Tom Cruise wants a bigger back-end cut for the sixth ‘Mission: Impossible’


Did you know that Tom Cruise did a Mission: Impossible movie last year? It’s true! I forgot that it was that recently. Last year, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation came out, and the only reason I remember the name is because I kept misreading it as “Rouge Nation,” as in there was a nation of people obsessed with blush. Rogue Nation was the fifth MI outing, and shockingly, it made money. The domestic haul was modest, given its $150 million price tag – it made just shy of $200 million domestically. But internationally, the film made $487 million. So everyone made money on it and it was a “hit,” and another sequel was completely justified. They’re already in preproduction for a sixth MI film, due to begin production in January. And Tom Cruise just held everybody up for more money. O RLY, Tommy?

A dispute over salary between Tom Cruise and Paramount has halted preproduction on Mission: Impossible 6, multiple sources tell The Hollywood Reporter. The studio, which was co-financing the movie with Skydance, was in the prep stages for a January 2017 production start and Christopher McQuarrie, who is back on directing duties after reinvigorated the franchise with the fifth installment, is writing the script.

Sources tell THR that one of the contentious points is Cruise’s back-end profit participation, with the actor looking to match or exceed what he is getting paid by Universal for starring in The Mummy, which he is currently shooting in London. Mummy is a pivotal movie for Universal, which is looking to launch a cinematic franchise and has hinged plenty on Cruise’s star power.

This is the second hiccup this summer for Mission: Impossible 6. In July, the project threatened to fall apart over what one source said was script issues. That obstacle pushed a November start into the new year. Paramount initially wanted Mission: Impossible 6 for a late 2017 release but it is currently undated.

[From THR]

I don’t know… my first thought was “Tom Cruise has some big cojones to ask for more money, this isn’t 1998 anymore.” You know what I mean? Cruise is no longer the biggest, brightest star in the world. He’s still big enough to lead these franchise films that cost $150 million to make, of course. But it seems like he should be counting his blessings that he still gets to work. Plus, Cruise’s notoriously generous back-end deals were one of the reasons why he did alienate some studios, and why it was so easy for them to back away when the couch-jumping nonsense started happening. In his hey-day, when every Cruise film was a major hit, he would end up making tens of millions of dollars on the back-end. Is he still that guy? Eh.


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  1. vaultdweller101 says:

    I mean, I would pay him money to stop making — and starring — in these films. So. Just tell me who to make that check out to.

  2. justme says:

    It’s amazing how much Suri resembles Tom and so sad that he’s a father in name only. But that’s better than him exposing her to Scientology.

    • Naya says:

      I noticed that recently too. She has his eyes. I wish I could forget all the nasty stuff people used to post about her paternity. Some comments are just low.

      • kanyekardashian says:

        You guys are so naive. Suri doesn’t look one iota like Tom Cruise – she is the picture image of Katie Holmes. Thats because he isn’t her father. Mimi Rogers said years ago she divorced him because he was sterile and she wanted to be a mom – why do you think he and Nicole adopted? Certainly wasn’t because SHE couldn’t have babies – she went on to have two of her own. Scientology arranged the whole baby-making.

      • LAK says:

        For the upteenth time, Mimi Rogers didn’t say he was sterile. She said he was not sexual. There is a difference. She complained that he wasn’t interested in sex and avoided it. Pretty hard to get pregnant when you aren’t having sex.

        The minute she was with someone else, she got the sex and got pregnant and did one of those celeb show off your pregnancy photo shoots which people took to be a pointed snark at Tom.

        And when he adopted, people simply ran with the barb they assumed Mimi had planted.

        Asexual. No one knows for sure if he is barren, but avoiding sex is a good way NOT to have kids.

    • Sabrine says:

      No dad for Suri over the last three years other than the money he pays out every month. He did see her initially after the divorce and I think he was bored with having to entertain a child. After that it just fizzled out until contact went to nothing. I hardly think he’s skyping with her anymore because what would be his excuse for not seeing her in person after so long.

    • CoolNewName says:

      I am doing way too much Tom Cruise defending lately! But I feel some of the stories about Suri’s paternity are just ridiculous. I find it much easier to believe that she is Tom’s child than to believe most of them.

      And totally agreed that she is far better off not having a relationship with him than she is being anywhere near Scientology. Katie Holmes has done an excellent job of protecting her from that big cult of crazy and more power to her!

  3. Belle Epoch says:

    It bothers me that he always has the giant smile and squints his eyes to make his Movie Star Face. I prefer being able to see people’s eyes. He’s always “on.” BTW does all that money go to Scientology? Would he leave anything to Suri?

    • Naya says:

      Iirc theres something in the split settlement about a trust for Suri.

    • Clare says:

      Considering he hasn’t seen her for 3 years I very much doubt she’ll be getting any of his money….and frankly, she’ll better off without it, I think! Although we’ve not heard anything about child support etc, so I assume he does pay that? Either that, it Katie Holmes is very very discrete after her escape.

      • Jellybean says:

        Completely off the top of my head I think he pays $35K a month in child support, I have no idea where that information came from though.

  4. Ariel says:

    I’m guessing Scientology is in desperate need of cash. New members with money are hard to come by these days. Very few people are stupid enough to get involved with this shake-down cult anymore.

    • Mia4S says:

      This was my thought! How much is he giving Xenu every month? Most actors with his (supposed) resources would be involved in small passion projects, prestige work, charity (see Pitt and Jolie). Tommy’s been all about action, action, action, blockbusters, of varying quality. He’s a product, not an actor. How much money is he having to pay out that he’s stuck in this cycle. Or maybe it’s just that he has nothing else except his “action man” phoney persona. So weird.

      • holly hobby says:

        Well considering the best part of his career was during the Nicole years (he did branch out and did dramas) and Little Miss Cabbage hated those films (the Kubrick films, anyone?), it’s no wonder why Tommy is now action man.

  5. Bobafelty says:

    Yeah, Scientology needs a bigger payout. That free sea org labor (to build tom’s lift shoes) is expensive.

  6. Jellybean says:

    Like him or not Cruise is one of the most reliable stars at the box office. His films always do good if not stunning business. Box Office Mojo is comparing the last Mission Impossible film with Jason Bourne, since it was released on the same week end and was a sequel with an A+ list star in their biggest role. Well, Cruise is going to be the clear winner, even in the domestic market. After all the build up and Damon’s $27M pay cheque, maybe Cruise thought that gave him the clout to ask for more.

  7. Suzanne says:

    Are you silly? Obviously he is a movie star.

    If she JLAW deserves 20 million then cruise deserves double that

  8. Erinn says:

    Does anyone care about these movies anymore? I’m biased because I haven’t even seen one of them… I don’t like him, and I despise the cult he’s tangled himself into – but he’s an okay actor, I suppose.

    Honestly though – I feel like most people see him as a joke more than anything now… I could be horrible wrong. But you have regular every day, non gossipy people making TC jokes. He’s never shook the jumping the couch stuff, and Scientology gets mocked a lot too. Maybe it’s more the younger generation that sees him as a joke, I have no idea, honestly. His movies must do well – but are they doing WELL? I would assume his popularity has dropped a lot in recent years.

    • Jellybean says:

      I have a lot of friends and family who have no interest whatsoever in gossip. They consider Tom Cruise to be reliable. They might not be waiting for the next Tom Cruise film, but if they fancy a film and he has one out, they will go and see it. A personal average of 60% on metacritic is pretty impressive when you consider how many films he makes and that they are mostly big budget and nearly always have him as the star. I think he is seen as a bit of a joke, but for a lot of people that is balanced by how hard he works and his pretty amazing stunt work. He might not be the massive star he once was, but he still has a large and loyal fan base. And yes, his films do well, not spectacularly well, but they all cover their costs and many make a good profit.

    • Christin says:

      I think there is a good percentage of the movie-going population who doesn’t know or perhaps care about his off-screen choices, as long as he delivers a good movie. His genre (action movies) isn’t my personal favorite, but according to some of those who do, Tom delivers a good product.

      Even though I personally separate him into two “Toms” (pre-Nicole split/couch and post-Nicole split/couch), I must admit he looks very good in the first photo. Why he didn’t pursue a slice of character acting instead of basically 100 percent action, I don’t understand (unless it’s better chance of a high return).

  9. Cynthia says:

    I am always a fan of asking for more. He is pass his heyday in America but not internationally. Why shouldn’t he ask for more, he made them over half a billion dollars just for that 1 movie, and negotiation is about who is willingly to walk away. Tom cruise can afford to walk away but I bet you greedy ass studios will not walk away.

    Can I just mention that Julia Roberts that is way pass her heyday will never have the balls to do this, and will not even receive anything if she does, they will just replace her with Jlaw.

  10. Lindy says:

    Is anyone else just completely bored with movies these days? I feel like it’s all sequels and comic books and remakes. No original or interesting stories. Admittedly I’m not a film superfan so I’m sure I’m missing things that aren’t huge deals or getting big promotions, but still… I feel so utterly bored by everything I see coming out lately. It’s not remotely entertaining to watch the same things again and again. Does Tom really think people care about the sixth installment of this?

    • Cynthia says:

      @ Lindy,

      I absolutely agree with you, is so sad that hollywood has stopped being imaginative in story telling, diversity ……….. Until these remakes, comic books and sequels start failing, we are stuck with them

  11. Lbliss says:

    Yes, Xenu needs more money. Send thetan #2 named Tom cruise back to earth to finalize more money for our cult. I mean religion lol. Remind thetan #2 to smile lots for cameras to trick all suppressive people into beliving is a common mortal, not all powerful thetan #2.

  12. Snappyfish says:

    Why does he run in all his movies!? All of them. Even the non action ones. What IS it with the running? It had become a joke & a trivia quiz in our family.

  13. holly hobby says:

    Hey producers, you do know the original Mission Impossible series featured a group of spies, not just one. How about putting Tommy to pasture and hiring someone cheaper and up and coming?