Tom Hanks spontaneously performs the rap from “Big”

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“Big” is just about my favorite movie of all time. Definitely my favorite comedy, and on near-permanent rotation during my childhood. Tom Hanks was on the BBC’s “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross,” this past Friday, promoting “Angels & Demons.” Ross asked him some of the things people yell at him when they see him. Not surprisingly, he said he gets a lot of “Wilson!” some “Run Forest, Run” and “Houston, we have a problem.” And he admits that he gets asked to do the “Shimmy Shimmy Coco Pop” rap from “Big.” All of which he still remembers, 21 years later.

Tom also admitted the rap is random and nonsensical and has no meaning. It was something his son (presumably Colin, since he was Hanks’ only son born at the time) came home with from camp. They were looking for something to throw into the movie, and Hanks already knew the song so they went with it. I always wondered where in the world that came from. Now if only he would explain to me how he supposedly went from 13 to 30 overnight, but his underwear still fit the next morning, the great lingering questions of my childhood would all be answered.

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  1. jenn says:

    I’m ‘crazy’ in love with him and it doesn’t seem to fade with time. He’s made me laugh a lot over the years and I appreciate him for that. But the lingering question … am I obsessed?

  2. rebecca says:

    hahaha, i love tom hanks. he reminds me a lot of my dad actually. they look almost creepily alike.

  3. valupack says:

    Love him and you’re guaranteed that any movie he is in will be worth watching

  4. vicsmith says:

    His best movie. So sweet.

  5. Wench. says:

    Honestly – I have nothing but love, adoration and obsession for Tom Hanks!

  6. goaheadandyellatme... says:

    LOVE HIM>>> but I must say it makes me horrified that i am old enough to speak of a movie that came out 21 years ago…how’d that happen??

  7. ms adamantia claus says:

    Love love the Tom man, hands down will go down in history as the BEST film actor EVER. And he’s so cool and likeable in such an enormous way that he cant even contain it no matter what character he’s playing – that’s something weird and special in a human being.

  8. mxml says:

    that was awesome!

  9. Lee says:

    And kids are still singing some kind of version of that song. I heard it myself when I went to camp. 😀

  10. Jano says:

    I have loved him since he was dressing up like a girl in “Bosom Buddies”.

    He is a fine actor and a great person.

  11. gg says:

    Oh that is the bomb! I fell in love with him in Bosom Buddies and have been following him ever since.

  12. stewie says:

    the best part about that performance was not just that he remembered all the words, but he did all the hand gestures too and really got into it.

    I, too, have loved this guy since Bosom Buddies. He’s one of those actors that can take a marginally funny bit (or movie) and make it worth watching. “Bachelor Party” comes to mind…

  13. Jen says:

    Man, I wish he would go back to doing comedies instead of all these heavy dramas. He’s just so in his element (in a league of his own, you might say!) when he gets to be funny.

  14. JEWEL says:

    Here’s what I find interesting. Though there aren’t TONS of comments here, not one is negative. That’s respect. Tom Hanks is a great actor and people respect and like him. Now, that said, maybe all or most of us commenting are FEMALE and that’s his following. (You never can tell with some of the names on the threads.) I don’t really know. I am interested in knowing if guys feel the same as us gals.

    By the way, I can’t list the movies of any other actor as quickly and abundantly as I can with Tom Hanks movies. I bet a lot of people feel the same way. My favorites to watch over and over and over and (you get the idea)…. Big, Bachelor Party, The Burbs, and The Money Pit. Yep…I’m a laugher!! Thanks, Mr. Hanks!!! No, really, thanks!!!

    Rita, can I have him when you’re done?

  15. I Choose Me says:

    Love that man!

  16. GoGo says:

    How can anyone say anything bad about Mr. Hanks? What a class act!

  17. Young Cocker says:

    Recently read an article in the frumforum that The Pacific, Tom Hank’s latest project, can be a delight to novice historians. Though, history based dramas have their place, I think they can also be misleading, even if unintentionally. For instance, after watching the Ten Commandments, Moses, in my mind, now looks like Heston and even has some of his mannerisms. Is not that something of a distortion of historical fact? We should remember the fact that the aim of these movies is entertainment and really not education.