Snoop Dogg takes the rap for pot smoking employee

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I have long had an obsession with Snoop Dogg. Not the music, but the man. He literally haunts me in my dreams. I’ve had a reoccurring one about him since I was in the fifth grade. Sometimes they’re humorous and he’s offering me gin and apple juice. Once he was shooting me, and I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t dying, and I looked down and realized Snoop was shooting me with rubber bullets and he was just teasing.

There is – I like to think – and underlying fondness for him in my dreams, or at least a hope that he’s sort of a good guy. Or my subconscious is whack. Okay that’s probably it. Nonetheless, I wasn’t surprised to learn that yesterday Snoop tried to help out an employee who got arrested for marijuana possession – by claiming the pot was his.

Snoop Dogg is the boss you dream of — if you’re a pot smoking employee who is looking for someone to take the rap.

A few hours ago, cops in Norfolk, Virginia got a tip that a suspicious package had just arrived in the mail from Canada to the Norfolk Plaza Hotel, where Snoop and crew were staying.

Our Norfolk law enforcement sources tell us cops monitored the package that was addressed to a member of Snoop’s entourage … then swooped in and arrested the dude for misdemeanor marijuana possession.

That’s when Mr. Dogg showed up in the lobby and told cops the weed was for him, and then flashed his medical marijuana card.

So here’s where it stands. The dude whose name was on the package was arrested. Cops are still investigating. Will Snoop’s marijuana card become a get-out-of-jail free card?

[From TMZ]

According to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana laws, there’s no medical marijuana exception in Virginia, so I doubt Snoop’s card would have helped even if the package had been addressed to him. Who knows if it really was eventually meant to end up in Snoop’s bong – I sorta doubt it. Not because the guy isn’t baked 24/7, but if he’s got the card and thinks that gets him off the hook, why not address it to him in the first place?

I don’t know a whole lot about drug etiquette, but I’m guessing trying to take the fall for someone else’s weed is downright chivalrous. Is it strange that it made me think, “Aww, that’s so sweet!”? Actually, to rephrase, how strange is it? And on a related note, I wonder what was suspicious about the package? It came from Canada, so it’s not like some dude in an overcoat delivered it. I’m assuming it was more about the person it was addressed to than anything. If it’s the guy’s first offense, he could get up to 30 days in jail, and up to a year if it’s a subsequent offense. Too bad Snoop doesn’t have a get out of jail free card instead of a medical marijuana card.

Here’s Snoop unveiling his wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Vegas on April 20th with the Los Angeles Pomona Steelers, one of the football teams in his Snoop Youth Football League, which works to get at-risk kids involved in football and off the streets. Images thanks to .

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  1. e says:

    Next time just check the Virginia code. There IS an exception:

    § 18.2-251.1. Possession or distribution of marijuana for medical purposes permitted.

    A. No person shall be prosecuted under § 18.2-250 or § 18.2-250.1 for the possession of marijuana or tetrahydrocannabinol when that possession occurs pursuant to a valid prescription issued by a medical doctor in the course of his professional practice for treatment of cancer or glaucoma.

    B. No medical doctor shall be prosecuted under § 18.2-248 or § 18.2-248.1 for dispensing or distributing marijuana or tetrahydrocannabinol for medical purposes when such action occurs in the course of his professional practice for treatment of cancer or glaucoma.

    C. No pharmacist shall be prosecuted under §§ 18.2-248 to 18.2-248.1 for dispensing or distributing marijuana or tetrahydrocannabinol to any person who holds a valid prescription of a medical doctor for such substance issued in the course of such doctor’s professional practice for treatment of cancer or glaucoma.

    (1979, c. 435.)

  2. Michelle says:

    Just goes to show how ass-backward American legislation is with regards to a f*cking benign PLANT that has been growing on this planet long before humans even arrived.

    Yet alcohol is legal despite being a far more dangerous and addictive controlled substance.

    Makes perfect sense.

  3. e says:

    I agree Michelle. It makes me laugh that it is considered cute in some circles to wear crop pants with martini glasses embroidered all over them but if they had something as scandalous as pot leaves on them preppies would be giving you the side eye.

  4. DD says:

    Why don’t they just legalize this shit and tax the shit out of it. Make some money in this recession, and stop persecuting people for doing something that almost everyone I know does.

  5. LondonParis says:

    I’ll tell you exactly why Snoop didn’t have it addressed to him. Because if I found a package addressed to Snoop (his real name, of course) on it’s way from Canada, I would take it with the assumption that it was filled with the green stuff! I don’t think he was taking the rap as much as… telling the truth, haha.

  6. Lem says:

    good point LondonParis

    what I wouldn’t give to scrape his resin

    I’m so with ya Jaybird, but I love his voice. No matter what’s going on; put a little d.o. double g on and I’m smiling. Lay Low. Snoop is my crack.

  7. mae says:

    How backwards america is:
    Prostitution is legal in Nevada, yet in CA (where med cards are supposed to make it legal) the feds come and shut down clubs.

    messed up. Only a country run by men would see prostitution as a more victimless crime than smoking weed.

  8. Snoop – you’re a hero amongst men.

  9. Alin Azmi says:

    smoke weed everyday..

  10. 88Modesty88 says:

    JayBird, you crack me up.
    You have disturbing (or disturbingly funny) dreams — try some weed… You actually won’t remember your dreams!

  11. SixxKitty says:

    Snoop, I love ya, your my hero ans I bet, the hero in that tale for years to come.

  12. darth randall says:

    and Michelle, let’s not forget the abuse of LEGAL (“prescribed”) drugs in this country.

    And DD, you bring up something that I will never understand.

    knowing how much money is made off the sale of marijuana each year (billions, by last estimate), why wouldn’t our gov’t legalize and tax it? it would put a lot of dealers out of business, cut out a lot of drug-related violence, and make our country $$$ in the process.

  13. boomchakaboom says:

    That was a helluva nice thing Snoop did. Kudos! Would P.Diddy (stupid name)do the same? Hiiiighly doubtful. Maybe he would, but Diddy doesn’t strike me as particularly concerned about anyone but himself.

    Awesome, Snoop.

  14. ! says:

    “I don’t know a whole lot about drug etiquette, but I’m guessing trying to take the fall for someone else’s weed is downright chivalrous.”

    You would be right, lol.

  15. Trashaddict says:

    OK I’m ignorant about Snoop. Just why does he need medical marijuana?

  16. Robert says:

    Alot of thanks on your neat blog site. I actually are fond of it and will be back to look at more.