Clay Aiken snubbed by American Idol


Clay Aiken recently popped by the set of “American Idol” without being invited – or giving any warning. Nonetheless, he expected the red carpet to be rolled out for him – and got the shaft instead. Producers ran him through the backstage really quickly, refusing to let him speak to the contestants. Apparently he was hoping to mentor them, especially Adam Lambert, who was said to be Clay’s favorite. But no one from the show was interested, to say the least.

“He was given the nickel tour, allowed limited access to the backstage area and sent packing,” said the insider. “he was upset.”

Producers and reps from “American Idol” have had a long-simmering feud with Clay because he was one of the first contestant to bolt from 19 Entertainment, the management company that oversees the recording deals, merchandising, touring, sponsorship, and movie deals for “Idol” stars.

Network execs believe that Clay encouraged Kelly Clarkson to cut her ties with the show as well.

“They’ve always held a grudge against Clay for that,” revealed the insider. “So when he showed up at the ‘Idol’ studios and asked if he could give a little pep talk to the remaining finalists, they told Clay thanks… but no thanks.

“It was made clear to him that he was not welcome.”

The rejection was just the most recent blow to the 30-year-old’s ego. Late last year, he was dumped by his record company, RCA.

Added the insider: “‘Idol’” execs feel he’s trying to use the show to resuscitate his career.”

[From the Enquirer, May 18th, 2009, print ed.]

Burn. I can’t really blame Clay, Kelly, and whoever else joined them in leaving their management company. All of the music the American Idols put out sounds the exact same, until they get their own management and control. You know how you always want to vomit whenever you hear the two finalists perform their last song? It’s always specially written just for them, and includes a lot of creative lyrics about hope and destiny set to the backtrack of me vomiting. And you’re always sitting there thinking, “Didn’t they sing this exact same song during the last four finales?” Yeah, because there’s one gibbon with a typewriter pounding out the lyrics behind the stage. It’s crap. So I say good for whoever moves on to something bigger and better, because a lot of them do have talent, but “Idol” squashes their uniqueness. Anyhoo… I had a point here.

Yes! I don’t blame Clay for leaving, but unfortunately his sound is an exception to that whole diatribing paragraph above. His voice was made for Muzak. He’s not going to do well anywhere, CD-wise. Broadway – that was where he shined. Maybe he was trying to ingratiate himself to AI producers. If that was the case, I’d tell him not to bother, and stick to the stage anyway.

Here’s Clay with Tyra Banks at the GLAAD Media Awards in New York City on March 28th. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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23 Responses to “Clay Aiken snubbed by American Idol”

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  1. Lina says:

    There’s a new gay American Idol singer in town Clay…u betta move over

  2. RAN says:

    “It’s always specially written just for them, and includes a lot of creative lyrics about hope and destiny set to the backtrack of me vomiting.”

    LMAO at that comment! Well said, and I can completely relate

  3. Gigohead says:

    I think he’s lost his Claymates following too since he admitted he was gay. That’s quite sad.

  4. Boom says:

    listening to Clay songs is like listening to Celine Dion – you don’t want anyone to know you actually listen to them

  5. Not Impressed says:

    just thought i’d leave a pity comment for gaykin..

  6. JUSTINE says:

    i dont listen to clay akin cause i he hasnt made one damn song yet and its been like 5 or 6 years now and i never seen him make one song yet i mean he is a good singer but the only way hes goona get anywhere with his life is if he makes a god damn album which he hasnt done yet and in the picture thats above the comments he has a big head he looked better when he was actually on american idol now u dont see him no information or nothing hes lost his fame and money all in like a year after he lost american idol i dont have anything against him its just he isnt getting anywhere with is life like he planned to do he needs to put out an ablum see how it does and if it doesnt work find something else. im supporting clay akin cause he hasnt got the fame he wanted

  7. sue says:

    Don’t believe everything you read. I certainly don’t…including that NE piece.
    As for Clay being over and done, he’s just finished Broadway and is on 30 Rock’s finale next week, with David Foster and Friends this weekend, and is not likely to give up singing because he and RCA are finished. I think he’s finally going to be able to do something with his talent. jmho

    By the way, the swollen face is from TMJ surgery; it is now gone, as evidenced by the interview he gave for a Vegas station just last night.

    All info fairly easy to see by googling and reading a few places.

    By the way, this “fan” hasn’t gone anywhere and isn’t going to anytime soon.:-)

    One more thing…as to being broke? Not likely. He made 35 million dollars just touring over the last 6 years. That can be legitimately verified as well through Pollstar and Billboard touring threads. Wish I were that destitute.;-)

    And his little boy is adorable. My, he’s been busy!

  8. Can'tSing says:

    I never thought Clay could sing in the first place. I heard a Christmas song of his on the radio back in December and I thought my ears were going to bleed. His ego became over inflated. Sometimes you have to learn hard lessons in life, don’t bite the hand that feeds you, especially when you have no talent.

  9. Cidee says:

    I’m STILL Aiken for Clay.

  10. Raunnie says:

    I have never listened to Clay Aiken but now I am interested. As long as he doesn’t scream or trill like Faith Shrill, Shitney Houston, or Christscreamstra Aguilera he is allright by me. It is nice that he had a kid and gay Dad’s are cool.

  11. Encino says:

    The National Enquirer is lying. Clay’s a nice humble guy and his 4th album is amazing. If you only buy one CD from him get On My Way Here.

  12. gg says:

    “one gibbon with a typewriter” !!
    rotfl JayBird! hahahahah!!

    How is it he looks 12 years old again?

  13. someonewhowasthere says:

    Not an ounce of truth to this article, sorry. Aiken dropped by the Idol studio recently to show off his infant son, that’s the jist of it. He’s always welcome & has many long-time friends at the show. He recently attended one of the producer’s birthday party. Stop using the Enquirer as a source & one day you’ll get it right.

  14. Shay says:

    He needs to run to Brodway and call it a day.

  15. living golden says:

    This is so sad. I feel bad for clay but I feel the claymates did him in. And dumped him once he stopped lying about his sexuality. They were living in a dream world, a clayworld and the world exploded and left clay with nothing. It’s pitiful. I am glad they didn’t let clay get near Adam tho. I love Adam and I don’t think he needed that negative energy of clay and his former *mates* around him. Adam kept it real about who he is and so regardless his fans LOVE him to death. The only think clay can’t teach him is what a mistake it would have been to hide his sexuality. Adam is not putting it out there like that, but he is not hiding or denying it either. clay could learn from him. But I do hope clay’s career picks up. He can really sing.

  16. pam says:

    Clay’s main stream career was doomed with the attachment of the “Claymates”. What serious music lover, male, or SANE person wants to be associated with that idiotic name?? I do feel sorry for him that his plastic surgery was botched and he’ll never look the same as he did on AI…geez, just look at him now. I thought he was so cute – but DON’T call me Claymate!

  17. Carole says:

    I have never put much stock in anything that is printed in the National Enquirer and find those who do are somewhat pathetic individuals.

    Clay has lost some fans, there is no doubt about it, but then who wants homophobic fans? Most of us are still around and are here for the long haul.

    I think some of you need to get a new fact checker.

    A big fuss was made over the fact that Clay “supposedly” wanted to meet Adam Lambert yet according to Clay, he hasn’t watched Idol for a few years.

    Unless you are tone deaf, you cannot even begin to compare Clay’s voice to Adam’s voice. Adam is a rocker and no doubt will make a big name for himself. He seems very down to earth, a nice guy but much too flamboyant for my tastes … and I would think Clay’s tastes as well. You can’t compare apples to oranges and a comparison between Clay and Adam is ridiculous.

    Any of you who have followed Clay’s career know that he has been very busy right up until the last few months when he had TMJ surgery for an ongoing problem. His appearance on David Foster and Friends on Saturday night in Vegas proved that he is back. While the past six years have been amazing, I think the best is yet to come and will be right here waiting with thousands upon thousands of loyal die hard Clay fans.

  18. living golden says:

    Carole, I think you need to check your facts. It’s people like you who are illusioned that ruined Clay. You want to believe that Clay’s career is just fine. It’s a flop. He can’t sell records. He is laughed at all over the world, and worst? He is viewed as a joke and a liar. Not once have I seen anyone compare Clay’s voice to Adam’s voice. If it was compared Clay would lose hands down. He can sing no doubt, but his style is geeky and uncool and that is why he got vitually no airplay. Adam on the other hand is current and gets more airplay than Clay ever did and Adam hasn’t even put out a cd yet. What does that tell you? And Adam is too flamboyant? Clay is far more feminine than Adam. And as for your feelings that Clay says he hasn’t watched idol in years? Clay also said he was not gay, didn’t he?
    So just let go of the claymate antics that are not doing him any favors and move on.

  19. jay says:

    Living golden, the one who needs to move on are the one’s so determined to finalize some one else’s life and career when they really don’t give a damn about them. Weird.

    As to Clay lying…don’t really care, don’t really see it that way. When someone walks that path or walks someone else’s walk,with all the intricacies that come with it then they can speak. But, really, not so much. Every person’s life and path to acceptance is different. Can’t fault the man for his. No one knows but him what his life was like and why things are the way they are. I think he’s a decent human, has done a lot for others, is apparently a good father, a good human being…I say let the man live his life.

    Adam as well. To each their own.

  20. living golden says:

    A lie is a lie. You can paint and color it any way you want, but it’s still a lie. And Clay was sleeping with a man and claiming he was not gay and claiming how homosexuality was a sin and he was not that. Yet that is exactly what he was and is. You don’t know what type of person Clay is. All you know is what he shows the public. Anybody can do good deeds and feed the hungry and still be a horror at home. Unless you sleep with him every night as his boyfriend does, you wouldn’t know would you? Just like I nor you know what type of person Adam is.

  21. angy says:

    living, what ARE you talking about?
    ok. for one, clay sleeping with a man and claiming he was not gay and that homosexuality was a sin.. ?? huh? where r u … oh, right. the NE. i see. cuz that is ligit news! first off, the sleeping with some guy part. clay said it was not true and had stated regardless of him coming out, he still says that is not true. also, he never ever said it was a sin. and!! yes, he initially in his rolling stone mag said he was not gay hoping it would cause people to not ask again… cuz he was afraid.. to tell his own mom.. not ready to come out. he was trying to protect himself. why is it that people like yourself have no empathy? that you can’t put yourself in someone’s place?? i can’t imagine how difficult all this has been for him. but he finally feels ok talkng about it now that his family knows. and you know what? regarless of the crap you or others spew, he’s finally living his life for himself and has never appeared happier. good for him!

    also, the info re him being snubbed by ai. good lord. lets see.. for one, why would clay himself try to ask adam to do a duets album? hmm. no manager involved?! and like clay doesn’t know the deal.. the finale has not even come yet.. who knows where it would leave adam. why would clay or anyone approch adam at this pt for anything?! makes NO sense. and him asking to mentor. omg. clay was on the show and knows the deal.. i am pretty sure he’s prob aware that mentors have been assigned well in advance, etc. lordy. and clay has not watched the show since season 5!! he states AGAIN he’s not and he doesn’t even know who is on the show this yr.. again! none of what was said in the “article” makes any sense. does no one have a mind of their own that they can’t think thru these things and figure them out???

  22. whizzle says:

    oh god….
    Why’d it became so complicated???
    I think clay has done something wrong, but i love clay’s voice and songs…he’s great…that’s what i think….
    and adam…Whooohoo…he’s really great…but i think…it’d not suit him singin with clay who sing with sucha…soft voice….since adam almost singin rock all the time…but clay’s album…are kind of pop-rock too…hahha….Do your best you two!!!
    Clay…you can still fix your reputation if you try it hard…you’ll find the way!!!! Good luck….

  23. A New Fan says:

    How can anyone compare Clay’s talent to Adams? Their apples and oranges and for the record Clay Aiken’s star is rising again. As far as I’m concerned what’s past is past, the guy has grown up, has children and is making a living. Give him a break. And oh yes Adam Lambert is “flamboyant”, get a clue.