Star: Rihanna thinks Kim K. is ‘tacky, dull & never shuts up about her kids’


What is the harshest burn one woman could possibly say to another woman? My mind went to a million different insults that I have either received or passed out myself. But it would never occur to me to launch this insult: “She never shuts up about her kids.” Like, that’s a legit criticism of someone, I guess. But is it a reason to not want to be someone’s friend? According to Star Magazine, that’s one of Rihanna’s complaints about Kim Kardashian: Rihanna thinks Kim is “tacky and dull and never shuts up about her kids.” Rihanna is arguably the Queen of Shade, so is “she talks about her children too much” the new “I don’t know her”?

It’s a good thing Kim Kardashian likes solo selfies, because she’s finding it tough to make friends with her husband’s colleagues. After failing to become BFFs with Beyonce, Kim has been work, work, work, working to get on Rihanna’s good side ever since Kanye West teamed up with RiRi’s beau Drake to make an album – but insiders say the pop star wants precisely nothing to do with Kim & Co.

“Rihanna barely deigns to speak to Kim,” says a source. “Rihanna think she’s tacky and dull and never shuts up about her kids.”

Kanye has tried to soothe his wife’s bruised ego.

“He says all she and Rihanna need is more time together,” reveals the insider, “but that is the last thing Rihanna wants – she’s asked Kanye to leave Kim at home.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

While I will never believe that Kim and Beyonce are truly friends, I always thought the stories about Beyonce “snubbing” Kim were overblown. Beyonce doesn’t care enough about Kim to snub her. Beyonce wouldn’t waste her energy on actively disliking Kim. But Rihanna? Rihanna might have the energy for it. That being said, Rihanna does act as Switzerland in most of the internal music beefs these days. Why would she even care about Kim one way or the other?

PS… Star Magazine wrote this before Kim’s assault, just FYI!


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  1. AbrarAk says:

    Well, Rihanna laughed at an Instagram post making fun of Kim a few days ago.

    • Naya says:

      I hadnt seen that but was coming to post that Rihanna is queen of stupid squabbles. I think people who are outside the culture just dont pay attention or something. They see the PR image not the real life mean girl. Just as an example, I remember years ago the drama she had with Teyana Taylor (the girl dancing in Kanyes Fade video). Teyana posted a clip of herself singing an obscure Anita Baker song in robe in her a bathroom and three days later, Rihanna posts a video of her guy friend singing the same song, in a wig and same color robe in a bathroom. When Teyana directly posts her to tell her to stop it, she changed her Twitter banner to a pic listing what Teyana is worth versus what she is worth in $. Teyanas crime? Having an industry mum who has represented Chris Brown since the beginning of his career.

      • Scar says:

        Like the time she was racist towards Karrueche. If you go through rihanna’s likes on twitter, it’s basically fill of shade for her perceived rivals but she flopped do hard this era she became a bit humble. She had to struggle to sell 90% of arenas while Beyoncé and Taylor sold out stadiums. He album didn’t sell so well either but it got streamed a lot and Artistes don’t get paid a lot for streams. She’s a messy tryhard but she’ll always be steps ahead of Kanye’s wife. I think Rihanna’s sincere too and she’s good when she tries to be but she also needs to stop lipsyncing on her shows. All in all, she’s wayyyyy better than every kardashian put together

      • Taiss says:

        Teyanna had made fun of Rihanna’s abuse. She basically took Chris brown’s side(like most black celebs did).
        Karrueche and her friends were also taking jabs at Rihanna. The moment she responded, she became the mean girl, since karrueche had this sweet and innocent image.

        She gave away 1.4million copies of her album for free(samsung paid her) .

      • LeAnn Stinks says:

        Plus, she made fun of a fan for modeling her prom dress after an outfit she wore. She’s a real peach.

      • rays kirt says:

        Ree is a great freaking judge of character. Let’s all hear her dumbass out.
        Not usually this harsh…but, if true, bullies suck.

    • Sabrine says:

      Rihanna sounds like she’s talking about herself minus the talking about her kids part. Actually, I haven’t noticed Kim even talking about her kids that much.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        That’s what I thought. She’s nobody to use the words “tacky” or “dull” and I don’t mean dull as in boring just like she didn’t mean it toward Kim as boring – it’s more about predictable – when you see the same person doing the same things over and over for attention, it’s dull…ie, their fashion, relationship stunts, etc.

  2. Locke Lamora says:

    Kim K is tacky and dull, but she never pretended to be something else. Rihanna is the most overrated celebrity of the century. Barely any talent, but at least she’s good looking.
    This is most certainly fake, though.

    • Layla says:

      I honestly cannot stand Rihanna. Shes the definition of tacky.

      • AuntSass says:

        Thank you Layla- I thought I was the only one. Never understood the hype for Rihanna. Anyone who stuck with Chris Brown shouldn’t have one thing to say about ANYONE. Grow up. She sucks.

      • MyHiddles says:

        I think Rihanna is a good model, but that’s about it.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        Ditto. She was only ever popular because she has an exotic look.

    • LinaLamont says:

      Can’t they both be tacky and dull? (that’s rhetorical) Although, as overrated as Rihanna is, she does do more than just take selfies… not much, though. Let’s be honest, Rihanna would be nothing without her looks.

    • Hannah says:

      Rihanna is way tackier than Kim, but she is considered “fashion”. Also, girl can’t sing and can’t dance.

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      She is pretty, but I agree, talented…um, no……

      But, I must preface this by saying I think most of the “talent” today is mediocre, at best, and so overrated. Save for Adele, who has an amazing voice, and is legitimately, talented.

    • milla says:

      i somewhat disagree.

      Rihanna is a private person, we do see her private parts, but so what… she is the first black women to be in Diors campaign. She can sing, well, she can but she needs training, as in sometimes she sounds great, sometimes like a strangled cat. She is beautiful, her face and body are natural, she actually had to work to become a star.

      KK on the hand… Rich girl who wanted to be more famous than her famous friend Paris… Made a better tape and decided to sell fog.

      There are some tacky moments with Rihanna, but I prefer her over Bey, Tay Tay *both too plastic and fake or Katy Scary, she cannot sing at all!

      • Red says:

        Rihanna is not private. She spends half her life dressing up for the paps that her besties keep calling and the other half putting herself on social media. The only thing she doesn’t lay out there is who she is sleeping with but then that’s because she knows that the one thing the world doesn’t forgive is a girl with multiple sex partners.

  3. paolanqar says:

    I honestly think Rihanna doesn’t give a crap about Kim and she probably says it like it is.

    • Val says:

      Yep. Rihanna gives 0 f**ks and yes while she may think this… I don’t think she cares enough to actually go out and publicly shade Kim.

      And yes, other people’s kids are boring. If someone keeps talking about their kids I will probably minimise my interactions with them as I don’t care about children. #sorrynotsorry

    • milla says:

      but she has to be ok with West due to her work, so… she probably thinks KK is dull and tacky. its not like they never met, they were spotted together at his fashion freak show last year i think

  4. Squiggisbig says:

    My theory on the Kimye wedding snub was that Beyoncé knew that Rachel Roy was going to be there and didn’t want to hang out with someone her husband cheated on her with. But Kim didn’t want to disinvite one of her friends because of the wife of one of her husbands coworker/friends. Considering how much jay-z and Kanye work together, including releasing a joint album, even if they weren’t actually that close it seems odd that he wouldn’t come to his wedding.

    I doubt Rihanna cares about Kim at all. But I could see her not wanting to be friends with her because they don’t really have much in common.

    • Katerera says:

      What about Jays son, the one in Barbados I believe. He must be over 10 yrs old now, he does screw around n its up to his wife to accept it or not. Didn’t Solange beat him up over Riri?

      • Scar says:

        Jayz doesn’t have a son. He has addressed that numerous times. As someone who had an absentee father while growing up, he has repeatedly said there’s not a thing in the world that’ll make him not accept or acknowledge his child if he had any. Why haven’t we ever seen these children you speak of? You think I would hide if jayz were my baby daddy? Ain’t no money in the world that will make me hide. Even during his hoe phase, Jay was known for wrapping it up… the story goes that he usually wore protection even during oral sex so nobody would trap him with a baby. This is well documented

      • Naya says:

        “he usually wore protection even during oral sex so nobody would trap him with a baby.” Karrine Stefans confirmed this. Lol.

        Seriously though, Jay has been so open about his abandonment issues from his dad, I dont know how anybody could believe that MTO crap about an abandoned son. And the way he raps about his fears of failing Blue Ivy, I cant see him being blase about a secret baby. He is no Arnold Schwartzenegger! And its not like he hates kids, he was a surrogate father type to both his sisters kid and Solanges, even before he married Beyonce. He wasnt just some distant handsfree uncle.

      • V4Real says:

        Rymir Satterhwaite to this day is still claiming that Jay Z is his father. Jay refuses to take a paternity test . This rumor hasn’t ceased yet and up until March 2016 this young man is still asking Jay for a paternity test. I’m not saying that Jay is his father but damn get the paternity test Jay and put those rumors to rest it that is not your son.

        It’s funny how people will believe just because a person say that they grew up without one parent that they would never do that to their child. Just because they say it doesn’t make it true. It’s just like when people say I would never use drugs because someone close to them died due to abusing drugs, yet they are doing drugs, they just try to hide it.

        And maybe Jay used protection with Steffens because he knew she got around. It doesn’t mean he used protection with every woman he slept with, esp in the 90′s.

      • Scar says:

        @v4real I live in Brooklyn. I heard that story before Superhead put it in a book. Satterwhite’s mother got around too and I have no doubts that he probably wrapped it up if he even slept with her. He doesn’t need to give a paternity test because that means every single person will fly out of the woodwork. I know this Nigerian that totally thinks Jay is his father because he once posed for a picture with his mother. I’m sure if he means business, a court will mandate him to take one. There was this lawsuit about a woman who claimed she was Blue Ivy, North West, and Prince Middleton’s real mother so yeah people can come up with ridiculous claims. Methinks all these “Jay has a son” stories are just to put Beyoncé down… one woman actually admitted to it.
        So yeah I don’t believe Satterwhite one bit… his mother has needs to tell him the truth. Jayz has nothing to lose. at all

      • V4Real says:

        Well the case is now in the Federal Court System. This could just be rumors as well but there’s more than one report about this but here’s one link.

        And everything is not about Beyoncé. This has been a rumor before the Jay and Bey relationship. Rymir is 22 years old. And if he claims that he would never abandon his child like his father did to him then why not take the test to prove this isn’t your son. And yes I know there are crazy people out there like the one you mentioned but it doesn’t mean that every woman is crying wolf. If Jay slept with Rymir’s mother he should know that there is a chance he could be the father if the timeline fits. And I’m pretty sure that you know that condoms are not 100% safe. Also do you know for a fact that Jay used a condom with this woman. Where you there? Did Jay tell you personally that he used a condom. I know I can say that I don’t know it to be fact that he didn’t but you can’t act like you know it’s a fact that he did.

        If this woman is lying she needs to stop the lie after all these years. But Jay could put this young man’s mind at rest by submitting to that DNA test, unless he is scared that it will reveal that he is the father.

      • Naya says:

        That guy was also – in a not unrelated move – launching a rap career. This is one of the least credible paternity claims I have seen. From that Radar link (and Radar is barely one rung above MTO) it appears the judge agreed but the guy decided that the court was corrupt and decided to take it to Congress? What? Anyway, anybody who knows Jay Zs work dating back to the beginning of his career, knows that if he is ignoring this guy, its because he knows with certainty that he is FOS. Jay mourns his nephew like he were a son but we are to believe he ditched his actual son? What would he have to gain from denying a kid conceived long before he met his wife? Jay Z has never cared about public perception but he does care about not entertaining these types. And if he tests for one, guaranteed there’ll be a thousand guys demanding one like it was some lottery.

      • V4Real says:

        Like I said Radar is just one source, there’s plenty more. If Jay actually took that paternity test it would shut this kid and his mother up and perhaps other women will not come forth knowing that they would be lying. And please stop acting like we know what these celebrities would or would not do. We don’t know Jay. I hung out with him once but that doesn’t mean I know him.

  5. Ursaline says:

    Rhianna is a single unmarried woman. It’s not unusual at all to hear someone who has never been in the “mama club” to complain that the mama in question talks too much about her kids.

    Than add in the fact that it’s overexposed KKW and it’s easy to believe that she might have said that or something close. Maybe if she decides to adjust course and take up some causes that are more substantial than hair and makeup, then she’ll have an easier time making friends. But I’ll agree that Kim and her sisters do seem like a very close family and maybe that’s what has held her up all these years.

    And Rhianna really doesn’t have all that much to boost herself up either. She makes some nice music and has a boyfriend now who might overshadow the creep who beat her up a few years ago.

    • Jwoolman says:

      Kim’s problem is that she really doesn’t have much to talk about. She’s probably an awkward conversationalist outside her little circle. So she wants to be accepted by the big stars but she has nothing to offer them. If she were interesting, they might enjoy her company. That’s the downside of being so self-absorbed and at the same time undereducated.

      Her treatment of Taylor Swift may also give others pause about letting her get close. Her behavior really was tacky and unprofessional. Who would trust her after that junior high drama?

      • Ursaline says:

        That’s a good assessment of what it must be like for them. I would absolutely hate being a public figure like KKW. With all the naked pictures on the internet, I find it pretty much impossible to call her shy, but I could see her as being insecure. I’ll bet Beyonce intimidates the hell out of her.

      • pleaseicu says:

        I think Kim is probably more like many big stars than many people think. I don’t think there’s a huge gulf in substance/conversation topics, etc. She doesn’t have much to talk about and most of them don’t have anything to talk about beyond their own projects and fame. She talks about her brand and fame. They talk about their projects and fame. Two sides of the same coin.

        IA tho that they don’t deal with her because she doesn’t bring anything to the table. Kim’s brand taints their brand. There’s still a clear line between reality stars/personalities and big hollywood stars. The big hollywood stars are usually quite careful to avoid crossing the line and inviting reality stars into their circle.

        As for the Swifty issue. Eh, Kim brought the receipts for her husband after Taylor made a huge public spectacle lying about the man and publicly humiliating him. Taylor doesn’t want to be associated with Kanye then stop associating with him. Write him off. She’s an adult. She’s probably got more power culturally and in the industry than he does. She doesn’t have to be his friend if she can’t get over what he did/says. I wouldn’t blame her if she wants nothing to do with him because he’s problematic on a good day. But she’s the one who said she’s over everything and they’re bffs when she clearly isn’t. Don’t play fake nice with him and pretend friendship and then screw him over by playing on negative racial stereotypes to win an imaginary PR battle. And then when called out about it play the victim again. That’s tacky and unprofessional too. And that is the last time I’ll defend Kim on just about anything.

  6. Jaana says:

    Well, not sure if this story is true, but Rihanna did laugh at Kim and her “fashion” a few days ago (before the “robbery”).

  7. Ayra. says:

    Nah, I don’t believe this.. well no, I believe that Rihanna genuinely doesn’t care much about Kim or the Kardashians in general, but she loves kids.

    • Katerera says:

      I know loads of mums who talk a lot about their kids but its what they say that annoys us. The bragging, over exaggerated stories etc… But I find it difficult to believe Kim talks a lot about her kids when she s barely with them. The 3 nannies are more mums to them. Also, why was Kim staying at a posh 2 floor suite yet her family and KIDS were staying at a hotel?

      • bluhare says:

        My coworker told me the other day that someone would be a good fit in the office because “he has kids”. I don’t. :)

      • Jwoolman says:

        Rihanna is not necessarily talking about personal conversations. Kim does talk a lot about her kids in interviews and social media, although it is suspect as probably made up by an assistant to make Kim seem normal. She does say pretty ridiculous things such as the claim that Nori didn’t like colors when Nori was just an infant and that’s why the poor kid was surrounded by black, white, and beige. If Rihanna likes kids, she probably picked up on the fakery and the use of Nori as a prop. Kim really needs to accept the fact that her husband’s professional colleagues don’t have to be her friends and she doesn’t have to tag along when they’re working.

      • ElleBee says:

        I never understand why people criticise Kim for her parenting. Those babies NEVER seem uncomfortable with her which is a mark of a relationship where the parent doesn’t see the child. Those children clearly adore her. Of course she has a nanny but what celebrity doesn’t? When she’s with the children people moan it’s a publicity stunt. When she isn’t with them people complain that she is negligent.

        I don’t like the woman either but calling her children props is very harsh. Every one I know with children post a zillion pictures of them and talks about them constantly.

      • V4Real says:

        Those babies NEVER seem uncomfortable with her which is a mark of a relationship where the parent doesn’t see the child. Those children clearly adore her.”

        Are you new to this site? Do you not recall the past posts of Kim and North and commenters were saying how detached that baby looked from Kim? Or that Kim just carries that baby when she’s out in public for show. Or the baby doesn’t seems comfortable with Kim holding her and she’s probably looking for the nanny?

      • Pfft says:


        Oh, well, if commenters [sic] on this site say so, it must be true! Certainly the people here have never been wrong about anything. Just look at the true, everlasting love between Brad and Angelina. Oh, wait.

      • ElleBee says:

        Well I must be looking at different pictures because North looks happy with her parents as does Saint. The children are uncomfortable with the paparazzi not their parents. People will criticise Kim no matter what because they dislike her.

        Thanks Pfft for making sense

  8. tracking says:

    Even though it’s Star, I can buy this. Mainly because all these things about Kim K are true, and pretty much what everyone thinks!

  9. Rapunzel says:

    Do we really believe KK talks about her kids that much?

  10. Katie says:

    Over the years I’ve lost multiple friends because all they could talk about was their kids. Their Facebook page was just pictures of their kids and intensely boring updates (little Johnny just ate banana for the 7th time ever!!!). Conversations were even worse. Half the time they’d bring the kids to adult birthday parties or spa days or dinner parties even though they had multiple childcare options or their husband was at home, and then spend 95% of their time dealing with them while talking about them. When they didn’t bring them, they’d still just spend 95% of their time talking about them. It was like they didn’t exist as people anymore, they just existed to bear witness to their children’s lives and share said lives with everyone.

    A few months of that when they’ve just had the child, cool. But when you can’t remember the last time your friend asked you how you were, though you can recount every sniffle their 2yr old has ever had, there’s no friendship there.

    • shewolf says:

      I have two little girls and I don’t do the mom circles at all for this very reason. I don’t even pick up the phone if someone with kids calls me because I know it’s going to be 95% her talking to her kids in the background. I know how kids are, they are demanding, they require everything you have every minute of the day… but if you can’t balance that with your own life… it’s annoying.

    • Chaine says:

      So true. I have a relative like this. And her kids are now in their early 20′s. She is already talking about her totally speculative grandkids, too.

    • anna222 says:

      I definitely hear what you’re saying but it can be incredibly hard to relate as a normal person when you’re in mother mode. I withdrew from friends that didn’t have kids for just that reason – I was so self conscious of the fact that I had nothing else to talk about and I got really awkward! And I was just too tired to fake being an actual human being! I’m not blaming you at all for feeling the way you do but just so you know sometimes the mother in the equation isn’t feeling so great about it either.

      • anna222 says:

        I should add that not asking a friend how they are and what’s happening with them is shitty behavior regardless of how many children you’re raising so there’s never really an excuse for that.

      • Ursaline says:

        I hear you. I had my kids 19 months apart and didn’t feel like a normal person (not in reactive, keep-the-kids-from-breaking-everything-and-themselves mode) until my youngest was ready to be in school and I had more time to think about the outside world again. The mama bubble can be a good and bad thing.

        But I totally agree that alienating your friends because you don’t bother to let them share their own lives is a self-defeating habit at best.

    • Brittney B. says:

      This is one of the reasons I’m still waiting to become a parent. I want to make sure I’m a well-rounded, well-adjusted human being with plenty of independent interests and passions… and enough time and resources to afford child care and my own interests to boot, so that I can still be “me” and not just identify as a mom for the rest of time. I’m sure this struggle is completely pointless, though, and this is something every parent wants in the beginning.

      (This is about my own insecurities, mostly. Lots of social anxiety and obsessive tendencies, plus I was an only child raised by a helicopter mom, so I want to reverse all these patterns and have a more healthy parenthood.) I totally see why and how this happens — your whole life revolves around your kids, and it’s the easiest talking point, especially when you’re around other parents — but it’s definitely disappointing to witness. If women choose this for themselves, great… but I think it’s just the default for many, and they kind of lose themselves without realizing it.

      • Ursaline says:

        Brittney B.,
        I was just having a conversation with one of my mom friends about this topic yesterday.

        We both waited to have our kids (I was 32 with my first and she was 40), and I would agree that having those life experiences give a person dimension that wouldn’t otherwise be there. I know several younger moms who just never broadened their horizons before they had kids, so their bubbles are very small.

        But the problem that my friend and I see with those types of moms is exactly that–the helicoptering and making their kids believe that they can do no wrong until said kids meet the real world and find out the truth. I wonder if that is a contributing factor to Kim’s brother Rob’s insecurities?

        Right now my kids are in middle school and one of those moms in question thought that her son would be better recognized for his awesomeness in public school than the private one he’d been attending through elementary. Then he gets to middle school (which is in a pretty prosperous upper middle class socioeconomic area) and is having a hard time fitting in with the other “regular” kids. I’ve known them for several years, and I actually like the boy and feel kind of sorry for him. Another mom and her husband were convinced that moving their kid to public would ensure his path to the NFL (he’s 11). :|

        The long and the short of it all is that when you yourself are more grounded and sure of yourself, then your kids will see that and follow that example. I personally would have been a terrible mom at 21, which is the age at which my mom had me. But at 32, I was way more mature and said/did a lot fewer stupid things. I’m still saying and doing stupid things at age 45, but my kids seem to have a better handle on “the world” in general.

    • Kitten says:

      Yeah last party I went to was all married couples and kids and my (now ex) BF and me.
      It was…interesting lol. Basically I just played with the kids because the adults were (understandably) distracted by their kids and the rest of the time, the kids were all they could talk about. Honestly, I get it. When you have children, they become the focal point of your life. But that doesn’t change the fact that as a single, child-free woman I find all that shit incredibly boring and naturally hard to relate to.

    • kibbles says:

      So so true and the reason why I have mad respect for working moms and also stay at home moms who have hobbies and interests outside of child rearing. I have Facebook friends who become moms and may post weekly or monthly updates on their children. Those are usually the older moms who either are still working or have worked in the past and still have interests outside of the home after quitting their jobs. What is interesting is that the ones who post nonstop 24/7 about their kids at least to me have nothing else to discuss. They tend to be young moms who never worked a day in their lives and are stuck in mundane suburban life with nothing else to do but post hourly updates on what their baby is doing. It has taught me NEVER to do that if/when I have a child. No one needs to know what your baby is eating everyday and when he or she took her last poop.

  11. Sassenach says:

    I don’t believe Rihanna cares enough to dislike Kim and I doubt Kim spends a lot of time talking about her children.

  12. Kate says:

    Rihanna and Kim are both tacky and overrated. But leave the kids alone. The kids are the best part of the Kardashian West circus.

  13. Dominique says:

    This sounds completely made up.

  14. Dirty Martini says:

    Is never shutting up about your kids (or grandkids for that matter) a reason not to be someone’s friend?

    Yes it is in my book.

    Everyone loves their kids and everyone thinks theirs are unique and special. Your kids are the center of YOUR universe, Not THE universe.

    it can get old……..and boring……and tedious.

    The truth is this: No one thinks your kids (grandkids) are as wonderful as you do, And everyone thinks theirs are special. And everyone is wrong

    Mine are better than yours. 👀

    • kibbles says:

      I agree. I’m happy for friends who love being a mom, but no one truly finds a baby that interesting other than that baby’s parents and grandparents. Everyone else is like whatever after a few photographs.

    • Ursaline says:

      My favorite part is when the kids do something mortifyingly embarrassing (mine threw all of the babysitter’s toothbrushes in the toilet and started taking a bath with them) that gives it all clarity and an awesome story many years later. It’s so much better to keep a sense of humor about it all. :)

  15. Nancy says:

    Don’t believe this one. Kim would never talk too much about her kids…lol. Remember she is the one with the selfie book. Kim tries to be cool and relevant, Rihanna is cool and relevant…not to mention Rih is ten years younger than Kim. The only common denominator is the Rihanna/Kanye work relationship.

  16. karen2 says:

    …I dont believe a word of that…Rhianna would probably love to have Drake as a baby daddy…& then she would be yakking non-stop as well….

  17. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Sounds like most people.

  18. OriginallyBlue says:

    This seems like such a random story. I doubt Rihanna cares about Kim one way or the other. She has a tight circle of friends and doesn’t seem interested in making more.

  19. mkyarwood says:

    Well, s***, never thought I would have something in common with Kim. I’m glad she loves her babies.

  20. Loca says:

    Can you blame Rihanna though?

  21. Erica_V says:

    ‘What is the harshest burn one woman could possibly say to another woman?’

    Your bra straps are dirty.

    (My new favorite insult – thanks Cardi B!)