Amber Rose can’t even count how often a ‘famous guy touched me inappropriately’


Amber Rose grows more and more mainstream by the day. I enjoy it – it feels like people “get” Amber’s deal, her message, her sex-positivity, her SlutWalk and more. She’s currently fronting a major makeup campaign and she has her own talk show. Amber chatted with Yahoo Style last week, and the conversation turned towards the larger conversation we’ve been having this fall about consent and sexual assault, especially in regards to how Donald Trump believes he can “do anything” even grab women “by the p-ssy.” Amber identifies a larger problem women have with sexual assault, which is how to report it, how to talk about it, how to even identify it. Some highlights from her conversation:

She recently had her first threesome and it “sucked”: Would she do it again? “Maybe with two guys. But not two guys making out with each other, two guys that are just all about me.”

Destigmatizing the word “slut”: “People not understanding that women are sexual beings as well is the reason why I refer to myself as a slut. It really just takes away the pain, takes away the bullying that we deal with as women.”

Donald Trump’s brags about sexual assault: “I want him to get in trouble for it because I cannot even count how many times a famous guy touched me inappropriately. Seriously. Imagine this: Donald Trump comes and touches me inappropriately, right? I’m a regular ass girl. Do I call 911? Do I get on Twitter and tweet about it? How should I go about letting people know that this guy did it to me and who’s actually going to believe me, you know what I’m saying?”

[From Yahoo Style]

Amber identifies the real situation – I feel – that many of Trump’s alleged victims have found themselves within over the years. A powerful man grabs them, puts his hand up their skirt or down their blouse, or kisses them without consent. What’s next? Do you call the police? And if the police come, what’s the chance that they will laugh you off? But Trump doesn’t get that, because he thinks he can successfully shame these women by saying they weren’t attractive enough to assault.


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  1. QQ says:

    *HOOOOONNKKKSSS* I’m always FOR Amber Rose! she keeps it 100% real unabashedly

  2. Juls says:

    If Orangina touched me in an inappropriate way, I would flog him. Then I would go to jail. But it would be worth it I guess?

  3. nicegirl says:

    Remember the pic with Robin Thicke’s hand up that gals’ tush?

    • Itchyandweird says:

      Yick, thank you for reminding me. I left my heterosexuality around here somewhere, where did it go?

  4. Milena says:

    Okay, LOL at her saying that her threesome was bad! So funny that she found two dudes that were more into each other – reminds me of the SNL skit with Lady Gaga, Andy Samberg, and Justin Timberlake. Her sex positivity is inspiring.

    • squee says:

      I think she was saying that it was with one man and one woman? and that if she did it again she’d want it to be with two men, who were just all about her.

  5. Itchyandweird says:

    The surest way to get called a slut, I’ve found, is to turn a guy down. Which—-isn’t that the opposite of a slut? Also, doesn’t “slut” kind of seem like a word that men use on women? A slutty guy doesn’t face the shaming a woman gets, he’s treated with admiration.

    I like Amber a lot. She takes stiff head on. It’s so refreshing.

    • MC2 says:

      Me and my girlfriends used to get that all the time when rejecting a db. So weird and not thought out. I just used to say “yep- sluts over here and we still wouldn’t f- you”. Crude but it got my point across. And true too. My friend used to say “Leave him alone, sweetie, I’d be mad too if XXXX” and then she would pick something specific about him to burn. Good times. But, really, we just wanted to drink our damn drinks!

  6. Itchyandweird says:

    Will someone please explain to me why some guys think if you have sex with one guy you then have no right to reject any guy ever again?

  7. Yup, Me says:

    Tell it, Amber! I’m really appreciating the conversations she’s bringing forward.

    It’s not surprising that she’s been touched inappropriately by famous (and non famous, too, probably) men. I wonder what her process is for dealing with it and how it’s evolved over the years.

  8. MrsBadBob says:

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve been inappropriately touched by not famous men, and I’m just a normal woman. Relentless, since I was 10 years old, for god’s sake, and thankfully now that I’m older most of the pests have stopped but, I’m not naive, age is no protection from sexual assault or inappropriate touching. I’m so sick of creepy men and never being able to feel safe.

  9. Anare says:

    I just can’t with Amber Rose.