  32. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Um, there’s a lot of flu viruses going around and she takes preemies who are still quite young out in public?

    That? Is stupid.

    That’s more stupid than trying to pick up two of them at once (she probably figured it’d make for a good sympathetic picture).

    Honest to God, all this woman thinks about is herself. If she really thought about her kids she’d be with them FAR more than she is, she wouldn’t be concerned with where the cameras are or posing for them, and she’d be socking the money she’s getting for appearances, etc, away for the KIDS, because she’s gonna need it.

    But no, she’s usually out shopping every day, mugging for the cameras, not bonding with the babies, not with her older kids.

    I’m understanding more and more why she was so blissfully unworried and unconcerned before they came home. She knew she wasn’t going to have to take care of them.

  33. sherri says:

    i’m not gonna be voting for her as mother of the year of anything… but this whole story is STUPID.

    first of all, it looks to me like the order of the pictures was reversed to “create” a story about her “dropping” the baby, when the order of the thumbnails below the article make it look like she’s actually picking the baby up… granted, she’s not using the best technique.

    but seriously, aren’t there like a bajillion other things to be reporting on????

  34. Jess says:

    Mother of 14 with manicured nails???? Need I say more?

  35. Gigi says:

    LOL, manicured nails AND long flowing locks hanging down her back and around her shoulders…ummm…majority of mom’s going to the park would pull that mess back, but I guess she wants to look good for the cameras. As for dropping the baby, I’ll cut her slack there, what mom hasn’t been there at least once before.

  36. Mariann says:

    Where is she getting the time for her manicures and obvious plastic surgery?? I have 5 kids and though 4 are older and in school, my little guy is 2 and there are some days I don’t even get to shower until my 13 year old is home from school and can watch him for me while I take a marathon quick shower. Also, like others before me said, she looks SUPER awkward holding those poor babies. For someone who had 6 babies before these 8, she has the presence of a first time mother just learning to hold them properly, etc. I hate that she’s whoring out these kids and hope one day, somebody steps in and takes them away so they can be loved properly and have a normal life. Those poor kids…ALL of them. But I DO agree with what others said, Every mother has fumbled a baby at least once. She just seems to do things like that more often than not…especially since she’s supposed to be an “experienced Mother.” The whole thing is just crazy.

  37. bros says:

    can anyone tell me how old the other kid with her is?

  38. the original kate says:

    why doesn’t she put one of those babies in a sling and carry the other one? why does she look so awkward with her own kids? why is she bringing sick babies outside? when will she go away? why did i look at this thread? *sigh* so many questions.

  39. tasteT says:

    WHEW, I have never laughed so hard!!

    someone up top said “at least she is not using them as hood ornaments”..

    That was funny!!!

    Why is she holding 2 preemies like that?? I mean she should be coddling one..I heard a couple of them are special needs children.

    LORDY! A train wreck and I cannot look away!!

    Everything for this cow is a photo op…hmmm, her 500,000 home should have enough NICE AIR in the backyard.

    You know if she wanted privacy, to make the mistakes of a mother that is never around, one that still has not trained on caring for her 100 damn preemies w/special needs!!

    she just wanted to be on camera..a train wreck!!!

  40. UpsideDown says:

    First of all, I can understand a mother with TWINS born regularly who might have some difficulty trying to manage them in her arms AT HOME. This is just a mess waiting to happen. It’s not just that she’s not supporting their heads. It’s the fact that she’s lifting the baby like he’s just some sort of baggage. He should at least be supported by two hands especially is he’s premature. Even when they’ve grown a little, babies are still fragile because their skulls haven’t hardened and their bones aren’t hard.

    Then I’m concerned about the other baby! In one picture she’s adjusting her “glorious ass” and she’s holding the baby up to her like it’s a purse and she’s surrounded by homeless men! It looks as if she’s trying to bottle feed the baby and failing.

    I know you can’t always tell in photos but it looks like if she were a football player at any movie she’d spike one of the babies and strike a pose just for the camera. I’ve never seen a NEW mother this awkward with her kids and she’s just handling them like they’re disposable. What a hack.

  41. Anoneemouse says:

    My sister had premie twin boys. The first time we took them out, we went to the mall and she had the boys in one of those long “limo” strollers. We were in a store and my sister tried pushing the “limo” forward but it was stuck. She pushed again and looked down only to see that one of the babies had rolled out of the limo on to the floor and she had been trying to push the stroller over him! That was a long time ago and we laugh at it now, but I’ll never forget that incident and the first thing my sister said to me when she realized she was pushing the stroller over the kid: “DON’T YOU TELL MOM!” I still laugh to this day.

  42. ChristinaT says:

    yeah that looks a bit dangerous…

    i wonder though, would we all be as outraged if she had a husband? i bet not… surely, several nannies can take the place of one husband…

    honestly, i think people who get mad, i mean blood pressure rising mad, at this woman and wish ill upon her are crazier than she is… :/

  43. Gigohead says:

    I love how she manages fine to be on her cell while she uses her breast to hold up the bottle. She’s gross. The grass must also be wet since she got her pants wet and yet she lays the baby on the grass on what would be a wet blanket. She’s disgusting!

  44. BEEBEEC says:

    How many chigger bites are on her eight babies?

  45. divadarkness says:

    we can all call her crazy, but she is really smart, she is making money and everybody is paying for her, so what are you getting mad for, call cps on her, if she was a black woman cps would be called her real fast, so while all of you are calling her nuts do something about it, someone up top stated that she is going to get caught doing something and then she will be in big trouble,so why wait until one of them die, she will get a big pay off then, if we created something to show her that we as people care about those children and not her, the pay off will be in a trust for them lets look to the future. no body has done nothing to the doctor who did this, the father of these kids will never be responsible for all these kids, but again if they were black this would not happen like this, we all know that this bitch is smart and making alot of money, and if we could have done something to make money we would, peace

  46. rosemary says:

    Even if we get her slack on this one time. The fact is she is a horrible mother.

    Remember the 911 tape where she says over and over that she was going to kill herself. In front of her other children.

    When she didn’t know where the one child was and actually didn’t know where two were since the one was with it’s twin.

    She got pregnant, unmarried, and doesn’t love her children. A person can say they love their child, doesn’t make it so. She is more about herself rather than the children.

    She even got rid of people who were willing to help her.

    The only ones I feel any sympathy for are the 14 children. Not just the 8 she had, but the ones she had beforehand that are probably taking a back burner to the celeb fame that she has now.

  47. chillaxicon says:

    May 7th, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    when will people stop adressing babies as IT!!! Ugh I hate it!!! anyways nadya needs to stop being a camera w—e POOR BABIES
    What the hell else do you want people to call it? If the sex of the child isn’t clear, IT is an acceptable term of address until said sex is made clear. Chill out, psycho.

    Oh, and because this is the internet, and everyone knows the internet is all about maturity:

  48. j. ferber says:

    She has NO idea how to hold a baby. It’s as if she has never done it before. Truly scary. Those poor little heads are rolling around like bowling balls on those little stem necks. She really needs to be minded by a nanny whenever she’s on an outing with them (I assume that’s the only time she takes care of them). Horrible bitch.

  49. nicotineeyepatch says:

    @ Kait at 2:26pm

    Not sure if you wanna call her a celebrity, but Sarah Palin had Trig Palin at her Governors office in front of video cameras for a staged interview on April 21 (he was born on April 18th with Downs Syndrome and a hole in his heart). Then all over the campaign trail at 4 months old.

    Babies are big celebrity business and Suleman knows it. These octuplets are going to grow up in a strange bubble of unreality.

  50. kiki b says:

    does OctoCrazy ever shut her lips? or can’t she? it looks like flies would get in there.

  51. Aexandra says:

    Pitiful! This woman doesn’t even know how to hold a baby! No support for their heads & when she’s feeding them she doesn’t support their backs. Notice how the knees of her jeans are wet. Are these babies laying on wet ground? If so, it could soak through the blanket. Not so healthy for preemis or any baby for that matter. She’s showing some of her stripper days cleavage & her hair looks pretty greasy. Eww! Sorry Nadya, no good impressions here at all. Sorry I wasted my time looking. Old news. I’m moving on to better stories.

  52. Patrice says:

    No matter how we feel about Nadia and her terrible life choices (and believe me, I am one of her BIGGEST detractors) I have to say that it is so wonderful to see that those babies are doing so incredibly well. I mean, the odds of a single pregnancy micro-preemie thriving this way are almost unheard of. That chick better be counting her blessings everyday. Although, I think it is probably safe to assume that she doesn’t.

  53. Samantha says:

    PULLED a BRITNEY? This is about the octomom and you really couldnt help but take a dig at Britney? I cannot wait till she starts suing for slander because the media is ridiculous. I’m glad I don’t have to walk a mile in her shoes.

  54. You’re right, Kiki, I don’t think she can close those gross, puffy lips!

    Has anybody noticed they don’t have a single picture (that I could see here) of her actually KISSING any of the children? Are you kidding me? Anyone who has a child or grandchild can’t stop kissing those chubby cheeks.

    Then again, maybe she CAN’T kiss them because of her lip injections!?!

  55. Leslie Martin says:

    Even the paparazzi report that she only gets involved with the babies on her media outings. What we really need to see is how she is with them when she’s not photo opping. It’s pretty scary when she knows she’s on camera, off camera is probably frightening. She can’t even hold one baby right, but she picks up two of them and almost drops him. Poor mothering skills. It’s obvious her mother raised her other children.

  56. MsTriste says:

    She’s not supporting the babies heads in ANY of the pictures. It’s obvious she doesn’t have a clue how to hold a baby properly. No wonder she almost dropped one. And poor judgment to bring them out in public so young. Plus there are really no photos of her giving any of the babies her attention. She seems to always be talking to someone else while holding them. I think her mouth is always open because she talks constantly to the photographers. And Radar should be ashamed of themselves for the amount of coverage they have of her.

  57. Sue says:

    Someone please buy this mooch a book on how to hold a baby. Holding a baby for its prop value is different than holding it for its well being. And by the way, holding all eight babies AT ONCE is nothing but a publicity stunt. Hope the tummy tuck goes well this weekend Octotrash.

  58. JUSTINE says:

    like i said she doesnt deserve her kids first she gets a tatu in the middle of the night with her chrildren at home by themselves and now this she does need help she isnt good with kids she may think she is but she isnt shes not gonna change her ways like ppl tell her to shes gonna stay the same and thats the bad thing her staying the same is going to be the worst thing shes ever dones either she changes her ways and her life or them kids are gonna be put on child services and shell never see them again. when she droped her kids it was almost almost like the time Britney spears dropped hers that one time. well all i can do is wish f=her good luck and prayers cause thats all about i can do that she changes.

  59. Munis says:

    who has fake nails with infants?

  60. destiny says:

    She is out of her mind!!! i dont unersstand this lady. All she is doing is takeing the money she gets to premp herself. not to really take care of the babies. i fll so bad for all of them. im sure that she loves them but she needs to start showing it a little better!!!!!!

  61. Linda says:

    As the mother of a preemie it hurts to look at these pictures- all I can say is why can’t she hang out in her own backyard?

  62. Snoopchew says:

    Whatever planet she came from, her world is a fantasy. Like Dr. Phil told her, “You need help”. And by exclusively using her for his own gain, he wasn’t the help she needed.
    I am very surprised she hasn’t had a nervous breakdown. Poor and pathetic little girl who can never be a real mom.

  63. May says:

    For the sake of her children I hope she gets all the money she wants.. Just so that they have some semblance of a life. She does seem to care for them though. Thank God.

  64. gail says:

    I agree and laughed a lot, ‘at least she’s not using them for hood ornaments’, oh my that was funny!

    What is the deal of the older one pulling premies hair?

    He seems to always be whacking one of them. He also bit the autistic one…nice

    She can’t control her kids and sees nothing wrong with any of it.

    The sooner they take the kids, the more likely they will still have all their fingers and toes.

  65. Snoopchew says:

    Gail, The reason she can’t see anything wrong with the way she parents her children and doesn’t think they may need another parent is part of her incurable psychotic behavior (living in a total dreamworld).
    Give less than a year and they will be taken from her.

  66. baby contest says:

    This is pretty crazy… shes running around juggeling these babies… wowzzz

  67. Martha says:

    what a shame.. how can a women drop a baby.. Crazyyy

  68. In all fairness, holding that many bebedo’s at one time would be a constant chore… I bet her arms are SMOKED!

  69. Laina says:

    I just don’t have the same hatred for Nadya as everyone else I suppose. I had twins for one, so while it may look like she is carelessly one-handing her babies, I promise you that every mother of multiples learns with a quickness how to juggle babies. She looks like she’s gotten quite good at it. She may be the crazy media-hungry woman some make her out to be but I see her as a mother of 14 who sees the media outlet as her best shot of supporting her children comfortably. So what if you have to piss a few people off on your way!

  70. I just don’t get it. Unwed mother of 14? Are you kidding me? She has no business having that many kids, as you’ve so well pointed out by her almost dropping one of her little ones on the ground!

  71. Mum Joleen says:

    Whats the real difference between a baby carrier sling, and the baby wrap then? A couple of mums I know are choosing the baby slings, I suppose the wrap is simply the non-connected variation?