Benedict Cumberbatch: Sophie is ‘loyal & faithful’ and ‘a great mum’


We’ve come to the moment in Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange promotional tour where he goes full-on Alien Otter and begins to struggle when describing normal human emotions. It’s not his fault! On his home planet, it’s a compliment to tell people that your wife’s proudest achievement is having a baby. On his home planet, it’s not customary to gush about your baby or fatherhood or anything like that. He’s still learning, people! Give him a break! Benedict chatted with People Magazine about his wife and baby and he tried to approximate human emotion.

On his family: “So now I have a family of my own and it’s a joyous thing, it’s something that I’m so glad of, I’m very grateful for that, I really am. I’m very happy to have them in my life, very lucky as well.”

Not bringing work home: “We’re all still trying to get it right and we take the rough with the smooth and the smooth is delightful and intelligent and loyal and faithful and understanding and they get where I’m going and what life journey I’m on as well as my career choices. So I’m very grateful for them, my family, it’s remarkable, she’s a great mum, yeah, talking about it makes me a little homesick… yeah, work is work and home is always the roots and the safe harbor.”

His parents: “They are the first heroes I ever had in my life and I don’t mean that in a sappy way, it’s the truth,” he says. “They, despite whatever is ever made out about it, worked incredibly hard to be able to afford an education that in most circumstances you could only dream of and I was very aware of that. There were lean times as well as the feasts — I saw all the pitfalls of not being able to control your social calendar as much as your income or where you earn your income, the peripatetic nature of it all, whether it was touring or filming or whatever…I can only hope to be half as good [a parent] as they were to me, to my children. I have their example to follow so I’ll be doing something right if I am.”

[From People]

He goes on and on about his own parents in a really eloquent way but he speaks about Sophie and Christopher like he just met them a few days ago. I’m being too judgy, I know. But seriously, “the smooth is delightful and intelligent and loyal and faithful and understanding and they get where I’m going and what life journey I’m on as well as my career choices.” What’s that again? I guess Sophie has a Brazilian bikini wax.

Meanwhile, Sherlock Season 4 finally has an air date here in America. The first episode will air on PBS Masterpiece on January 1st. And Benedict has already confirmed that there is ZERO chance that Tom Hiddleston will be joining the show as the long-lost Holmes boy.

And finally, here are some photos of Benedict and Tilda at the Berlin photocall for Doctor Strange on Wednesday. Is he wearing lipstick?



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. ;) says:

    He is really busy with promoting his movie.

  2. lightpurple says:

    Yes, he does appear to be wearing pink lipstick.

    Glad to know that the toddler Christopher gets what “life journey” his father is on. Quite precocious. And so nice that Sophie knows her place, most of the time. Interesting to describe his wife as “faithful.”

  3. Locke Lamora says:

    I’m not a native English speaker so maybe it’s my fault, but I barely understood his description of his family life.

    • lightpurple says:

      I am a native English speaker and I barely understood his description of family life. He isn’t a native English speaker; they speak a different language on his home planet.

    • Cee says:

      Don’t worry, none of us got it! He always gets so confused when describing his family. It’s getting a bit alarming.

    • Bonzo says:

      None of us did, don’t feel bad.

    • Spiderpig says:

      It might make perfect sense in the original Alpha Centuri.

    • Egla says:

      I got lost somewhere in there. In moments like this I am fully aware how little english I know.

      Also he talks like….Ben Affleck. He describes his wife like I would describe a potential candidate for a job. Maybe is an UK thing who knows

      • Beluga says:

        Trust me. It’s not a UK thing.

      • Lindsay says:

        I don’t think it is fair to rate your proficiency in English on this. I read it and the comments and still have questions. If anything the fact that you didn’t understand it reflects positively on your English comprehension skills. I don’t know if your first language has an equivalent of word salad – saying a bunch of words that individually mean something but when tossed together and taken in totality are pretty much meaningless. The undisputed Queen of Word Salads is our one time VP hopeful Sarah Palin. Unfortunately for her she doesn’t have a posh British accent to make her automatically sound smarter or the memory of an actor.

        Also, Ben Affleck is American. He was born and raised in Boston. It is an individual problem not a cultural one. Also, when Ben talks about his kids you can tell he adores them. It is very conversational and natural.

    • Radley says:

      I suppose stuff like this is why some “Cumberb*tches” question the authenticity of the relationship. Wow, that was stilted and awkward as all heck in print. Maybe he comes across better in person. Yeesh.

    • Carmen says:

      I honestly do not get this guy’s attraction. He comes across as a total narcissist. His family exists as an extension of himself and that’s all.

      And those squinty little eyes in that long pickle face… ugh.

  4. Shell says:

    Is he talking about his dog or his wife?

    • Nancy says:

      I literally was going to post the same thing!!! Loyal and faithful just like my dog Clunkers.

      • Bettyrose says:

        My pup is my world, but I’m not sure she understands my professional journey.

      • imago says:

        My pup certainly does! If I take a job which does not have regular hours she is very very angry with me.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        My cat has very strong opinions about my professional journey: it must involve working at home so that she can sit on my lap when she is not sitting on my keyboard, and if it results in more treats and heated cat pouffs in winter, all is ducky. Otherwise she gets angry.

      • Amanduh says:

        OMG NANCY!!!! Your dog’s name is Clunkers???! Like Pheobe’s dog in Friends?! I LOVE that name!!!!

      • Lightpurple says:

        My cat wants my career to allow sleeping in and snuggling on chilly mornings just so long as I am out of the house and out of her way by 10 because she has important cat stuff to do and she becomes very cross if I’m in the way. But I had better be home by 7 or she will barricade the apartment door by pushing throw rugs and her cat bed against it. She then becomes frantic and forgives me when I do come home and hurls her screaming self stop the barricade, making it nearly impossible to get in the apartment.

        Does Sophie do that too?

      • Spiderpig says:

        Me: Watches TV.
        Cat: Ignores.

        Me: Randonly browsing online.
        Cat: Ignores.

        Me: Wants cuddles.
        Cat: Ignores.

        Me: Starts typing urgent work stuff.
        Cat: Lies on laptop going OMG PAY ATTENTION TO ME

    • velourazure says:

      LOL! He must be super awesome at talking dirty during sex….

      “You’re so… totally….loyal! Yes, yes!”

      • PunkyMomma says:

        LMAO! Here girl, fetch the bone . . .

      • Sixer says:

        It’s not often I cringe… but!

        My head should not contain such images.

      • Bonzo says:

        Loquacious Otters having sex is not an image I care to conjure up in my mind. Ewww….

      • Lightpurple says:

        @Bonzo, we don’t have to conjure, he TOLD us in that ELLE interview. But mercifully, it is over very quickly

      • Radley says:

        Oh jolly good. This pleases me ever so much. Thank you for your time.

      • Bonzo says:

        LP – the speediness at which he conducts his *maneuvers* is a blessing, especially when you finish writing down your grocery list at the same time.

      • Mac says:

        Oh… oh darling, I don’t mean to be churlish or create any acrimony but my peripatetic c*ck seems to be diffident toward your lady parts.

  5. Angela says:

    He has a very evasive way of talking about wife and child . A little less concrete compared to his talk about his parents. Weird. Also he rambles in the video and looks unenthusiastic while talking about his wife.

    • echophoebe says:

      He seems impersonal when talking about his family but maybe it’s part of his awkwardness or him trying to remain private. Perhaps that’s how they both are. They seem more reserved than passionate to me.

  6. HarajukuBarbie says:

    How about he not talk about it and just focus on the movie? If he is too much of a boob to know how to talk about his life like a normal person he should opt out.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      Yeah, there are plenty of actors who never talk about their personal life ( like Carey Mulligan for an example). He should either do that or actually talk about them. This faux privacy is annoying.

  7. Sixer says:

    Well, seeing as LEGS and his word salads are laying low, I’m going to re-like Benny as my favourite rubbish-talker. I imagine his home planet as a bouncing ping pong ball in the far, far sky. And Sophie is the plucky little space probe that managed to land on it.

    • lightpurple says:

      She’s a comet that crashed into his genitals. Twice.

      • Cee says:

        Or he’s an alien that crashed into the same comet multiple times.

      • Sixer says:

        A year or so back, some guy here got off on a rape charge by claiming that he tripped and fell onto a girl and THAT’S how the particular DNA sample got there, honest. I kid you not.

        See? Everyone re-like Benny. Cos I can even make it so that his alien sex isn’t the worst thing in the world.

      • Bonzo says:

        Alien sex… I wonder what that looks like? As I’ve done or at least seen what humans are capable of, I need to some new ideas to spice up my marital bed.

      • melior says:

        HM I sense another Sophie-inspired sonnet or haiku coming our way. You guys are having a field day with Cumby’s interview so I officially withdraw my complaint from the other day that he doesn’t sound smart in interviews. Keep them coming Cumby!

      • nmoley says:

        What is LEGS please?

      • Bonzo says:

        LEGS = Tom Hiddleston.

      • Lightpurple says:


        Smooth life journey pal
        Faithful, loyal, understand
        My wife the asset

        @Bonzo, alien sex involves extra parts

      • Bonzo says:

        LP – Does extra parts mean extra *ahem* stimulation??

      • SMD says:

        Toasting you Light purple, I think that is exactly what happened. Sorry, have no interest in him as a a crush but I like him enough as Sherlock. I don’t buy their relationship either, nothing about it rings true. But if they each get something out of it, eh ok.

    • Becky says:

      Benny does have an amazing case of foot in mouth disease, which is actually one of the things I like about him (along with his voice and acting, not much else).

      Saw Dr Strange at a preview last night – I really enjoyed it. Cumby’s accent reminded me of Hugh Laurie in House.

      Sixer, according to the director Thor is wrapping up in Oz so we may have Legs sightings soon, no promo though unfortunately.

      • Bonzo says:

        That just means more time off to put himself back in the headlines as per TIDDLEBANGING.

      • Sixer says:

        I don’t find foot in mouth disease bangable, but I do find it entertaining.

        I think LEGS should come back soon so that we can have both of them at it at the same time.

      • Bonzo says:

        I’d better finish everything on my to do list then, if we have the Otter and LEGS on CB my productivity will go down the crapper.

      • Lightpurple says:

        LEGS will be working on the Aardman thing but maybe he’ll be promoting UNICEF or doing more Jaguar commercials or drinking tea with THAT CAMILLA! again before he disappears into Georgia for Infinity Wars after Christmas.

  8. Minxx says:

    “the smooth is loyal … and they get where I’m going”? What a convoluted way to talk about one’s wife and child!
    Can’t he bring himself to say Sophie’s name?

    • Jennah says:

      But if you say her name she might appear… summoning Voldemort

    • Radley says:

      I’m interested in the use of “they”. Surely his baby doesn’t get where he’s going. So he’s referencing Sophie aaannndd…? Is this a Jeremy Renner situation? I don’t know much about Cumby. But this one interview just made me side-eye hard.

      • ThatOneChick says:

        Actually, if you read this in terms of him referencing his friends as loyal and supportive of his life’s direction, rather than a comment on his wife, it makes a hell of a lot more sense. I rather think that’s where his rambling was taking him.

  9. celine says:

    Is this the only topic he can come up with for the promo of Dr. Strange?? Talking about his wife to create buzz. No wonder he was desperate to tie the knot. Many people predicted this would happen, which is why some people believe his wife and child are a publicity stunt. Too bad it isn’t having the same impact as the first time around.

    • HarajukuBarbie says:

      Yes. No, I think buts a bit extreme to think someone gets married and has kids all for publicity. However, the way he seems to awkwardly keep talking about the new baby and parenthood isn’t helping his cause. He looks like a ridiculous arse.

      • Radley says:

        I don’t think people get married solely for publicity. But they may for their overall image (hetero). I’m pretty sure it happens *coughTomCruisecough*

      • Trashaddict says:

        So damned if he talks about them, damned if he doesn’t? He’s been doing long shoots, on the road all hours, probably jet-lagged. Judge-y, judge-y.
        He may have meant ‘loyal’ to the extend of putting up with him being on the road and away, and I find that a sweet compliment to give one’s spouse. That fact that the word conjures up dogs more than humans, I guess says something about our race.

  10. maria 2 says:



  11. Minxx says:

    I think his publicist should write for him a few lines about his wife and child. And make him memorize it.

    • HappyMom says:

      I agree. If the topic isn’t officially “off limits” you know you’re going to get asked about it. Why not have a few upbeat non-invasive things to say? “Family life is fantastic.” “My wife is beautiful and brilliant.” “Having small children is a bit daunting but totally amazing.” He’s an actor. It shouldn’t be this difficult to repeat a few sentences.

      • Mae says:

        +1 That one run-on sentence was just lol, but it could so easily be fixed by the usual platitudes, whether they’re true or not. His current MO just makes people wonder.

    • Lightpurple says:

      The publicist who approved the 2014 Oscar red carpet photobombing of U2? Twice.

  12. HarajukuBarbie says:

    How about a simple, “yes, we are both enjoying parenthood”. Could be used for most questions, and doesn’t continue to raise eyebrows and gossip.

  13. Jennah says:

    “the smooth is delightful and intelligent and loyal and faithful and understanding and they get where I’m going and what life journey I’m on as well as my career choices”

    I imagine:

    His agent
    His boxer briefs
    His Golf clubs
    His pet fish

    • CL says:

      “The life journey I’M on”

      Shouldn’t that be WE? Or does he not include them in his life journey??

      How hard is it to say, “We’re thrilled with our son and looking forward to another child”?

      • Lightpurple says:

        They exist to serve him. They have no life outside of him; therefore they can have no journey. Self-centeredness is understandable when you remember that he is king of his planet of lizard otters

      • Anna says:

        I don’t mind Sophie honestly but she told him off over the phone for talking about the family in an interview, a reporter actually noted it in an interview as an aside.

        I think he’s between a rock and a hard place when it comes her and his press obligations, so he tries to go generic and only say his views and not hers to compensate. It isn’t working and has to be stressful as hell, but that’s how it comes off.

      • hermia says:

        @Anna, how dis she know he was talking about family if he was in the interview when she called? Do they use telepathy????

      • Radley says:

        That anecdote doesn’t pass the smell test. Who’d air out their personal business in front of a stranger who’s also a reporter? Nope. Especially since his publicist would probably have been nearby to remind him to excuse himself while his wife yells at him.

        Oh Cumby, what is going on?

      • Anna says:

        I thought it was odd, too, but it happened. He didn’t tell the reporter anything directly other than he had to take a phone call from his wife, so it’s just the reporter’s observation. The reporter says he clearly looks as if he’s just been told off after getting off the phone, and he catches BC quietly mutter to himself in panic that family is supposed to be off the table.

        Again, I don’t think Hunter’s request is unfair, but he’s a disorganized thinker and speaker. That makes it more difficult to navigate in interviews. And that’s in addition to any security things going on, if what people have said about some of his fans are true.

    • senna says:

      I didn’t think his word salad could be improved but here you’ve brought out the dressing and croutons!

      I actually laughed so hard that I cried at that quote of his.

  14. Abbess Tansy says:

    He can’t seem to talk about the movies lately.

  15. HarajukuBarbie says:

    I’d like to add the they get where I’m going and life journey bs makes him sound like a narcissitic jerk. I guess this whole family is about him and his career, not Sophie’s career or the adult his child will grow into. Talking about them like that makes them seem as props to support his career, quite figuratively.

    • Sue says:

      Yes! Exactly! I feel sorry for his wife and kid, being the family of such a self-centered person (who apparently think he’s been profoundly changed by marriage and kids?). However, I think this crazy talk can be explained if you assume that the studio and his PR are forcing him to make the family a talking point during this publicity tour. Maybe they’ve convinced him of its necessity but he doesn’t enjoy it, so he sounds like a kidnap victim talking over the phone at gunpoint, trying to sound normal but really just twisting in the wind.

      Either he’s trying to protect them by spinning out bs instead of truth, or he can’t think of anything more realistic to say because he actually isn’t that happy with his home life. I don’t see any other possibilities–e.g., that what he’s saying actually reflects what he feels.

      • j says:

        Imo his PR is telling him he has to talk about them but someone else is telling him they don’t want him to or he doesn’t want to or both.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Marvel does not force its actors to talk about their families. They generally talk about the film, the stunts, and how much time they had working with each other

      • Lindsay says:

        Also, he sounds convincingly human when he talks about his childhood and his relationship with his parents. I get not wanting to give too much of your private life away but that doesn’t mean you have to spit out meaningless phrases and words in an incoherent jumble.

        Also, I agree with LightPurple, Marvel is about Marvel. As long as he sells the movie, waxes poetic about how this is more than just a super hero movie, it is flawed and complex characters, with relatable struggles, blah, blah, declares every actor in this franchise is now his family, does NOT call Black Widow a slut or preferably avoids drunken interviews at all, and call Stan Lee a genius, a modern day Shakespeare who absolutely did this all on his own they will be very happy!

        He may have to go to Mavel Media Training Camp if this continues…

      • j says:

        yeah i said his PR, not marvel’s

        although Marvel’s got no issue with family as a tactic–they’ve been using mom bloggers the past few releases for marketing–and it may be the trade off if he wont support the casting of swinton, which reporters may try to segue into during a movie discussion. i have seen some interviews will him that are all movie talk tho

  16. HarajukuBarbie says:

    One last thing, the kid is a toddler right? If he want to gush on about how excited he is about his family, you think he’s mention more specifics like first words or potty training, or cute things the kid did. He talks about parenting like an actor studying for a role.

    • Cee says:

      or even talk about what activities he loves to do with his son like read to him or listen to children songs, etc. That’s super sappy and cute. But, no.

      • Lindsay says:

        He told us. They have meeting to talk about where this relationship is going, set objectives for Kit to help him be a successful as possible on his life journey and makes sure the kid understands how important his job is but it is stressful as well so he really needs to start pulling his own weight around here. Then Benedict storms out of the room saying “why aren’t you taking this as seriously as I do?” Followed by something about being in charge of his social calendar.

      • Cee says:

        lmao this was perfect.

    • Sue says:

      Yes, he almost always refers to the kid as a “baby,” and when it was almost a year old, Cumberbatch was still calling him a “newborn” in interviews. Well, maybe the baby was a newborn the last time he saw him, lol.

      • Lightpurple says:

        In the Interview interview with Hiddleston, he referred to his son as “a life-altering experience.”

      • Sue says:

        @Lightpurple Yes, he has a problem finding the appropriate nouns (let alone pronouns) to describe his li’l precious, but I was just referring to his inability to keep track of how old his child is. He was a “newborn” for about a year, and now he’s graduated to just plain “baby,” but Cumby himself seems wedded to the “new father” characterization for himself.

  17. Chef Grace says:

    He is describing his alien collective otterworld.
    They are one in everything.
    I miss Tiddles. 🙁

  18. seesittellsit says:

    He’s just strange. He was an only child, his parents were actors, he’s never been anything but an actor and focused on being a successful actor – I think things outside of that are awkward for him, I suspect he does have a few borderline personality issues on the mild end of the spectrum.

    Meanwhile, the “skeptic” universe is imploding as, instead of the fervently anticipated divorce announcement, Cumbers makes it clear through public acknowledgments of his wife and growing family, that the diehards’ claims of a gigantic legal and public sham (with the participation of the Portland Hospital, the Church of England, myriad friends and relatives, and the British government) are getting more and more impossible to maintain except in their own little mental echo chamber.

    I do hope it’s a girl, though. “Miss Cumberbatch” – it’s time, surely” 🙂

    • Cee says:

      He has an older half sister, hardly an only child even if he likes to say he is.

      • seesittellsit says:

        I know about his mother’s first – but she is a good deal older than he, and he was raised virtually as an only child. Between that and Harrow and the acting career from a young age, Nepal notwithstanding, I think he’s led a very hothouse-y existence and it shows.

      • Mieke says:

        What seesittellsit said.

      • Blah says:

        Omg, let it go about the crazies. I really do think fangirls talk about the crazies to deter how weird BC is about his family.

      • Spiderpig says:

        I don’t think anyone’s arguing he’s not weird and bad at expressing himself, but the crazies are too much. They are still very much around (on CB and elsewhere) and still engaging in the same crazy nonsense and stalking/harassment to push their fake marriage and fake babies fantasies.

      • Cee says:

        I just love how many CB readers and posters are so in the know of what sceptics and nanns or whatever, are up to in their corner of the web.

    • j says:

      if he’s got bpd some of the comments are here become not funny and kinda gross tbh

  19. Sasha says:

    “We’re all still trying to get it right and we take the rough with the smooth and the smooth is delightful and intelligent and loyal and faithful and understanding and they get where I’m going and what life journey I’m on as well as my career choices” — Proof of that he’s lost it now.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      Okay, his wife and kiddo are very silky smooth cocker spaniels…..

    • Cate says:

      I wonder what he IS trying to get right exactly? But good luck with it Benedict…

    • Lindsay says:

      What is the rough? When he describes ‘the smooth’ he gives it human/puppy qualities. It is really bizarre and makes no sense. Good thing he has that British accent to camouflage and sound a bit smarter.

  20. shelly* says:

    I’m guessing interviewers keep asking him about family life, what with his Mrs having achieved another pregnancy and all, so I suppose he has to answer.

    But I’m sure even I could come up with some better stock replies.

    ‘Yes family life is great, Sophie and the baby are a joy, and I can’t wait until he is old enough to enjoy films like Dr Strange and watch them with him.’

    ‘Yes I’ve got her pregnant again, I really can’t resist her after she’s had a fresh waxing obviously I prefer the smooth to the rough’

    ‘My parents had to make sacrifices to send me to a public school, we only managed to get to the South of France twice a year, it was tough, but character building.’

  21. DahliaDee says:

    Bwahahahahaha!! Both Benny the Otter and his pal Hiddlebum need a few classes in:

    1) how to pull a 10ft pole out of one’s arse
    2) how to unstick the proverbial Wellington boot (thank you, Sixer) from one’s mouth
    3) how to speak English without making a salad of it every time
    4) how to pose with a significant other without it looking like a hostage situation
    5) how to pose for photoshoots without looking like they’re holding in a week’s worth of farts

    Feel free to add additional courses.

    • Sixer says:

      How to download the Star Trek universal translator.

      How to USE the Star Trek universal translator.

  22. Cee says:

    When did Doctor Strange become the Sophie Hunter Show? Why does he keep promoting himself and family instead of promoting his latest film? Is his publicist crazy? For someone who has been scathing about people who think his family is a PR stunt and that he will always be private, he is being very public about it to the point it’s the only think he talks about.

    I see we’re back to being convoluted about describing his wife and son, unable to mention them by name, and always describing her in weird ways. Perhaps he’s away from home too much to be part of the routine Sophie has in place, and he still needs to find his footing. This happens to men whose work takes them all over the place and are barely home.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      If he just talked about the film he might have to answer questions on whitewashing of the ancient one, and well letting him ramble about family is probably safer given his tendency to insert his size nines in his gob.

      • Sue says:


      • Cee says:

        As if Marvel could not prevent journalists from asking about the whitewashing.
        Last time it was all about Alan Turing and his engagement.
        Now it’s all about his wife.

        He needs to find an equilibrium, especially if he will be in the next Avengers and expected to do promo with the other “heroes”.

      • PaschaP says:

        @Cee They don’t prevent those questions. Tilda was seen addressing whitewashing on the red carpet…

        She addressed the issue with the same amount of self-congratulatory smugness Blabberdict would, and added in some condescending two-faced comment about agreeing with minorities who are shouting for more diversity. The whole Doctor Strange team keep repeating the same well-rehearsed talking points about stereotypes, Dragon Ladies, CCP censors being the culprit… pretty much anything to make them look like Tibetans should be thanking them for white washing a Tibetan role.

      • Cee says:

        @PaschaP – TY. This makes me so sad. I’m Latin and I’m tired of not seeing many latinos but also only seeing ONE type of latino. I never see a white latino on screen NOT portraying a white character. I think those who care about representation and diversity need to truly support those few projects and help move things along.

        PS – Blabberdict is now my favourite Bendy nickname.

      • PaschaP says:

        @Cee No problem! Lol Tilda has been acting like a deliberately obtuse, entitled brat this whole press tour. The fact that the media have actually bought into her/Marvel’s well-rehearsed whitewash condoning BS is a new level of pathetic.

        Re Latinos… Oscar Isaac was actually one of six actors being considered for the role of Doctor Strange. Director Scott Derrickson had his heart set on Cumberbatch from the get-go, pitched the film to Cumberbatch in London, and completely changed the schedule/release date of the film to accommodate him (he was doing Hamlet at the time).

        I feel like I need to trademark Blabberdict ConceitedAF somewhere down the line… 😉

    • Lightpurple says:

      But his last five projects: Sherlock The Abominable Bride, The Hollow Crown, Hamlet, Dr Strange, and Sherlock again have all been filmed or staged in England. Where is he sleeping if not home?

      • Cee says:

        Wasnt Sherlock: TAB filmed while in the middle of his Oscar campaign? I remember one set photo that confirmed Amanda being in it (or rather, Mary coming back to haunt us). Hollow Crown II was filmed before baby. Hamlet was obviously in London, yes, right before Doctor Strange somewhere in Asia and Eurpe, but also in London.

        This wasn’t a dig at BC. I have friends who are stay at home mums and their husbands’ careers have them traveling all over the place or working really long hours. Even if BC was based in London, his schedule must be a long one, even if he breaks for a couple of days. Sophie definitely does the grunt work in terms of family life.

      • Cee says:

        “Each red carpet appearance is like a mini theatre production which we co-direct with meticulous attention to detail,” Drake tells The Telegraph.
        I found this line ridiculous. Like, really? Putting an outfit together is a theatre production?

        I can’t believe THE TELEGRAPH actually wasted journalistic resources on this kind of article. The only bespoke aspect of her outfits, as far as I have seen, is the sizing, not the design or structure. Does she have early access? Most definitely. But lets not pretend these two people sat down with bloody Galiano and designed a dress.

    • Sasha says:

      ” Why does he keep promoting himself and family instead of promoting his latest film? ”

      I saw a couple snippets – the one at London premier and the one yesterday morning. In both cases the interviewers asked him about his family. I am not sure whether he himself is all that keen on those questions.

  23. Rachel says:

    I’m feeling Ben Affleck vibes coming off of him… at least in regards to how he describes his wife. Ugh.

  24. Clucky says:

    I don’t understand why people are saying that others are just jealous that they aren’t the one married to him when his looks are constantly compared to that of an alien or an otter, I’ve seen “baby carrot” mentioned a few times and he sounds like kind of a twat personality wise.

    Do not want!

    • Lady D says:

      I couldn’t understand the attraction in him for years, then I listened to him talk. His voice is like Professor Snape’s. I could listen to it forever. His looks? Still don’t understand the attraction.

      • Clucky says:

        Even if he has a voice like liquid gold, the stuff that comes out of this mouth is so cringey and, at times, offensive that it would completely ruin it. Well, it would for me anyway.

        RIP Alan Rickman.

  25. Pants says:

    Loyalty and faithfulness are important qualities for anyone to have, but when you describe a person like that, it sounds like you’re talking about your dog.

  26. Sam says:

    I mean I know I shouldn’t compare but the last person to go on a promo tour for a super hero movie and talk about his family was Ryan Reynolds. But the difference is with Ryan you can tell he worships the ground his family walks on whereas Benedict sounds like it’s his family that is worshipping the ground HE walks on.

    So the best thing he should do is stop talking about this.

  27. Say Again? says:

    “…they get where I’m going and what life journey I’m on as well as my career choices.”

    Is he talking about the wife or his management team? Cuz “they” would imply two or more people, so Sophie and the kid, who’s what? Barely a toddler? How are father and son discussing his film roles?

    The man’s definitely lost the plot now.

  28. Guesto says:

    Bendy’s contorted word salads aren’t half as entertaining as Tom Hiddleston’s.

  29. Cate says:

    Move over Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, bye Heathcliff and Cathy! Mr. and Mrs. Batch are where it’s at!!!

  30. Spiderpig says:

    At least he’s not talking about refugees any more…

    • Sixer says:

      Nope. BBC Breakfast t’other day. He got into knots there too – trying to simultaneously depoliticise and continue as compassionate advocate. It went equally badly.

      • PaschaP says:

        @Sixer Gosh, he’s such a thoughtful, sensitive guy… I wonder when he’s going to start talking about the plight of the Tibetan people?

        He could address:

        1) the numerous human rights atrocities committed against Tibetan people (thanks to the CCP)
        2) the atrocities committed against Tibetan people (even Tibetan monks) during the various British invasions of Tibet (and the treaties/agreements signed that cemented Britain’s stance against a free Tibet)
        3) the fact that Britain doesn’t acknowledge an independent Tibet
        4) the fact that Tibetan people are severely underrepresented in Hollywood

        He’s also mentioned spending his gap year teaching English to Tibetan monks, and earlier this year he met with Tibetan monks for a research meeting/private blessing ( I mean the guy is clearly smart, and seems to care a lot about…

        Oh, whoops! That’s right… I forgot. Benny and Tilda Swhitewashington have a big blockbuster to promote, and an even bigger Marvel check to cash (thanks to CCP censors) don’t they?

      • Anna says:

        That would do nothing but get him blacklisted for being “ungrateful” and penalized like whoa since that would get the movie banned in China. Certainly wouldn’t have any meaningful impact, and that’s if Marvel let it go to print/distribution to begin with. They have no problems cutting into an interview.

        He signed the contract before they made the decision to go with Swinton. At this point, per the terms of your typical contact—although I imagine Marvel is stricter—his realistic options are to not talk about it all OR defend the studio’s position. Anything else is career suicide.

        Basically, if you had actors, directors, studios and producers running a Starbucks, actors would be the baristas. An A-lister may graduate to shift manager, but he’s no A-lister.

  31. Pocketfluff says:

    I think he pretty much summed up her personality? She looks demanding and high maintenance to me – when she’s behaving (getting what she wants) it’s smooth, when she’s not, it’s rough – red carpet stomp offs! Looks like Benny has let her have his credit card full time given the second otter baby on the way!!! The man is so odd, can you imagine trying to have a normal conversation with him?! Exhausting!!! A five hour speech on what cereal he wants for breakfast!!

  32. Timbuktu says:

    I’m actually beginning to find his insistence on Sophie being “smooth” and a great Mom sexist. She took on a bunch of jobs weeks after she had a baby, when she clearly didn’t have to. To me, that sounds like a woman with her own career aspirations. Does she do a great job with the baby at home? Most likely, after all, someone has to. But I seriously seriously doubt she is content to just sit at home and have babies and wait for Bendy to come home to a home – cooked meal and the smell of cookies, so that she can show him her support on this journey of his.

    • j says:

      imo that would only be true if she wasn’t comfortable with the arrangement, something we couldnt possibly know. although my guess is that she is, since she had to know that going in.

      part of feminism that gets, i think, overlooked is that women can do whatever they want as long as it makes them happy. Its totally fine if she wanted to stay at home or only work on occasion, just like it’s fine if a woman wants to work or wear a lot of makeup or none at all, etc.

    • Lindsay says:

      I don’t think they are shaming her. They are talking about the way he talks about her. By just focusing on being a mother and wife as her great accomplishment he is leaving out and deminishing her carrer which is obviously important to her.

      • j says:

        ah i see what you mean, lindsay. that’s understandable but she won’t talk about his career, either. i do think you’d have to know what they have privately agreed on to say what is or isn’t here

  33. Pocketfluff says:

    Cee – not at all, just my opinion on the few things I have seen & read. Particularly the Vogue article & some other puff pieces. I like many, took an interest in her when she first appeared so to my shame, I entered the world of Google! I have no interest in him really, just interested in PR, media spin etc : )

    • Cee says:

      Sorry I don’t know what you’re answering to!

      • Pocketfluff says:

        Sorry, I’m new here, didn’t see the reply button! To the comment I sound like I know them – just clarifying I don’t! : )

      • Cee says:

        Sorry if I was a bit harsh but we’ve been gettting a lot of new posters that seem to either love or hate Sophie Hunter.

        Anyway, welcome!

  34. MI6 says:

    I’m pretty sure he was referring to the smooth patches in their relationship, but who am I to interpret Vulcan.
    He’s such a socially awkward derp.
    I love him.

  35. Roisin says:

    My theory is that Sophie made it a condition of their relationship that he not talk publicly about her, their lives, or their children. And that she gets really upset when he breaks that rule. To me it explains why he gets tense when asked personal questions and tries to say something without actually saying something! Why they haven’t settled on some innocuous replies to inevitable questions is a mystery to me, though. It’s probably extremely stressful to go from being naturally verbose to having to be so guarded.

    • Mac says:

      I tend to believe this. She called during the Vanity Fair (?) interview (which was held at the pub near their house so make of that what you will) to remind him what not to talk about, seemingly, and the interviewer said that he looked as if he’d been told off, and Bendy stated that he was not to talk about family etc which he had already done. I think that this is Sophie’s passive aggressive way of dealing with him and it’s his passive aggressive way of dealing back.
      SH: Mention my name, but don’t say anything personal
      BC: Ok… how?
      SH: Figure it out or else.
      BC: “Sophie’s greatest achievement is our son”
      SH: You’re getting spanked.
      BC: claps hands. (.. in for a penny) “Sophie is smooth and faithful and supports me on my life journey”
      SH: Bend over.

  36. Div says:

    I just think ole’ Otter face is kind of awkward when it comes to being personal. He’s got a lovely voice and is a posh fellow and can speak eloquently on several subjects so people took that for him to be smooth in everything.

  37. Pocketfluff says:

    This isn’t in reply to anyone – As I’ve mentioned I’m into PR! I’m currently quite confused on what I’m being ‘sold’. He has really been pushing the ‘great mum/wife’ angle but doesn’t want to talk about his private life? Then we get a new puff piece on her being a fashion icon by her Uncle? I get the impression something is about to land! ( I don’t mean a divorce, I mean some project from her).
    Otherwise, this PR strategy is all over the place! Down to earth mum but loves designer? Super talented director/artist but needs a stylist? It’s just really odd!

    • Beluga says:

      Agree. We’re definitely being ‘sold’ her (they seem to be trying to make her ‘a thing’ independently of him), but the message and branding is all over the place!

      • Pocketfluff says:

        Yes!! I’m not the only one!!! : )
        I wouldn’t be surprised if she has been in a film or something hence her popping up in America. The ‘great mum’ thing – to try and counteract any accusations of her abandoning the baby (as it’s obvious he has been working his bum off around the world) & the ‘fashion icon’ to try and give her some identity of her own (the puff piece referred to BC as ‘her husband’). I’m intrigued!!!
        One thing I’ve learnt from my interest in PR is I would never want to be famous at all! Doesn’t seem to be a truly happy experience despite the ££££!

    • Cee says:

      Spot on. This has been going on since day one when the engagement was announced in the Times.

    • Mac says:

      What’s so bizarre is that this just adds to the recent dog comparisons. Arms like a “champion whippet” was first used by Hamish Bowles for Vogue (which sounded bitchy even then, but in a way that one can get away with in a mag like Vogue) but then was just reused verbatim by her uncle for that style piece?? (God why?) And now the vague dog adjectives from Bendy? Stop. I don’t care how much slobber she gets on her designer dresses, and how skinny and loyal her arms are, no one should be comparing her to a dog. It’s below the belt. It seems almost vindictive.

      • Beluga says:

        Oh my god I just read that article and was trying to remember where I’d heard that phrase before! You’re right! Tbh I would be kinda skeeved if my uncle started referring to my ‘elegant, whippet-like limbs’.

        The dog comparisons are just bizarre and I agree, a bit snide. But if her uncle is directly quoting the Vogue piece on her, which was probably a high point if she’s as into fashion as we’ve been told, is there a chance that she might like the comparison? Probably not so much now there’s a dog theme going on!

        ETA: Ok just done a reverse google and it seems the whole sentence was a direct quote?? ‘Discernible baby bump’ as well as the ‘limbs like a champion whippet’ bit? That’s just… odd to me.

  38. hermia says:

    I agree with people who have said Sophie (quite rightly) doesn’t want him to talk about their family, but why then didn’t they – and their PR – agree on a few stock phrases they could use for interviews? Something vague like: we are happy and in love, we couldn’t be more happy, etc.
    He could say she’s doing most of the work at home and he’s proud of her. Make it about her and not himself, for once.
    He’s an actor, it shouldn’t be that difficult. Poor Ben 🙂

  39. LAK says:

    Meaningless word salad alert!!!

  40. Nene says:

    I wouldnt think the word ‘loyal’ has any negative connotation whatsoever, but then again English isnt my language.
    I think people have issues with him and want to make anything he says sound offensive.

  41. Juniper says:

    I wouldn’t read too much into it, I’ve seen him at Sherlocked Con and he’s always rambling and saying odd stuff, being it about his work, co – stars or (in this case) about his family. He starts a sentence and five seconds later he’s already forgot what he was talking about and starts talking about something different and then he remembers and tries to connect three different things… He’s legit weirdo.

  42. shelly* says:

    I just remembered, Bendy is the voice (on UK telly) of Pedigree denti-stix a chewy treat for doggies, which helps keep their teeth healthy.

    This is subliminal dog product advertising and we have all been sucked in.

    The mans a crafty genius.

  43. K2 says:

    There’s this book called Watching the English, that looks at British behaviour from an anthropological perspective, and he hits every single aspect of a certain upper-middle male approach to life, emotions and the world. He reminds me of Hugh Grant saying he “liked [his baby daughter] very much”.

    • Timbuktu says:

      Well, Hugh Grant is actually legit hilarious with fantastic and very natural comedic timing. He’s shady as I don’t know what, but he’s naturally funny. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was a calculated effort to be funny on his behalf.

  44. A. Key says:

    So it’s all about him and his life journey and his career and his choices and being loyal to HIM…….

    My god, poor woman…. Does she even exist outside of his life and HIS choices?