Johnny Depp boards his rottweilers for $48k a year (update)

Johnny Depp realized that his two Rottweiler dogs, Red and Blue, might pose a threat to his children and put them up in a posh pet resort two years ago at a cost of $2k per month per dog. That’s more than most people pay in rent.

One of the dogs bit an employee at the facility, so it was probably a good idea for Depp to make sure they were no longer around his children:

Two years ago, [Johnny Depp] sent this two Rottweilers, Red and Blue, to the Crossroads County Club Pet Resort in Anaheim, California, because they were too aggressive to keep around his two young children…

“Johnny can’t bring himself to have them put down,” a source told The Enquirer. “So he pays $2,000 a month on each dog for them to be kept at a kennel.”

“At first, Red and Blue had the run of the kennel. But then, after one of them bit an employee, they were kept locked in cages.”

An employee at Crossroads confirmed: “Johnny Depp’s dogs, Red and Blue, are here. They’ve been here a couple of years.”

[From the National Enquirer print edition, August 13, 2007]

Depp has two children, son Jack, who turns 5 tomorrow, and daughter Lily-Rose, 8. This story just confirms what everyone already knows: that Depp’s a good guy who puts his family first but still obviously cares for his pets.

In other Johnny Depp news, he is involved in two projects that are coming up, an adaptation of Hunter S Thompson’s autobiography, The Rum Diaries, and the big screen version of the campy gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. Depp was just named the third most bankable actor. He was behind Matt Damon and Brad Pitt, and was placed third in a tie with Vince Vaughn. I would have thought he would be at first or second easily.

Update: A lot of commentors are outraged that Depp boards his Rottweilers, saying that being in a cage all day is exceptionally cruel. I agree, and I assumed that although the dogs may be caged part of the time that this article must not be correct. According to the website for the kennel, dogs get one-on-one time twice a day and there is an option where they can go out to the park once a day. Since Depp is paying so much for their care, I assume he paid for this level of service and that the dogs do get out. It does look like a top notch kennel, although commentors are probably right that it can’t compare to a loving home.

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