Tom Hiddleston is the new dandy/model for Gucci Cruise collection: OMG??


One of the best things to happen to gossip this year was Tom Hiddleston’s editorial with W Magazine. I still chuckle whenever I think about this shoot or I see someone referencing the shoot as “sexy.” Tom was TRYING to look sexy, don’t get me wrong. But he just looked like a shy, nervous and thirsty pale boy in tear-away paper panties. Fresh off the W Magazine shoot, there were “rumors” (hilarious rumors) that Tom was being considered as the new bulge of Armani underwear. That didn’t happen. Instead, Tom got a modeling gig for Gucci’s Cruise collection. Gucci released these four print-advertising images today.

The campaign was shot by photographer Glen Luchford and they shot it in a Beverly Hills mansion once owned by Tony Duquette – I would imagine that this was the reason for one of Tom’s trips to LA over the summer, wouldn’t you? Gucci also hired stunt Afghan hounds to make Tom look less awkward. And how did that work out? I mean… Afghan hounds aren’t really my favorite breed, but I feel like the messaging is all over the place with these images. Is he supposed to look like an uncomfortable robot dressed like mama’s fanciest little dandy, a little dandy who just got his first job babysitting some Afghan hounds?

CB says that Tom always looks “kidnapped” in recent editorials. I cosign and I’ll add my own criticism: while Tom has the body/frame for modeling (he’s tall and slim), if he’s going to take modeling contracts, he needs to learn how to, you know, model? Because Hiddles is looking more dead-eyed than Bella Hadid in these photos.




Photos courtesy of Glen Luchford for Gucci.

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  1. Soprana says:

    Thanks to Broad City, I can now only think of Judith Light when I see those dogs…

    • Onerous says:

      OMG. I came to say I have an auntie who looks like these dogs… but she looks like Judith Light, too, lol!

      As for Hiddles… I find him to be a poor model, because he’s really only sexy *in motion* right? There are some people who are the opposite – they really only look good in stills. Not Hiddles…

      • LinaLamont says:

        “…he’s really only sexy *in motion*…”

        I don’t see how this shoot is doing him any favors, except, financially. He looks effete.

      • Yolie C. says:

        Yes! I usually think to myself what on earth is his appeal?? Then I see him in a movie and it suddenly clicks. He is way better in motion than in print. Spot on.

      • Onerous says:

        @Yolie – Exactly – I had never seen him act and so forever was so lost about him and his appeal. But once I saw him onscreen? Yes, please!

      • Little Darling says:

        Yasss! He is so much better in Tiddles-motion. I remember hearing about fan girls for him and I was like LOKI IS SO NOT HOT! Then I saw some videos of him and I had a massive crush! It’s definitely dying as of late though…the slide was the beginning of the end!

        That said, he is a completely laughable model!! Omg he’s just a really awful model isn’t he? I can almost see him thinking, give Blue Steel, smolder. It’s just bad. Too try hard. Too extra.

      • Mary Mary says:

        Gucci ads shall be memorable for showcasing two lovely Afghan hounds and two skinny legs on a sofa ;)


    • Michelina says:

      LOL! So funny. I used to call them Bo Derek dogs when I was little… Don’t know why but they always looked like Bo Derek to me. Abbi and Ilana were spot on though. All I see is Judith Light now.

      • Little Darling says:

        Abbi and Ilana can do no wrong, and that was the perfect comment!

        I love how Ilanna calls her vagina the va-yana and how it’s “natures pocket”. Dead!

    • Kitten says:

      Ha ha..that episode was hysterical.

    • Whatabout says:

      I thought the same thing!! I kept thinking so many Judith Lights in that room. “I’d pick up your poop”.

  2. QQ says:

    He looks Like a Corpse In the Face but Honestly???! The clothes/textures/combos/Prints/Shoes are SO Strangely Interesting!??! Am I Crazy? It all looks like I’d want a more interesting Subject wearing it

    • Onerous says:

      Not crazy! The clothes look amazing but they need a bigger personality to fill them out properly… like, you know… Common… just as a suggestion…

    • Guesto says:

      He looks like a waxwork. I also find the clothes rather interesting but what’s killing them and this shoot stone dead is the rigid lifelessness of the model. No flow, no personality coming through, no fluidity, nothing, nada.

      • Harryg says:

        It looks like they photoshopped his head in someone else’s body. Something’s wrong. The lighting is bad.

      • Willa says:

        Lmao!!! He DOES look like a waxwork!!!

      • delorb says:

        I’m wondering what the ‘not good enough to print’ pictures looked like?

      • PimmsCupInAPimpCup says:

        I prefer the word “Etonian” in lieu of waxwork- I’ve had to work with people like that. It’s best to wrap the word ‘Pasty and over scrubbed’ in a pretty, fancy word like “Etonian”. They pay well.

      • Cranberry says:

        After looking at more of the pics and seeing this as what it is, a Gucci fashion spread, not a feature piece on Tom, I think it’s pretty uniform to the fashion trade. If I hadn’t know who Tom was, and I looked at the pics in a magazine, I wouldn’t have thought anything of him positive or negative. Just another nondescript fashion model.

    • Arock says:

      Oh my gosh, yes! I saw these and immediately thought of those creepy Victorian photos where they propped up their recently deceased for a last tintype-like shot. (Please google if You haven’t seen)

      • Onerous says:

        I was literally just looking at those yesterday after John Dickerson talked about them on the Slate Podcast. So creepy!

      • QQ says:

        YUUUUUUSSSS That’s what I’m Talking About!! LMMFAO

        Also Yes HarryG The light is making him look not so freshly dead

      • popup says:

        After looking at the full set of photos, including the ones featuring Vanessa Redgrave and her coterie of undead minions, I think the creepy effect with Tom’s photos was intentional.

      • Onerous says:

        @popup – I did wonder about that – I know sometimes those in charge give awfully stupid direction… I think it just did not play well here!

    • Olenna says:

      I was thinking ‘creepy android’ but corpse works, too.

      • PimmsCupInAPimpCup says:

        It doesn’t help that he has the exact same expression in every photo. Being serene isn’t working for him.

  3. Hejhej says:

    Suddenly he seems so thirsty.. These aren’t working for me. But then again I don’t like the new Gucci very much so it could be that.

  4. Skyblue says:


  5. vauvert says:

    Oh Tom. I like you and all, but these are awful. I mean you were so good in the “villain” car ads, those were some wicked commercials. I guess he’s better in movement??

  6. freebunny says:

    The dogs have more personnality than him on those pics.
    Beautiful doggies.

  7. LadyMTL says:

    The one with him sitting on the bed looking at the dog had me laughing so hard I think I cracked a rib. Seriously Tom, staring longingly at an Afghan (the dog or even the blanket) does not a model make.

    …and the bedazzled slippers don’t help.

    • Chaucer says:

      He looks like a bellhop in that photo.

    • Secret squirrel says:

      I think there is a bit of skinned cat on those bedazzled slippers. Trying to keep the dogs interested maybe?!!!

      Seems Tom can do no right these days so I am just going to come right out and say it…

      Tom, you can come and lay on my couch in your fancy undies and slippers anytime. I don’t have dogs, but the neighbours might oblige me if it is really important to you. I’ll even make you a Tommy Wallbanger with an afghan twist if Lilac will give me the instructions.

      • lilacflowers says:

        I’ll send Colin with a pitcher of whatever beverage you require, Secret Squirrel, but Tom himself will be over a bit later. I woke to freezing temperatures this morning and could do with rolling around with a warm body in velvet and brocades and furry stuff and weird socks. I can’t even find socks. Or my walking shoes. I wore sandals yesterday. It was six degrees above freezing this morning. I can’t cope with the end of summer. Tom will be along to you once I’ve warmed up.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        These photos are just awful, but I am totally enjoying them. The dogs are so effete and perfect. The details… Wow, this is meta-effete.

        With everything that is horrifically messed up in the world– seriously, between Trump and innocent people getting shot all over the place, I can barely get out of bed each morning– I say we need more silly, foolish Hiddles photos. The more ridiculous the better. And these are right up there in paper knickers territory.

    • antipodean says:

      That was the one that made me sputter my coffee! The slippers….with no socks…. who on earth thought it was a good idea to show off Hiddles skinny ankles. They have to be taking the piss! We used to call those sort of slippers brothel creepers. Apt in this setting?
      In the picture with the baseball sneakers, he looks nine years old, and his mother has just dressed him to send him off to a day at the diamond for summer camp. Why does he continue to make such ridiculous choices? Someone is trying to make a mockery of him, and he is colluding whole heartedly. I really don’t understand it.

      • Evie says:

        @antipodean: Hah! They didn’t include the photo where Tom’s wearing the male version of MaryJane’s, I kid you not…I’m not sure what image they are trying to project here, but I’m taking a wild guess that it’s not Alpha Male and overtly masculine. What would Thor say? Can you imagine the expression on Chris Hemsworth or Idris Elba’s faces when they see this photo shoot? They’ll wet themselves…

    • Wren33 says:

      I am on a work call too, and I think I burst an internal organ trying not to laugh.

    • heylee says:

      Has anyone been following that crazy Italian man who is blowing up on Instagram?
      The styling in these photos remind me of him, directly!

    • Ellyn says:

      Wasn’t one of Taylor’s squad wearing those same fur-lined mules for the NYC post-breakup pap stroll? Just so fugly!
      And Tom in the tuxedo pajama picture looks like he is having an out-of-body experience. I think the dog is winning the staring contest, but Tom doesn’t seem like he is paying attention.
      The best shot is the wine-colored suit on the fainting couch–not that it makes any sense, but Tom looks semi-human there.

  8. Bonzo says:

    I’m here for Tom Dandy in the furry loafers. You have to go the Lainey’s post to see the mary janes he’s sporting.

    Lordy, he looks like he’s cosplaying. He’s just not a trendy guy — they need to stop dressing him like he is.

    Where is Sixer???? So much to giggle at!

    • Lara K says:

      Those shoes are officially the best part of my day! I giggle every time I see them.

    • Sixer says:

      Sorry, I do have to work sometimes!


      What in creation is going on with the feet? It’s not just the Aladdin slippers; it’s the white laces, the white socks, the stripy socks (are they stripy? I can’t quite tell).

      The best thing about LEGS is the legs. But not when they are finished off with acid trip footwear. He. Can’t. Carry. It. Off.

      That said, I am willing to sacrifice any and all leglust for hilarity at all times. So y’know. We’ve got Afghan hounds, we’ve got Aladdin slippers, we’ve got best sucky-in cheek face. Sacrifice well worth it. So I shall just…


      … again!

      • Bonzo says:

        Oh, but you need to see the mary janes he’s sporting on that other site. What is the male version? Marty Janes?

        I just got notified that McCrory’s Deep Blue Sea is coming to cinemas next week. Is it worth catching?

      • Sixer says:

        Yes, it is worth watching. Very much so.

        I went to look. Just. No. Just. Snigger. Are Mary Janes the new paper knickers?

      • lilacflowers says:

        Seeing that next week!

        And yes, the socks do appear to be stripy.

        And the boots have not only white laces but a zipper on the side.

    • Dara says:

      It could have been worse, he could be wearing Donald Trump’s hairpiece…

  9. lilacflowers says:

    Gucci needs to explain the shoes and socks.

    And Sixer can now have something else to laugh about.

    And dogs! Big, furry dogs!

    Champagne all around.

  10. Carebare says:

    He looks completely dead behind the eyes. None of this is a good look on him. On someone with an exciting personality it may have worked….

    • Secret squirrel says:

      Who would you suggest?

    • Sasha says:

      I think Ben C would be able to pull them off, he has the right combination of silliness and arrogance for this type of get up. Tom looks too serious and pained.

      Or maybe Idris. In short, someone who doesn’t look like he takes himself too seriously.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        By Ben C, you cannot mean Bouncing Benny Cumberbatch, the Giant Prat, can you? Because the thought of that ridiculous sight just made me nearly choke with laughter. No, no, no! That awkward lizard man could not carry off these clothes. Particularly not those slippers. But do let’s dress him up so we can laugh some more!

      • Sasha says:

        At least it would’ve been good fun. Looking at this pictures with Tom I feel guilty. it is a weird felling, like kicking someone who is already down.

      • Cranberry says:

        Agreed Sasha. I think Benny could pull this off better, but not Idris. Mostly because of Sherlock and the eccentricity of that character that he is widely known for. Tom is not as famous as BC so these OTT styled dandy outfits don’t really make any sense on him. Even with all the period pieces he’s done, he’s always looked impeccable and comfortably confident. This shoot looks like a promo for Johnny Depp as Mortdecai.

      • Sasha says:

        “This shoot looks like a promo for Johnny Depp as Mortdecai. ”

        Oi, you nailed it. )) That is exactly what this is.

      • Kara says:

        Omg the mortdecai thing is spot on.

        And yes both of them probably could have pulled this offbeat thing better. I thought Tom couldn’t do worse than being a nearly middle-aged idiot in a shirt meant for teenager, but here we are.

      • Lisibell says:

        To be fair to Twirling Tom, the Thirsty Twit with a hairline that tried to get away from Taylor before he did, it’s awful clothing. Not sure anyone really could pull it off once you pair that with the dogs.

        It’s good that some of the trades like it but that doesn’t do much for Tom unless he wants to model instead of act.

  11. Chef Grace says:

    He is doing his impression of a mannequin is my only thought.
    Other than that, Hiddles looks good, just posing with clothes on.
    let him keep those ugalee shoes though, to replace the grey suede boots of worn out shame.

  12. Crox says:

    He surely doesn’t look like he’s interacting with the dogs. Was he supposed to be pondering the existence of the universe while patting a dog? I think he was more realistic in High Rise eating one.

  13. Size Does Matter says:

    JFC those dogs have better hair than me.

  14. Dorky says:

    Lmao! These are hysterical!!! That guy is such a doofus. Sorry.

  15. Kitten says:

    Should come with a warning for those of us who may be on acid.

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      LMAO. Agree on all counts!

    • Sixer says:

      This is probably an embarrassing admission but Mr Sixer once hid behind the sofa from me because he thought I was Bob from Twin Peaks. So it could be worse.

      (I hasten to add that this was pre-Sixlet).

      • Dlo says:

        Lmao @sixer you should write a book!

      • Sixer says:

        Mr Sixer’s one and only foray through the Doors of Perception! I am a bad influence.

      • antipodean says:

        Admit it Sixer, you had plied Mr Sixer with some sort of mind altering substance before this event. That has to be the explanation, otherwise the Mr Sixer we know and admire would never have behaved so outrageously! (I am taking liberties, but you get the gist)!

      • Sixer says:

        We were just talking about Poldark on today’s Katie Bucket Can’t Dress For Toffee thread. In this week’s episode, a rich heiress is flirting with the doctor character. And this is what Mr Sixer actually said to me – with a bloody straight, deadpan face, too! – while we were watching:

        “She’s doing exactly what you did when you set out to entrap me.”

        I threw several cushions at him. The Sixlets sniggered.

        We are bad influences on each other!

      • antipodean says:

        As someone up thread said, you should really write a book Sixer. Your home life sounds riveting, and I am sure the Sixlets are being raised to be as hilariously witty as their Mum and Dad. Does this jolly japery go on every day? Surely not, the pace must exhaust you at times, but keep on writing here, and letting us in on the general wit and bonhomie. I always look forward to it. Give Mr Sixer a wink from me (if I may be so bold). P.S. Is Sixlet Major fully recovered from his jippy tummy?

      • Sixer says:

        I think one would best characterise it as childish rather than witty!

        He’s good, thanks. Moaning because he didn’t escape the homework issued on his day off.

      • PimmsCupInAPimpCup says:

        Sixes, my husband went through a phase where he looked like Bob from Twin Peaks- oh, the laughs we had at other people’s expense.

        Your marriage sounds absolutely boss.

  16. mazzie says:

    Those afghans have better bangs/fringes than I do.

  17. Fa says:

    Lol as they say the snake make him famous

  18. twilly says:

    Wow, this is beyond awful! I thought the paper knickers were bad. This is not a manly image. This is a farce that will only garner him big laughs within the acting community, not to mention his friends and family. Does he not see how embarrassing he looks

    • OhDear says:

      IMO, dead eyes aside, I don’t think it’s that bad. His image was always that of the intelligent, sophisticated gentleman, not the “testosterone, meat, and potatoes” man, so I think this shoot fits into his image well.

      • Bonzo says:

        Which is one reason he’ll never been a leading man in HW. That image doesn’t sell well unless it’s paired with a bit of goofy like Hugh Grant.

    • Dara says:

      I think it works, but only just. As for being a laughingstock in the British acting community… well, if it’s good enough for Vanessa Redgrave, I suppose Tom will survive

      p.s. I think she is a better model than Tom, but what I wouldn’t give to have a photoshoot with them together.

      • popup says:

        Bahahaha! I can’t with Vanessa Redgrave, either. She looks better and her clothes are far less ridiculous than Tom’s, but then she’s paired with these young dead-eyed punk rock models, which sends me over the edge.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Dara, Tom gets dogs and Vanessa gets geese. The clothes he is wearing are actually reminiscent of his costumes from the movie they did together- A Gathering Storm.

    • LambOfLoom says:

      Because Tom is not following the macho cliché (which he never did, btw), he is the laughing stalk of the acting community (that bastion of machismo and gender essentialism…), and an embarrassment to his friends and family?

      A bit over the top there, no?

  19. Georgia says:

    I really dislike the clothes. And I have a hunch Tommy isn’t feeling them either. The shoes are particularly bad. So so bad.

  20. Sunny says:

    Pathetic and humorously so at that. I finally watched Night Manager, the pregnant agent and Hugh Laurie acted circles around him. I can’t believe he had so much faith in that average performance that he left Idris, a fellow nominee, in Australia to attend. The only explanation for the last six months is thirst. Dude is thirsty.

  21. Camil says:

    Tom is so handsome and I believe he has a beautiful body but those suits are a little… I can’t even find a word to describe them…

    And I prefer Tom with a bulldog, bulldogs make the world a better place xD.

    • MI6 says:

      Effete. The word you’re looking for is effete.
      Especially those fuzzy slippers. Those are a deal -breaker.

      • Bonzo says:

        Effeminate is another word that comes to mind. This spread won’t help to squelch the “gay” rumors.

      • Dara says:

        Yeah, that’s why I’m not really buying the theory that recent events were meant to squelch those rumors. For someone who is supposedly desperate to look straight, Tom sure leans hard into effeminate territory with this photo shoot. Plus, it’s not like attaching himself to Taylor didn’t immediately cause some people to go, “hmmm, I wonder”, when they didn’t before.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        I’m starting to wonder if Hiddles is hiding in plain sight.

      • Evie says:

        @MI6 — I think we passed effete — after that pair of Mary Janes. If Tom wants to audition for the lead in a remake of Velvet Goldmine, this photo shoot will convince them to give him the part! Otherwise, I’m co-signing with @Miss Melissa — between the shenanigans with Tay-Tay and this photoshoot, I also wonder if he’s hiding in plain sight AND trying to tell us something.

      • LambOfLoom says:

        Repeatedly using “effete” or “effeminate” as negative adjectives is… not a good look.

  22. the_blonde_one says:

    Maybe the poor guy is just traumatized about being around skinny blondes with fringy bangs?

  23. Pants says:

    He looks like a poor, sad rich boy alone with his horse dogs.

  24. shelly* says:

    Nice Doggies..That’s all I’ve got.

  25. EM says:

    He is not a photogenic man and the outfits are hideous.

    • Secret squirrel says:

      He can actually be very photogenic, but not in this case. Either trying too hard or photographer likes the dead eye look (and to be fair, I have seen professional models have MUCH worse dead eyes than this).

  26. DSA says:

    Those Afghan Hound things look like very hairy Borzois? My Patronus!

    The hairstyle is parted right in the middle like furry ’90s boyband members.

    He’s a very tall man, though, so the dogs don’t look too big in comparison.

  27. Lara K says:

    Ok, he looks like he wants to murder the dogs and wear their fur as a sweater vest.

    If there was any sex appeal left after the I heart Ts incident (there wasn’t), it would be gone now.

  28. Bonzo says:

    LEGS is still looking for his dignity in the wake of Tiddlebanging.

  29. Arock says:

    He looks like he’s LARPing a character in Clue. Gucci….re-evaluate…

  30. MI6 says:

    Boy can wear the sh*the out of a suit and the 2nd photo in the jacket with the black piping is spectacular, but the 3rd one with the fuzzy slippers…no. Just…no.
    Bonzo, you have hit the nail on the head once again.

  31. Adrien says:

    Those fashion spreads would work if they crop Tom Hiddleston out of the photos. Everyone’s attention were all on the dogs.
    Outside Loki, Tom is just not interesting to look at despite being tall, handsome and slim. I was watching Crimson Peak the other day and he was easily overshadowed by the ladies (Mia Wasikowska and Jessica Chastain). I forgot he was the selling point of that movie. Same with Night Manager. He was upstaged by his much taller lesser known supporting co-star, Elizabeth Debicki.

    • Secret squirrel says:

      I watched Crimson Peak for the first time on the weekend and the jury is still out for me. I think it is a tug-of-war between the two women for Thomas’s soul so understandable he would not outshine them. Although Fassbender might have looked better in the role initially, he would have been less believable as being under Lucille’s thumb by the end. I probably need to watch it again and pick up some things I might have missed in the plot the first time round.

      Totally agree that he was outshone in Night Manager, by more than Elizabeth too.

    • Sigh... says:

      ITAWY on both Crimson Peak and Night Manager. I had not seen him in any other role than Loki, but his costars’ were definitely the stronger performances in both (disclosing that I liked Chastain, but felt her role was better meant for a, ahem, more “mature” woman, but still…). He was serviceable, but not Emmy-nom-worthy, IMHO.

  32. popup says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. I just cannot with this photo shoot. I cannot stop giggling. WHO wears these clothes?

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Very wealthy people.

      • OhDear says:

        My first thought with this shoot was “so that’s where Messi gets his Ballon d’Or jackets from”

      • popup says:

        OK, I am primarily reacting to the one where Tom gazes deeply into the afghan’s eyes while he sports furry house slippers. The others are not quite so objectionable. To be totally fair, he looks great in the full-on suits. And his expressions seem to be a match for the rich, creepy Brits in a giant manor aesthetic.

  33. fiddlefaddle says:

    I’m probably the only one, but… I don’t think these are so bad? Sure, Tom looks more mournful than necessary, but the clothes look nice on him, and I don’t think these ads are any worse than most ones I see when I flip through a Vogue.

    The bigger problem, IMO, is that the photographs don’t seem to have much of an idea beyond, ‘Expensive clothes – check. Tall, skinny Brit – check. Expensive furniture – check. Something’s missing – let’s add dogs. Hairy dogs.’ But the photographer, art director and what have you are to blame for that; not the model.

    • Spidey says:

      have you hear the saying “heaven hath no rage like love to hatred turned?” I see a little of that in places.

      But those shoes??????????????

    • OhDear says:

      +1. He’s a bit dead-eyed here, but that may have been an issue with direction also. Otherwise, the clothes aren’t that bad? I see a lot of pro athletes and other celebrities wearing stuff like this all the time.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      GQ seems to like them.

      • Dara says:

        Esquire too. And Gucci is hot again in fashion circles, so I think it’s a very good thing – even if I don’t quite see it.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        And The Guardian, after some jokes about Taylor, gets around to praising the whole concept

      • Lilacflowers says:

        And Harper’s Bazaar, with some very funny comments about the dogs.

        As Totally Biased points out below, WE are not the intended audience and if the industry media reaction is any indication, the whole concept is going over well and the industry sees the pairing as a good one.

        It is all making me laugh at both the silly shoes and socks and the people who were insistent two months ago that his career was over and he couldn’t get an underwear modeling contract. Modeling contracts are no indication on how well an acting career is faring. And a contract to be the face and body of luxury cruise suits for a brand like Gucci, reaches a very different audience than modeling even luxury underwear. The guys who finance films versus the guys who just buy tickets. $16-30 for a pair of underpants compared to $3,000 or more for a jacket.

      • Red says:

        I actually was happy to see the photo shoot. I think it’s positive publicity for Tom. Yes the photos are over the top but the clothes are quite interesting and I enjoyed the whole concept. What do I know though, I’m Canadian.

    • platospopcorn says:

      LOVE this suit…but the shoes (and especially the socks) are NO BUENO! I second whoever said all these looks would make more sense on Eddie Redmayne, but Tom does okay, I think

    • Sasha says:

      I came across these completely unprepared for them on Tumblr. For some reason Tumblr’s algorithm thought I would love to see those. I cringed. They are bad,

  34. Giddy says:

    One of my favorite quotes from Henri The Existential Cat (YouTube) is “No one ever dresses as crippling self- doubt.” And yet here we are with Hiddles giving us that, and ennui. Henri would hope that those slippers were human or dog hair, never cat.

  35. Leah says:

    Hahahaha! Something about him modelling just end up being hilariously funny for some reason.

  36. Sheila says:

    Thank you all for pointing out the slippers, I missed those first time
    They are everything and I can’t stop giggling! Much has needed relief. Our big political debate is tonight and I’m actually anxious about it?!

  37. LinaLamont says:

    If that’s real fur, he’s on my shitlist.

    • Portia says:

      The Gucci website says their fur lined loafers, both men and women, are either real kangaroo fur lined or lamb fur lined. So yes, it is real fur, not faux.
      Then TommyH isn’t exactly the most conscientious person when it comes to the environment as his summer of private jet setting has proven.

    • Bee says:

      Same. Let’s admire a furry dog while wearing a furry rabbit. It’s all just perspective.

  38. Macheath says:

    I think the clothes look great, really interesting. But…there is some weird Photoshopping with his face. His jaw looks extra small and the seam of his lips stretched so wide it makes him look like a muppet or one of those South Park Canadian characters.

  39. browniecakes says:

    That’s why Taylor didn’t want to be with him, he just wanted her for her supermodel connections!

  40. LisaT says:

    The reaction to the photos are interesting. However, if you have been looking at Gucci since Alessandro Michele became creative director this is the look he is pushing. I also saw a lot of people commenting that Tom has been following Gucci on twitter since last year. So the professional relationship and his choice of wearing Gucci at the Emmys has been in the works for sometime.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      And GQ has run a brief article praising the contract, the designer, the clothes, and the pictures.

      But the socks and shoes ARE really silly.

      • TotallyOld says:

        I love how his fans are trying to justify these awful modeling shots. Yeah, we get it girls. You love him, warts and all but you’ll never justify or convince the average person that this is an attractive guy. By all means keep enjoying him on Tumbler and keep him your Internet boyfriend because sad to say, his lifespan as “the next big thing” has come and gone.

      • lilacflowers says:

        I don’t go on Tumblr and I don’t care about anyone’s life span as “the next big thing” nor do I care about justifying anything to you. By all means, keep stereotyping people incorrectly.

      • LambOfLoom says:

        Hum… this campaign is certainly not about or for the “average person”. Or for tumblrites, for that matter.

  41. Dlo says:

    Dear Kaiser, Thank You!!!!!!! These have made my Monday!!!

  42. browniecakes says:

    I’m ready to get a crowdfund going for Tom to keep him from having to ‘model’.

  43. Ninette says:

    I love those pics. Made my day :-)

  44. Sigh... says:

    He looks like the saddest prisoner in the poshest prisoner ever.

  45. Sheila says:

    Lilac Flowers and Secret squirrel, y’all wild vixens! I think he was told to look like a mannequin. Also I’ll totally cosign on seeing Common or Idris in these clothes, those 2 could make a paper sack hot!

    • Secret squirrel says:

      TV idea – Marvel’s Next Top Model

      Look out Tom, RDJ is coming for you!

      • lilacflowers says:

        Talk about silly shoes!

      • Maxime DuCamp says:

        Agree with everyone about the shoes. There is no man on earth who could pull off those mary janes (not Idris, not Common, NO HUMAN MALE). The slippers are almost as bad (and they are bad, just the mary janes are so much worse). Honestly, I like some of the suits, but again, the SHOESSSSS. And what is with the tuxedo? Is it a tuxedo paired with slippers or a fancy version of those tuxedo t- shirts paired with tuxedo pajama pants? I honestly can’t tell.

    • Tara says:

      I think it would’ve been a better photo shoot if it was clear he was trying to look like a mannequin :D but maybe only us plebes enjoy humor with fashion. As someone said above, the pic with him staring at the dogs really does make him look like the embodiment of an existential crisis.

      Or maybe he’s frying and trying to figure out if the dogs are real. Or believes they are alien commanders and the only way he can save earth is by winning a staring contest with them.

  46. Hari says:

    He looks like the hangover just hit him. Maybe the Taylor-hangover? Maybe he was drinking the night before. Either way. No Gucci for this cucci.

  47. KellyWelly says:

    Someone please go back and look at his photo shoot for 1883 that he only did 4 years ago and tell me how this can possibly be the same guy.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Ah but that video shows him in motion which is a point some other poster made upthread.

      Gave it some more thought and I’m thinking the awkward, stiff, soulless demeanor we’re seeing of late in photos has to do with certain decisions he’s made in his quest to have a bigger, brighter career.

      • Sheila says:

        KellyWelly thank you for the link, I had never seen that ad! He looked amazing in it, lots of style, sassy, fun. Yes, bring that Tom back. It’s like when he is Loki, the naughty attitude comes out, he’s animated and looks Ike he’s having a blast. Yes!! Now I need a mimosa :)

      • Cranberry says:

        Yeah, I think the awkward stiffness has something to do with career regrets of late (this summer to be exact). I think he’s having a hard time finding his footing in US. His management doesn’t seem to know what to do with him, or rather, they don’t know how to serve him. But he follows through cause he’s got big stuff in the works that he desperately needs to do well.

    • MI6 says:

      I must be the only one who thought the 1883 photo shoot was utter sh*t.
      And I do love him, FTR. Still. Enduringly.

      • Spidey says:

        You aren’t. I did too.

      • popup says:

        I hated that photo shoot.

      • Chef Grace says:

        I did not care for that shoot at all.
        I enjoyed the one with the kitty cat, though I, being a crazy cat mum thought Tom looked a bit intimidated by kitty whilst offering some lunch meat. Like he is not comfortable with cats.

      • Evie says:


      • MI6 says:

        Spidey, Chef Grace, Evie and Popup: Oh, thank God. I thought it was me and not the hallucious styling. And the hair. And the bathtub.
        And yes. He did look a bit wary of that cat.
        …I would make a bad pun here given the antics of this past summer, but I’m trying to keep it G rated today.
        But a little fear of …cats…could serve him quite well for a while.

      • Cranberry says:

        I didn’t like the 1883 shoot either mostly because of the clothes. But at least he was having a good time and even though he was major scruffy with his Henry V beard and long hair, he made it look interesting and alive and not just because it was video.

      • Cranberry says:

        Now I really appreciate that fashion shoot and even the one 2 yrs ago in UK when the slacks where a sizer or two small for him.

      • Bonzo says:

        Thank you. I hated every part of that photo shoot and don’t understand why the photos from it keep being reposted on Twitter. The clothes, the gotee, the bathtub… awful!!

      • shelly* says:

        Yikes he looked like a stray Bee Gee in the 1883 shoot.

        The recent one He did on the streets of London, showcasing pert arse, flaunting gym honed thighs and working his impressive conda, were much better.

      • Uh-huh says:

        Didn’t like the 1883 one much either. The weird hipster clothing, the hat and the shades in combination with his goatee and longer hair (although fine in themselves and for Henry V), made him look like Jay Kay out of Jamiroquai. Now I like Jamiroquai’s music just fine, but sartorially… not my cup of tea. He just looked peculiar and out-of-character.
        The bathtub and ankle boots thing was awful as well.

      • TotallyBiased says:

        Chief Grace–did you not see him with the clouded leopard cub (and all of the other critters) on James Corden’s show? I don’t think any animals intimidate him, and he was comfortable enough to get the standing kitty on shoulder shot–hard to do if there is any discomfort on either side. Though admittedly the cat was also a professional!

  48. I Choose Me says:

    I’m wondering if the vibe is supposed to be jaded, insouciant, British country lad or something. That might explain it?

    I dunno. I’ve seen many photos of Hiddles and he usually photographs well in editorial shoots no idea what’s happening with these. But the clothes look good and his body looks good in them.

    • Wiccanwonder says:

      Lol. I live in the heart of the English countryside and I haven’t seen any lads wearing this type of ensemble. It’s more green wellies and Goretex. I shall look out for the fur lined brothel creepers and bare ankles whilst walking in the forest.

  49. LP says:

    Whenever I see TH doing awkward as f*** photo shoots, I think about the marvelous 1883 photo shirt and I wonder what went wrong! Didn’t he used to be decent at modeling and he isn’t now? Was that particular photographer the trick? Is it just him aging? Was it the Henry the 8th beard?? Why haven’t any pictures of him looked as good as those did??

    • Spidey says:

      Please, it was Henry V

      Henry VIII was v fat and didn’t have a beard

      • Spidey says:

        But then of course, with 6 wives, he hardly needed a beard! :lol:

      • MI6 says:

        I kind of love how some of the fashion mags are saying “Tom traded one blond in for 3 loyal ones.”
        *double snort*
        He must provide Chris H and Idris with endless ribbing opportunities on set

    • Cranberry says:

      To tell the truth I find it hard to think Tom would be comfortable in these outfits. I know he should be selling it regardless, but sometimes even with professionals, the theme, setting an outfits are too much to sell convincingly. That’s my take cause he usually wears fine clothes soo well with comfort and confidence. But these outfits are ridiculous, and I’m blaming his US management and US Gucci editors. They’re projecting an image of him that is not him or in alignment with any of his work and certainly not his more recent and upcoming films. WTF?

  50. TotallyBiased says:

    My favorite photoshoot is the Flaunt magazine outtakes. Jason Heatherington, I think, was the photographer?

    As for this Gucci campaign–keep in mind that, as a friend posted elsewhere, WE are NOT the intended target audience. Not even close.

    Oh yeah, and she says those are Sorting Slippers (for when the Hat needs time off) so show some respect. The Afghans are all Hufflepuff.

    • Sheila says:

      @Totallybiased a toast to you 🍾🍷! Your friend is right those must be sorting slippers…

    • Lilacflowers says:

      @TotallyBiased, exactly. WE are NOT the intended audience and if the reaction of the industry publications are any indication, the whole thing, silly footwear and all, is being well-received by the intended audience.

  51. Wren33 says:

    Honest question – is that red-piped outfit a suit or pajamas? They look like pajamas, but he is wearing a bow tie. Very rich people confuse me, so I could go either way.

  52. Uh-huh says:

    Can’t decide whether I like the shots or not. TH has done shoots before that have been bizarre or less than flattering, so maybe this slots into being more of the same. It’s clearly intended to be artsy, pretentious and pretty effete and on that basis they’re fine, even quite interesting. That the clothes and the shoes would be kind of absurd IRL and that they make TH look rather effeminate might be beside the point. I dunno. He makes some weird choices sometimes – most of it looks like agreeing to stuff just because of the perceived ‘cachet’ of the project. Well, that and the money. lol

    • Cranberry says:

      He’s done much better photo shoots than this in UK. In all honesty I don’t think he scrutinizes his photo editorials at all. I think he tends to just accept what his management lines up for him under the assumption that they know what they’re doing. He’s being too nice and compliant – not that he’d have much choice. Still, he needs to get more hands on and find an experienced, trusted advisor/advocate and start saying no to these people that are screwing up his (US) image before it’s even been established.

      • twilly says:

        Hollywood agents (according to the Sony email leaks) find him too easily flattered and too eager to please. He does need better representation.

      • Cranberry says:


        He needs to find someone in the industry that can advise and watch out for him. Someone to steer him through all the stupid pitfalls the big commercial agencies will allow to happen cause they don’t really take care of their talent. They just spin the publicity mill and plug the actors into the slots. They only give some attention to A-listers or hot, young talent they know can make them a lot of money – the sure thing.
        Many successful HW actors with long, rewarding careers have had a mentor or professional advisor that helped them get more attention from the ‘right people’. Someone that could advocate for them and that had connections in the industry and PR agencies. Tom needs someone with this kind of experience, that really understands him and can support him to turn down stuff that’s really not helping him or will hurt his career.
        Going for the big HW career may be a long-shot for the type actor Tom is. But it made sense to strike while the iron was hot, having youth, looks and a speedily growing international fan base including fanatic fan boys and girls.

        Long-shot or not, his management seems to do nothing but make mistakes and miscalculations and in the process screw up whatever image he’d already built up in UK. They may be able to put a shiny, polished look on their high profile publicity deals, but they’re giving him very shoddy representation.

      • TotallyBiased says:

        Twilly–I read those Sony hacks as well, and came away with an entirely different interpretation. “Eager to please”? Seriously? “Charming but said no” would be a more accurate representation of that lunch where they discussed the spy parody role he wasn’t too eager to get, even though he was high on Sasha Baron Cohen’s want list.

      • Uh-huh says:

        That’s interesting. Hadn’t heard about any of that. So he does turn stuff down then, sometimes? Perhaps it depends on the sales pitch he’s given for any particular thing. Or whether it ticks the money and prestige boxes.

      • lilacflowers says:

        @Uh-huh, he turned it (The Brothers Grimsby) down because he wanted to play a spy before he played a parody of a spy, which may have been a polite way to say he didn’t like the script. Ben-Hur was also rejected but no reason has been given. He had to turn down Snowpiercer because of scheduling – it began shooting the same day as Thor: Loki’s World.

      • TotallyBiased says:

        Seriously, Uh-huh? You look at the choices he’s made over the last eight years and that’s your takeaway?
        Not that he’s balancing big ticket movies (done with people he admires) with challenging roles in small movies?
        All in your lens of perception, I suppose.

      • TotallyBiased says:

        Sorry, Uh-huh. That came out snarkier than I intended!
        We can look at things differently without getting that snippy, and I would have edited it out but couldn’t get the comment open again.

      • Uh-huh says:

        No worries. I’m not here to start arguments with anyone. If I come across as overly critical or cynical about TH and his choices on occasion it’s NOT because I dislike him generally. Quite the contrary. I think he could do with better management and representation is my ultimate takeaway.

  53. Miss Melissa says:

    The styling makes him look like a gilded, flamboyant puff.

    Who is making his publicity choices lately?

    • Uh-huh says:

      It’s not James Bond is it?

      I don’t see any plan at all with him. He (and/or his PR people) don’t seem to know what sort of image they’re trying to project, or indeed what direction to head in. I don’t get him.

      To me, it just looks like someone going after *anything* that’s lucrative and has some prestige attached to it – no matter what it is, or whether it ‘fits’.

      • Cranberry says:

        Yeah, @Uh and @ Milissa

        It seems to be stylists and publicists with his US agency. It seems they don’t know what to do except rubber stamp him as another Piccadilly Brit.

    • HappyMom says:

      I have second-hand embarrassment for him. Between this and his ridiculous faux-mance: Tom-I implore you-you need new advisors.

      • Uh-huh says:

        Second-hand embarrassment is now my default setting when it comes to TH. I sometimes wonder why I still like him so much. Probably due to a very foolish and misguided idea that somewhere underneath all the daft decisions lurks an interesting and intelligent man. I may be deluded. lol

    • TotallyBiased says:

      This has nothing to do with pr, this is a commercial campaign for a hot, highly respected fashion house aimed a specific target audience. It is a compliment to Tom that Gucci wanted him as their male face for this (and body, too, I’m sure!) As well as pointing out that his charisma works on a far broader demographic than just internet girlfriends. So definitely a win.

      • Uh-huh says:

        True. Although it’s being used for PR purposes as well I believe.

        Check out this giddy commentary from the Daily Fail for instance:

        Talking him up as a debonair star showing off his leading man credentials etc. PR puff piece right there.

      • Cranberry says:

        @ TotallyBiased,

        Very true. While non-fashion industry fans like me might get discouraged seeing their guy dressed as a silly, stereotypical dandy, it’s good to hear things from a different professional perspective. Lots of actors have done fashion shoots that are unflattering and don’t match their image. This is a fashion trade shoot primarily for Gucci not a media expose of Tom. The Gucci brand, clothes and styling are the feature here, not what looks best on Tom or aligns best with his image.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        News organizations can and do run articles about people for the purpose of attracting readers to boost their ad revenues and, while they sometimes will check with an individual’s representatives, they most often do not. So, no, not PR, other than PR for Gucci.

      • Uh-huh says:

        Not convinced personally. YMMV (and obviously does), but there’s been a fair amount of hyperbolic praise heaped on TH in that publication for quite some time. It’s certainly useful for TH I think, whether intentional or not…

      • Cranberry says:


        Yeah but that’s the Daily Fail. They will use anything to print a story. They make things up if they can’t find anything that will get them some clicks. They’ll probably use the same photo shoot pics tomorrow and spin something completely opposite from yesterday. The DM, tabloids, CB, social media coverage is generally speaking indirect PR. That coverage is all second and third hand PR, not the primary content or designated audience.

      • Cranberry says:

        “there’s been a fair amount of hyperbolic praise heaped on TH in that publication for quite some time”


        Are you talking about Daily Mail? Cause if so the only reason they’re praising TH and being nice to him lately is because they spent the whole summer and most of the past year tearing him down for Hiddleswift, Bond and posh bashing. The only reason they’re nice to Tom periodically is because he gets a lot of clicks and comments. So they’re milking him as much as possible like everybody else is, *cough*.

      • Uh-huh says:

        Not really, no. They were ‘all in’ on the whirlwind romance angle of Hiddleswift for a lot of the time, until at least it became apparent that it was going belly up and he’d made a bit of a prat of himself. They also ran pieces talking up his Bond chances in the most transparently OTT way imaginable. Yes, they turned critical later on but I think there was a fair amount of articles that sounded rather suspiciously like they’d been written by starry-eyed Hiddlestoners. Maybe they were…

        Also, I think it’s naïve to think that the whole Hiddleswift ‘narrative’ wasn’t deliberately planted (in The Sun and subsequently other tabloids) in the first place. Direct PR. The ‘tabloids make shit up’ rationale is a convenient fig leaf since they do indeed make stuff up on their own account *as well*.
        (Yes, I’m one of those folks that thinks Hiddleswift was a fake set-up purely for publicity purposes from start to finish.)

      • Cranberry says:

        I think Hiddleswift was set up too, but imo most all the tabloids (DM) caught on to that pretty fast and were either relentlessly harsh or seemingly marginal but still with plenty of skeptical undertones. I think everyone generally agreed TH took a lot of hits from media throughout the summer. Some came from credible outlets, but most were consistently from the tabloids like DM.

      • Cranberry says:


        Also, maybe what we see differently is that all the tabloids this summer were overwhelmingly coming down on Swift specifically and while leaving Tom out rightly so. That’s true. But what was f*cked up on top of the terrible PRomance roll out is that Tom also took a lot of additional hits just for being associated with TS even though the Kanye fiasco was all her doing and nothing to do with Tom. So every time there was a negative story about TS, usually there questionable romance was mentioned and inadvertently putting Tom inside the Swifty hate zone. Maybe the DM is trying to make up to Tom for all the crap that splashed on him when they were skewering TS. Regardless, there’s no doubt that Tom as well as Taylor were major targets for every and any outlet to repeatedly hit. They really should be sending him a bouquet of flowers thanking him.

      • Uh-huh says:


        Yes, they did put the boot in eventually, particularly with Swift of course and then TH became collateral damage to that.

        My broader point however was that regardless of their apparent editorial policy, the Daily Fail (and others – The Sun, The Mirror, People et al.) did run pieces that had a PR agenda and were planted. You know, the good old ‘according to an inside source or an eyewitness’ routine. And then the source or eyewitness would make some super-convenient claims to shore up – in this case – the Hiddleswift love story that was being peddled. I think the obvious phoniness of Hiddleswift showed that fairly clearly and if it could happen with that story it’s possible that it did with others as well. Yes, I am that cynical. :)

  54. Wiccanwonder says:

    I have the song with “I’m a tiger, I’m a tiger” lyrics in my head having inspected the embroidery on his fluffy boudoir slip ons.

  55. callmeishmael says:

    The bed photo is sublime.

    Dog: You took my bangs to line your loafers. Do you want to talk about why you did that?
    Tom: I was being authentic. No further comment.

    Poor Tom. Sure, he fills out a suit nicely but he just has no charisma. Whatever they were aiming for with these photos, the result is painfully awkward. It’s like there’s an industrial dehumidifier just out of sight, and Tom’s thirst led him to drain its contents, and now he’s got a dicky tum, hence the split-level brows and the tight-lipped expression. Brideshead in Beverly Hills, it is not. How can one so smart on paper end up making such a twerp of himself?

    • Cranberry says:

      He didn’t have much choice about the fashion shoot and clothes. Those are decided on by the magazine and stylists for all actors and models. So it’s really not fair to hold him responsible for bad fashion and stereotypical themes. Yes he’s stiff and not lively, but what I think is wrong with this shoot is the fashion and most specifically those lame ass shoes. I don’t think any actors could pull off this fashion shoot without looking regretful.

  56. Cranberry says:

    The clothes are stupid and would make just about anybody wearing them look stupid too. The only people I can see wearing any of this OTT crap is a Rapper-performer. I seriously think Tom needs to find a better US agent or manager. These people obviously don’t understand him and don’t know what to do with him. They appear to have a limited imagination and abilities as they just want to pigeon hole him as a stereotypical British caricature. I think he needs to go back to who was handling his image before or at least find US agency/agent that is affiliated with them (UK management) and their sense of style, fashion and taste.

  57. wat says:

    He’s trying to emuate Tilda Swinton but ends up lookinng like the Elf on The Shelf.

  58. Keaton says:

    I am dying over the pic of Tom on the bed, looking longingly at the attentive and alert Afghan hound. W.T.F. is going on in that pic? lol
    The photoshoot is ridiculous but weirdly, I kinda like it? it’s almost..surreal lol

    • Secret squirrel says:

      It’s got us all looking and talking about it which is what advertising is all about. Buying the product is merely a by-product (pardon the play on words)!

  59. seesittellsit says:

    “OMG” all the way down the line – beyond fey. Especially the one on the edge of the bed with legs crossed and those slippers and the dawgs . . .

    I’m guessing he’s off the list for Bond?

  60. popup says:

    Well, you can’t say that this campaign wasn’t memorable, so it’s done its job right there. Three things I won’t forget: fluffy house slippers, the afghans, the white socks.

  61. Verdant33 says:

    As far as the look goes, this is probably the look that was intended and directed by those professionals shooting these pics for GUCCI. The pics are certainly going to make someone stop and look. Its so stylized that many will either love or hate them. Most of the people on here are not the audience for this. Tom is my cup of tea so I think he looks great. He knows how to wear a suit and look elegant. But hey, to each their own.

    • Uh-huh says:

      I suppose it’s easy to take the mickey at this point. He can wear the hell out of a suit, no doubt about that. Also, a posh, artsy fashion-shoot look is a bit more his line than HW beefcake or “I’m gonna be the next Bruce Willis or Harrison Ford” or something.

  62. virginfangirl says:

    Tom wears the suits well. Looks great. But the suits, and especially the shoes, are not my style. Way over the top, but that’s not unusual when it comes to fashion.

    • virginfangirl says:

      Now I know what I’m getting my hubby for Christmas.

    • lilacflowers says:

      Apparently, despite the high price, those ugly slippers are big sellers.

      • smd says:

        Lilacflowers you know Prince William while flipping through the Gucci catalog called Carole and said “these, I want these for when after a grueling day of working, I can finally come home to have my valet pack them for my next vacation.” “Yes, Kate wants a pair but she wants lace and buttons on hers….”

    • smd says:

      Spidey, omg! Unreal, I’m convinced those ankle boots are women’s and even then they are too pointy like a Wicked witches boots, perhaps that’s it?! Ugh, no, just no on the shoes. I’m ok with these suits but the shoes hurt my eyes. Also, Sixer enquiring minds want to know did you throw the pillow at Mr. Sixer because you did indeed trap him with your fem Fatale ways and didn’t want it announced…or :) ? Also our big debate is tonight Lilacflowers, please send Colin over with a pitcher🍷🍸🍹. I might have to re-read old Tittle banging posts for relief post debate. 🐻

  63. Willow says:

    He looks dead eyed. Furthermore, do you think Esquire or GQ are going to trash their own clients in public? And why is this supposed be a big deal? Every other established actor have/had fashion campaigns. Even goofy ass James Franco had one. Call me when he gets cast in something new. It seems like a couple years.

    • virginfangirl says:

      Why is this a big deal? Tom Hiddleston, the man who wears basic everyday. Wearing the same outfits, understated, in blues and grays, now in these outrageous, over the top suits/shoes. I can’t help but look, even stare, wide eyed.

      • Willow says:

        Virginia, only the people here and his stans know what he wears everyday because they stalk him. The general public does not know or care. If he was trying to shore up some leading man cache, being dressed like a fop is not going to do it. He does not have the personality of Ben Whishaw to pull it off or the modeling skills to make it work. No way he could be a Calvin Klien model, but he should have tried for something like Ralph Lauren. Or just stop being such a try hard and get some new PR.

        It reminds me of my work when we say that someone is on our radar… but for all the wrong reasons.

      • Cranberry says:


        Interesting perspective. Perhaps people that have only seen and heard of how he always wore the same outfits this summer might find this a delightful surprise. I hope so.

        Most of the problem is that he has had a very bumpy ride this summer, and he doesn’t need this unflattering, limiting stereotype image right now while he’s still trying to establish himself in US. Also it’s frustrating to his fans that have seen him in impeccably tailored, sharp styled, designer suits that he wears and moves in beautifully.

    • fiddlefaddle says:

      But who’s the target audience for these ads? Where would the non-fancy-fashion-mag-reading general public even come across them, except on a blog like this?

      They’re ads. He’s doing modelling work (not exceptionally well, but still modelling). He’s doing whatever the photographer, stylists and so on bid him to do – just like any other actor who’s doing an ad campaign for a fashion brand – and after that they pick and edit the photos as they choose and he can do nothing about that. I’ve seen many really cheesy campaigns, often with incredibly dodgy photoshopping, and yet I couldn’t name any names now because ads are so ephemeral. Nobody’s going to go, ‘Oh, Sam Fluffington? I haven’t been able to take him seriously as an actor ever since he did that dead-eyed Fall 2013 ad campaign for Louis Vuitton with that hot pink bow tie and cat-eye glasses and his face photoshopped poreless.’

      As far as brand associations go, Gucci is prestigious and long-standing, even if those shoes are awful. He could have chosen a lot worse.

  64. Bee says:

    This is the ponciest thing I’ve ever seen. Leave dressing “dandy” to Eddie Redmayne, because he actually manages to pull it off (most of the time). It’s like whoever is advising TH is working through a moodboard or checklist of guys that have come before him who have managed to be more commercially successful. Personally, I think they’ve completely lost the plot.

    • virginfangirl says:

      It seems the plot is to go wherever the mood strikes him. To not be branded or labeled. I am no PR expert, so can’t even begin to predict if this will work for him. But he seems up for anything. Maybe it’s his desire to be more famous, or maybe it’s his personality to push himself to try something different. I once heard him in an interview saying his biggest fear is to have regrets. I remember reading an article that interviewed the elderly and found their biggest regrets were most often the things the never did, not the things they’ve done but wished they hadn’t.

    • Uh-huh says:

      Possibly. I think TH just says yes to stuff – a lot. I’m sure he’s implied as much himself. There is a problem with that though: no filters, no ability to refuse or say no to things = no clear identity and the sort of horrendous PR fiasco that was Hiddleswift. Better, more targeted strategies, more discernment and more awareness about his own talents and shortcomings – and his image – would be good. He always seems to be striving for something that’s not necessarily achievable, at least not the way he’s going about it. Like Don Quixote tilting at windmills.

  65. FW says:

    Gucci, big money? deal!

    Taylor, high profile? deal!

    the same

  66. Bread and Circuses says:

    Uncomfortable robot is right! And I’m a Hiddleston fan.

    Maybe it’s a demand inserted by his PR people? “TOM MUST LOOK LIKE A LEADING MAN. NO, DON’T HAVE HIM SMILE. MAKE HIM LOOK BOND-SERIOUS.”

  67. kira says:

    he looks good but the shoes and dogs made me giggle.

  68. Loula says:

    I’m Chuck Bass…but I’m English, so I’m Charles Trebleclef

  69. shelly* says:

    Looking at those pics, I keep expecting him to break into a lispy rendition of, On the Good Ship Lollipop…And then do a clumsy tap dance across the room…

    I’m surprised He’s not wearing swan heels.

    In the bed picture I think the dog is trying to hypnotise him.

  70. LinaLamont says:

    Go to Tom and Lorenzo

  71. TotallyBiased says:

    In an interview back when he was Cassio to Ewan McGregor’s Iago and Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Othello, Tom said Chiwetal gave him this piece of advice: try not to repeat yourself. Do that which is different. So he goes from Loki to King Henry V to Adam, from Joss Whedon to Thea Sharrock to Jim Jarmusch.
    From Hank Williams to The Night Manager.
    From the Shortlist whiskey and cat shoot, to this . Which is, after all, his first entirely commercial photo shoot as far as I know. Gucci has always had VERY specific desires for their “look”, and he’s just the talent. As someone essentially said above, it would be surprising if anyone thought ‘I was going to see Skull Island and Infinity Wars, but now I won’t because that stoopid Hiddleston wore a pink-piped tux jacket on a bed staring into an Afghan’s eyes.’

  72. Verdant33 says:

    Hiddleston looks great and I love the dogs but as a woman, of course I would care more about Tom, how couldn’t I? This is a Gucci shoot with haute couture clothing and very highly stylized. This is the kind clothing most people wouldn’t wear outside a photo shoot, including Hiddleston.
    So I really don’t know what the criticism is about except for the usual trolling and nitpicking at nothing. Either way, Gucci was certainly going for a particular look that they achieved.
    So happy that Swift is slowly seeping out of his orbit. I see less about her in articles relating to him and it looks like reason will prevail and most people understand that a two and a half month mistake shouldn’t have any bearing on him and the work he does.

    • Cranberry says:


      Happy about Swift drifting out of orbit too. Yes, this is about Gucci, not Tom. The shoes are ridic but definitely take the theme all the way.

    • LinaLamont says:

      “So I really don’t know what the criticism is about except for the usual trolling and nitpicking at nothing.”

      As I said before: wearing fur (disgusting, deplorable, unconscionable), mary janes (are you fucking kidding me?), so much “Death in Venice”.

      This shoot is cringeworthier than the paper undies one. Fur aside, this is hilarious.

      • Cranberry says:

        Not fair to hold Tom responsible for Gucci’s irresponsibility to animal rights. He was just the talent doing his job. He probably didn’t even know what any of the garments were made of, and it’s not like he could have done anything about it at that point except jeopardize his career even further by being labeled as “difficult”. I care about animal rights too, but I don’t think that everybody is in the position to “take a stand” for every good cause. He’s been consistently regarded as a caring person for animals and humans, and he’s done a lot of good work for UNICEF. See their site or his twitter for updates about their work and his involvement.

        Reality-check-list, check.