Jeremy Renner agrees to pay $3K more a month for his daughter’s education


Back in July, Jeremy Renner and his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco got into another tit-for-tat beef about money and their daughter Ava. Sonni and Jeremy’s divorce was finalized back in October of last year, but for some reason, it seemed like the lawyers didn’t work out how Jeremy and Sonni would split Ava’s nursery school costs, so that was July’s beef. Sonni claimed Jeremy wasn’t paying his half of the nursery school costs and Jeremy said that Sonni chose to send Ava to an expensive nursery school, so Sonni can pay for it out of the child support he gives her every month, because their divorce decree didn’t include any language about educational costs. Well, now it seems that Jeremy and Sonni have reached another agreement:

Jeremy Renner has settled yet another squabble with his ex-wife … this time over child support. Jeremy and Sonni Pacheco have been at war since she filed for divorce in December 2014 after being married for only 10 months. The latest beef — Sonni claimed Jeremy was behind in support payments for 3-year-old Ava. They agreed Jeremy would pay around $16k for support and another $24k for her lawyer and accountant.

She’s made numerous allegations against Jeremy, claiming he was an unsafe dad because he had guns in the house, despite the fact that he had the guns while they were married and she had no problem with them. She also griped that Jeremy was posting pics of the kid on social media.

Jeremy has said Sonni needs to move on with her life and get a job. He pays her $13k a month in child support but she wanted more.

[From TMZ]

I think they’re basically saying that Renner agreed to raise Sonni’s child support payments from $13K a month to $16K a month, and reading in between the lines from the previous reporting, the extra money is likely for Ava’s nursery school/education. Which… is pretty standard, right? The strange thing, to me, is that Jeremy and Sonni hadn’t worked out Ava’s educational costs last year as part of the divorce. I also think that Jeremy was in the wrong – he basically believed that Sonni should be paying for Ava’s education completely out of her child support – and this new arrangement reflects that, as does the fact that Renner had to pay for Sonni’s lawyers.


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  1. Joss RED says:

    If he’s smart enough, he’ll send the check directly to the school…

  2. Tiny says:

    1. Really the outcome became public !! I thought it would be buried like the other claims
    2. Ok now we can definitely say TMZ is in Renner lawyer’s payroll. Look how, although he had to pay, basically end the story trashing the ex. Is the same lawyer the Johnny Depp hire, go figure

    • Naya says:

      TMZ very predictably sides with the bigger star in a dispute. Regardless of what Levin claims, they are beholden to publicists and agents and managers and lawyers for their access. You saw it most recently with the Chris Brown incident where as soon as Mark Geragos arrived they turned on the woman in the case.

  3. Goats on the Roof says:

    I think Renner was in the right originally. As I recall, Sonni enrolled the child in a nursery school/pre-school program part-time while the child was in her care only. That’s a decision she made independently of Jeremy. It wasn’t like the man was trying to skimp on paying grade school tuition!

    • Tiffany says:

      Yep. The kid is three. If she was six then I would have rethought Sonni’s reason to sue.

    • Renee says:

      Yes. It sounds like she made a decision and then assumed he would just pay for it. If preschool was important it should have brought it up during the divorce.

    • I Choose Me says:

      With you all the way. I get that Renner is problematic but I didn’t get people thrashing him as if he was some deadbeat. Especially since he has joint custody and obviously dotes on his child.

    • PrincessMe says:

      Pulling up my chair in this corner – cosign.

    • paleokifaru says:

      Agree wholeheartedly. And as Joss Red said above, with this ruling I would definitely send it straight to the school. We deal with nonsense like this ALL the time and the safest thing to do is to just pay directly so you know it’s actually being used there.

  4. Jess says:

    I can’t stand Renner – he seems awful to and about women.

    • Jellybean says:

      Just for you. An extract from an interview with Denis Villeneuve about working with Renner and Amy Adams. They finished shooting sometime before Jennifer Lawrence’s piece about equal pay, Bradley Cooper’s words on how he would solve the problem and Renner’s apparent indifference to the plight of women. It shows me that it is not always about what you say, but what you do. Add to that the fact that the first film Renner developed with his production company was awarded for its social conscience and the representation of women.

      Question – It’s not often that we have a female lead in a sci-fi picture. Was Jeremy Renner always on board as the supporting character?

      DV – You know I had a lot of respect for Jeremy Renner as an actor before I worked with him, because I was very impressed with what he did in The Hurt Locker. And I wanted to work with him for a long time. For me it was very moving that he was there for Amy; he was not there for himself. He knew that from the start.

      DV – When he took the part he said, “I love the part, but I know it’s Amy’s movie, and I’m going to be there.” They are close friends. He just wanted to help her create that universe and that character, which is honestly, the opposite of what we see in the cinema most of the time, where women are there to create heroes. Women are around to make the men look great, or strong. When you think about it, I hope that in the future we won’t have to talk about it with journalists, that it will be normal.

      • Aussieboy says:

        @jellybean…..this egomania that you can’t take a supporting role in general is ridiculous to a mere civilian like me. I don’t ever watch a film and think…”wow what a sucker that dude (or woman) is for playing a supporting role”. I just enjoy the movie and the performance (as do most people – I think)? I mean actors need to get over this. How many supporting actors have ‘stolen scenes’ before. I can think of a couple. Really…Get over it you giant Ego-babies and be thankful to work on a great project.

      • Naya says:

        I can see why you posted this but my own personal rule is not to take as law the word of a man regarding whether or not another man is mysoginistic. That goes for racism and homophobia too. But even if this statement were coming from a woman, I would prefer it be coming from the woman in question, not an observer. Even then, I would weigh that statement against the persons actions. So for instance, when Latinos for Trump claim that he is not bigoted against Mexicans, I look at what he has said or done in the past for confirmation. Renners past statements dont bear out this directors report, so me myself, I am writing off as more meaningless celebrity and movie marketing.

      • Kathleen says:

        I’m finding it kind of gross that Amy Adams is basically being used both by Renner’s fans and his camp to try and make him look like a stand-up guy. I’m not saying that Adams and Renner aren’t friends—they very well might be. But she’s a person not a commodity.

      • Jellybean says:

        @Aussieboy I agree with you about supporting roles, I think Denis was partly saying, why wouldn’t an actor be happy playing a supporting role to a woman., we need to stop talking about it. Amy herself talked about how much she enjoyed supporting roles at Tellerude. In the interviewers defence it sounds like Renner’s role is very much to stand there for most of the film acting as a foil for Amy’s character, whilst trying not to seem important to the plot, so it is not the sort of meaty supporting role that an oscar nominee would normally go for.

        @Naya This is from Amy, but people just dismiss it as ‘well actors are always nice about each other’….. ( I asked for him to be cast in the film because) …. “he is a wonderful compassionate human being and I wanted people to see him in a role that showed that”

        @Kathleen The relationship between these two has been used over and over by the anti Renner camp. How it must have been really awful for her having to work with him again knowing he was paid more for American Hustle and didn’t care. How their body language shows that she can’t stand him. There were a large number of articles ridiculing him when he said a few months ago he had taken the role in Arrival because it was a great role for a woman and he wanted to support Amy. You could say I am using Amy as a commodity, but so are those who want to prove he is a monster. The difference is I am basing it on what Amy has said, what Denis as a close observer said and the chatter which came through from the set of this film. It is all about evidence as far as I am concerned.

  5. Erinn says:

    I don’t know. This whole relationship has been such a mess from the start. He married her, he had a kid with her. He had to have known what kind of person she was, at least a little bit. But he still chose to do all these things… he has to be kind of a moron, right? She seems like an idiot too, at least in part, so maybe they were well matched.

    That last little dig was ridiculous though. Honestly, maybe she WILL go get some kind of job if the daughter is in preschool part time. I know he gets his daughter a decent amount, but having a routine of preschool during her time with Sonni would make it a lot easier to commit time to some kind of endeavor.

  6. Jellybean says:

    I read it that Renner paid a one off $16K, not that his monthly payments have increased. Pacheco wanted about 50K in back child support and for him to pay all Ava’s tuition, which would have been 20K at this point. She got 16K in total. I think this probably has nothing to do with the child care, but was an increase in last year’s money. If she now has a total of $316K for last year that means he has paid an extra $160K on top of his months payments, so I guess he had a good year. They really need to get a mediator to decide how much extra he owes each year, it isn’t good dragging it through the courts and media.

    • Tiny says:

      Sorry, you don’t make sense at all. If he had to pay for the lawyers and account it is mostly implied that he lost all of the claim. The non paid child support is totally missing from the TMZ report. And why? Because that point would really put him in a bad position. TMZ or better yet his lawyer is manipulating the story so that ok he agreed to pay the preschool and then mentions that he has to pay her lawyer and accountant. Stop bringing old history. The judge will only verify the present claim not things that happened before

      • Jellybean says:

        Actually it is the other way around. TMZ simply says he has paid 16K in support and her costs, it does not mention the pre-school fees at all, only the owed child support. It has been assumed here that the $16K is per month and the increase is for pre-school fees, but that isn’t supported by the original story. Renner’s people were adamant that he had paid several hundreds of thousands of dollars this year which means they are well into the realms of additional child support due to his income exceeding $2.3M. I don’t know that the disputed $48K / $16K came as part of that, but it does seem likely since he could claim back a lot as business expenses and he has a lot of different businesses in which he can lose money. If the judge felt he had pushed his luck with creative accounting then it is reasonable that he/she would award her costs as well as any money it was judged he owed. As for TMZ being on Renner’s side, it is pretty clear they think she is making a habit of dragging him into court at the drop of a hat, but it hasn’t stopped them printing her accusations, so I can’t imagine them hiding details just to be nice.

  7. Melody says:

    Renner: GET A JOB, MOOCH!
    Sonni: (arranges for childcare, enabling herself to get non-child-care job)
    Renner: Wait a minute…

  8. Aussieboy says:

    Why is this guy a star? Was the Hurt Locker that good? (Didn’t see it).

  9. Konspiracytheory says:

    That garbage bag picture makes me laugh every time.

  10. Cee says:

    The girl’s education should really be one of her parents’ priorities. He has the money to give her the best education possible. I wonder if he will ever set up a trust for Ava to handle her expenses such as school fees and college fund. That way the money is exclusively for her, if he’s concerned Sonni might use it for something else.

  11. Suzi says:

    He settled to get her to shut up. The kid’s preschool is $1600/month, not $3000, so it’s a one time payout. She says she does have a job as a high end real estate agent and a sculpture artist. Guess she’s not making money at either if she can’t afford to send the kid on just what Renner gives her.

    She threatened to take the kid back to Canada if Renner didn’t get her a Green Card. She’s the dick of the whole situation.

    • Tiny says:

      He didnt have to settle. My guess his lawyer saw to better define this claim, that seems it was in favor of Sonni, in order to get a lesser amount that maybe the judge would have granted.
      If she really wanted to go back ,she would have ask for that