Jessica Chastain in Prada at the ‘Miss Sloane’ AFI premiere: cute or tragic?


Here are some photos from this weekend’s AFI Fest premiere of Miss Sloane, an adult drama starring Jessica Chastain. The fashion was not great at this premiere, and it pains me to say that. I like Chastain so much, but she’s SO hit-or-miss. Jessica wore this Prada dress which is just the worst. The color and fabric are bad (it looks like cheap taffeta), the bust bow is awful and dated, and the mullet design of the hem is just not cute. Bad, bad, bad. Oh, and it’s made worse by the turquoise jewelry accents! Nope.

Chastain has this habit, in the past few years, of flying undercover with films that could and should potentially be Oscar contenders. That’s what Miss Sloane feels like. Right now, all of the hype for the Best Actress race is about Ruth Negga, Annette Benning, Natalie Portman and Emma Stone. But Jessica could slip in there with Miss Sloane. Here’s the trailer:

It looks good. It looks timely, although I do tend to think that Hollywood loves to glamorize the whole Washington lobbyist/fixer job. Most of the time, those people are just boring lawyers or former congressional aides with imperfect lipstick and ill-fitting pantsuits.

Costars Alison Pill and Gugu Mbatha-Raw joined Jessica at the premiere. Gugu wore a flirty little Erdem dress which I do truly like.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Looty says:

    I don’t think the dress is SO bad but it’s not so good, either.

  2. Sasha says:

    Awful prom dress. At least she didn’t borrow Jen Garner’s silver shoes.

  3. QQ says:

    She doesn’t dress well, Well the whole BryAmyIslaJessica Conglomerate of the same redhead dresses this way….is like saying “ALMOST” out loud

    Gugu’s face is a dream

    Also didn’t know that Allison was big Pregnant.. Or maybe I forgot she was? I remember she sorta quickly got married after Jay Baruchel?

    • ElleBee says:

      OMG YES! It’s like there is a Handbook for Red Head Fashion that they all read. \for a while I swore Amy and Isla were the same person

  4. BreeInSEA says:

    I just love her.

  5. Chinoiserie says:

    Jessica’s dress is nice color but that is it. Gugu’s fave looks nice but her dress is not, it is too shapeless with too big embroidery.

  6. Lightpurple says:

    It would help if the dress actually fit! Same with Gugu. Is Alison pregnant?

  7. Minxx says:

    I love Jessica Chastain but this dress is horrid. Nothing redeeming about it. Gugu is just so lovely and I had no idea Alison was pregnant.

  8. North of Boston says:

    I knew I didn’t like Jessica’s dress, but I wasn’t sure exactly why until I saw the thumbnails at the bottom. The cut and shape is all wrong. The wide V at the top draws the eye right past her chest and on to her stomach with the bow muddling things up and adding fullness (and the wideness of the V gives the impression her body is straight from shoulders to hips with no waist) , and then the hem cuts her legs at an awkward spot, and instead of letting the shapely part of her leg that does show get the attention, the long drape in the back draws the attention.

    So in the end it paints the picture of “almost invisible head >> puffy belly >> matronly skirt >> stumpy chopped off legs on teetertotter black heels” which can’t be the look she was going for, nor should it in any way be a description of Jessica Chastain. Stylist/designer/tailor fail.

    The Erdem dress is kind of cute, the fish are sort of charming, but I’m not sure what the fish/blob is between her boobs and her belly button (and is it a thing that designers are trying to draw the eye there? Cuz’ that’s right where Jessica’s V/bow combo pointed too. Is the center upper abdomen below the boobs a thing now? )

  9. Tig says:

    Ah, a fashion post! After all the depressing topics- which sadly are here to stay for a long time- yay for something meaningless!
    Love the color of Jessica’s dress, but not the cut. The other two dresses are cute, but pretty forgettable.