Kristen Bell in Zuhair Murad at the Emmys: one of the best or too much?

Kristen Bell was in an amazing, attention-getting dress at the Emmys last night. She had on this deep v-neck beige Zuhair Murad gown with a massive skirt and a floral print with subtle sequins. Bell is promoting her new show on NBC, The Good Place, and she wasn’t in any of the nominated shows as House of Lies wasn’t up for an Emmy this year. So she wore this to present. That would be my only complaint, and it’s a minor one, that it’s a showstopper of a gown for a presenter. Kristen told Giuliana Rancic that despite the fact that she had to lift up the gown to walk up the stairs it was very comfortable. I found myself admiring her styling too. I love her hair, her makeup is understated perfection and notice that her eyebrows are somewhat faint, which makes me wonder if the big bold eyebrow trend is on the wane.


Kristen’s Bad Moms costar, Kathryn Hahn, was in green velvet Wai Ming. It was so hot last night that she must have been uncomfortable. Also, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen velvet paired with wispy metallic tulle like this, along the neckline. It’s a unique combination that doesn’t really work, in my opinion.



In brighter green here’s Tina Fey looking glamorous in Oscar de la Renta. This is a gown we’ve seen on red carpets many times before but that bright green color makes it fresh. Tina and Amy Poehler won for guest actress in a comedy series, for Saturday Night Live. I like that they were nominated together.



Here’s Amy in in a beaded light green Pamella Roland gown which looks like a cape paired with a long skirt. This looks too heavy and matronly to me. I wonder how she coordinated with Amy Poehler. Did they both just agree to wear green?



Amanda Peet was in Altazurra, in one of the few multi-color gowns last night which was not embroidered or patterned, and this was just bad. The fit is off, it looks cheap, and it’s a hodgepodge. Remember the last Altazurra gown we covered? I’m side-eyeing that label. Also her styling is a no.



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  1. Nev says:

    Too much for her. She didn’t werk it.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    The dress was gorgeous. It might have been a bit much for her, though.

  3. msd says:

    I assume Amanda Peet’s dress is referencing dragon scales? I don’t hate the idea, and I usually prefer unusual looks, but the execution isn’t good.

  4. Thisisnotyou says:

    I LOVED Kristin’s gown. I audibly gasped when she walked out on stage to present. It was gorgeous on camera.

    • detritus says:

      It is absolutely beautiful. I don’t adore the colour of the material, but the rest of it? Breathtaking.

      Although after a second look, I could do without the flamingos on the bottom.

    • Kitten says:

      It’s really beautiful but I would have loved to see it on an actress with darker hair and a darker complexion. The problem for me is that it washes out someone with Kristen’s hair color and complexion. Speaking of hair, her styling isn’t great either.

      But yes gorgeous dress. I even like the green velvet dress. Not sure why, but I do.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      I loved this gown and it is the opposite of my personal taste
      I liked her styling and the whole thing. Really good

  5. Lucretia says:

    Amanda Peet is so beautiful, and that dress was atrocious.

    Enjoyed the Amy-Amy schtick where Amy Schumer read the note in her pb&j bag meant for Amy Poehler — It was funny. Unfortunately, Amy S sticking the note in her pie hole first didn’t seem scripted, and was gross.

  6. minx says:

    Amanda Peet–dear god. Amy Poehler–no! Tina Fey–meh. That color should be nice on her because she’s a brunette, but it just looks cheap to me, and she needs to stand up straight.

  7. QQ says:

    Amanda Peet on the Amanda Peet’s Curve is at an ALL TIME WIN , she looks SKKKIIINNTTYY but that dress was amazing for what she Usually picks!

    Kristen Bell looks amazing, her dress is a vision, the WORK that went into that!!! ( Im not even a Fan but this is up there with best of the night)

    Tina Fey Looks SNATCHED! jewel tones forever!~!

    Amy Looks like your Grandma attending your First wedding

  8. Aiobhan says:

    Don’t side-eye Altuzarra; Joseph is a very talented man who does amazing day wear. For some reason, Amanda always chooses the worst of the bunch. I think she does it intentionally to get attention.

    The color on Amy is quite wonderful with her hair, but the dress ages her.

    Tina is the best of the bunch.

  9. Embee says:

    I adore Kristen and this gown in lovely but she looks overwhelmed by it. Too bad becasue the colors/cut suit her very well. Is she nervous? I always worry about her. I think being married to her husband would be nerve-wracking/exhausting.

    Kathryn and Tina look amazing and classic…they both wear green well. Amy, not so much. And I adore her. But that gown would frump-ify anyone not 6′ tall and 125lbs.

    Amanda Peet and I have very similar coloring and bone structure and it is exceptionally hard to (1) wear a red lipstick and (2) wear yellow. The two together make us look like characters in a funny horror movie. And this stuff ages her about 10 years! And the cut of that dress does her NO favors. She needs to stick with solids.

  10. Zuzus Girl says:

    Kristin’s gown is gorgeous . A different hair style may have made the whole look better. She and Fey look exhausted.

  11. Gena says:

    LOVED Kristin’s gown. I did think it was maybe too much for someone who was just presenting but it was still one of the best of the night.

  12. Machiamellie says:

    I <3 Kristen Bell and I love this dress. Don't love her hair, though.

    • Poisonous Lookalike says:

      Agreed on all counts. Don’t know how she could have improved her hair style, cuz I’m a wash-and-go gal, but with that dress, it looks like she completely forgot about her hair.

      I liked Amy P’s dress until I saw the closeup; in it, she looks like she got caught in a fishing net full of seaweed and detritus.

  13. Lama Bean says:

    Love Kristin’s gown.

    Is Amanda Peet still a thing? I feel like I haven’t seen her in a rom-com since 2009.

  14. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    Amy Poehler is such a chameleon in that she can pull off *any* hair color. I cannot think of any other actresses who look so natural as blonde, redhead or brunette.

  15. Pants says:

    Kristen and Tina looked great. I would have love Amy’s dress on an older woman, but I agree, it’s too matronly for her.

  16. Lindy says:

    I love love love K Bell’s dress. I wish I had that dress, and I wish I had an event to wear it to (my very unexciting, unglamorous working-single-mom life does not seem to offer me many red-carpet opportunities, dammit)! The pattern reminds me of some lush, Victorian prints, and the neckline is perfect for her. She looks amazing (and I am liking her funny new videos calling attention to women getting paid less than men). So basically I am a big fangirl.

    I actually liked all 3 green dresses. I think the contrast between the heavy velvet and the frilly mesh trim makes it more interesting, and the cut is beautiful on her. And I can see Amy’s dress being called matronly–it does kinda have a mother of the bride vibe I guess–but the color is so pretty and unusual, and the beading is beautiful.

    Amanada Peet’s dress is hideous.

  17. Timbuktu says:

    Too bad the v-neck to the vag trend is not on the wane. And I say that as someone who really likes a very deep v-neck as a bold choice every now and again! Just not on every gown, and not on halter tops – when half of your body is exposed, a deep v-neck loses all the impact.

    • Esmom says:

      I totally agree. I love Kristen’s dress and she makes it work but if I had to find fault it would be with that stupid neckline. Her hair is exactly what I tried to do with mine and failed — I got it cut to that length Fri and it was too blunt. So I went back to the salon yesterday for more layers and I think she put some too short ones in and I realized I now basically have The Rachel. Eek.

      Anyway, I loved all the green dresses. Amy P, while her gown is slightly matronly, looks the best she’s looked in a long time, imo. Amanda’s isn’t great but it’s not the worst, either.

    • Janetdr says:

      Did you see her post about the surgical tape holding up the girls? Too funny

  18. ichsi says:

    I like Kathryn’s dress, it’s something I would wear. In winter though.

  19. HK9 says:

    I love the top of Kiristin’s dress. The colour of the embroidery keeps it from totally washing her out. However, the skirt is just a tad too big and if they took a little of the volume out of it it wouldn’t overwhelm her.

  20. Chelsey says:

    I like Kristen’s dress but I feel like it was over the top.

    But what I really want to know is how she got her boobs to look like that after two babies…not fair!

  21. lucy2 says:

    I love Kristen’s dress, it’s stunning. I hope her new show is good!
    Love Tina’s, but Amy’s was too matronly for her. I liked the color, but it was just too heavy.
    I adore Kathryn Hahn but not that dress, or Amanda’s.

  22. I Choose Me says:

    I think hell would freeze over if Amanda Peets ever wore something flattering.

    I actually prefer Amy’s gown to Tina’s. And I love, love, love Kristen’s gown. I wish she’d worn a bolder lip colour but her look was hands down my favourite of the night.

  23. mellie says:

    I thought Kristen looked the best…hands down, hair, makeup, dress.

  24. Frey says:

    Beautiful Zuhair dress. Kristen looks pretty stunning, though I’m generally not a fan.

  25. Jess says:

    First, I have to say that I love Kathryn Hahn and am glad she’s getting more recognition. Her character on Parks and Rec was freakin’ incredible. As for Kristin Bell, she looked amazing. That dress is beyond gorgeous and her styling was perfect. Tina also rocked her dress (green is a great color on her). Amy P is one of the funniest people I’ve seen on screen but she does not know how to dress for the red carpet. And that’s fine, maybe she’d feel better if she rocked a cute suit like Jill Solloway (Topple the Patriarchy!!).

  26. Betti says:

    Kristen dress is gorgeous but the skirt was too much – it would have been perfect if it had been a bit more fitted (less billowy).

  27. sabstar says:

    Love her and love the dress!

  28. Amanda DG says:

    Kristen Bell = best dressed. Stunning.

  29. gwen says:

    I loved Kristen’s dress, my favorite of the night and the best she’s ever looked that I can remember.
    Amanda Peet…oh my, such a beautiful woman who continues to have zero sense of style.

  30. tracking says:

    I love the woman, but, Amy Poehler, that is one bad dress. Who thought it was a good idea to dress her like a 70 year old?

  31. Erica_V says:

    I’m looking for a non-traditional wedding dress and OMG if I had the $$$$ Kristen’s would be it. It’s just so so beautiful.

  32. kri says:

    If I ever wake up in heaven, I will be wearing Kristen;s dress. And Tina Fey looks so gorgeous.

  33. LaDiabla says:

    Love, love, love Kristen’s dress. Tina looks fab in that green too. And if Amanda Peet was 20 years younger, she’d be an absolutely perfect fit for Lyanna Stark. It’s too bad that the character dies at sixteen.

  34. Mildred Fierce says:

    Amy Poehler is wearing Betty White’s dress

  35. Sunshine Gold says:

    Amy Poehler is all wrong – frumpy dress, horrible necklace and the dark hair and heavy makeup ages her, but she and Tina Fey aren’t really known for their style anyway. Tina actually looks pretty good. Kristen B’s styling is amazing.

  36. d says:

    Maybe it’s just me and/or my age, but it drives me crazy that fashion seems to be all about some idea and not about making a woman – her individuality – look good. FAhsion shouldn’t wear the woman, the woman should wear fashion and some of these looks are awful. It mean, clearly, some stylist said Bell must have beige lips because for some ungodly reason, that’s all the rage, when just looking at her, a reddish lip would have made her look stunning. I don’t know enough about colours to know precisely what shade of red or burgundy or whatever, but still, SOME colour, would have been 1000 times better. Same with a lot of the other styles. Like, just, WTF? Amanda Peet, another beautiful woman ends up looking like the wicked witch of the west, Kathryn Hahn, another beautiful woman, with VELVET AND TULLE and so on and so forth? Can we not celebrate “woman” instead of “fashion”? Grumble….