Will Smith, Jamie Foxx & Idris Elba vie to be first black James Bond

Will Smith
Although Daniel Craig doesn’t seem eager to vacate 007’s shoes, there has been a rash of rumors about who the next James Bond will be. Apparently, there’s a growing cry for the next Bond to be black – maybe it’s The Obama Factor? Obama wouldn’t be the worst James Bond, actually, so that’s my first choice.

Will Smith is chiming in about Bond casting – he thinks he’s up against Jamie Foxx and Puff Daddy for the role. Lord, I hope he’s joking. Will thinks he has an edge, because he can “guarantee the box office”. He’s got a point – currently, Will is the reigning box office champion, but it doesn’t seem like the James Bond franchise is really hurting. The past two Daniel Craig-helmed Bond movies took in something like a billion dollars worldwide. Extra TV talking to both Will Smith and Jamie Foxx about the casting:

Actor Will Smith is dishing to “Extra” about who he thinks should play the first black James Bond on the big screen.

“Extra” caught up with the megastar last night, as he was presented with the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Humanitarian Award. When an “Extra” friend asked Will who would make a better black James Bond — himself, P. Diddy, or Jamie Foxx — Smith responded, “Puff probably lives the most like James Bond… Jamie Foxx got the swag for James Bond. He can sing too, so he can add a new element to Bond. Wooing the ladies… and I think I can guarantee the box office!”

Jamie Foxx wants fans to know that he is definitely in the running! He told our Mario Lopez that he wouldn’t mind donning the 007 tux. “Might be kind of cool. What would my drink be? Not vodka. I’d have to drink Hennessy or something like that. Little yak attack for James Biz-ond!”

Smith is no stranger to playing secret agents on the big screen. He played Agent J in two “Men in Black” blockbusters — and hopes to return for a third! “We’ve had a couple of meetings. We’re looking at it,” Smith says of a potential third round of the hit franchise.

“The team has committed, so we have to do it service with the creative part of it. Everyone is on board, so we will see what happens.”

“Extra” also caught up with Jada Pinkett-Smith at the ceremony, who brushed off rumors that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are planning on sending little Suri to Will and Jada’s new Los Angeles area school. Pinkett-Smith tells “Extra,” “No, Suri is not going to the school. That’s just rumors.”

[From Extra TV]

Perhaps this all started because Idris Elba, that cool drink of water from The Wire, The Office and that horrible-looking “what hath God wrought?” Beyonce film Obsessed, started talking about how he would make a pretty decent James Bond. Yes! Okay, President Obama is my first choice for Bond, Idris Elba is my second choice. Idris told the Guardian (quotes via The Press Association): “I can run around, flirt with ladies and drink. Plus I’m English… Who wouldn’t like to play Bond? Do I think it will happen? No, but I’ve got what it takes to do it.” Amen to that.

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52 Responses to “Will Smith, Jamie Foxx & Idris Elba vie to be first black James Bond”

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  1. neelyo says:

    Will Smith? Jamie Foxx? Bond is supposed to epitomize class not crass.

  2. Alison says:

    I like this idea. My vote is for Idris Elba. Bond should be British and he’s a sexy guy.

  3. bros says:

    Idris is the only logical fit. Smith and Foxx are too typecast already. i couldnt take either one of them seriously and neither has a british accent and i sure as hell dont want to listen to them fake it. idris is a hot piece of man meat and can really act. he was smoking on the wire.

  4. Mesa says:

    That would be awesome. I would love to see something like that. Will Smith and Jamie Foxx or multi-talented but I don’t know the other guy.

  5. geronimo says:

    Will Smith? Jamie Foxx?? As Bond??? Premature senility setting in with those two or what?

    Idris could definitely carry it off, as could the equally gorgeous Colin Salmon.

  6. CandyKay says:

    Will Smith is the black Jimmy Stewart. Nice guy, friendly guy, funny guy. Not a James Bond type.

    How old is Idris, anyway? Craig is only 39 or 40. Will Idris be the right age to be in the running when Craig is finished?

  7. Elle says:

    It has to be Idris Elba is epitomizes class, intelligence, and most importantly exudes insane amounts of sex appeal (plus it’s always nice to see a dark skinned actor.. seeing as though I’m dark skinned). Jamie Foxx and Will Smith come with too much baggage. Jaime Foxx and his mouth get him in to trouble and Will Smith has creepy ties to creepy individuals that shall remain nameless (I don’t want to start a battle), so my vote would be a no for either one of those actors.

  8. anon says:

    this was discussed a while ago on another gossip blog, and someone suggested Idris Elba. At that point, I hadn’t seen him in anything…but now, since I’ve started watching “the Wire” (I know, I know, I’m behind…)…

    I AGREE COMPLETELY. the man is a fantastic actor, gorgeous, and a real smoothie. and he’s a Brit. Bros, I’m with you…I don’t want to hear Foxx or Smith fake an accent.

  9. genevieve says:

    As an American living in London who has just been introduced to the 007 franchise by her British boyfriend– I can’t see there being any way that an American actor would be cast in the shoes of a British MI6 agent, especially considering how incredibly proud the Brits are of James Bond. While these guys might be able to pull off the American CIA agent character Felix Leiter (and in fact, the gent who played him in Casino Royale/Quantum of Solace was played by Jeffrey Wright), something tells me that WS, PD, or JF would never play second fiddle, especially in a franchise. I can’t see there being any reason to chose an American actor over a British one to play Bond; there are far too many good black British ones to chose from as is!

    Adrian Lester is my personal pick…

  10. ash says:

    Yeah I could never picture Will Smith or Jamie Foxx as Bond, but the last guy, niiiiceeee.

  11. ferdis says:

    Please, let Daniel keeps his jobs. He is very hot. Dont need another one white, black, whatever.

  12. Idris FTW. I don’t think either the Fresh Prince or Wanda should be Bond. I don’t care talented & award-winnig they are now, first impressions stick.

  13. Jen says:

    Idris Elba FTW!!!

    Why would they even consider those other two chuckleheads for Bond???

  14. Wow says:

    IDRIS ALL THE WAY! Yes,I’m yelling this.

  15. Tlove says:

    No please keep Daniel and he is sexy as hell. I couldnt imagine Fox with those lips as a sexy James Bond

  16. Patrice says:

    Oh my God! They HAVE to choose Jamie! Will is too goofy to pull off the roll, and Jamie is just sooo smooth : ) Actually, come to think of it, he sort of lives his life like Bond already (jewels, beautiful women, mansions). I would be so excited to see this.

  17. J-Lin says:

    Idris all day, every day! ASAP! Please! I can’t get enough of that man. I sat through Beyonce’s horrible acting just for him.

    You know, I love Barack too, but he’s no 007.

  18. J-Lin says:

    Genevieve – Idris is British. Why couldn’t he play the role?

  19. Giz says:

    …Adrian Lister! Nice.

    This was in discussion about 10 years, when people were batting around Denzel Washington’s name, but obviously is now too old for the role, IMO.

    The thought of P. Diddy (or whatever he calls himself now) is just laughable. First of all, th man can’t act and regardless of how you dress him, has no class!

    Adrian Lister. Yummy!

  20. cherryblossom says:

    I’ve never seen a James Bond flick (I know, I know. I can hear the gasps of shock from here) but I wouldn’t mind Idris Elba at all. Although Will Smith would probably not suck as much as one might think…he’s not bad with action films. As for Foxx…ugh, I think he’s not that talented.
    In conclusion: I might have to pop my Bond cherry.

  21. sonia says:

    Terrence Howard

  22. Kevin says:

    Red Fox!!! Posthumously of course! The whole franchise has been lame for quite some time now, so who gives a flip.

  23. becca says:

    ^^^No. Howard is an a**. Idris Elba FTW. He’s British and hot. And just by looking at him it appears that he can pull of some serious class.

  24. Megan says:

    Since when is James Bond black.

  25. CB Rawks says:

    I like Idris, but definitely not the other two.
    Also Chiwetel Ejiofor and Colin Salmon. They are knee-weakening babes. 🙂

  26. HashBrowns says:

    Mmmm…Idris Elba. That man’s voice could melt butter.

    What? Where was I? Right…he’d make a great Bond 😛

  27. CrimsonCutie says:

    I think the only good fit would be Tyson Beckford…

  28. I Choose Me says:

    YES! YES! to Idris Elba.

    @CB Rawks don’t know this Colin Salmon fellow but Chiwetel Ejiofor is the bees knees, a hot slice of MORE PLEASE and any other adjective you can think of to describe a guy who’s classy, a great actor and hawt to boot.

    Can you imagine Idris and Chiwetel in a movie together? *hyperventilates*

    Somebody needs to make that happen stat!

  29. geronimo says:

    CB Rawks – good to see another Colin S fan here! For you and I Choose – here he is, 100% of pure prime yumminess! 🙂


    And agree with Chiwetel Ejiofor also being the bees knees!

  30. michellle says:

    What about Kimora Lee Simon’s new man? I forgot his name but he seems a class act. Then again I suppose choosing to be w/ her proves me wrong.

    While I like JF’s no Bond.
    WS is just too annoying regardless the role, can’t stand him.
    IE, never heard of him but at least he’s a Brit.

    How about Daniel Craig? Why mess w/ a good thing?

  31. dubdub2000 says:

    This is beyond absurd. The James Bond character is british and caucasian. Why not a Japanese James Bond? How about a caucasion Supafly? This is ridiculous.

  32. J-Lin says:

    Why does James Bond have to be caucaisan? The franchise is about a British super spy? I never knew being white was a requirement.

    Many people never thought there would be a black American President either, but that notion has been turned on it’s ass!

  33. Ana says:

    why do we need a new james bond? no offense but making james bond black would just be plain weird. i mean it was a huge thing when they had a blond james bond. lets just leave things as it

  34. hello... says:

    Idris, hands down!!! hell yeah he could melt… this butter!!!

  35. j. ferber says:

    I’ve never seen or heard about Idras Elba before, but in that picture he’s smokin’!
    He seems to have the swagger, sex appeal, suavity and sly sense of humor that would be perfect for Bond. Mind you, I’ve never seen a James Bond movie (a point of honor), but I’d go if this guy were in it. Too hot.

  36. Sam says:

    If the franchise is going to go there – the guy would have to be British. No offense but these guys just couldn’t carry it off. There is a certain ‘attitude’ that comes with Bond and a bad accent etc would ruin it.

    Personally I say leave the character as is, only for the fact that there is no real need to remake this classic character. Why not invent a new action hero and invest in a long term franchise?

  37. Shay says:

    I don’t think there’s actually a need for a black bond. It’s old an outdated, they might as well start a new tradition like they’re doing with Jason Borne.

    I guess if they had to pick one I’d go with Idris he is British and would atleast have the accent down.

    Jamie could play it straight but Will would destroy it with his one liners.

  38. Maudie says:

    Chiwetel Ejiofor. Definitely. The best actor in the world today.

  39. hotmilfchocolate says:

    look i’m black and i didn’t even HAVE to read this entire post to know…

    there are some classic tv & movie characters that are NOT MEANT TO BE PLAYED BY BLACK ACTORS!


    -The Honeymooners
    -Wonder Woman (fall WAY the fuck back, beyonce!)

    i LOVED wonder woman growing up, but i don’t think i’d look like her in a halloween costume because linda carter was white. wonder woman is white not black. and there is nothing wrong with that.

    just like santa claus is a WHITE figure, from the winter customs started in nordic countries ages ago!

    every fuggin thing doesn’t have to be made black.

    basta already!

  40. just says:



    Not everything needs the black version of the white or the white version of the black.

    How about, make something ORIGINAL staring Idris or Smith? Or is originality far too much for Hollywood to manage?

    Matt Damon managed it with The Bourne Supremacy and it did very well critically and at the box office.


  41. CB Rawks says:

    @ I Choose Me
    heeehee! Yeah baby!
    I first saw Chiwetel in Dirty Pretty Things, and I just swooned and fell off the couch, he was so dreamy.

    And Thanks Geronimo! Ooh that’s some pretty stuff there. 😀

  42. lrm says:

    I’m thinking Samuel L Jackson- bad a*s mother-fu***r Bond,at your service!!!!
    c’mon,that’d be rad-and very different. No need to fake an accent-just let him be on special assigment,disguised as some loud tourist from NYC or something.

    Or,cuba gooding junior? how about terrance howard? aw,he’s so soft spoken,but he could almost pull it off!

    back in the day,would’ve had to be Sydney Poitier,now,wouldn’t it?

  43. jordan says:

    i like smith but all bonds have been from the UK

  44. jayem says:

    If I HAD to pick, I would say Terrance Howard definitely has the looks for it. (And I don’t care if he’s a wierdo or an a$$, he’s a fantastic actor.) Just please, PLEASE, please do not cast Jamie Foxx. Will Smith has the chops, but I think he’d bungle the accent for sure.

    I do stand firmly on the side of why?! Some of you could have phrased it a little differently… But I agree that making him black just because you can seems weird. I think retooling it as a Bourne kind of a thing would be much better.

    BTW, I looked up Colin Salmon and he definitely looks the part. And he was in Dinotopia!!

  45. asdf says:

    Genevieve – Idris Elba IS BRITISH…He was born and raised there by his African Sengalese parents. And go to youtube and watch his interviews – he has it all – exudes class, personality, sensuality,intelligence – can we get that ‘not so handsome’ current James Bond out of the way and move Idris in, immediately???

  46. gossip_ho says:

    Idris is my top choice…He’s hot!! xx

  47. sa-da-tay says:

    @ people who say wonder woman is white.NOT!

  48. sa-da-tay says:

    news flash, wonderwoman is supposed to be dominican. comic character invented by some pervert. linda carter had blue eyes but she was latina. LOOK IT UP!
    I agree, beyoncee-HELL NAW.
    maybe edris or wentworth miller from prison break.

  49. BlackCowboy says:

    I should be the first black James Bond because,though I’m a Canadian lad rather than a U.K. one,at 56,5-9,218 lb.,I’m considered classically handsome and speak
    with a working-class,braying tenor which belies my age,size and race.(I DEFINITELY
    don’t sound “urban”[read:”black”]because
    I’m a Country singer/song-writer.)

  50. Kaitlyn says:

    Yes, James Bond is built on class, and that’s why the first black James Bond should be the very classy, Lord Toph ^^

  51. James Bond says:

    Shamar Moore should also be considered because he’s got the build and the look. He would just have to work on the British accent.

    I am a Will Smith fan, but I would vote Edris Elba between the two. He has got the physique to make the action scenes look believable and the dark charm inherent to the Bond character.