Sean Penn actually had a girlfriend when he started up with Leila George

As we learned last week, Sean Penn wants us all to know that he’s currently dating/banging a 24 year old. Her name is Leila George and she’s Vincent D’Onofrio’s daughter. She’s beautiful and a wannabe actress, which I think is the point of this dalliance with Senor Ham Face from her perspective. And from Penn’s perspective… hey, the world knows that he can still “get” beautiful women under the age of 25. The thing is… Penn already had a girlfriend, at least according to Page Six.

Many people were surprised to see pictures of Sean Penn kissing 24-year-old actress Leila George in Hawaii on Thursday — not least his girlfriend. A source tells Page Six that Penn, 56, had been quietly dating a woman since the spring, and she believed that she and the star were in an exclusive relationship — until she saw the steamy shots of Penn and George smooching in the Pacific.

A pal of the scorned lover — who is said to be “heartbroken” by the development and doesn’t want to be named — was in the midst of planning a visit to Ireland to see the actor on the set of his next movie, “The Professor and the Madman.” Throughout their relationship, “it was calls, flowers, dinners, having her over to his house,” said our source. “She was leery at first,” said the pal, but eventually became convinced that “maybe he’s not this jerky-actor type.”

The source says the fling with George — daughter of actor Vincent D’Onofrio, who’s a year older than Penn — proved her pal wrong. Penn has since gone public with George, taking her as his date to an art event back in LA.

[From Page Six]

Sounds about right to me. I imagine this is his pattern post-Charlize Theron. He goes out and tries to seduce the youngest woman he can find and she probably thinks they’re dating and then he moves on without a word. My guess is that this is the kind of thing that only works on women in their early 20s too. The average woman in her 30s probably wouldn’t even bother if Penn tried this crap on her, not that he would… because he only does it to women under the age of 25.

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  1. respect says:

    Beyond post Charlize…after Robin he has an M.O….I think she is the one he thinks he is hurting by his craptastic choices. She went on post-pork rind to find success and personal power. He must hate that

  2. MC2 says:

    Sean Penn proves to me that money doesn’t buy you happiness…..what a train wreck.

  3. Dominique says:

    Oh spare me, these girls are not dating because they have things in common, or he is funny, or he is good-looking……..we know why they’re dating him. I do not feel bad for them. If you lay down with dogs you wake up with fleas.

    • AlleyCat says:

      That’s how I feel too. Harsh but true. This new girl is incredibly stupid. She already had a way in to Hollywood because of her father, now you’ll just be known as grossly hooking up with ham face.

      • Naya says:

        Is D’Onoforio a big enough name to get her in the papers, though? Because I think thats what she wants out if this. It is possible for Sean to have a secret relationship but suddenly he is being papped on the beach then a day later she poses at a red carpet event with him. He is using her for her youth, she is using him for his fame, and it wont last long.

    • Dominique says:

      Exactly, it’s mutually beneficial. And doubly gross, but at least consensual.

    • tealily says:

      But the earlier girlfriend wasn’t named, and their relationship had been kept quiet. (Is she a normal?) Poor woman, she must have thought it was real.

  4. hannah89 says:

    “The average woman in her 30s probably wouldn’t even bother if Penn tried this crap on her, not that he would… because he only does it to women under the age of 25.”

    Can we stop pretending that men desiring a woman at her peak physical hotness (18-25, and then second/last phase 26-30) is surprising? From a biological standpoint it’s expected. Though because feelings get hurt, stones fly.

    A man, Hollywood or normal – goes with his best option. If your man is faithful to you, then congratulations: you are his best option.

    • anniefannie says:

      I think “best” is a relative term. To some, best means intellect, humor, passion ect….its an over simplification to drill down mens desire to age and looks alone….

    • Gena says:

      No woman is peak hotness from 18-25 unless they don’t take care of themselves. Too young, too many zits, weight not stable etc…. 26-33 is where it’s at.

      Men who date women that young want someone to control. Stop with the biology crap. Ya’ll are a product of millions of years of evolution. Only racists and men who want to date children use evolutionary psychology as an excuse for their bad behavior.

      • ichsi says:

        Men want young women because they can control them more easily and society treats young women as a form of trophy, not a person. It’s super disgusting.

      • Snowflake says:

        Thanks gena. That whole biology thing is b.s. excuses for men to screw around. Notice that biology theory only applies to men.

      • Dolkite says:

        No, it’s because women are at their most attractive when they’re in their teens and twenties, and they can post all the pictures they want of aging movie stars and try to act like they’re indicative of the average middle-aged woman, but it won’t change anything.

        Men don’t want young women because they can control them; they want them because they’re hot.

      • Justjj says:

        Please read the article Kaiser had a link to under the latest Trump post. The NYmag article. Women’s bodies are not made for male proprietorship or approval. Young women are typically less developed emotionally and intellectually. This is natural. There are plenty of men in the world who find themselves attracted to a wider variety of women and age demographics as they get older. When you get older, it becomes as much about enjoying your time with someone and connecting with them on a deeper level than sex. Sex is something you can pretty much always find if you really want to find it. I think that goes for anyone. So no, biology is not an excuse for a man acting like a sleaze. You all sound like Donald Trump and his “locker room” talk. When you’re 24, you know not what you do. You will even sleep with a baked Virginia ham and unwittingly be part of his attempt to get back at his hot, successful, ex wife, who has an on again off again much younger boyfriend of her own…

    • Ally8 says:

      I also find the evolutionary argument preposterous since it’s predicated on the notion of procreation, yet a baby is the worst thing that could come out of a sexual relationship according to creeps like old leatherface.

    • tealily says:

      It’s not that it’s surprising, it’s that it’s so dang typical. And yes, I will always judge a man who thinks his “best” option is always someone in “good” (young) physical shape, and not someone he shares interests with, or who offers kindness and wisdom, creativity, etc. etc. etc.

    • detritus says:

      Oh sweet, the naturalistic fallacy put to evolutionary biology purposes, what a novel and fresh idea.

      It is natural to eat organic foods, to not be vaccinated, and to live to the ripe old age of ‘died in childbirth’.

      Don’t pretend natural is best, and biology is fatalistic. Our cultural influences have a much greater impact on what is deemed sexually attractive than anything else. Otherwise people would not be lauding women with less than 14% body fat.

  5. detritus says:

    Just wanted to check in on Senor Ham’s dating life, because who needs to keep their lunch down?

    Do you think Charlize ever spares him a thought? If she does is it like – oh gross how did I let that climb on me. Or is it – thank god I dodged a bullet? Or maybe best yet- I don’t know him *mariah head shake

  6. bermudashortz says:

    I smell hotdogs when I look at him.