Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie are negotiating (update: temporary custody agreement)


Update by Celebitchy: TMZ is reporting that Brad and Angelina have reached a temporary three week custody arrangement in cooperation with the LA County Department of Child and Family Services. These recommendations were reportedly made by DCFS and agreed to by Brad and Angelina. Angelina will get temporary sole physical custody of their six children until October 20th. Brad has visitation rights, but his first visit will be monitored by a therapist. After the first visit the therapist will determine if subsequent visits will continue to be monitored. Brad is subject to random drug and alcohol testing and is said to have passed his first test. Both Brad and Angelina must attend individual counseling and the family, including Brad, Angelina and all of their kids, must attend family counseling together.

While the tabloids would have you believe that The Villainess Jolie is plotting the destruction of America’s Golden Boy in her (rented!) Malibu Lair, the truth is probably quite different. Many rushed to claim that the fact that Angelina hired (re-hired) Laura Wasser as her divorce attorney was a sign that Jolie would play dirty, but in interview after interview, Wasser has always said that her biggest advice to her clients is: sit down and talk and see if you can work things out privately, even if “working things out” is simply coming to an equitable divorce settlement. Wasser doesn’t want drama, but sometimes her clients do. Is Jolie the kind of client who wants to go to war with the father of her children? Or is Jolie just trying to figure out what’s best for her kids after they witnessed their father go crazy on a plane? You know what I think. Well, People Magazine says that Brad and Angelina – or their people – are in “private negotiations.”

Ten days after Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, the two are now deep in private negotiations, PEOPLE has confirmed. As the two sides try to reach an agreement behind closed doors and find a way to move forward, it’s clear one of the biggest issues – and likely the most difficult to resolve – is the custody of their six children.

When Jolie, 41, filed for divorce from Pitt, 52, she requested joint legal custody but primary physical custody, with visitation for Pitt. Meanwhile, Pitt sources have said he will push for shared physical custody of their kids: 15-year-old Maddox (with whom Pitt had an alleged physical altercation), Pax, 12, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and 8-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

Any custody agreement they reach will have to be signed off on by a judge to make sure it’s in the best interests of the children. “If Angelina and Brad reach an agreement on custody, the judge assigned to the case will be delighted that these parents were able to work out something that they can live with and that makes sense for the family,” says certified family law specialist Stephanie Blum, of Reuben Raucher & Blum, who’s not involved with the case.

In private negotiations or in court, Jolie could have a difficult time gaining sole physical custody, legal experts say.

“It is extremely difficult to be granted sole custody in a California court, absent some egregious behavior that directly impacts the best interest of the minor children,” says L.A. family law attorney Atousa Saei. “In my experience, courts [and judges] lean more towards joint physical custody over sole physical custody. They want to see both parents involved in the children’s lives and want both parents to have frequent and continuing contact with the children.”

If a case winds up in front of a judge, a parent wanting sole physical custody would need to show considerable evidence that the other parent has problems caring for the children.

“If Angelina can prove to the court that she is the parent that has historically been the caretaker of the children and that allowing Brad to share the children with Angelina on an equal basis would actually not be in the best interest of the children, she will have a good shot at being awarded physical custody of the children,” Saei says. “Her allegations must not only be substantiated by evidence, but they also need to be linked to the best interest of the children. By way of example, if Brad got angry in front of the children, that is very different than if he only got angry with Angelina behind closed doors.”

A source has acknowledged Pitt was drunk during the argument on the couple’s private plane that is now being investigated by L.A.’s Department of Children and Family Services, but has said Pitt did not hit or physically abuse Maddox. As for the drinking allegation, in any bid for sole physical custody, Jolie would have to show that any substance use “has an impact on Brad’s ability to care for the children,” says Saei. “Judges are much more lenient these days on the use of alcohol, as long as a parent is not under the influence while children are not in their care. Courts want both parents in the lives of children, so long as it is in the best interest of the children.”

[From People]

I get that People Mag is trying to soften the case against Brad, but if you really read between the lines of these quotes, it does sound like Angelina has a pretty good case for sole legal custody of the kids? Brad’s behavior on the plane was so egregious that A) Angelina bolted with the kids and filed for divorce just a few days later and B) someone called child protective services on him, and there’s an ongoing investigation. Brad’s people even admit that he was drunk and behaving badly in front of his kids. The kids not only witnessed all of this, but they also saw that Maddox was so upset by how Brad was treating Angelina that he (Maddox) physically got in between them. While I don’t doubt that Angelina and Brad – or their people, it’s not clear – are in private negotiations as we speak, I definitely think Angelina is holding all the cards.

Oh, and Jolie’s legal team hired Judy Smith, the DC fixer who inspired the character Olivia Pope on Scandal. The Villainess isn’t playing.


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  1. Little Darling says:

    Good. I wish them Godspeed, healing, compassion, forgiveness and a mutual ferocious love for their children to help them figure this all out and move forward with their lives as quickly and painlessly as possible.

    • Minty says:

      Agreed.. I’m feeling such sadness for the entire family all around. I don’t doubt their relationship began with deep love and mutual admiration, respect… time can sometimes take it’s toll.. people diverge, common ground gets lost.. it’s very sad, but it happens.

    • ravensdaughter says:

      I agree. This is not something that can be dragged out without doing harm to the children.

    • Candela says:

      agree! but I misread your comment as wishing them a “mutual ferocious lover”. Of course, instead of rereading I immediately thought about how such a scenario could work out. Then I remembered Jolie’s bisexuality and concluded that a woman would have to fill that position and that I would be up for it. 😀

    • Mbicer says:

      I just don’t see it. I don’t think they will divorce. Too many signs pointing the other way. 1. She had to file given the child services call. 2. He has not yet responded. 3. This week the property in France comes off the market.4. The hiring of ‘Olivia pope’ suggests that they may very well attempting to rehabilitate the image damage caused over the last 10days. 5. The axing of the brangelina break-up special at the very last minute by senior tv executives – all suggest that, maybe, just maybe there is still way too much of love, foundation here for these two and their family. Failing this and he still pushes forward all the divorce – it’s all Gwenyth paltrows doing👿😈

  2. Cel2495 says:

    I really liked them together. Hope they can work their divorce amicably for the sake of the children and rebuild the trust and respect they had for each other to co-parent those beautiful kids. Divorce is difficult but it doesn’t have to be a bloody battle.

    • Placebo says:

      Me too.

    • LoveIsBlynd says:

      Exposing the children to a volatile relationship is worse than divorce. Why do people always say “divorce is so sad for the kids” blah blah. No it’s not if the relationship is sick and dysfunctional. Let’s not forget that less than an hundred years ago, women would automatically lose custody, visitation and all property rights upon divorce, not to mention the social stigma of being “a divorcee”- even if the man was abusive. Modeling abuse and or enabling abuse is what creates generational dysfunction, but ending an abusive cycle is what tells a growing human being what is right and what is wrong.

  3. Jem says:

    I just hope for a quick end to this. The quicker the better.

    • V4Real says:

      it seems as if they have gone from America’s favorite celebrity couple/family to Jon and Kate Plus Eight over night. Now that was a messy divorce with their kids caught in the middle as the drama of their divorce publicly played out.

      • LoveIsBlynd says:

        The kids will only suffer if Brad can’t admit he’s incapable of being a “good enough” parent for the time being. IT’s when the dysfunctional parent is delusional and puts up a legal fight that the kids suffer. Someday there will be some kind of scanner or spit stick to quickly determine custody.

  4. MrsBPitt says:

    I know there is probably no hope, and, divorce may be the best thing for their family, but, the die hard Brangiloonie in me, would love for them to be “deep in family counseling” and try to keep their family together….I guess, I just love a Hollywood ending!

    • Amy Tennant says:

      I know what you mean. It just heart-punches me to see the pictures of them together. I liked them together– what we saw from the outside, anyway.

      Counseling wouldn’t be a bad idea in any case. I have to co-sign Little Darling’s sentiments above. They’re bound by six children, so they’re going to be in each other’s lives. I hope they can find their way to co-parent successfully and healthily. Families take a lot of different shapes. I wish them all peace and healing.

    • Pine Cone says:

      I hope that this family can find a way to stay together. If he could get help with his drinking. He would have to be REALLY DRUNK to try and drive away in a fuel truck.

  5. Guesty2 says:


  6. molly says:

    Maybe they will have a healthier relationship in the future because of divorce. Not as many fights. Worked for my parents.

    • Sullivan says:

      If he quits drinking, they could probably be good friends and co-parents.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      That’s my hope too. Unhappiness in a marriage/relationship can beget a host of both physical and psychological problems, I am talking about both Jolie and Pitt. Though admirable that they wanted to keep the family together, it may be much healthier for all concerned after the divorce. That’s my hope anyway especially for the chilDaren.

  7. Bex says:

    I hope they can get this sorted as amicably as possible. I really think the press need to stop speculating about the children too, it’s not fair.

  8. AbrarAk says:

    Brad Pitt: They tried to make me go to rehab but I said, ‘No, no, no.’

  9. Ramy says:

    I hope this is true .the faster the work it out the better

  10. Andrea 1 says:

    This is the first time I’m commenting on this mess. I was a huge fan of these two but I was very disappointed in the way the whole thing went nasty pretty quickly probably if Brad had agreed to that joint statement maybe things would have happened alot differently I don’t know I’m just saying… I guess Brad took his family for granted and never expected Angie to act the way she did. I hope he is amending his ways and things work out great for the kids cos they are the most important people in this whole mess. I’m happy to hear they are sorting things privately and amicably as possible. Lesson I have learnt from these two “never place anyone on a pedestal and thats what I did with them.”

    • V4Real says:

      Wow Andrea, hand claps to you. You’re staying true to yourself and not like some fans who are now saying well I never liked Brad anyways.

      And you’re right, the kids matter the most. The less negativity they can keep out of the press, the better.

      • Andrea 1 says:

        Thanks alot V4real 🙂
        And for both their sake and that of the kids I do sincerely hope they don’t grant any exclusive about this divorce they should just move ahead and live their lives. A simple acknowledgement of what happened but they are moving ahead for the sake of the kids will do. No pity party interview because at this point I think we are over them.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        @Andrea 1,
        From your lips, to the parents hearts, I hope. No need for any “in depth” interviews. If doing that would hurt either of them then it would automatically affect the children. Not worth it.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      Andrea, I agree not to place anybody on a pedestal. We are all human beings capable of making mistakes no matter how rich and famous they may be. Some of the media are trying to spin their split-up into a circus for the sake of making money and it is disgusting.

    • lucy2 says:

      Lesson I have learnt from these two “never place anyone on a pedestal and thats what I did with them.”

      I think we all learn that lesson at some point in our lives, whether it’s a friend, a parent, or just anyone you look up to, and it’s never easy.

  11. V4Real says:

    The reason she probably bolted is because the incident on the plane was like I said before the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m just speculating but I think there were many problems in the marriage that had been building up. They put on this united and happy front but there were issues in the marriage just like with other married couples.

    I don’t think Brad is this abusive drunk that some people all of a sudden believe he is. Though I do believe he lives his hooch a bit too much. Ialso don’t think that AJ is this evil temptress that the media and some people believe she is. I hope they can do this amicably for the sake of their kids. I’m team children because that’s what matters the most.

  12. Amber says:

    I just keep thinking about how fond her other 2 ex husbands are of her and how brief those marriages were. Then she has this long relationship and starts a family with Brad and it’s going in an ugly direction. I think the Angelina haters should pay attention to that. Brad must have screwed up in such a terrible way and that’s sad.

  13. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    In hindsight, she looks rather unhappy in many photos.

    • Crumpet says:

      I keep remembering the photograph of them having a fight on a balcony – Brad (chugging from a bottle of bear) looked like he was on the offense and she looked like she was overwhelmed. Everyone said “Oh, they are just rehearsing their roles for “By the Sea” and I was thinking “I don’t think she is that good of an actress.”

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        When she stated that the film did not parallel their relationship, I looked at the trailer and thought, ” I’m not so sure about that.”

  14. paolanqar says:

    I keep hoping she will backtrack and go back together.
    Am i weird?

    • Amy Tennant says:

      A lot of us have been carrying at least a small torch of sorts I think.

    • original kay says:

      No, but I still have hope he gets treatment and the help he needs so he can be the father and husband that family deserves.

      I certainly hope she doesn’t backtrack.

    • Adorable says:

      @PAOLANQAR,your not weird!im also still hoping they get back together..A part of me still hopes so..If Ben & Jen & Catherine zeta jones & her hubby can reconcile why not Brangie?..Anyway as long as the Fam is healthy & happy

  15. Adorable says:

    Guess Angelina ain’t changing her mind….Well she has handled this well(I don’t believe the tabs)..she could have said more about the plane incident,instead she gave a mature statement “For the health of the Fam”..Still don’t get why she is the “villain”in all this

  16. Payapa says:

    Brad & Angie should take a leaf out of Kim & Kanye’s book- never fight in front of your children. All hail Kim The Wise.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      It’s not clear that she was a full participant in the fight described. So many times these things are described as “altercations” when really one person is out of bounds and the other is trying to shush them, without success.

    • Lady D says:

      Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY should ever take advice from any Kardashian, or the delusional husband.

  17. Pansy says:

    Holy crap, Olivia Pope is involved. Brad’s going DOWN!

    • Carmen says:

      He hired Justin Bieber’s old fixer before she hired Judy Smith. Now the haters are saying she hired a fixer because she has something to hide. They never said a word about Brad hiring a fixer. The double standard reeks.

      Judy Smith is said to be the best and Angie went with the best. It would really be interesting if Brad try to hire Smith first, and Smith turned him down.

      • Zut alors! says:

        I, for one, am glad she hired Judy Smith. She bore the brunt of the negative press and less than gracious public response from his last divorce. I’m sure the people who love and support her were damned she would passively do the same this time. I have said this before and I’ll say it again. He and his people have made strategic leaks to Us Weakly. The tale about her moving to London and lobbying to “join” the House Of Lords has gotten widespread play without any facts to back it up. He was so not blindsided by this divorce filing as Us Weekly insists on repeating. Good for for you Angie.

  18. Carina says:

    Sad to see a family who seemed to have it all together be torn apart by substance abuse. Whether alcohol or drugs, abusive behavior destroys lives at every socio-economic level.

  19. Mia4S says:

    “If Angelina can prove to the court that she is the parent that has historically been the caretaker of the children…

    Hold up there. This guy is talking about your average couples. They had six nannies. SIX! Yes I know it’s supposedly down to two now but still, the reality is the “caretaking” will not be as difficult to keep consistent. To be clear I’m not condemning the use of nannies at all, but let’s be honest here. Plus she cannot argue it’s too hard for the kids to move back and forth. They’ve moved around since birth! Unless something comes out of the plane investigation (or he surrenders) she’s not getting sole physical custody.

    • Birdix says:

      Agreed. And honestly what you have to do in California to lose custody is likely beyond Brad Pitt. Judges here REALLY lean toward keeping both parents involved–it has to be really really bad before they will not allow joint custody.

  20. Artemis says:

    Jolie doesn’t play. She is getting the best of the best and she’s got the best hand because of the plane incident.

    I remember her not being on speaking terms with BBT for a while but I doubt that, even with their kids, she’s going to be friends with Pitt. Mainly because he put their family into a position where it’s going to be an ugly divorce played out in the media.
    Secondly because he’s not doing anything to fix his problems or admitting he has them. Thirdly because their problems weren’t recent and besides the fighting, were already living separately which is the death of any relationship. If you travel separately and STILL can’t stand the other person when they are around, methinks the relationship is dead.
    Their kids made them promise to always say sorry when they fought but you cannot fake your way through forgiveness because your kids ask you to. Living apart means you are NOT forgiving each other and you’re making it worse because you’re not facing your issues.

    All this again proves how fake Hollywood is. You can sell your whole life and plant stories about your happiness (the JPs just planted one for their 2nd anniversy, the hotel visit) but in reality you can’t stop fighting and live in different wings of your massive house. Full lives, empty hearts.
    I wonder in an alternate reality, when they would have announced the divorce because both of them have projects coming up and it’s much easier to separate after all that Hollywood stuff is over. They were clearly done for the most part of 2016 so god knows how long they would have played being a couple.

    • SaraR. says:

      I am sorry, but how were they living separately? They were all with him in London this spring, they were all in LA this summer, they were all in France (from where he took a short trip to Croatia, she to Jordan) and coming back from France when the plane incident happened? You are also completely speculating, like everyone else.

      • Lindsay says:

        Both of those properties are massive. It has been reported they each kept to separate wings of the house.

    • Paige says:

      US magazine created that story about their second anniversary. I think if they were going to plant a story it would be in People, a publication with more credibility. Brad and Angelina are like non Hollywood couples. Money doesn’t take away problems or create happiness. Brad and Angelina were happy once upon a time and then they weren’t. It happens. I believe the last two years have been tough for them. Angelina’s surgeries, both working nonstop, kids getting older and more difficult. I’m just guessing but maybe there was a point in there relationship in which they stopped making time for each other. Just because they aren’t happy now, doesn’t mean they weren’t happy during their relationship. I just don’t like how people are acting like their entire relationship was a facade. I would have loved to see them grow old together with their grandkids, but life happens.

  21. Realitycheck says:

    These people play us for such fools. That’s why I can’t stand them, pretending to have such a great life and marriage. They think we are idiots

    This is why I don’t believe angelina and her golden halo life either. I stopped liking brad after the way he left jen.

    • SaraR. says:

      Things in life happen. S**t happens. I believe they truly loved each other, but that life is not a fairy tale for anyone. If you are reading interviews from last year, she is not denying that there are problems, like in any marriage, but that they are together in it for a long haul – this is why this result is so sad. Things happened that we will probably never know about, and its’s fine, it’s not our business anyway. It is unfair to say that their relationship was fake.

    • CL says:

      Yeah, how dare they not tell us about every fight and annoyance! I can’t stand people who keep parts of their lives private! That just makes a fool of everyone!

      -sarcasm finished

    • Colette says:

      If you are naive enough to believe ANY couple has a perfect marriage than that’s on you.I am a Stan yet I wasn’t delusional enough to think everything was great.At some point they had a good marriage/relationship until they didn’t.Most couples who I personally know appeared to have a good marriage until they broke up.With my own relationships,it would appear everything was good to people on the outside.Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors that applies for celebrities and non celebrities.
      Personally I wouldn’t be shocked by any couple splitting up including my fave couple Barack and Michelle.

      • Realitycheck says:

        Colette I am not naive, that wasn’t even the point of my statement.

        The women on here just love to attack anyone with a different opinion.

      • Colette says:

        If I was going to attack you,I would not have used the word naive.

    • yellow says:

      Agree. It’s all “smoke and mirrors” as they say. Every last bit.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      Even non-famous couples don’t (usually) want all the problems and worst drama in their relationships to play out for public consumption and gossip, and would rather people see the good than know all about the bad.

  22. Dippit says:

    I find her now seeking the services of Judy Smith interesting. That is not an indication of someone believing themselves to, at present, “hold all the cards”.

    • SaraR. says:

      From what I understand, Judy Smith is someone who, in case of divorces, helps things move faster, smoother and helps to block press.

      • merlot says:

        Also this negative drama is bad for her activism and political aspirations. If there is any field in which PR is more important than in entertainment, it is politics. Can you imagine her next meeting about trafficked women or something? If it hasn’t been sorted about her personal life will eclipse any important topics being discussed.

      • VegasSchmagus says:

        sometimes, you need a gladiator.

      • LAK says:

        The most important part of her job is to remove negative public perception of her clients or to change public perception of her clients in line with the clients’ goals. The truth is immaterial to a crisis manager. It’s all about perception.

        For someone like AJ, who has very good media instincts, to hire someone like Judy……….something is very rotten OR she feels something is rotten and needs outside help. And again, the truth is immaterial. What matters most is the public face.

      • SaraR. says:


        Or, if you believe Lainey, it’s a message that she is going to play hard, if she needs to. Also, if we believe Judy Smith story, we should, I guess, believe that story from last week that Brad hired New York based crisis management firm. So yeah, we are all guessing.

  23. tracking says:

    I don’t know, I think this will continue to be very hard. They had more incentive to try to find common ground when they were still trying to make their relationship work. Their profound disagreements might be that much harder now that they’ve split and have animosity toward each other. Hopefully they will nail down as many details as possible in a legal agreement, in order to have some peace and smooth dealings with each other in the future.

  24. Ana says:

    I think that the DCFS involvement was too much for her. One thing is you having issues with your husband, another thing is because of that you have to deal with the DCFS investigating your life, because it’s not just only him who is being investigated. She is also. For a woman that take out her father’s name and cut with him because what he said on a TV while she was just re-organizing her life with a new son, this incident was too big for her to forgive him. That and of course Maddox. If the incident was with Maddox she would also never forgive that. She was a single mother and she permitted Brad to adopt him. I am sure she put some conditions. I hope they can work this privately because I honestly think that Brad needs some time to think about his acts. Even if everything is not true the simple fact that you get drunk in a plane in front of your children is a big mistake. Children can be disrespectful to you and you need to take actions but if you are drunk the only thing decent you can do is STFU.

  25. Alexi says:

    I still secretly wish they could work it out….if they did love or were still in love. Uber wealthy, stunning good looks, blessed with healthy kids and so much freedom and power. I do think 3 marriages and divorces by 40 is alot for any gender…and always strikes me
    As perhaps that person doesn’t want Jon term; maybe does not pick well; and should perhaps try to be single for a change. I do think she’s alpha and high maintenance, and perhaps needs to pick mates more wisely. I hope they can truly put their kids best interest first- co parent and find a new way forward. But I did drink the tabloid cool aid and wante them to grow old together!

  26. JeanGenie says:

    Oh, if even a sliver of tabloid speculation about these two (individually) over the years has been true, then they must each have an arsenal of secrets to use against the other. No wonder Judy Smith has been hired. Shame. I was hoping for some truth bombs!
    (by the way, i actually like them…i just like the truth more).

    • tracking says:

      There is a lot of dirt out there already, particularly in Us Weekly and In Touch this week. Hard to say what’s true or being spun, but there is lots of nasty stuff out about both sides (some with sources on the record). For the kids’ sakes, hope this gets shut down soon.

      • JeanGenie says:

        No, I mean “dirt” back up by evidence, for legal purposes.
        I don’t read those mags, or believe what’s reproduced from them on this site until some hard evidence appears.

  27. TMac says:

    If I were to make an educated guess; my guess would be that this is not the first time Mr. Pitt has been overly aggressive towards his wife while being drunk in front of their children.

  28. Stephanie says:

    DCFS involvement may be the best thing that ever happens to those kids. I am sorry to say I called Texas’ version, CPS, after my son-in-law beat my daughter, who was hospitalized, and the corrupt cops left my autistic grandson with said son-in-law, who is son of a prominent local businessman. He immediately was subjected to consistent drug-and-alcohol testing and mandatory counseling. Between Jolie’s attorney and state investigators, Pitt will at least think twice before lighting up or drinking around the kids. For the record, you can call the cops every single night and demand a “welfare check” on children. By law they must visit every time you call and notify child welfare if there are any doubts.

  29. Give me that tape! says:

    Finally, is there or not a video about post airplane’s situation, guess not inside the plane but at the airport? It´s a very strange thing the camaras are everywhere and here not? I bet Brad´s PR team/ lawyer or Allied’studio purchased quickly

    • lucy2 says:

      Could be nonsense, but I read elsewhere that there were tapes, and TMZ or some other outlet was trying to get them, but likely Brad got them first. No idea if any of it is true.

    • Justwastingtime says:

      The Santa Monica airport where they landed is a series of small separate disconnected hangers… I have flown in and out of there a few times and I am not surprised there are no pics. Can’t say what the airport is like where they landed to refuel.

  30. CarolinaBelle says:

    Perhaps Angelina realized that she possibly overplayed her hand in the way she that announced her divorce and was surprised by the backlash and lack of support that she received, from Hollywood in particular. AJ may not be seen as the most talented director or actress, but I give her major props for the way that she has built her celebrity platform. She has achieved a level of stardom that few celebrities attain.

    • SaraR. says:

      Eh, I doubt that. She said last year in an interview, that she was surprised by positive press about her surgeries because she was used to mostly negative press about herself. She knows how she was portraited in press for the past 12 years and that she took blame for things, while Brad skated by (and she never complained about it, btw.). So yeah, I don’t think that was a surprise to her.

  31. PennyLane says:

    Team kids. They are completely helpless and without any agency in this situation. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have your parents breaking up in the midst of this crazy media frenzy.

    It’s especially heartbreaking because the children are home-schooled and so do not have a stable base of operations outside of the family itself.

    • Give me that tape! says:

      but kids are very resilients things.

      • rudy says:

        yes, but kids are not things, they are people. And scars form deep and can resound in you decades later.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      That last point is especially good. And heart wrenching.

      • tracking says:

        Yes, this is complicated. On the one hand, the kids should not be with an alcoholic rage monster. On the other, I’m very sympathetic to his desire for the kids to have roots somewhere and more discipline.

    • merlot says:

      Well in a way because they are homeschooled they won’t have kids coming up to them in school and saying all sorts. Kids can be cruel.

  32. Riley says:

    Brad acted despicably and owes it to his children and himself to clean up his act. That said, does anyone see any judge in the US denying Brad joint custody of his children? I don’t.

    He got drunk and acted like an ass and was totally out of line. But unless she can provide proof of some kind of serious ongoing and repeated abuse. I don’t see him losing physical custody,

    • tracking says:

      DCFS recommendations are out. Lots of counseling for the whole family, random drug tests for Pitt, plus Jolie gets temporary full physical custody (to be reevaluated after three weeks). Seems fair under the circumstances. I agree they are likely to get shared custody long-term though.

      • SaraR. says:

        Thanks. It does seem fair. I am sure they will get shared custody later. Hope this was a wake up call for Pitt.

    • just saying says:

      Because the image of sanctity always was – is – and will be Brad never belong to angelina (was a misperception). He’s the epitome of the perfect “american man” . You can see the plane situation is already at a second or third level. The focus was moved to her.
      I live out US and amazed me the media misogyny but guess is a reflected of public opinion

  33. Vinot says:

    What I can suss out of all of this is that Brad is an alcoholic (that’s been obvious for years) and she’s concerned about what can happen when he’s alone with the kids (not that I think he takes them without a nanny.) I think she’s pushing hard on the sole custody so that he’ll compromise and agree to have supervised visitation, at least at first. Hopefully he can conquer his demons and get sober but personally I cannot believe it’s taken her this long to leave him.

    • siri says:

      How was it obvious for years Brad is an alcoholic? Since he was with Jolie, I never watched anything (red carpets, interviews, or photos) where he appeared to be drunk…

  34. Carmen says:

    TMZ is reporting they reached a temporary agreement:

    — Angelina gets full physical custody of the 6 kids.

    — Brad gets visitation, with strings attached. The initial visit is with a therapist present and the therapist then has the power to either allow Brad subsequent unmonitored visits or insist on being present whenever he’s around the kids.

    — Brad is subject to random drug/alcohol testing since Angelina is very concerned that Brad has issues with alcohol and weed.

    — Brad and Angelina will each submit to individual counseling. In addition, Brad, Angelina and the kids will undergo family counseling together.

    The agreement holds for three weeks. Sounds fair and equitable so far.

  35. minx says:

    Sounds like a sensible arrangement.

    • Carmen says:

      I’m wondering why Brad capitulated to it so quickly. Angie essentially got everything she was asking for. The agreement is temporary but I would imagine any subsequent agreements will depend on whether or not they are complying to the terms of this one.

      • SaraR. says:

        What could he do? Go against DCFS recommendations? You don’t do that.
        It was said last week that she did not want sole physical custody to be permanent, just a first step. He was upset that things got out in the open, but he must be serious now if he wants to be with his children. This agreement sounds really reasonable, and hopefully it will make him do the right thing.

      • Carmen says:

        @SaraR: His team pretty much caved. What blew me away was th supervised visitation. She didn’t ask for that but they threw that in there anyway. However you want to explain it, something really damaging must have surfaced on that video.

      • The Original G says:

        Brad has a clean drug test and he’ll get a therapist to observe that he gets along with the kids just fine. It’s a smart move. He’ll have evidence he’s clean, has a good relationship with the kids and look good for having nothing to hide. If DFSC don’t identify a threat it will strengthen his position.

      • Katie says:

        Because it’s only for three weeks.

        The DCFS recs are always for the parent who’s being investigated to have monitored visits/only visitation in situations where the other parent has left with the kids (it’s more complicated when the couple is still living together). It doesn’t mean they’ve decided that that parent shouldn’t have custody or can’t look after the children, it just makes things a lot easier for them and the children while they investigate. Once they’ve done that, they reassess.

        The kids have just been moved into a new house, their parents are fighting and divorcing, there’s been a lot of drama and upheaval. Putting off joint custody for a few weeks give everyone time to calm down and dramatically reduces the chances of the parents losing it in front of the kids during hand-offs. It bodes well for the parent being investigated when they recognize everyone needs a breather and don’t try and fight a very temporary arrangement.

  36. BritAfrica says:

    Wow…the update is heavy stuff. Something very serious went down on that plane and methinks it’s been going on for a while…

  37. Jellybean says:

    We will see what happens in 20 days. None of this is apparently mandatory, but it does seem to include a timetable for agreeing on how to go forward. It could suggest something bad happened, or it could just be an indication of a total break down in the relationship between Brad and Angelina, meaning they will need the help of therapists to agree on anything, including a parenting plan. They will need a parenting plan if they are going to share custody. If they can’t agree all this by the 20th, they will have to go to court and a judge will decide everything, but I guess they will have reports from the professionals over the next 20 days to help them decide.

    • SaraR. says:

      I think if it was a case of total break down in their relationship, there would not be need for random drug testing, just counseling of parents.

      • Jellybean says:

        Not mandatory. If it is he said, she said random testing could just be a way of proving who is correct. If it is a major sticking point in negotiations offering to be tested or accepting random testing neutralizes it as an issue. In 20 days time a series of clean tests and an offer of voluntary random tests for an extended period of time, plus a good attitude towards therapy and the development of a parenting plan, would all make it difficult to argue for sole custody. As far as I am aware the FBI has yet to report on the plane incident, so I guess that could still have an impact on any decisions.

      • SaraR. says:

        I don’t know if she wants permanent sole custody. This is all good development, IMO, they now have a plan and they should try to do their best to solve this for kid’s sake.

      • Jellybean says:

        SaraR, I couldn’t agree more. We can speculate as much as we want, but we do not know the real story. For the children this is good and that is all that matters.

  38. Colette says:

    I really doubt Brad Pitt would have to have supervised visitation (therapist present) on the first visit if NOTHING happened besides a little yelling.Also the random drug and alcohol testing just for him yet some people are always claiming SHE is the one who drinks and uses drugs.

    • SaraR. says:

      Lol, you should read People’s write up about this: they managed to make him look rosy even now.

    • The Original G says:

      Actually it serves Pitt really well to have a professional document that there are no issues, if indeed there are not.

    • siri says:

      I happen to think this will actually turn out a positive thing for him if he doesn’t have any serious drug issues. He already tested negative for both drugs and alcohol at the first voluntarily taken one.

  39. She pushed my bottons MY AS# says:

    All agree that brad has an addiction or angry issues or both? Or just my perception?
    The videotape should be a treasure

    • LAK says:

      He volunteered for a drug test, it came up negative. So i guess it’s anger issues.

    • Colette says:

      I don’t recall anyone claiming he was on drugs during the plane incident.I only heard he was allegedly drunk.Maybe it’s standard practice to ask for drug testing.

    • merlot says:

      Man I think alcohol addiction is bad. My BIL is an alcoholic and it is not any better than any other addiction to a hard drug. He has stolen from family, he has lied to get out of trouble (potentially getting my husband in legal trouble), has beaten his gf and she has beaten him (she is also an alco). A lot of people in other sites not thinking drinking is a big deal are not trying to imagine how serious Brad’s drinking could be. So what if he passed drug tests? Doesn’t negate any potential alcoholism.

      I also don’t understand why he is so often wearing those tinted glasses the last few years. Are those sunglasses? What is up with that?

  40. shouldawoulda says:

    Really was stupid to think she would get permanent sole custody, as it never happens. Now, they will be stuck going to this monitored family therapy. Maybe this monitored family therapy will be safer for all of them? Courts really want families to stay together and parents to be able to make rational decision together.

    • SaraR. says:

      I still think she asked for that so she would push him to get help.

      • shouldawoulda says:

        AJ wanted sole custody and brad to evaluated over time by the CPS, not by the courts with her with her kids too (so is the leak). So no Brad won bc he is the rational one. No way in hell cps would force a kid with an abusing or addicted parent, until the case is closed or forced closed by the courts. Courts are safer. The other case is someone else called and AJ and BP are trying to deal together with the aftermath.

  41. JeanGenie says:

    This should finally shut down the people who say that AJ is still a drug abuser.
    If that were true, then Pitt would get the court to require drug testing for both of them.

  42. Louise177 says:

    I don’t know why but shocked that some of the comments think that Brad is the victim. You would think that with Angelina getting temporary sole custody and Brad having supervised visits (which she didn’t ask for) that would mean Brad has some major issues. Yet somehow Angelina is the evil liar. If Brad was innocent he wouldn’t give up custody so easily especially when he and his people kept saying Angelina was lying and exaggerating what happened.

    • Colette says:

      They were even basically saying Poor Brad on TMZ Live today.”Angie was exaggerating”….”Brad is a great father”.I think if he had tested positive,Angie would still be at fault.SMH

    • She pushed my bottons MY AS# says:

      Misogyny culture. What else?
      Don’t forget the infamous “he was heavily drunk and out of control because she pushed his buttons”

  43. Sunshine says:

    I don’t think she “holds all the cards” in any way, shape or form, personally as far as permanent physical custody goes. Especially if the therapist says visits can become unsupervised and his drug tests come back negative. Remember this regime Comes from child protective services so really things like”why didn’t he insist on her having drug tests as well? It proves she doesn’t use.” Are irrelevant. If he has been the one reported he doesn’t get to suggest or argue about anything.
    I think she needs to remember Kelly Rutherford before she goes rushing to court being too gung-ho and accusatory regarding sole physical custody because that line of attack can rebound and seriously shoot you in the foot. Especially if he argues for stability.

    • Colette says:

      He has signed up for several film projects as opposed to her.So it terms of work schedule,she has more stability.He starts filming WWZ2 in a few months.A couple of days after she filed for divorce it was reported she only wanted sole custody on a temporary basis.

  44. AuntSass says:

    They BOTH made mistakes. Hopefully they will decide together, what’s best to do for all involved.

  45. pyritedigger says:

    Does anyone know of any celebrity fashion sites that don’t suck? I used to read Red Carpet Fashion Awards, but since that site ended, I read Go Fug Yourself for fashion news that is body-positive and inclusive.

    I never really cared for their opinions (too pedestrian) or their commentary, but they had pics and were generally okay. But Heather (one of the duo) just lost her mind today and started writing some Brangelina divorce fiction about how Angelina masterminded the fight on the plane and did it to screw Marion Cotillard, etc. She backpeddled in the comments, but I never loved the site and this actually pissed me off.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I miss RCFA too. I understand why she decided to shut down, but she was always so quick and detailed at the same time.

      Have you tried TheFashionSpot? There’s also the Gala site out of france (gala dot fr) that has overall fashion and some celebrity ones. Look under the Mode tag.

    • Ennie says:

      I really miss Catherine Kallon! I started following her on Instagram, tho, so it is not the same, but there’s something.

    • supposedtobeworking says:

      @pyritedigger – Tom and Lorenzo. I don’t know if you were a Mad Men fan but their dissection of the fashion in that show in particular, but others as well (Project Runway, which I don’t read because I don’t watch, and GoT, which I also don’t read because I don’t watch but may be of interest) was amazing. They have a podcast, twitter and the website and are cute, humourous and biting ; ) They report on red carpet, streetwear and fashion shows. And the TLo community is really civil. They aren’t allowed to body shame or be overly negative about anything but the fashion so it’s nice to read.

      • pyritedigger says:

        Thanks @supposedtobeworking and @notasugarhere. I’ll check out the sites you mentioned. Appreciate you taking the time to give me suggestions.

  46. Nanner says:

    I was a huge Brad and Angelina fan. Here’s my take on this. She had a hysterectomy, and I’ll bet you my paycheck that she lost her sexual desire. That being said, I bet they haven’t had sex in a year. That would drive my husband to drink. Add teenagers to the mix and a lot of other kids, that is where the marriage started to fail. Marriage takes a lot of work, and it looks like they let it go down the drain. My kids are married now, but I remember going through a rough patch when they were teenagers.

    • She pushed my bottons MY ASS says:

      she had an oophorectomy so a forced menopause (wich is inevitable for all the women , i mean the menopause). So you are saying all the husbands lost their minds, start to drink heavily and yell to kids and wife (plane’s incident). And the worst thing, you think these arguments happens for a year?
      it’s a very strange way to justify a pathetic behavior. if you are not happy with your marriage life you get out not become a complete douche
      By the way, child services do not supervise mothers with menopause but alcoholics or anger issues parents

    • Carmen says:

      I’ve been through menopause and contrary to what a lot of people think, menopause does not kill your sexual desire. In many women it’s quite the opposite.

  47. frosty says:

    Hm, just read the rough details on another site. I’m glad they’re on the way to working this out and I bet we don’t get further details after this. Temporary awarding of full custody, initial supervised visit, individual and family counseling – seems pretty standard given the circumstances.

  48. Jwoolman says:

    I really am hoping the divorce filing is just an ultimatum to get Pitt the help he needs to manage his anger and alcohol/whatever. The whole family needs intelligent therapy to deal with it. He has a couple of teenage sons who are at a difficult point in life themselves and he needs to reconcile with them.

    They have resources and time that so many other people lack in dealing with such problems. I hope they use those resources to mend the rips and tears in their family. I don’t know why people are so often in favor of just tossing people in the trash when such problems arise. Some people really are best walked away from, but I doubt this is really the case here. It all depends on whether Brad is willing to deal with it or not. If not, his loss. But his relationship with his six kids is at stake, regardless of whether or not he stays married. He can divorce his wife, but not his kids.

  49. Deeanna says:

    If neither Angelina nor Brad (and I highly doubt it was him) directed someone to notify the child protection agency that has become involved in this case. then they must both be pretty darn surprised at the mess they now find themselves in?

    I would think that in every case the first visit with a parent who stands accused of the stuff Brad is accused of would be supervised by a case worker. Presumably they would want to see what the interaction is between the children and that parent.

    I did notice that once their neighbors started talking to the press about the unruliness of the JoliePitt children, there seemed to be a pull-back on what information came out. I witnessed a couple who had different parenting styles and differing expectations of children’s behavior and discipline. It was painful to be around them as a family at times.