Ben Affleck on Jennifer Garner: ‘I’m impressed by her and everything she does’

'The Accountant' Premiere
Ben Affleck had the big premiere on Monday night in LA for his film The Accountant. His maybe-estranged wife, Jennifer Garner, flew to Reno that day to register voters at the University of Nevada. She was incredibly impressive when she spoke to the crowd, seemingly off the cuff, about how President Hillary Clinton will benefit them personally. I’m not a big fan of Garner but she moved up a few pegs in my estimation after that, she’s very warm with people and she’s supporting an important cause. It looks like Affleck is impressed with Garner too, because he told Extra TV that she’s a great mom and that she’s awesome. That was nice! He kind of rattled that part of though, like it was rehearsed somewhat, but he’s probably sick of that question.

You guys always make it work. I know you get sick of answering that question but you make it work how?
We try our best. Jen’s great. She’s out schlepping for Hillary Clinton today. She’s in Reno. Doing what she believes in. Which is great. Think it’s awesome. And I’m so impressed by it — her and everything she does. She’s a great mom and that’s how it is.

[From Extra]

I’m surprised Affleck didn’t have a handler with him making cutting motions over their neck off when the questions started to get personal. I’m referring of course to an LA-area journalist’s accusations that Affleck’s team cut him off during the press junket for The Accountant and that they also edited interviews which weren’t favorable to Ben. In response to that story, Affleck’s publicist contacted the journalist, Sam Rudin, and offered an apology. Rudin wrote on Facebook (via Page Six) that Affleck’s publicist “assured me that had she been there, this would not have taken place, and I believe her.

Affleck recently did a live surprise reading of Good Will Hunting at NYU with Matt Damon, John Krasinki and Emily Blunt. Krasinski set it up and Damon and Affleck were surprise guests. It sounds like they all had a blast and like the audience was thrilled. Affleck told Extra that he hadn’t read through the script in 20 years and that there were scenes he wishes weren’t cut from the final film. That’s such an iconic movie. Did you see The Simpsons this Sunday? It was set in Boston and they could not do that without GWH references.

Ben Affleck Out And About In Brentwood

The Accountant Premiere

Jennifer Garner Grabs Coffee With Friends In Santa Monica

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  1. Lynnie says:

    I’ll admit I’ve been following this story verrrrrryyy loosely, but the last time I cared they were getting a divorce because he cheated. Have they gotten it yet? Or are they doing some conscious uncoupling thing?

    • detritus says:

      Still in limbo with leaks every once in awhile to keep the media interested.
      I’m not sure if they are still living together at this point though.

    • OrigialTessa says:

      No one has even filed. No divorce. Not gonna happen at this point? It’s been over a year since the nanny. I think Jen was always gonna forgive him, she just needed to let the public think she dumped him for awhile so that when they got back together she didn’t look like a complete pushover. She took a few digs at him in the magazines, did the separation thing… Now it looks like they’re back together for real.

    • Red says:

      They haven’t filed and they either live on the same compound or he lives up the street. They are still seen together without the kids although it doesn’t appear to be romantic. Some of those sightings appear to be outside a therapist office. I would guess conscious uncoupling. Their plan is probably to be ok with each other before they pull the plug.

  2. SnazzyisAlive says:

    That was a very nice answer

  3. Shambles says:

    Last night I watched Dazed and Confused, and he’s such an ass in that film. I couldn’t help but think that’s his actual personality.

  4. Embee says:

    LOL this is such a classic compliment from someone who is trying to amicably GTF away from their partner. “She’s awesome at everything! Great mom!” (May I pretty, pretty please have my freedom now ?????)

    • detritus says:

      Yeah this struck me as really hollow.
      She’s so interested in her great passions. Great mom.
      These are things I say when I don’t like someone and it’s not politic to say they suck.

      • Jayna says:

        Actually, it sounds like someone who has been split from his wife for a year and a half and they have come to a peaceful enough place in their lives co-parenting the children. He respects her. What is wrong with saying that?

        To say nothing, when asked, makes him look like a jerk. To say too much starts the they-are-back-together-again frenzy. He can’t win for some, ever.

        I think he lives in the neighborhood down the street in Brook Shield’s house they are renting.

      • Bee says:

        At most he might have rented the Shields’s place until he went to Europe to film. But since April her house has been on real estate websites as being available to rent.

      • @detritus; I posted unthread but I feel like he’s always talked nice about Jen like that. It’s not that he’s not saying nice things, he is, but it falls flat in light of the way their relationship seems to be. His compliments, while the words are amazing, they always feel one step removed, as if he’s saying nice things about a costar and not his wife (ex-ish now).

  5. HK9 says:

    Since she’s dealt with all of his shenanigans over the years he better be ‘impressed’. It’s the least he can do.

  6. Sage says:

    He looks miserable, or maybe antidepressants. I don’t know.

  7. Shijel says:

    I for one can actually believe that though Ben is.. well, Ben, he can still appreciate Jennifer Garner as a person and a mother. Happened to my parents though the circumstances of their separation and divorce were sordid, and that is putting it very, very nicely.

  8. JoJo says:

    I think their personalities make it likely that they’ll reconcile in spite of years of problems. I don’t see much between them at all chemistry-wise, but (although I like Ben) he seems like a guy that doesn’t do well alone and probably needs to be told what to do (even though he also resents it), and she seems like she has a Betty Crocker veneer with controlling mom-wife traits beneath the dimply smile. So, I would not be surprised if they settle right back into that pattern eventually. She has never struck me as wanting to leave that marriage. Kind of reminiscent of Bill and Hilary. Sorry! :)

  9. kiteho says:

    This bloated old drunk isn’t dead yet? I’ll give him another year or so until he drinks himself into the grave, wraps his car around a tree or has a heart attack from the roids, pills or coke — take your pic. Loser.

  10. QQ says:

    And I’m impressed with how they keep trotting this “will they or wont they” especially when we sorta stopped giving a F*ck

    • Gigi says:

      IKR? Every post about them seems to be the same stuff repeated over and over like it’s new. How many non-stories need to exist on these two sloppy, middle-aged people? I noticed that the Garner post from yesterday had like, a dozen responses. LOL. No1curr about her.

  11. Ana says:

    The reviews are out for The Accountant. It is in low 20s in RT. Not good but will probably make money since there is really nothing better out there. They picked a great release date to make money. My husband will probably like it but he does not have time to go to the movies lately.

  12. JoJo says:

    There’s also the comment he made at the press conference about how “Jennifer says I need to keep my mind busy.” Lainey reported on it. Just another reason why their “split” seems questionable.

    • Kate says:

      That’s what you got from that statement JoJo? All I got was when Ben has too much free time he gets a little too close to the nanny or whoever random chick he meets at a bar, he’s a pig and Jen’s a doormat plain and simple!

    • ScotiaGirl says:

      I think the fact that he is saying Jennifer and not “my wife” which is what he always used to refer to her as says it all. They are not together at least not romantically. For their kids and their images for upcoming movie releases for both of them they are putting up a front, but I do believe they are friendly, cival to each other, but there’s gotta be some deep down resentments just below the surface.

      • JoJo says:

        @scotiagirl – I hear you, and I agree that they don’t seem to be together romantically anymore, but I can’t help thinking it’s really strange that in nearly two years now, there hasn’t been a single sighting or story of either one with someone else, and every conversation in the media still goes back to him and Jen and their marriage – or co-parenting. I’ve never seen two people who are supposedly not together so reluctant to move on. I totally get protecting the kids, but they have taken it to a ridiculous level, which makes it kind of hard to believe at this point.

      • Que says:

        One of the rags reported him and a young blonde on a date at some hotel last year. There were a few social media sightings that sounded like dates as well. Plus it looked like the paps caught him doing the walk of shame on one of his recent trips back to LA. Ben has proven that he can sneak around LA (or England) when he wants to, it’s Jen that has the paps on speed dial whenever she sets a foot out the door. Just because it’s not on a tabloid cover doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. You didn’t see him take a dump today but it’s safe to assume that he did.

    • J says:

      That fact that he references Jen when responding to basically a professional question about how he handles his workload, just points that Jen is a person of influence in his life. That he does not say “my wife” as he previously did, I’m sure his publicist pointed out his misstep in his bill Simmons interview.

  13. Loca says:

    He was doing good when he was with JLo. Looks like JLo had the last laugh. She moved on and still has a career. Say what you want about her but everyone she works with says she shows up on time and ready to work. Ben looks so much happier when he just takes the kids out on his own. I believe Jennifer Garner is controlling this divorce her way if it ever ends up there. Supposebly Matt introduces him to single women and Ben is really ready to move on. Jennifer Garner needs to accept it and quit lingering around.

  14. Rebecca says:

    The cynical side of me thinks Affleck is staying with Garner temporarily in order to protect his image. Was it Ricky Gervais who said he has cheated on everyone he’s been with?

    If he had left Garner immediately after getting with the Nanny, his image would have taken a big hit. He seems like he is overly sensitive to what other people think of him (i.e. Batman vs. Superman interview in which he almost started crying because the movie was tanking at the box office).

    He is staying with Garner and being seen out and about being the good “co-parent” to save himself from the negative press. However, I do not understand at all what Jennifer Garner gets out of all this.