Dynasty is coming back to TV with a reboot on The CW: fab or fail?

linda evans

Well, we’re probably not getting Will and Grace back, but another classic TV series is hoping to grab a new generation of fans and bring back memories of big hair and shoulder pads for its original fan base. The Colbys and Carringtons are returning to the small screen with the reboot of the nighttime soap opera Dynasty. The CW announced the return of the show, which is now in the hands of Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

The original show ran from 1981-1990, which makes me feel quite ancient now, as I remember this show from back in the day. Although, admittedly, I was more of a Dallas gal – and that reboot has already come and gone. The new series is going to follow the characters including oil tycoon Blake Carrington, originally played by John Forsythe, his wife Krystle, played by Linda Evans, and his daughter Fallon played by Pamela Sue Martin. The announcement made no mention of everybody’s favorite Dynasty character, Alexis Carrington, played by the wonderful Joan Collins. If they don’t recreate this scene from the original show, I will be gravely disappointed.

There has been no news of casting for the new project, but Revenge writer-producer Sallie Patrick and the original series’ creators, husband-and-wife duo Esther and Richard Shapiro, are on board for the reboot. According to The Hollywood Reporter, there was talk of bringing the series back five years ago, but nothing came of it. Some of the cast reunited in 2015 for a special on the Hallmark Channel where they shared stories about the show. Pamela Sue Martin and Al Corley, whom I had a mad crush on, were two of the more notable cast members who appeared, but Linda, Joan and John, (sadly he passed away in 2010), weren’t there.

Since we can’t seem to escape the seemingly never-ending wave of reboots and remakes coming to TV – including movie adaptations The Lost Boys, The Departed, Varsity Blues and Let the Right One In and TV classics Magnum P.I. and L.A. Law – let’s talk dream casting. Who would you want to see in this cast? No one immediately comes to my mind, except for one person. Dame Joan Collins. She’s still got it, in my opinion and no one is worthy to wear her shoulder pads and fabulous hats. No one.

linda evans


linda evans

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  1. m0sha says:

    RIP originality

  2. spidey says:

    Oh no!

  3. Happy21 says:


    I’m just binge watching this show from the beginning and am currently finishing up Season 4 and all I can say to this is a big HELL NO! That show is the 80′s, nothing can compare or change that. I don’t want a reboot. Of course, if they actually do it I might have to give it a gander against my better judgment.

    Have any of these reboots actually been successful?

  4. Shutterbug99 says:

    This show was so of its time that I just can’t see a reboot working.

    Actually, none of these reboots ever work. Not Melrose Place and not Dallas (I thought the first season was fun!) I guess 90210 worked for a while, but I never watched that reboot.

    Why hasn’t anyone rebooted Knots Landing, that’s what I want to know!

  5. MC2 says:

    Heather Locklere! Tell her to start packing.

  6. Little Darling says:

    There is a Canadian show called “Being Erica” that is a few years old now, but it is seriously one of the most creative, intelligent heartwarming shows that I have ever, ever seen.

    Why does Hollywood insist on reheating, repackaging and regurgitating everything we get? I mean we have thousands upon thousands of original screenwriters in LA where I live and yet we keep throwing out the same regurgitated stuff I’m so over this trend!!

    Okay so I’m thankful for original programming that is coming up everywhere else EXCEPT network tv. Mac guyver…so glad we remade that one in 2016.

  7. paolanqar says:

    Hell no.
    Way to beat a dead horse.

  8. lvw2 says:

    Dynasty is coming back to TV with a reboot on The CW: fab or fail?

    Dynasty is coming back to TV: FAB
    With a reboot on The CW: EPIC FAIL

  9. cheeve says:

    From what I’ve read, they’re making the Krystle character Latina (Cristal will be the new name). Normally, I wouldn’t be interested in this at all, but I just finished binge watching all 9 seasons on Amazon (the first 8 are free with Prime, but the last one is not). If done properly, this could be fun. I hope they’ll still use the ridiculous sound effects when someone is slapped and the extreme sparkly effects when showing jewelry.

  10. FF says:

    lol, “on the CW”. Pass.

    HARD pass.

  11. Jezza says:

    Why do they hate glamour?!?!? If they didn’t, they wouldn’t touch this 80′s masterclass in glamour, shade and catfights!! Leave it alone!

  12. Harryg says:

    I hate reboots and spinoffs! Also, just yesterday I thought how my hair never really grows strong enough in the front, and how I now have Krystle’s hair. (But not as nicely fluffy.)

  13. Kay Dozier says:

    There should be a law against this. Just…..NO

  14. cerys says:

    I enjoyed the new Dallas when it was on. I think it worked because it was set in the present with John Ross and Christopher grown up. I know i am probably in a minority with that as the show was cancelled after 3 series. If Dynasty was moved forward to the present day might work for a while too. I dont think bringing it back with others playing the original characters would work at all.